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Otaku Yearbook?


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[FONT=century gothic][size=1]This is what happens when one spends much too much time working on one's school yearbook....[/size]

[b]Member Name:[/b] Cera
[b]Original Member name:[/b] Cynic-42
[b]Member Since:[/b] March 29, 2001
[b]Current Status:[/b] Cynic-at-Large (Digimod)
[b]Favorite Forums:[/b] Digimon, General Discussion
[b]Favorite RPG:[/b] Digistory: Entrance of Nightmare, War of the Mod Rod
[b]Favorite Threads:[/b] [i]What's your favorite type of sock? What are your thoughts on organized religion?[/i]
[b]Favorite Smiley:[/b] :p
[b]Most Memorable Moment:[/b] Reading [i]Masterfork and myself[/i]
[b]Quotable Quote:[/b] You [b]Like[/b] a person despite their faults. You [b]Love[/b] a person because of them.
[b]Words of Wisdom:[/b] Pillage [i]before[/i] you burn.
[b]Wish to be remembered for:[/b] My sense of humor; my Christian Faith
[b]Desired Epitaph:[/b] Jesus Freak: The [i]extreme[/i] irony...
[b]I will....[/b]
.......my [u]Hobbes avatar[/u] to [u]Piromunkie[/u]...[i]you sent me a PM about it, ages ago....[/i] ;)
.......my [u]Digimod Position[/u] to [u]Shyguy[/u]...[i]but only if you stop yelling at the poor newbies, kay?[/i]
.......my [u]SledgeHammer[/u] to [u]Anime Elf[/u]...[i]who's run from them long enough.[/i] ;)
.......my [u]Legolas Movie Poster[/u] to [u]Queen Asuka[/u] ;)
.......my [u]multitude of Otakumons[/u] to [u]the Digimon crew.[/u] [i]Good luck![/i]
.......my [u]stash of CCEBs[/u] to [u]GinnyLyn and Gryf[/u] [i]As if you two need them...[/i]
.......my [u]JyouLyn stuff[/u] to [u]Nerdsy.[/u] [i]Run![/i]
.......my [u]signatures[/u] to [u]whoever appreciates them[/u] [i]First come, first serve[/i]
.......my [u]post count[/u] to [u]whoever wants it[/u] [i]*is attacked by swarms of post-hungy newbies*[/i]
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Guest Altron Gundam
I guess I'll join in...

Member Name: Altron Gundam
Original Member Name: Recca Hanabishi(lol, old schoolers will remember that name)
Join Date: Jan. 23, 2001
Current Status: DBZ Mod, and wrestling addict of Otaku
Fave Forums: DBZ, GD
Fave Threads: "As I reflect on my time here at Otaku..." "You DBZ Newbies are annoying the hell outa me.." "Stone Cold Steve Altron, you think you know, but you have no idea"
Favorite Smiley: :therock:
Most memorable moment: Finally apologizing for what I did when I first came to Otaku, then avoiding flaming ppl, but then newbies would reply to those old flaming topics, ticking the hell outa me.
Quotable Quotes: "Its not what you have to begin with, its what you have to finish, that matters."~Michael Jordan
"No matter how much success you have in the long run, or how many "so called" friends you make, in the end, its going to be your closest friends that have your back."~Me
Altron Gundam's Best Sayings:

"Can u dig it, sucka?"~Sephiroth
"Altron's flame has risen agaiN!"~me

Wished to be remembered for:
~A cheerful guy, who stood up for his beliefs and views. My Christian faith, and my Stone Cold Steve Altron gimmick.

I will:

....beat the living crap outa every single newbie that comes up and tries to wrestle Stone Cold Steve Altron...j/k
I dunno...
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[color=deeppink]Neat-o idea, Cera. I'm also a yearbook dork...this is my 3rd year...now a Copy and Photo Editor ;) Just too fun...

[b]Member Name:[/b] BabyGirl
[b]Original Member name:[/b] *BabyGirl*
[b]Member Since:[/b] (debatable) June 13, 2001
[b]Current Status:[/b] Crimson Goddess (Supah' Mod)
[b]Favorite Forums:[/b] General Discussion, Zelda
[b]Favorite RPG:[/b] none
[b]Favorite Threads:[/b] [i]Sleeping in the Nude[/i] (for laughs), [i]Link vs. Legolas[/i] :p and [i]The Coincedence Bar[/i]...may have been full of spam, but damn was it funny!
[b]Favorite Smiley:[/b] :p and :wave:
[b]Most Memorable Moment:[/b] Posting my larger-than-life picture for the first time, my fist encounter with SSJ Goten ([i]not[/i] a good memory), the Coincedence Bar saga
[b]Quotable Quote:[/b] [i]"Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former. "[/i] ~ Albert Einstein
[b]Words of Wisdom:[/b] The gods, too, are fond of a joke. [i]~Aristotle[/i]
[b]Wish to be remembered for:[/b] My neverending nerdiness, my photographic abilities
[b]Desired Epitaph:[/b] "She was a b*tch, but beautiful nonetheless, and that's all there is to it." (well...no, not seriously...but I can't think of anything right now...)
[b]I will....[/b]
.......my [b]stalkers[/b] to [b]Justin[/b] [i]may you beat them all soundly[/i]
.......my [b]Luke avatar[/b] to [b]tursi[/b] [i]the only other Star Wars freak chick that I know ;)[/i]
.......my [b]pictures of [myself][/b] to [b]kuja[/b] ([i]ob[/i]viously)
.......my [b]ability to show my frustration with others[/b] to [b]James[/b] [i]you know you want it buddy, I have more than enough to share ;)[/i]
.......my [b]admiration of Gackt and other Asians[/b] to [b]Transtic[/b] [i]who said a guy can't have too much of a good thing?[/i]

Here's some more that Krillen decided would be good to add:

[b]Member that you look up to:[/b] Lady M for her blatant sexual connotations
[b]Closest member (guy friend):[/b] probably Justin
[b]Closest member (chick friend):[/b] ehm...Baby Kiwi, sexyjessie, goddess...they're all real life friends so yeah :p
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Heh an Otaku Yearbook very interesting.I'll sign up.;)

[b]Member Name:[/b] Treble
[b]Original Member name:[/b] "treble" back in V.1,shame on me I never capital the T in my name till V.2
[b]Member Since:[/b] November 12, 2000
[b]Current Status:[/b] Member
[b]Favorite Forums:[/b] General Discussion,Nintendo,and Sony
[b]Favorite RPG:[/b] [i]Final Fantasy: Online Another World[/i]
[b]Favorite Threads:[/b] [i]Super Smash Bro. Melee[/i],ah..back in the days everyone was hyped up for this videogame
[b]Favorite Smiley:[/b] :toothy:,and :)
[b]Most Memorable Moment:[/b] When I got chosen as a Nintendo Mod in V.2
[b]Quotable Quote:[/b] [i]It's a me Mario[/i]-[b]Mario of Nintendo[/b],[i]Where I walk I walk alone,Where I fight I fight alone[/i]-[b]Akuma of Street Fighter[/b]
[b]Words of Wisdom:[/b] [i]"Be brave and strong"[/i]
[b]Wish to be remembered for:[/b] As a respectful member.
[b]Desired Epitaph:[/b] Ummm Im not sure,i'll have to get a dictionary and look up the word "Epitaph".
[b]I will....[/b]
.........My [b]respect[/b] to everyone
.......My [b]metal spoonstick[/b] to Justin so he can knock out all those member who is stalking Babygirl
........[b]Steal[/b] James's and Crazy White Boy's Gaming knowledge,nah j/k guys.:)
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[B]Name:[/B]SS Trunks
[B]Original name:[/B]SS Trunks
[B]Member since:[/B]August 21st 2001 (I think)
[B]Current Status:[/B]Otaku
[B]Favorite forum:[/B]Games & Stories
[B]Favorite RPG:[/B]Dragonball: A new hope
[B]Favorite thread:[/B]???
[B]Favorite smiley:[/B] :mrt:
[B]Most memorable moment:[/B]Becoming the 13th Otaku
[B]Quotable quotes:[/B]Get this s**t of my lawn!!!
[B]Words of Wisdon:[/B]Be nice to me........ and I promise your death will be swift and painless!
[B]Wish to be remembered for:[/B]An excellent RPGer, and a good friend to all.
[B]Desired epitaph:[/B]Looks like Neil finally got him........
[B]I will:[/B]
............ my sperm to medical science.
............ my reputation to whoever gets on my nerves (it will destroy you)
............ my Guyver avatar to Super Goku
............ my RPGing skills to Majin Vegeta (hey, can't go far wrong with dat..... I was voted 3rd best RPGer)
............ my status to Neil (he reached Otaku....... but someone pulled a devious scam, and halved his post count, so he deserves it)
............ my name to umm....... whoever wants it... :confused:
............ my Bottom avatar to Flashy (possibly a bigger Bottom fan than even I am)
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Why not...

[B]Member Name[/B]: Majora's Mask

[B]Original Name[/B]: UltraSSJTrunks back in V.1

[B]Member Scence[/B]: VC.3:Oct. 2001

[B]Current Status[/B]:Member

[B]Favorite Forum(s)[/B]:Games and Stories

[B]Favorite RPG[/B]: [I]Mercinaries, Apacolypse V2[I]

[B]Favotrite Threads[/B]: Casa Otaku, the Dating Game, and The Cafe[/I]

[B]Favorite Smily[/B]: :smoke: :hippy:

[B]Most Memorable Moment[/B]: Back in V.1 when most people knew who I was...

[B]Quotable Quote[/B]: [I]"To penguins, men must be just like other penguins. Ocasionaly violent, unpredicatble, and strange, but odd company when he sits and minds his own business"[/I]

[B]Words of Wisdom[/B]: "One should never eat [I]escargot[/I] if they do not knwo what it is."

[B]Wished to be remembered as[/B]: 'The guy who works on the Zelda subsite on OoT and MM, but nobody knows that'

[B]Epitaph[/B]: 'It's true, dammit!'

[B]I will[/B]:

Not stalk anybody

Whack Forte over the head with a mallet

Be the biggest Sonic fan there is...Wait, thats already happening.
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Member Name: Outlaw
Original Member name: Great Gotenks
Member Since: April 2001
Current Status: The origonal Outlaw
Favorite Forums: General Discussion, Games and Storys, Final Fantasy
Favorite RPG: Hunt for the DBs, Dragon Riders
Favorite Threads: Spam Anyone?
Favorite Smiley: :mrt:
Most Memorable Moment: Giving the idea to have FF avatars back when i was Mystic Cloud
Quotable Quote: I think I'll name you Pete.
Words of Wisdom: Don't pee on the electric fence.
Wish to be remembered for: Taking any RPG I'm in and twisting around the story like mad.
Desired Epitaph: Dont know what Epitaph means.
I will....
.......A few feet of Snow to all.
.......that Jesus won't kill ALL the heathens.
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[color=green][b]Member Name:[/b] Son Goten
[b]Original Member name:[/b] SSA_Goten
[b]Member Since:[/b] don't remember. i was at the original otakuboards tho
[b]Current Status:[/b] Junior Member
[b]Favorite Forums:[/b] General Discussion and DBZ
[b]Favorite RPG:[/b] Hogwarts RPG
[b]Favorite Threads:[/b] Sleeping in the nude
[b]Favorite Smiley:[/b] :2women:
[b]Most Memorable Moment:[/b] Finally getting 250 posts and becoming a non-n00b.
[b]Quotable Quote:[/b] Where the hell are you taking my stuff?
[b]Words of Wisdom:[/b] Don't ever put a small creature in a microwave.
[b]Wish to be remembered for:[/b] My Christian faith, the person who started all the "clans" on the v2 board with the ZF clan.
[b]Desired Epitaph: Matt(my name), more fun than you can have with your pants off![/b]
[b]I will.... [/b]
[i].............my vast dbz knowledge to the all n00bs so they don't embarrase themselves by saying AF exists.
.............my body, to all the beautiful ladies of the Otaku.
.............my banner making skillz to DuoGodOfDeath(keep tryin!)
.............this kick arse smily :cool: to the next person to reply after me.[/i][/color]
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Member Name: Defcon5

Original Member name: Annon

Member Since: V.1

Current Status: Junior Member (don't laugh)

Favorite Forums: General Disscussion, Nintendo

Favorite RPG: The legend of Zelda ocarina of forest

Favorite Threads: i dunno

Favorite Smiley: :alcohol:

Most Memorable Moment: When I got banned (on accident. Or so they tell me)

Quotable Quote: But dreams --- of those who dream as I, Aspiringly, are damned, and die-Edger Allen Poe

Words of Wisdom: Woman are damn confusing

Wish to be remembered for: My sleeping in the nude topic, My beliefs

Desired Epitaph: Game Over

I will....

......Some how understand what I'm supposed to write here.
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[SIZE=1][b]ep-i-taph[/b] (ep' *upsidedown 'e'* taf) [b]n[/b] [[ Gr [i]epi-[/i], on + [i]taphos[/i], tomb ]] an inscription on a tomb, etc. in memory of a dead person.
[b]Member Name:[/b] PiroMunkie
[b]Original Member name:[/b] pyrodragon13
[b]Member Since:[/b] circa February 28, 2001
[b]Current Status:[/b] Otaku (almost Extreme Otaku, woopee :p)
[b]Favorite Forums:[/b] General Discussion, Games and Stories, and DragonBall
[b]Favorite RPG:[/b] Past- [i]DragonBall: The Ultimia Saga[/i], created a long time ago on v1 by Kamakazi (aka Justin); Present- [i]DragonBall:Battle Field[/i], Oh yeah :smirk:
[b]Favorite Threads:[/b] I only post in threads I like or like to dislike so there's your answer :p
[b]Favorite Smiley:[/b] Bah, I just use 'em at random, but I tend to use :p a lot
[b]Most Memorable Moment:[/b] Back in v1 when Topaz was had left the OB for a bit and we conspired and I announced that she was returning, but just under a different name. And everyone wanted to know and SSJ Goten (I do believe) spilled the beans and everyone hated him for it, it was great :D
[b]Quotable Quote:[/b] "Crazy? I'm not crazy. I'm Batman."-Me, "I don't care if the glass is half empty or if it's half full. I just want to know if you're going to finish your drink."-Me again, "The less you say, the greater you appear."- Adam's sig at one point. I didn't follow those instructions and look at me now!!! :drunk::alcohol:
[b]Words of Wisdom:[/b] Never become part of the staff at Camp Cedar's Boy Scout camp and say the word "Announcement(s)" while making them. Or else you get the song "Words of Wisdom" sung to you really loud and in your face by the rest of the staff.. :D
[b]Wish to be remembered for:[/b] HA! Like I'm going to be remembered. Funny. But if I [i]AM[/i] going to be remembered, obciously for my love of fire :flaming: and being generally respective to most members and my funny looking trick picture of myself [URL=http://www.otakuboards.com/attachment.php?s=&postid=131429]See picture here[/URL]
[b]Desired Epitaph:[/b] I told you all I would die some day!! I TOLD YOU ALL!!! HA! In your face San Fransisco!!! Kiss my donkey New York, and good night!!!!.... I shall return...
[b]I will....[/b]
...........[b]My life[/b].... to my lovely wife Queen Asuka...
...........[b]My collection of punk rock cds[/b].... to both Anna and Queen Asuka...
...........[b]My abililty to rip off logos and turn them into cheap banners[/b]... to a scam artist...
...........[b]My heart[/b].... to some playa so that my heart can be stepped upong one last time...
...........[b]Whatever she desires from me[/b].... to Cera, hell, she's I got the Hobbes avatar, I would feel guilty not giving anything in return...
...........[b]My Otaku Member Name[/b].... my it always live within the Otaku...[/size]
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Very Neat Idea. Think i'll join in anyways.

Member Name: [COLOR=blue][i]Liquidus Snake[/i][/COLOR]
Original Member Name: None
Member Since: Febuary 2nd, 2002
Current Status: Newbie
Favorate Forums: Nintendo, Final Fantasy, General Discussion
Favorate RPG: Metal Gear Solid (Obviously!)
Favorate Threads: Gamecube FAQ
Favorate Smiley: :butthead: and :demon:
Most Memorable Moment: Watching as Liquid kick Solid off of Metal Gear.
Quoteable Quote: "To Play or Not to Play...THAT is the question!"
Words of Wisdom: [b][i]"Harkadus Maximus Liquidus"[/i][/b]
Wishes to be Remembered as: A [b]"Game Master"[/b]
I will....
....my peers to hell
....homage to Lord Liquid.
....my skills to become Video Game Master!
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Member Name: Crazy White Boy

Original Member name: The Great White Frying Pan Man
Member Since:May 18th, 2001

Current Status: Otaku(I don't give a freak what my current post count says)

Favorite Forums: Final Fantasy, Gaming Otaku, Games and Stories

Favorite RPG: Seph's Fight Club

Favorite Threads: All of them!

Favorite Smiley: :mrt:

Most Memorable Moment: My first topic was something silly about Mr. Satan being the strongest fighter in DragonBallZ. I expected to get totally flamed, but Transtic Nerve and Safer actually said it was clever. I think that's what really got me hooked on this place. Some of the people are really open minded.

Quotable Quote: Tie between "Once you are a friend, you are forever," and " I never lost a game; time just ran out on me."

Words of Wisdom: " Never give up on anybody."

Wish to be remembered for: My unique personality and humorous outlook on things. I've never wanted to do the "normal thing."

I will....

.......never miss a perfectly good opportunity to remain silent

.......always say something funny or lame

.......succeed in college

.......develope my own 'rassin personality. Wooooooo!
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[u]Member Name[/u]: [b]*GaLxY-GiRl* [size=1](If my member name was a person, I'd kill it with a dull spoon.)[/size][/b]
[u]Original Member name[/u]: [size=1][b]*DBZ-cHiCk* (Another name I'd like to strip life from.)[/size][/b]
[u]Member Since[/u]: [b]July 15, 2001[/b]
[u]Current Status[/u]: [b]A member, I think.... nothing special, of course.[/b]
[u]Favorite Forums[/u]: [b]general anime, and general discussion[/b]
[u]Favorite RPG[/u]: [b]not creative enough to care about such things, unfortunatly[/b]
[u]Favorite Threads[/u]: [b]What's your favorite type of sock? [size=1](i like toe socks!!)[/size] The dating game [size=1](quite truthfully)[/size] .... basically, any thread that was stupid, funny and made no sense.... but had a bunch of replies posted to it. *hypocrits*[/b]
[u]Favorite Smiley[/u]: :drunk:
[u]Most Memorable Moment[/u]: [b]When me and my friend Matt posted together, for a thread game.... something like, "Finish The Sentence"... forgot what it was called, but did we ever get a kick out of it...[/b]
[u]Quotable Quote[/u]: [b]"F--k yourself and die, you stupid bi*azzz*tch" - my drunk uncle towards me... [size=1](gotta love the stupid idiot.)[/size]..... "Evil will always triumph, because good is dumb." - Dark Helmet .... "Ashton, you'd be really hott if you'd just keep your mouth shut." - m e[/b]
[u]Words of Wisdom[/u]: [b]"I'm the only truly honest person I know" .... "Know your friends; know your enemies better." .... "Open, connect, complete." - m e and other less significant people. "When the rubber hits the ground, it's a dollar in your pocket." - Mrs. Mcdonald... [size=1](go figure her... she's a crazy jamaican.)[/size][/b]
[u]Wish to be remembered for[/u]: [b]my undying love for everyone.[/b]
[u]Desired Epitaph[/u]: [b]"When searching for a helping hand... look no farther than the end of your own arm." - a peice of wood... no joke.[/b]

[u]I will[/u].... [b][size=1]{Hold up! I'm too young to die!}[/size]
....... Any joke I've ever tried to make to [i]The Great White Frying Pan Man[/i]... [size=1](the only dude that has a sense of humor around here...)[/size]
.......My entire account to [i]Mike[/i]... [size=1](you know what to do with it....)[/size][/b]

[b]But seriously, I'd sell everything... if i had anything to will in the first place, so i could make money.... cash is good and green.[/b]
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[b]Member Name:[/b] Transtic Nerve
[b]Original Member name:[/b] Transtic Nerve (Yeah I keep my username the same!)
[b]Member Since:[/b] uhh uhh uhh... April or May of 2001 i think
[b]Current Status:[/b] Super Mod person thingy
[b]Favorite Forums:[/b] General Discussion, Genral Anime, DragonBall, Staff Forum
[b]Favorite RPG:[/b] I hate RPGs...
[b]Favorite Threads:[/b] uhh whatever is worth posting in. I can't remember what happened 5 minutes ago, how am I supposed to remember certain topics?
[b]Favorite Smiley:[/b] :mrt:
[b]Most Memorable Moment:[/b] uhh... gawd, more of this "remembering" thing...
[b]Wish to be remembered for:[/b] The most popular gay boy you'll ever meet lol j/k
[b]I will....[/b]
...........[b]My hot sexy body :p[/b]... to all the straight women out there lol
...........[b]All my J-Music knowledge[/b]... to all those people whom I helped or who were in the least bit interested in J-Music. Bless you all!
...........[b]Gackt[/b]... who else but BabyGirl... :cough:: enjoy ^_^
...........[b]My spot on Otaku Staff[/b]... to the people who are good for it.
...........[b]I dunno what else[/b]... whoever the hell wants it :p
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:smirk: Nice idea..... I thought I might join aswell..... :angel:

[b]Member Name:[/b] Squashed Snail
[b]Original Member name:[/b] Squashed Snail
[b]Member Since:[/b] September 9, 2001
[b]Current Status:[/b] Otaku
[b]Favorite Forums:[/b] Nintendo, Sony, PC Gaming/Xbox, Digimon, Pokemon, Games & Stories
[b]Favorite RPG:[/b] Ship wrecked
[b]Favorite Threads:[/b] Poll: Digimon or Pokemon?
[b]Favorite Smiley:[/b] :D :demon:
[b]Most Memorable Moment:[/b] Argueing..... With alot of people.....
[b]Quotable Quote:[/b] I'm your worst nightmare.....
[b]Words of Wisdom:[/b] There's more to life than the computer.
[b]Wish to be remembered for:[/b] Humour.....
[b]Desired Epitaph:[/b] Ok, what does that mean?
[b]I will....[/b]
.....Figure out what this means.....
............................................................ Eventually die? :confused:
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Guest BulmaVegeta1
Ok, here goes:
Member Name:BulmaVegeta1
Original Member Name:BulmaVegeta1
Member Since:Sometime in December of 2001
Current Status:Newbie
Favorite Forum: Dragonball/Z/GT and General Discussion and Games and Stories
Favorite RPG:Final Fantasy X and Klonoa 2
Favorite Threads:Favorite DBZ Character Outfit and Sleeping in the Nude (for laughs)
Favorite Smiley::modrod:
Most Memorable Moment:When I won a basketball tournment for my district
Quotable Quote:"You have to expect things of yourself before you can do them."-Micheal Jordan
Words of Wisdom::"Arrogance is the key to failure." Did you hear that, Vegeta?
Wish to be Remembered for:My passion for Vegeta and how much LM still hates me...:bawl:
Desired Epitaph:Hmmmmmmm..........-_-
I Will......
Find Vegeta someday (I hope...I proably won't!)
Become an engineer
Beat the crap out of the person that mocks Vegeta
Beat the crap out of anyone that annoys me
Try to post over 1000
Make friends with Lady Macaiodh
Solve all the world's problems, discover that there are aliens, and win the Nobel Prize (hey, I can dream, can't I?)
Learn how to draw Vegeta and all the other DBZ/GT characters
Discover that there really are dragonballs that make wishes and get a couple of my wishes granted....:naughty:
Try to become a professional tennis player (maybe)
Go to college and at least get a bachelor's degree
I Will Not......
Make my friends call me Bulma (I hate her and that name)
Pretend that a boy at my school is Vegeta trying to hide from everyone
Be like my friend who kisses every Vegeta picture she sees (even the TV or computer screen)
Ever become a normal human being
Flick people off unless they piss me off
Stop my obsession about Vegeta (it's a disease....)
Nough said! Now on with the show!
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[color=deeppink]Let me clear something up for you guys, it's just a slight suggestion, but here:

The [i][b]I will...[/i][/b] part of this little survey means that you have or own something that you'd like to will, or [i]give[/i] to someone else.

The way Cera meant it, it doesn't mean what you [i]will do[/i]...if that makes sense.

I mean, it's cool to do it either way, but traditionally yearbooks have senior wills, where seniors leave items to underclassmen.

Hope that helps :whoops:[/color]
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Guest BulmaVegeta1
[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by BabyGirl [/i]
[B][color=deeppink]Let me clear something up for you guys, it's just a slight suggestion, but here:

The [i][b]I will...[/i][/b] part of this little survey means that you have or own something that you'd like to will, or [i]give[/i] to someone else.

The way Cera meant it, it doesn't mean what you [i]will do[/i]...if that makes sense.

I mean, it's cool to do it either way, but traditionally yearbooks have senior wills, where seniors leave items to underclassmen.

Hope that helps [/color] [/B][/QUOTE]
[COLOR=purple]Whoops!!!!!!!!!!!!! I knew the stuff you guys wrote looked a little different from mine! and now I know....[/COLOR] :laugh: :whoops: :cross: :bellylol: :blulaugh: :raspberry :rotflmao:
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[B]Member Name[/B]: James

[B]Original Name[/B]: James_B

[B]Member Since[/B]: Was here during V1, but joined at the beginning of V2.0, sometime in late 2000.

[B]Current Status[/B]: Administrator

[B]Favorite Forum(s)[/B]: General Discussion, Games & Stories, Nintendo, Sony and Staff Discussion.

[B]Favorite RPG[/B]: [i]Meteo City V2, Final Fantasy: Online Another World.[/i]

[B]Favourite Threads[/B]: Don't have a fav. thread.

[B]Favorite Smiley[/B]: :D :rolleyes: :drunk:

[B]Most Memorable Moment[/B]: Launching V2.0 and V3.0, the whole SSJGoten fiasco, the time when Adam was sick from too many chocolate milkshakes.

[B]Quotable Quote[/B]: [I]"People don't play consoles, they play games" - Shigeru Miyamoto, World's Best Game Designer.[/i]

[B]Words of Wisdom[/B]: [i]"The fascination I have with my science is that planetary changes, crustal changes, atmospheric changes, oceanic changes, and biological changes all operated in tandem. All these changes are evolution. All these changes are interdependant. Evolution of life is closely linked to planetary, crustal, atmospheric and hydrospheric evolution. This is the story of planet Earth. This story is far more visionary, elegant, awesome and excitng than any facile unsubstantiated dogmatic myth.

If this story of our world is wrong, I would feel so sad for God"[/i] by Ian Plimer, Professor of Geology at the University of Melbourne. Extracted from his book, Telling Lies for God.

[B]Wished to be remembered as[/B]: A fair and honest person who genuinely tries to do a good job and to see the best in people.

[B]Epitaph[/B]: "If the gravestone's a rockin', don't come a knockin'"

[B]I will[/B]:

...my beloved OtakuBoards.com to Sephiroth (when I die, that is, lol).

...my Paul van Dyk CD collection to Transtic Nerve (even though he has more than me! Bah)

...my plush Pikachu/Mario/Sonic to Rico, for being such a good mod in our gaming area.

...my favourite non-fiction book, Telling Lies for God to Cera, to keep her entertained on her Sunday outings to Church.
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[B] Member Name: [/B] Cruizr
[B] Original Name: [/B] Cruiz
[B] Member Since: [/B] Oct. 28, 2000
[B] Current Status: [/B] Newbie(Former Moderator)
[B] Favorite Forum(s): [/B] General D., Digimon, Pokemon, DBZ
[B] Fav. RPG: [/B] N/A
[B] Favorite Thread: [/B] Battle of the Digi-Wits
[B] Fav. Smilies: [/B] :demon: :therock: :naughty:
[B] Most Memorable Moment: [/B] When Sephiroth announced i was a Moderator
[B] Quotable Quote: [/B] "No one can hurt me with my cheese helmet" :D
[B] Words of Wisdom: [/B]
[B] Wished to be remembered as: [/B] Whatever people think :D
[B] I Will: [/B]

Prove myself worthy of being a DigiGod
Raise hell if Adam closes theOtaku
Prove myself worthy of being a DigiGod
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[b]Member Name:[/b] GinnyLyn
[b]Original Member name:[/b] DigimonEmpress
[b]Member Since:[/b] erhm, slightly before March 29, 2001
[b]Current Status:[/b] DigiGoddess (SuperMod)
[b]Favorite Forums:[/b] Digimon
[b]Favorite RPG:[/b] Digistory: Entrance of Nightmare, War of the Mod Rod
[b]Favorite Threads:[/b] ....uh....
[b]Favorite Smiley:[/b] :roflmao:
[b]Most Memorable Moment:[/b] Becoming a DigiMod for the first time--or was it when Adam let me be DigiWebMistress?
[b]Quotable Quote:[/b] Absolute power corrupts absolutely--and yet it is so much fun!
[b]Words of Wisdom:[/b] Live like there's no tomorrow...'cause there might not be.
[b]Wish to be remembered for:[/b] My Christian faith, my Digimon/Ken obsession, my art--I just want to plain be remembered
[b]Desired Epitaph:[/b] Meet'cha in Heaven!
I must admit I'm rather selfish with my stuff at the moment, but (if the time comes) I will.....
......my DigiGoddess position to Cruizr--since he wants so much to be a DigiGod.
......my many drawings to my biggest admirer *panics as many squabble over them*--ah, maybe not. :D
......my DigiMistress position to Digital_Monster--she knows just as much as I do!
......my kuja's bride position to kittie. Maybe she won't have problems and leave him behind like I did.
......my Mod Rod to Shyguy. 'Cause I like the idea of the umbrella.
......my ever persistant goofiness to whoever needs a good pick me up. You know who you are. ;)
......my love to you all. Just because. [/COLOR]
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Member Name:Amiboshi
Original Member name: ssjL (I hated that name!)
Member Since: geez, I honestly can't remember when I joined before:blush: {I do know it was a fairly good deal before Dec. 2000, like a long time before that}
Current Status: Newbie (ICK!)
Favorite Forums: General Anime, General discussion
Favorite RPG: None
Favorite Threads: Sleeping in the Nude
Favorite Smiley::blulaugh:
Most Memorable Moment: Um.....I don't really have any......
Quotable Quote:I don't make quotes, really.
Words of Wisdom: I'm not wise enough for this.
Wish to be remembered for: I'll take whatever I can get......
Desired Epitaph: *cough* I'm really not sure what an epitaph is.... :blush:

I will.....
-my anime and manga collection to my brother (share):nervous:
-my money to the computer store so I can have my own comp
-My Ceres DVD's to my friend
.......this is all I can think of.......
Later: I thought of something else!
-My Sonosuke avatar (provided by Otaku.com) to Shane after I get 500 posts and my own ava. He keeps saying I've stolen it....
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[B]Member Name:[/B] Warlock
[B]Original Member name:[/B] Warlock
[B]Member Since:[/B] April 1st, 2001
[B]Current Status:[/B] Evil Overlord (Moderator of GnS)
[B]Favorite Forums:[/B] Games and Stories,
[B]Favorite RPG:[/B] Dragon Ball: Battle Field
[B]Favorite Threads:[/B] No idea.
[B]Favorite Smiley:[/B] :therock: :demon: :flaming:
[B]Most Memorable Moment:[/B] Becoming a Mod for GS the same day as v2 was destroyed, and becoming the...erm...6 Otaku...or around that.
[B]Quotable Quote:[/B] "The Truth Is Stranger Than Fact"-Me "Light travels faster than sound. That's why people seem bright until you hear them speak"-Bottom of Kuja's sig at one point
[B]Words of Wisdom:[/B] When a sign says to not feed the animals, trust me and do [I]not[/I] feed the animals.
[B]Wish to be remembered for:[/B] Being a helpful and caring *cough* member, and for my loyalty to Games And Stories, and all it's RPGs.
[B]Desired Epitaph:[/B] ...I'll be back...
[B]I Will...[/B]

My MASSIVE DVD collection to Final_Flash
My mod posistion to Piromunkie
My RPing skills to James (Even though you don't really need them)
My Member Name to the OtakuBoards itself, so it may always live on.
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member name: blanko_el-miez
original name: mean&maple
member sence: augest 2001
current status : member
fav forum:digimon
fav rpg: digidreams
fav threads: same as rpg favsmilys: :demon: :devil: :flaming: :excited: :tasty: :heart: :nope: :modrod: :ball:
MMM: becoming a mamber
quote: nothing is imposable to those who do not have to do it=me
words of wisdome : same as above
wish to be remembered: foe being kind and toerant
i will

-my what the **ll am i doing i dont know ahhhhhhhhhhh what am i saposed to do here?????
-my pics to ginny who will never use or need them
-my games and stuff to death sephiroth who is my only intown friend
-my board life to the highest bidder

thats all i am typing cause i cut my finger and it hurts everytime i type so i am not typing and entire page full of stuff
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[b]Member Name:[/b] Final_Flash
[b]Original Member name:[/b] Final_Flash
[b]Member Since:[/b] March 19th, 2001.
[b]Current Status:[/b] King of the Mobile Suit Girls. (Moderator of G&S, Gundam, and FF.)
[b]Favorite Forums:[/b] Games and Stories, Gundam, FF.. :rolleyes
[b]Favorite RPG:[/b] Dragon Ball: Battle Field
[b]Favorite Threads:[/b] 'What's your favourite type of sock', heh heh.
[b]Favorite Smiley:[/b] I don't like any of the smilies... Does ^_^;; count?
[b]Most Memorable Moment:[/b] Starting DB:BF, my first thread, RPG, and post on the Otaku, V1.
[b]Quotable Quote:[/b] Life...it's like a box of chocolates. A cheap, thoughtless perfunctory gift that nobody ever asks for. Unreturnable because all you ever get back is another box of chocolates. So you're stuck with this undefinable whipped mint crap that you mindlessly wolf down when there's nothing else left to eat. Sure once in a while there's a peanut butter cup or an English toffee but they're gone too fast and the taste is fleeting. You end up with nothing but broken bits filled with hardened jelly and teeth-shattering nuts. If you're desperate enough to eat those, all you've got left is an empty box filled with useless brown paper wrappers.
[i]-The Smoking man[/i]

[b]Words of Wisdom:[/b] George the moogle owns your soul. Don't try and deny it, you'll be proved wrong everytime. You'll soon become enslaved to Bebbies, your soul begging to be freed. But you won't. You'll be trapped forever, chained to your addiction for the soft, smooth, flowing drink, while slowly, your life is stolen away by the short, pink faerie with the fuschia wings... Fight the power. Why have soda?
[b]Wish to be remembered for:[/b] My occasional random outbursts of insane humour, my Roleplaying, and contribution to the Forums as a moderator.
[b]Desired Epitaph:[/b] [i]In the light universe, I have been darkness. Perhaps in the dark zone, I will be light...[/i]
[b]I Will... [/b]

...My 'Setup' to Warlock.. God knows he deserves it.
...My Avatar to whoever the hell wants it... It's true, Dammit.
...My Moderating positions in Gundam and GnS to Neil.
...My Moderating position in FF to AJ2k1
...My RPGs to Ken. Hell, I have enough of them.
...My Body to medical science, so that they may cryogenically freeze me, and bring me back some 2000 years in the future, where I shall join the Neo-Otakuboards, Version 20XX, and rule over them. That's right, even in 2000 years time, I don't plan on having a social life, Heh heh.
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