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  1. [quote name='Gavin'][SIZE="1"]While it is a little Hollywood to think that every advanced sentient species outside our planet are going to do an Independence Day on us, I don't think that advancing technology will have any effect on a species morally. Hell morals are an entirely human contrived thing, so applying them to anything else is a complete waste of time. I think in the future we're going to have a sort of Star Wars situation, where sure we can travel between stars, but we're still in pretty much the same place morally.[/SIZE][/QUOTE] In all probability, First Contact won't be with an alien at all. It will instead be with a robot built by another intelligence. Also, in all probability even a race that has advanced more than we have would have similar morality problems- though you never know because of the infinite number of possible decisions the universe could have made. The reason for that is it is far more effective for us to build robots to send into space than it is to send actual people, and one would think that the same thing would be true or at least similar for other intelligences that (may) have progressed similarially to us. Now if we suddenly have a vulcan scout ship landing in Utah in 2063 after the test of the first faster than light spacecraft, then we can accept Star Trek as an accurate prediction of the future.
  2. OOC: Mostly this post is flashback, while it would be beneficial to read it those pressed on time should skip to the last segment that returns to present reality. _______________________________________________________________________ ~Odin?s Dreams, the night of Lucy?s fate, 10 years ago~ Odin stood on an invisible surface in his dreams. Around him was a dark night, no stars visible nor the moonlight breaking through. Just darkness, pure and cold, like that of Lucy?s heart. Suddenly a shooting star broke through the cloud, falling towards him as the clouds dispersed from it?s passage, revealing a beautiful starry sky. The star fell towards him, then at the last minute shot the other way- off the horizon. He sighed softly, some nights when that happened he would wonder what it would be like if the star were to come to him, and let itself be caught by him. The starlight revealed the silhouette of the quiet town seen across the meadow, where his friends and family lay sleeping. He was out alone at night, as usual, staring at the sky and focusing on his thoughts. A form of meditation they called it when he had that happen, the result for him was an enlightened feeling comparable to detaching one?s self from one?s body, and flying freely among other objects. Nights like this one, he would sail among the stars and see the town through his mind in a way that nobody else cold imagine. Something warm and soft touched him, startling him from his thoughts. He turned to see silver hair and pale skin glowing in the starlight, a beauty sitting near him leaning towards him and gently rubbing his shoulder. It was Lucy, younger than she was now but her pale beauty as radiant as ever. Even though she always was older than he was, and at times seemed to be more of a sister than a love, Odin could not deny once having had feelings for her. They had traveled together for some time, before settling down in Knothole. ?I knew I would find you here.? She whispered to him, laying down on the damp grass with him, wrapping her arm around his shoulder as he started to snuggle into her warm body. ?Odin, I?m sorry. But I can?t stay with you any longer; I must go on my own and find my own path. Someday I pray that we will cross paths again.? Tears were in her eyes as she spoke, she knew that it would tear both of their hearts to part like this, but it must be done. ?But why Lucy? Why must you go alone? I might still be but a lad, but I want to protect you, I want to travel with you.? Odin remarked, his eyes showing tears too as the moon finally cleared the trees over the scene. ?Why are you doing this when you have so much here to live for?? ?Because this, this is not what I wanted. I?m sorry Odin, but goodbye.? She whispered back, barely able to contain herself any longer. Without waiting for him to reply again, she shot off into the darkness. ~Odin?s dreams, the night of Sue?s arrival~ Odin lay in the same spot as he always had, on the grassy hill near the town, only now a small lantern burned in his workshop. He was working through the night, trying to get ahead on the surge of work this time of year, and had stopped to rest a bit. Overhead the sky was black as always, and soon the falling star appeared. Something was different though, the star kept coming closer to him instead of shooting away. He tensed up finally before a bright flash blinded him and he lost track of what happened. When he woke up, a voice was heard on the wind- chanting a spell. There was something warm touching his shoulder, in the place Lucy always did, though now that spot was covered with the cloth and leather of his working outfit. His heart pounded as he sat up, only to be disappointed on seeing that it was not Lucy who was there, but rather the falling star from a few moments ago, glowing softly and as warm as a loved one?s touch. Picking up the small stone, he put it in the pocket of his apron closest to his heart, and promised the heavens to always treasure the gift. Looking around, he saw the silhouettes of two people in the starlight- a man, and the strange girl that he would later learn was Sue Momishin. Squinting, he saw silver hair glowing in the starlight, and realized that Lucy was standing with the man as well. Only, she was different. Her traditional robe had been replaced with black plate and chain armor, and she carried two daggars. There was an air of power and danger about her, and no trace of her old and caring self. She turned to look at where Odin was laying, knowing full well that he was there as always. Odin shivered in an unreal way, never before had Lucy?s gaze been so cold- it had always been warm and comforting. He ducked back down the grass so that he would not be noticed. ~Odin?s dreams; hell?s gate (He has not seen this version before)~ Lying in the field looking at the stars, the star that had fallen for him before now a part of a pendant around his neck that he was holding, the night sky was again going through the ritual it always had, pure darkness pierced by a single falling star before the clouds dispersed to reveal the starlight and the moon. He focused on the moon?s craters, attempting to meditate again. Something was different this time, first he felt the cold stare that he felt from time to time and realized Lucy watching him. Then suddenly the ground beneath him fell away, and a firey gate opened, him falling into the depths of hell. His body back in reality was shaking in fear and sweating heavily, while he descended into the nether realm, tormented by demons, stabbed by his former friends, and the crowning event- Lucy, her outfit changed once again to that fitting of a demon queen, stabbing him through the star stone and into his heart, then tearing his heart from his chest and throwing it into the brimstone below the stage. She then kicked him, and laughed madly ?Next time we meet, you will die? as she threw his body into the brimstone below her throne. Finally, he woke up. ~Ruins of Thundering Irons smithy, Knotthole~ Odin sat up to realize that he had survived Lucy, yet again, and had been having a nightmare that he hadn?t seen in a long time. Something seemed strange in his mind though, he was confused as to why the star would fall the time he saw Sue while always passing him by when Lucy was near him. Turning onto his side, he noticed Shaun having returned and tended the fire for him, though the forge was still out of service the campfire still burned brightly, like it did when he first moved to the area and built his shop. ?[b]So Lucy decided not to kill me after all. Such a pity, even though I suppose it means that I still have something in my life that is not yet done.[/b]? He remarked, sitting up and taking the starstone pendant in his hand. The stone itself had only glowed for a few hours after it fell, then it faded to a black shard looking vaguely similar to what his iron would look like if it had the same shape. ?[b] Where did Sue run off to? We shouldn?t be wandering alone, especially since we know for certain that Lucy is in the area and out for blood.[/b]?
  3. [quote name='Allamorph'][FONT=Arial]I want to know about the gravity of the [I]planet[/I]. I think it's kind of important and what. Too much might have an adverse affect on our health....at least initially. Climate adaptations would take several generations, if they occurred at all, so I don't know what to say about that angle.[/FONT][/QUOTE] I think humans can survive 2G, after all some amusement parks can approach that. Likely what would happen is the body would react to the increased gravity by increasing bone density and also building more muscle. The only people who might have problems are those who already have weak bones or muscles, and would struggle to adapt. In any case, I don't trust that source since I have never heard of it before. At this very moment I am e-mailing a friend of a friend who works for Nasa (He is the guy that wrote the operating system for the rovers). Odds are he would be able to find out for certain if this is real or not, since I am sure NASA would be in an uproar.
  4. In my mind the only time it is acceptable for a guy to strike a woman is when she is coming at you with intent to kill, and in that case you are only permitted to defend yourself and stop her. What I would do in this case is like has already been suggested, report it. Just do so quietly, the worst thing you can do is tell people that you reported her. And if she really is your best friend's girlfriend, wouldnt you think that she would have the decency to not act like she was cheating on him with every other guy in the school? From what I see that girl is trash, I would get away as fast as i can and make use of the existing authority to keep her away. Something too- if you are a girl or if there is another girl who doesn't like her, then the only thing that would be stopping you is the authority after the fact.
  5. [quote name='Shy'][size=1]Exactly what RPGs on OB do you approve of? :rollseyes: This is good advice, but most of it is common sense. OB has the strongest RPG writers/creators I've ever come across, and these games are something I'm (usually) proud to be a part of. The important thing to keep in mind is that this site is home to writers of all ages and skill. While I would probably never sign-up for a lot of the stuff here, I do appreciate that there are RPGs catering to younger and less experienced writers. Everyone has to start somewhere. -Shy[/size][/QUOTE] Both of the RPs I am presently in I am having problems with people controlling my characters without permission, it is really getting on my nerves because they are knocking them way out of character. The other reason for this is because it is the rules for RPing that I am used to, and while they are similar to the rules here they are a bit more defined in a few places. I am quite used to dealing with inexperienced roleplayers, in fact on the last forum I was on I had started joining the new roleplayer's storylines and 'teaching' them how it is done, with Silverwind as the reference.
  6. This was taken from another forum, however I am dissapointed with much of the roleplaying going on here, and am posting this to refer to when there are issues between people. It is a very good guide to roleplaying I think, and is the form that I was taught to use. All credit to Silverwind of Namco Tales Series for writing this. [quote="SilverWind"]I don't claim to be an expert, but these are some general observations that I've obtained through experience. More updates to come at later times; please post your thoughts/advice/questions below. ^_^ [u]The Basic Roleplayer's Oath[/u] I promise to always run my posts through a spell-check, to never cheaply control other peoples' characters, and always, always write at least a paragraph's worth before I hit 'Submit.' [i]If you would like to take this oath, proclaim it in a post below.[/i] [u]The Guide To Writing for Roleplays[/u] [b]Index[/b] 1. Basics a. Spelling and Grammar b. Style and Tense 2. Canon and Rule Obedience 3. Character a. Creation b. Development 4. Interaction a. General b. Dialogue c. Fighting 5. Description 6. Roleplay Creation 1. Basics a. Spelling and Grammar · One of the most important aspects about writing is to keep one's work free of spelling and/or grammatical errors. No matter how wonderful your ideas, they are useless if no one can read what you are saying. · [b]Always use a Word Processor to check your work before posting.[/b] Simply paste your post into Microsoft Word or Wordperfect, or better yet, compose your post there, then spell-check and grammar-check before posting. · A useful guide for grammar can be found here: [url]http://www.ccc.commnet.edu/grammar/[/url] · An online dictionary can be found here: [url]http://dictionary.reference.com/[/url] · [b]Use proper paragraphs. Hit enter whenever there is a change of scenery, time, perspective or speakers. In other words, whenever someone different says something, create a new paragraph.[/b] b. Style and Tense · Generally, a roleplayer must follow the style of the roleplay he or she joins. The following are the general types of writing styles: First person perspective: 'I ' and Third person perspective: 'She/He/Joe/Sally' · If you have a choice of perspectives, first person perspective is simpler, but third person perspective is preferred for the following reasons: 1. Your character does not have to be you. In fact, there's a large chance your character isn't you, or isn't exactly you. Therefore, use of 'I' is not precise. In addition, you may be using more than one character; it is especially crucial to use third person perspective then. 2. Clarity ? When other people read what you are doing and want to respond to it, it is far easier to keep track of who is doing what when names are used. This is especially true if there are several people in an area that are interacting with each other. 3. Generally, third person perspective just sounds better and more professional: a. I walked down the cobbled streets, a lonely echo ringing in my steps. I did not glance up at the cloudy skies. b. Meredia walked down the cobbled streets, a lonely echo ringing in her steps. She did not glance up at the cloudy skies. · Past tense is preferable to present tense for many of the same reasons. In addition, past tense can handle a longer period of time without sounding awkward. a. Brin laughs and turns to meet the eyes of the blue-haired girl. His gaze stays there for a brief moment, then quickly flickers back to the bar. b. Brin laughed and turned to meet the eyes of the blue-haired girl. His gaze stayed there for a brief moment, then quickly flickered back to the bar. · Please, please, please [b]write more than one or two sentences per post.[/b] Any action or description can be expanded into at least one paragraph. This makes for more interesting reading, which is the point of roleplay. Describe the setting, your character's state at the moment, his/her thoughts, notable objects, even how he/she says something. Your goal is always to capture your readers in your writing. 2. Canon and rule obedience. · [b]It is crucially important to follow any rules your RP's creator sets.[/b] The RP's creator has final say on any subject. · Similarly, convincing roleplays that are based on a certain game, book, movie or show require one to follow the set rules of the game/book/movie/show. [b]Do not attempt to alter anything set by the game/book/movie/show unless you are permitted.[/b] This includes trying to bend set rules or write up new plotlines for the story. Attempting to do these things without permission from the roleplay creator is insulting, not only to the creator, but to the game/book/movie/show drawn upon. · For example, in a Tales of Symphonia RP, do not claim that your character is the child of Raine and Kratos; that your character defeated Abyssion; that your character, though she is a human that has not digested Aionis, can use magic. All of these things can take away from the legitimacy of the roleplay. 3. Character a. Creation · Unique characters are by far more interesting to interact with. Avoid clichés and stereotypes when you create your character. At the very least, give your character some sort of unique spin. · [b]Perfection is the worst imperfection.[/b] This cannot be stressed enough. It is not only boring to have the strongest, handsomest, noblest fighter in existence, but it makes your character predictable and have little depth. · On the same hand, try to avoid creating a 'Mary Sue' or a perfected copy of yourself. By far, this is the most common roleplay character; it is also the least fascinating. Try taking on a character that has very little similarities to yourself and make a fair and honest interpretation; you'll be amazed at how much you'll learn in the process. · One goal of roleplaying is interaction with other characters. Be sure that your character can interact with other people in addition to being able to stand alone. · Be detailed when you create; more information makes for a more solid character. Some advised categories for a general biography are listed below; the most important groups should be the 'Other Details' ? your character's personality and history. Feel free to keep some details hidden until a later point. · [u][b]General Info[/b][/u] [b]True Name[/b]: [b]Aliases/Nicknames/Titles[/b]: [b]Gender[/b]: [b]Age[/b]: [b]Species/Race[/b]: [u][b]Physical Info[/b][/u] [b]General Description[/b]: [b]Height[/b]: [b]Build[/b]: [b]Skin Colour[/b]: [b]Eyes[/b]: [b]Quirks[/b]: [b]Clothing[/b]: [u][b]Battle Info[/b][/u] [b]Physical Details[/b]: [b]Magical/Elemental Details[/b]: [b]Weaponry[/b]: [u][b]Other Details[/b][/u] [b]Personality[/b]: [b]Brief Personal Details/History[/b]: b. Development · Static characters, ones that never change and grow, can get boring quite quickly. Be sure that you are always true to your character and that you stay consistent, but do not overlook the fact that your character should rationally adapt, learn and otherwise be affected by his/her circumstances and environment. · Do not just consider a character's past; think of their present and future as well. What are their goals and dreams? What are their motives for what they are doing? Complex characters should have complex thoughts and a multitude of behaviours and emotions. 4. Interaction a. General · [b]Do not control another person's character unless he or she gives you permission. Breaking this rule can get you banned from a roleplay.[/b] [i]Sometimes[/i], it is permitted for one person to slightly control another character, especially if the move is very obvious (i.e. saying that others blinked when there was a flash of bright light). However, always be sure to give a [b]fair[/b] representation of other peoples' characters, and if they are not satisfied with what you write, do not argue; change what you have. [b]If you are not sure on any particular thing, do not make an assumption.[/b] · One exception on character control would be for the roleplay's creator; sometimes they will step in and write some inevitable story occurrences. In those cases, if you are not content, bring it up with the roleplay creator. Keep in mind, however, that for the most formal roleplays there is a story that the creator is trying to tell and you should be as accommodating as reasonably possible. · Generally, better interactive scenes are worked out between two individuals beforehand, over PMs or instant messenger. Doing so allows for longer posts with more accurate writing. However, as this is not always possible, the most you can do is [b]avoid making one or two-liner posts, even when you are interacting with others. Go into detail and it'll make for a far more interesting read.[/b] · [b]Carefully read[/b] other people's posts and get to understand how their characters work, how they would look like and how your character would act in relation to them. This is an absolutely crucial point. b. Dialogue · As mentioned before, whenever there is a new speaker, create a new paragraph. This will allow for greater clarity and organization. o "Lynn, where are you going?" asked Kai. "I'm going downtown," replied Lynn. She grabbed her purse and some spare change, and then walked out. There was a loud slam as the door shut behind her. Left behind, Kai huddled into a ball and hugged his legs. "...Sis..." · Make sure you read what other people say in their posts, and that their dialogue flows smoothly into what your character says in your post. c. Fighting · As mentioned above, [b]do not control another person's character or make them look silly.[/b] [i]Sometimes,[/i] you will have the opportunity of writing in other peoples' reactions, especially if the moves are obvious (as in dodging an attack), or if you are familiar with a writer's character. [b]If you are not sure on any particular thing, do not make an assumption.[/b] · Never write in your opponent's defeat or death unless you have permission. Only the character's creator can determine their character's condition. One exception on character control would be for the roleplay's creator; sometimes they will step in and write some inevitable victory/defeats. In those cases, if you are not content, bring it up with the roleplay creator. Keep in mind, however, that for the most formal roleplays there is a story that the creator is trying to tell, and you should be as accommodating as reasonably possible. · There are many styles of fighting; some roleplays use HP and attack systems, others use descriptions. By far the most complex but also the most rewarding style is full out 'cinematic' or 'story' fighting where heavy detail is used. Try your best to learn this style. · Pay attention to details in your opponent's posts. Often, you can find legitimate weaknesses through this method. · Don't be cheap. Take damage and leave weaknesses available; it makes your own attacks more legitimate. Generally, curative spells and shapeshifting do not cure your person of all injuries. If you are worried about the rules of a battle, set down specific rules before you start. · Focus less on the names of attacks or of weapons and more on behaviour, thoughts and details in one's actions. · Above all, remember that winning or losing the fight is not the most important; impressing your readers with your writing abilities and an interesting battle is far more gratifying. Work together with your opponent to create an impressive fight. 5. Description · At any one time, work hard to add details to scenery, objects and individuals. This will allow your readers to be pulled into the world that you are trying to create. Avoid short one or two-line posts. · Make your descriptions vibrant and original; avoid clichés in every instance. · Don't forget that people exist in the locations you are describing; if you describe a marketplace, don't ignore the merchants and townspeople. If you describe a palace, don't forget the servants, knights, etc. · Try to capture a multitude of senses; describe sights, sounds, smells, etc. 6. Roleplay Creation · The first thing to do when creating a roleplay is to have a basic storyline or premise. What world does the roleplay take place in? What genre or style are you pursuing? How will it end, if you ever want it to end? · There are two basic types of roleplays: highly controlled story topics where the creator is controlling the plot, and more free, open ones where everyone helps create the story. Before you continue, decide which type you want your roleplay to be. You would generally want lesser amounts of people for the first roleplay and more for the second type. · Creation of signup and discussion topics in addition to the basic story topic is recommended if a large number of people join your roleplay. · Post the introduction, rules and method of signing up in one general topic, and be detailed and innovative with how you present your roleplay. The more alluring you are with your first post, the higher are your chances of having people join.[/quote]
  7. [SIZE="3"][COLOR="Red"][B]OOC: OK GUYS, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. STOP CONTROLLING MARTEL WITHOUT MY PERMISSION; YOU HAVE HER WAY OUT OF CHARACTER. FROM NOW ON, PM OR IM ME BEFORE DOING ANYTHING THAT REQUIRES AN ACTION OR RESPONSE FROM MARTEL.[/SIZE][/B] [SIZE="2"]And seriously, am I the only one who actually reads these posts before writing my next one? Starwind, if you had read my last post you would have noticed Martel had already said she could go to a supply station in the lunar cluster and get the remaining rods to repair michael's ship. Even if she didn’t mention that before, she would know where to get parts for ships because she fixes them for a living. Sorry for the glaringly huge OOC note/rant, but it’s been bothering me for the past few posts. I was always taught you never controlled another’s character without permission. [/SIZE][/COLOR] “That bad? And you know, this isn’t usually free. I do have to earn my bread somehow, I’m just being generous at the moment because I had a good bit of luck this morning.Sadly Fuel rods aren't cheap, while I'll give you the labor for putting htem in I still have to cover the material costs." ~Alutri Arrow, bridge~ Martel had returned to the bridge of her ship, telling Loreley and the new girl as she passed that they were welcome to use the two empty cabins onboard the arrow if they didn’t have somewhere to stay. The autopilot was on, and the grappling hooks were bracing the two ships together so that the docking rings would not be overly stressed as she pounded away on her computer’s keyboard, making the calculations needed to use the arrow’s slipstream to move both itself and Michael’s ship. From below the steady humming of her ship in cruising mode sounded, the main jet ticking over to keep them moving towards Mars. Looking out the forward window, she realized something [I]The course we have set to get to mars is going to take us past Einstein station anyway. If Michael pays me for the rods I already put in, I can take the arrow and retrieve the others, catching up to them on their way to mars. [/I] She leaned back in her chair, looking out at the stars. A small cable ran from the controls down to her leg near the ankle, it moved with her as she put one leg on top of the other and reclined, the computer keyboard balanced on her lap as she continued calculating the power factors needed to make the slipstream field to carry the Arrow and Michael’s ship out to mars. Somehow though she felt as though she was tying herself down too much- her ship was a long-range cargo prototype, not a barge tug, and she had been a free person since she left the station, bound in her travels only by the capacity of the Arrow to get her there. Now that she had the slipstream, she could travel farther and faster, maybe even reaching other solar systems that might be inhabited. A sigh was heard above the humming machinery, as she thought about what course to take next, the Arrow still powering itself and the people she met towards their next stop.
  8. OOC: Starwind, care to give Michael?s ship a name to use, it is getting a bit awkward having to call it ?Michael?s ship? all the time. __________________________________________________________________ ~ High Nightshade Orbit~ ?Michael, I?m releasing the grappling hooks, ready your docking ring so we can dock our ships and converse in-person.? Came Martel?s voice over a small radio on Michael?s belt ?Those four rods I gave you are enough to power your life support functions and move around in free-space, but calculations show that you still don?t have enough power for slipstream. It may be possible for you to ride tandem and rely on my slipstream coil, I have my ship?s computer calculating if that is possible or not at this very moment. Our other option is to go to a warehouse in the lunar orbits and obtain replacements for your other fuel rods- while the rods I didn?t replace are still hot enough to function they are weak and won?t last long. ? The two ships had made a stable high orbit, the Arrow having used 130% emergency power to make up for the lack of power from Michael?s ship. Fortunately Martel did not have to go all the way to 145%, or they would have been risking damage to the arrow?s reactor core. There was a banging against the hulls as the grappling hooks released and retracted, then a slight thump as the arrow?s docking ring bumped against the rings on michael?s ship, locking together before the airlocks could equalize pressure and open. Soon Martel came sliding through the docking rings, despite her body type she flew with the grace of an angel through her ship?s gravity-less docking ring, and landed perfectly when she hit the gravity on board Michael?s ship. Her outfit had changed, instead of the grey t-shirt and jeans she was wearing earlier she now has a black tank top and black pants. She found Michael and the others just in time for them to be discussing Mars as their next stop, and told them how with only four rods in the reactor they likely would not have enough power for slipstream, and suggested making a quick stop at a supply station in the lunar orbit cluster so that the ships could refuel and resupply, also Lorely and the new girl could get some properly fitting clothes. There was a clicking sound on the hull, and Martel keyed the remote for her ship, the magnetic shielding activating to enclose both the arrow and Michael?s ship protecting them from the micrometeorites. Soon it had gathered a fair-sized cloud of space debris that were captured by the magnetic field.
  9. OOC: I'm not quite used to people controlling other people's characters, while it is not much it is enough to affect my style and also make things more difficult to plan my next move. Some of it is alright, but could you try not to do that as much- even though it would mean shorter posts it would allow everyone more decision with regard to their character's plots. Also, if any of you have MSN, feel free to add me- my address is in my profile. It's one of my favorite ways to plan these scenes, so that we can agree on what will be said when. ___________________________________________________________________ ~Alutri Arrow, Bridge~ The Arrow had slid forward to gain momentum as the main jet warmed up, then with an angry yellow and red flash the thrusters ignited, sending the ship clear of the waves. Pulling open the throttle, she began to ascend- looking back through the outside view cameras to see Michael struggling to get off the water. “I still think this is insane. I’ve got 145% power available if I use the emergency override functions, while I hate to use it because it strains the parts it would be enough to get you above the flight ceiling of the Vamtyrs.” Martel radioed in as Michael entered pre-jump configuration, and actually began to lose the little bit of altitude he had managed to get on his own. She was frantically performing calculations using voice command on the bridge computer while flying- trying to find out if the ships would withstand the forces of such an attempt. Pushing her controls all the way forward, the atmospheric scream began as she dove towards the struggling ship, then both hulls shuddered as her grappling hooks caught hold and the winches locked the hulls together. “Belay the jump order! Neither ship will withstand the forces, nor do you have enough power to engage your slipstream coil!” She shouted, her calculations showing that the maneuver would be certain destruction for both ships. “Kill your thrusters and put everything you have into the jet, I’ve got enough power to steer and keep us moving.” She flipped a few switches, and the emergency lights of the arrow engaged, similar red lights powering on the outside as a full red-alert condition was triggered. There was a shudder in both ships, as they began to accelerate faster, the arrow having grappled itself so that it was underneath Michael's ship in order to use the thrusters to push the ships into a steeper climb. Ideally, Martel would make the ship stand on the main jets, so that it could ascend at the maximum possible rate. “115% Emergency power engaged! Core temperature rising fast but within maximum operating limits… Helium flow at maximum… Hold on tight folks, its gonna get a bit rough when I kick it up to 130%…” The scream of the air over the nose almost rivaled the thundering of the jet below her, the hulls began to shake as they picked up speed. “Whatever you do, don’t pull a Hiroshima maneuver on me, we’ll all be goners if that happens.” She said out loud, though it was mostly to herself it registered on the radio. On the rear radar panel, signatures were visible as the Vamtyrs closed in by air. A faint clicking could be heard, the auto gunner on the rear had been activated and was attempting to hold them off.
  10. ~Alutri Arrow, Equipment room~ Martel sat down on the bench in the equipment room, taking off the aluminum-covered nuclear hazard suit to reveal her sweat-covered form and damp clothing. Even though she was resisting a strong urge to go see the new arrivals, she stayed focused on what she was here for. They could get to know each other by docking the ships together once in orbit of the planet, but for now at least somebody had to focus on getting off the cursed planet before they were attacked again. Unaware that a gunfight was going on outside, and the hatch of her ship closed so the vamtyrs could not sneak in, she had loaded all four of the replacement fuel rods she had into Michael?s ship and verified that the reactor would reach operating temperature, with enough power capacity to get the ship into orbit. Once she was back to her normal clothes- sticky with sweat but still decent, she made her way to the bridge of the arrow. The servos on her leg brace whined softly, her legs moving faster than the servos were as the battery that powered them became run down. Looking outside, she saw the group of her companions making a hasty retreat to the cluster of available ships, several of them wounded. Picking up the microphone and switching to PA mode, she said on an outside loudspeaker ?KN1-001 Alutri Arrow ready for bubble-purge and liftoff, Michael your ship is also in a similar status. I think our best bet is to get the heck out of here, and regroup in high orbit where we stand a better chance against the vamtyrs. I'll hold the docking rings together as long as i can, if need be I can grapple your ship to 'boost' it with mine and get you clear.? Pulling down the gun sight- which made the forward machine gun slide out of it?s port in the nose section, she drew careful beads and dispatched more of the Vamtyrs which had begun to pursue the retreating column. They would have to get their ships airborne and soon, if the land-based creatures began to attach themselves to the hulls they would destroy any hope of using the Arrow and the other ships to escape. ?I can take three people on the arrow, if we don?t have room on the other ships, be careful when approaching mine I am beginning the bubble-purge.? Came her voice, crackling over the PA system again. Inside she could be seen operating the switches on the control boards, and from the water around her ship bubbles began to rise up as supercritial helium from the main drive was forced through the submerged thruster cones to dry and preheat them so that the ship could force itself off of the water. ?Quickly! We need to be get out of the atmosphere before the vamtyrs send in an air-attack force. They have been known to destroy ships that had landed but tried to escape using an aerial version of their fighters, and if we don?t make the stratosphere before that happens we?ll be killed for sure!?
  11. I was a global mod on a gaming forum once. Really it wasn't all that different from being a regular member, I would just quietly relocate all the trouble posts to the mod forum for penalty counting. Other than that and helping newcomers get to know the place it was no different than being a regular member. Eventually though I gave up the position to settle a dispute- one of the admins had ome to dislike me because I was so quick and thourough in my moderating and made her feel unnecessary.
  12. [quote name='Desbreko'][color=#4B0082]I've stumbled upon the perfect theme song for this thread. Silicon World, by Eiffel 65. Listening to it made me think of this thread and then I couldn't stop laughing for the rest of it. Lyrics are attached:[/color][/QUOTE] I've got that song, it's not the only one by Eiffel65 to be like that. Actually I've got Hyperlink by them playing now. Still, interesting that you would suggest that.
  13. Mine was the real me, I'm slightly worse about it online than I am in reality actually- though it is still detectable. I hate being smart, it's cursed I tell yaa.
  14. [quote name='DeathKnight'][color=crimson]Jesus Christ this thread is a quagmire of some people with crap just flowing out of their mouth. I swear to god if this is the pending electorate in America I hope they start conscription so that you all end up Iraq with lead rearranging your dim personalities and giving you a hint of interesting traits. God this thread gives me a headache.[/color][/QUOTE] I just hope you aren't the kind who gets psychic powers when you get a headache. And I'm suprised that you don't believe it, perhaps I should change my avatar since psycho mithos as an avatar does sometimes seem to discredit what I say. But life is so much easier when you are totally out of your head. Seriously, don't diss it untill you try it. Don't need drugs either, just get psycho.
  15. [quote name='Deus ex Machina'][COLOR="DarkOrange"]Yall are crazy *** mofos. [/COLOR][/QUOTE] Please don't call me crazy, it sounds so derating. I prefer to be the lord of insanity, or something with a little more dash to it, maybe even Disco Lord Yggdrasil.
  16. OOC: Actually that works out, I haven’t described the exoskeleton leg brace that Martel wears- as described in her bio. While designing and building them really isn’t a major focus, she does do some work with them since the methods used in their designs are similar to designing and reparing ship, in fact the Alutri Arrow KN1-001 is the prototype of her first successful design. ______________________________________________________________________ ~KN1-001 Alutri Arrow, Martel’s quarters~ “Those are…” She said softly, kind of embarrassed. Pulling up one of her pant legs, she revealed that there was one similar to the ones that Loreley was pointing to attached to her left leg, running from her voluptuous thighs all the way down to her relatively small feet. “They are a reminder of my past. My left leg was once crushed by a machine, and while it was reconstructed it is not as strong as it should be- I cannot stand or walk for any length of time without the support of one of the cybernetic braces. Fortunately, the design concepts and methods of making them are similar for designing ships like this one, so over the years since the accident I have made a few different kinds. The one I am wearing right now is better than that one, though it still has it’s share of problems. She turned to her desk and sorted through the drawings, pulling out a piece of paper that bore a yellow and black symbol on it- the traditional symbol for a radiation hazard. “Also, be careful while you are on my ship and many others like it- on mine there is a door with a red latch, normally there are several locks on it but I removed them because I had to open it earlier. This symbol will be painted on it or near it. What lies beyond that door is the machine that is the heart of my ship, and many other ships have a similar heart with a locked door bearing this symbol leading to it. If you pass through that door without special clothing on, even what I am wearing now is not enough, you will almost certainly die from it. I don’t know if you would understand what the machine beyond that door is, but it is a machine that while it gives power to make ships like this one and the one you were on a few minutes go also produces a deadly force when operating, and extreme caution must be taken when working around it. Normally the doors on ships that lead to them are closed and locked, keeping the people aboard out of danger. ” She put the drawing back on her desk, and sat down in the chair to cover the exoskeleton on her leg with her pants again. Almost immediately after her leg was hidden again, she smiled and said “I just remembered where I put them. Come with me.” Leading the way, she showed Loreley to a room next door to the one they were just in. It had similar furnishings, slightly older and a bit dusty but still serviceable. Mostly though it was populated by boxes of old parts, clothes, and a few file cabinets of designs and repair guides. “Ah, here they are.” She chimed, picking a box off the stack and opening it. Inside was a pair of back jeans, a set of women’s undergarments, and an ocean blue tank top. “I’ll help you put them on if you like, they are too small for me but look to be about your size. Hopefully soon Michael will have found the keys to the locks on the door with the symbol on his ship, so that I can suit up and repair what is wrong down there.” Meanwhile outside, more guests had arrived, along with a ship that if Martel saw what was inside it she would drown in her own drool over the technology on board.
  17. I'm a sociopath with a god complex- be glad the death note I have is not a real one or there would be trouble since I can match Light Yagami exactly with regard to personality. (I'm trying not to write any names in it anyway, I kind of would like to keep it just as a conversation piece and not have someone I show it to read the name of someone they like in it) Yes, that includes how he acts in the final chapters- I get like that when too much goes wrong at once. It's kind of an overload, and usually if i am given time and space to cool down I will do so quickly and return to my normal self. The biggest difference is that when I get mad even though I may destroy stuff, I usually will only break objects that are easily replaced or are already garbage such as failed-to-burn DVDR discs. There is also a strong bipolar coupled with aspergers, which makes me indecisive a lot- but once I decide something there is almost no changing it. It also provides a 'shell' effect, where I may be cold and seem to not care most of the time, while sometimes acting like a truely good person. I do like to think through actions before taking them, and love calculated risks. I try not to be perverted, even though sometimes it may seem like I am. I am such a nerd that I think women look better with their clothes on, so it is kind of expected that I wouldn't be anywhere near as perverted as most people my age would be. I am told that my mind works kind of like Spock from Star Trek- while I do have emotions I have problems identifying and understanding them. I've been working on it, and am getting better, but still am below where I should be. Logic just makes so much more sense. Abstract concepts, which emotions are a very good example of, tend to stall me a little bit- but once I figure out what they are and how they work I am fine with it. Probably the neatest effect of aspergers is that even though I have problems identifying my own emotions, I can sense them in other people- especially pain and sadness. I may be an *** most of the time, but when I sense those I will usually do what I can to help them. Originally (Around 1st Grade) I was diagnosed with ADHD, later it was re diagnosed to OCD with bipolar and antisocial, but comparing how I am to newer research it is likely that I would be re diagnosed again as aspergers, that being a closer match than any previous diagnosis.
  18. ~Michael?s ship, Nightshade coastline~ Martel had been impressed with Michael's ship, even though it had been damaged during the fuel run-out and resultant emergency landing it had been well-executed. Also, the people on-board it weren't that bad either, despite the one girl being fully nude and not seeming to have any inclination to try and clothe herself. A look of pure disgust at what the strange couple was doing in the middle of the bridge swept across Martel?s face, that kind of activity was something that private cabins were for. Not to mention that they were violating a ship?s bridge, which in a single shot betrayed all of her respect for the woman and man because to someone as mechanically minded as she was, a ship?s bridge was akin to a sacred temple. Fortunately they were not on her ship, or they would have been removed from the bridge at gunpoint. ?FOR GOD SAKE DOESN?T THIS SHIP HAVE PRIVATE CABINS YOU COULD USE INSTEAD OF THE FLOOR OF THE BRIDGE??!! She shouted at the sweaty couple, more upset about the bridge of a ship having been used for something like that than what they were actually doing. Looking quickly away from the activity and trying to shut out the sound, she followed Michael up towards the controls. Setting down the toolbox she had brought from her ship, she pulled out a meter and started checking one of the wiring harnesses to make sure that there were no electrical faults in the repairs. ?Ship looks good, I?ve got four standard U-235 rods in one of the cargo bays on my ship, we should operate the docking rings so that we can transfer and install them. While they wont be quite enough for full power, they will get you off the ground so you can get a complete set at one of the lunar spacedock stations. Martel commented, having already gone back into her cheery and mechanical-minded mood that she had been in the whole time the ship was being repaired. Checking off another section of her post-emergency landing inspection list, she continued ?You should probably have your heat shield inspected as well, a hard landing like that with no thruster support it might have cracked tiles and needs to be inspected to make sure it will hold up to re-entry again.? She pulled a small remote out of her pocket, about the size of a 21st century mobile phone, and put in a series of codes. Her ship began to turn using the thrusters that were above the water, aligning the docking rings so that they could transfer the fuel rods "Also, Loreley I think it was, you probably should find some clothes. I have a few old ones that would probably be a bit big on you, but should work. They don't fit me anymore, so it's not a problem. " She remarked, trying not to look at the couple that was still pleasuring themselves.
  19. Exactly the same thing I do when I am not sick. For some reason it is extremely rare that I will get sick enough to notice it, and I don't let it stop me. I'd have to be down for the count and laying in a hospital bed before I would let illness stop me from enjoying my days.
  20. ~Alutri Arrow, Slightly outside Lunar Orbit~ Martel had guided the arrow through the different parking orbit levels, and emerged in free space. Drifting along at a low speed, she began making the initial startup calculations for the slipstream coil. She had just gotten all the parameters in, when a radio transmission crackled over the speaker. It was an emergency transmitter device, coming from the direction of Nightshade. According to its transmissions, a ship had run out of fuel and crashed on the planet. [I]I might as well go take a look, if it?s fixable then I will have a customer, if not they?re probably dead and I can scavenge parts.[/I] She thought after the radio fell silent for a minute, but then the message began to repeat. [I]Actually, that would be a nice test run for the slipstream, from here to night side. Using the helium jet alone that would be about a 3-day run.[/I] She sat down and buckled herself into her chair at the controls, picking up the microphone for the radio and keying the transmitter. [b] ?Alutri Arrow, Alutri 1 Martel speaking. Code 66 message received, tracing your coordinates for a landing survey and possible salvage attempt. [/b] She radioed out. Even though it was an automatic emergency transmitter, and so far none of the other ships had reacted, if anyone was alive they might answer. The computer screen lit up with a map, showing a dot on the coastline where the beacon was coming from. It then prompted for a series of codes and coordinates, which only someone who knew the workings of a KN1 or KN2 long-range transport would have known. After the final number was entered, she put a small key into a slot in the dashboard, unlocking the startup sequence of the slipstream system. As a section of switches and indicators that had never before been enabled powered up, she began to sweat and seemed nervous- if the slipstream coil was bad, she would quite likely find herself floating in space with no suit as her ship destroyed itself around her. The final switch closed, and from the back end of the ship the systems could be heard spinning up as the power transfer occurred, energizing the coil. There was a slight shimmering in the star field visible out front as the slipstream field emerged, but she was still barely moving- with slipstream engaged the slow drift she had before had her observed velocity now about the same as her top speed with the helium jet alone. A sigh of relief filled the bridge, so loud that you wouldn?t have expected the lonely girl at the controls to be able to have made it. There was then the clicking of switches and the moving of control levers, and the ship began to accelerate. First, it turned so that the silouette of Nightside came into view. In a matter of minutes she had figured out the handling curve while in slipstream, ending up in low earth orbit with the slipstream turned off again. Her re-entry curve had been programmed, and soon the forward viewscreen was obscured by the fires of entering the atmosphere. ~Alutri Arrow, coastline crash site, shortly after the ?capsule? ship arrived on scene~ From an observer on the ground, the fireball that had circled a few times had finally slowed down, and was now revealed to be a mid-sized ship. Styled like something out of an old science fiction book, it glided in low and fast over the scene of the fighting, before circling the ship that was beached and the capsule ship nearby it. Finally, the maneuvering thrusters came into play, and it dropped out of flight- touching down with a sizzle on the waves. The front window turned from black opaque to clear, and a young woman was visible inside at the controls. She looked at the people on shore, trying to outrun the vamtyr in some form of car. Reaching up out of sight of the window, she pulled down a gunsight, and a hatch opened in the ship?s nose. Aiming carefully, the newly arrived vamtyrs were dispatched with quick bursts of machine gun fire from the newcomer?s ship, before the gun and it?s sight were put away again. Martel waved to the strangers outside, then climbed out the hatch in the roof and shouted to them, asking if they needed help with their ships. ?Hey, I received a code 66 Emergency Transmitter signal, that traced back to here. I?m a mechanic, it?s likely I could fix what caused you to crash and repair the damage.? She stopped for a minute, before climbing the rest of the way out of the hatch and standing on the top of the arrow. Not at all what someone would expect of a pilot-mechanic, being a woman with a full-bodied figure and soft appearance. Clad in blue jeans and a grey t-shirt which flapped in the breeze, she waved again at the strange bunch to get their attention if they didn?t hear her ship land. [b] ?HEY! YOU GUYS NEED HELP?? [/b] She shouted again.
  21. [quote name='Gavin'][SIZE="1"]Go to your local pub at about seven in the evening, drink for the next five hours and by midnight when the zombies arrive, you'll be outside swaying, sticking and incoherent, in other words, they'll mistake you for one of their own. Repeat for as long as you're liver continues to function.[/SIZE][/QUOTE] We have a new winner LMAO
  22. OOC: Ill be away until Monday, so I am posting my next segment now. So far I haven’t met up with anyone yet. Probably when I come back though I will get more into the main story. ~Alutri Arrow, turret control~ Martel had managed to slip into the hidden compartment near the docking rings before the pirates succeeded in forcing the airlock, for safety she did have a suit on in case the locks burst. On the turret cameras she could see them coming aboard- three rough and ruthless men, they immeadiately set about tearing apart her ship to find parts. First thing that happened is they came floating through the docking ring, and smashed hard into the wall opposite it because of the lack of gravity in that part of her ship. [I]I get everyone with that trick. Likely my ship is the only one to not have gravity near the docking rings. [/I] Martel thought, operating the controls inside the compartment. Soon ¾ of her ship was without power, the pirates having been trapped inside an empty cargo bay with the door power cut off so they couldn’t escape. They began pounding on the door to try and get out again, setting off the emergency blast door. [I]HAHAHAHA! They always fall for it, checking every compartment without fail, and the empty trunk in that bay makes them go in to investigate it. [/I] A gunshot could be heard, one of the pirates was trying to shoot his way through the door. Kind of pointless really, with the blast doors closed you would have to detonate a crate of dynamite to force your way out. Smiling wide, she floated gracefully through the docking ring, landing on her feet when she reached the gravity field of the pirate’s ship. “Odds are they have more men aboard, no sane crew would leave their ship unmanned on such a raid.” Moving quickly, she followed the wear marks in the floor down to their cargo hold. Footsteps could be heard on board, there was in fact crew aboard and they were likely scrambling to suit up and recover their companions. [I]I wonder what kind of loot they have, if there might be anything worth something aboard before I turn this lot over to the cops.[/I] She thought, examining the markings on the crates. Most of them were contraband, stuff like drugs, illegal foods and weapons, along with ship parts that were no longer legal or safe to use. There was some usable stuff though, and the marking on one of the boxes caught her eye. “A KN2 Slipstream coil!” She exclaimed on seeing the crate. Peeking inside, the coil was in fact still in there, and as luck would have it a KN2 coil is the coil that was used in the production versions of her ship. [I]I wonder if it is still in working order.[/I] She was rattled out of her excitement as a gunshot from the entrance shattered a nearby crate, the bullets that were inside that case scattering across the floor as she ducked behind a crate containing an engine cone. From a pocket hidden on her left thigh, she pulled out a revolver, and waited for the man to come in closer to her so she could get a clean shot. “Stupid bitch! Youd best be showing yourself if ye value your life. Otherwise we find you and kill you for what you did.!” The man shouted, speaking a broken and heavily accented English. He came closer to where she had knocked over a stack of crates, and promptly found himself with the business end of her revolver centimeters from his face. “Throw down your gun and put your hands in the air!” She shouted at him, the man seemingly embarrassed complying. Producing a few zip-ties from a pocket of her suit, she formed a pair of handcuffs, and put them on him. “Your friends are in a cargo bay aboard my ship, and there they will stay until the police patrols get here to collect you lot.” She grabbed his arm roughly and with the gun at his back marched him towards a small room she had passed on her way into the ship, after throwing him inside and closing the door the control board was destroyed by a bullet, sealing him inside for the time being. Back to the loot that was now hers, she set about picking through their horde. Anything that was legal to possess and might be useful she attached an iron plate to, and pushed into the airlock. The shield on her ship was active, and soon had several crates of goods orbiting in its magnetic field. [I]What a rude bunch, the only thing they had that is really worth something is the slipstream coil and the logic board that controls it. Everything else is either contraband or just plain broken.[/I] Sliding back through the docking rings, she noticed that the captured pirates had given up trying to force their way out. Going to her ships own cargo bay, she passed through the airlock, and was soon orbiting in the magnetic field of her ships shielding because of the iron in her suit’s backpack. It didn’t take long for her to get all the crates she had taken into the lock and cargo hold, mostly it was food but there was also the slipstream coil, and a few crates of pipes and plates. Closing the lock, she removed her suit and radioed out for a police cruiser to come collect the pirates, who a little research on their faces revealed that they were actually a bounty- a low one, but still worth something. [I]To think these fools actually had a slipstream coil that would fit my ship.[/I] She thought, going to the cargo bay with a portable radio on her belt so that she could play with her new toy while waiting for the police to come collect the thugs. ~Alutri Arrow, Bridge~ By the time the police had taken away the pirates, awarded her the bounty, and a freight tug had come to collect the old pirate ship, she had already gotten the slipstream coil installed, and would soon have her computer configured to be able to use it. [I]Finally, no more having to hitchhike by riding piggyback on other ships when I want to go see the other planets. I should have insisted that they put a slipstream coil in this ship after the turbine refitting a few years ago. Probably be a lot better off now if I had.[/I] The Alutri Arrow had moved, it was now in Lunar Parking orbit, level 8 sector 30. It wouldn’t take long if she wanted to, to get out of the lunar parking area and into free space, where she could test out the slipstream. [I]Maybe I should go towards Jupiter and do what I can for the relief effort. I did get all that food, and doubt I will eat it all myself before it goes bad. [/I]
  23. ~Alutri Arrow, Bridge~ The radio continued chattering off the transmissions of the nearby ships, and then all fell silent as the planetary distress signal from Jupiter passed through the area. Martel had fallen asleep in her chair, bored right into it from lack of work. Her ship didn’t miss it though, and recognizing the signature of the distress signal an alarm on the control board began sounding, the message having been recorded. “Of all the times to fall asleep. I probably missed my customers.” Martel exclaimed as she realized where she was. Checking over the controls, she noticed that a message had come through that may interest her. Unfortunately it wasn’t, her ship was not correctly fitted to respond to planetary distress calls. Though if she really wanted to take a chance, she could load the cargo bay with provisions, and try selling them at the station near Jupiter. What was good news about it though, is that means other ships that had been parked nearby would be starting up their engines to mount a relief effort, and some of those ships might need to be serviced before their jump to Jupiter. “This is the ZX-92A. We have a single engine startup failure, requesting priority mechanic to repair for planetary relief mission. Currently in Lunar orbit level 4 sector 27” Came a voice crackling over the radio, one of a rising number of communications breaking the silence after the distress call had come through. This was all standard procedure, after a distress call of the magnitude of a station or planet all ships were to enter radio silence except to organize a relief effort or request repairs so that they could participate in one. Already her competitors were plying the radio channels, ships owned by companies like the Flying Wrench and the Airspace Angels were responding to calls like that. None of them seemed to be near where the ZX-92A was though. “This is Martel of the Alutri Arrow, requesting repair detail negotiation of ZX-92A single engine startup failure by private channel.” Martel signaled on her radio. Soon her computer’s screen lit up, the chief engineer of the heavy cargo on screen. “Martel, good to see you again. How’s business been?” “Dead up until a few minutes ago. What kind of repairs do you need?” It’s not much really, there was a short circuit in the slipstream coil and it damaged the control boards. We’ve got a spare coil to put in but don’t have a spare control to use with it.” The engineer said. “I’ve got the control board, good thing you have a coil since I usually can’t get those. At my normal rates plus the control board, it would work out to about 100,000.” “Sounds fair, that’s cheaper than Flying Wrench would do it, and I know you put care into your work too. What’s your position?” “Lunar parking orbit, level 4, sector 22, On my way.” Martel answered. Putting a code into a small panel near the main controls, she began operating the switches and levers as the fission core’s temperature increased, the main turbine increasing speed as well to keep up with the increasing electrical load. Soon the main jet activated, sending her on her way. ~Alutri Arrow, half an hour later.~ The communications channels had gone back to their usual roar, except for a few stragglers the relief mission was already into slipstream on their way to Jupiter. Martel sat in her chair again; counting how much money she had left from that. The helium tanks had been filled again, and she still had about half of what she had earned available to buy supplies for herself. [I]I really should get a slipstream coil for this ship, but even the junkyards want over a million for one. If I did get it though I would have a lot more customers, because I could reach them faster.[/I] She thought, pocketing the wad of cash. Much to her surprise, she got a close flyby from another ship- one bearing the mark of a pirate. It seemed that after all the mercenary and bounty hunter ships had left the area for Jupiter, the pirates had come out of hiding. “Today is totally not my day.” Martel remarked, soon feeling the deck shudder as her ship was grappled so the pirates could force the docking rings.
  24. Well my halloween seemed rather like an ordinary night. Nobody came to our place (Which I expected), but I ended up being busy with work and packing for AC3, and didn't do any of the experiments I had planned either. Oh well, last thing I needed this close to AC3 would be to set my hair on fire when the fireball summoning machine backfires. The one thing that sucks about getting old and living in a place like this- We didn't even buy candy because we knew nobody would show up. So now I've got absolutely nothing from this holiday.
  25. Well, by the time all was said and done, I ended up wearing my blacksmithing outfit to class today.
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