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  1. [quote name='Gavin'][SIZE="1"]While it is a little Hollywood to think that every advanced sentient species outside our planet are going to do an Independence Day on us, I don't think that advancing technology will have any effect on a species morally. Hell morals are an entirely human contrived thing, so applying them to anything else is a complete waste of time. I think in the future we're going to have a sort of Star Wars situation, where sure we can travel between stars, but we're still in pretty much the same place morally.[/SIZE][/QUOTE] In all probability, First Contact won't be wit
  2. OOC: Mostly this post is flashback, while it would be beneficial to read it those pressed on time should skip to the last segment that returns to present reality. _______________________________________________________________________ ~Odin?s Dreams, the night of Lucy?s fate, 10 years ago~ Odin stood on an invisible surface in his dreams. Around him was a dark night, no stars visible nor the moonlight breaking through. Just darkness, pure and cold, like that of Lucy?s heart. Suddenly a shooting star broke through the cloud, falling towards him as the clouds dispersed from it?s p
  3. [quote name='Allamorph'][FONT=Arial]I want to know about the gravity of the [I]planet[/I]. I think it's kind of important and what. Too much might have an adverse affect on our health....at least initially. Climate adaptations would take several generations, if they occurred at all, so I don't know what to say about that angle.[/FONT][/QUOTE] I think humans can survive 2G, after all some amusement parks can approach that. Likely what would happen is the body would react to the increased gravity by increasing bone density and also building more muscle. The only people who might have pro
  4. In my mind the only time it is acceptable for a guy to strike a woman is when she is coming at you with intent to kill, and in that case you are only permitted to defend yourself and stop her. What I would do in this case is like has already been suggested, report it. Just do so quietly, the worst thing you can do is tell people that you reported her. And if she really is your best friend's girlfriend, wouldnt you think that she would have the decency to not act like she was cheating on him with every other guy in the school? From what I see that girl is trash, I would get away as
  5. [quote name='Shy'][size=1]Exactly what RPGs on OB do you approve of? :rollseyes: This is good advice, but most of it is common sense. OB has the strongest RPG writers/creators I've ever come across, and these games are something I'm (usually) proud to be a part of. The important thing to keep in mind is that this site is home to writers of all ages and skill. While I would probably never sign-up for a lot of the stuff here, I do appreciate that there are RPGs catering to younger and less experienced writers. Everyone has to start somewhere. -Shy[/size][/QUOTE] Both of the RPs I am
  6. This was taken from another forum, however I am dissapointed with much of the roleplaying going on here, and am posting this to refer to when there are issues between people. It is a very good guide to roleplaying I think, and is the form that I was taught to use. All credit to Silverwind of Namco Tales Series for writing this. [quote="SilverWind"]I don't claim to be an expert, but these are some general observations that I've obtained through experience. More updates to come at later times; please post your thoughts/advice/questions below. ^_^ [u]The Basic Roleplayer's Oat
  7. [SIZE="3"][COLOR="Red"][B]OOC: OK GUYS, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. STOP CONTROLLING MARTEL WITHOUT MY PERMISSION; YOU HAVE HER WAY OUT OF CHARACTER. FROM NOW ON, PM OR IM ME BEFORE DOING ANYTHING THAT REQUIRES AN ACTION OR RESPONSE FROM MARTEL.[/SIZE][/B] [SIZE="2"]And seriously, am I the only one who actually reads these posts before writing my next one? Starwind, if you had read my last post you would have noticed Martel had already said she could go to a supply station in the lunar cluster and get the remaining rods to repair michael's ship. Even if she didn’t mention that before, she would k
  8. OOC: Starwind, care to give Michael?s ship a name to use, it is getting a bit awkward having to call it ?Michael?s ship? all the time. __________________________________________________________________ ~ High Nightshade Orbit~ ?Michael, I?m releasing the grappling hooks, ready your docking ring so we can dock our ships and converse in-person.? Came Martel?s voice over a small radio on Michael?s belt ?Those four rods I gave you are enough to power your life support functions and move around in free-space, but calculations show that you still don?t have enough power for slipstream. It
  9. OOC: I'm not quite used to people controlling other people's characters, while it is not much it is enough to affect my style and also make things more difficult to plan my next move. Some of it is alright, but could you try not to do that as much- even though it would mean shorter posts it would allow everyone more decision with regard to their character's plots. Also, if any of you have MSN, feel free to add me- my address is in my profile. It's one of my favorite ways to plan these scenes, so that we can agree on what will be said when. _____________________________________________________
  10. ~Alutri Arrow, Equipment room~ Martel sat down on the bench in the equipment room, taking off the aluminum-covered nuclear hazard suit to reveal her sweat-covered form and damp clothing. Even though she was resisting a strong urge to go see the new arrivals, she stayed focused on what she was here for. They could get to know each other by docking the ships together once in orbit of the planet, but for now at least somebody had to focus on getting off the cursed planet before they were attacked again. Unaware that a gunfight was going on outside, and the hatch of her ship closed so the va
  11. I was a global mod on a gaming forum once. Really it wasn't all that different from being a regular member, I would just quietly relocate all the trouble posts to the mod forum for penalty counting. Other than that and helping newcomers get to know the place it was no different than being a regular member. Eventually though I gave up the position to settle a dispute- one of the admins had ome to dislike me because I was so quick and thourough in my moderating and made her feel unnecessary.
  12. [quote name='Desbreko'][color=#4B0082]I've stumbled upon the perfect theme song for this thread. Silicon World, by Eiffel 65. Listening to it made me think of this thread and then I couldn't stop laughing for the rest of it. Lyrics are attached:[/color][/QUOTE] I've got that song, it's not the only one by Eiffel65 to be like that. Actually I've got Hyperlink by them playing now. Still, interesting that you would suggest that.
  13. Mine was the real me, I'm slightly worse about it online than I am in reality actually- though it is still detectable. I hate being smart, it's cursed I tell yaa.
  14. [quote name='DeathKnight'][color=crimson]Jesus Christ this thread is a quagmire of some people with crap just flowing out of their mouth. I swear to god if this is the pending electorate in America I hope they start conscription so that you all end up Iraq with lead rearranging your dim personalities and giving you a hint of interesting traits. God this thread gives me a headache.[/color][/QUOTE] I just hope you aren't the kind who gets psychic powers when you get a headache. And I'm suprised that you don't believe it, perhaps I should change my avatar since psycho mithos as
  15. [quote name='Deus ex Machina'][COLOR="DarkOrange"]Yall are crazy *** mofos. [/COLOR][/QUOTE] Please don't call me crazy, it sounds so derating. I prefer to be the lord of insanity, or something with a little more dash to it, maybe even Disco Lord Yggdrasil.
  16. OOC: Actually that works out, I haven’t described the exoskeleton leg brace that Martel wears- as described in her bio. While designing and building them really isn’t a major focus, she does do some work with them since the methods used in their designs are similar to designing and reparing ship, in fact the Alutri Arrow KN1-001 is the prototype of her first successful design. ______________________________________________________________________ ~KN1-001 Alutri Arrow, Martel’s quarters~ “Those are…” She said softly, kind of embarrassed. Pulling up on
  17. I'm a sociopath with a god complex- be glad the death note I have is not a real one or there would be trouble since I can match Light Yagami exactly with regard to personality. (I'm trying not to write any names in it anyway, I kind of would like to keep it just as a conversation piece and not have someone I show it to read the name of someone they like in it) Yes, that includes how he acts in the final chapters- I get like that when too much goes wrong at once. It's kind of an overload, and usually if i am given time and space to cool down I will do so quickly and return to my normal sel
  18. ~Michael?s ship, Nightshade coastline~ Martel had been impressed with Michael's ship, even though it had been damaged during the fuel run-out and resultant emergency landing it had been well-executed. Also, the people on-board it weren't that bad either, despite the one girl being fully nude and not seeming to have any inclination to try and clothe herself. A look of pure disgust at what the strange couple was doing in the middle of the bridge swept across Martel?s face, that kind of activity was something that private cabins were for. Not to mention that they were violating a ship?s b
  19. Exactly the same thing I do when I am not sick. For some reason it is extremely rare that I will get sick enough to notice it, and I don't let it stop me. I'd have to be down for the count and laying in a hospital bed before I would let illness stop me from enjoying my days.
  20. ~Alutri Arrow, Slightly outside Lunar Orbit~ Martel had guided the arrow through the different parking orbit levels, and emerged in free space. Drifting along at a low speed, she began making the initial startup calculations for the slipstream coil. She had just gotten all the parameters in, when a radio transmission crackled over the speaker. It was an emergency transmitter device, coming from the direction of Nightshade. According to its transmissions, a ship had run out of fuel and crashed on the planet. [I]I might as well go take a look, if it?s fixable then I will have a c
  21. [quote name='Gavin'][SIZE="1"]Go to your local pub at about seven in the evening, drink for the next five hours and by midnight when the zombies arrive, you'll be outside swaying, sticking and incoherent, in other words, they'll mistake you for one of their own. Repeat for as long as you're liver continues to function.[/SIZE][/QUOTE] We have a new winner LMAO
  22. OOC: Ill be away until Monday, so I am posting my next segment now. So far I haven’t met up with anyone yet. Probably when I come back though I will get more into the main story. ~Alutri Arrow, turret control~ Martel had managed to slip into the hidden compartment near the docking rings before the pirates succeeded in forcing the airlock, for safety she did have a suit on in case the locks burst. On the turret cameras she could see them coming aboard- three rough and ruthless men, they immeadiately set about tearing apart her ship to find parts. First thing that happened is they c
  23. ~Alutri Arrow, Bridge~ The radio continued chattering off the transmissions of the nearby ships, and then all fell silent as the planetary distress signal from Jupiter passed through the area. Martel had fallen asleep in her chair, bored right into it from lack of work. Her ship didn’t miss it though, and recognizing the signature of the distress signal an alarm on the control board began sounding, the message having been recorded. “Of all the times to fall asleep. I probably missed my customers.” Martel exclaimed as she realized where she was. Checking over the contro
  24. Well my halloween seemed rather like an ordinary night. Nobody came to our place (Which I expected), but I ended up being busy with work and packing for AC3, and didn't do any of the experiments I had planned either. Oh well, last thing I needed this close to AC3 would be to set my hair on fire when the fireball summoning machine backfires. The one thing that sucks about getting old and living in a place like this- We didn't even buy candy because we knew nobody would show up. So now I've got absolutely nothing from this holiday.
  25. Well, by the time all was said and done, I ended up wearing my blacksmithing outfit to class today.
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