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RPG Love Me, Mr. Death [M-LVS]


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[FONT=Arial Narrow]"What will you do now, Wakanda?" A soft masculine voice cooned into the darkness. The light tap of his healed shoes on the cobbled stones bounced lightly against the damp stone walls. The noise crawled closer to the small figure that was shackled to the furthest wall from a massive wooden door; the only entrance or exit from the dark room.

The figure lifted its head, rattling its chains with the effort, as it awaited the sight of the voice.

"Your precious people are not here to save you. So what will you do?" The voice stepped lightly and stood just outside of the faint moonlight that creeped through a small window just above the shackled figure.

"They will come, Phineas." The figure said with apparent confidence.

"By the time they find you, you?ll be dead." A light chuckle insued, a bright white smile appearing in the shadows.

"Your master doesn?t have the balls to kill me."

The smile vanished from the man?s face as he rushed forward with amazing speed. He slammed the dangling body against the damp wall, the figure letting out a deep groan. He dug his nails deep into the tender flesh of the figures neck, blood trickling down as he placed his lips softly against the figure?s ear.

"I?ll drain you dry myself." Phineas growled.

"You wouldn?t dare," the figure spat back.

Phineas pulled the figure?s head to the side and was just about to sink his teeth into its neck, when a massive hand grabbed his shoulder. Before Phineas could react, he flew across the dark room and slammed into the stone wall. Phineas scrambled to his feet, prepared for a fight, when he realized his attacker was Malik.

"My Lord," Phineas dropped to one knee.

"If any one is to drain the fair lady Kalei, it will be me." Malik said simply.

"Of course, my Lord." Phineas lowered his head even more.

Malik walked forward, into the moonlight, his stunning mistress, Kabira, at his side. He grabbed a hold of Kalei?s jaw, making sure not to scratch the delicate skin of her face. Kabira walked forward and was about to lick the precious red liquid from Kalei?s neck, when Malik shoved her away.

"Upstairs, both of you." Malik said simply.

"Yes, my Lord," both vampires said at the same time.

Once the wooden door slammed shut, Malik snapped Kalei?s neck to the side and dragged his tongue along her open wounds. She drew a heavy breath as she rattled in her chains. Kalei gave a forceful thrust and Malik slowly backed away.

"Why don?t you just kill me?" Kalei growled, straining both her ankles and wrist against the metal cuffs that suspended her in the air.

"Because your life draws more of your kind to me. Makes it easier for me to finish this war." Kalei could see a smug smile dance across his face.

"You bastard."

"Oh so true, my Love." He chuckled as he turned away from her.

"They?ll come for me, Malik, and you?ll find that they?re not as easy to kill as you hoped." Kalei called after him.

"We shall see, Love. Until then, enjoy your stay, you?ll be here for a long time," and with that, Malik left Kalei alone in the damp, dark room.


Welcome to Love Me, Mr. Death. A blood thirsty thriller that?s sure to turn a few heads. What I need from my cast is as follows:


You will be enjoying a small gathering at one of Malik?s minor estates in Spain. The season would be around the fall. The vampire known as Phineas is a non-played character, so any one can use him. Typical looking and acting, he is Malik?s second in command to Kabira. Phineas is cruel and unforgiving. Vampires include: Malik, Alec, Kell?Nieke, Shiva, Kabira, and Lania. This should give you all a chance to interact with each others characters.


Currently you?re stationed some where in the states were Kalei last left you. Tegan has disappeared and word that Kalei has been captured by Malik is slowly leeking its way through the small base. I would like to see some of you in action. Teams will be Sin/Thayne, Ena/Richard, Fyuora/Priest. Katima/Talyn should be trying to find word on Kalei. Katima, you are next in command so eventually you will form a search party with the other teams.


You can find yourself being invited to Malik?s gathering while visiting Spain, or run into one of the parties of Wakanda out hunting Vampires.

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[SIZE=1][B]"So...what's on the agenda for today?"[/B] Thayne smiled happily at Sin. Sin was usually forced to wear shades during the daytime, extremely dark ones. Most people would find looking through them to be nearly impossible, but he dealt. Luckily, today was dull enough that the sun posed no threat. Thayne and Sin had decided to dress in normal attire for today. Seperately they didn't attract to much attention, but together in their normal clothing...there wouldn't be a single person who didn't notice them.

Thayne had on a high collared black sweater on and dark blue jeans. He still wore his goggles and gloves, though. Sin was wearing a black trenchcoat with silver lining. Underneath he was wearing black pants and a black tangtop. Sin ran his hand through his hair and shrugged at Thayne.

[B]"No clue. We should probably be looking for Kalei...But Katima and Talyn are hard at work doing that...So I say today we play vampire hunters."[/B] Thayne sighed and held his head. Sin never grew tired of hunting down vampires, though he was half himself. He had quite the talent for spotting vampires in the crowd. He was about to do so when a sound from behing caught Thayne's attention. He grabbed Sin's sleeve.

[B]"You won't need to do that..."[/B] Sin turned around and gasped. Their was a gang of vampires walking down the street. They were knocking people out of the way. picking up people and tossing them, even swiftly dissapearing from the group and bringing along others, probably just recruited. Thayne growled.

[B]"Dammit! They're in broad daylight...well, not broad daylight exactly, but for them to be out in the open like this."[/B] Sin nodded.

[B]"Seems the rumors were tue. I'm beginning to believe that Malik actually has Kalei." [/B] Sin stepped forward to take care of the vampires when Thayne grabbed his wrist.

[B]"No. Not in front of all these people. Let's lure them away."[/B]

[B]"How?"[/B] But before Sin got an answer to his question, Thayne jumped above the Vampire group and shot a plume of flame down. The groupe scattered, and sneared angrily at Thayne. Sin just laughed and yelled to him.

[B]"You can't ever say that you're the subtle one any longer, you know that right?"[/B] Sin dissapeard, and gave one of the Vampires a sqaure shot to the jaw, sending his spiraling. The Vampires got were now fuming, and began to chase Sin. Thayne ran over next to Sin and grinned. Sin nodded in response. Thayne set a brust of flames behind them, at the same time that SIn sprung into the air. Thayne looked down and yelled.

[B]"Catch us if you can!"[/B] Sin and Thayne made it all the way to the park, which was luckily abbandoned. Convienently placed in the middle of the park was a fountain. Thayne smiled and walked over to it, pouring some of his light energy into the water. Sin grimaced a little.

[B]"Be sure to remind me not to accidentally land in that crap."[/B] Thayne nodded and smiled as the Vampires arrived. There were six of them. Thayne smiled. [I]Three for him, three for me.[/I] Sin had been thinking the same obviously, as he ran swiftly by his three and threw them to the other side of the park. Thayne quickly sent a barrier of flames around his battlefield, keeping his targets locked in. The Vampires smiled smugly.

[B]"You've bitten off more then you can chew, Wakanda. There are three of us, and that means you're teribbly outnumbered."[/B] Thayne shrugged.

[B]"If you were higher ranked Vampires, I'd be afraid. But you're nothing more than footsoldiers. Seems like that's all that's left around here, the riff-raff."[/B] The Vampires had had enough now. They lunged at him in unison, and began violently attacking him. They went on relentlessly, and knocked him into one of the flaming walls surronding them. Thayne stood up and felt his sweater. It was ripped. He glared at them.

[B]"Hmph. Guess I won't need to keep looking like a human."[/B] A mighty flane erupted from beneath him, creating a pillar of fire around him. When it dispersed, he was back in his regular clothing. Thayne cracked his knuckles. He created an orb of light in his hand, and the Vampires cringed. He infused flames into it, and the Vampires screamed in agony. The holy flames were intense, and licked their skin every once and a while. He threw it at them and it exploded, stunning and badly burning his opponents.

[B]"That was easy. So much for being greatly outnumbered."[/B] Thayne absorbed the flames back into his body and lifted up the thre Vampires. He dragged their bodies over to the fountain and sighed.

[B]"May God take pity on your damned souls. Amen!"[/B] He tossed the bodies into the holy water and watched ans they disintegrated. He leaned against the water and took a sip from the upper level of it.



[B]OOC:[/B] Hope everything's alright, DC.[/SIZE]
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1]As Thayne was burning his Vampire victims, Sin was having fun throwing them about all around the place. Sin was fast enough to avoid these wanna be vampires and still just played around with them. He was smiling and laughing the entire time.

[B]"Are you guys gonna hit me today or should i stand still?"[/B] Sin said playfully. The Vampires were growing angry.

[B]"Hold still and fight like a man, Half-breed."[/B] Sin stopped smiling and stood still. Thayne heard what the vampire had just said to Sin. Sin didn't like it when people called him Half-breed. It demind him, since he was half-vampire he did demand respect. Thayne smirked and tried to stop from laughing.

[B]"Oh you guys are screwed now."[/B] Thayne said then bursting into laughter. Sin had stopped moving around and was standing still, a vampire saw this as an opportunity to hit him. The vampire got his hit but Sin didn't even move, Sin grabbed the vampires hand and broke it off.

[B]"Don't call me Half-Breed!"[/B] Sin yelled as he grabbed this vampire neck and tore it out, the vampire turning to dust. Sin looked at the two other vampires, he pulled off his coat and tossed it on the ground and started to walk over to the reamining vampires. The two vampires charged him and he snatched them by the throats, he looked then in the eyes with hatred and anger in his face.

[B]"You dare call me Half-breed, when you are people who are turned?" [/B]Sin sniffed the air around them.

[B]"And very recently too. Looks like the vampires have bad choices these days."[/B] Sins smile returned.

[B]"I'm gonna have fun with you two."[/B] Thayne sighed

[B]"Can you hurry it up Sin. I'm hungry and i'd like to eat soon."
[B]"Just relax. I'll finish them quickly."[/B] Sin threw one of the vampires at the fountain that Thayne had blessed. The vampire dissolved quickly. Sin held the vampire high up in the air. He looked up at the sky and saw the sun was coming out, Sin smiled. He reached into his jeans pocket and pulled out his dark sunglasses.
"Your time is over, vampire."[/B] The sun peacked through the clouds and incinerated the vampire in Sins hands. Sin wiped his hands against eachother and cleaned off the vampire dust, he picked up his coat and slipped it back on. He walked over to Thayne smiling, Thayne just shook his head.

[B]"What?" [/B]Sin said still smiling.

[B]"Took you forever to kill them."[/B] Sin just shrugged his shoulders.

[B]"I like to play with my vampires, they deserve it before they die."[/B] Thayne smiled too and slapped Sin on the back, Thayne laugh out loud.
"Lets go get something to eat."[/B] Thayne said as they walked out of the park[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[size=1]"It's been four days and we haven't found anything, Katima," said Talyn in his smooth British accent, "There's been no word of Kalei, and I don't feel we're any closer to finding any. She may as well have disappeared off the face of the Earth."

The pair of Wakanda magic-wielders sat on the steps outside the local library, huge concrete steps that were flanked by large statues.

"Don't be so pessimistic, Talyn," replied his partner, Kalei's second-in-command, a beautiful Wakanda named Katima, "We could be getting close. And besides, you don't think Kalei would let herself go without finding Malik, do you?"

"I guess not. But if she [i]has[/i] been captured by him, there's no telling what he could do to her. He's bloodthirsty, ruthless. She could be dead by now, before we've even found her."

"I doubt Malik would throw away his biggest negotiating card so readily. We need Kalei, and Malik knows this. He can get almost anything he wants from us using her."

"He sure is a clever bastard."

"And powerful too. No other vampire could have gotten hold of Kalei like he did. And I would know, they have tried."

"Speak of the devil," said Talyn, looking at a group of vampires who had just rounded the corner. They looked around, and saw the pair of Wakanda sitting on the steps.

"Well, well, well, what do we have here? A couple of Wakanda, out on a midnight stroll," said the first vampire, "Looks like its our lucky night."

The other vampires nodded greedily, and they all began to stride over to Talyn and Katima, who got to their feet wearily.

"Do you want these ones, or shall I take them?" asked Talyn.

"How about we share?" replied Katima.

"Sounds like a plan," said Talyn. He leapt down the stairs, landing in a crouched position at the feet of one of the vampires, who tried to lash out and kick him. He flipped backwards, avoiding the kick, and landed firmly on his feet.

"Not good enough," he said to the vampire, and he gathered a sphere of light in his hand, blasting it into the vampire's chest. He flew back, his body turning to ashes as he flew through the air. As he hit the ground, there was nothing left but a small pile of ash.

The other vampires looked slightly disturbed by this, but still they rushed into action. One of them grabbed Talyn around the neck, managing to get in with a quick blow, and hauled him off the ground.

Suddenly, though, a chain flew out of the air, whipping itself around the vampire's arm. He screamed as the dark flames of the chain's substance burned his arm, and Katima pulled the chain tighter, making it burn right through the vampire's arm, dropping the severed limb to the ground. The vampire screamed again, and Talyn blasted him back with a pulse of light.

The rest of the vampires charged, leaping through the air at Talyn and Katima, who readied themselves for battle...

(OOC: Over to you, Reiku, hope that's okay for you. PM me if its not and I'll edit)
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[font=garamond][color=teal]Time to get this Vampire party into full swing...[/color][color=darkred]

A cool and quiet evening, a soft and soothing atmosphere, a plethora of fruitful and subserviant prey. Yes, this truly was a splendid occasion for any vampire lucky enough to be in league with Malik. The gathering was at a small secluded villa in the hills of northern Spain. It was far from prying eyes, and suitable enough for Malik's needs.

The interior was dark and plush, the smell of blood and death mingling in the air with perfumes and flowers in attempt to hide the smell. Young scantly clad servants ducked in and out of passageways, carrying glasses of what looked like thick dark wine, serving the guests with as much pomp and circumstance as possible. Insulting a guest of this status could be the last thing one would ever do.

Alec nodded his head curtly to a passing servant, clutching a glass from his tray, setting the young man to startle slightly. The smell of fear among them was intoxicating as well as tempting. The vampire was quite sure that Malik had not intended his servants to be fed upon, or perhaps it was a very open invitation. None of them knew however where the good lord Malik was.

As far as Alec could tell, the sitting room that held the most guests was lacking in the lading vampire thus far. Trauver was looking forward to seeing him, not having spoken to the man in many many years. But it seemed as though something of interest was going on, something involving the Wakanda that included the majority of the clans.

All there was to do was sit and wait, sit and wait...[/color][/font]
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Hannah-Jabari sat in the basement of the library. She spent alot of time down there reading books. They kept the good books down there. She set down her fastrac cappicino, and glanced at her watch. It was late she had to head home befor her father realised how late it was. She closed her book and put it back on the shelf. She walked up the stairs and heard some sort of scuffle. She was hesitant to check it out.
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[font=timesnewroman][COLOR=DarkOrchid][i]Kell'Niele sipped from her crystal cut goblet delicately, her eyes roving the entire room. Several other vampires present watched her with equally calm and quiet looks. The servants were unobtrusive, unless of course you were excited by the bare flesh of mere humans. The female Nosferatu might've been one of the oldest in attendance, but that did nothing to detract from her willowy beauty. She smiled over the rim of her glass, watching one vampire in particular.


Old like her, but perhaps not quite as old. She watched him through long lashes, her snakelike pupils dilating with her excitement. She watched him pay a social grace to a servant, then contented herself with observing him move. He was graceful, and she was interested. Even so, he wasn't watching her in the same way. Perhaps it was a ploy, perhaps it didn't matter, but she decided inwardly, that she would not lower herself as to speak to him first. Kell'Niele was from an old school. Women were chased by men, and not the other way around. Then again, she found herself being watched by others as well.

She supposed it was the evening gown, although it could've been the way the pale skin of her face was framed by the long auburn hair. Her smile showed one fang. Unlike the younger vampires, she was unable to hide the tell tale giveaway that marked her as one of the darkest creatures on earth. Finally, Alec stood and made his way over to where she sat. She pretended indifference, but looked up just the same. It didn't do to insult her own kind, particularly if they were worthy of her attention.[/i]



"You look bored."

"Why do you assume I am bored?"

"Perhaps it's the way you occasionally sigh when you look around the room. And also...perhaps...it's in the way you've fixed your gaze on me and nobody else."

"Perhaps I'm merely besotted."

[i]She smiled at him playfully, tipping her glass up towards him slightly. He looked down, his eyes making direct contact with her own blood red ones.[/i][/COLOR]

***Hannah, your post, to be frank, is not very good. You seem to have a strong aversion to checking your spelling, using proper grammar, and other such niceties. If you could be so kind as to write longer posts as well, that would be a drastic improvement.***[/font]
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[SIZE=1]OOC: Well, I'll go first Deucalion. PM me and let me know if I should change anything.[/SIZE]

[FONT=Palatino Linotype]Ena walked alongside her silent partner Richard, patrolling the winding streets of the city. Keeping a sharp eye out for their enemies, the Vampires, was always necessary, they could be attacked at anytime.

The two never really spoke, for there was no conversation comfortable enough for Ena to start speaking about. But then it was down to business.

"Do you think Talyn and Katima have found anything more about Kalei's whereabouts?" She asked, looking up at him as they turned into one of the city's parks.
He merely looked down at her and shook his head.
"What do you think could've happened to her?" Ena continued her inquisition.
Richard shrugged.
"You don't think she...could've been captured, do you?"
Another shrug.

As the pair continued walking, the feeling of unease began to slither it's way into Ena's mind.
"Richard, is it just me, or does it feel like we're being watched?" Ena turned around.
He simply scanned through the dark shadows surrounding them.

"So! You could sense us..." A cry blurted out as four vampires walked out into the dim moonlight.
"Damn it. I knew it." Ena sneered.
"Who wants to feast on the blood of a couple Wakanda tonight, boys?!" Their leader asked, receiving cheers in response.
"Go ahead and try, you blood-sucking bastard. Let's see what you've got." Ena yelled in retort.
"Get them!"

The trio flew forward with immense speed, circling the partners. "Richard, stay where you are." Ena said. "I'm going to do something that I normally wouldn't."

Ena stepped forward and quickly prepared for attack. "Kiss of Fiery Ena!" Before anyone could react, flames bursted out of Ena's mouth and began scorching one of the vampires, he fell to the ground in pain as his clothes caught fire.

The others stopped and Richard was nowhere to be found. "Richard!" Ena yelled as she struggled to breathe. However, Richard already had his arms around the creature, attempting to strangle him and it wasn't long before he snapped the neck of the writhing boy.

"Flames of Hell!" Ena thrusted one arm up above her head, throwing another into the air with a fierce wind. More flames shot out of the light in her hand and began to ignite the body as Ena slammed the body back onto the ground with the second raging gust. "I guess that makes this fight even." She smirked.

"You'll pay for that!" One of the others yelled as Richard stood and prepared for his turn.[/FONT]

[SIZE=1]OOC: Okay then, I guess it's your turn.[/SIZE]
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[Color=darkslategray][size=1]Richard simply cracked his neck, putting his hands in his pockets. Several more slinged down from the treetops. He didn't need his fists, his feet would do the talking. For now, at least. His Wakanda sense seemed to tell him where it all was. Without a word, the one leaping for his back was kicked out of the air, and pinned to the ground. No one made a move as Richard drew his lighter and a cigarrete from his pocket.

Quietly, he lit it. Taking a few puffs, he then grabbed it and shoved it to the vampire's face, the ashen embers burning the pale white flesh. Then the fight seemed to resume, as if a movie had been paused. Richard's boot was on the vampire's neck, and even as the creature squealed and clawed at his leg, he pressed down and muttered.

[b]"May god redeem thee for thy sins."[/b] And with a quick jerk of his foot, broke the vampire's neck. Richard snapped a bone from the soft flest, and drove it through the creature's heart. He had forgotten, however, about the bottle of whiskey had been drinking. It lay on the curb, forgotten. Two vampires were trying to sneak around and attack Ena from behind as she fought with another. Richard's only sound was a disgusted sigh.

Quickly, he dashed at them, and kicked the first in the stomach, snapping and breaking several ribs, one puncturing the heart. Richard took the other's arm, and then wenched it back, breaking it in several pieces, the ulna popping straight out of the flesh. Without missing a beat, Richard took the bone, and drove it through the bastard's heart.

[b]"Ena, watch your back."[/b] Richard said, coldly. He made his way to the whiskey bottle, wrapped in a brown paper sack. Richard picked it up, and placed a mark of the shadow on it, and Siphon Life would take effect on all those that were caught in his next attack.

He took a drink. Then, holding it in his mouth, Richard drew the silver lighter with a black dragon snaking up the side, and flicked it open. The shadow-filled liqour swirled around harmlessly in his mouth, and then he started the flames, and the whisky shot out like a flamethower, catching the flame and spreading throughout the rest of the vampires. They were also afflicted with his favourite skill.

Richard began to fall to his knees as tendrils of darkness shot from their burning bodies, and the siphoning of whatever life they may of had began to take place. His eyes rolled up into his head, and soon, they fell down to the ground, charred and lifeless husks. Richard then fell to the ground, too much life-power flowing in his veins.

[b]"Ena. Blade."[/b] She knew what that ment, and threw him a hunting dirk. Shuddering and gasping, he slit his wrist, and the crimson blood began to flow onto the ground. As soon as all of the excess blood and life was drained, he stopped shivering. Richard cleaned off the blade, and threw it to Ena.

[b]"Let's go."[/b][/color][/size]
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[CENTER][FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=DarkRed]Lania walked the deserted streets of Spain making no effort to go to the vampire gathering. Feeling as she would be outcast by the rest for her mental illness, she stayed close by though. Staring at the fantastic area of the meeting, she gapped slightly at the devine glasses that the other vampires were sipping from. Seeing the red substances in the glasses made her mouth water for the taste of it against her lips and tongue.

She shook her head banishing the thought. [I]"They'll never accept me for who I am. Besides, I work for no one. I do as I please and this Malik person I know nothing about. How do I know he is really on our side and not using us,"[/I], these thoughts dance around in her head trying to come up with a good reason to being in there.

Lania grunted in disgust seeing some romance going on in there. "I thought this was a meeting 'not a come take me home' meeting,' she muttered to herself. She has always been this way from the day of her birth. Hatred for all. All that were born with pure minds. While she on the other hand was born with an illness. A burden that haunted her forever...

{Ooc: If you want me to make any changes, PM me. This seems really interesting thus so far. :catgirl: }[/COLOR][/FONT][/CENTER]
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"I'm heading out."

Kabira grabbed her coat from the coat rack near the door. Quickly putting it on, the dashing vampire made her way out the doors of Malik's lair. It wasn't so much Malik's as it was a wealthy Spaniards settlement which just happened to conveniently been turned recently, allowing the hunted to hide.

After shutting the door behind her, Kabira made the long walk over to a stable on the ranch the Spaniard owned. Walking through the cold night, Kabira looked up at the stars, bewildered by their magnificent gaze. Kabira stopped, staring into the dark night sky rittled with countless white orbs of light.

[I]It's beautiful. We used to have nights like these all the time in Utah.[/I]

Kabira's mind raced. The stars rearranged themselves. Tonight, everyone was awaiting for Malik to address the general vampiric crowds, but Kabira never stayed around for such talk.

[I]Well, guess that leaves me to wander the fields alone.[/I]

Removing her gaze from the sky above, Kabira moved along her set path to the stables. The barn was well kept, yet it had a rustic look to it. As Kabira entered the horses? home, her eyes immediately met the eyes of a pure black Arabian stallion.

"Oh, my precious, we shall ride like the wind tonight, and see many great sights."

Kabira looked around, finding the necessary equipment, and prepared the horse for the long night?s journey. Amazingly, the 15 hand tall horse was calm under the hands of Kabira.

She walked the horse outside, and tied him up to a post. While Kabira wasn't into cleaning, she always learned to never leave anything that could lead an opponent to you. Shutting the stalls gate, Kabira ran towards the grand stable doors, shutting them just as easily.

Kabira mounted the horse putting her head near the head of the beautiful beast.

"RUN! Make haste my dear friend. We shall indulge ourselves in the beauty of night."

Immediately, the horse launched itself into the night. The wind blew back Kabira's long hair just like wheat fields. As they sped into the darkness, Kabira's mind was blank and peaceful for the moment. The beats of the horse?s hooves soon began to lull Kabira into a dream like state.

[I]A quiet mind, another beautiful God given gift wasted on the living.[/I]


Later, Kabira awoke and found herself moments away from a sunrise.


The stallion stood ready to go. Kabira jumped on top of the strong beast. As soon as she checked for her belongings, Kabira summoned the horse to run to the stables. As they neared the stables, the sun neared its opening to the world. Dirt flew into the air behind the traveling companions, showing the swiftness of their pace.

Sooner than expected, Kabira found herself at the gates to the courtyard. Kabira dismounted the horse.

"Save yourself till we meet again my good friend. Run into the plains and enjoy the day. We shall cross paths soon, hopefully by nightfall."

The horse turned about, and began to gallop out into the plains surrounding the settlement. Kabira made sure the horse started off, and then jumped over the gates, passing the ten foot tall barrier.

Landing safely on the other side, Kabira walked to the door.

"...And we will use her for our own gratification, and soon, they will be gone."

Chants and screams, along with woot's and hollers originated from the meeting on the other side of the villa. Kabira walked over to a window, and slid into the room on the other side.

Conveniently, Kabira found herself within a bed she had laid in many times. Looking around, Kabira realized she had to shower before Malik returned to his quarters. Dropping her clothes as fast as possible, Kabira ran into the open shower, and began to wash the dirt and mud fro her face, legs and arms.

[I]Oh, what I do just to re-live the past and enjoy the simple pleasures of the present.[/I]

"Hola pequeña señora, cómo es usted que hace esta multa y que
vigoriza mañana?"(?Hello little lady, how are you doing this fine and invigorating morning??)

Kabira whipped her neck around to see the Spaniard with his robe almost undone. Shocked by the newly turned vampire?s grotesque physique, Kabira bit her lip in disgust.

?Would you mind? Come on old guy! Go away!?

The elder gentlemen looked the beautiful girl over.

"Oh, pero yo piensa que acabo de encontrar la paga de Malik para el
suyo que permanecía."(?Oh, but I think I just found Malik?s pay for his staying.?)

The rage built up inside of Kabira as she stood with the water beating down onto her exposed flesh.

?And I think you are just about ready to get really hurt. Now, move old man, or you will pay.?

The Spaniard began to outstretch his arms towards the small girl. With a grimacing expression, Kabira launched a strong kick to the man?s right hand, breaking it as it hit the wall. He screamed out in pain.

?Now, go.?

"Oh, pero el dolor es placer."(?Oh, but pain is pleasure.?)

Kabira was fed up with the man. She punched through the wall, and found a stud. Ripping it out from the wall, Kabira slammed it into the bastard?s heart. The vampire fell to the ground, his head falling into the shower, looking up at Kabira.

?Nasty old man, you WERE really fucked up.?

O.O.C. I hope this is all good for you guys and gals. If we have any problems, go ahead an PM me. Wootness
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[COLOR=DarkRed]?You think the rumors are true??Priest shoved her hands in her pockets and looked forward. The rumor was that Kalei got captured by the vampires was slowly leaking out to the Wakanda population. Priest stared down at the street ahead of them. The grey dirty side walk littered with papers and trash of the sorts.?Maybe.?She said shrugging.

?I hope not . . . ? Fyuora frowned some and sighed.

Priest said nothing. They continued to walk until they reached the bus stop. The bench was disgusting, every part of the green bench covered in either dirt or trash. The paint was pealing and revealing a light sickish yellow color.?I think I?ll stand . . . ?

It was pretty quiet, they were waiting for the bus. Priest rocked back and forth slightly like a child tired of standing in a line. Both were quiet, they kept conversation to a minimum most of the time. Fyuora yawned and turned left looking strait past Priest. ?Vampires coming our way priest . . . ?Priest grunted some before pulling out a bottle of unlabeled holy water opening it and then blinking a bit.

?Don?t you ladies know it?s dangerous out at night?? The voice called from a distance and within seconds they were practically breathing down their necks. Standing around the bench. One of them grinned, showing off its fangs. The other circled a bit standing behind the bench, Priest guessed it was too dirty for even vampires to touch since he seems to move a bit away from it. ?No response? No come back? Nothing . . . wow, I was hoping I?d get some fight out of these two.? He looked at the one behind the bench who was glaring hard at Fyuora.

The vampire yawned, Priest moved. She held the water bottle from the bottom and rammed it down the guy?s throat. ?You talk to much.?She pushed it in deeper and watched the other one froze not reacting right away. He was probably to busy staring at his friend scratching at the rather small water bottle now rammed down his throat. The holy water burning down it creating its own path through his system.

Priest pulled out another bottle of holy water and threw it at the vampire behind the bench, missing because of a sudden movement. The water puddled near his feet.

((ooc-hope this is okay...pm me if I need to make any changes ))[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=GREEN]OOC~ Uhg! Really soory about not posting; hurricanes have a tendancey to do that.
As Priest was preoccupied with shoving holy water down one of the vampires' throats', Fyuora simply sat on the diry bench, an annoyed expression on her face. The other vampire leaned in closer and began wispering in her ear in a snide, arrogant tone. "That Wakanda blood of your's smells absolutely delectable," he hissed.

Fyuora's expression of annoyance only grew, but she didn't turn around. Instead, she replied in an icy tone, "Cram it!" He froze, but not because of the comment, but because he had just noticed what was happening to his partner. He was nearly entranced by the effect of holy water on a cursed creature such as himself, until he noticed a second bottle of holy water wizzing towards him. He dodged it with ease and the bottle statered, causing the contents to pool near his feet.

The remaining vampire now turned his attention on Priest. "You're going to have to work on your aim, sweet," he said in a cocky tone, stepping idelly over to puddle. Fyuora took her chance while his attention was away from her. Standing up, she held an outstreatched hand over the puddle of holy water. It immeadiately began to form into a sphere that rose to hoover just above her upcupped palm.

"Yo!" Fyuora called her victum to attention. He turned causually, but before he could make his way around, the sphere of holy water had snaked it's way into his mouth. The effects were immeadiate. He fell to the ground, grabbing at his throat. His body began to smoke and suddenly burst into a cloud of dust.

Fyuora resumed her bored expession as she sat back down. "That wasn't very exciting."
OOC~ Due to Katrina, expect fractured posting from me.[/COLOR]
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[color=#CC0099][size=1]In the darkness, Katima stood ready for an all-out assault, the [i]Dark Flame Chain[/i] heavy in her hands. Talyn stood beside her, ready and waiting for the vampires to do whatever they had to do.

The bloodsuckers launched themselves in a full, frontal assault on the two Wakanda. Talyn charged up a [i]Light Blast[/i] in his hand and let it off, clearing a few vampires on impact. Katima used the light to her advantage and began whirling her [i]Dark Flame Chain[/i] around in her hands. Expertly using it to perfection, Katima managed to cut down her half of the vampires in a matter of minutes. She twirled and spun herself in the air, arcing the chain around in a twisting somersault. Talyn blasted his half of his vampires away using expert close combat skills and his Light abilities. The only things that remained of the vampires were piles of ash. Katima looked down at the ground, at the remanants of the vampires.

" We're never going to get anywhere if we're doing this all the time," she said. The [i]Dark Flame Chain[/i] vanished from her hand, leaving nothing of its being left. Katima's cold red-pink eyes scanned the dark desolate street. Talyn came back to her side, straying from her for the few moments they were in battle.

" What do you suggest we do?" Talyn asked, breathing a little heavily. Using his magic was a little exhausting.

" We've found nothing, no information about the disappearance of Tegan and Kalei. There are rumours circling the Underworld that Kalei has indeed been captured by Malik," Katima said as she beckoned Talyn to walk with her. She straightened her white coat. The long, very-stylish tails of her coat swished elegantly from side to side as her long pink hair swished in unison.

" Then what should we do?" Talyn asked.

Katima looked Talyn squarely in the eyes as they walked, a small smile on her face. " Time to call reinforcements. We're going to get the others."

Talyn smiled back, agreeing.[/size][/color]

OOC: Ok, we'll be coming for the other Wakanda. In your next post, [b]SolarPrincess[/b] or [b]madnessofthecat[/b], have Katima and Talyn come to you and ask you to join them. Fallen, play along as you like. I'll be going in this order (by character names):

1. Fyuora/Priest
2. Ena/Richard
3. Sin/Thayne

Fallen and I's characters will be coming for everyone, then I'll get further instructions from DC.
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[COLOR=GREEN]OOC~ Two post in 24hrs, talk about keeping myself preoccupied.
"We should keep moving," sugested Priest as soon as Fyuora had resumed sitting on the beanch. Fyuora sighed and rolled her eyes, but didn't say anything as she got back up. The pair restarted their treck down the dark, empty road, with no sound except for a light breeze and the occational nocturnal creature darting in and out of a bush.

Dispite this seemingly calm atmosphere, Fyuora still kept her guard up, but this was normal for her; she always seemed to be on edge, even when in a completely secure area. After about five minutes of walking, both she and Priest stopped short. Fyuora gave her parner a look that only said too plainly, [I]We have company[/I]. "I know," Priest responded in a hushed tone, "I sensed them too."

Not even a moment later, three more vampires jumped from the darkness behind them. The attackers, two tall males, one with slick, black hair, the other a vary pale blond, and a firy, red-haired female, waisted no time with fancy word, but went streight on the offensive. Priest quickly dodged to one side while Fyuora jumped high into the air performing a highly acrobatic back flip and landing perfectly behind her attackers.

The vampires skidded to a halt and quickly turned to face their prey. Fyuora sighed as Priest causually yet cauciously walked over and joined her. "These three are even more pathetic then the other two." She muttered.

"How should we divide it up this time?"

"I was thinking we each get one, and whoever's first to finish their's off gets the third, deal?"

"Agreed," nodded Priest as she took her sights on the red-head, whose eyes matched the brillance of her hair. Fyuora really couldn't care less which of the remaining two she took out first; she simply waited to see which would come at her first, and sure enough the dark-haired vampire had grown impatiant and once again charged at her.

Fyuora faced both of her palms in the direction of her fast approaching target, chanting under her breath. The effect of her Arctic Frost attack was almost immeadiate as the vampire literally "froze in his tracks." One swift kick to the torso caused the frozen vampire to shater.

Fyuora looked up over at Priest who had just taken down her vampire with her crossbow. She looked around the area but couldn't find the third vampire. [I]I guess Priest got to him first,[/I] she assumed. "So I see you made quick work of your two."

"Two? I only took out the girl. I thought you had the third."

"But, I thought..." but Fyuora was cut off by a small exposion. They both turned to see the smoldering remains of the "missing" third vamipire then turned around to see Katima and Talyn appoarching them in the dim, near-dawn light, Katima still brandishing her Dark Flame Chain.

"You should know better than to take your eyes off your target," Katima said.

"I can take care of myself, thank you," Fyuora snapped back.

"Listen," interjected Talyn before an arguement could even start, "We're nearly certain Kalei has been captured by Malik." Priest and Fyuora both shared looks of grave concern.

"Yes," added Katima answering any questions of doubt before they could be voiced. "We're gathering several of us together, but time is a factor so we need to get moving." Fyuora and Priest both nodded and the four of them headed off.
OOC~ Hope this is ok, Reiku[/COLOR] :animesmil
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[SIZE=1]OOC: My turn, right?[/SIZE]

[FONT=Palatino Linotype]The tickle-me-pink streaks of sundown reflected in Ena's charcoal eyes and she winced as she stood at the top of her apartment complex. A target drawn on the concrete corridor covering the steps leading to the roof showed that Ena was up to something.

'It's already been two days, and no word.'

There was only one explanation. Both Tegan and Kalei were missing, and with Katima and Talyn gone, there wasn't much the others could do.

Kalei was kidnapped.

Ena decided to make this time to train, she was busy with her techniques, knowing that she could be even better than what she had become.

"One more try." She whispered to herself.

She picked up a thin wooden dart, and the breeze surrounding her picked up. With her unused hand, she directed the wind at the target. She threw the dart and it bolted through the wind. She stared at the dart as it neared the target, snapping her fingers, she smiled with relief as she watched the dart burst into flame and hit the target.

"Bull's eye." Her smile twisted into a smirk.

Ena walked out confident later that night to meet Richard and commence with what was the nightly routine. Vampire Hunting. Dressed in a pair of boots and black slacks, with a knee length leather coat, Ena was prepared for anything.
"Could you have taken any longer? C'mon, we've got somewhere to be." He beckoned her.
"What? Do you mean that-?" Ena looked up at him.

Katima, Talyn, Fyuora and Priest awaited the pair in the park where the attack occured the night before. "Glad you two could make it." Katima smiled a little.
"I'm glad to see everyone again." Ena nodded. "Fyuora, Priest. Everything's good?"
"Yeah." Both nodded.
"You two haven't noticed anything suspicious, have you?" Talyn asked.
"No, but because you say that, I'm sure that the rumors are true?" Ena asked, unsure.
"Yeah. Kalei's been captured-" Talyn replied.
"By Malik." Ena finished. "Damn him."
"What about Tegan?"
"Nothing." Katima shook her head. "I'm taking charge and we're getting everyone together to get Kalei back."

"I just want to find the one responsible for my mother's death." Ena replied. "I'll help find Kalei, I can assure you that. But my means are a little different."

Everyone knew not to intervene, Ena meant every word she said. She'd find the man that orphaned her, and she'd have vengance.

"Well, we still need to find Thayne and Sin. So, we should leave as soon as possible." Katima said, and with that, it was off to find the last two Wakanda.[/FONT]


OOC: I hope everything's alright. PM me with any problems.[/SIZE]
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Jade walked down the streets of a city that was sound asleep, or hiding under the covers. She looked up and down the street before turning into a back ally. She looked over at the door at the end. She sighed, rummaging through her pockets for her keys. Unable to find them, she turned back to the door, kicking the jam hard with her left foot, causing the molding to crack and the door to swing free.

Jade brushed passed the door, walked straight back to the bedroom, threw some basic needs in a leather backpack, and headed back to the door. Half way through the kitchen she paused, turned and went back the fridge. After a minute of looking, she grabbed an amber bottle, popped the top with her teeth and walked out of the apartment.


Jade entered the restaurant and looked around. She spotted a couple of guys at a back table one dressed in high collared black sweater on and dark blue jeans, the other wearing a black trench coat with a hint of silver and all black underneath. She smiled to herself, she?d been gone for awhile, she wondered if they?d remember her. She walked over and leaned on the wall just over the man in the trench coat?s shoulder.

[B]?Well boys, looks like I went on walkabout just in time.?[/B]
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[font=garamond][color=darkred]Alec smiled down at his company, raising his glass as well in a mock toast.

"Imbued perhaps," He smirked, crimson eyes glittering, "But still the most socially gracefull Nosferatu I had ever had the pleasure to know."

He then took a sip from his glass, relishing in the feeling of the life-giving fluid that trickled down his throat. Not the best drink to have cold, but he'd manage. Perhaps he could nip a servant later, given that Malik wouldn't mind.

He hadn't had many encounters with the Nosferatu seated before him. She was a distant acquaintance of his, many years of the undead life separating their common intrests. While he was still haunted by the thrill of the hunt, she was seeminly enjoying what endless powers this life held for her. Although they shared very little in common, the two of them could still hold simple pleasantries.

He returned his attention to Kell'Niele, offering another smile.

"So tell me," He looked about the room once more, slowly, taking in each face, "Have you any ideas as to why we've been called together?"[/color][/font]
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1]Sin and Thayne were sitting at their table enjoying their drinks and having a good time when from behind Sin they heard a voice.

[B][COLOR=Black]?Well boys, looks like I went on walkabout just in time.?[/COLOR][/B] Sin knew that voice, it sounded so familiar. Thayne stood up and walked behind him. Sin turned and saw who it was. It was Jade; Sin stood up and looked Jade over. Thayne hit Sin with the back of his hand, Sin looked and Thayne shook his head. Sin just shrugged. Thayne held out his hand and Jade grabbed his gentle, Thayne pulled her in and hugged her. She was surprised but she hugged him back, Sin sat back down and drank the rest of his whiskey. Suddenly he got tapped on the shoulder and he turned his body and saw Jade standing there, with her hands on her hips.
"I don't get a hug from my favorite vampire."[/B] Sin smiled a little and chuckled, he stood up and sighed.
"Alright."[/B] She smiled and lunged at him hugging him, he was freaked out but he hugged her back. She let him go and pulled up a chair, they all sat their reminiscing from past missions and old hang out places. About how they all hung out and hunted vampires together, after a few minutes Sin called the waiter for more drinks. He ordered a whole bottle of Jack Daniels and a few shot glasses, after a minute or so he brought them and Sin unscrewed the cap and poured the three shot glasses full of whiskey. He held his up in their air.

[B]"A toast, to you good friend Jade here and another successful day of vampire killing."[/B] Thayne and Jade laughed and they all drank it down, while they were laughing Sin suddenly stopped and sniffed the air. Thayne looked at him odd.
"Sin what is it?"[/B] He sniffed the air a little more and breathed out deeply.
"Katima is here and..."[/B] Sin sniffed the air once more.
"And a few others if I?m not mistaken."[/B] Suddenly Katima came into the bar and looked around she saw them and they saw her. She walked over to them with Talyn, Fyuora, Priest, Ena and Richard following behind them. Sin smirked and grabbed the bottle and drank some, Thayne and Jade had straight faces since they were Wakanda. They knew more of what kind of person Katima was then Sin did, he did respect her none the less but he just had a hard time listening. She walked up and stood in front of them.
"I'm sure you can guess why were here."[/B]

[B]"Because the rumors are true. Kalei has been captured by Malik."[/B] Katima nodded. Sin stood up with bottle in hand.

[B]"Well at least we can go find her now and not continue with our hunts of these lesser vampires. We finally get to hunt down the higher ranks, and maybe the one who made me who I am."[/B] Sin finished off the bottle and set it down on the table along with some money. Sin returned his attention to Katima and the rest of the group; Thayne and Jade were standing next to him waiting to see what he was going to do. Sin bowed his head and brought it back up.

[B]"We are at your command. Lead on Katima, we will follow."[/B] Katima nodded and walked out the door heading for a new destination that Sin, Thayne, Jade, Fyuora, Priest, Ena and Richard had no idea where they were going but willing to give their lives blindly for their cause.
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[FONT=Arial Narrow]Kalei rolled her head around, finally resting it against the cold, mold covered wall behind her. Her wrists had finally gone numb from being suspended for three days. Blood had dried around both cuffs on her wrists and the two cuffs around her ankels. And with every attempt to move the delicate scabs would tear open and start to bleed again.

Kalei moaned as she felt her stomach rumble. Her head throbbed from the lack of nurishment she had received, but she wasn't about to tell Malik any thing. She just prayed that Katima would be able to maintain things while she was gone.



A light summer breeze washed over Kalei's face as she tilted her head back. The warmth calmed her uneasy spirit, allowing her hands to fall backwards to try and absorb even more of the sun's rays.

"Kalei?" A faint voice echoed through her thoughts.

She smiled softly, pulling her hands into her pants pockets, and drawing her head back to center. She took a deep sigh before opening her eyes to see Katima standing before her. She was dressed in her traditional garb, her long pink locks pulled away from her face. Her smile brighten upon seeing the young girl, in her early teens, she was going to be gorgeous.

"Yes, Katima?" Kalei finally answered her.

"Tegan was attacked and some one was killed." Katima said timidly.

Kalei's eyes wided as she pointed for Katima to show her the way. They raced quickly through the tall grass of a massive field. The sun was slowly starting to set as they finally made their way into a small village and into a barn. It was an older woman that laid slain on the dirt floor of the barn. Kalei knew her as Melissa. She was a human that had come to her about three weeks ago to tell her about a vampire cult that had been tailing her. Seemed as they found her before Kalei could find them.

"Tegan?" Kalei called out.

There was a deep moan from the loaft as Kalei turned to watch Katima fly towards the ground, catching herself before landing flat on her back. Kalei didn't move from her spot as she waited for the attacker to make himself known.

"Well, well if it isn't the famous Wakanda leader, Kalei. I was hoping you'd come." A pale face appeared in the shadows.

"Katima," Kalei whispered.

"Yeah," the girl replied as she stood back up.

"Do you remember the technic we've been working on?" Kalei said softly.

Katima nodded.

"Use it."

Katima gathered her strength, focused her energy and used her magic. A thick black chain whirled from the center of her hands and towards the face. It struck something as Katima wrapped her hands around the thick chain and pulled back. A body flew from within the dark and hurled towards the sun, bursting into flames as it touched the light.

Kalei covered her nose and mouth, the smell overwhelming her as she rushed up the ladder to the loaft.

"Tegan?" Kalei called out.

A hand slowly rose out of the hay and a soft groan was then heard. Kalei followed the sound and found the hand, grasping it and pulling the figure from the hay.

"Tegan, you alright." Kalei brushed the few pieces of hay that lay scattered across his face and stuck in his hair.

He nodded and smiled.

Kalei shook her head and tried to smile at his foolishness. "Try not to run off until your have managed your magic, please."

"Yes ma'am."


"Stay strong, Kalei. They'll be fine without you." Kalei whispered to herself as she stared up at the pitch black ceiling.

"Hurry up, and no funny business." Phineas' shrill voice slid through the large door as a bright, blinding light hit Kalei's face.

The Wakanda leader closed her eyes tightly, only re-opening them once the light had vanished. Her skin crawled from the presence of some one else in the room. She pulled her chains taunt and waited to be striked.

"I won't hurt you," a soft and frail voice eminetted from the darkness.

Kalei pulled her head away as a bright flash shot from the dark and slowly died down. When she turned to see what had caused it she saw a very pale gentlemen, kneeling over a plate of food and a small candle. Kalei squinted her eyes as the gentlemen scooped something onto a fork.

"I...I came to give you something to eat." He placed the fork before Kalei's mouth.

Kalei kept her mouth shut and looked firmly at the man before her.[/FONT]

[COLOR=DarkGreen][FONT=Arial Narrow]OCC: There is an underground thread now. And Reiku will not be able to post for 4-5 days. So do the best you can without her. If you have any questions feel free to ask in the Underground. Thank you.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkOrchid][FONT=Times New Roman][i]With a kittenish movement, Kell'Niele raised one shoulder and tossed her head, arching her delicately formed eyebrows.[/i]

"I'm quite sure I don't know what's motivated our host, but I'd love to find out."

"Come now, surely you can do better than that." [i]He looked at her patronizingly and she laughed, a soft lady-like sound.[/i]

"Perhaps he wants to respond to the growing Wakanda threat. Or maybe he just wants to see which female is the most suited to being his next mate."

[i]Alec laughed at that, clinking his glass with hers. She sipped quietly, running the tip of her finely shaped tongue across her teeth, letting him watch out of the corner of his eye. He leaned closer, his brow nearly touching hers.[/i]

"I'm sure he's not the only one looking for a mate."

"So forward.... But then again, you young men are always like that."

[i]She smiled and let him come closer. Her fingers brushed his chest, and he noticed that her nails were painted silver to match her dress. They weren't pointed like some of his kind chose to do, but rounded off like seashells. He inhaled, noticing her perfume was as soft and gentle as her body, filling his senses with a thousand images of gardens, moonlight, and stars. She smiled knowingly and inhaled his own scent. Cologne, masculine, but not unpleasant. Her flesh rose slightly, and the color came and went in her cheeks.[/i][/FONT][/COLOR]
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Kabira reached for a towel, being careful as to not step on the dead body that laid in the middle of the bathroom. As she found one, she quickly tied up her hair and began searching for another. Kabira whiffed the air around her.

[I]The old dudes got gas. Oh, great.[/I]

Finding a robe nearby, Kabira clothed herself best she could. Kabira walked to the mirror. Covered in steam, she used a hand towel nearby to wipe the water vapors from the surface of the reflective object. Looking into the mirror, Kabira saw no reflection. A towel stood alone in mid-air as a robe levitated just below it. Kabira sighed, and then looked around for the blow-dryer. Moments later, Kabira exited the bathroom looking more radiant than she did the previous night.

Walking over to the door, Kabira quietly looked through a small crack in the door.

[I]Let's see what?s down in that cellar.[/I]

Walking out like nothing had happened, Kabira made her entrance an astonishing one. Neither lights nor sound foreshadowed her appearance. Nothing but the sheer intoxication of all in the room gave her away. The entire crowd glanced over to the door from Malik's private room to find nothing but an open door.

"Where are you?"


Silence was the only return from their calls.

Finding her footing in the dark grad room, Kabira stayed against the walls, hiding in shadow so not to be found. She quickly found a way down to the cellar with no contact of any vampiric personnel in the ranch.

Kabira found herself at the beginings of a spiral staircase leading downwards into the old catacombs on which the house's wine was stored. Looking around, she saw no one in sight.

"Time for me to have some fun."

Kabira crept down the staircase while her interests in the matters at hand grew with each step. As she neared the bottom, Kabira saw a door shut behind someone. Rushing to the door, Kabira kicked it in.


"Sí mi amante, era justo alimentándola."(Yes my mistress, I was just feeding her.)

"I think I shall be the one with those orders from now on. Now go, lest I drain your crimson life from you in one bite."

Seeing the stout girl, the servant gave a slight chuckle.

"Perra estúpida. Sale, usted no es agradable aquí. Si usted no se va,
usted morirá."(Stupid bitch. Go away, you are not welcome here. If you do not leave, you will die.)

Kabira teared up, and ran into the servants arms.

"Señor, me pierden y se asustan. Ayúdeme por favor."(Mister, I am lost and scared. Please help me.)

The young servant kindly took the girl in his arms. With lust upon his mind, he soon felt a strong sting in his neck, and moments later he laid flat on the ground. Looking up, Kabira took a deep gaze at the girl who hung bound in chains.

"Oh my, look what I have crossed paths with. Is it? No, it can't be! Is that you Kalei?"

The girl hung, her eyes staring into the earth. Kabira picked up the servers tray, and propped his dead body up like a stool. Taking up the candle, Kabira set flicked it and managed to hit two other candles, igniting their wicks with the same flame. The room began to brighten up.

"Ooo, who would have known humans are so comfortable? Not I, I will admit that. Although, now that I've tried it, I may just have to make a patent for it."

Silence worked its way around the room.

"Lighten up. I mean seriously, this guy had spaghetti for you, and I must say, it is delicious. Although, it could use just a little bit more mozzarella, an a few more mushrooms. I love mushrooms. It's like a vegetarian?s meat. Chewy, hearty, delicious."

Kabira kicked up her heals onto the table before her.

"Oh, we are going to have some eye-opening conversations tonight. We can be like old buddies, getting to know each other. Just think of this as a sleep over."


O.O.C. I'm gonna write some more later. Later being tomorrow, i have youth group and i'm gonna be swamped with work, srry.
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[SIZE=1]Malik sat quietly within his chambers, preferring dead silence to that of company's noise. He wouldn't necessarily call it meditation, but most of his time was spent in concentrated thought. The position of vampire lord had it's perks, but it was a tough job. In the past Wakanda hadn't proven such a problem. Vampires had always been the supreme species, yet as time went on the forces of good and evil began to balance. Vampires stood idle in power while their counterparts continually increased and evolved their magic.

Even still, the strongest Wakanda could never compare with the strongest of Vampires. Malik himself made sure to keep a special force of his own in hiding made from the strongest vampires under his control. And he himself was most powerful, his mind and body further advanced then other creature he had encountered. His only true threat was Kalei, which he had yet to understand. She was the one, her destiny to defeat him, but how could this be? He was Vampire Lord, how could he become the prey of a simple Wakanda girl? [I]It won't happen..[/I]

"My lord, it has begun," spoke a voice from behind him. He could sense the fear in his messenger as he rose from the lavish throne, turning and walking towards the young vampire he'd recruited as a personal servent. "Speak with those below me in control of my armies, make sure they are not to reckless with the Wakanda, they are not to be taken lightly," the Great Lord spoke, his voice calm yet seemingly loud in the room of echoes. "Y-Yes sir," his messenger spoke, bowing in compliance. "Also, increase the security of the girl, we cannot afford for her to escape, put Flux on it," he spoke. "B-But sir, general Flux might-" the young vampire was cut off immediately by Malik's booming voice. "Do not question me!" he shouted, followed by quiet whimpers and a nod, just before the messenger left the room.

Malik returned to his seat, swirling a red liquid around the depths of his cup and taking a swig. He wiped the blood from his lips and licked the tips of his fingers, savoring each taste of the finest inner fluids.

[B]OOC: Sorry it took so long to post. Flux is a general below Malik, who is absolutely insane. He has risen in the ranks because of his ruthlessness and absolute disregard for the feelings of others, even vampires. He obeys Malik simply because he has to. If you wish to save DC, you must go through him first. And hes quite the beast lol. Have fun.[/B][/SIZE]
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[COLOR=DarkSlateGray][SIZE=1][CENTER][I].......something is moving.......[/I][/CENTER]

Tegan stood up from his knelt position and looked out across the vaste population of this French city. He didn't know the name...nor did he cared...all he could feel was his spirit being led towards a certain entity.

[CENTER][I]Why is this happening...what is going on?[/I][/CENTER]

It had been years since the last time he had been within the circle of the Wakanda's. From time to time he would get mail and reports of the current situations arising. Mastering his powers at a young age and becoming stronger was very important to him; while maintaining the person that he really was.

It was only since entering this country where the rumor of Lady Kalei being kidnapped by the vampires. Her location...unknown...but his teacher was calling for him. Whether by her spirit being drifted and carried by the wind which she controls itself...or the strive to simply find her.
[I]Sunset is soon...I must take shelter and concerve my energy for the night...[/I][/CENTER]

Ever since his move from Africa...Tegan had been hunting down all of his leads onto Kalei's location...he could feel that something was changing in the world. He had no idea that it would have come to their greatest leader to be kidnapped. But she always knew the answers...that's why he needed to find her...or someone else who did.

He was hoping that in finding Kalei...he would fine Katima...

But after entering France...his goal changed from finding Kalei...to Malik. Wherever he was...she was there with him...

Tegan had not killed one single vampire...every one he let live...he was now close to finding him...now he may have too to survive

[CENTER][I]I wish she was here with me....I miss you Katima....[/I][/CENTER]

Laying in an abandoned warehouse...sitting crosslegged....Tegan meditated as he always did...knowing of the danger that could arise during the night. He wasn't afraid...but was lonely...he missed being with everyone. He prayed...that he would soon find them all here in France. [/SIZE][/COLOR]
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