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Apartment Building C


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Forgive the title, I could not think of anything else, heh.

There is a small apartment building on the corner of a not-so-busy street. People rarely come to visit this apartment building due to its ramshackle looks and dirty rooms. Also, the building is infested with many rather seedy types of people, much to the chagrin of the landlord, Charlie. It's not his fault that cheap rent and dirty buildings attract a bunch of weirdos.

Charlie struggles from day-to-day in his apartment building, attempting to keep his sanity and get his work done. However, it seems that the forces of nature have it in for good 'ol Charlie, as his building is prone to natural (and not so natural) disasters. Under the constant pressure of the constant strange events that periodically force Charlie out of his room, coupled with the very annoying antics of his fellow tenants, Charlie will undoubtedly snap one day. This is the story of that journey into madness...


As you may or may not be able to tell (let's hope it's the former), this is meant to be a comedic RPG. The basic plotline follows the landlord, Charlie, and the other tenants of Apartment Building C in their day-to-day lives. Of course, this is no ordinary apartment building; it has the tendency to fall privy to many strange happenings, such as natural disasters, electrical blowouts, paranormal activity and stuff that would not be out of place in a sci-fi novel. Plus, other things. I'll think of that stuff along the way.

I'll, of course, be playing the role of Charlie, the landlord of the apartment building. Everyone else shall sign up as tenants. Feel free to make your characters as strange and bizarre as humanly possible, as long as they're funny. You can be just about anything you please: failed writers, out of work actors, fathers (or mothers) stuck paying child support, mad scientists, escaped convicts, starving artists and just about anything else that comes to mind. Unfortunately for Charlie, he lacks the means to run background checks on people, so he has no idea what the hell he's getting into when he lets people rent rooms in his apartment building.

Here's the basic sign-up form:

[b]Name:[/b] Your character's name.
[b]Gender:[/b] Their gender.
[b]Age:[/b] Their age.
[b]Description:[/b] A description of what your character looks like. You can either make a detailed description in text form or provide a picture, if you so desire.
[b]Biography:[/b] Short biography that tells the who, what, where, why and how of your character.
[b]Reason For Moving In:[/b] Why's your character moving into this apartment building?
[b]Idiosyncracies:[/b] Any little quirks that make your character a raving weirdo.

Now, for my sign-up...

[b]Name:[/b] Charlie. Just Charlie.

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Age:[/b] 25

[b]Description:[/b] Charlie is average-sized with brown hair that goes down to his shoulders, beady brown eyes and a pale complexion. Due to the fact that he is always seen wearing a red and yellow striped scarf and long flowing robes, people often ask him if he's obsessed with Harry Potter, which is simply not true (in actuality, Charlie is a big fan of the webcomic Dominic Deegan: Oracle for Hire).

[b]Biography:[/b] Charlie has always loved reading and writing. He had huge aspirations of becoming a serious novelist out of college, but was forced to write children's books in order to scratch a decent living. All of Charlie's children's books, however, were rejected, because they were deemed "far too morbid for children to read". Charlie's failure in his dream of writing nearly sent him over the edge and he sunk into a deep depression for months. One day, though, he got a letter in the mail; an uncle of his had died and left him his old apartment building. Charlie took a look around his current area of residence (a three-room apartment with a stoner named Jeff) and decided that anything could be better than that, so he took off.

Charlie quickly changed his mind when he saw the actual apartment. Calling it a "fixer-upper" would've been an insult to fixer-uppers around the world. Charlie could not go back to his old apartment, however, because he had told off Jeff in a curse-filled tirade and had shoved a bong down Jeff's throat. Since Charlie is stuck with nowhere to go, he has no choice but to try and get a few tenants to stay at the apartment building so that he can get a somewhat healthy living. For Charlie, that healthy living involves writing the one novel that will propel him into a life of luxury and an early retirement.

[b]Reason For Moving In:[/b] Told off Jeff, so he has nowhere else to go. Plus, he's under the delusion that this will be a quiet place and he'll somehow get some really good writing done here.

[b]Idiosyncracies:[/b] Due to his experiences in life, Charlie is brooding, pessimistic and cynical. He hates people and is quick to insult them, though his insults are never any good. Charlie is also bizarrely attracted to magic and fantasy, as evidenced by his less-than-healthy admiration of Dominic Deegan. He also has a pet lantern in his room that he likes to call Charles. Long story short, Charlie is a nutcase.

And there you have it. I'm not certain how many people I'm going to accept into the RPG; I think I'll just wait and see what the quality of the sign-ups is like and go on from there. Sign-ups shall be judged on overall quality of the writing and how humorous I find your characters (your sign-up doesn't have to be extremely hilarious, but I have to see the potential for humor within your character). Also, I would prefer people who are willing to be committed to this RPG. When I say committed, I don't mean that this is the only RPG you have to be in at the time, but I wouldn't like it if you signed up for it, made a post or two and abandoned it completely. Please sign up only if you're willing to stick with the RPG as long as it goes.

Thanks and good luck to everyone who chooses to sign up ^_^
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[COLOR=RoyalBlue][B][SIZE=1]I might try comedy once in a while... not sure if I'm good though... well, here goes...

Name: [COLOR=Purple]Jiji[/COLOR]

Gender: [COLOR=Purple]female[/COLOR]

Age: [COLOR=Purple]17[/COLOR]

Description: [COLOR=Purple]A cute happy-go-lucky and perky teenager. Jiji has blue eyes and short blonde hair in a ponytail. Always wears mini skirts and sneakers. She loves the color pink and uses it everyday either on accessories or clothing. Description fits almost exactly from that witch girl from UltraManiac. She is an artist.[/COLOR]

Biography: C[COLOR=Purple]oming from an average family, she convinced her mom and dad that she is old enough to be independent, including living on her own So she moved out to Apartment Building C...which is 3 houses away from home.[/COLOR]

Reason For Moving In: [COLOR=Purple]Charlie. Just Charlie.[/COLOR]

Idiosyncracies: [COLOR=Purple]She has been stalking Charlie so she decided to move in and get closer. She loves everything about Charlie except she's overly jealous of Charles. Loves to bake cakes but all of it end up tasting like steak. She gives this cake to other female tenants so she could go in their room and investigate on any signs of relationship between Charlie and them.Thinks of Charlie's insults as professions of love. Pushes Charlie to change his scarf to pink. In a nutshell, she's an annoying love nutcase. She also has a good memory and uses it to draw people in their very weird angles like while they are angry, picking noses, crying, etc.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/B][/COLOR]
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[color=darkslategray][size=1][font=Lucida Sans Unicode][b]Name-[/b] Jamie Sands

[b]Gender[/b]- Female

[b]Age-[/b] 25

[b]Description[/b]- [url=http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/features/1999/swimsuit/daniela/daniela03/] Howdy[/url]

[b]Biography-[/b] Jamie was born and raised in San Diego, California. She attended a normal public school and graduated with a GPA of .5. Yeah, not the brightest crayon in the box, but her daddy loves her. Her mother always entered her into all of the beauty pagents..and naturally, she won them all. She even got a scholarship from it. However, she turned it down with the response, and I quote: "I'm going to be a super model."

And super model she was. For a good few years, until she gained weight..or that's what she likes to tell people. The company she modeled for dropped her from her contract. Now, this spoiled has-been model lives in a rundown appartment, with no make-up, no money, no Starbucks (copyright), and a pair of Wal-Mart (copyright) flip-flops.

Oh, what about her daddy's money? Ain't happening, her father went bankrupt with a bad investment in Jamie's modeling. Causing him to sink into depression, and shamelessly spending whatever money he had left on booze. Jamie's mother divorced and left him, leaving Jamie with her one possession..an emu.[url=http://wds.bologna.enea.it/vignette/vignette_foto/02-09-09-emu.jpg]..And his name is, "Emu"[/url]<--clicky

[b]Reason For Moving In[/b]- No money, no credit card, the delapitated appartment was the cheapest place.

[b]Idiosyncracies[/b]- Jamie's downfall from being a super model sent her reeling into depression, and some say madness. She keeps Emu in the appartment with her, eventhough Charlie has asked her many times to get rid of it. She responds that it is not an emu, just a stuffed llama. She keeps Emu hidden in the closet, but takes him out occasionally to go walking. Emu is Jamie's one and only friend, whom she talks to all the time. Jamie is also subject to schizophrenia and has been diagnosed with a sever case of short-term memory. Most of the time, Jamie can only remember the day's events, and the years that led up to her nose dive into the non-existant runway.[/color][/size][/font]
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[size=1][b]Name:[/b] Volvo Nike

[b]Gender:[/b] Techincally Male

[b]Age:[/b] 349 but doesn't look a day over twenty.

[b]Description:[/b] About six foot. Messy black hair. Eyes that shift their color every few hours. A stubble of facial hair that never seems to grow. Always wears the same white overshirt with a solid pale-blue tshirt underneath, the same bluejeans, and the same beige sneakers (Nikes in fact).

[b]Biography:[/b] Volvo grew up on the war ridden planet of Mail. Now the planets name being Mail and the earth word mail have absolutely nothing in common. There aren't any distraught alien postmen going around shooting everyone they can see. There aren't any gigantic masses of deadletters being hurled, flamming at the enemy. It's just one of those galactic coincidences.

Now back to Mail. After nearly a hudred years of life, Volvo (whose true name resembles very closely the sound on Earth when one flushes their toilet in the southern hemisphere) helped get their interstellar war program off the ground. Of cource as soon as their side had it, someone defected and shared the secrets and was immediately killed upon telling the other side the last of them. They both blasted off into space looking for strategic footholds in space from whence to wage their war from.

Volvo, after scouting several planets for possible strongholds, went to Earth to collect information. He stayed in orbit for almost a year compiling data on what he should look like and what he should wear and what he should talk like and what he should eat and what his name should be and what... Well you get the idea.

However in a crucial string of mistakes, he mistook the word apartment to mean 'extremely important military instalation', and the word cheap to mean 'an excellent place for infomation even if the inhabitants seem a little stupid'. So when he saw Charlie's (on his planet Charlie means the same as ripping ones eyes out with their bare tentacles) add for a cheap apartment he figured he struck gold.

Volvo created a name out of two words that seemed to be used often and were very popular. His attire resembled that of some random person he abducted and probed. And his appearance was that of an 'actor' in a 'pornographic movie'. He copied the physical specifications to the T.

[b]Reason For Moving In:[/b] Volvo is looking for information that might help in the eventual colonization of this planet by his people so they can convert humans into slaves and the planet into a military fortification.

[b]Idiosyncracies:[/b] Volvo never blinks. He doesn't seem to ever breath either, but there is a strange little rise and fall in a flap of skin on his back. He constantly confuses word, not being completely proficient in english, and sometimes says things he doesn't mean to. Strangely enough his native language seems most like the speech used by Emus.[/size]
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[color=navy]..Eh, why not?

[b]Name:[/b] Tom Wesley (Or so his "poorly funded" ID says..)

[b]Gender:[/b] Male, though not much of one..

[b]Age:[/b] Early forties.

[b]Description:[/b] Tom is about five foot six, with greasy black hair that never seems to get much aesthetic attention. He wears rather large, 80's style glasses, normally with a heavy blue jacket (even in the middle of July) and some old jeans. He has lots of cranberry juice stains on his clothes, which are supposedly there because of the creepy short man's shaky hands. He seems to have only one pair of shoes, which are very old, worn knee-high rain boots.

([url=http://www.icept-fr.com/images/geek.jpg]Click here for a very flattering portrait of Tom.[/url])

[b]Biography:[/b] Tom was born and raised in peaceful little town known as "Captain Generic's Happy Fun Fun Town" in middle America.. You know, one of those peaceful little suburbian areas that has a cheerful name like "Cheersburg," "Pleasantville" or "Chicago." He was voted "Most likely to be a pasty white nerd with no friends or family" in high school, and attended Captain Generic's Community College / Family Restaurant for three and a half years, until Captain Generic's headquarters, apartment complexes, public school system and all related materials were mysteriously burned down.

Mr. Wesley then moved into the middle of an unnamed forest, which coincidentally gathered many unsavory urban legends about insane knife-wielding hermits around that time. One day Tom decided to finally follow his dream to see the world, but had to settle for moving from city to city for about twenty years because his job as a freelance journalist wasn't well-paying. Recently, however, he's become rather partial to working the grill at any McDonald's he comes across. He has also written several semi-non-fictional novels titled "The Memoirs of a Knife-Wielding Freelance Journalist Who is Certainly not the Author of this Book", which, obviously, have sold only five copies. He also collects porcelain figures of cuddly forest creatures, as well as decorative and/or historical weapons.

[b]Reason for moving in:[/b] This town's just another "stop" on his "extended vacation." Tom chose this particular apartment building because there happens to be a very nice cutlery / decorative weapons store across the street.

[b]Idiosyncracies:[/b] Tom is a very quiet, introverted person who tries to act "normal" in social situations yet seems to always break out in a rather nasty rash whenever he's near someone of the opposite sex.. Or of the same sex. It seems to not really matter. He also has many coolers, refridgerators and penguin tanks with the glass walls painted black in his apartment, though most of the time he does not let anyone in. Tom seems to suck at lying, and shakes as though he's having a minor seizure whenever he's questioned. He also has a stuffed monkey with an eye and several appendages missing named Rocko, which Charlie has seen Tom talking to on various occasions.


Well, this is going to be an RPG to look forward to.[/color]
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[color=maroon]Name:[/color] [color=black]Seara[/color]

[color=maroon]Gender:[/color] [color=black]female[/color]

[color=maroon]Age:[/color] [color=black]19[/color]

[color=maroon]Description:[/color] [URL=http://www.csusm.edu/anime/gallery/Nat/sm/tiedup.jpg] This is D[/URL] [URL=http://www.csusm.edu/anime/gallery/Nat/sm/breadbun.jpg] This is Seara[/URL]

[color=maroon]Biography:[/color] [color=black] Seara was sent to a mental instatution at the age of six after she killed her dog and hung its guts around her room. Seara swears her imaginary friend D made her do it. While in the instatution the doctors found out that D was her alternate personality. She was released at the age of 19 on good behavior. Seara's alternaite personalitly D read alot of books on black magick and vamprisim and is now convinced that she is a vampire. D is always bringing home new pray, she also performs black magic rituals several times a week and is always summoning ghosts and spirits that haunt the apartment building. D works part time at a gothic bar as a dominatrix. When Seara is herself she still acts like a six year old girl and is always playing in the halls of the apartment and annyoing the inhabitants. [/color]

[color=maroon]Reason For Moving In:[/color] [color=black]D thought it was chep enough for her and Seara to live in, plus D likes old crappy places.[/color]

[color=maroon]Idiosyncracies:[/color] [color=black]When D takes over Seara's apperence changes and so does her personality, she is practicaly a different person. D looks 19 and acts older then Seara does when she is "herself". When Seara is "herself" she acts like a siz year old girl and looks like one too. One weird thing that really freakes Charlie out is when D and Seara talk to each other they swich apperence's depending on who is talking. Most of the time D comes out at night and Seara is "herself" during the day.[/color]
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[b]Name:[/b] "Shifty Powers" (real name, Gaylord Arnold)
[b]Gender:[/b] Male
[b]Age:[/b] ???
[b]Description:[/b] [img]http://www.otakuboards.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=19693&stc=1[/img]
A special image made just for you, Shinny :<
[b]Biography:[/b] Gaylord was normal, believe it or not. It wasn't only two years ago that his ordinary life was ruined... by an alien. Yes. "Shifty" believes that an alien had stolen a piece of his brain so he became a risk-taking secret agent. He immediately burnt all his papers and went by the name of Shifty Powers. His regular identity was no more and he took off away from home in search of this alien. He performs wild stunts and acts as if he's being followed or is always in constant danger (though, he usually isn't). His idiotic antics have wound him up in jail three times for disturbing the peace, but no sentences lasted longer than three days in the slammer. He also believes that the alien can take on human forms so he's continously suspicious of everyone. He has loads of gadgets, which he claims are care tools for his teeth. He vows to find this alien wherever it is and get back the piece of his brain he lost... in any means necessary.
[b]Reason For Moving In:[/b] He's going deep undercover from a sly lookout. Yeah, right.
[b]Idiosyncracies:[/b] The bio pretty much explained his psycho beliefs. He always takes risks and does daring stunts and has secret agent gadgets he claims are his teeth tools. He makes weird sounds and at times does his own theme music... oh God... that's the worst. Theme music. *shudder* But it doesn't end there. He's quite unpredictable so you never know when this incognito will do something that may cause you trouble.
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[b]Name:[/b] She's not quite sure, but she seems to be under the impression that it's "Daisy"

[b]Gender:[/b] Female

[b]Age:[/b] Unknown

[b]Description:[/b] She's 5' 8" with long, dark brown hair, wide blue eyes, and cute, but rather blank features. She hasn't been seen wearing anything other than men's pajamas. Her favorites are a pair with blue stripes, and another with black, brown and pink plaid.

[b]Biography:[/b] Poor, sweet Daisy has amnesia. She spent days wandering around town with a suitcase full of money until she came upon a local clothing store specializing in male accutruments. She spent almost every bit of the money on men's pajamas, and only stopped buying pairs until she had completely wiped out the store of it's masculine nightwear supply. Having little to no money, she wandered around, looking for someplace nice and cozy to stay until she could figure out exactly how she got here. This first place she stumbled into was Charlie's apartment. Being completely oblivious to everything, she agreed to staying for as long as she could pay for it.

[b]Reason For Moving In:[/b] It was the first place she wandered into. Well. Besides that men's clothing department store.

[b]Idiosyncracies:[/b] Daisy will often burst out laughing hysterically for reasons known only to herself. She also has a bad case of road rage...when someone is stupid enough, or crazy enough, to let her drive. She is a rather talented cook, and knows her way around the laundry room, but other than that she has no real talent at anything, unless of course you count getting through 2 hours traffic in 10 minutes through a series of illegal driving moves a talent. And, as is clear from previously said mishaps, Daisy has an obsession with men's pajamas, and is a sleepwalker/talker/dancer/you get the point as well.

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[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]Name: Caden Farrel

Gender: Male

Age: 21

Description [IMG]http://img2.imagetown.net/36119932.jpg[/IMG]

Biography: Caden is a college bound student, well not exactly. More or so Caden is a person who dreams big but never does anything (i.e. he's a lazy bum.) He started out living at home for the past 3 years until his mom went postal on him and kicked him out of the house along with a few harsh words. After he'd been given the boot he started looking for a place to live, that's when he found Charlie's place, after that he became a tenant. But Caden has yet to have paid his rent and to find a job, he's been spending his time sitting in his apartment playing his gamecube, glued to the TV watching a variety of shows (including some of the more explicit.), playing on the computer, or entertaining some of his female company.

Caden's moods tend to vary depending on what he is doing, but usually he's quick to hit on a woman or first to punch a jerk. So he's rubbed elbows with Charlie every now and then, but he's held his temper back since he knows Charlie owns the place and also the fact that Charlie could probably beat him to a pulp.

Reason for moving in: It can serve as his bachelor pad for now.

Idiosyncracies: Usually he prides himself on his looks when he really isn't that great looking, especially with his odd looking hair and he always is looking in a mirror at himself while he's trying to seduce some woman.[/COLOR]
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[size=1][color=#999999][B]Name:[/B] Candy DeMoore

[B]Gender:[/B] Female

[B]Age:[/B] 19

[B]Description:[/B] [url=http://www.psycko-manga.de/gallery/babe/38-2.htm]Candy![/url]

[B]Biography:[/B] Candy is basically the drama-queen drop-out. She was the most popular, most beautiful, most everything at her school, except smartest. She is everything but that. This displeased her parents ever so much and made them wonder, if there ever was a career for her. Her dad thought that she would become an exotic dancer and her mother thought that she would become a prostitute, yet it didn't come true exactly the way they thought it would. Candy dropped out of high school in her junior year and took a job at a beauty salon. There, she met many women who helped her find the perfect job, which was becoming a Centerfold girl.

Knowing herself, Candy had naturally large breasts, which intimidated the other women and aroused the men. She was a ditzy, air-headed girl who thought too much of herself and wondered whether or not her breasts could talk to her. It was her air-headedness that gave her job away to another girl. Although, Candy was gifted in many things, she did not know what a good apartment was from a hotel and she chose Apartment C. In her mind, she thought it looked pretty, ancient, and old-fashioned. As if she knew any of those things, she moved in, not knowing what her neighbors would be like.

[B]Reason For Moving In:[/B] Cash? Not a problem. Credit? Not a problem, either. Brain? Houston, we have a problem. Since, Candy has no mind, whatsoever,

[B]Idiosyncracies:[/B] Candy is seductive, sexy, and ditzy. She may not be the brightest bulb in the room, but she knows how to please a man. Candy has a short attention span when it comes to men and conversations. Please her with one word and she'll do what you ask....for a moment or so. She's also filled with surprises and is said to have a mild case of schizophrenia. It is not largely a handful, but with Candy, who knows? And, one extra idiosyncracy we have with Candy is...she has no problem with clothes, what-so-ever.

Our young tenant seems to have this wild idea that animals can speak to her. Candy also has a wild collection of candy wrappers, because she says that they stole her name. The one thing that scares people, yet interests them about Candy is that...well...she seems to like animal things. For instance, she has a brown puppy backpack, duck slippers, catear headband, and such. That's her second collection as well.[/size][/color]
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[size=1]Name: Jay Doe, but wants to be called "L33t_D00d"(Leet Dood)

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Description: Leet has dark blue eyes and light brown hair. He has a above averge height, but people wouldn't call him tall. He is pale, and from lack of food, skinny, but not too skinny because he doesn't go outside alot, and that is also the reason he is pale white. He wears a pair of tan cargo shorts, a pair of worn out adidais, and a grey t-shirt with a worn out logo. He also wears a pair of black shades, which seem to be in a nice condition, and a dark blue beanie(oh how he loves that beanie)

Biography: Jay grew up normal, but didn't turn out normal. Kinnda like if you drop a baby down the stairs, it's not going to turn up just right(not like I did that before.....). See... he was born in the late 80's, and always wanted a game station. Well, he got one when he was older, and he was hooked. So hook he forgot which station it was. Though that made him think that the things happening in games were real. So he is a living example that games made kids all wierd.

So he grew up playing the lastest games. He was always the weird one at school, even the goths wouldn't let him be gothic cause they said the goverment was trying to take over kids and eat them by video games. So he was just Jay. Acted like Jay. Dressed like Jay. Went to the prom like Jay. And being Jay isn't a good thing. Though he somehow he got by... but then something happened.....
Online gaming.

The Reason For Moving In: His parent couldn't pay the power bills. So they gave him some cash and kicked him out. They give him a mouthly allowence because they love him so much though.

Idiosyncracies: He blames everything on everyone else, and he screams at people if they don't call him Leet Dood. He also thinks games are real, so he is found asking the other tenants to heal his 2ed degree burn he got when trying to cook with their white magic. He is also is in need of a lover, and has, weirdly, turned to his female tenants for "luv". And, he's a little scizo.[/size]
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Name: Protiva (some unpronounceable Indian last name)

Gender: Female

Age: 25

Description: Protiva looks like she is from India. She always wears traditional Indian clothing and has a pink fuzzy ballpoint pen on a chain around her neck. Her hair is bleached white for some odd reason and always combed perfectly.

Biography: When you first meet Protiva you would swear she is from India...but she isn't. In fact no one knows where she hails from and know nothing much of her past. Many wonder if she knows herself. A former graduate student, she is obsessed with all the ballpoint pens she has bought over the years, many of which, have been lost. She often ponders hours at a time where her lost ballpoint pens have gone. The ones she still has she keeps in a locked display case in her apartment room in Apartment Building C. Except of course Mr. Fuzzy, a pink fuzzy ballpoint pen, stays on a chain around her neck. Protiva can speak fluently in many languages. Because of this it is no great oddity if Charlie sees Protiva skipping (yes, skipping) down the hallway, talking to Mr. Fuzzy in fluent Spanish. No one knows what Protiva's job is. But she sometimes disappears for weeks at a time for "business purposes" to come back dirty, disgruntled and with fistfulls of camera film which she promptly develops at the nearest CVS.

Reason For Moving In: Protiva came to Apartment Building C when she was kicked out of Harvard, trying to get a Ph.D. by writing a whole volume of the possible possibilities of where her lost ballpoints have gone.

Idiosyncracies: Protiva is very hyper for her age. Many say it is because of the dangerous amounts of expresso she takes daily. Others say it is because of this daily dosage of caffine that she is completly and utterly insane. Every New Years Day Protiva makes a special curry dish which creates symtoms ranging from mild stomach aches to food poisoning. Protiva is most active in the evening hours, often keeping poor Charlie awake. Many of the other tenents avoid her in the morning because of her habit to give a "friendly good morning" drop-kick to someone's face. Protiva spends most of her time on the roof of Apartment Building C talking to Mr. Fuzzy, and during the summer, in a kiddie pool with a rubber-duckie design.

Well you did want bizarre...I hope you're happy...
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[color=crimson][b]Name[/b]: Kenneth Andrew Howell.

[b]Gender[/b]: Very much so male.

[b]Age[/b]: 21.

[b]Description[/b]: He is a tall [6'5] Anglo-Mexican-Indian-black person that has a predominately "white" look to him from his dominant Anglo blood- but hints from his Mexican heritage linger in his hair and other features. He has black, shaggy, wild hair that covers his eyes and barely touches his neck. He usually has a light beard- continuing his generally "lazy" look. He wears an assortment of tshirts and jeans and always has a pair of scientific looking goggles around his neck.

[b]Biography[/b]: Born in 1988 in the Methodist Hospital of San Antonio, Kenneth grew up in a very disastrous atmosphere at first. He was abused as a child by his step father, often in defense of his sister, but due to this circumstances he was eventually 'saved' by the state's Child Protection Agency and taken to his grandparents house- his sister being taken somewhere else. Growing up in his grandparents house was a bit better- they argued verbally alot, going to opposing rooms and leaving him alone. He often read books, or played computer games- showing a strong desire to learn and often an unquenched appetite when he did get his hands on information. Over the years he acquired a strange charismatic personality, with some morbid dark undertones- as I said, strange. Graduating from high school with top marks, he entered collage and aced several scientific courses, catching the eye of several high level government sources. Contacting him, he learned of their intentions to use him to develop some.. high grade weaponry for use in the army and other areas where the government needed some "ideas from new blood". Agreeing, he signed a contract with his eyes focused mainly on being provided equipment and a monetary payment- needless to say, it was a large sum of dolares. But, he missed the part where he signed the government the power to "choose a low key, out of place location" to "distract attention away from Mr. Howell's.. work" from "the media and foreign agencies". Given an address, a key and a house warming gift of government denero, Kenneth was dismayed when he arrived at the apartment complex. Entering his room, he found it to be unassuming on the outside- but loaded with 'goodies' on the inside. Getting to work, he found that he was left with tons of free time and money from the 'easy'-to-do projects the government gave him.. thusly the odd creations and experiments began in Mr. Howell's unassuming room.

[b]Reason For Moving In[/b]: Didn't have a choice in the matter.

[b]Idiosyncracies[/b]: He has a strange aura of charisma that is somewhere near insanity. The main quirk is how he displays this insanity, with his wide range of emotions, into his works- from crazy, killing machines to benign new lifeforms. A very odd room, his.[/color]
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Name: Damien McFiercen

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Description:Look at attachment. Everything but the sword and armour. He wears everyday cloths and sneakers.

Biography: Damien just escaped from jail and is staying here because he knows he stored a precious diomnond in the air vents and he is looking for a place to hide out.

Reason For Moving In: Is an escaped concict and is back to get the diomond he stashes in this building.

Idiosyncracies: Is a little short tempered well accually very short tempered. He goes off about anything and can get violent.
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Oh boy! Crazy people!

Name: Morgan ??? (she changed it to something completely unintelligible)

Gender: Female

Age: 26

Description: Morgan holds the physique of a teenage boy, long gangly limbs, taught muscles and a chest that could be used as a table. She sports a mop a choppy red hair that she insists on cuting herself. Her face is long and feminine, pretty if she'd wear makeup (but makeup is the government's way of tracking her). Her wardrobe can consist of anything found at the local thrift store, including a yellow plastic poncho covered in holes (that oddly look like they were made with bullets)

Bio: Nobody really knows where Morgan came from, nobody knows how long she's been at Apartment building C, and No one knows when she'll leave either, but they all avoid touching her that's for sure. Morgan is one of the many Americans nowadays that belive that the Government is watching them. She changed her last name to a series of unpronouncable symbols (she beleives this keeps them off her trail).

Why Move in?: Morgan needs to lay low for a while, She thinks the Cabinet's after her and that Bush wants her head on his Desk.

Idiosyncrasies: As stated before, Morgan thinks the Government is after her. She'll spend several days hiding in her apartment and several days out of it. She wont accept her mail or gifts and finds rather amusing ways of disposing of them. Most people she won't trust untill they have successfully passed her "tests". She likes to wear tinfoil on her head too you see (keeps the mind controll rays out).
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Name: Simon Jester

Gender: Male

Age: 15 (at death)

Description: Simon wears luridly colorful clothing which contrasts rather sharply with his pearly white skin. He's also transparant.

Biography: Simon was born into a family that didn't give a damn about him. So, to fill his spare time, he became the town's biggest troublemaker. One day, while burning down a house, he burned to death. He forgot he's supposed to use a timer or a fuse.

Simon became a ghost and continued his life's work - making life a living hell for everyone around him. He graduated first in his class from Polterguist Acadamy (major in water balloon throwing, strong minor in burning specific objects). He took up residence in Apartment Building A, an inexpensive apartment complex for normal, happy, well-adjusted people. The manager had him exorcized within the week, because nobody got a wink of sleep with him around (he called out the hours and banged them out on a giant gong).

Simon next tried his hand at Apartment Building B, a cheap apartment complex that tended to attract normal, unhappy, maladjusted people. However, these people were so busy getting drunk, stoned, high, and depressed that they paid no attention to his antics. So, in a fit of rage, Simon stole some dynamite, wired it up, and blasted the stoners to Kingdom Come, along with the rest of the city block. The humans attributed the blast to the stoners, but Simon was still put on 30 year probation by the Polterguist Control Comittee.

Simon finally tried his hand at Apartment Building C, where he met Charlie, who introduced him to Charles. Simon thought he'd like it in this apartment complex for the certifiable. But what sinched the deal was seeing Protiva drop-kick Caden a friendly good morning. Simon set himself up in a spare broomcloset, which he magically made into a gateway to an empty dimension to house all his junk with a bit of help from D.

Reason For Moving In: He's moving down the alphabet of cheap living quarters. No other special reasons.

Idiosyncracies: Simon is very moody and subject to sudden mood swings. However, he has only two moods; friendly (usual state of mind), and what he terms "mischievious" (others call it "destructive"). When the destructive urge takes hold, he sallies forth to do something bad. This can range from rude noises to putting itch powder in someone's underwear drawer, from the sudden scare to lacing the food with laxitive, and from talking to inatimate objects in front of people to burning every scrap of toilet paper in the building. He also doesn't like being completely ignored while in his destructive mood (see Apartment Building B), but he won't repeat that prank for fear of being put on probation again.

Another odd quirk to this polterguist is his complete honesty. If Simon plays a practical joke on someone and they confront him, he will deny nothing. So if someone accuses him of something and he says he didn't do it, then he didn't do it. He also does not like people doubting his honesty, because he realizes it is one of his few and far between virtues.
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[font=Book Antiqua][color=navy][u]Name[/u]: Eric(for now, there was a special on vikings on tv a couple of minutes ago)[/color][/font]
[font=Book Antiqua][color=navy][u]Gender[/u]: Male
[u]Age[/u]: 22 (only because it's the only double number that didn't make him seem old and wasn't eleven)
[u]Description[/u]: ([url="http://c.bourges.free.fr/blog/keichi2.jpg"]Here[/url])[/color][/font]
[font=Book Antiqua][color=navy][u]Biography[/u]: Who he is, he doesn't know. When he got here, he doesn't remember. Where he's going...He hasn't decided yet. Eric (or Bob, or Akbar, or Mindy, for some strange reason) has no long term memory, but he can often recite obscure facts and make very precise observations. He one day found himself glued to the ceiling of his apartment with his rent money in his mouth, so he slipped out of his clothes (how, he no longer remembers) and gave the rent to Charlie, the first person that he saw behind a counter.[/color][/font]
[font=Book Antiqua][color=navy][u]Reason For Moving In[/u]: He just kinda woke up there one day.[/color][/font]
[font=Book Antiqua][color=navy][u]Idiosyncracies[/u]: Eric is narcoleptic, but is generally very hyperactive. He is known to wake up in odd places with no plausible explanarion on how he got there.
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[size=1][b]Name:[/b] George Washington

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Age:[/b] 215


[b]Biography:[/b] Born in 1732 into a Virginia planter family, he learned the morals, manners, and body of knowledge requisite for an 18th century Virginia gentleman.

He played an important role role during the Revolutionary War by leading the Continental Army against the British. After the war was over, he was elected the first President of the United States of America, a position he held for two consecutive terms.

Once his time as President had ended, George spent the remaining years of his life on Mount Vernon, his private estate, until he died of a throat infection three years later on December 14, 1799.

Somehow, due to reasons beyond his understanding George has reappeared in the modern day. Having no skills that are considered useful in this day and age, he quickly found a job selling magazine subscriptions door-to-door. Sadly, he is not very successful in his line of work, and can only afford to live in Apartment Building C. Nobody around him believes that he is [i]the[/i] George Washington, but George knows better, and doesn't hold it against them. All he is concerned about it finding his way back to the 1700's, and his beloved wife, Martha.

Since the current President will not respond to the many letters George has written to him asking for help, he has enlisted the aid of Apartment Building C's tenants. Their many experiments have failed so far, but George has poorly-placed faith in them, and trusts that it will only be a matter of time before a way to break through the time-space continuum is discovered.

[b]Reason For Moving In:[/b] He could not afford anywhere else to live.

[b]Idiosyncracies:[/b] George Washington cannot tell a lie, especially when he has chopped down one of Charlie's beloved cherry trees. He is a simple, God-fearing man with few pleasures, all of which are simple as well. These include: horseback writing, smoking his pipe, and discussing Western Expansion. George does not think highly of today's government after discovering "sales tax;" he and a few comrades have organized a small militia group to overthrow the modern establishment. So far their efforts to seize power are unsuccessful. although many thousands of pounds of tea have been thrown into the Atlantic Ocean.

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Name: Emilio

Gender:...No one knows for sure.

Age: 18

Description: [url=http://e-aroma.hp.infoseek.co.jp/img/js-picture/another/psy-emilio-1.jpg]This be it.[/url]

Bio: Emilio has always grown up living a mystery, he/she has never really liked telling lies, but whenever someone asks a qurestion, he/she will reply with some unintelligible reply that one must attempt do decipher on their own, i.e. a riddle or something cryptic of the like. Whenever someone asks Emilio about his/her history, he/she replies so cryptically every time that people have developed several explanations as to her past:
1. he/she grew up in the future
2. he/she grew up in the suburbs, of a tiny town who'se name no one can pronounce
3. he/she claims to be an angel or heavenly being come to save humanity.

He/she evidently has some major issues with grasping the concept of reality, even going to the point where he/she refuses to tell anyone his/her gender. His/her clothes and voice quality are no clear indicators, as his/her clothes always seem to be of the "unisex" appeal. Furthermore, Emilio's voice also carries both a low but soft quality, and therefore could be construed as either male or female. This raises a lot of questions, the most common of which might include: "Where does he/she buy his/her clothes?" and "How does he/she go to a public bathroom?" or "who would Emilio go out with?

No one knows...

Emilio never really denies anything outright, so when someone must accuse him/her of lying or stealing or committing some atrocity of the like, he/she usually just replies with another cryptic answer, which might contradict something he/she already may have said, but it makes no difference, as his/her enquirors have no idea how to interpret what he/she just said.

After several hours of frustrating argument with Emilio about his/her personal details, he finally decided to write down whatever on the form for Emilio's registration to become a tenant. and by that time, he was so tired that he didn't even bother making Emilio sign the agreementr for rent payment. Therefore, his/her life remains a mystery, even to Charlie. Despite his/her lack of personal identification, Emilio always pays the rent on time, and in full, although no one is quite sure where he/she gets the money.

Furthermore, that picture description of Emilio is the only picture of him/her in existence. No one is quite sure what the "Psychic Force 2012" caption implies, or where the wings came from, or even why there is a last name that Emilio has never used, but no one bothers asking, for reasons already stated.

Reason for Moving In: Emilio never really adressed this, but some people speculated/deciphered that he/she says that this place is a good place to live.

Idiosyncracies: Emilio never gives a straight answer to any personal question, no matter what it may be. However, there is one small thing that captures his/her soul unlike anything else. One aspect of life that enriches his/her experience on this planet unlike anything else in the universe:

Dance Dance Revolution.

Yes, it's true, nothing else ever captures Emilio's interest quite like this unusual arcade game. Hence people's interpretation of why he/she had decided to live in Apartment Building C, it is within good walking distance of an arcade featuring this heavenly game. The few people who have entered Emilio's apartment have been greeted with the sight of floor-to-ceiling speakers, a huge-screen TV that covers most of the far wall, and a PS2 unit in the middle of the floor that has been completely dismantled, evidently for modifications. They suspect that Emilio plans to start playing the game in the apartment, but almost no one believes that the building could withstand the intensity of sound produced by those speakers.

People are not sure where he/she got the money for all the aforementioned equipment, however, people on the street have claimed that they have seen someone fitting Emilio's description playing Dance Dance Revolution for cash.
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Name: Cat (last name unknow)
Gender: Female
Age: unknown (looks about 15 years old)
Description: She has gold colored eyes, long brown hair . She wears a long black skirt, a black shirt, Black boots, and in her hair there is a Black head band.
Biography: She was born in a cold place that no one knows. She has no idea who she is. People started to call her Cat. From that day on that was what she was called. The name Cat comes from a little black cat that is always with her.Her life is still unknow to her still.
So she travels to a city.Tired and with no place to stay until she finds Apartment Building C. Charlie takes pitty on the girl and gives her a room with her black cat Luna.
Charlie soon after that starts to see Luna all over the place. When ever Charlie see Luna the black cat just walks through the wall or walls to her master. The only time Charlie ever see Cat is at midnight and when she pays the rant. Some times Charlie is aloud in her apartment but ever time he see's burn marks ever were. He trys to ask her were they come from but ever time he see's flames in her gold eyes. Then she would change the subject. Ever time any one leves that room they feel like they are burned but there wold be no marks.
Reason For Moving In: She was looking for something in the city.
Idiosyncracies: No one really see her out in the day time but some people see her going some were at midnight. She keeps to her self and some people think that she has powers. Powers that make you feel like your burned but you wouldn't see any burn markes on you.
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Okay, I went through all of the sign-ups, read them over and over again, and decided on who made it into the RPG. You can rest assured that I thought hard about who did and did not make it into the RPG. I had to make a couple unfortunate cuts, but I'm happy with the quality of sign-ups and I'm actually honored that so many people took a genuine interest in this, heh.

And, now, the list:

KnightOfTheRose (Volvo Nike)
OtakuSennen (Tom Wesley)
KarmaOfChaos (Daisy)
Arika (Candy DeMoore)
wolf prncss (Protiva)
DeathKnight (Kenneth Andrew Howell)
Nebackenezzer (Simon Jester)
Shy (George Washington)
Wondershot (Emilio)

With these, I tried to get a good mix of unique characters who I felt could play off of each other well, along with people I know would be able to provide quality posts (there are a couple people here who I am not familiar with, though, who just happened to impress me with their sign-ups). I felt that a couple characters in the sign-ups were uninspired or just a bit too similar to other characters, so that's where the unfortunate cuts came from, heh.

If you're on this list, I shall be sending a PM to you after I'm done with this post, so that you can see this right away. If, for any reason, you cannot participate in this RPG, I implore you to inform me immediately, because there are a couple people whose sign-ups were on the bubble, so to speak, who would be good additions to the RPG if there are people who are unable to participate in this RPG. Once you receive the PM and you read this post, I'd like for you to respond to me via PM telling me that you have read the post and the PM.

Now, there are a few important things that I wanted to mention about the RPG:

1) One, don't be afraid to venture from Apartment Building C every once in a while. I left the surrounding area of the apartment building purposely vague, so that people could form the land into something that fit their own needs. If your character has some sort of job, or something, feel free to have them leave the apartment building and spend the day there. Or, perhaps, they might go out with a couple friends (or a couple of tenants at the apartment, if you work it out with the others). Everyone in the RPG has the ability to mold the surrounding area and to flesh it out into an area that is truly [i]alive[/i], as long as everyone's descriptions remain consistent with each other.

[b]The main focus of the RPG will always be Apartment Building C, but I'm just saying that you don't have to be restricted to just the apartment building itself.[/b]

2) Two, building relationships, alliances, etc. is wholly encouraged. I don't want this to be about ten seperate people each going about their business on their own, because that will get old really quickly. I think what will make this RPG great is the interactions between the different tenants and their reactions to whatever scenario I choose to pull out of my hat at the time. Also, having clear cut friends and enemies will make it a lot easier to write posts and think up ideas, for me, anyway.

3) Three, I will be the one who introduces the different scenarios into the RPG, but I'm always willing to accept ideas for scenarios. Feel free to suggest whatever ideas you want to happen to the apartment building (such as a fugitive taking the whole building hostage or something completely different from that). I might not use the idea, but feel free to suggest ideas all the same.

And that's about it. I'm toying with the idea of starting up the RPG today, but I will most likely start it up tomorrow or Sunday.
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