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Final Fantasy X vs. Final Fantasy X-2


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I don't believe that there is already a thread like this here, so, here it is! I've owned and finished both Final Fantasy X games (FFX and FFX-2) and kinda started to compare both of them.

So here's the deal: [I]Which of the two games do you think is better, and why?[/I] (and by the way, un-justified responses will be deleted)

If you want to read this quite long response, this is MY answer:

In MY personal opinion, I do believe that Final Fantasy X-2 was a bit of a let down (despite the very much improved graphics and dubbing) when you compare it to it's prequel. I don't care about the small cast, only a few FMV sequences, and almost completely different battle system; I just feel like FFX was a better game...and a longer one.
FFX had a really solid, kinda deep storyline that kinda left you thinking; FFX-2...well, there isn't much of a storyline, you just run around trying to find some links to Tidus. In the fifth charpter, however it gets kinda good and a little more in-depth (if you go to the Den of Woe and have completed all other side quests pretaining to Lenne and Shouyin) and end up having to save Spira...again (maybe if the game had started around there and kept going digging in a little depper to Luna/Tidus and Lenne/Shouyin linkage and plot developement it would be on the same playing field as Final Fantasy X).
Also, when I first started the play FFX-2 I was all like "....wow, this is SOO easy". There really aren't many new enemies, and for some reason they seem to have gotten [I]weaker[/I] for no apparent reason. Maybe I was just use to the incredible hardness of some enemies in FFVIII and some really annoying bosses from other games, but I found the random encounters and even the bosses to be quite the pushover...well, that is OUTSIDE of Via Infinito...we'll just leave that out *lol*.

...I don't even want to mention about what they did to Blitzball...

Well, I've been going on about those few topics that I kinda forgot where I was going with this...(I have [B]bad[/B] short-term memory) um, well, besides the storyline, difficulty, and *left eyebrow twitches twice* blitzball, although I think I mentioned this above: there was a dramatic decrease in the gameplay time, if you're going by the main story paths. Just about everything that would make FFX-2 kinda long would be doing all the side quests. There weren't many side quests in FFX, but the things that you were required to do to progress the story, basically owned FFX-2 in the first five minutes, *lol* (I know that's a bit of an stretch, but heh, whatever). And the sidequests to do were somewhat longer than the ones in FFX-2 (except for the whole Crimson Spheres, Via Infinito, and digging in the desert).

--[I]That's just my opinion, I could be wrong.[/I]

So, well, I think that that is long enough. I could probably go on and on and on, but I'll just leave it at that, I got to leave stuff for other people to mention *lol*. Now, on to what [B]you[/B] have to say!!
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[COLOR=Gray][SIZE=1][FONT=Century Gothic]
Final Fantasy X.

Final Fantasy X-2 was a let down. They butchered blitzball, the battles, and the storyline basically sucks. X is more in-depth, and easier for beginners since it's turn based action, not active time.

I would love X-2 for thier Active time. But the time to use the commands such as items, slowed down the abttle, making it WORSE then the sluggish controls of 7. I'm sorry, but I'm impatient, and I'm not wasting 10 seconds on a battle waiting for a friggin Hi-Potion to kick in!!!!!

X-2 is a LOT harder to complete. As you have to do all this vitually never ending missions o do something. The only thing "fun" about this game is Via Infinito. Troma is one heck of a being!

X was harder. In a fun way. Blitzball was the best thing, and X-2 butchered it. X had Jecht Shot 1 and 2, and had the legendary Tidus as a player. You couldn't have Wakka as a player in X-2, but in X you could. Most of the table turner players aren't there. So blitzball should've been cutted off from X-2, but no, Square Enix had to make it "better" in better, meaning adding meaningless abilities and adding crappy players to take place of Tidus, Wakka ect. ect.

X is the Final Fantasy I love. THere was no wait in commands, there was no frustrating moments when enemy's kill you, and you can play as MANY cahracters instead of 3, which was FF traditional of some sort. X revolutionized the Final Fantasy series. X-2 in my opinion ruined the Final Fantasy name.
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I dont think X revolutionised the series, if anything it was just another addition, if you look back through previous FFs, alot of new things were tried out, such as Materia, Junctioning, Jobs etc, even summons at one point were new.

But i agree that X is the better of the two, although i like the battle system somewhat im not too keen on the rest of the game itself, i havent played Blitzball in FFX-2 yet but i loved it and spent many hours on it on X.

X had a much better story and it was easier to grasp because of the 'straight through' type of feel where as FFX-2 has this 'stop-start' feel to it. Im not saying i hate FFX-2 but from what ive played so far i doubt after i finish i'll be coming back for more.

There are many good points about FFX-2 but the bad points out weigh the good IMO.
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This is like chiming in to the same tune, but I agree, X is better than X-2.

I Liked X-2, but not as much as the other FF games. Usually I play through the first time without any help from guides or the internet and then get the Strategy Guide and play through getting all the stuff I missed. In X-2 I lost my motivation the second time around. That is the first time that's ever happened.

It is still a great game, and I'm very glad that it wasn't too much like Final Fantasy X. Just the supreme girliness of it, and all the costume changing is fantastic. They should have put in a DDR-like minigame and it would have fit in perfectly. It wasn't very challenging, and the missions weren't that great because there weren't enough new areas. I think they could have done more with the story too, like let you play through part of the game as Lenne in the past, something similar to VIII.
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I've played both and beaten both, but the decision is VERY hard to make in my point of view:

In FFX, the story line is great...at least the world is not gonna be destroyed like usual. Its not that complicated to figure out, but its deep and inertwines with a few of the main characters. In FFX-2, the story line is short, and the 'worlds gonna be destroyed, gotta save it!' scenario is crap....but the shear fact that further into the story line, you may begin to think....when was Vegnagun built? Who built him? Was this building going on during FFX?...the list goes on....but FFX wins here...

I liked the battle system of FFX, but the system of X-2 got me...gaining EXP to level up, learning new abilities with AP, and with the difficulty of FF7 style turn based battles, this game keeps you on your feet and one wrong command can lead to certain death....even though FFX had a great, yet 'easy' battle system, FFX-2 is better....FFX-2 wins here...

~Game Time~
No need to explain...FFX wins hands down due to the amount of time it takes to go through the game. FFX-2 tells you when you completed something, making you advance further on. FFX didn't do that too well...you had to KNOW when to move on and the overall time (including side quests), made this game better than the sequal....FFX wins here...

Well, it looks like FFX is a better game in my opinion on account of winning 2 out of 3 parts. I like them both, but still, Final Fantasy X is the better one....-drools over Rikku-
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X-2, like you have said, was a bit of a let down. I was really hoping to play the game without using the same characters. As you can tell, that didn't happen. The story itself was a bit of a letdown. it just seemed that they were telling the Final Fantasy X story all over again. That's why I like Final Fantasy X better. It was no where near redundant and very cool to play through with a good story.

If I had to rate this game it would be:

Final Fantasy X: 10/10
Final Fantasy X-2: 7/10
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I actually liked Final Fantasy X-2 even though it wasn't that much of a since there were too many side tracks from the main objective, but it was also kind of fun to see the old characters living their lives after they defeated Sin and all. Plus, I love the opening credits in Final Fantasy X-2 where the fake Yuna was singing, it was awsome. But I also did love Final Fantasy X because as many of you said the main story lone was incredible and once you thought that the game was going to end it continued with a marvelous twist. I also liked the variety of players, but my favorite players would have to be Lulu and Kimari....they rock, what I didn't like about Final Fantasy X was the ending, that just made me mad.
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[quote name='Ariadyne']I just feel like FFX was a better game...and a longer one. [/quote]

[size=1][color=royalblue]I'm with this all the way. And it's because the "usual" FFX staff seemed a bit lacking. Uematsu was, I'm sure, working on XI and didn't do X-2's soundtrack, [i]which made me mad.[/i] Lol. I saw a significant difference in CG character design between the two games.

In X-2, Rikku looked like some Hispanic boy, and I didn't think Yuna looked all that pretty compared to FFX. I dunno--I really hated the CG.

And yeah, and I thought sequels were supposed to be better. The game was too short, and I say this because I love my RPGs 35-40+ hours, excluding all those side-quests.

With different staffs for each FFX game, there's definitely a difference. :( At least to me, anyway[/color][/size]
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I don't really think it is possible to compare both games. Though one is set after the other they are two completely different games. It is difficult to make any descisive points when it comes to comparing them. If I had to make a choice it would be that ffX. I believe that X-2 was something that they threw together to tie up the loose ends about what happened to Tidus at the end of X. This is because none of the previous FF game had and loose ends. It was clear what happened to all characters.
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I think they were both enthralling games in their own right. I think they were equal, but for different reasons. Both had great graphics FOR THEIR TIME, so you can't really compare the two because they came out years apart. I liked X-2's gameplay better, but X wins out on plot. So, they're even.

But either way, Tales of Symphonia and Baten Kaitos sets them both to shame.
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Final Fantasy x-2 was cool because of the J-pop and it was an all girl theme.
that's the only reason I bought it. :animeswea

Ten was better coz it was longer and it actually let you plan out your move.
But in X-2 you had to hurry up and change. :animeangr

But to me they were both cool ;)
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Final Fantasy X is definetly better than final fantasy X-2. i liked the battle system of X a lot better than X-2's. X was more startegy based since it was turned based, and although ff-x was cool since it was more actiony, i just didnt like it as much. and i though ffx-2 was much more short and easy, which is bad. Ffx was nice and long and challenging, how i like it, and i liked the characetrs a lot more too.
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[quote name='Ariadyne][I]Which of the two games do you think is better, and why?[/I'] [/quote][CENTER][SIZE=1]

Here is how I see it :

[SIZE=4][COLOR="red"][B] FFX Vs. FFX-2 [/COLOR][/b][/SIZE]


1. [i][b]Stronger Plot[/b][/i]
FFX has more of a storyline and you are first introduced to the characters and get to know their backgrounds. There is conflict and a struggle that each character has to go throw. Example : Rikku and her being accepted as an Al Bhed and having to live life as an outcast.
2. [i][b]Detailed Characters[/b][/i]
As I said up above you get to find out about more characters, not to mention the number of characters you get to play inside the game.
3. [i][b]Setting is Unique[/b][/i]
Everytime you enter into a new area, (example : The calm lands) there is always something or an action you have to do. There is also beating the temples, its like a never-ending mission.

1. [i][b]Fighting System[/b][/i]
The fighting system in FFX-2 is fantastic! you can move freely, and fight as fast as you want, making the battle alot easier and more exciting then in FFX. Definately a plus.
2.[i][b]Open Setting[/b][/i]
The setting of FFX-2 is basically this, you can go everywhere you want to! Its fun going back to all the places you fought so hard to get to in the first one, now you can kick back, have fun leveling up wherever you want, and do what you please. It really gives you a freedom.
3. [i][b]Dress Spheres[/b][/i]
Now I know many people don't even like dress sphere, I say why not? I know I enjoyed the Dress Spheres a whole lot better then the Sphere Grid in FFX. It's a personal opinion on this matter but I think it makes the game more fun and a whole lot easier for those who get confused easily.

To be Continued....(disadvantages)

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Final Fantasy X is by far the better game. Although X-2 wasn't terrible, it just wasn't as good as the original. I like to be able to play multiple characters and X-2 doesn't offer this. Sphere changes helps add to the variety, but its still not the same. I also believe the story was mediocre compared to the first. Although I enjoy discussing FF games, these two just aren't my favs, so I can't offer a long drawn out explanation.
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Ff-X was a mistake. The reason FF-X2 was so much better then FF10, is FF10 had pretty crappy characters. I got about three fourths of the way into that game and I just couldn't take Titus's dumbness anymore. Another thing that really pissed me off about FF10, is isn't Titus suppossed to be a superstar at that underwater soccer game? Well, when you finally have to control Titus and play it, he sucks!
Final Fantasy X-2(on the other hand) was a Shakespearean masterpiece. You just have to look past the silliness on the surface, deeper into the true makeup of the game. It's one of the deepest and most complex stories I've yet seen.
Therefore it go's to FF-X2
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I hated that god damned blitzball, probably the most horrible minigame in an FF series. The idea seemed fun and entertaining, but there was tons of math involved, for god sakes you needed a calculator just to be able to kick the ball *sighs angrily*
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[COLOR=Navy]I never really played either game through entirely. (only because I didn't own the console at the time and I was at a friend's house.)

FFX-2 was torture. I stopped playing ever since that time I had to hand out balloons to people. What fun is that? I didn't even want to play it because of the whole 'dress up' idea. The only reason why I tried it was because my friend made me.

FFX is a little bit more tolerable, but not by much. The plot is great, and I like Lulu, but I hate Tidus. I hate him with a passion.[/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=Blue]Let me just say this now: I love the Final Fantasy series. I always carry around DOS (Dawn of Souls, for the GBA) I've beaten VII, VIII, IX, X, and I would have gotten XI if I had an internet connection to my PS2 (add. I don't have X-box Live, either, for me, it's LAN parties or bust.) I'm always on the lookout for VI, V, and IV, even though I doubt I'd find them.

Still, this isn't about how much I love Final Fantasy. First, note how I didn't include X-2 among the games that I've beaten, because I despised X-2. It wasn't the battle system, even though that was a bit unbalanced (you could turn everyone into warriors, mash X, and every battle would be a victory.) that didn't bother me. It wasn't the candy-coated, convoluted, mushy story that didn't really get anywhere until 3/4 of the way through the game. That also didn't bother me. It wasn't the crappy techno music or the uninspired writing or even the dull, formulaic level-up system (that was a real letdown after X's sphere grid). It was that Square Enix sold out. That's it, Square sold out. They turned Yuna, a complex, easy to relate to character into a boring, preppy, fanservice woman. Same with Rikku. They didn't really change her, except that they removed about 90% of her clothing to appeal to the fanboys. Come on, people! You need to stop thinking about fanservice and start thinking about things that matter in a game, like, oh, gameplay? Many of you were too blinded by Rikku's bikini to notice that this game fails to live up to anything that Final Fantasy X laid down.

That's MY fanboy rant for the day, sorry if I seemed bullheaded or arrogant.

So...in my mind, there is absolutely no contest whatsoever between X and X-2. FFX was brilliant, from the story to the bosses (even though the final one was a tad bit dissapointing) to the level-up system to the cool, well-developed characters, it is second only to FFVII in the series (that I've played) and it actually surpasses Seven in many ways. This is probably just me, but I don't even, really, regard X-2 as part of the series. It's needless, pointless, and it comes about two inches (figuratively) from bastardizing Final Fantasy X. And that's really all I've got to say about that. [/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[FONT=Georgia][COLOR=SeaGreen]FFX and X-2 are both games that have a lot to do in them, and there are differences between the two. I thought in this thread we could discuss and compare both games, and also give out tips to those players who need a hand.
I guess I'll start with a tip: In order to get Gippal's sphere in X-2, you need to pin the Mi'ihen Highroad mystery on Rin. If you want anything more, I'll gladly post instructions.
This is my first thread, so I hope I'm doing this right. :animeswea [/COLOR][/FONT]

[color=#4B0082]I merged this with a previous thread, since they were pretty much on the same subject. - [i]Desbreko[/i][/color]
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[color=darkred]I prefer FFX, because I felt that there was more variety to take on. When I say variety, I'm not talking about mini-games and side quests, but the fact that FFX had more playable characters than FFX2... a lot more. I just got sick of using the same three characters over and over, even though they got complete make-overs whenever they changed jobs.

Overall, I think that both games are quite similar, but have their own differences. Though I think I had a lot more fun playing FFX.[/color]
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I would really have to say that FFX is better than FFX-2 because I really dont like the fact that you have to get complete percentage to see the ending movies. I mean, what if you cant do this one little thing and you cant get 100% and you cant watch all the movies? :animeangr That just makes me really mad. I mean, I like FFX-2, dont get me wrong, but, maybe they couldve done[I] without[/I] the completion percentage??
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkOliveGreen]No doubt. Hands down. FFX

Yeah, I hate to jump on the apparent bandwagon with this one, but, hey, FFX is simply the better of the two. Okay, so it didn't revolutionize the series in any particular way (apart from the voice dubbing, which, admittedly, FFX-2 does better.) but it's still much better than FFX-2. Honestly, I can't see what the deal was with the sequel. The combat was uninvolving and involved little strategy (a friend of mine had all three in warrior spheres, mashed X in every battle, and usually came out on top.) The writing was very unimpressive, and it felt to me like an entirely different team of people were handling the characters, they just didn't act or 'feel' the same. The soundtrack in FFX is beautiful, haunting, and melodious, whereas FFX-2 took down that brilliant foundation and threw it aside, tossing a boring, bad, 70's disco soundtrack (there's a few diamonds in this rough, but they're the exception, not the rule.) I'm not going off on some fanboy rant, or maybe I am, but that's not the point. FFX had a great story (boring, effeminate heroes nowithstanding) with a great soundtrack, a deep, intuitive level up system, and graphics that, for their time, were breathtaking, more so, in fact, than FFX-2 (in terms of chronology, FFX was released in 2002, and FFX-2 is barely an improvement, but it was released two years later!) and, well, it's just a lot more fun to play. It was compelling, FFX-2 was boring. It was serious and haunting, and FFX-2, well, I was ashamed to even be caught playing it, the asthetic was so childish and soulless.

I'm done now.

No contest. FFX takes the cake. [/COLOR][/SIZE]
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I would have to ssay bot, they were good games with similarities and differences I liked.

FFX-2: Had a kick-*** introduction that make you wanna download the song (which I did) and I liked the fast pace action when fighting that more than one person can fight at a time while the other waits for their meter to go up. On the first game the villian was sometimes allowed to go whenever he/she choose to. The dress-sphere's were kind of a new and awsome thing to look forward to since some of them looked funny, cool, sexy, and down right bad-***.

FFX: A marvel creation I though was better than FF7 (never really got through to it all, kind of lost interest). The graphics were out of sight and I liked the little movie cut-scenes. The story line was out of this world, when you thought the story was going to end it just lead on which a lot of poeple liked a lot. I liked the various characters that the person could play as ( my best three were Kimari, Lulu, and Yuna :catgirl: ) The villians were tough and thats whats expected from a game like this, it boke through the barrier of past Final Fantasy's for the new generation to come.
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