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Where have you been?


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[color=darkviolet]I thought this one up during my grueling trip to and from Texas...Western Ny to Ft. Hood and back...with a 6 month old...not my idea of fun, but then again, I'm not a sadomasicist so maybe one of you would have enjoyed it.

Anyways back to the topic, where have you been? States cities, even countries would be nice. Give a description of what you liked about the places because that would just be interesting. Maybe even an emberassing moment or 3 because I know that's what I'm going to share. :animeswea

I swear I'm only going to try and share interesting places and experiances. My favorite place ever has been Las Vegas Nevada since I'm a tourist and I have a shrine built to Sephora and there are two stores withing spitting distance on the main strip. The last time I went there I won ten bucks at the Las Vegas Hilton and got to talk to a Borg. Good times. I can't wait to go again.

Second may have been Pheonix, Arizona. A friend of mine lives in one of the towns near there so when my mom went....Sorry ADD kicking in again. Pheonix is beautiful. A bit exspensive and there are huge contrasts between the haves and havenots but beautiful. The Zoo is really kick butt and they have a nice botanical gardens right next to it.

Best emberassing story I have from a place I went through is from a town in Northern Tennessee. On my way back up with my husband and daughter I tried to help my husband find a bottle of V8 and ended up tripping over my daughter's carrier fell on my butt and made the carrier tip upside down. I freaked because I thought my daughter was hurt, but when we tipped the carrier right side up she was laughing.

Ok, I'm not really sure where I'm going with this thread, but I thought it was a good idea. Maybe you should make it like a travel broucher when you talk about where you've been I guess. Just make it interesting.[/color]
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[COLOR=RoyalBlue][FONT=Palatino Linotype]*Squirms in her seat* Ooooh! Pick me, pick me! :p

I've been to Europe! And I'm going back again next year in February. I love my school for the one fact that they allow us to go on such cool trips. I've been to:

[B]Madrid[/B] (a beautiful city and Europe's Highest Capital in terms of elevation)
[B]Barcelona[/B] (cool shopping district, long streets, this is where I watched the Yu Yu Hakusho finale in Spanish ^__^)
[B]Zaragosa[/B] (has a cool Basilica church thingy and some good pizza)

[B]Provence[/B] (met some perverted French boys in a "ghetto" hotel)
[B]Nice[/B] (Awesome Hotel, this is where we found Glico Chocolate Pocky, except it was called Mikado)
[B]Canne[/B] (sp? Cool prefume shop called Fragonard, or something like that)
[B]Baca[/B] (sp? AWESOME hotel...had water slides and a kitchen in your room)
[B]Avignon[/B] (Dog Crap Capital of the world (not kidding, you couldn't walk two steps without checking to make sure you didn't step in it), and the place where some Popes stayed when Italy was a wreck.)

[B]Pisa[/B] (The Leaning Tower and some cool glass shops)
[B]Assisi[/B] (If you like walking upwards all the time, this is the place for you. Awesome gelato(sp?))
[B]Florence[/B] (We went club hopping there and almost everyone got drunk (I carried back my friend), and we also went to see the square where the movie [I]Hannibal[/I] was filmed)
[B]Rome[/B] (Saw the Vatican, Roman Forum, The Colloseum, there was orange rain)

I have also traveled to Florida for a vacation, Richmond, VA for a NASCAR race, Philadelphia for the 2004 Wizard World Anime Convention. Atlantic City to hang around the boardwalk and get some pizza (I liked those guys that used regular household objects as a drum set), and Toronto, Albany and Rochester to see some pro lacrosse players(friends of the family).

Toronto is a really nice city, I think I would live there if I didn't move to Tokyo or stay here. I like the Air Canada Centre, it's really big.

And on Memorial Weekend, I'll be going to Charlotte, North Carolina for another NASCAR race. I've also been to some place in Ohio...close to Cedar Point, I stayed at this place called the Great Bear Lodge. I liked the water park in the hotel, the water slides were cool.

I've been to so many places and I can't even drive yet![/FONT][/COLOR]
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[color=darkgreen]Where have I been? Doing dishes. I was, but that's not the subject of discussion.

I have been all around the US. I was born in California, and lived there for about six years of my life. I then moved to Oklahoma, where I lived for most of my life. In Oklahoma, my dad used to drive for semi trucks. He travled all over the States. One time, when I was in third grade, my family (mom and 2 bros) got to go on a 3 week trip with him. We went through Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Washington down through Cali, Arizona, and New Mexico. That was a fun trip.

Moved to New York about three years ago. From here, I've been to Texas for Air Force training. I also went to Mississippi; which was a blast. I wish I were old enough to drink, it would have been funner.

And in a couple of weeks, I get to go back to Texas for 3 weeks! Yay...-_-[/color]
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[size=1]I haven't been anywhere terribly exciting. I'm perfectly content, actually, to remain here in Milwaukee for a while and just hang out with my friends. i have better times with them then I do in any other city with relatives.

Anyway, I went to Kentucky when I was about 14 with my school. We went down there to play in a band competition, and got second place. But the countryside was beautiful, the food was spectacular, and Kentucky Kingdom (a Six Flags amusement park) had absolutely great rides. We had a good week there, my only complaint was that it was too hot for me, but I'm a cold weather guy anyway.

The next trip was down to Florida with my parents. We went to Disney World, a huge letdown in my opinion, the Animal Kingdom, and Epcot. My favorite was Epcot, simply because of the melding of all the different cultures. The Irish and East Indian cultures were my favorite.

Then I went to Pittsburg with someone, but I was real sick and don't remember much. The air smelled weird. I remember that much.

I went to New York with my Highschool last year, It was so much fun, mostly because I had a lot of friends there. We did so much while we were there. Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, all the obligatory tourist crap. My best memory was sitting on top of some random cement wall, talking with three good friends, smoking a cig, and just being %100 happy.

At the beginning of this year I went to NY again. Some new stuff, some old stuff. Most importantly we went to go see something called The Democracy Project. It was a theatrical thing in the basement of an art gallery. Very, very cool. We got to see five or six one act plays. Absolute fun.

That's about it. I'm going to Vegas this summer to visit some relatives. And Alaska next year to visit a friend. *shrug*[/size]
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[COLOR=GREEN]I've been all over the southeast US and even out of the country three times. I'm also a klutz very prone to embarassment. I think, on that note, I should share the story of when I got lost in Grand Caymen, as a 10 year old :animedepr

My aunt and uncle had sprung for a good chunk of the family to go on a cruise for a family reunion. Since my mother was in nursing school at the time and my dad couldn't take a week off of work, and since they figured my brother was too young to go without the parentals, I went with my grandmother as a guardian.

Now, one of the islands we took port at was Grand Caymen and my cusine and her family were going on an excursion to snorkle with stingrays and I really wanted to go with them. So the day we made port was quite confusing, since by the time they could get me a pass for the excursion, my cusine had already left the ship. So one of my aunts rushed me out, and in the confution, accidently passed me off to a complete stanger! :animeswea

Well, obviously I was eventually reunited with my family. I was very lucky the guy I was with was nice and was on the same curiuse ship as well, he also had a daughter my age, who I was able to talk to and hang out with. But now, almost ten years later, some select members of my family won't let me live this down, even though it technically wasn't my fault. :animeshy: [/COLOR]
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Despite my goal to see as many cultures as I can during my lifetime, I haven't been to too many places.

[b]Washington state:[/b] I went there when I was younger. The only thing that I remember is that Washington was where I got my first black eye from a baseball hitting me in the face.

[b]Reno, Nevada:[/b] I've gone a few times. Had an alright birthday there. But Circus Circus is way overrated. As you might expect, it's a small desert town with a few big buildings.

[b]Portland, Oregon:[/b] I visited my aunt there. The most memorable thing was my grandma having her second "heart attack", both of which were just anxiety attacks brought on by her fear of death. That place had a lot of trees, and that's about it.

[b]Honalulu, Hawaii:[/b] That was an interesting experience. I was over there during 9/11, so a lot of places were locked down. We stayed at a military hotel. They had to check our I.D.s whenever we entered or left. I like the environment there. In ten minutes time, you could go from a beach to a desert wasteland to a forrest. I'd never seen so many different climates in such a short distance.

[b]New Mexico:[/b] My dad lives there. That household has some problems. (alchoholic step-mom that never eats and a freeloading uncle... looks like they might have the step mom's suicidal little brother moving in soon) I didn't get to see a whole lot of it, because nobody wanted to take me around to see the state. I was pretty bored and pretty ticked both times. I liked what I did see though. It was like a cross between a desert and a forrest. The hills didn't look fertile, yet quiet a few trees and desert plants grew on them.

[b]Los Angelus, California:[/b] I didn't get to see the ins-and-outs of this city either. Had a great birthday at Disney Land and Universal Studios, though.

[b]Yosemite, California:[/b] Very nice place. It deserves its status as a national park. If you ever want to see cool rock formations and nature at its best, go there.

That's all of the areas of note. I've caught glimpses of San Diego, Mount Shasta, and Pheonix, but never stopped and looked around them. I'm going to Tokyo in September, that should be awesome.
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[COLOR=Navy]Just so you know, this list is incredibly long.


I visited a lot of this country...or rather drove through it. I saw quite a few towns. I didn't go far enough North to see the Locks though. Beautiful country.


Lived here for about three years. I went to London often, and I visited many of the villages and cities. I lived in the Cambridge area. What I liked most about this country were the castles and the nice people. Out of all of the countries in Europe, the British were by far the nicest. I loved Dover Castle and Warick castle. I enjoyed absolutely everything about London. Another town that I really enjoyed was York. I wish to go back to this country again someday.

I also visited Legoland, as well as the forest of Robin Hood. I even met the Sheriff of Nottingham. He's a very nice guy.


Not my most favorite place in the world. Paris was nice and all, but the fancy resturants made me almost sick to my stomach....even without eating the food. Clams and snails are not for me. I really enjoyed the sub sandwiches that I got on the street though. I went up the Effiel Tower as well. Paris was so pretty from up there. My favorite town of France is a port called Calais that you entered from crossing the English Channel on a ferry. It was a lovely there. I enjoyed my first real crepe there, and I found a French tickle me elmo!

When I was in Paris for New Year's, seeing people celebrate in the streets was entertaining. People, very drunk, were driving in a traffic jam at 2 in the morning playing techno very loud.They were hanging out of the cars as they drove along, as well as make their cars bounce up and down. lol


I didn't like this country all that much. For one thing, a lot of the major cities had a lot of pollution. So much that it made me cough excessively. I toured the Waterford Glass place, as well as the town of Cork. Going to Cork is my most favorite place of all. Located there is none other than Blarney Castle. I really enjoyed looking at the various druid stuff as well as kiss the Blarney Stone for good luck. Kissing the Blarney Stone was really scary. The castle ruins of Blarney castle were about three stories high. The Blarney stone was located a little below of the roof of the castle. There was a hole in the roof right next to the stone, and the only way you could kiss it was by laying on your back, and totally leaning off the edge backwards. The only thing that was keeping you from falling was a man holding your feet.


This country was awesome!! I loved going to Heildelburg. I went there many times when I lived in England. One time I was there, there was a wedding held at the castle ruins just above the hill. The wedding was so pretty....as well as the ruins. I met my british friend, Keith on a trip there once as well as other British friends that I still keep in contact today. I once bought a huge gummy bear that was bigger than my hand. I finished it all in one day, which gave me a belly ache. The Rhine river was really nice, but it got really annoying at night because of the many gnats. >_<

I also visited a lot of Vineyards there...that was a lot of fun. Germany also has some of the best chocolate too. WAY better than Hershey's.

Another city that I went to here was a town called Koln. I went there for a Christmas shopping trip. The snow was really pretty, as well as inviting. (You hardly get any snow in England T_T) I tried strong warm juice/wine. I didn't like it very much at all.

Southern Germmany is absolutely gorgous! I stayed at a four star hotel that was there. Oh how I loved it.


I miss the Chocolate factory from here. You buy any chocolate imaginable here. I even bought cigarette shaped tootie rolls there. ^_^


This place has the cleanest water I've ever seen. The water tasted and felt so good.


I stayed here for about four to five days. I was on a mission trip here. It was pretty nice for a third world country. Though, there was a lot of pick pockets here. They treat Americans like they are pigs. >_>

The hotel packed our lunches with two big sandwhiches, and a huge chocolate bar besides. When we gave a peasant woman one of the sacked lunches and an extra chocolate bar, her face lit up so much. It was like she saw an Angel. That made me feel really good inside. Most of the people in Romania mostly had carts and donkeys for transportation. It was pretty interesting to visit that country. While I was there. I learned a very interesting fact. When a father has a woman ready to marry, he hangs up all of the pots and pans outside of the house. That shows that they have wealth, and please marry my daughter. I remember when I was there that the water was undrinkable....even to brush our teeth.


I mostly drove through here. I got to drive past Dracula's castle!! Spooky place.


Hungary is also a third world country, but not in as bad a shape as Romania. I feel proud that Romania and Hungary are trying to get back on their feet after the fall of Communism. I visited a hospital there for the mentally retarded and mamed people. I was handing out stuffed animals out to the residents. This one guy received a tickle me elmo, and he had the biggest grin you'd ever see as he squeezed the tummy over and over again hearing the laugh and vibrations.


I visited the WW2 beaches in Normandy. It was kind of sad looking at the beaches and bunkers, but at the same time very interesting. There are even wild boars at some of the locations. heh


I went to all the states where the American Civil War took place. My brother is a war geek. I loved the boardwalk, as well as the salt water taffe. I also enjoyed seeing the wild horses, and stay at this one hotel next to this marsh. There was a net there, and I caught a crab. I was born in Florida, and I lived in Illinois for nine years. I now live in Washington state.

[B]The Netherlands[/B]

I visited the famous Keukenhof tulip gardens here. That was a really pretty place. I bought my coke cola jaw breakers in the Netherlands. I will never forget them because they tasted so good, and they were silver in color. Amsterdam is one of the most dirty places left and right...especially the red light district. That district got it's name from when hookers always turned on a red light while having sex.

My favorite village in The Netherlands though was a village called Valkenburg. This place has some castle ruins up on a hill. They are lit up by lights at night. They are so pretty. The night life here during the summer is very exciting. Any age is allowed in the bars. The bars have lasors, strobe lights, and techno blasting. They were some of the best dance clubs in my opinion. I wouldn't mind moving here and living in Valkenburg the rest of my life.


I mostly stayed at this place for an hour. If you didn't know, this place is sort of a providence....or whatever it is called. It's a country/city.....that's pretty much it. There wasn't much to do here.


I mostly drove through here to get on the ferry to get to Ireland. It is mostly hills, though really pretty.


I went camping in the national forests close to Montana and Washington state. The people weren't very nice here, and the towns are barren on Sundays. The national parks were pretty though.


I went here for a mission trip. Getting across the border was a pain in the butt. I love their Dorito flavors as well as their soda. Oh how I love their strawberry soda. You can't drink their water either.

I went to a bat cave while a was there. That was pretty interesting. I haven't seen so much bat dung in my life.


I don't remember all that much from here except that it was really hilly.[/COLOR]
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[B]Portland, Oregon:[/B] Born and raised here. I love this city and this is where i plan to live for the rest of my life. Portland is very culturally diverse and some parts of the city have a very Big City/Metropolitan feel while other parts have a very Small town/homely feel, and thats one of my favorite parts about it. Some other things i love about Portland is that it has a great concert scene, so if you're a fan of music, and i mean any genre, theres always a show that you can go to for a good time.

[B]Seattle, Washington:[/B] Only been there a few times. Once visiting family when i was very young. and a couple times on a roadtrip with a few friends going to various concerts. its a decent city, but nothing all that exciting. Also my mom lives in Vancouver so i drive up to WA once or twice a month to visit with her there.

[B]Boise, Idaho:[/B] Been there several times throughout grade school because my cousin's live out there and my mom would send me and my brother out there during the summer. Pretty boring, desolate place if you ask me.

[B]San Francisco, California:[/B] My best friend attends College at USF so i drove down there once last year during spring break to hang out with him. Nice town, a lot like Portland in some ways, very easy to get around and great weather.

[B]Tokyo, Japan:[/B] If i didn't love Portland so much i would probably end up living in Tokyo someway, somehow, someday. I love it there and have many family members out there. I love the culture, the people, the food. everything. Once i graduate from college i probably will spend a couple years out there and then come back to Portland.

That's about all the places i've been, havent traveled very much in my time but im content with my life and my experiences so far. If anything i'd like to visit England and Germany at some point.
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I'm embarrassed to say that I've never been anywhere. I live in maryland on the east coast of the us and and I've never been more then about 5-6 states away. Farthest is about florida, which was nice, but I wasn't there long and I had to drive. I'm not much of a "hot weather" person anyway, so it wasn't really enjoyable. I love the snow, and I'd like to go some place cold. Other then that I'd really like to go to japan, some place in europe, or something like that. I long to leave this place and travel the world, but my family is really tight on money, so its hard for us to go anywhere. Hopefully I'll be able to visit these places when I get my own place, a job, etc. Doubtful though :animesigh
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[COLOR=DarkSlateGray]In the fourth grade I took a trip with my mom, her sister and my uncle to [B]Hawai[/B]. That was an awesome trip. We went to a different beach every day and drove around the entire island, Visting all the hot spots. I wish I could remember everything but my memory isn't so good. We have plenty of pictures to remind me of it though.

[B]Wyoming[/B] was by far most my favorite of the two. We traveled there to see my brother who is my only brother who lives out of state. It was amazing there. I love the outdoors so seeing wildlife and nothing but wide open fields and mountains everywhere it was just so awesome. My brother rented an RV for the week and every day he would bring us to a new location, Including YellowStone national park. The hot springs felt so prehistoric and the feeling was just overwhelming. We are going back there this summer yet again. Can't wait.

I'm going to [B]Germany[/B] in the fall. LONG plane ride, Can't wait.[/COLOR]
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[B][U]North America[/U][/B]
Live in Toronto. Been around Ontario, but never left the province. Strange.

One of the first places I remember going. The water was cold when I took a shower so I didn't want to. I was still young. ^^ I liked Disneyworld though. Maybe I'll go back someday.

My cousins live here. Hollywood was great. Santa Barbara was peaceful. I'd really like to visit again.

I loved the attractions in Las Vegas, and the rollercoaster on the border. I reccomend Las Vegas to those who haven't been there before.

[b]South Carolina[/b]
I visited my great aunt there. Great weather when I was there. And the water was wonderful. There was also lots of beautiful birds and finned mammals when we went in the speed boat. One of my favourite trips, if only it hadn't ended so soon.

[b]Stop Overs/Short visits[/b]
I got my YoYo from [b]Jersey[/b] when visiting a cousin. Unfortunately didn't spend much time in [b]New York[/b] except at the border. I stopped over in [b]Anchorage, Alaska[/b], [b]Hawaii[/b], and [b]San Fransisco[/b] but those hardly count.

Born there, and spent two years growing my infant self until I was translocated to North America. I visited twice. It's a nice place to visit, and it's a beautiful countryside. Unfortunately the cities are pretty much filthy.

[b]Stop Overs[/b]
My plane has stopped in [b]Hong Kong[/b], and [b]Tokyo[/b] and I must say that the airports are beautiful (especially at dawn). But I didn't stay more than a day in either country, so again it doesn't count.

Well, that's what I can remember off the top of my head.
I envy you who can travel by yourselves.
I plan one day to travel by myself to different locations... different locations... places like some of you have gone to. ^^

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[color=darkviolet]Wah! You guys suck! Especially anyone who's been to Europe!

I so wanna go to Ireland it sounds like fun...except for the pollution part of it. A friend of mine went back in 2002 and she said it was pretty.

Hmm....I wonder if I can top anything....nope. Well, I've been to New York City... Ok it was the Bronx and I was only there for a Yankee game, which they lost :animecry: but I've been to the house that Ruth Built.

Oh I went to Canada a few times. The last time I was there was in 1994 during the strike, I drove by the Skydome and it was closed. I've also been there twice when it was open to two Yankee's Blue Jay's games. The Hard Rock Cafe there isn't too bad.... But I haven't been there since 1993, so don't believe anything I say.

Ok gotta go, I just tried to cut my daughter's toe off so I have to stop the bleeding.[/color]
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Well I haven't been to alot of places. Sure I've traveled through California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Wyoming, Montana and many western states, but the visits there were just my job to deliver stuff. :animesigh I didn't actually go there on vacation or anything.

Proably the only places I have ever really traveled to have been Utah, the state I live in as there are 5 national parks and I have visited all of them at least twice. And then I guess I could include Oregon as my brother lives there and we went twice to visit. But primarly the main place I have been to is Yellowstone National Park. It's like a family tradition to go there. I think I have visited that place 16+ times and we are going there on vacation again next month for a week. Though truthfully, I love going there, the park is so huge there is always something new to be seen. :animesmil
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Guest TheSilentUchiha
[QUOTE=Bloodseeker]Despite my goal to see as many cultures as I can during my lifetime, I haven't been to too many places.

[b]Reno, Nevada:[/b] I've gone a few times. Had an alright birthday there. But Circus Circus is way overrated. As you might expect, it's a small desert town with a few big buildings.


I live in Reno nevada. I hate it. I hate it so much, I cant ever find fellow cosplayers or anime lovers here.
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I can't recall everywhere that I've been. I've been to Juarez, Mexico, I know that. I don't really count that as going to another country, though, because I live in El Paso.
I've lived in Maryland, then Alabama, then Maryland, then Hawaii, then Maryland, then El Paso, Tx, then Maryland, then here again.
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[quote name='ChibiHorsewoman][color=darkviolet']Second may have been Pheonix, Arizona. A friend of mine lives in one of the towns near there so when my mom went....Sorry ADD kicking in again. Pheonix is beautiful. A bit exspensive and there are huge contrasts between the haves and havenots but beautiful. The Zoo is really kick butt and they have a nice botanical gardens right next to it.[/color][/quote]

[SIZE=1]Phoenix, AZ is where I was born. It is beautiful there, and I love it. I really miss it too. My family and I would always go out to the desert to bbq or camp. We never camped in camp grounds, always in the middle of nowhere. You know, where you have to go to the bathroom behind a tree. Heh, I have such good memories. Lack Pleseant was our favorite lake.

We moved from Arizona to Ohio when I was ten and a half, drove.

Went through Utah, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, and Kentucky.

Utah was beautiful, or at least what I saw. We stopped on the side of the road and climbed up one of those big rock structures.

In Colorado we drove up Mt. Evans. It was amazing to me at the time because we went up into the clouds. Then fed wild goats on the side of the road, lol.

Kansas was hot and baren. I didn't like going through here because of the stuff I heard of with tornados, that was my worst fear.

I don't remember much of anything about Missouri. o,O

It rained really hard when we were going through Kentucky so I couldn't see much. I do remember the hotel we stayed at had cable though, which we never had so it was fun.

I've also been to..

Scranton, New York: I'll never go there again. I hated it. The town itself was so run down and old, and some of the people where looked very unpleasant. There were Jewish people everywhere too. I have nothing wrong with this, but I've never seen so many in one place so I thought it was a worthy fact to bring up. :p

Pennsylvania: I didn't like it here very much either. I've only been to several towns here so I can't say much about it, but the places I've been to I just didn't like. The landscape was beautiful though.

West Virgina: My grandma(mom's mom) used to live here so we visited several times and even lived with her for a few months. I was very young, in Kindergarden I think. Actually I think I went to three diffrent schools that year in totally diffrent locations(WV, Phoenix, AZ, and Showlow, AZ). Anyway, I remember the smells and beauty. I liked visiting my grandma here, she had a nice trailer with a cellar in the back. Her yard went down a hill to a river. I wouldn't live there again but it was nice to visit.

Of course I've also been to many places throughout Arizona.[/SIZE]
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[COLOR=DarkOrchid]I've been to:


[B]Quebec City, Quebec- [/B] I went there on a school trip in grade 7 and 8. It was a really nice place. I didn't even have to speak French! I even heard some Shaggy song en francais. It was really weird because my friends and I were singing it, and were wondering how we knew this song.
Ottawa-[/B] The Capital of Canada. I don't really remember much of it because I only went there when I was younger. But, I do remember seeing some mounties, and an eternal flame.

[B]Toronto-[/B] I love Toronto! It's so busy, and I love all of the drama that happens. If I didn't want to go to the the University of Western Ontario, I would stay at home and commute to downtown.

[B]London-[/B] This is where one of my sisters lives to go to university. I like this town because it has lot's of shopping, a 'Pita Pit' (I love their chicken ceasar pitas), and a candy store called 'Sugar Mountain'. Also, I like her university, and I like to bother her because she doesn't come home alot. One of her friend's thought that when all three of my sisters, were arguing, that, it was like she was arguing with herself.

[B]Waterloo-[/B] My eldest sister is in her last year of university here. The town is ok, but I like London better. I think they have a 'Sugar Mountain' and I know they have a 'Pita Pit.'

I live in [B]Mississauga[/B]. I like this city. The library system is pretty good, and they have manga. Also, I like 'Downtown Mississauga.' There, we have a huge movie theatre (well, one's in the mall, the other is across the street), a book store, and a huge mall with I think over 200 or something stores. It's great to go to for my boxing day sales. It's also easy to get to by the bus, and there's a Playdium there, which is an arcade like place, but you have to buy a card in order to play, and they have DDR!


[B]Pennsylvania, USA-[/B] I went on shopping trips here, so I just saw the malls. They have a Timmy's(a canadian coffee shop) which is alright by me!

[B]St. Kitts, WI- [/B] I've been here once in 2000, for a family reunion. It was a nice island, but it was too hot and humid (you even sweat if you were just sitting around and watching tv.) I really loved the sea! It was so blue, that it looked almost fake. My brother got salt water in his eyes and made the funniest face! I think I had a bit of a culture shock, because it was very different from Canada. For example, dogs and chickens roam the streets, and rasta there whistle at you.

[B]Nevis, WI- [/B] St. Kitts' sister island. We went to Nevis for a day, and this island was breathtaking! It was so green! We visited (we were too poor to stay) the Four Seasons Resort, and it was so nice! They raked the white sand, had some barrier around a part of the sea, so that the waves don't crash on people, and no seaweed, or fish would get in it. Alas, most people were making out in the pool, when there was a perfectly clean sea to swim in.[/COLOR]
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Well I've been in the past 6 years in the following places:

U.S.- Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New York, New Jersey

Ecuador- Cuenca, Quito, Guayaquil, Manabi, Riobamba, Salinas.

Panama- Panama city

Brazil- Rio de Janeiro, Brazilia.
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Well, I've been to:

That's my birth place. Most of my relatives from my mother's side reside there, so we visit a lot, usually during the summer.

I moved there from the Philippines. I lived there for about 2 years or less. Most of my relatives from my dad's side live there. In fact, a lot of Filipinos live there too :animesmil

We went there for sight-seeing. That was during the time I was still a toddler.

Went to see the Grand Canyon. I was a toddler around this time too.

I don't know if this would count, but one time, when I was in 3rd grade, we were on our way to California to visit my grandma. We stopped over at the airport in Portland, Oregon.

During winter vacation, when we went to visit my relatives in California, we went to Las Vegas to celebrate the New Year. I forget which year it was though. :animeswea

I went to Pusan, Korea for the Far East Basketball Tournament.

I went to Guam for the Far East Tennis Tournament.

I've been living here for a little over 12 years now. I call this place home :animesmil
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Guest Heero yuy
I lived in California, Oregon, Alaska, and now, Kentucky.

And Alaska was awesome, lived there for 5, 6 years. What was grueling was, driving from Alaska to Kentucky...on a deadline of a week.

I didn't take a shower for the whole week, nasty.

Next summer planning to go to: Uk, Australia, Korea, Japan, and Anartica...apparently, there is a tourist cruise to the frozen wasteland.
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[COLOR=Purple]Back when I was 2/3/4 my parents were working for a clothes company called pernicci who went on tour around the United States (Lalapalooza). I can't really remember much though I visited 32 states on the tour. All I remember is that on our way to the 'Grand Cannon' I thought I was going to be hit by cannonballs XD.[/COLOR]
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