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When You Wish...


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[center][font=georgia,serif][size=6]When You Wish...[/size][/font][/center]


[left][font=georgia,serif][i]What would you define as a calamity? An event that levels the Earth and plunges humanity into another dark age? One that brings about famine? One that significantly diminishes the human race and leaves those who remain severely mutated?[/i]

[i]Well then, what would you consider a miracle? An event which unlocks the hidden potential of mankind? One which encourages human evolution by eliminating those without motivation or passion? One which changes the very meaning of what it is to be human?

Three years ago today, the Fall scorched the face of the Earth, and we emerged from the rubble and the ashes stronger, better and more dangerous. Was the Fall a calamity? A miracle? During these hard years weâ??ve come together as a group, and rebuilt a great portion of this land. Although there is much work still to be done, and although many lives were lost, we have made great progress in the face of adversity, kept bandits, thieves and rival organizations from our land, and are now ready to expand![/i]

[i]In my humble opinion, it is impossible to deem the Fall a calamity or a miracle. It was simply an event-- an event which, while taking away some of the valuable tools mankind had accumulated, has also given it new tools. No, the true miracle is us, the remnants of a destroyed world and the bearers of a brighter future. So today, let us celebrate our triumphs! Let us celebrate our strengths! And most of all, let us celebrate the limitless future within our, the Mentalsâ?? grasp![/i][/font][/left]

[right][font=georgia,serif]-President Cerbero, May 24th 2015[/font][/right]


[left][font=georgia,serif]The world has evolved. On May 24th, 2012, a meteor shower rained down across the entirety of the Earth. No area was spared, and so no human could escape from the shower of irradiated stones. What should have been a colossal extermination, another freak extinction of the dominant race of the planet, became something far different. Yes, people did die-- but only those who, when struck, existed in a complete and total state of serenity and contentedness in their lives. Roughly a fourth of the entire human population was exterminated in this manner.[/font][/left]
[font=georgia,serif]Another fourth suffered a fate worse than death. Those without ambitions or dreams were transformed into horrible monstrosities, shaped by whatever misguided vice or virtue they allowed to rule their lives. These beings, referred to as Cardinals, are divided into two categories-- the Nightmares, which are people who only lived to sate their lecherous desires without aim, and Revelations, who blindly and mindlessly lived their lives by preestablished edicts of kindness and nothing more. Although no two Cardinals look exactly alike, the Nightmares are generally divided into seven categories based upon the seven deadly sins, and the Revelations into seven categories based upon the seven cardinal virtues.

Of those that retained their humanity, half awoke the next day to find their lives changed for the better. Perhaps they had strove towards something in their lifetime, something as simple and losing weight, changing their appearance, becoming smarter or mastering some form of skill. Well to pleasure of these people, called Augs, although they had lost their loved ones and home, they had gained that exact thing they wanted most overnight. Although the exact cause hasnâ??t been determined, the general theory is that the energy released from the irradiated meteorites temporarily broke down the boundaries between human beings. This linked together the entirety of the human consciousness, which allowed individual consciousnesses to take and utilize whatever information they desired, and for those who gained physical transformations, for them to mold their own essences as they saw fit.

But there was one group who received the most blessings. They are alternatively called â??The Ascendedâ? by themselves and â??The Freaksâ? by other humans. They are humans who in their prior lives possessed boundless imaginations, and always imagined for themselves lives more grandiose and majestic than the lives they were living. These were people who did not desire a position or appearance in life, they desired power. True, impossible power. When they awoke, they had the powers they always dreams of--they could fly, summon flames, enslave the minds of those around them. They are phenomenal. They are dangerous. And in this new world, they hold the reins.

In wake of the Fall, people began banding together and recreating their homes. Naturally the Ascended rose to leadership positions and acted as the police force for their new encampments, banding together into â??gangs,â? while the Augs began rebuilding. One such group are the aforementioned Mentals, led by President Cerbère, who reside in and protect the â??cityâ? of Phénix, which exists in what was Southern California. But in a world with so many miraculous people, peace is hard to come by. Each gang and their respective encampment believe they have the right, the prerogative to continue expanding and rebuild the world in their image. Although a shaky agreement currently exists between the encampments, it will soon fall in light of glorious ambition... Who will emerge on top?[/font][/left]


[left][font=georgia,serif]Welcome to When You Wish... an rp where you have been granted your greatest desire and must now use it for the betterment of mankind... or maybe just for yourself. Feel free to play as an Aug or an Ascended, and either rebuild the world with your fellow man, take charge of it and rule as dictator, or release your inhibitions and raze the world with your personal brand of chaos! N.B. This is very much a... Sandbox style RP (I think that reference should work). Do what you want. Interact with whomever you want, however you want (save murder, murdering another personâ??s main character is only acceptable if they say so). This is a very much a world I want the writers to develop together.[/font][/left]


[font=georgia,serif][u]Sign Up[/u]
After the Fall, many people renounced their old names and claimed a new one. Your character may or may not have done the same.
Note, Augs are basically normal people, but the powerful imaginative minds of the Ascended make them more detached from reality than others. They are very unique.
Nothing too too extreme (death to all via blinking et al.) but be creative. Your powers can be singular (telekinesis) or a set (a Werewolf set would have enhanced senses, strength, speed and stamina and physical transformation). Feel free to adopt powers from existing literary heroes or figures-- the people with powers are often exactly like us, prone to heavy imaging and rping, haha.
You can create your own gang, or choose from some Iâ??ve already created (only in name and theme; how that gang operates is entirely up to you for any gang thatâ??s not the Mentals): the Mentals (elemental manipulators, benders), the Shifters (weres, vampires, beast boy), the Supers (superhero sets), the Psychs (telekinesis, telepathy, creating illusions) or the Horsemen (led by Darth Malgus, who is War). Or you could not be in a gang at all. For some characters, riding solo isn't only preferable, it's advantageous to their goals, whatever they may be...
Ammunition is hard to come by, but not impossible depending upon your position. Swords, staves, axes, etc. all okay.
Create the city (more like city-state) of your choosing-- a fishing port, an entertainment hub, or a military town being some examples. Really go wild here. If people decide to sign up to the same Gang (each Gang has a specific city) collaborate on how youâ??d like your city to look. Feel free, however, to not hunker down in a specific city and instead take to the life of the drifter, experiencing all the world has to offer.[/font][/center]

[font=georgia,serif]Hereâ??s my sign up as an example:[/font][/center]

Adelaide â??Addleyâ? Ibarra
President Cerbero /tÊ?É?bÉ?ro/
[[url="http://www.themarysue.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/ww7-366x550.jpg"][u]Physical[/u][/url]][[url="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v628/Reizou/artkenethrocafortelsabloodstone.jpg"][u]Addley Outfit[/u][/url]][[url="http://i13.photobucket.com/albums/a286/darthbader/army%20of%202%20masks/DSCN1279.jpg"][u]Mask Shape[/u][/url]]
As opposed to the picture, however, her hair is cut into a pixie cut. She stands at 5â??10â??â??, is lean but muscular due to the harsh conditions sheâ??s endured and has very tan skin. She has cobalt blue eyes, although they are hidden behind her mask in her President Cerbero guise or behind aviators when she is simply Addley [See Personality].
When she is President Cerbero she wears this uniform: a white, long sleeved skin tight shirt, a black bulletproof vest with a red cerberus painted onto it, black slender cargo pants, white combat boots with golden laces, and red gloves. But President Cerbère is most known for two accesories-- her red scarf and her white mask (shown above) which has a red line painted down the middle of it, and a red phoenix with wings outstretched painted over the eyes, representing the city of Phénix. The mask also has a device within it that distorts her voice so that people cannot discern her identity.
When acting as a citizen, she wears the depicted outfit: a beige jacket, a white undershirt, grey jeans and combat boots, with her bow and arrows slung over her shoulders. She also wears aviators and a gold chain with the symbol of the city on the end of it.

Addley has two personas: President Cerbero and Addley. As Cerbero she is confident, unwavering, authoritative and well-spoken. Her presence commands respect and few dare to challenge her. When she needs to glean information from the people that might otherwise be kept from Cerbère, she strips off her â??uniformâ? and becomes Addley, a local girl who works security at the docks. Sheâ??s polite, caring and soft-spoken but deadly accurate with firearms and able to rumble with the surliest of characters. Her joviality and affability make her easily trusted by everyone she meets, and thus she always has her ear to the streets.

Energy manipulation- Addley has the ability to absorb all types of energy through any part of her body and to store it within herself. Once she has absorbed the energy, her body will begin replicating it, so that so long as her use of the ability does not exceed her replication, she can use the ability endlessly as if it were her own. This made her the ideal leader for the Mentals, as she could absorb all multiple abilities and fight as a one woman tank. Depending on the type of energy she absorbs, she can perform different feats along with simply emitting said element: she can manipulate fire and wind for self-sustained flight; lightning to accelerate the rate at which her mind and body operate, making her sharper in battle and increasing her healing rate; earth to increase her balance and harden her skin; water to create a fluid shield on her skin that deflects knives and stray bullets; and light to bend the light around her so that she becomes invisible. At most she can safely harness two elements at a time with only a moderate strain on her body-- she hasn't tried possessing more than that, for fear that an overload of energy would turn her into a virtual human bomb.

Handguns and hand to hand combat as President Cerbero, and a bow and arrows, and [url="http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20061106030819/swfanon/images/archive/a/a8/20061107192757!Scimitar.jpg"]scimitar[/url] as Addley.


Phénix- The city of Phénix is very much an agrarian city. They maintain their own vineyards, and crop fields, although hunting parties of Ascended are sent out into the mountains for meat, and they have a thriving fishing scene. The society is ruled by President Cerbero and her â??cabinetâ? (i.e. her personal group of Ascended) and is a dictatorship. Donâ??t be deceived, however; President Cerbero is overwhelmingly admired by her people. The city often comes into conflict with the military stationed nearby, however, as they remain loyal to the currently M.I.A. president of the U.S. and do not approve of President Cerberoâ??s autonomous city.


Well, happy writing everyone! Iâ??ll have a backstage thread up soon, but until then, feel free to shoot me all of your questions via PM! :D[/font][/center] Edited by Orcus
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[center][font=georgia, serif]Sounds fun, I'm game![/font]

[b]Name: [/b][font=georgia,serif]Unknown[/font]
[b]Codename: [/b][font=georgia,serif]Maine[/font]
[font=georgia,serif][b]Age: [/b][/font][font=georgia, serif]Unknown, appears to be in his mid-thirties[/font]
[font=georgia, serif][b]Gender: [/b][/font][font=georgia, serif]Male[/font]
[font=georgia, serif][b]Appearance: [/b]Maine stands at just over 6 feet tall, and cuts an athletic figure, muscular but not too bulky. His sandy-brown hair is short and tufty, the shortage of clean, fresh water making it difficult to wash regularly, and a short beard covers the lower portion of his face. His eyes are icy-blue and unforgiving, and he bears a number of small scars from previous encounters across his face.[/font]

[font=georgia, serif]He tends to wear a dark brown leather jacket, made lighter in places by years of fading and a thin coating of dust which refuses to shift regardless of how many times he attempts to clean it; and dark combat trousers with a number of pockets stuffed with anything useful for survival or trade. Underneath his jacket he wears a lightweight flak-jacket, sturdy enough to resist small-arms fire and knife-blades, and a tattered red bandana around his neck. Black fingerless gloves on his hands and scuffed black steel-toed boots on his feet complete his ensemble, but the most important thing he wears is his backpack.[/font]

[font=georgia, serif]In his tattered black backpack is everything he needs to survive: a respirator mask for occasions where he is required to go somewhere where air is scarce and goggles for dusty or smoky areas; a large metal canteen which he fills up at every given opportunity; a small rifle-scope for scouting out safe locations; a pop-up tent and a small refillable gas burner and much more. He has also rigged a couple of straps which hold his knives in place underneath his backpack, placed for easy reach in combat situations.[/font]

[font=georgia, serif][b]Personality: [/b]Maine is all business, even though his chosen business isn't particularly pleasant. He seems, to the outside observer, to go about his profession with grim determination, although in reality he is just fully focused on the task set out before him. This can make him seem cold and distant, and in many ways he is, but this is more due to the fact that he doesn't trust people easily than any innate dysfunction. Nonetheless, it is difficult to make him angry, as anger implies that he cares about the situations he finds himself in, and thus he does appear to be largely calm throughout his missions.[/font]

[b][font=georgia,serif]Power:[/font] [/b][font=georgia, serif]Maine has the ability to see a few moments ahead within his own timeline at will: not far enough to predict major events, but enough to make him a preternaturally skilled fighter. He can see where a punch is going to land in time to block or dodge it, he can see where to aim a projectile to inflict the most damage, and he can see the trajectory of his own movements, allowing him to display incredible agility and reflexes. Combined with an increase in his relative strength and speed, he is close to unbeatable in hand-to-hand combat. However, due to the unpredictability of the abilities of other Ascended and Augs, he often has some difficulty fighting them.[/font]

[font=georgia, serif][b]Gang: [/b]Whilst Maine has no current affiliation, he was at one time part of a loose-knit gang known as the Freelancers, and it is from them that he received the majority of his combat training. At present, he considers himself a drifter, taking the occasional piece of mercenary work in return for water and food, but always heading to a singular destination.[/font]

[font=georgia, serif][b]Weapons: [/b]As previously stated, Maine prefers to fight hand-to-hand, and likes to improvise when it comes to weaponry, using whatever is to hand to injure his opponents. His style of combat is based around inflicting as much damage in as short a time as possible, so his blows are quick and well-aimed, usually at joints and the weaker parts of the human body. His training with the Freelancers has also given him a certain proficiency with a number of ranged weapons, but as ammo is hard to come by he prefers not to rely on them. The only weapons he actually carries on him are a pair of long-bladed knives which he carries on his back, below his backpack.[/font]

[font=georgia, serif][b]City: [/b]As a drifter, Maine prefers not to reveal his city of origin, and he moves around a lot. But he seems singularly obsessed with a city called Valhalla, situated in the north, and it would seem that this is his ultimate destination.[/font]

[font=georgia, serif][i]Hope this all looks good, let me know if I need to change anything![/i][/font][/center]
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[font=georgia,serif]Brilliant! I'm always glad to have the opportunity to work with you, mate. I updated the backstage with the info you provided about your city and gang, both of which I'm looking forward to learning more about (I do love a good mystery). Darth Malgus should have his sign-up later today, so let's keep this train rolling folks![/font] Edited by Orcus
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[center][font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][size=3][b][color=black]Name: [/color][/b][color=black]Tyler Larson[/color]

[b][color=black]Codename:[/color][/b][color=black] War[/color]

[b][color=black]Age: [/color][/b][color=black]34[/color]

[b][color=black]Gender: [/color][/b][color=black]Male[/color]

[b][color=black]Appearance: [/color][/b][color=black][[url="http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b18/Sagethefiend/Warsimage.jpg"]War[/url]][/color][/size][/font][[size=3][url="http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b18/Sagethefiend/War%20Armor/WarArmorIdea6.jpg"]Armor[/url][/size]][/center]
[center][font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][size=3]War is an imposing figure in and out of his armor, though many never see him outside of his armor those that do know he is no less powerful or intimidating. He stands at an unnatural height of 7 feet and is slim but very muscular and rather flexible for all of his heavy armor. His red eyes and pale skin make people who see it uncomfortable and his armor is technology developed from material and designs from the city of Nephilim. The armor is simple in it's function, the helm containing a build in respirator and optics to try and keep his vision clear in dust storms. [/size][/font][/center]

[center][font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][size=3]His suit is also pressurized, having fought with a few augs with the ability to create a vacuum or apply pressure to his body he has taken precautions. His optics also gather information from where ever he is and, upon his signal through his data pad on his arm, transmits to the citadel to give them a real time update. It also allows for information to be transferred from the Citadel itself, giving War information on places he visits to give him the advantage in negotiations or to promote the knowledge that the Horsemen know everything.

[b][color=black]Personality:[/color][/b][color=black] [/color][color=black]War is typically deemed as the most violent and rash of the four, but in truth he is cold and calculating. His words are rather soft spoken though his voice is commanding and even with his soft tone he can control a situation easy enough. He holds himself in a powerful place as he firmly believes he is the true horsemen of War and in his stern belief has distanced himself from the human race, looking at them as nothing more than creatures that have yet to be determined as saved or damned.[/color]

[color=black]He is, however, bound heavily by his honor and his warrior code and takes that code with him everywhere as he assesses every situation. Every situation is to be handled the same way, with cold, detached thought and only logical thinking to determine the appropriate punishment for the crime. He is never against thinking outside of the box, using his ability to reason to figure out the more, exaggerated cases. Though many believe War is the one who would be first to insight war and create mayhem and havoc across the world, he considers the act of war as simply another tool in his arsenal. A means to creating a more effective and progressive world by weeding out the weak and infected crops, and letting the strongest and healthiest thrive in their desolate world.[/color]

[b][color=black]Power/Augmentation:[/color][/b][color=black] War has an eclectic amount of abilities that coincide with his title. [/color]

[color=black]Tools of War- His first is his Silver Tongue, his words have the ability to feed truths and secrets into the minds of Augs and low Ascended to incite them into committing acts of violence and war. This typically works on people who have thoughts of violence but havenâ??t the courage, or ability to commit the act. His next ability most commonly affects those who are on the verge of a high intensity state or are already experiencing an adrenaline rush, the power of Berserk causes those around him to suddenly grow violent and lash out at anyone they can. Feeding them an intense need for bloodshed, they will cut down friend or foe alike to satisfy their need for murder. This, unlike the previous ability, can affect strong Ascended who are already caught up in pitch battle or an intense conflict that draws all of their attention to the situation at hand.[/color]

[color=black]Ruin-Wars next ability reflects his status as as Horsemen and serves as his primary means of travel. With just a thought, he can summon a supernatural steed of massive proportions while having donned worn armor. The black steed has bright red markings throughout its body, some look like symbols while others look as if they are cracks in stone with red flames making up its mane and hooves, leaving behind trails of fire in its wake.. The steed never tires, never requires food or water to maintain itself and goes by the name of Ruin.[/color]

[color=black]Path of War- This is War's most powerful and most sought after ability, this alters Wars vision and actually allows him to be able to see if war is on the horizon through the choices of himself, or others. However, his vision is only limited to seeing the possibility for war through the current choices that have been made, he cannot see when or where this will occur, only if it will.[/color]

[b][color=black]Gang:[/color][/b][color=black] [/color][color=black]The Horsemen[/color]

[b][color=black]Weapons: [/color][/b][color=black]Though the times may be modern, Wars arsenal of weapons hardly reflect this idea. His primary weapon is a greatsword that took many hours to craft and hone to a perfect blade, metal used from the very meteors that gave him his powers, allows him to channel his own emotions into the blade to give it extra power behind the swing to cut through anything he needs too, if he can summon the right amount of emotion to give the blade enough power.[/color]

[color=black]He also keeps on hand an assortment of knives and daggers, weapons meant to be throw aways as they are thrown or used for various tasks. The only other weapon War carries constantly is a custom made 12 round revolver, that is equipped with a 30mm grenade launcher under the barrel. The gun is massive in size, having to been reinforced and plated to maintain the weight of the launcher and the ammo for it, but as ammo is fairly scarce, it is a weapon used only to make a point or when he deems their execution by pistol.[/color]

[b][color=black]City: [/color][/b][color=black] Nephilim- The city of Nephilim is far different then most cities that has been created during the time of the fall. This city is built more like a small metropolis of soaring skyscrapers and industrial builds, very little is grown or farmed in this place as they rely on something else for their prime resource. The ability to protect and serve as an external police force for the rest of the cities, all of their members are dedicated to the idea of creating an order and balance to the destroyed world through any means necessary. The prime leaders of the city are the Four Horsemen; War, Death, Conquest, and Pestilence. Though War has been seen taking charge of the Horsemen when out in the field, they maintain their city through a means of council, the four being the primary and a lesser group being the senate to be the tiebreaker for the Horsemenâ??s choices.[/color][/size][/font]

[font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][size=3][color=black]At the heart of the city of Nephilim, lies the Citadel of the Seven Seals, this is where the Horsemen themselves reside and over look the entirety of Nephilim. Rumors swirl around the citadel itself as no one but the ones designated Horsemen are allowed in and know its secrets, but from their seat of power, they are able to watch the world and keep an eye on the wrong-doings of others and punish those they deem guilty. Their seat of power also gives them the ability to react more quickly and efficiently towards the judicial problems of other cities and towns that call upon the Horsemen for aid in these difficult times.[/color][/size][/font][/center] Edited by Darth Malgus
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Name: Angel DeVagos

Codename: Testament

Age: Unknown, appears to be in his mid 20's

Gender: Male

Appearance: Angel has two forms, one that appears human and the other that appears to be an angel from the wrong side of the pearly gates. In his human form, he appears to be a youthful male with short, spiked bright red hair and hazel eyes with a rather aristocratic facial structure. He is 5'11" and always wearing a white long sleeved button up dress shirt, black and purple paisley vest, purple bow tie, and sleek black dress pants with a pair of Italian leather boots.
In his second form, He increases in height to 6'4" and retains his lithe and sleekly muscular figure. His dress shirt disappears, and he sprouts massive black feathered wings with a pearlescent sheen to them. His eyes as a whole become the color of human blood, and his pupils become elongulated like a feline's in appearance. His hair fades in color to raven black, and cascades down to the back of his ankles.

Personality: Every weapon has a limit, and Angel is no exception. Often seen as cold and aloof from his high vantage points, he's far more sensitive than he ever lets on. Generally, he flirts the outskirts of society, never really belonging in any set place, observing and watching the goings on around him, and always listening for details of his next target. He pursues his targets with a ferocious enthusiasm, unwilling to settle for anything less than the total annihilation of those he goes after. Cold and cruelly efficient when on a hunt, he wields blades as if they were his his own hands. This shattered soul has become a murderous machine, highly skilled in the assassinations of those who perverse the good will of the people and those who prey upon the innocent. With only vague recollections what it means to be real, he has a brutal obsession to be the last killer standing in a fight.

Power/Augmentation: The Fall blessed him with a body that is nearly indestructible, wooden and metal weapons have been known to break or shatter when swung upon his flesh, and lower caliber bullets simply do not penetrate his skin. Aside from his ability to transform and fly and his steely flesh, he has been gifted with the ability to teleport short distances, and his strength is unparallelled. His senses have also become highly acute, being able to see as if peering through binoculars for some distance, or catching whiffs of perfume long since washed away.

Gang: He is not a member of any gang, nor does he have any affiliations to speak of.

Weapons: When Angel transforms, within his hand or strapped to his back is a massive sword, almost four feet long and a foot in width. It's material construction remains a mystery to those around him, though a close visual comparison is that of obsidian. With it, he can cut through steel like a hot knife through butter.

City: To those who manage to earn his trust, he divulges his home is a place he calls "The Sanctuary," and it is where he and he alone survived the fall. On being further questioned about it, it is an abandoned church and orphanage complex that withstood the Fall, and it is used as his base of operations. Surrounded by the ruins of a once great city, it is a peaceful oasis, and one that's nearly impossible to reach by the ground. The many tall buildings around it have collapsed, blocking entrance into the complex, and the rubble being so high as to completely shield the buildings and grounds from view from the ground. The old subway tunnels of the city run under this hallowed ground, allowing access via the once bustling subterrainan tunnels of yesteryear. Edited by Inuyasha Fandom
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Name: Dr. River Cassidy

Codename: N/A


Gender: Female

Appearance: [url="http://i162.photobucket.com/albums/t270/aerith105/anime%20girls/hinokahokoviolin.jpg"]River Cassidy[/url]

Personality: Bright, cheerful, and always ready for a good old fashioned brawl; she's got a taste for vodka.She's far more outspoken than most of her friends. She's one tough cookie, and with the looks to match her tenacity.She's brutally blunt and honest in her opinions and how she sees things, and unafraid to voice it. Her skills as a doctor are few and far between in these days, and she's more than willing to lend her aide wherever it is needed.

Power/Augmentation: The good doctor has received a number of gifts from the Fall, and all of them pertain in some way to her profession. Her most prominent power Is that of being able to conjure and wield electricity in combat, or to kick start a person's heart if it stops. She can control every aspect of her bodily chemistry, for instance pumping enough adrenaline through her veins to not feel pain should she be injured. She can reattach limbs with a simple touch, including her own. Any object within her hands that has a narrow edge becomes razor sharp, allowing impromtu surgeries with some rather odd utensils and some serious slicing and dicing of enemies. Her touch can heal even the most grevious injuries, even those to the spinal column. Finally, her breath is a potent weapon in and of itself, should she utilize it as such. The various kinds of gasses used in surgeries and other areas of the medical field, such as knockout gas, she can exhale them with but a thought.

Gang: The Medical Assistance Foundation

The Medical Assistance Foundation was created by various surviving doctors, nurses, and other Ascended with healing abilities who saw the need for giving free medical attention to those who could not afford it in the world after the Fall. They are commonly just refered to as the M.A.F. The gang does accept donations, but mostly the MAF works as a charity organization. They send various bands of Ascended with healing abilities around the area in special electric motor driven buses, retrofitted with various medical equipment, electrical motors, and to be able to handle being recharged constantly by Ascended with the ability to control electricity. Most Ascended with electric-based powers are compensated well for this usage of their abilities, and they are usually happy to give their powers for usage to the M.A.F. to help a good cause and their fellow neighbor.

Weapons: River wields her electricity as her primary weapon, though carries many, many blades (mostly scalpels) and various other sharp utensils as throwing weapons.

City: Ravenloft

Ravenloft is a large, bustling city full of people from all over the world. Since the Fall, the substantially large hospital that has stood here since before the Fall has become the central hub of the city, and hence the city is under direct control of the M.A.F. The hospital was in complete working order when discovered, and electrical based Ascended are compensated handsomely to keep its retrofitted electrical generators running. All major political activities, police activity, and emergency response is handled out of the hospital. Much of the industrial section of the city also withstood the Fall, and a good chunk of the world's current manufacturing industry is located here. In terms of agriculture, beef and pork are its second largest exports, next to manufactured goods. Trade and commerce sustain this city, and it does very well for itself, a rarity across the wasteland. Edited by ExcelExcel
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[size=3][font=georgia,serif][b]Name: [/b]Unknown at This Point[/font][/size]

[size=3][font=georgia,serif][b]Codename:[/b] Varg[/font][/size]

[size=3][font=georgia,serif][b]Age: [/b] Appears to be in his early 30s[/font][/size]

[size=3][font=georgia,serif][b]Gender: [/b] Male[/font][/size]

[size=3][font=georgia,serif][b]Appearance: [/b]Varg stands at 6â??4â? and possesses a muscular build. His face is hard and weathered; and is framed by short, dark, dirty hair and an unkempt beard. His eyes often seem to be focused on something far off in the distance. His attire is minimalist and utilitarian. He is not opposed to wearing industrially fabricated clothing, but eschews constructs of civilization, and therefore is relegated to scavenging. Otherwise, he and his tribe are apt to making their own garb. The tunics and pants they weave usually take on earth tones, such as browns, tan, black and white; and the clothed scavenged range from durable jeans and military BDUs to flannel shirts and heavy winter coats. One outstanding characteristic of the tribe are their cloaks made from wolf and bear pelts.[/font][/size]

[size=3][font=georgia,serif][b]Personality: [/b]Varg is a kind and courteous man toward those whoâ??ve earned his trust and respect. He reveres nature and strives to create a symbiotic relationship between his tribe and the Earth. A fierce warrior, he relishes in the visceral art of combat and fights with all his passion. His demeanor is typically relaxed and somewhat stoic; however his heightened senses of sight, sound and scent allow him to remain observant and ever-alert.[/font][/size]

[size=3][font=georgia,serif][b]Power/Augmentation:[/b] Ulfhedinn (Wolf-Warrior) Form â?? Varg can, of his own volition, transform into a bipedal, werewolf-like beast. He maintains his cognitive mind, insofar that the lupine form entrances him with a frenzied desire to fight without reservations. In addition to this, his strength, speed and resilience increase dramatically.[/font][/size]

[size=3][font=georgia,serif][b]Gang:[/b] He and many of his tribe with like shape-shifting ability have formed The Berserkers.[/font][/size]

[size=3][font=georgia,serif][b]Weapons:[/b] Varg normally wields a dagger, a medium-length sword and a spear. He, however, is also very skilled in archery and the use of axes and hammers in combat.[/font][/size]

[size=3][font=georgia,serif][b]City: [/b]Hlidskjalf â?? This village is perched atop a mountain in the Sierra Nevadas of California. It is relatively small, but houses a highly self-sufficient clan of huntsmen, smiths, weavers and warriors. Vargâ??s position is that of a Chieftain, and he stands as the sole executor of all decisions. That being said, he values greatly the opinions of his clan and seeks their advice and counsel on all major acts. Given the smaller population, this method is highly effective at creating a universal contentment within Hlidskjalf. It should be noted that, while in a secluded are, the people are not at all unaware of the world around them, and comport themselves in a steadfast, but sensible fashion when interacting with outsiders.[/font][/size] Edited by Alaska
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[font=georgia,serif]Bellissima! Everything looks amazing so far everyone-- I'm glad to see the uniqueness and quality of the sign ups so far. One thing though-- ExcelExcel, I think you mean Ascended when you're describing the residents of the hospital with healing and electric powers. Don't get me wrong I love your sign up, and augs would definitely work at a hospital given the likelihood that they could have been gifted with extensive medical knowledge, but only Ascended have outright [i]powers[/i] powers. But like I said, otherwise, great sign up. Also, it goes without saying, but everyone is in so far. :][/font]

[font=georgia,serif]But yes, back to business! I'm expecting a couple more sign ups, then this weekend the main thread should be up. Until then, feel free to post your questions/suggestions in the backstage or send them directly to me, and get those creative wheels a-turnin![/font] Edited by Orcus
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[center][font=courier new,courier,monospace][size=3][color=#282828]Sign Up[/color]
[color=#282828]Name: Adam Cicero Narcissus I[/color]
[color=#282828]Codename: Master[/color]
[color=#282828]Age: Unknown, but he appears young.[/color]
[color=#282828]Gender: Male[/color]
[color=#282828]Adam is tall and of an average muscular build with a pale complexion juxtaposed with his short midnight black hair. His face appears somewhat gaunt and sunken and his lips are always blood red and contorted into a sneer. He wears lavish white robes with black stitching and embroidery. Under these robes, he wears a fitted white shirt and plain white slacks with black boots. He has a few weapons strapped to his body on his thighs and forearm.[/color]

[color=#282828]Master is incredibly self centered, brash, hubristic, temperamental, selfish, hedonistic and all around terrible. His only real focus is himself and his gains or pleasures, being a man completely devoid of virtue. Having gained his powers, he now indulges in manipulating those around him into doing whatever he wishes and giving him whatever he wants. He does not care for anyone else's life but his own and frequently kills those who resist doing his biding and succumbing to his power.[/color]

[color=#282828]Peithos: Peithos is a will affecting ability that affects people, either passively or actively, through one, or all of their sense. Through this ability, Master can bend people to do is biding. The power, however, can only be enacted when that person's sense are in vicinity to Master. Thus, he cannot persuade someone who is outside of his presence. Furthermore, the power persists for some amount of time after the subjects leaves Master's presence. The length and degree of control forced upon someone then dictates the rate at which Master's influence decays. This power will be expanded upon later.[/color]

[color=#282828]The Disciples: The disciples are a group devoted to following and supporting Master. The disciples have multiple levels of membership. After a certain level, however, a person moves to the main headquarters and surrenders all their belongings and themselves to Master. Some members have powers, but there is no specific theme to the group beyond devotion to Master.[/color]

[color=#282828]Master usually travels with armed bodyguards to do his shooting, but he is himself adept at hand to hand combat. He is a master in striking, grappling and throwing techniques. The only weapons he keeps on his person are a few small poisoned needles and a long dagger which he keeps under his robes.[/color]

[color=#282828]The Pinnacle:The Pinnacle is a beautiful temple surrounded by a dirty and dangerous slum. The temple complex, where Master resides with his closest disciple members, is a rich architectural marvel adorned with bright colors and art salvaged from the pre-Fall world. The slums are instead comprised of gray featureless warehouses and[color=#282828] [/color]trash[color=#282828] [/color]choked[color=#282828] [/color]streets wandered by the sick and infirm.[/color][/size][/font][/center] Edited by SusanooNoMiko
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[size=3][font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][b]Name:[/b] Duncan Grey[/font]
[font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][b]Codename:[/b] Magnus[/font]
[b][font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]Age: [/font][/b][font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]36[/font]
[font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][b]Gender:[/b] Male[/font]
[font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][b]Appearance: [/b]A large man, Magnus stands almost a head taller than most men, with a soldierâ??s build from years of violent conflict. His short dark brown hair is peppered with streaks of gray, in contrast with his short beard that is still unmarred with age. His face is grizzled and marred by a scar that runs across his right cheek and the bridge of his nose, drawing attention away from his muted hazel eyes.[/font]
[font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]Magnus has tattooed his entire body, though most notably his arms and legs are covered in sleeves down to the last digit. All of his tattoos are an assortment of pagan and arcane symbols that he researched while he led The Coven. He often wears western shirts, with the sleeves rolled up past the elbow and left unbuttoned. Under his shirt he often wears a Kevlar vest and a shoulder holster that he keeps very visible, out of comfort, and as a visual warning. Along with this, he usually wears a variation of military fatigue trousers, with a well worn pair of combat boots. The last of his usual wear is a pair of beige tactical gloves and a tarnished, gold Rolex that, though functional, has a broken face.[/font]
[font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][b]Personality:[/b] Magnus is a man full of remorse. While leading The Coven he personally oversaw a group of raiders who robbed and murdered any travelers they came across. After having a change of heart (that was fueled by the violent quelling of a coup), he decided to spend the rest of his life pursuing more noble work. This has led him to enlisting with The Mercantile Defense Force. Though his outward appearance is quite intimidating, Magnus actually is a very magnanimous and charismatic personality, making him a natural born leader. His change of heart has made him much more generous in a savage world. But do not confuse the generosity for weakness, he is just as likely to let you drink from his water as shoot you. Magnus has an unflinching loyalty to his comrade Hydra, willing to lay down his life in defense of her.[/font]
[font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][b]Power/Augmentation:[/b] Magnus has the ability to manipulate kinetic energy. Though somewhat like telekinesis, he is only capable of releasing bursts of energy, and is unable to maintain hold of any object without risking his powers back lashing and causing him bodily harm. But unlike telekinetics, his powers are not an unseen force, his manipulation of energy is made manifest in a crimson glow that envelops both him and his blasts as he uses his powers. [/font]
[font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][b]Gang: [/b][b]Magnus is the[/b] former founder/leader of The Coven, a gang of Ascended and Augs who would raid settlements from their stronghold, Fort Salem. They used superstition and fear to keep local populations in check, creating a façade that they were warlocks and mythical beasts. As far as anyone knows, The Coven was disbanded after a massive battle that destroyed Fort Salem and killed most of the members.[/font]
[font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]Currently Magnus works for The Migrant Trade Union, or MTU, a company of merchants who have used their connections and the recourses and banded together. In moving their trade convoys between settlements, The MTU has reestablished trade to many cities and has started to restore an economy. As a group of well-supplied merchants, they have become a major target by many raiding parties. This threat is countered by The Mercantile Defense Force, a group of well organized militias that moves along with the convoy, repelling any attempt to raid the trade groups. The Defense Force is one of the most well supplied Military forces between the settlements, having scavenged and traded a surplus of ammunition and explosives to deal with any threat that rises. Currently Magnus is Marshal over the militia defending the MTUâ??s largest trade convoy.[/font]
[font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][b]Weapons:[/b] Though Magi has access to a well stocked arsenal, he carries a few personal weapons on him at all times. In his shoulder holster he carries an oversized revolver, with speed loads fastened to his belt. Clipped to the back his belt he keeps a kukri knife, as well as a bayonet sheathed in his left boot. His mainstay weapon though is a compact 12-gauge shotgun with a pistol grip and a bandolier full of shells.[/font]
[font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][b]City: [/b][i]Fort Salem[/i] was Magnusâ?? original home. What was once an industrial park was converted into a well-guarded settlement and home to the raider group The Coven. Though due to an uprising that took part around six years ago, the park was razed to the ground due mostly in part to the infighting, and reprisals from the local settlers.[/font]
[font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][i]Port Mercury[/i], home to The Migrant Trade Union, has become one of the biggest trade hubs among the settlements. Its location gives it access to many convenient trade routes and a rather large port. Port Mercury, named after the Greek God of merchants, was started by scavengers turned traders who eventually organized into The Migrant Trade Union, and enlisted the Mercantile Defense Force soon after. Though the MTUâ??s organization and those who run it are based out of Port Mercury, a majority of the union are in their migrant convoyâ??s, moving from town to town, only returning to Port Mercury when trade takes them there.[/font]

[font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][b]Name:[/b] Rajiya Yasmine[/font]
[font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][b]Codename: [/b]Hydra[/font]
[font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][b]Age: [/b]31[/font]
[font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][b]Gender: [/b]Female[/font]
[font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][b]Appearance:[/b] Hydra has been called an exotic beauty by many who have seen her. From obvious Arabic origins, her almond skin makes her smoky gray eyes and mid-length raven hair stand in striking contrast. She commonly wears her hair in a ponytail stuck through the back of an old Chicago Cubs cap. She stands at an average height, and looks very petite compared to Magnus, but that belies her natural strength. She is all lean muscle and can overpower a man almost twice her size.[/font]
[font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]Most often, she is seen wearing a tight deep red leather jacket, which has been patched in a few worn places. Due to her role in The Mercantile Defense Force, Hydra rides on horseback ahead of the convoy, so while scouting she wears gray riding pants, with black reinforced legs, and a pair of dark brown riding boots. While not scouting she wears a pair of jeans, well worn in the knees, and a pair of hiking boots.[/font]
[font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][b]Personality:[/b] This world has made Hydra very cold and untrusting. The only person she counts on is Magnus, and even then she prefers to handle matters herself. She perceives everyone else as a threat and acts as such. Though Magnusâ?? change of heart has lead him to protect those who cannot protect themselves, Siren only does so out of loyalty to Magnus. She acted as his second in command while he led The Coven, and was instrumental in both their survival whilst escaping Fort Salem. Since that day Magnus and Siren have been inseparable and both would die for the other if need be.[/font]
[font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][b]Power/Augmentation:[/b] Hydra is capable of casting doppelgangers of herself, casting up to a dozen at a time, each seemingly with a mind of their own. Though they appear solid and are indiscernible from the original, the doppelgangers are nothing more than specters, images of Hydra, and unable to affect anything they touch. She earned her name in homage to the Greek mythological create of the same name, because it was thought that when one would strike her down, two more of her would pop up in her place. Though they are very convincing, then doppelgangers cannot last long and soon dissipate after being conjured.[/font]
[font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][b]Gang:[/b] Hydra currently operates as part of the scouting party for The Mercantile Defense Force. The scouting party rides on horseback ahead of the convoy to make sure the roads are safe. If they find a threat, and are able, they try and eliminate it. If the threat it too large the will call on personal radios back to the convoy who decided what to do from there. If a hostile party discovers a scout, they are issued flare guns that they are to fire, in which case the convoy will dispatch an armed response to recover the endangered scouts.[/font]
[font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][b]Weapons:[/b] Hydra remains rather well armed. She has a machine pistol that she keeps in a holster strapped to her thigh. She carries a hunting rifle with a powerful scope while scouting, which she is quite adept at firing while on horseback. To finish up she carries a stiletto knife and a push dagger hidden on her person, and a bright orange flare gun tucked into her beltline.[/font]
[font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][b]City:[/b] Currently, Hydra is travelling with Magnus in the largest convoy currently operating in The Migrant Trade Union.[/font]

[font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][b]OCC: If you need any info on the gangs or cities mentioned just let me know.[/b][/font][/size] Edited by P.J. McKrafty
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[font=georgia,serif]Well everyone, thank you for your interest and your amazing sign-ups! I'm pleased to announce that the main thread is finally up in the Theater, and I cannot wait to read the interesting tales you all have planned! As for anyone still interested in signing up, I am absolutely still accepting characters, so feel free to sign-up at any time that is convenient for you.[/font]

[font=georgia,serif]Happy writing![/font]
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I hope all this is ok.

[b]Name[/b]: Herald Sutherlan

[b]Codename[/b]: â??Kingâ? Sabin

[b]Age[/b]: 42

[b]Gender[/b]: Male

[b]Appearance[/b]: Sabin never had to try hard to maintain his imposing figure, standing at 5 feet 10 inches and weighting a bulky 220 pounds of solid muscle, until recently. A sedentary life style has softened his chiseled body and â??roundedâ? him out to the 250 pounds his is today, a layer of fat covering his massive muscles. He has a light (though it use to be very dark) tan and smooth skin. He keeps himself clean shaven with rich brown eyes and dark, shiny brown hair that falls to his shoulders in waves.

Given his position of power he wears fine clothes and is always decorated with jewels and trinkets. Keeping true to the customs of the people who have chosen to follow him most of his outfits are green and red.

[b]Personality[/b]: When he was still called Herald his we hopeful. Now as King Sabin he is driven. Herald always wanted to be the center of attention. Sabin is obsessed with the notion. Having obtained everything he could have ever imagined, he now focuses his efforts on fixing the worldâ??s problems. He knows he is not the smartest or the most imaginative man but he has always prided himself on being among the strongest. His confidence is magnetic, his charisma and charm legendary. The regard he lacks for rules and laws he places in companionship. Though he loves being loved he ultimately makes choices that benefit the greater good, but has a knack for making sure that the people he cares for (mainly himself) are part of that majority.

[b]Power/Augmentation:[/b] Originally Sabin had the power to create thorny tendrils around his body that were sharp enough to slice through bone and pierce flesh and durable enough to protect him from most harm (bullets, energy blasts, blades, etc). They move independently of one another, directed by his thoughts. They can stiffen and relax on a whim, the former to catch falling debris, restrain an enemy, or pierce the latter to maneuver, crack like a whip, or coil around an object. The tendrils cannot reach than 10 meters.
As his power grew he learned that he could also cause roses to bloom, along the tendrils or around his body. The roses emit pure life energy causing existing flora to grow at a rapid pace and, even under the harshest conditions, new plants to grow. The energy also attracts fauna of all types. The roses naturally (and quickly) reproduce and over time will spread to cover an area reviving the area to its natural state. While this life energy can be used to sustain allies in battle, it does not repair injuries, only allows them to cling to life longer than normal (a killing blow will still kill) and give them greater stamina and vitality.

Sabin can create seeds of his plants and plant them in any solid surface. The seeds will sprout when he wills them too and rapidly grow creating more tendrils and roses anchored to that spot (tendrils still only grow to be 10 meters). Planting a seed inside a person or Cardinal usually results in their death as their body is ripped to shreds from the rapidly expanding plant.

[b]Gang[/b]: Wardens of the Rose- Originally it was a rag tag group of Augs and Ascended from southern New York who rallied around Sabin, their de facto leader. They were known as the Survivors. They went on a Cardinal massacre moving down the east coast destroying every Nightmare and Revelation they came across and assimilating other survivors as they moved south. They by the end of summer 2012 they had made it to what was once Panama City. Deciding that it was time to set up a permanent base of operation the Survivors began rebuilding.

Sabinâ??s powers caused the surrounding wildlife to prosper, which in turn caused the people of the city to prosper. He then went on a â??tour of renewalâ? throughout what were Florida, Georgia and Alabama, rallying the remaining survivors in the area and vanquishing almost every Cardinal. Via his power the area erupted with life after only a few months. By June 2013 it was decided by that Sabin was destined to bring life back to the ruined planet. The populous elected him to be their leader and soon he was the messiah of the new Christianity (his power to give life was obviously a gift from God); his kingship shortly followed. The old Survivors became his most loyal followers and renamed themselves Wardens of the Rose, spreading his influence throughout the south east and keeping the area safe from Cardinals and foreign powers alike. At the turn of the new year, 2014, the Wardens numbers grew too large for Sabin to lead them as personally as he had in the past. While he was still the head of the Wardens his appointed captains began taking more and more responsibilities off the kings shoulders until he had none left, leaving him to a leisurely life in the capital. The Wardens do all in the name of the King, though few orders actually come from Sabin himself.

The Wardens all wear a badge over their heart that displays a blood red rose surrounded by wreath of green thorns. Roses appear on much of their equipment and garments, which are universally red and green with white trim. The uniforms are made from a layered synthetic material that can withstand small projectiles and blades. It also absorbs shockwaves from punches, kicks, and falls. They are trained in hand to hand combat, swords, shields, and bows. Few have fire arms.

[b]Weapons[/b]: Sabin doesnâ??t carry any weapons solely relying on his power and his guards. He does form whips, lances, and swords with his thorns from time to time and was proficient with all of them. Heâ??s very much out of practice now.

[b]City[/b]: Seacrown, Heart of the Rosewood. The Rosewood is a vast forest that seemingly sprang up overnight. Since Sabinâ??s arrival in the south 3 years ago a lush forest has spread across all but the southernmost tip of Florida, all but the northern mountains of Georgia, the lower half of Alabama, and starts thinning out only covering half of Mississippiâ??s coast. The forest has fertile soil, is rich in fruit trees, and has plenty of game for hunters. Farming communities are scattered all throughout the forest. Port towns dot the coast of the gulf. The Wardens of the Rose claim everything within the Rosewood for King Sabin and keep the entire area as empty as possible of Cardinals with constant patrols in between the many mini fortresses that are scattered in the forest. Despite the farming towns, ports, and Warden encampments there is only one true city in the Rosewood, Seacrown.

Seacrown occupies about the same area that use to be Panama Florida. Due to the abundance of trees the majority of the city is made wood, the only exception being the palace, which is made of stone, where the king resides. Seacrown is a port city and brings in large numbers of sea food and trade. They export many raw materials but can manufacture very few things themselves. The city runs entirely off renewable energy since fossil fuels are nearly impossible to come by. While the Rosewood is densely populated (when compared to most of North America) Seacrown does not boast a large population since there are so few jobs for people to do in the city. Despite that the city is large so many of the districts are completely empty. Sabinâ??s beachfront palace is only four stories high but has many balconies and outdoor areas some overlooking the sprawling city to the east and the ocean to the west.
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[font=georgia,serif]Lawliet, your sign-up is phenomenal. That is exactly the kind of creativity and originality I was hoping to see in the story. Needless to say, you're accepted. Additionally, you've given me an idea for a possible future event...[/font]

[font=georgia,serif]Also, just a s a general alert to everyone else, we might be seeing some more sign-ups soon, so keep an eye open for that. :][/font] Edited by Orcus
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[center]Francis Lattimore[/center]


[center]28 Years of Age[/center]


[center][b]Appearance: [/b][/center]
Francis stands at 5'11'' tall with a slim yet toned body structure. He's quick on his feet and even deadlier when standing on his hands for his close combat fighting. His body hair once a chocolate brown changed to a sterling silver almost over night. Usually goes around topless unless entering colder climates, but better to keep his bow and arrows as close to his body as he can get them.

Though known for being too relaxed and carefree, Francis is much more than he reveals to others who perceive him as being childish. A silent stratigist and mental soldier, years of being in his gangs hunting party have trained the man to literally think on his toes and plan out different scenarios for his plans of actions, both with good and bad outcomes to better be prepared for the enevitable. But, it still doesn't bother him that he's usually spunky and bubbly to people around him, but once it's time for action, Francis is an ally worth having on anyones side.

[b]Water Manipulation[/b]- Francis has the unique ability to use his telekinetic abilities with the element of water, since the boy grew up around the ocean front of what was formerly known as Maryland, Francis has adapted to the change in his body since the meteor shower and can now control the slippery element at his whim. Years of practice has proven most useful to the man, with the abilities to createsharp witer spikes, float water around his body and use it as a sheild, even as a powerful propelling jet stream to ward off enemies. Francis can even manipulate the sweat and water from his body as weapons, it would cause him pain and time to heal if that were to happen though, it's only a technique used for extreme emergencies.

Francis was part of his hunting party with his gang and has adapted to old school menthods of tracking and scouting, buit his weaponry is very up to date with what materials he could gather. He carried a long, metal bow and metal tipped arrows on his person at all times, usually strapping his weapon across his chest when he's out on his own. His accuracy and aim have said to be perfect by others in his gang. Along with his Bow and Arrow Set, Francis carries three hand sized daggars at his side for close encounter hunting or fighting, which ever they're are needed for. For his exposure to the wilderness, Francis has learned to become very agile and flexable, when barefoot, he is quick to climb trees and flip in the air whenever possible.

[b]Lion's Den [/b]- The Lions Den is an unofficial gang per say, Francis has met up with different members during his travels from time to time. All hunters or warriors who live by a honorable code of assisting travelers, working together and staying alive in a group. The gang is full of men and women who come from all over, different cities and those who are drifters for their own purposes. Every member is marked with a certain insignia to show others they are a part of the group, allies of the world who document new areas to hunt and explore and share the news with one another. Francis has refused the branding for now, but is well know in the society already for his mapping of new areas and alternate routes through dangerous terrain.

[b]Lilly Pad[/b] - Though most of the states on the east coast have been flooded with water, the people managed to strive and rebuild their population on top of the water. Their area is now a "Floating Utopia" as some would call it, their main city surrounded by wilderness and boarders to ward off vicious beasts and intruders, while the main city floats atop of their ruined buildings below the citys water level. While they still retain electricity and general goods from other tribes (such as hospitals and law enforcement), the people of Lilly Pad usually tend for themselves with their hunting parties and their trade deals to survive

[b]OOC: [/b]I think I got everything, hope this is alright! Sorry for the lateness >.<
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