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RPG Fight Club Returns!


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for old school otaku members, you may remember my fight club back on v2, I have now decided to resurrect it! I am your host and you will abide by my rules, and you MUST follow my rules or be savagely beaten by me....

the first rule of Sephiroth's fight club is, you do not talk about fight club

the second rule of Sephiroth's fight club is, you do NOT talk about fight club

the third rule of Sephiroth's fight club is, no shoes, no shirts, girls are an exception with shirts

the fourth rule of Sephiroth's fight club, if your opponent gives up, or taps out, then the fight is over

the fifth rule of Sephiroth's fight club, no weapons, rings, or gloves

the sixth rule of Sephiroth's fight club, only two people to a fight, unless I say otherwise

the seventh rule of Sephiroth's fight club, if this is your first night, then you gotta fight!

thats it for now, join in and lets get ready to rumble....
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*screams out* [SIZE=4]W00T! I'M HERE! FIRST NIGHT! BRING IT! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA-*cough*-AHAHAHA-*cough, cough*[/SIZE] S'cuse me..........Well, I'm ready... I hope I get to fight Siren.....with no shirt on....*gets slapped about 4594989458495849 times* Owwie.......
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OOC: *cough* You do realize that you are sooooooo dead. Right?


[i]Flipping by pushing up with his right arm, Neil lands perfectly on his feet. Dashing forward, jumping towards the heavens, Blanky lands behind stormwing with out a whisper of a sound. Slinging his entire body around, Neil caught the petite girl in the crown of the skull with a downcut, making a sharp "CRAAAAAACK!" ring in the ears of stormwing.

As she was falling, Neil sweeped in with his left arm sustaining him in the air, letting him kick the girl in the ribs with a steel-strong right kick. stormwing hurled backwards, finally skidding to a halt on the floor, a tad scraped up, not moving.

Continuing with his momentum, Neil performed a one-handed stand, balencing his weight on his entire body. With a single push, Neil launchedinto the sky, backflipping freely. Coming down sharply, Neil kneed stormwing in the spine, making a loud "SNAP!" emitt, filling everyone's ears.

Gently, calmly getting up from upon the unconscious stormwing, Neil rested his weight on his feet, making the liquid pop from his joints. Slowly walking to his chair, he muttered something to everyone...[/i]

Neil: Next........
OOC: stormwing, I called you by your OB name because you gave yourself no name, so :p to you!

Everyone, how well and powerful your moves are depends on how well you describe it, how well your post is constructed, how well you lay it out........D-uh! THAT's why stormwing is out so fast. She didn't put ANYTHING in her post, making her weak, blahblahblah...:demon:

My name is Neil......NOT SS....:demon: :suppa demon-jin:
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[COLOR=royalblue]OI NEIL!! Do me a favor...give us lesser mortals a chance to fight back. Being all high and mighty isn't fair to everybody else......it's also not nice to dropkick pretty girls.

I'M IN!! *sigh* It's good to be back! And there's no Fish to slap my *** anymore!! :demon:[/COLOR]
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Fish........slap......***? *changes name to Fish* J/k.....;)

But seriously! I mean, jeezus! She didn't put anything in her post! An uppercut with no descrip what-so-ever. I'll say this though: Siren, challenge me again, and make a more descriptive post, and I'd be happy to do a rematch.
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It's time to inject this Fight Club with a dose of poison! It's time to inject it with the nJo. That's right, the New Jersey Order is back and ready to go. Let's get this straight, I ruled this club before by bringing Safer down! Foredady might now be an enigma and Fish may be but a memory, but the original badboy, the original behind slapping, fried chicken eating, trash talking icon is back. All of you are pathetic losers! In Las Vegas, you even lose money on the stamp machines.

Bring on the challengers, I'll knock them down like a bunch of three cornered dominoes. After all, I am the home of the whooper. I serve one billion butt whoopings daily!
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[COLOR=royalblue]Raiha: And you are an annoying bastard. :demon: *FLICK*

CWB: :bawl:

Raiha: As I was saying..............:haha: Don't listen to a word that Crazy white boy says........he's lying about the taking over of this RPg, hell, he can't even beat me in a fight.[/COLOR]
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*digs through the trash looing for his old chair saying [B] Cruiz sits here...SO HANDS OFF! [/B] *

Ahh, here it is...

*sits quietly in adark corner waiting for the fighting to begin*
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*grabs his c player and listens to marilyn mansons "Fight Song", then looks over at the eager Warlock and gives him the finger*

You wont last 5 minutes in here
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Cruizr [/i]
[B]*grabs his c player and listens to marilyn mansons "Fight Song", then looks over at the eager Warlock and gives him the finger*

You wont last 5 minutes in here [/B][/QUOTE]

...I'll be wanting to fight you soon too...and I'll defiantly last longer than you....
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The teenager had heard about fight club from one of his training partners. He was told of the decrepit buildings, the secrecy, the intensity...and the violence. It excited him; a warm feeling in the middle of his chest that spread itself around, tinged with nerves and anticipation. His partner told him of the rules of fight club, and, when he had learnt all that there was to be told, Asar struck the other teen, a hard blow flush on the jaw. His partner fell to the ground, stunned and in agony.
"What in pete's name was that for!?!" he cried ignorantly, spitting a tooth.
"Rule number one..." Asar replied coolly " You don't ever talk about fight club."
With that he walked out of the gym, and out towards the wrong side of the tracks...
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - --
This...should be fun to play...despite the fact my arse is up for a whoopin'....ha hem *musters courage*...Bring it all....I can take it.
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Well, I DID join, sorta, but I never got a fight, so I'll just say I'm new so I get a chance to fight!


[I]Walks in[/I]

Dbzman: Hmmm...Now where does this seem familiar? [I]Vegita: It was in V2 you idiot! READ THE FIRST DAMN POST!!! :rolleyes: :mad:[/I] Oh yeah! :D

Seph: You're new, so you gotta fight someone. Pick.

Dbzman: Ok...

[I]Searches round[/I]

Dbzman: Him.

Rico: Me?

Dbzman: Yeah you. Let's fight.

Rico: Fine...

[I]Rico steps up from his chair and they both get into fighting poses...[/I]


Hoo boy! This is gonna be hard! :( (I'm not talking about beating Rico, that'll be EASY MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA *Cough cough* :devil: I'm talking about doing a fight without being able to...You know, KICK HIS *** THROUGH A MOUNTAIN, THEN FADE NEXT TO HIM AND SHOOT A KI BLAST THROUGH HIS HEAD!!!!! :bawl: )
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Warlock [/i]
[B]Oh yes, Fight Club. Even though I didn't fight there much, I still remember it very well. *Cracks knuckles* I think I'm ready. Hmmm...Neil? :devil: [/B][/QUOTE]

.........Indeed............BUT YOU STILL HAVEN'T RESPONED TO OUR PROPER SPAR!!!!!!!!!!!

Wait......we can do DBZ shite? If so........

[i]Neil slowly raises his left arm, energy surging through him, making a red ki ball expand from his palm........... The Raging Comet...[/i]


*cough* So, is this like Tekken or DBZ? Which one?
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