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[I]In the time before time, Wizards and Witches roamed the land. One Very Brave Wizard named Merlin Fought against a great evil called DRACO this evil brought Terror to the hearts of the strongest fighters. Merlin Stopted this Terror and he was then dubbed the greatest hero of all time.
It is now the year 2345. Hoover Vehicles have been created. BUt in this peacefull world, the Evil DRACO has returned. Ten children have been blessed with Magic. They have been chosen to destroy Draco and his villans....[/I]

Okay. 10 kids get to be magic and 5 get to be warriors who help. Post a Bio like this to join:
Favorite Spell:The Merrcoa(It makes it so her Skatebord can fly)
Looks:The space age look. She wears a White Vest with A black shirt and Khakies(dont ask me how it became a look
:rolleyes: )
Bio:She loves to make friends and Travel on her Skatebord.She found out how to use the Merrcoa when she was skateboarding one day/ Shes was doin a HUGE jump off a ramp when the skateboard started to fall. She got the Urge to Merrcoa all of a sudden and...it just stood there in mid-air.
Merlin came to her and Told her she was chosen to Destroy Draco(he will do that to the other 9 wizrds and witches too)
Personality:Likes to have fun and to Skateboard.

I really hope this goes well Have fun!:D
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[SIZE=1][color=firebrick][b]Name:[/b] Piro (Mwuahahaha, you really should have figured.. :p)
[b]Age:[/b] 16
[b]Favorite Spell:[/b] [b][i]Hell Hound[/i][/b] - a summon of 1 or more beasts completely created from flame. Virtualy indestructable except by their master. Each beat is about the size of a large dog, very muscular.
[b]Looks:[/b] Likes to live in the past. Wears his common rags, mainly consisting of black and gray tattered clothing.
[b]Bio:[/b] Abandoned as a small boy, Piro was left on the streets. His original name was merely Rick. His new name [i]Piro[/i] came to him at about the age of 9, the age he discovered he had a deeper power. He was being mugged on the time as had happened to him many times before. He had become fed up with it this time. If he couldn't defend himself he would have to fnid something or someone that could. While in captivity from one of the muggers, he stood concentrating on one spot in rage. Slowly a circle of flame rose from the ground and out crawled a beast of flame. The muggesr took one look at the approaching demon and took off running. He stood unafraid, staring and panting at the creature. It came closer to him and when right in his face, it bowed in reverence to its master. and at the, the boy dispelled the demon back to its home.

Merlin had witnessed the whole thing, he appeared to Rick who immediatly became prepared to summon the beast again. But Merlin assured him that he meant no harm. Rick found it odd that the man addressed him by the name Piro and not Rick, but he went with it. The man explained that the boy had been chosen to fight a body of evil... Rick complained that he was too young. But the wizard informed that this event would occur a week after his 16th birthday.. The man disappeared, and Rick from then on only went by the name Piro, because it sounded so much better than Rick in his opinion... It's much later now in Piro's life. It is now six days after his 16th birthday...
[b]Personality:[/b] A bit of a trouble maker. He uses his magic on a regular basis, and practices it every day to help perfect his skills...

This sounds like fun :D[/size][/color]
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[I]Name:[/I]Alana Moore
[I]Favorite Spell:[/I]Silver Lightning
[I]Description of Spell:[/I]Voltage's power is linked to her emotions as well as the spells she summons. If she is extremely irate or sad or even happy the sheer magnitude of her attacks can be deadly. Voltage can summon Silver Lightning, Dragon's Rage, Blue Japan, and Flickering Hope. Of these, Silver Lightning is her favorite because it's the most powerful. Basically the sky clouds immensly quickly with violently dark blue clouds and the wind whips dangerously. Voltage's eyes cloud over a dark grey and with the merest flickers of her wrist, a lightning storm of 9000 volt bolts can reign down on any such target that she wishes.
[I]She got her powers when..[/I]Voltage was having the time of her life at a Nirvana concert when she was 14. (lets just pretend Nirvana exists in 2354 or whatever) As Kurt began to sing her favorite song, "Smell like teen spirit", a man with a knife breached past security and leapt onstage. He charged Kurt with the blade extended and knocked him onto the ground. Try as he might to fight back, the blade was inches from Kurt's throat when Voltage got her powers.

Being in the front row it was not hard for Voltage to strike the man repeatedly with the Silver Lightning. No one is the crowd had any idea it was Voltage because all hse had to do was focus on the man and flick her wrist. The man was struck repeatedly and went into arrest while Kurt was never even touched by the lightning.

As the man was taken away by security and a medical crew, Voltage noticed that no one was moving and that no music was playing. She looked up at the stage and saw the drummer's hands raised as if he was going to strike the drums, but his hands hung suspended in the air. Voltage looked back down and saw a man with long white hair standing before her. The man told her that she was one of the chosen 10 children to destory the evil man Draco. He showed her holographic images of Piro, Lauren, and Titan. She nodded her head and said she would agree and help them, if he unfroze time and let her enjoy the rest of the show.
[I]Look:[/I]Think punk.. Big, baggy, dark blue pants that come down and nearly fall off her hips. A red Invader Zim, skin tight, shirt. Big, chunky, black shoes with red stars on them. Corn blonde hair with dark green tips. Dark red eye shadow and an attitude.
[I]Bio:[/I]Voltage has an attitude identical of that found in stars like Pink. She doesn't take crap from anyone and won't hesitate to knock the -beep- out of someone who is annoying her. Voltage studied Judo and Jujitsu as a child, so her bark is abd, but her bite is worse.
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[COLOR=royalblue]Name: Salalia

Age: 16

Favorite Attack: Sidewinder. An attack from the side that usually cuts the enemy in two separate peices. Not fun, not pleasant, and usually unblockable.

Looks: Mideval times....long black tunic/leggings, black boots, silver belt/headband. Thick brown/gold hair, green cat eyes.

Bio: From the mountains of Atenae, Salalia is a dangerous fighter. Something of a loner....from her mother, she learned to resist magic forces and
illusions of any kind...

Personality: Stoic, serious, can be compassionate, but her speech is usually limited to one syllable words.....

Warning: Does not play well with other children.[/COLOR] :demon:
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Name: Hayato Kushrinada

Nick Name: Dark


Favorite Spell: Dark-Dark makes his surroundings go black giving him the chance to run or strike the enemy.

Looks: (pic)

Bio: He got his magical powers years ago whn he was 5.He has learned to control them and use them as he wishes.He also has a katana and is an expert in weaponary.

Personality: Quiet,Sarcastic,Fierce.Most people describe him as a lone wolf.He doesn't really like other people too much.
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Name: Seth
Favorite Attack: massacre. (his sword, murasame, turns black and uses intense cold flame to help sear through opponents)
Looks: About 5'8" with black hair and dark brown eyes. Wears black jeans and a short sleeve charcoal shirt over a longsleeve black one.
Bio: Kinda a loner, Seth spends his spare time writing poetry and perfecting his sword techniques. He likes a challenge and wants to help other when he can. A good listener, but is always empty on the inside. "Alone in a crowded room" That is Seth.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Darkness [/i]
[B]Kinda a loner, Seth spends his spare time writing poetry and perfecting his sword techniques. He likes a challenge and wants to help other when he can. A good listener, but is always empty on the inside. "Alone in a crowded room" That is Seth. [/B][/QUOTE][COLOR=royalblue]Does he by any chance know a girl named Valeigh........?[/COLOR]
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I hope the spaces aren't filled up!

LOL, safer cloud. Vash the Stampede. :D


[b]Favorite Spell-[/b]Arrows of Fire (I'll discover that power later when my magic gets stronger. For now, my favorite spell is Gravity Air. It makes me fly as if there's no gravity.)

[b]Looks-[/b]She wears baggy jeans, and a blue T-shirt. She has a sword at her belt.

[b]Bio-[/b]She does have magic, but she likes to use her sword instead of using up her energy.

[b]Personality-[/b]Samantha is friendly and sticks up for her friends. Her father taught her how to use a sword when she was little. Some of her peers at school make fun of her for having an "out-dated" weapon.
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Name: Travis
Favorite Spell: my final spell is un decided, first spell is Jolt, applys a small charge of electricty to any nearby object.

Looks: Black hair, cut short, white t-shirt, blue jeans, blue eyes.

Bio: He first learned he was a mage when he was trying to fic his computer, and he started it up by using jolt on without thinking, and afterwards Merlin informed him that he knew magic and why he knew it...He likes knowing magic, but preferes to use his technological skills.

Personality: he is friendly amongest friends, but at the same time he always seems lost in thought. he is more leanint toward the anti social side, prefering to be with his machines.
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Just this one ill start it off.
Lauren hadnt belived what she was just told.
Lauren:and all this is true?
Lauren:Can;t you beat him again?
Merlin:No, I need you to, i am to old.
Lauren:No, 2345 isnt THAT old:rolleyes: :laugh:
Merlin laughs and dissapers leaving one message
Merlin:9 others have been chosen to accupmany you, good luck.
Lauren dropped her skateboard
Lauren*Jumps on*Well, better go find those other guys, Merrcoa!
The skateboard rises into the air and she sets off...
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[I]Travis blinks to himself, to the now fried computer, to the image that perclaimed itself to be Merlin and back again, he heard everything Merlin said, not sure whether to believe or not in another few blinks the perclaimed merlin was gone to find the others, and his now completly fried computer, from a miss fire of what the guy...magician...called magic...Travis still wasn't sure what to believe, but he did know his computer was gone beyond all repair[/I]

Travis: DANM!!!....

[I]Travis walked to his computer and attempted to pick up a piece, his attempt was returned by a jolt of electricty[/I]

Travis: OUCH!!

[I]He looked at his finger, then walked back to his desk where he kept that comp, and moved all the other gadgets away so they wouldn't be fried also...he sat down, looking the machine over, wondering if anything might be salgable, while thinking over what this merlin said[/I]
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anti, try not to swear
Travis sat lazily at his (broken)computer when the doorbell rang
He got up and walked downstairs he opened it to find a girl
Travis:Can I help you?
???:Yes, im looking for Travis
Travis:Im Travis
???:Good, Im Lauren And I was chosen as one of the 10 like you.
Travis:How did you know I was one?
Lauren:Merlin told me, c'mon
Travis packs up his stuff and head out.
Lauren wasalready on her skateboard when Travis got outside.
Pick your erm, Vehicle to use while were traveling
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[i]Samantha was walking home from her class today. She had done well while practicing with her sword. It was a very small class; everyone else was too busy playing with hover boards and riding their hoverbikes to care about "out dated toys." [/i]

Samantha-Well, I think today's lesson went well.

???-Hey Samantha. Did you have fun with your ancient todler toy?

Samantha-*turns around to see two people on hoverbikes.* (thinks-well, here's someone to ruin my day -.-)Knock it off, Chris.

Chris-will you look at that, Tony? she still plays with that thing.

Tony-That's for pre-schoolers! I can't believe you still play with it.

Samantha-I don't care what you say. This is the only thing my father left me before he died, so I intend to use it to keep him with me.

Chris-what a sappy story! See ya around, Loser! Hahahaha! *they ride off*

Samantha-ooooh. One of these days.....*sigh* dumb boys. *turns back around and accidentially bumps into an old man*

Samantha-Oh! Hello. Please excuse me.

???-Don't worry. I was hoping to bump into you.


???-Allow me to introduce myself: I am Merlin. I have something to tell you.

Samantha-Merlin? You mean the Merlin we learn about in history class?

Merlin-the same. Now please listen to what I have to say: You and a group of other kids are destined to stop an evil force named DRACO. He has returned. You must meet up with 9 other kids and stop him by using your magic powers.


Merlin-yes. They're not strong yet, but you can still use easy weak ones. The first one you must learn is one that you can use to fly.

Samantha-to fly? How do I use it?

Merlin-First, you must come up with a name for your spell. Then, you must imagine how it will work.

Samantha-that easy?

Merlin-haha. I told you that they would be easy. I must go now. I need to find the other children. 2 others have been found: Their names are Travis and Lauren. Find them and work together to stop the Evil DRACO. Farewell! *he vanishes*

Samantha-was...was that for real? Only one way to find out: hmmm. Lesse: GRAVITY AIR! *starts to float*

Samantha-:eek: ah! It worked!! Alright: It's time to find this Travis and Lauren.

[i]She starts to fly in some random direction.[/i]
Gravity air doesn't sound good. I'm at a loss for names right now, so I may choose another name for it.
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OOC: okay I'm really sorry to butt into the story..but it looks like I'm going to be a warrior cause there's 10 wizards (by my count) so what do I need to post on my bio?

I'll edit this later so it doesn't stand out so much....


[b]Name:[/b] Chace (pronounced Chase)

[b]Age:[/b] 22

[b]Gender:[/b] Female

[b]Occupation:[/b] Chace raoms around the country doing odd work for enough money to get by. She doesn't know what she's looking for, but she IS searching...every part of her being refuses to let her stay in the same place too long. She isn't very sociable and especially hates small kids. To her small kids is anyone more than a year younger than herself. She has many skills and is deadly with most items as she has the ability to improvise well. As side from regular odd job work she has been known to 'rough up' people for money. She carries with her, her own short sword and a small gun. The sword was a present from an older brother before he went away to fight a still raging war in another country and faithfully she has trained and perfected her technique secretly praying for the day her brother will return. The small gun is for general self defence and also..maybe..a little persuasion.....
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Gah?...you gotta be kidding -.-...w/e I will try not to but don't be surprised if it slips in everynow and then....

[I]Travis blinked and shrugged, he ran upstairs, and grabbed a pack he kept together for when he needed to go out, then walked along the street, ignoring Laurens tricks with her skateboard[/I]

Travis:...you may find it fun and all to show off your magic like that, but I would rather we keep from drawing attention to ourself...would be nice to not be shot for being a freak...

[I]Travis returned to his inward thinking, pulling out a small head and wrist set, and pressing keys only he could see on it [/i]
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OOC: I forgot to post this earlier, but this is what my sword looks like.
[i]Samantha landed slowly onto the ground.[/i]

Samantha-easy as it is to do a simple spell like that, it does take up some energy: Especially after being exhausted at sword practice today. I'm starting to wish I had asked this Merlin where to find them.

[i]Samantha walked along the sidewalk when she noticed a guy with headphones, and a girl on a flying skateboard across the street.[/i]

Samantha-huh? That's not normal. That must be Travis and Lauren.
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Lauren casuily looks up and sees a girl coming her way.
The skateboard stops and The girl appered infront of her
???:Are you Lauren*turns toward Travis*and Travis
Girl:Cool!Im Samantha, one of the 10!
Travis:Good, only 7 more to find
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Travis: maybe none of you relize this but this isn't exactly a pleasure walk...and I doubt this DRACO will let us walk right up to him...

Lauren: isn't that why we have magic?


[I]Travis shakes his head and returns to looking into his headset, a map appearing of the town[/I]

Travis:listen I am hungrey...you people can go which ever way you want, but I am going to get something to eat...

[I]Travis turned and took off down a side alley without a response[/I]
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