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Sinarescence [Rated R]- Sign Up

Dragon Warrior

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[b]Sinarescence:[/b] the fall of all angels and the dawn of darkness. That?s the definition of this fear-provoking word. It was made for the one event that was the most devastating and horrendous, yet is the name of the one event that no one knew existed. There is a world called [I]Middlore[/I] where people like us live out their lives in peace and normality. The people who inhabit this world are called Middlings, also named Middlites or ?Humans?. Humans. Ah yes, you?re familiar with that term. You are a human. They?re humans. You are both humans because you are both just alike.

Though you?re the same, their world of Middlore is not. Religion is not something they have, though the constant question of where they go after they die plays in the minds of every resident in Middlore. They do have a belief comparable to religion, though. The belief in Angels. Angels, to them, are guardians of the skies that are constantly watching over the Middlings and making good things happen. What the Middlings didn?t know was how right they were.

It was true that angels existed. In fact, they always have since the dawn of time. The Angels are what make good things happen in Middlore. If someone finds a hundred dollars on the sidewalk and nobody claims it, it was an act of the angels. If someone survived a deadly disease and lived on without any side effects, it was an angel. Angels were the true ?good luck? and have always been.

But unnoticed by both Middling and Angel alike were the Demons. Demons, spawns of a hell-like universe locked away from the Court of Angels and Middlore, are devious creatures that have features straight out of nightmares. Middlings believed they were real, but didn?t actually have proof, just like the angel theory. Rumors of them are that if you look straight at one, you will die of fright. And it was possible since no one actually was able to test it. The demons, like angels, never died from old age and lived for centuries in their dark world until the time was right to emerge. A large army of them awaited the completion of the Eye of Sinarescence, which was vowed to be the destruction of the angels and the naissance of pure iniquity. What was the Eye? It was a glass orb about three times the size of a human head and twice as heavy as a middling body. It had shocks of dark lightning zipping through it with evil ghouls and demon monsters accompanying it. All the demons of the Demon Court had taken a piece of their soul and put it into the orb to make it?s mission to destroy the angels possible. Though, it took 3000 years to do it, the demons had finally completed the Eye of Sinarescence and were about to use it without the angels noticing.

The orb presented the location in Middlore that the demons had to place it so it could summon the Sinarescence. So the demons leapt out of their hellish world and entered into Middlore, scaring the middlites as they did. They then climbed to the top of a high cliff in the middle of a large city like the orb commanded and prepared to place the Eye on it?s pedestal. But as they climbed, the angels grew aware of the demon?s rampage on the humans since all the humans were scared to death. So, figuring out the demons were summoning the Sinarescence, the armies of angels flew down from their Court and began vanquishing the demons.

It was a glorious war between the two, but the demons outnumbered the angels and were stronger as well. The angels stood no chance and soon, they would be gone and the world would be swarmed in darkness. How? Since the angels make all the things in Middlore that are good, if they aren?t around anymore, nothing good would happen. And if only bad happens, then evil reigns and so do demons.

So the demons were almost to victory. To make things worse, some demons turned some angels into arch angels. Now, the arch angels joined forces with the demons and fought their own blood. The angels were being ?black-winged? (when an angel becomes an arch angel, their wings go from white to black) and the demons were annihilating most of the angels. The demon leader stood atop the high cliff and placed the Eye on the pedestal tip. There was a sudden rumble and the world shook with great force. The humans went dead silent as a large flash emerged from the Eye, blinding everyone for a moment. The Sinarescence began!

All the fighting stopped. Everything was dead silent aside from the Eye itself. The clouds above erupted in a red swirl, like an artist taking a wet brush and churning the colors around. The angels (not including arch angels) felt sudden throbbing in their bodies and felt the cold hand of death approaching. Then, from the crowd of humans came a middling. This was no ordinary middling. It had white wings twice as big as any angel?s and a long, glowing sword of light. It flew up to the cliff of the Eye at lightning speed and darted around the pedestal. Then, the middling brought it?s sword tip down into the Eye and caused an explosion of light. Shards of the broken orb flew everywhere and everyone fell back apart from the flying middling.

Angels who were just previously fighting demons looked on in amazement as the demons were slowly melting away into nothingness, screaming in great pain as they did. It was not ?til later did the angels find out that since the demons put their souls into the orb, when the orb was destroyed, so were they. The orb also wasn?t able to be destroyed, but it seems that only the sword of the flying middling was it?s executioner. After all the demons were gone and the world went back to peace, the angels rejoined one another, as did the arch angels. It seemed the world was annihilated in the whole attempt to stop the Sinarescence, but it would be able to start anew on account that there were new people created by the heavens to start life all over again. The angels would have to once more be the guardians.

The arch angels pleaded for mercy and gave their allegiance to the angels afresh. Since they were angels, the angels accepted them back in and two courts were made: The Court of Angels, and the Court of Arch Angels. The two alliances joined forces and caused good things to happen for the New Middlore. The death of the old Middlore was the year 3000 O.M. (Old Middlore) and the birth of the new one was 1 N.M. (New Middlore).

But the angels were unwise to allow the arch angels back in. For on the day of the defeat of the demons, the arch angels gathered the shattered pieces of the orb and flew to their new home to rebuild the Eye of Sinarescence. They slowly put their souls into the sphere like the demons once did and plan to succeed this time in destroying all pure angels. But they wouldn?t be foolish like the demons and fail. After the explosion, the winged Middling disappeared. The angels named it The Policidal, which meant ?Bringer of Evil?s Demise?. The arch angels knew the Policidal would return once more to vanquish the Eye so by putting a little more of their souls into the orb (though, it weakened their strength more), they were able to sniff out the Policidal before they even complete the Eye of Sinarescence. That way, they can kill the Policidal and have the angels at their knees. It?d take centuries, even millenniums to make the orb once more, but with the angels believing they have a tight alliance with the arch angels, slipping right behind their backs wouldn?t be a problem. The arch angels had it all in their grasp:

The fall of all angels and the dawn of darkness.
Okay, that?s the storyline. Long, yes. Confusing, possibly. Took a while to plan, damn straight! And now it?s time for signups. Here?s the tricky deal. The RPG will take place in the year 1999 N.M. It?s not going to be like what our 1999 looked like. It?s gonna be like what London looked like back in the 1800?s with horse and carriage and top hats and fancy clothing and such. Kind of a gloomy age with cobblestone roads and long streets of tall, dark-looking houses. If you?re not sure what it looks like, look up London in 1800?s and you?ll know. It?s vital that you do!

Also, the storyline is taking place just as the orb is being completed and the arch angels figure out the location of the Policidal. They will be soon coming to kill them. Here?s the fun part! Someone gets to play the Policidal! The deal is, the Policidal has no idea they [I]are[/I] the Policidal and had no idea that angels/arch angels existed. In fact, the Policidal doesn?t believe in that shiz. Odd, right? Make sure to remember that if you play as them. All the other parts will be angels. If you do not want to be a policidal, you play as an angel. Don?t expect to be the angel to save the universe neither. You will simply be carrying out important parts of the storyline as the Court of Angels gradually tries to defeat the Court of Arch Angels. Big thing here is that the Policidal will have a much larger signup since they are, in fact, a middling. That means they get an age, background history, personality of lots of sorts, etc. Us angels have lived since the dawn of time and all our background history is just causing good things to happen in Middlore. If you are an angel in this, then you did experience the first attempt at the Sinarescence so if you wanna use that when making your personality, go ahead. Just remember, angels are good guys, not bad. You don?t have an attitude where you run around and sock a guy in the jaw because he says you smell like rotten bagels. You?ll wanna keep all these things in mind when making your bio.

I?ll be doing what I like to call ?Making the Cut?. You post your bio and after I say there are enough entries, I choose a number out of the entries to be in the RPG. That means you may not be in the RPG even if you sign up! But that also means just because someone has already posted a bio to be the Policidal doesn?t mean you can?t do the same. They are also in competition to be the Policidal. Just don?t get your hopes up. I suggest only signing up if you roleplay well, know the rules of the boards, are a good writer, and understand the plot/setting. But naturally, you may ask questions if you wish. Anyone can have questions. I just mean don?t signup if you?re totally clueless on this. It is a confusing storyline at times and takes a real content roleplayer to do this RPG. It is rated R because I?m allowing swearing and lots of violence/gore. But for God sakes, no sex. I don?t wanna show this up to be some kind of horn-fest. Sexual crap isn?t needed anyways. That also means don?t start posting sexual/sex-related crud in your bios. You won?t be accepted then.

I?ll post my bio in a bit, but for now, here are the signup sheets.

[b]If you wanna be the Policidal:[/b]

[u]Name:[/u] (normal human name. No Japanese. Something like ?Mark Jakens? or ?Lucy Vander?)
[u]Age:[/u] (You?re an adult. Make sure you age yourself properly =D)
[u]Appearance:[/u] (Post a picture if you want. If not, just describe your looks. Clothes are optional)
[u]Personality:[/u] (The way you act. Recall that you don?t believe in angels/arch angels)
[u]History:[/u] Your life before 1999 N.M.

[b]If you wanna be an Angel:[/b]

[u]Name:[/u] (Angels don?t possess last names. Make it sound kind of angely like ?Azaratha? or ?Koreilin?)
[u]Appearance:[/u] (Post a picture if you want. If not, just your looks. If you talk about your clothing, don?t think human clothes. Think black trench coats or dark violet robes or whatever. You?re an angel now. Not a street punk.)
[u]Personality:[/u] (The way you act is who you are. This will be the most creative part of your signup. Make it count. But remember that angels aren?t badasses.)

That should cover it all. I also want to mention that angels use swords and arch angels use large scythes. If I think of anything that I missed, I?ll post it here under an EDIT section. Enjoy.
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Name: Ezekiel
Appearance: see attachment
Personality: He Is ever vigelent and will remain untill he Is sure that he has done what must be done. He may seem 'vicious' at times but always has good intentions. He prefers to face things head on but will resort to a more subtle aproach if necassary.
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[color=009966]Gah! I have to go. MUST TYPE QUICKLY!!!

[b]Name:[/b] Vinlysaii (goes by Lysaii)

[b]Appearance:[/b] Something like the attachment, only with golden hair instead of white

[b]Personality:[/b] Lysaii had always been a tomboy....that is, before the War. She loved the idea of all the action, fighting, and suspense, but she soon found what it was really like to fight. She learned to kill, and she learned the true meaning of "war." A significant change came upon her after the Eye was destroyed. She is now very quiet and kind, and she tries to uphold the peace that she once thought was boring and monotonous. She is always willing to help her friends and try to act optimistic. Some of the former Arch Angels think of her as a "sissy."

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[color=blue][size=1]Sounds like fun!! I always enjoy your RPG's DW.

[b]Angel Sign-up[/b]-

Name: Nienna

Appearance: See attachment

Personality: She's very shy around... pretty much everyone. Once she gets to know someone, she will act very kind and friendly to them. When dragged into a battle, she becomes serious and very powerful. She prefers fighting alone, but will accept help when she knows she needs it.

Hope that's good. Later.[/color][/size]
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Name: James Wallace
Age: (21
Appearance: (see pic
Personality: He is evil guy he torments all who comes around him. Some people really question if he is human. And he acts lke that in his good moods.
History: He was a convict,at a maxium secured prison until he killed everyone in there. He then began a crime regin in the streets of LA, where he was on top. He became rich and powerful.[img]http://www.elysian-anime.net/sdkyo/images/kyoshiro.jpg[/img]
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Name: Mike Jenkins

Age: 30

Appearance: Green eyes, and brown hair is what you will first notice about Mike, possibly. Or you will first notice the scar on the left side of his face. Maybe even his 6'3" height. But what you will notice, is the way he moves. He moves with a fluid like motion, his muscles rippling to give an eerie effect.

Personality: Good humored man. But can he argue. He will argue it is day time when it is midnight if given the chance. He doesn't support religion, and makes a point to put it down every chance he gets.

History: Mike Jenkins had a simple life. His parents cared for him, and he did the chores. It wasn't that hard of a life, until his father's accident.

His father had to stop working altogether because of the accident. When that happened the man changed. He didn't try to do anything for himself, and had Mike do it for him. Mike went through this for five years until his father died. Then everything was back to normal.

Mike never married, though the chance arose many times. He would get near to marrying a woman, and he would chicken out at the last minute.

Now he is just a simple farmer, making a good living.

(Good enough? I hope so, I was a little unsure on how to make the Polocidal.)
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Nice. Very nice. Still gonna need some more signups :)

Here's mine. I be an angel.

[b]Name:[/b] Sariyah
[b]Appearance:[/b] See attachment. I doodled it myself and blurred the image to give it an eerie sense.
[b]Personality:[/b] Sariyah is just an angel. He's been around since the dawn of time, watching the middlings grow and die and slowly die a little in his own way. After centuries of doing nothing, but good, you'd believe an angel would revoke, but they don't. Instead, they keep it within themselves and Sariyah's feelings are slowly slipping out like blood from a wound.

Sometimes he skips his shift of doing good deeds and just wanders the cities of Middlore, watching over it. Then he'd bring out his wings from their hiding place and take flight. He's not just an angel, after all. He's one that takes in solitude more than anything else and has earned a spot on the Court of Angels as a protector. It's not a very high rank, but if he's needed to protect a certain middling, he's assigned to them and guards them with his own life.

Little does he know he's about to be assigned to protect the new Policidal.
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[COLOR=royalblue]Name: Eschele

Appearance: Voila

Personality: She's been chained up for a long time. And even though she can remember a time when she wasn't helpless..... .....she doesn't think she'll ever be free. She can be happy, even though moving gives her great pain, and she is hopefull, that someday a warrior will free her bonds and let her fly once more. As of now, she is calm and quiet, waiting patiently. Her whole life has been waiting.[/COLOR]
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Here I am to get in the RPG. Hhmmm. Not a smooth ring at all. Ah well... here I go.

Name: Ophidian
Appearance: Dark grey eyes, tousled brown hair, slightly bronzed skin. He wears a long plain white robe, tied about the middle with a cord of sliver finest. This robe has a reputation for being the cleanest garment ever invented. Even in the thick of battle it as never beared a grain of dirt nor a drop of blood. It has been likened to armour, for the grasping claws of the infidel demons would not touch it, and besmirch it, no matter how hard they tried.

Personality: Calm and aloof, getting the most pleasure from simple deeds of good. No big showy miracles from him... it is the little things that count to him. However, deep within him lurks the warrior psyche... and he is ferocious in battle. He once occupied the position of the 'Holy Wind' but stepped down from that, to get back 'down to roots'.

Weapon: Ophelia. Forged in the pools of Heaven, hammered from the hearts of stars, Ophelia is the perfect counterbalance to Ophidian himself. Iron blade, acid etched, leather-grips, she is a sword among swords.
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[size=1][b]Name:[/b] Tilion

[b]Appearance:[/b] Tilion is an Angel of great beauty. His handsome face is thin, giving no thought to indulgence of any kind. His nose is small, lips thin, but eyes of great light, as if all the brilliance of heaven in encased within. His blonde hair is long and in intricate braids, which cascades down his back from his strong, golden helmet, which is by far more dazzling than the most noble and rich mortal king. His silver armor is etched with complex designs written in green. The most notable is two leaves on his breastplate falling toward his torso. His armor stops halfway down his thigh, surrendering to spirals of grass weaving that lead down to his sandals. His wings, very large and with some of the same weaving of his sandals, fold out into a span far more brilliant than any eagle.

[b]Personality:[/b] Tilion is a proud angel, posessing what the Middlings call 'chivalry'. This trait might have been developed from his orders; his superiors in the Court of Angels assigning him to protect the underdog. This has developed a sort of pity towards the lesser beings. He obeys his orders to their full extent, never going out of the line of duty.

In his down-time, Tilion chooses to help the poor and un-influental. Those people being the home-less and the simple peasants who work the field. This perhaps is the reason his superiors in the Court are considering having him protect the Policidal.

OOC: I used my appearance from another RP with angels; I felt it was good enough to do myself justice in this.[/size]
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Okay. radaghast, I like yours a lot since you gave me an idea. :D I may use you yet.

Baron, since all angels have the same weapon, a plain sword, there's no need to distinguish a weapon =/

And Raiha, I'm not sure I understand your sign up. Is she literally locked up or just inside her head and she can't take being stuck in the Court of Angels?
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[color=royalblue]Opps, sorry. It's all in her head. She thinks that she's been chained by the wings, and that they've been turned into stone. And this comes from a very nasty experience with some very dark personage named Apollyon. She sits in the Court of Angels, in a corner, unmoving, and in the position shown.

Most likely one of you would be able to snap her out of it.[/color]
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[b]Name:[/b] Uriel (Fire of God)

[b]Appearance:[/b]One of the wisest of the Symphony, Uriel holds great depth in his stormy grey eyes. His features are solmn, with a firm set jaw and strong cheekbones. His dark brow knitted in thought, he exudes wisdom and control. Long dark hair flows down upon his shoulders, silver threads woven throughout giving him an aged appearance even though he remains forever youthful. A jeweled band adorns his forehead, making him appear regal to most Middlings who would look upon him.

Uriel wears a brilliant silver chain-mail jerkin with gilded gold trim. A long pleated white skirt covers flowing white trousers in the style of the Arabs, his feet are bare. His feathered wings, ivory white in colour, unfurl into a proud and intimidating wingspan, shining in the golden sunlight.

[b]Personality:[/b] When the War came upon the heavens, Uriel was outraged. Discord had entered into the pure Symphony as the result of deliberate action, something which had never before happened. His injured Word resonated within him. This injury has never truly healed and Uriel bears a great sorrow within him because of it. However, as an angel his duty overtakes all personal frailties and as an angel he his compelled to be compasionate and protecting to all who are his wards. Favouring those of a scholarly nature Uriel holds knowledge and wisdom above all other virtues.
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[color=#518CBD][size=1]Well I intended to sign up for this much sooner but I finally can post now.

[b]Name:[/b] Icarium

[b]Appearance:[/b] [i]See Attachment[/i] Those are Icarium's normal threads when he is down on Middlore. He mostly works with his brother Sariyah [hope you don't object Gavin] only Icarium is more of a generalised good fortune spreader than his sibling and will not usually stick to one person unless they have one miserable life, and there have been a few.

When up in the Court along with the others he will usually don the usual long mystic white robes and the purple velvet cloak over it, along with the long majestic wings. Where as on Middlore he prefers to go incognito and blend in while he does his stuff. That's not to say he doesn't enjoy flying about the place on his wings he just doesn't think it appropriate to do around the middlings.

[b]Personality:[/b] Icarius like every other Angel has been around since the dawn of time, he participated in the war against [b]The Eye[/b] and against the Demons and personally slew Azrael one of the Demon Lords with his hammer [b]Helios[/b]. He was one of only a handful of Angels to face-off against an Arch-Angel and their betrayal has left him very suspicious of them even after two thousand years.

It was after the beginning of New Middlore that he decided to lay down [B]Helios[/b] and relinquish his position as a Guardian of the Court. Many of the other Angels were surprised by his reaction but respected his decision and allowed him to take up his current position as a Watcher of the Middlings. Unlike his brother Sariyah he has never grown tired of his work, on the contrary he thoroughly enjoys helping others and allowing them to lead a better life than the originally had.

When he returns to the Court to await his next instructions he takes the time to see upon an old friend called Eschele who seems have drifted away all together. Icarium like his brother has no idea that he will be called upon to guard the Policidal and to wield [b]Helios[/b] against the forces that would destroy all he has worked to create and help grow.[/color][/size]
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Name: Ariyel

Appearance: She has a slender jaw and high, smooth cheek-bones. Light gray eyes exude her inner strength and wisdom, while a flitting smile indicates her fanciful nature and curiosity. She has light, delicate hair that floats like gossamer around her shoulders, and it's shorter than most angels'. A simple, thin silver diadem adorns her hair. Her robes are plain, but at the same time graceful and light, with a delicate silver chain around her slender waist. Her sword is smaller than average, and is kept within easy reach on the silver chain.
Around her neck on another delicate chain are two rings: one made from black gold, and the other a soft, rosy-colored metal. Her wings are lighter and smaller than most, and instead of just a pair, she in fact has two pairs on her back.

Personality: Ariyel is not shy but sometimes mysteriously quiet, instilling a curiosity in others. She's quite wise and knowledgeable, as she likes to learn from Uriel. She doesn't like to judge others, but instead accepts them immediately on their word. Trustworthy and whimsical, Ariyel has been entrusted to keeping the Dawn and the Rainbow, both of which are her responsibilities to release and lead. The two rings on the chain around her neck are the sign that she is the keeper of both. Her flitting, delicate smile is almost mischievous, and she has a curious and cheerful nature. She loves the rain, because she likes to spread the Rainbow.
With her four light wings, she is the quickest angel in the heavens, and has therefore been appointed as the official Messenger of Heaven. As she goes delivering various messages, she likes to take detours through somber households on Middlore, spreading her quiet cheer and putting a dance in their steps.
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I suppose Dragon Warrior.. but please *gets down on knees* if Lynx has Helios... please. Heh. I don't care if all Angel swords are made that way... but from other signups here I see a variety among weapons and other such properties.

It's up to you... but I really would rather keep it like that. It isn't magic or anything though ~_^.
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[size=1]Right, this is not supposed to be the Policidal. Just another random human - permission from Mr. Dragon Warrior. I?ll have you know that this has made me feel very.. Charles Dickens-ish.

[b]Name:[/b] Julianne Stone

[b]Age:[/b] 26

[b]Appearance:[/b] A slender, lithe woman, Julianne may be shorter than just the average woman but she keeps her chip up. Creamy skin, smoky-green eyes, and you can almost always expect to see a smile on her face. Her dark brown curls are thick and wild and are usually pulled back in a tight plait of some kind. After a couple hours, though little pieces start to fall out, so very often she?ll be wearing some sort of cap or bonnet. Her dresses are always dark in color, and her fingers are often smudged in ink.

[b]Personality:[/b] Above all else, Julianne is an extremely optimistic person. She believes that there is good everywhere, and in everyone, and tries her best to always see that. Extremely supportive and protective of her friends, she often puts their well-being in front of hers, which isn?t always a good thing. She also has quite a fanciful imagination, and likes to keep an open mind about things. Occasionally she?ll pretend to have a conversation with an Angel, as it?s always slightly amusing and it makes her feel better. She does believe in them, and joking aside, is pretty devout about it. Julianne loves all things artistic as well, especially writing.

[b]History:[/b] She grew up with her Aunt because of a shady accident that killed her parents, and spent most of her life away at boarding school. Julianne was very young when her parents were killed, so she?s not entirely sure what happened ? usually she just made something up. That was the start of her wild imagination, and also her writing career. She enjoyed writing very much, and found that not only could she explain things, she could also find solace through it.

Eventually she finished school, and began taking on a number of odd jobs to help her Aunt out, including delivering groceries to old ladies, tutoring children, cleaning, and whatnot(and there was that one time she tried the tavern job but that didn?t work out so well). On the side, she writes and sells what she can so that it may be published. Eventually.

Meh, short.[/size]
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[size=1][color=999999][B]Name:[/B] Cassandra Pyrin

[B]Age:[/B] 24

[B]Appearance:[/B] See attachment

[B]Personality:[/B] Isolated, cold, and distant. Yet, fearless, manipulative, and determined. At the same time, sophisticated, polite, and well-mannered. No one knows her true personality and no one lived to tell.

[B]History:[/B] Cassandra lives in a large mansion with her creatures and herself. No one dares enter through the gates for they say it is cursed. But, she believes in no such things. But, those who entered were lured into the house and never left. No one left the mansion to tell the tales of Cassandra Pyrin. All else about her life was and still is a mystery. She sits in the house wondering if she will ever be broken from the curse that they say is upon her. She hopes someone will come and let light through the dark, dim halls of the Pyrin Mansion.[/size][/color]
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Name: Ether

Appearance: See attatchment

Ether has a good idea of what he wants from life and he does everything to a manner in which he thinks is fair towards the humans. He is a very generous angel and is not agrivated easily at all. Even though Ether is such a gentle Angel, he learned the way of the sword at a young age incase of any problems with the peace. He goes forward and does things quikly and uses his head, a very intelligent angel that likes to get things over and done with...hope thats allright
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Well, that's enough signups, definately. I got online today and was overwelmed :) Now then, I have selected the people for the RPG and I don't wanna see any disappointed faces of those who don't get in.

Vinlysaii- Played by Deedlit
Sariyah- Played by Myself
Eschele- Played by Raiha
Icarium- Played by Lynx
Ophidian- Played by Baron Samedi

[u]The Policidal[/u]
Mike Jenkins- Played by Dmitri_Dragoon

Julianne Stone- Arcadia

I happened to choose the ones best suited for the RPG because they had destinct personalities and such that could possibly do some major damage in the RPG, if ya know what I mean ;) ;) And if you don't know what I mean, I mean that their profiles could make the plot interesting.

I'm truely sorry to those who didn't make it. I'll start the RPG very soon now so look for it!
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