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What are you in your family?

In your family, you are ..............  

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  1. 1. In your family, you are ..............

    • the angel.
    • the demon.
    • the athlete.
    • the rebel.
    • the bookworm.
    • the comedian.
    • the musician.
    • the "brains."
    • the artist.
    • the emotional one.
    • the silent one.
    • none of these.
    • just myself.

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Me...I'm the brains. I'm always being invited to participate in a bunch of academic competitions, programs, and all that stuff. Not to mention I scored in the top 25% of the seventh and eight graders who took the SAT's this year, but I really dont mean to brag(seriously, I don't). Whenever someone needs help with something that requires intellegence, I'm there. Of course, it gets very boring.
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Well, i'm a combination of three. These 3 are ones you would never expect together. :P

[b]The Comedian:[/b] At home, you're the one who makes everyone laugh. At school, you're the class clown. At a dance, you're the life of the party telling your jokes. No one can help but to smile when you're around 'cause you're always goofing off. You're just the Funny Guy.

[b]The Artist:[/b] Art, photography, writing literature/RPG's, poetry, drawing, you just love art! You're very creative when it comes to this type of stuff, plus it's fun! What's not to like about art?

[b]The Emotional One:[/b] When something bad happens at school, you're depressed for the rest of the day. When something good happens to you, you're so happy and you're on top of the world! If your goldfish dies, you cry for hours. If you're angry, stand back! You're not afraid to let your emotions and feelings show---it's just who you are.

Example:(emotional) I was killed a centipede and heard its shell crack and I was sooo depressed! Weird...but what can I say? I'm sensitive [i]and[/i] funny! It's a good combination.

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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by digitalshadow [/i]
[B] It's my fault really since I always answer "Fine," to the question "How was your day?".

....As goes for 99% of teenagers.

I said Artist, yet at times I can be a rebel *wink, points at name*

I am the most intelligent i.e. Tests, IQ, pure brain power. My brother makes better grades (yes even higher A's). And yes I [i]mean[/i] to brag (I don't try to though)
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[b]The Angel:[/b] I'm very trustworthy in the family.
[b]The Demon:[/b] Well, that's the other side of me that many don't know. I'm good at hiding bad stuffs, and a great liar.
[b]The Rebel:[/b] I don't use verbal, but I use my action. If I don't like it, I don't do it.
[b]The Bookworm:[/b] I love books.
[b]The Comedian:[/b] Sometimes only.
[b]The Musician:[/b] I play piano, flute, and clarinet.
[b]The Brains:[/b] This goes with the devil side of me. I always came up with bad idea.
[b]The Artist:[/b] I write poem and stories.
[b]The Emotional One:[/b] For most of the time.
[b]The Silent One:[/b] I'm extremely quiet.
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Well, let's see here...I write sometimes but I think Musician describes me the best. I'm the only one besides my younger brother, (not counting my cousins and their father,) that is dedicated enough to take the time to learn an instrument. Also, my goal is to learn how to play at four instruments, and I like songs that either have a nice melody or good lyrics.
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Well... Like most others, I fall into a lot of the catergories -- but I feel a need to justify myself ^_^;;

[b]The Bookworm[/b] - I've been involved in voting for several book-awards and, until recently, the only place to find me was in a book. Dratted exams... no time to read anything but textbooks O_O!
[b]The Comedian[/b] - This is more among friends than family, but friends are the "family you choose for yourself" so... yeah... I'm always the one to get all the laughs, do all the funny/stupid stuff, and the one to twist an idea out of reasonable proportion...
[b]The "Brains"[/b] - So far... my family have been able to boast about my excellent grades... O_o I'm hoping this trend continues!
[b]The (bad) Artist[/b] - My curse... Desperately wanting to draw manga/anime... and being physically incapable... ~_~;; and don't get me started on non-cartoon drawing! That's even worse!!
[b]The Emotional One[/b] - I cry at [i]ANYTHING[/i] - honest I do... and I get worked up really easily... angry/irritated so easily it's not funny
But at the end of the day, just like everyone else, I am really [b]just myself[/b]! ^_____^;;

Six categories... I picked "comedian" though... It's the most true to life ^___^
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I am te artist of the family. I guess that is because I have thousands of drawings laying around my room. I am also the silent one. I never rally every talk to my parentsmuch and I never talk to new in person first. I always wait for them to makethe first move. I am just the exact opposite online though...
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