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family member that pisses you off the most

who really pisses you off in your family  

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  1. 1. who really pisses you off in your family

    • dog
    • cat
    • sister
    • brother
    • mother
    • father
    • other...(post what it is please)

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[color=royalblue]My brother recently. He pisses me off so much the way he teases our puppy (a German Shepherd). Anyway, now whenever he goes near her she growls. I'm telling him not to tease her cuz when she grows, bye-bye arm lol. But he still doesn't listen.[/color]
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Guest Matt
[color=red][b]God my sister is annoying. She is 14 and all she does all day is listen to pop music on her sereo. But that's not all, she bought a kareoke machince so she could sing along![/b][/color]
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Guest Morph
[size=1] My sister, most definately, self centered, hates everyone in my family doesn't care about anyone but herself...

She got me so angry one day, that I had her at knife point with a steak knife, I lost all sense and rashional thought, I just wanted her dead, in that instance, I want her out of my house, because without her, everytime me, mom, and dad go somewhere without her, its perfect nothing is wrong, but when she comes, it starts...[/size]
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My Cuzin.....She stares at me all day long if she comes over...shes like five...and she stares at me and whenever I do something wrong she would tell my mom or someone....

One day she locked herself in my room and thrashed everything....I was so mad it took my dad, uncle, and my friend to hold me back from choking her.
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My little spikey hair cousin is pretty annoying, all he does is come over to my house and play videogames for 24/7 even though videogames are fun and all but when does he ever gets bored and go home? Never. Plus he even spilled a Pepsi can all over my PSX before, that pissed me off but hes a little kid so I can't do anything about it.

Oh wells I know one day hes gonna be a great videogamer, spending all his time on videogames now thats just impressive and annoying for me since I have to watch over him for a very long time.
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My brother.... o.O Actually, all my brothers..... the whole 4 of 'em.... o.O They drive me up the wall. They fight, and the thing is, they look exactly like each other. They're not twins, but heck, anyone would mistake them for twins.
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[color=crimson][size=1]I'd have to say my sister, Franki. She's a big huge BRAT...and she always steals my clothes and stuff and I hate that more than anything. She smokes and she stinks up the entire house when she does it. Like it isn't bad enough that both of my parents do it too. She's literally a dumb blonde and I just want to smack her sometimes. But she's not here right now and it's so peaceful being here all alone...she's coming home this afternoon though...*dies* But yeah! And PLUS, she's really rude to my boyfriend Ryan and that pisses me and him off. But ya know, I gotta love her because she's still my sister no matter what.[/color][/size]
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