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  1. In the dead dark desolate space lays a planet with scares of wars long since past. The planet barely able to hold onto what's left of the breathable oxygen it has left. The planet has been classified as dead for nearly two hundred years. Removed from the star charts due to traps left on the surface from the Waring factions who nearly caused the planet to loose it's atmosphere. Littered throughout the war torn dilapidated ruins lay treasures thought to be lost on the rest of the galaxy. Humans entered the galactic community two thousand years ago and have spread across the galaxy. With the infl
  2. "For as long as the scribes of old could foretell in their stories, papyrus littered with ancient dust from a past now forgotten, powerful creatures roamed the lands of the living. Breeding, co-inhabiting, and even making history in the volumes of history. But that is not the tale we speak of in the light, for the shadows hold far more than secrets, it holds the very essence of our culture. Magic has, and always will be a necessity to keep the balance of good and evil. However, those terms cannot just describe a person, but an idea, a dream, a passion. That, my dear reader, is where the l
  3. The year: 3018   The small base creaked and shook as the desert winds outside howled, slamming against the metallic walls, the plexi-glass windows shuddered with the force of the winds as an older man stood behind one of them staring into the swirling sands. His hands clasped together behind his back, his graying hair was slicked back away from his weathered face, dark brown eyes clouded by his deep thoughts. His white lab coat hung loosely from his shoulders as he simply stared out the window. The howl of the winds outside made him uneasy as nothing could be seen in the distance, no wa
  4.   The Throwaways Redux   Presented by DeLarge and Orcus   ---   "You join me here at Patriot City Federal Bank, where members of super-team Stormforce have just thwarted an attempt at grand larceny by an as-yet unidentified group of criminals."   The young female reporter smiled broadly into the camera in the somewhat genuine, yet entirely false way that only a news reporter could, standing her ground in front of a swarm of civilians crowding around the camera, jostling for a glimpse of their favourite heroes.   "The robbery was foiled just
  5. Laying on the couch facing her large bay window Satsuki closed her eyes and sighed as the sun beamed through the glass to warm her lightly tanned skin. Twirling a strand of her sky blue hair around her finger she smiled slightly as the dog on the floor snored loudly before growling and letting out a whine in his dreams. Life was wonderful, peaceful and slow; just how she liked it. Letting her hair go she shifted her weight and stood her full height of 6ft, stretching her back before padding silently towards the kitchen for a glass of water. Standing next to the sink she cocked her hip to the s
  6. Incoming transmission from Sector Six-Alpha.  .............Priority one.   Audio only..... Playing audio.....                        [Static]....Mayday..M[unkown]ay. Ship has been hit by as[noise level too loud to compensate].                      Lost con[static]ol over tartet pl...[alarms sound off]. Going for emergency landing. I repeat. We are going for..[Loud explosion followed by a distinct sound of decompression]             &
  7.   OB Relaunch: Fistful of Credits Proudly Presented by Darren, DeLarge, Orcus and P.J. McKrafty   For the right price, ain't no job in the Big Black won't be done, one way or another. No matter if it's a two-bit gun-runner or a war criminal bathed in the blood of galaxies, you get the word out to the right band of scoundrels and ne'er-do-wells, you'll find your target trussed up like a turkey waiting for you in no time. Hell, you cough up enough credits, you'll get the head of your bounty delivered right to your door, no questions asked.   All you gotta do is place a notice on
  8. Think its time I get back into it.       The rain came on in droves like it had been for hours past. Like it alway did. It always rained but it did nothing to stop what was going on inside the rundown building. Lights flashed to the pulsing music as bodies swayed and meshed together on the dance floor. Drinks and drugs passed around freely. Such was the nightlife of Aether, one of the four cities of Nemmaso.     "Another round!" The man speaking smacked his gloved hand against the table catching the scantily clad server girl's attention. "Make it Bloodlust
  9. Setting: Post Apocalyptic Period with Governments and countries rebuild and several civil wars raging. Distant Future, Fantasy/Scifi, Mecha, etc. Themed. Time Period: Post Apocalypse (PA) Year 2031. World: Zeta Prime, a colony of Earth. History: In the year 2016 Earth suffered a large scale industrial accident, resulting in the Apocalypse. humans and creatures began to mutate and turn into different monsters from mythology, and some straight from Hell itself. In order to combat the rising strength of the newborn monsters, and to escape the arrival of the Dimensional Gate, a portal leading to a
  10.  â??Byakuya Kuchiki is dead, finally succumbed to his illnessâ? said the old woman seated before the Captain Commander.   â??My apologizes Chinatsu, Byakuya was a fierce warrior I always he would assume that he would lose his life on the field of battle, not a sick bed.â?   â??Yes well my nephew had poor constitution. It makes sense that his childâ??s health would fail him at some point.â? The old woman shifted on her pillow â??More importantly Commander Hitsugaya my brotherâ??s line is at an end and our family is in the process of selecting a new leader. I have heard som
  11. [font='comic sans ms']Rated M for violence, language, and other adult stuffs. xP[/font] [font='comic sans ms']Summonerâ??s Road[/font] [font='comic sans ms'] Long ago, before the Earth was born and life established, this world was a barren wasteland. Nothing grew, nothing lived. Until the Creator took it upon him-self to heal our world, thus the Divine Tree was created. The tree bore roots deep into the Earth, rooting it-self throughout all of the plantâ??s crust and bringing it to life. Lush plant life covered the surface and as the planet became healthy and wondrous the tree bore
  12. In the northernmost reaches of the Forgotten Realms lies the frozen and untamed region known as Icewind Dale.A brutally cold and harsh place, the small villages of the region are home to a vast of array of good and evil. These small villages, referred to as the "Ten-Towns" are home to the nomadic Barbarian tribes, as well as bands of class-driven societies, such as the Druids of Kuldahar. Kuldahar is a wondrous valley and quaint town wrapped in and around the Great Oak Tree, a tree that symbolizes the Druid's unity with nature. The village of Kuldahar, like all of the Ten-Towns,
  13. A Shwa/Darth Vectis collaboration Present...   Howl   Betrayalâ?¦   Everything our clan has fought for, what we strive to protect and keep sacred had fallen under that single word.  Blood and tears, sweat and sacrifice were all but futile in the end, or so it seemed.  But the fighting spirit raged within each and every one of us who still fought to make sure justice and peace would flourish upon the land, so their offspring and future generations to come would only think of the past events of war and death as a chilling bedtime story.  Un
  14. Your freedom and life are extended at the expense of innocent lives. In the world of Sarilonne,the year 2314, all rulers have been murdered by their Mafia, and the world is in chaos and destruction. Unfair laws are passed by the Mafia and the consequences of Good and Bad have been changed; if your good, your punished, if your bad your awarded. Now if you don't give yourself up innocent lives are wasted, igniting your fire to do good, but you can't or you'll never get out. Running is no longer an option. Rumors are going round that there is a sanctuary for "The Good". Will you risk going and ta
  15. Lex quickly made his way though the outskirts of the city's Market District, the best place to post a help wanted poster according to his sources and Nora, the groups AI that it was a marvelous idea to open the ship up to every scoundrel, murderer, thug and psychotic zealot on this planet. he didn't like it. it was a recipe for disaster. and he had told her so, and as usual she laughed at him. So he posted the damn flier all over the District. Which was why he was now fighting his way through the mass of people and animals to get to the prearranged sign up spot, meaning the Merc Guild's main c
  16. The date is 14th of August on the year 2048 as the sun sets on New DC as Cafe Realms begins it's dinner shift on the second entertainment block overlooking the river covered by ice and snow from the raging nuclear enhanced winter outside the New DC mega city building. New DC is an attempt at reducing the human foot print by building a super building that would house over 30 million people stretching over eight miles in circomfrence and stands over a mile and a half into the atmosphere. Each block is seven stories tall. One entire floor is the ceiling for levels 1-3 and the floor
  17. Revonair, one of the most feared pirates known on the seas, feared for his heartless, ruthless nature, and his ship; The Devil's Rose. Having built her himself putting his blood and sweat into making her he gave her life. She was loyal to him as a daughter was to a father and did his bidding as he tore through the port towns. After nearly 30 years of his tyranny he had conquered the seas and with the help of The Rose become the most feared pirate known to anyone, but...Rose had seen enough. Revonair had a black heart and cared for no one and nothing, save for his gold. In the end, she grew tir
  18. Kayin Cloud

    Sign Up UFO

    [Rated M-for possible mature content] We don't exist. Not one of us does. We have no past, no family, no hometown to call our own. We don't exist. We have no birth date, no social security number, no finger prints. We don't exist. We were born, raised, and we will die in this job. Our only recognition will be a grave marker with our names on them. We don't exist... After the year 2030 AD, the world began to advance quicker than anyone fathomed to be possible. Science over took everything, imagination and creative thinking out weighed logic, and mankind was given wings. But with all of
  19.  Over the years people have been oblivious, blissfully so as a matter of fact. But truth is, the world is not as pleasant and sweet as most would like to believe it is. You see there are things that do threaten people, their very lives, sometimes even their souls are on the line and none of them know. But we do, we keep track of everything out there that could, or is a threat to people. Now I know some think that the old myths, the old stories are just that, myths and stories...but truth be told, it's all real, and it's all right under their noses, maybe even in their houses. They read bo
  20. [i]They always say...that children can't do anything. We're about to prove that wrong. [/i]The building on the edges of the once splendid city was believed to be vacant. No one had gone that far into the city for many a year. However, it is here, in this supposedly empty tower that once held a magnificent enterprise, that our story begins. Now, everyone in this city was wrong about the building. It was not empty, though for everyone to think so meant that the inhabitants of this tower had done a very good job of keeping intruders away. If anyone was to-though no one ever did-travel
  21. [color="#000080"][font="Comic Sans MS"]All my life, things have happened that make no sense, I've lived through car crashes and falls that should have killed me, I've been stabbed, burned and even thrown off a roof...and I'm still here. I always just thought I was lucky, it had always been that way for me, to have extreme good luck. But than...a few years ago, things started to turn weird...my sight and hearing grew in strength, my sense of smell became better than the K9 unit of the local police force and worse than all of that...I became vicious. My rage and a
  22. You decide to become a spy because [Insert good reason here] and you ask one of your friends if they know about one. They tell you where it is and you ask how they know. They drug you and take you to the agency to be initiated. When you regain consciousness what do you do? Flare up and scream your head off at your friend? Or will you forgive your friend for taking you away in such a rude way? Or become more than friends? (Hint, hint.)   Rules   1.No godmodding 2.Romance (You can pass kissing by just a little. But don't over do it) Drama and Fighting ( No killing unless its ok wi
  23. Humans....a race looked down upon by many due to their nature of constantly fighting and killing each other. Animals is how we saw them. Animals that needed to be tamed and put to better use A use that our Empire could benefit from. That was how we saw them. That was how I saw them. My mission To go to Earth and prepare them for the coming of the Ascended. I saw them as simple savages. But as my recon was conducted I couldn't have been more wrong...   My name is Vastras Tayrun. I come from one of the three noble families that rule the Ascended Empire. What are the Ascended yo
  24. V.I.O.L.E.N.C.E. WARNING- This rp is open to graphic violence, intense language and sexual situations. â? Only one man has ever escaped from Hell. His name was Frederick Castle, and he was a serial killer. He earned his infamy by slaughtering each and every person in a small midwestern American town and writing his name across their foreheads in blood. He traveled across America, leaving a trail of carnage in his wake. After the fifth city, the country went into a state of panic, and a bounty was placed on Castleâ??s head. Castle, however, was a ghost, and despite years of hunting, law
  25. Naruto sat behind the desk, his brows furrowed in concentration as he picked up another piece of paper and looked it over, before laying it down and plucking another and doing the same. He repeated this action over and over. You can do that all you want Kit. The result will always be the same. 'I know Kurama...but this makes no sense. I killed him. I know I did.' He's not one to go down so easily. Even if a small amount of his chakra was left he would find a way to come back. 'I should talk to Bee about this...' It would be wise.   Naruto rose from his desk as the door slammed open
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