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RPG Destiny: Revenge will be ours!


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[I] Tyron, Visor and Valen are walking along the road. But then Visor takes a fighting stand.[/I]

Tyron: Eh..... Visor. What are you doing?

[I]Visor doesn't say anything and kicks in the bushes.[/I]

Visor: Food :D.

Tyron: Well now we have food, lets walk on and don't stop again, not even for food.

[I]They walk on again, Visor carying a fox. They can see the towers of Deilando pointing in the sky.[/I]

Valen: Deilando.... Why arent we protected by paladins?

Visor: The city isn't even touched.

Tyron: he probably didn't attacked it because he knew he wont stand a chance against the paladins.

[I] They are standing in front of the gate. It opened.[/I]

Tyron: What a monster!

[I] Over the whole ground there were bosies of not only soldiers, but even of ordinairy men, women and children.[/I]

Valen: No... he hasn't skipped this city.

Visor: But....... How did the gate opened then?

[I] Tyron walks to a body of a paladin and turns it around. he was still allive and he was trying to say something.[/I]

Tyron: What happend here? Did "the man in black" visited this town aswell?

Paladin: No... it was a other man. His name wa..............

Tyron: he's dead.

Valen: if it wasn't "the man in black", who was it?
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[I]Visor and Tyron walk forward to the main tower of Deilando[/I]

Visor: Let's go in, I'm sure the King shall tell us what happened here.

Tyron: Yeah sure. Although...What if he's, Dead?

Visor: He won't be, he has the best warriors around these parts standing at his side.

[I]They walk up the hundreds of staircases and finaly they reach, The King's Hall[/I]

Visor: We're Here!

Tyron: Remember, Kneel Before Him.

Visor: Oh Yeah, Nearly Forgot *thinks of the fate if he did forget* *GULP**Holds his neck, sweatdrop*

[I]They reach the King's thrown, but he is not there![/I]

Visor: You don't think, "they things" got him too?

[I]As soon as Visor finishes his sentance a scramble over in a dark corner!, Visor pulls out his Samaria Sword, and Tyron reaches for his Phantom blade. When they go closer, with mor precation they notice a small feeble person cowring in a ball.[/I]

Visor: Who are you?

??: I'm the King's servant, Achbalt

Tyron: Were is the King?

Achbalt: He fled with his most trusted warriors, to his safe house!

Visor: And that is...?

[I] There is a long silence[/I]

Achbalt: I can't say
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Tyron: What?! You can't say?!

Achbalt: Don't grow mad at me.... please not....... i swore that I wouldnt tell it.

Tyron: Argh! Well than... Who did this?!

Achbalt: I don't know.......... I was hiding under the dinner table.

Visor: Darn! You're a little bit to cowardly to be a man of the King aren't you?

[I] Visor looks at Achbalt[/I]

Valen: How many did this? only one or more?

Achbalt: I only know that one, pretty young guy guy, around twenty, walked in the room. They were saying the name eh............ Lacroix or something like that. He barged in the gate and killed everyone who standed in his sight.

Tyron: ****! Now we got another killer on a loos.

Visor: Bro! What are we gonna do? Stop him to?

Valen: We'll try, won't we?

Tyron: Yeah.

[I] they walk out of the room. They are going down the stairs, but Valen is slammed back by something; A invicible wall![/I]

Valen: Man that hurts!

Visor: Well, how are we gonna go now?
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[I]As Valen rubs his nose and clings to his head, he leans aginst the wall, and feels sumthing stab into his kidney.[/I]

Valen: WTF! AHHhh! Damn that was sore!

Tyron: What!?! *looks around swiftly* I didn't do it! Honest!

Valen: I know, it was something on the invisible wall.

[I]As they all search the wall feeling everywhere Tyron turns to say to Visor and Valen that he gives up, but gets a sharp stab to the eye.[/I]

Tyron: AH! my scar. *while holding his eye he grabs the thing that stabbed him, and falls suddenly forward*

[I]Both, Visor, Tyron and Valen are falling down a pitch black staircase, lightened by flame torches on the walls.[/I]

Visor: Well, I geuss we know what that spiky thing was. It must have been a secret handle to this....well....passage way.

Tyron: *While still holding his eye* Phhht, piece of cake. Who needs that cowardly, good for nothing Achbalt.

Valen: Yeah

[I]Visor takes 3 torches off the walls, and hands one to Tyron and Valen. They travel down the long dark ally, pushing cob-webs and lose bricks aside.[/I]

Tyron: So...this Lacroix guy. He must be pretty tough, but don't let that put you down guys, We'll take out Lacroix and "the man in black".

Visor: Heh, you actually think he can stop ME! Visor!

Tyron: Now, Visor, don't get too cocky, I don't know what I'd do if i lost you too.

Visor: Yeah, Sorry...HEY! look *pionts ahead* Theres some light, natural light.

[I]All of them drop thier torches and run for the light[/I]
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[font=gothic][color=crimson][I]Lacroix reclined outside the tunnel, wondering what his next target would be. Due to the current spate of murders, he could interrogate people without attracting attention. Lacroix is suddenly alert, as he hears the sound of footsteps down the tunnel behind him. Leaping into the air, he lands on a small ledge above the tunnel roof, unseen by those running out. As they get out, they look around, and all start speaking at once.[/I]

Man1: We've got to go find the killer!

Man2: We should find the King

Man3: What about this Lacroix guy?

[I]As soon as he hears his name, Lacroix leaps down, drawing his scimitars. The three spin, surprised.[/I]

Lacroix: You people want something?

[I]One of them immediately draws a katana and attacks him. Lacroix parries,then ripostes, the curve of the blade allowing him to thrust at the man's throat. The man jumps back.[/I]

Lacroix: I see. Fare thee well then.

[I]The other two draw weapons, but before they can advance, Lacroix pulls out a small package and throws it to the ground. The smokebomb explodes, leaving them disorientated and choking. When the smoke clears, Lacroix is gone. They find only a small pieace of paper. On it is a single sentence, written in stylised writing. "Welcome to the desolation".[/font][/color][/I]
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Tyron: Argh! He got away! This is the second time allready!

Visor: i allmost had him!

Valen: Forget it, he was probably to strong anyway.

Tyron: I hate to admit it, but....... Youre probably right.

Visor: That maybe was our only chance!

Tyron: VISOR! SHUT UP! You're doing the same as I did when mother got killed and I saw the murderer.

Visor: sorry..........

Valen: Wow! You really made him mad this time.

Tyron: Grrrrrr....................Ok.... Let's get going.
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[I]As they walk away Visor spys with his hawk like vison, a small door like shape on the side of a mountain about 1/2 a mile away.[/I]

Visor: Guys, Over there *points to teh direction of the mountain* there is a door like shape on the mountain. I think we should check it out, what do you all think?

Tyron: Deffinetly!

Valen: *silence*

[I] Valen is rubbing his chin in a, some what trance.[/I]

Visor & Tyron: VALEN!!!!

Valen: Hmmm....Wha?

[I] Visor explaines again what he say[/I]

Valen: Eh...Yeah, sure.

Visor: What were you thinking about Valen?

Valen: Well...If that guy, who nearly sliced you from ear to ear, was just infront of us in teh tunnel, then, he must have been, Lacroix! If you think about it, it makes perfect sense. When we arrived the Paladin was still alive, meaining, he was wounded not that long before we came. That MUST be him!

Tyron: Well done Detective Valen

Visor: Yeah, *mumbles something in a jelous manner*

Valen: Anyway, the door!
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[font=gothic][color=crimson][I]Lacroix, who had been following them all along, decides to have a little more fun.[/I]

Lacroix: Oh my god! A door! WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!

[I]They spin, drawing weapons.[/I]

Lacroix: So you finally managed to deduce my identity. Should have been easy, when I responded to your inquiry earlier.

Valen: And then ran off like a coward.

Lacroix: Three on one isn't fair, even if I'd win anyway.

Valen: Ha!

Lacroix: I see you missed my present.

Valen: What?

Lacroix: The bodies. Now, I believe I'll bid you ado. But worry not, you'll run into me again.

Valen: And sheathe my steel in your foul heart.

Lacroix: I can't wait.

[I]Lacroix bows, flamboyant as ever, before backflipping once. Turning, and walking calmly off.[/font][/color][/I]
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Tyron: Wait!

Lacroix: what?

Tyron: Why did you do it?

Lacroix: Don't break youre head on that question.

[I]He turns around again and walks away (again).[/I]

Tyron: one day...... We will live with no war anymore. But that day wont be tomorrow. Not as long guys like them are around.

Visor: Hello! Are we gonna let him walk away like that?

Valen:Yeah. We can't do anything against him now.
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[I]As they are walking closer and closer to the door, Tyron turns to his left to find Valen sweating.[/I]

Tyron: Valen, Sup?

Valen: I'm thinking of, what's behind teh door, it could lead us to, another land, the King's Safe House or.........the "man in black's" hide out:(

Tyron: Oh...

[I]As Tyron turns to Visor at his right, Visor is :D humming a song. Suddenly Visor bursts into song![/I]

Visor: WAR!.....HUH!.....Yeah! What is it good for, absaloutly nothing, Sing It Again Yall!

[I] Tyron and Valen look at each other[/I]

Tyron & Valen: O.o

Visor: :blush: Did i say that out loud?

Tyron: Damn right!!!!! Why are you so happy?

Visor: I just remembered when you said "one day...... We will live with no war anymore. But that day wont be tomorrow. Not as long guys like them are around." And thought of that song.

[I] Valen looks at Tyron, then Visor, Tyron does the same[/I]

Everyone: :laugh:

Tyron: Seriously, we better hurry up. *snigger snigger*
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Valen- "Next time that Lacroix shows up, I'm going after him. Don't try to stop me either."

Visor- "Hell no, you're likely to get killed by him!"

Tyron- "He's right Valen. Lacroix isn't worth it. We'll take care of him when the time comes."

Valen- "I've made up my mind. He destroyed the city I called home. I WILL get revenge."

[i]Valen walks on ahead toward the door in the mountain side ahead.[/i]
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Indrid had been following them for some time now, listening, and became very interested when they heard his brothers name.
Indrid decided to make himself known to the travellers, and threw a rock at Valen's head.
Valen spun around and beheld Indrid.

Valen: Who the hell are you?

Indrid: Last time I checked, I was the man-in-blacks brother, Indrid. Now I have a question for you. Why do you call him the man-in-black, when you could just as easily call him by his name, Lacriox?

Tyron: I knew it was him!

Indrid: Not too quick are we? Now, could you be so kind as to tell me which way my brother went? It has been some time since I have seen him.

Visor: Go to hell.

Indrid: Fine I won't tell you where the king is hiding. Good day.

(With that Indrid bowed, as Lacriox did, and left. Calling his brothers name)
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[font=gothic][color=crimson][I]Hearing someone else call his name, Lacroix hides to find out who this one was. The man walks past. He looked rather familiar. Then Lacroix realised who he looked like. He was almost a mirror image of Lacroix. Lacroix stepped out and confronted him.[/I]

Lacroix: Do I know you?

Indrid: It's me, Indrid.

Lacroix: Who? You look like I should know you.

Indrid: Oh yes, I forgot. You have no memory of your past.

Lacroix: Well, I didn't but...

[I]Lacroix clutches at his head in pain. After a minute, he comes out of it. A look of wonder in his eyes. He stands, looking at Indrid with new eyes.[/I]

Lacroix: Well brother mine, it's been a long while, hasn't it.

Indrid: So you do remember.

Lacroix: Do now.[/font][/color]
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Indrid: Ah I see.

Lacriox: Apperently.

Indrid: I also see that you have been causing some havoc with our freinds back there.

Lacriox: I see nothing wrong with that.

Indrid: Nor do I.

Lacriox: So do you know where the king is?

Indrid: MOst definatly not.

Lacriox: Hehehe...

Indrid: I thought so too.

Lacriox: So shall we have some fun, with the idiots back there?

Indrid: Sounds like a plan.
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Tyron: That guy was fooling with us. It couldn't be Lacroix. He wasn't THAT strong.

Visor: You're right.

Valen: *thinking*

[I]Tyron jumps up a tree and sees Indrid and Lacroix talking.[/I]

Tyron: Why aren't they gone yet?!
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???: You play with your food to much, Why not simply destroy them and get it over with before they become too powerful?

The tall handsome demon stepped from the shadows to examine Indrid and Lacroix. His black eyes stared in a way that seemed to drill their very souls through even giving a drow a shiver down their spin even if only for the first time.

Lacroix: And who asked your opinion, Tristam?

Indrid: You know this feind?

Lacroix: Of course, don't you?

Indrid: Am I supposed to?

He stood there watching them chat for a moment then quickly getting bored he turned and walked towards the group of good guys deciding on whether he'll try and kill them, torture them, or just have a little fun.
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[font=gothic][color=crimson][I]Recognising the look in Tristam's eyes, Lacroix grinned, beckoned to Indrid, and followed. [/I]

Indrid: Where as we going now?

Lacroix: Tristam has decided that he doesn't like that bunch. This should be fun.

Indrid: Why didn't we attack them earlier?

Lacroix: We were busy. Now however...[/font][/color]
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[I]Tyron still sitting on the tree, sees them coming.[/I]

Tyron: They're coming back. And a other guy, looks like a demon kinda thing, is coming to.

Visor: Oh no! Be ready for an attack.

[I] Tyron's hands began to glow.[/I]

Visor: You know how to use magic? :S

Tyron: Yeah, but I never used it when you were around.

Valen: No time for a chat, they are allmost here.

Visor: Prepare.......
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[I]As they all prepare for battle, Visor looks deep into his soul and gets a flash back of what he thinks happened.[/I]

Mother: Quick evryone my sons built this hide-out for me when a hurricane should occur, mabey we should try it against that....Monster.

The Mayor: Yes everyone get to the hide-ou....

[I]The mayor never finished that senctance as there was a huge hand through his stumoch. As the mayor fell to his knees there is Lacroix standing grinning with an evil twinkle in his eyes.[/I]

Mother: Oh my lord!

[I] As see runs into the house and try to make it to the hide-out, but never made it[/I]

Visor: *angrly grunts* :flaming:

[I] Starts shaking intensly[/I]

Valen: Don't fail on us now Visor!

[I] Tyron looks down to see his brother in a state[/I]

Tyron: *wonders to himself* What is up with hi.....oh, but, he can't!

[I] as Tyron finishes the sentance. Visor's hands start glowing a dark oragnge[/I]

Tyron: But how did he learn that?

Valen: Wha? What teh hell us up with you??? Visor!?!

[I] The glowing grows more and more intense, until finaly the 3 enemies turn the corner to face our hero's[/I]
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Indrid: Well well, what have we here?

Lacriox: I do believe it's three fools who think that they are capable of even beating a daemon, let alone us.

Indrid: Interesting, we shall have to see.

[I]Then Lacriox and Indrid took a step back, letting the daemon take care of the 3 stooges[/I]
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Tyron: Visor! Come on!

[I]Visor raises his hands and then a huge wind started to blow.[/I]

Valen: What are you doing?!

Tyron: Valen! Stand back! It'll be hard against even harder here! We'll fight on as soon as he stopped!

Valen: Ithink that's a good idea to!

[I]As Valen And Tyron jump away, Visor releases the energy.[/I]

Visor: [SIZE=1]Got ya.[/SIZE]

[I]The power of the frozen flaming tornado was going towards Indrid, Lacroix and "the demon"[/I]

tyron: I wonder how this will end.

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[I]Then suddenly, the "Flaming, frozen tornado" dissapeared, as the fire melted the ice, and the melted ice aka water, quenched the fire. Summoning this pointless spell, however left Visor a weak powerless husk, lying on the ground[/I]

Lacriox: Well what a powerfull spell.
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[I] A huge Tornado Of Fire raises high into the air, then spins furiously and shoots thin, sharp iceicles at our enimies.[/I]


[I] Tristam raises his hand infront of him, and the iceicles bounce and break off an invisible sheild he holds infront of him.[/I]

Tristam: Awwwwwww and that was an attack his rage behind it?

Lacriox: Well what a powerfull spell. Hahaha
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Tyron: [size=1]Now that they are bussy with him, i'll sneak in their back.[/size]

Valen *in himself*: What is he doing?!

Visor: Can't hold much longer.... I must use the fire in the tornado to finish them off.

[I]Tyron sneaks around them and prepares to attack.[/I]
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