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Anime list you're 5 favorite anime shows.


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These are my fav animes so far: (some of them..I haven't seen all of it..but what I have seen it great!)

1. Evangelion
2. Kenshin (haven't much of it..my friend hasn't given me the other eps. :()
3. Trigun (the same as Kenshin..haven't seen all of it..)
4. Gundam Wing

There are others I consider my favs too:

Princess Mononoke<--SP?
Macross Plus
and others...I can seem to remember..lol
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Guest Shift
[size=1][color=crimson]1. Dragonball Z
2. Dragonball Gt
3. Kenshin
4. Dragon Ball
5. Trigun

Yup, yup, yup that's it...[/size][/color]
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Raven131 [/i]
[B](In no particular Order)

Tenchi Muyo
Sorcerer Hunters
Ah! My Godess
Outlaw Star
Saint Tail *^_^ Kawii* [/B][/QUOTE]

please do not reply to old topics, especially one's from november!

favourite topics are also not allowed, and thus, this thread will be closed....

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