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RPG -DragonBall Z: Fugitive Assult[Play]-


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[i]Ten Saiyan Space Pods took off from Planet Vegeta. In some, Saiyans. In others were unknown, personel under Frieza. They took off to a distant, huge planet, to be conquered. What kind of perels would they face? Only time will tell...[/i]
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Sorry it's crappy; I need to do some stuff. Please continue..
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[I]Warlock sat back, relaxing as his space pod drew nearer to the next planet that needed to be rid of all life, then sold... Looking at the small computer, Warlock typed in a few things, before sleep overcame him... [/I]

Computer: [I]Planet Secra 2 is within two minutes of atomsphere descent... Please affirm atomsphere descent...[/I]

[I]Warlock woke up, and looked at the pod's clock... He had been asleep for 23 hours... He bent forward, affirming the descent to the planet... Slowly, all of the pods reached the outer atomsphere of the planet, and began their descent...[/I]
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[i]Cactuar is in his pod, the pods shoot through space at speeds unimaginable to the inhabitents of the tiny planets they speed past. Cactuar looks out into space, not tired, but not fully awake. He looks directly infront of him and sees a group of asteriods heading towards the pods, as they are about to pass through the atmosphere of the planet, hitting them while they are super-heated will surely destroy the pod[/i]

Computer: Asteriods approching, to big to deflect...
Cactuar: Increase speed, 127... Move to front of formation
Computer: Speed increased, intialising V formation shuffle...

[i]Cactuars Pod moves to the front of the V formation, and resumes same speed...[/i]

Cactuar: Computer, start attack program, Alpha beta 4.
Computer: ...Ki-Pads ready...

[i]Cactuar puts his hands on two pads that protrude from the walls, and charges a Ki-blast, the pads absord the power and charge two cannons on the front of the pod.[/i]

Computer: Ki-cannon charged..
Cactuar: Target 44987, 66840, 55433
Computer: Locked on...
Cactuar: Fire

[i]The Ki-cannon fires a beam of spead Ki and blast the aseroids to smitherines, cactuar's pod retreates back into it's position...[/i]
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[COLOR=royalblue][i]Xaida remained motionless on the planet's surface. Her breathing was measured and shallow, barely inhaling and barely exhailing. She turned her head at a sound, and immediatly dropped into a defensive stance............[/i][/COLOR]
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[I]Flash rolls his eyes at Xaida. She gets out of her defensive stance, and turns away from him.[/I]

Flash: Heh. Sorry if I snuck up on you.

Xaida: Yeah, yeah...

Flash: I don't blame you for being cautious.. Recon is pretty nerve racking sometimes, especially when the inhabitants find out you're there...

Xaida: Nerve racking? Hardly.

Flash: Heh, whatever you say...

[I]Flash grins, and goes back to scouting the area...[/I]
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[i]Flash suddenly ducked, the white streak screaming overhead. Flash was about to unleash a volly of ki bombs, but he stopped, knowing what it was.

Blank landed forcefully on the ground, creating a small crater. He stood, arms still above his head, slowly lowering down. He walked calmly to Flash, looking around at his surroundings, charting, planning, plotting.[/i]

Blank: Status?

Flash: No life forms in the area... Heh.... But that's bad. Where the Hell is everyone.

Blank: Five.. Four

Xaida: Three..Two

Flash: One.

[i]With defeafening explosions, the rest of the pods plummeted into the crust of the planet, burrowing deeply. Each one of the Warriors arose into the air, clothes whipping in the steady wind of the dusk setting. They were ready...[/i]
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[i]The door of Cactuars Pod opens and cactuar flies out, simoltainiesly the rest of the warriors emerge as well. Yet they are all wearing Saiyan armour, while Cactuar is whereing Namek armour. Cactuar approches Flash & Blank...[/i]

Cactuar: What's happining?
Blank: Well... nothing, no sign of the Secraians yets
Flash: And this place looks pretty much deserted
Cactuar: Yeah? That's not what Intel said
Flash: Well only one thing to do, keep looking...
Cactuar: Fine, fine. I'm going to go and scout the eastern boarder, beyond those hills.
Blank: Ok be back here in 10 minutes
Cactuar: OK, I'm off!
Flash: Catch you on the Flip side...

[i]Cactuar lifts off and shoot off towards the other side of the hills, where he is sure he will find some Secra inhabitents...[/i]
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[color=teal][I]Li steps out of his pod and walks over to Craig[/i]

Li: this should be a piece of cake and we're gonna make a nice bit of cash from this sale

Craig: Yeah I suppose your right

Li: any idea how strong these guys are

Craig: can't be very or else they'd have sent in the ginyu force

Li: suppose your right[/color]
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Craig stood next to Blank. He looked down at the ground, and puffed. He then kicked some dust up infront of him.

Craig: This is getting pretty boring...........

Blank: What do you mean?

Craig: This is all we've done since we were 5 years old........... is conquer planets for Frieza. Talk about tedium.........

Blank: Yeah well......... it's just something we've got to put up with for now......

Suddenly, Craig's scouter flickered a yellow bleep. Craig looked at it for a moment, then pressed the button on his scouter. It flashed a blinding yelow light, and then flickered with various symbols, before finally settling.

Craig slowly turned his head to the left. His scouter was directing him to something. Suddenly it blinked three times with a crossheir, and several number came up along the side of Craig's scouter.

Craig: Ah, here we are.......... some of the locals are on their way.

Blank looked intrigingly at Craig, then he tapped the button on his scouter, looking in the same direction Craig was. A smile broke across Blank's face. He chuckled, and then turned his scouter off in disgust.

Blank: I was unaware that the front line of warriors for this planet were children........... a pack of school girls would give us a better challenge........

Craig: Hmm...... what's this. Several more.............. coming in from verious directions........ HAHAHAHAHAHA....... they're planning an ambush.

Flash: Fools.

Xaida: Well, atleast we might actually get to fight this time.
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Guest QuickSilver
seifer: this is going to be to easy. i am going to take out any of them from the north. those fools aint going to know what hit them .

craig: wait. lets play around with them first
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*A day previous in Frieza's space ship*

Frieza sits in his little flying thing with Zarbon and Dodoria standing at his sides. The door to the chamber opens and a young teenager walks in. Frieza looks at the boy who seems very angry.

Andrew: Why didn't you tell me about this mission?

Frieza: I wouldn't want my favourite and youngest Saiyan getting harmed.

Andrew: Stop treating me like a child! Just because I'm 12 years old! Don't baby me.

Frieza holds out his hand and Andrew drops to his knees in pain. Andrew continues screaming until frieza crosses his arms.

Frieza: Just because your my favourite it doesn't mean I won't hesitate to kill you if you cheek again! Now get on your feet.

Andrew slowly gets to his feet holding his back in pain.

Frieza: If you must go then get in your pod now and meet up with the others.

Andrew quickly bows and runs off with a disgusted look on his face.

*On planet Secra present time*

The others look as another pod lands near to their own. They all wonder who it is until the door opens and they see Andrew. All of them turn away back towards their enemy. Andrew runs over to Blank and Craig.

Blank: What are you doing here child?

Andrew: I'm here to help you out.

Craig: We don't need help especially not from a child!

Andrew: I'm just as strong if not stronger than most of you so stop treating me like a child!

Blank: Fine!

Andrew walks off to sit on a nearby stone while Craig and Blank laugh and whisper to each other.
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[I]While everyone else was active, Suzuku just stood rooted to the spot, waiting for the ambush...[/I]

Blank: :laugh: AHAHAHAHA!!! ...Hey, whats up with that guy over there?

Craig: Him? He doesn't talk much. If he talks when hes with his uhhh...guardian, if he talks he gets a Ki Blast to the stomach.

Blank: So now it's sunk in and he doesn't talk much by nature?

Craig: Yup.


Suzuku: ...:demon:...[I]How long until they get here...?[/I]...:demon:
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Cruiz finally lands, nearly hitting Suzuku

Suzuku: What took you so long?

Cruiz: I got lost

Suzuku: How in the world you can get lost in a piloted Pod...ill never know...

Cruiz: Have i missed anything fun?

Blank: Not yet...were just kinda waiting around...

Cruiz: ok....shouldnt we be doing something?

Suzuku: Were you around for the meeting?

Cruiz: no, i was sleeping...

Blank: *falls over* oh yeah, he's gonna be a LOT of help...
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Gojin finally lands on the planet with the other's. His pod door opens Gojin comes out and looks around for the other's. He see's the rest of the group then he takes off to them.

Cruiz: Seems like i'm not the only one who is late.

Gojin: So guys did i miss anything?

Suzuku: Not yet we didn't start the attack.

Gojin: Good

Gojin then just lays down on the ground and waits.
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[I]Suzuku taps his scouter and checks to see how far away the attackers are, then gets into a fighting stance...[/I]

Suzuku: :demon:

Gojin: Whats up Suzuku?

Suzuku: They're almost here.

[I]As all the warriors stand their ground, they hear a small "[SIZE=1]ssssssssh[/SIZE]" sound...[/I]

Blank: That sounds like them flying...And judging by the sound of it, they're pretty close. :smirk:
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[COLOR=royalblue][i]Xaida smiled with anticipation and her teeth curved downwards, feral, and sharp. The first of the warriors came running up, followed by several more. Blank and Xaida nodded, and leapt forward.[/i]

Blank: EYAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! *crack!*

Xadia: I'm going for the teddy bear!!!!!

[i]She flipped sideways, then slammed her palms into the warrior's neck, breaking his spine. She stood up, and dusted herself off.[/i][/COLOR]
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Cruiz goes after the strongest he can find...

Cruiz: Ah yes...theres a good one...

Cruiz flies forward, his punch missing as his opponent hits him in the side...

Blank: Your pathedic...

Hearing that, Cruiz flew behing his opponent, sending out a Ki blast...blowing his head off

Cruiz: Pathedic huh?

Suzuku: Just watch out...

Cruiz see's a row of 4 soldiers and gets an idea...He points his finger and sends a beam through every one of them

Xaida: ...show off...
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Gojin is still laying while the attack just began. He was looking at the sky. As Gojin was laying down two warriors then stood above him. Gojin then opened his eyes slowly and looked at the two warriors. Both of the two warriors shot a ki blast at Gojin while he was laying down. As the smoked cleared Gojin was not there on the ground. He then appeared behind the to guys then grabbed them by the neck and slammed there heads together.

Gojin: Bout time the attack began.

Then as he was about to fly and fight other one of the guys grabbed Gojin by the leg.

Gojin: You guys never learn.

Gojin then raised his hand in front of the guys face then powered up a lil bit then shot a ki blast into his face. Then Gojin took to fight the other's.
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[I]Flash cracks his knuckles, and smiles... Two warriors run at him... He jumps up, kicking his legs to the side, smacking both of them hard in the jaw... He flips in midair, and lands on one hand, spinning his body and legs around, kicking the two warriors many times in the chest and gut... He pushes up on his hand, doing yet another flip, and then bringing the side of his hand down on the side of one of the warrior's neck, doing a deadly chop, killing the warrior instantly... The other warrior runs at Flash while his back is turned, but Flash spins around with inhuman speed, grabbing the warrior's head in one palm... He digs his fingers in deeply, and lifts the warrior high into the air... placing his other hand on him, palm first, he shoots a powerful Ki blast that explodes at point blank range, cutting the warrior clean in two... His lower torso falls off, and Flash tosses the upper half behind him with ease... Flash frowns...[/I]

Flash: I got the weak ones.. No fair...

[I]Flash sets his sights on another group of warriors, and runs towards them, powering up a huge sword of Ki in his palm... He reaches them and draws it, slashing through their first rank like a hot knife through butter...[/I]
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[COLOR=royalblue][i]Xaida muttered something, and a long blue spear type thinging errupted from her hands. Catapulting off the floor, Xaida swung twice, beheading several of the "warriors."[/i]

Flash: Having fun?

Xaida: If they were stronger....I would have more fun....[/COLOR]
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Gojin was in the air just got done killing one of the guys. He then looks at his fellow patners.

Gojin: Hey guys lets just finish this, it's getting boring now.

Then as Gojin was about to say more one of the fighters then came in front of Gojin then punched him in the face sending him crashing into a mountain. Then outside of the mountain little rock started to float into the air. Then a big crack then split the mountain into. There was a bright flash then right after that the hole mountain blow up into piece. Gojin was standing there with his aura out of control.

Gojin: (in anger) Who did it? Who hit me while i wasn't looking?

Then one of the guys steep up and smiled and said he did. Gojin then powered up to his full power level. He then took off at the guy pulled his hand back then with all his force he then punched the guy breaking his jaw. The force that Gojin hit the guy with it sent the guy backward. About to hit a mountain but Gojin then appeared behind him then kneed the guy in the back.The dudes back arched on Gojins knee. Gojin then knocked the dude to the ground. Then held his arm into the air then powered up a ki blast. He then released it, the blast was killing all the people that got in it way. It then hit the guy who was on the ground killing him and also causing a big crater in the ground.

Gojin: Looks guy they are really making me mad lets just finish this.

Gojin then takes off fighting more guys.
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[I]Suzuku flies around blasting the "warriors", killing each one easily, and making the odd hand-to-hand combat with the stronger ones, but still beating them easily...[/I]

Suzuku: ...:demon:...


Suzuku: No...No you're not...

[I]Charges upto the guy and uppercuts him, sending dark purple blood splurting out of his mouth, and splattering everywhere.[/I]

Guy: *Cough* :flaming: Gahhh...I [B]HATE[/B] you...

Suzuku: ...:demon:...

[COLOR=red]Shoots giant blast, sending the guys bloody remains splattering all over the other warriors![/I][/COLOR]

Other guy: *Gasp* He keeled Zarok! GET 'IM!!!

Flash: Hm? Looks like Suzuku needs some help!

[I]Suzuku just grunts and flies up to all of them, and emits a giant barrage of punches and kicks, breaking millions of their bones and splattering blood, guts and body parts everywhere, then floats down to the ground in the middle of the carnage, and open his eyes, sending a giant shockwave shattering the ground in a few metre radius around him, getting rid of all the body parts...[/I]

Flash: ...Guess not.

Suzuku: ...

[I]Powers up and gets back to fighting all the other warriors...[/I]
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Guest QuickSilver
seifer: when they gave us this mission i thought it would at least be a challenge

seifer then powers up his fist and punches a guy in the stomach causing his fist to go straight through. then one of the people jumped on seifers back while another punched him in the face.


seifer the kicked the one sending him flying and he then put his hands on the guy who was holding him back and blasted him into the next dimension
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Hey everyone. My comp is totally f'ed right now, so I'll post later on tonight when I got to my Mom's office. And my comp gets fixed tommorow, so I'll be back 100% by around 7pm(Central time). Aren't you guys(and gal) happy? :D
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