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Sign Up Pokemon: Serpentizor Reborn [PG-VLS]

Solo Tremaine

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The Orange Islands. Formed by volcanic activity thousands of years ago, most have been turned into luxury resorts or are Pokemon reserves dedicated to the preservation of unique species. However, aside from legends of the Beast from the Depths, there is another, far darker history to this area of the planet.

* * *

[i]Black clouds circled the skies over Navel Island. The high mountain in the centre seemed to sway slightly in the high winds, and the waves thundered onto the shore with brutal force. Observers in the research centre on Cleopatra Island watched with anxious intent as bits of the mountain began to peel away and crash into the sea, narrowly avoiding the buildings around its base. [/i]

[i]One of the scientists jabbed in a phone number and twisted the cord nervously around her finger; all she wanted to know was that her husband was safe and under shelter enough to avoid being hurt. That would be enough- then he could come back tomorrow.[/i]

[i]A startled man picked up the receiver.[/i]


[i]"Martin, are you all right? The mountain's collapsing!"[/i]

[i]"It's fine, Jean. Well, I'm okay. Things are just getting a little breezy, that's all. I'll make sure to-"[/i]

[i]As he was speaking, Jean became aware of a strange noise in the background- a high-pitched gurgling that began to escalate in volume and pitch.[/i]

[i]"What's that noise?"[/i]

[i]"What no-"[/i]

[i]The phone went dead. Throughout the night, the storm continued. All they could do was watch and wait.[/i]

[i]* * *[/i]

A legacy so old and so great, it has never been recorded in human history. The only existing remnants of a dangerous past lie in strange artifacts buried in lost ruins. With all contact lost with Navel Island and its neighbour Cleopatra, the number of disappearances increasing and the skies growing darker by the hour, it is only a matter of time before he rises again...

* * *

[color=#503f86]I'm hoping for this to be a little different from normal Pokemon RPGs. I'll explain the plot a little more, heh.

Years ago, before humans had cultivated large areas of land and populated the earth to the extent that they have, giant Pokemon used to roam around everywhere- remember that huge Alakazam and Gengar trapped within those artifacts way back in Season 1?

One of these giant Pokemon was a Devil-type known as Serpentizor, whose body and power were so immense, he commanded the entire area now spanning the Orange Islands as his domain. Over time, the amount of people and Pokemon he needed to eat was becoming so much that everything (including Serpentizor) was due to become extinct, and this is where the giant Pokemon began working with the humans to create items that would trap Pokemon inside smaller spaces- the Pokeballs. However, some Pokemon (those who feared Serpentizor's retribution or just valued their own freedom) took exception to this and began a war against those who were trying to help the humans and the rest of the world survive.

Eventually, after a battle which 'turned half the world to fire', Serpentizor was sealed away, along with his supporters. The humans made a vow to forget everything in case the powers should be unleased as a way of waging war, and the Pokemon promised to guard it for as long as they existed, forming a legion known as The Guardians.

Serpentizor's domain in the Orange Islands was flooded with water, and Lugia's function there is to maintain the oceans' currents so that these secrets may remain hidden forever. However...

[b]Sign-Up Info[/b]

And this is where your characters come in. There are several character categories to choose from:

-The Guardians. These are Pokemon [i]only[/i] characters and don't talk to humans at all. They only talk to other Pokemon, and have no understanding of human language, because that way they're not at risk of revealing any secrets. The only ones with the capacity to do so are Psychics and Lugia.
-Normal Pokemon. Those who belong to a trainer, just haven't got a clue as to what's going on, etc...
-Serpentizor's Legion. Pokemon descended from those under Serpentizor's reign that have inherited their will to resurrect the gigantic beast and gain control of the world.
-Humans. They may have Pokemon that they train, be a researcher/archeologist who's found an ancient Pokeball-artifact, be a photographer who's gotten wind of large groups of legendary Pokemon meeting in the forest, etc...
-Team Rocket members. Team Rocket has recently uncovered some of these Pokemon artifacts and are beginning to trace them back to their original source, in the hope of finding something they can use to gain control over the rest of humanity.

This ignores any events occurring in movies past Pokemon 4ever (cause I haven't seen them and I can't be bothered doing any more research).

[b]Important Information regarding Sign-Ups![/b]

1- I'll only allow one full Team Rocket team in the game, consisting of two characters. I reserve the right to choose who those characters are, so if you want to sign up as a member of Team Rocket, you'll need to include a reserve character for yourself to be in case you're not picked.

2- BUT! I will be picky about who I accept anyway, so please try and be effort-ful in your writings. The better and more original the characters, the more likely you'll be accepted, heh.

3- You can only sign up as [i]one[/i] character. So you can't have a trainer whose Pokemon is in the Guardians as well, because it doesn't work like that.

4- If you do sign up as a trainer, no more than two Pokemon, please (see points 7 and 8). Same with Team Rocket members and any other human.

5- These Pokemon are excluded from any kind of play: Entei, Unknown, Celebi, Zapdos, Moltres, Articuno, Ho-oh, Deoxys. Everything else is okay [i]I think[/i], but please bear with me if I change my mind after you sign up, heh ^_^;

6- Remember that if you sign up for Lugia, you need to consider his/her duties to maintaining the oceans around the Orange Islands.

7- I'd prefer it if there was only one Pokemon of each species for the game (that goes double for the legendaries[size=1][b][color=red]*[/b][/color][/size]), and certainly no more than two. That can be avoided to an extent by naming them, but I don't want seventeen Pikachus running around the place.

8- If you're a Pokemon Trainer, please be realistic about the Pokemon you have.

9- You can sign up as an incidental (i.e. not Ash, Misty, Brock, Jesse, James, Tracey, Professor Oak, Gary, Ash's Mom, etc...) character from the series if you like, providing you can make them interesting. An example of an available character would be Melody from the second movie.

With that out of the way, this is the information you'll need to get going:

[b]Name:[/b] Anything you like. Guardians are more likely to use their Pokemon name, though.
[b]Species:[/b] Stands to reason :p
[b]Gender:[/b] Also stands to reason :p
[i](Pokemon only):[/i][b]Type:[/b]
[i](Pokemon only):[/i][b]Attacks:[/b]
[b]Affiliation:[/b] Guardians, Team Rocket, N/A if you're not belonging to anything.
[b]Appearance:[/b] A picture'll do, but an additional description would be nice. Guardian Pokemon all have [url="http://www.otakuboards.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=24661&stc=1"]a symbol[/url] tattooed on their body somewhere. This includes height, colour, distinguishing marks/scars and anything else you'd like to include, heh.
[i](Humans Only):[/i][b]Pokemon:[/b]
[i](Humans Only):[/i][b]Personal Equipment:[/b] Not weapons as such, but anything they may carry around with them (e.g. Pokedex, phone, laptop, Team Rocket-brand net launcher...)
[b]Personality:[/b] What your character is like and how they react towards other people and their own responsibilities, etc.
[b]Biography:[/b] This is where things really count- make your character interesting but original, whatever they are. How they came to be where they are, personal history, etc. This should also include your characters' role in whatever organisation they're part of. If they're a Pokemon Trainer, I'd include how well-accomplished a trainer they are, whether they've won anything and what their goals are.

Erm, I hope that's everything. I'll be annoyed if I need to add something else in. It's been almost three hours creating this post...

Oh, poo. My sign-up >.>;

[b]Name:[/b] Rukario
[b]Age:[/b] 6 Years
[b]Species:[/b] Rukario
[b]Gender:[/b] Male
[b]Type:[/b] Steel/Fighting
[b]Attacks:[/b] Light Screen, Hyper Beam, Dymanic Punch, Take Down
[b]Affiliation:[/b] Guardians
[b]Appearance:[/b] [url="http://www.otakuboards.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=24662&stc=1"]Here.[/url] He's 4 feet tall, which is big for a Rukario. The Guardians symbol is tattooed on his back.
[b]Personality:[/b] Rukario is generally a very conscientious Pokemon. He takes pride in his place in the Guardians and is always striving to make it do more than sit on its wide variety of backsides and wait for something bad to happen. He believes it has the power to help Pokemon and humans in other areas of the world who are suffering, and can't understand why it doesn't, especially as he knows many who have asked for help but he's been unable to offer it to them. His objection to the Guardian leaders' decisions to ignore everything but Serpentizor is why he's never been able to rise to any position of authority within the legion. He's very knowledgeable about the world and will often be the first to greet new Pokemon so that he can ask them questions about where they're from.
[b]Biography:[/b] Rukario was the only 'mon in his litter, and as such gained the full attention of his parents, who were eager to raise him into the Guardians' society. They spent a lot of time teaching him about the world and how he should behave in it, as well as pitting him against other young Pokemon to develop decent fighting abilities. While he's not very well-skilled at combat, he can often spot weaknesses in opponents' defences and efficiently take them down that way. He doesn't usually stay in one spot for long- he enjoys 'falling asleep to a different view each night', although infrequently goes back to his parents to visit them.

In the Guardians, his role is to gather information on the artifacts in the Hoenn region;- if they're still in their original places, what condition they're in and where they may have moved to. Around his neck, he wears a small map rolled inside a hollow wooden tube and attached to a piece of vine.

[b][color=red][size=1]*[/b][/size] Does that mean there's only half of them each? o_O; Eurgh...[/color][/color]
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[COLOR=#006aaf][SIZE=1]Another Pokemon RPG! Yay! x3 The idea is awesome. I really hope I get in. And to think, I could be role playing with Solo... o.o;

[b]Name:[/b] Umbreon
[b]Age:[/b] 3 years
[b]Species:[/b] Umbreon
[b]Gender:[/b] Female
[b]Type:[/b] Dark
[b]Attacks:[/b] Faint Attack, Hyper Beam, Moonlight, Toxic
[b]Affiliation:[/b] N/A

[b]Appearance:[/b] Umbreon is your standard Umbreon, if you don't count the fact that she's actually a rare albino. Her fur is actually white instead of black, her rings are actually light blue instead of golden, and her tail splits into two towards the end. Other than that, however, she's just your standard Umbreon.

[b]Personality:[/b] Though she wasn't always this way, Umbreon is a timid creature, shying away from people, as well as other pokemon. It takes a lot of effort to share a strong enough bond with each other for her to become trusting and bold. Despite this, she is a very curious creature. She is also protective, which is strange due to her normally easily frightened disposition.

[b]Biography:[/b] Umbreon was the youngest of her siblings born to her father and mother who were both Flareon. Young Umbreon, at the time an Eevee, was born with a dull white coat of fur with blue markings while her brothers looked like regular Eevee. However, this didn't bother her in the least. She was just as bouncy and hyper as any other baby pokemon.

Though she had two older brothers, she seemed especially attached to her eldest brother, who had already evolved into a Jolteon before she was born. Since she was the youngest, she looked up to him, followed him around, and even tried to protect him as best she could. But one night, she fell asleep beside him, and the next morning, he was gone.

She questioned her other brother about what happened, but soon he lashed out at her, leaving her for dead. When she came to, she didn't know where she was or how to get home, so she set out to find her brother. But the beating left her frightened. If she couldn't trust family, she didn't know who she could.

Following the directions given to her by friendly pokemon she had bumped into that had seen and helped her brother, she traveled quite the distance. However, her trail ended when she discovered he was to become a Guardian. To become a Guardian, there was a dreadfully hard test to pass. If she was to ever see him again, she would have to either try and become a Guardian herself, or try to find them on her own.

The night she discovered of her brother's trail, she evolved in the light of the moon into an Umbreon, her odd markings remaining. She made an oath to herself that she would find her brother, evading all detours, human and pokemon alike.

OOC: Sorry about leaving the personality and bio left undone, but I really have to go right now. I'll add a picture later as well if I can find a good one.

EDIT: Hope you don't mind KKC. ;3 However, if you have a problem with this, PM me and I'll change it. ^_^[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[color=darkblue][size=1]You've been hiding this from me. For shame, lol. :p

[b]Name:[/b] Artemis
[b]Age:[/b] 19
[b]Species:[/b] Human
[b]Gender:[/b] Female
[b]Affiliation:[/b] Team Rocket
[b]Appearance:[/b] Standing at 5'7", Artemis has a very lithe build and pale skin, which often times makes people write her off as fragile. However, her dark blue eyes give off a cold icyness that tend to unnerve those who are especially timid. Her ice-blue hair comes down just past her shoulders and flips up at the ends in pointed spikes, which is often held back via a black scrunchee. She wears the standard female Team Rocket uniform (black shirt with a red 'R' across the front, white arm-length gloves, a black mini-skirt and white boots) unless the situation calls for a disguise, which varies on the situation (obviously, heh.)
[b]Pokemon:[/b] Ariados, Houndoom
[b]Personal Equipment:[/b] Team Rocket -issue cell phone, wristband net launcher/two-way communicator, mini-escape kit (includes small file, mini-lock pick and 5 smoke bombs).
[b]Personality:[/b] Artemis can come off distant and cold, even to her teammates. She tends to focus solely on her mission and doesn't like straying from it for anything less than it being called off by Giovanni. She does, however, treat her Pokemon with some amount of decency (if only minimal,) as she knows it helps them perform better than beating them when they fail.
[b]Biography:[/b] Unlike most of Team Rocket's members, Artemis had a well-off life living on the ourskirts of Vermillion City growing up. Her father was a trade merchant, specializing in importing jewelry and glass works from Sunburst Island in the Orange Archipelago. Often times spending her time reading books in her room rather than playing outside with other children, Artemis became very knowledged in old legends about Pokemon and other areas of the world in general.

Upon reaching 14, she had started traveling on her own to try and find more information about certain legends by studying text in each particular city, going to each of them and reading up on its history in the local library. When she arrived in Lavender Town, she met up with Mr. Fuji, who told her how he was once kidnapped by Team Rocket, as they believed he could help capture the "rare Pokemon" that haunted the town's famous Pokemon Tower. Artemis kept this in mind as she traveled on.

Eventualy, she came to Cerulean City, City of the Waterflowers. Knowing that there was once believed to be a mysterious and rare Pokemon in the cave northwest of town, she planned on spelunking the cave herself to see what she could find. Along the way, she was stopped on Nugget Bridge by five trainers, each apparently involved in some sort of contest. Defeating each of them and reaching who she believed to be the organizer, he awarded her wit ha prize and offered her membership into Team Rocket. Remembering what she learned from Fuji, Artemis accepted the offer and was taken to the training Academy a few days later.

Upon arriving, Artemis tried to excel in all aspects of training at the Team Rocket Training Academy. However, she often fell short of her goals and only managed to become an average student. Upon graduation, she trained on her own with her Pokemon and has improved vastly, though is not by any means an expert agent. She does manage a higher-than-normal success rate on her missions, however.[/color][/size]
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[color=#503f86]Cool beans stuff ^_^

[quote name='Lady Katana][size=1][color=#00008b]You've been hiding this from me. For shame, lol. [/color][/size']:p[/quote]The idea was originally for a fanfiction I tried to write back in 1999 but scrapped because I didn't find time to complete it. I figured everyone'd enjoy playing it out, though, and turned it into an RP yesterday evening ^_^

I was asked a question as to why Trainers/Team Rocket members were limited to two Pokemon each:- since some of the main characters are Pokemon themselves, each of the ones that the trainer has has the potential to be another playable character, and I didn't want anyone to feel or become swamped by the amount of creatures running about, heh.

[b]By the way...[/b]
I'm not saying people have to sign up as these, but it'd be nice to have them as characters anyway, and people are welcome to take them if they want to. They require a little responsibility to the plot, but not much:

-Lugia (as a means of transport, and an important decision-maker in the Guardians' Council. So long as you can take into account how he/she is affected by events that unfold during the RPG, it should be fine.)
-Mew/Mewtwo/any other powerful Psychic Pokemon (so that the Guardians have some way of communicating with the humans if they need to, like a sort of translator)

If no-one wants to have them I'll use them as NPCs. Ideally, I'm looking for more Pokemon than humans, but we'll see how it turns out.[/color]
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[b]OOC: [/b]Decided to change from Trainer to a Guardian.
[b]EDIT: [/b]Finished!!
Let me know if I have to change anything.
[/color][color=Navy][b]Name:[/b] Lugia

[b]Age: [/b]14

[b]Species:[/b] Lugia

[b]Gender:[/b] Female

[b]Type: [/b]Psychic/Flying

[b]Attacks: [/b]Recover, Hydro Pump, Swift, Future Sight

[b]Affiliation:[/b] Guardians

[b]Appearance:[/b] [url="http://members.aol.com/me3146/images/lugia%5B1%5D.gif"]Here[/url], with the tattoo of the Guardians on her belly. Lugia's just a normal pokémon, despite being rare with only a few other of her species. She's a regular length of 17'1" and weighs 476 lbs.

[b]Personality:[/b] Lugia is a responsible pokémon, and is quite required to be so, since her duties as the main Guardian of the Seas. She's incredibly reliable and will get everything that she's asked of, done as soon as she can. Lugia enjoys talking to humans because she's able to, and she helps to speak on behalf of the other Guardians. Lugia takes her duty as the Guardian of the Seas very seriously and is willing to do anything to protect the surrounding islands. She's confident and not afraid to tell others what to do if what they're doing is wrong.

[b]Biography:[/b] Lugia was born in the seas around the Orange Islands, from birth she knew what her duty was and it was forever a goal that she worked for, to become as good as a Guardian of the Sea as her father was. The other lugia also guard the seas, but different sections of the world and only small sections, whilst Lugia herself should care for all of the seas and oceans around.

Everyday her parents taught her how the ways of the Guardians, as she would eventually join the faction too. She grew fast as all lugia do and soon she soared through the skies and swam in the deep blue. She was a part of both air and sea, free to be.

After her fourth birthday her parents died and she was alone, she had completed everything that she had needed to know, and now inherited the responsibility of Guardianship over all bodies of water. Lugia spent a year just guarding, getting used to it, then she sought out the Guardians.

She had been expected for some time and was accepted immediately, placed up there as one of the decision-makers in the council, she was told that her opinion on things was very important since she governs the seas, especially of the Orange Island area. She was given a charge as a sort of embassador since she can speak to humans where a lot of the other pokémon are not able to. Lugia also provides aerial surveillance of large areas, and will transport other pokémon if they need to get somewhere far away in a short time, and have no other way of getting there. She is a proud member of the Guardians and the Council and takes her responsibilities seriously.
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[Size=1]Great idea. I hope you wanted both signups posted. ^_^;;[/size]

[Size=1][Color=DarkBlue][B]Name:[/B] Van de Brough

[B]Age:[/B] 21

[B]Species:[/B] Human

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Affiliation:[/B] Team Rocket

[B]Appearance:[/B] Working from the top, Van stands at 5?6 when out of uniform. His orange hair seems to stick out a bit in a crowd, but he doesn?t mind. His green eyes seem sunk into his lightly tanned skin. They do not shine out, but seem like the mellowest part of him as a person. When in uniform, he?s in the standards, (black shirt with a red R in the middle, black gloves, and black pants) but he sometimes also adds a black bandanna. Of course, he does disguise himself as necessary, but what Rocket member doesn?t?

[B]Pokemon:[/B] Arcanine, Banette

[B]Personal Equipment:[/B] Rocket wristband with communication and internet capabilities, camera, and personal use laptop.

[B]Personality:[/B] Van is a very shut up person. He rarely talks with people, and tries to keep humanly contact at a minimum. He?s tries to stay focused on the task at hand, but he will go out of his way to try and better someone?s day. Despite himself, he doesn?t like seeing people incredibly unhappy, so if nothing else, he tries to not worsen any situation.

[B]Biography:[/B] Van de Brough was an unlucky kid. At a young age, his family kicked him out into the street. He had set the family tapestry on fire, and his family, being the snobs they are, took it as an attack against them personally. At an early age, Van had to learn to fend for himself.

From stealing people?s wallet, to stealing from Pokémon Centers, Van kept himself going. He finally stole a pokéball from someone when he was 13. At 15, he caught Growlithe, (now Arcanine). From there, Van began to travel, winning battles, and slowly stopped stealing.

It wasn?t until Van got over to Kanto that he realized that he could steal and get away with it for a living. He joined Team Rocket the day after he got there, and never regretted it. Before that though, he caught Banette, just to make himself look a bit more presentable when he walked up to the recruiter.

He went through the Academy quickly, passing with not awesome scores, but ones that were impressive enough to give Giovanni a spark of interest He wanted to impress more than anything, because it seemed to him like he was made for this job, and he didn?t want to blow it. Luckily for him, he didn?t.

From then on, he?s been running through various missions, keeping up with the times. He doesn?t have the best record due to inconsistencies, but his motto is, ?Hey, nobody?s perfect, right??.[/color][/size]

[Size=1][Color=Indigo][B]Name:[/B] Masquerain (Masque)

[B]Age:[/B] 5 years

[B]Species:[/B] Pokémon

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Type:[/B] Bug/Flying

[B]Attacks:[/B] Psybeam, Hydro Pump, Mind Reader, Quick Attack

[B]Affiliation:[/B] Guardians

[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL=http://www.pojo.com/pokedex/Ruby-Sapphire/033.jpg]Here[/URL] is a picture of Masque before the accident. The symbol is still imprinted into both of his wings, but a scar runs up his middle. It?s a neat scar, forming a straight line up his belly.

[B]Personality:[/B] Masque tries to be a cheerful ?mon. Even after his accident, he always keeps a smile on his face, and tries to be helpful. He worries that people may think he?s over doing things, but he just think he has to prove that things are OK.

[B]Biography:[/B] Masquerain was born into the Guardians. His mother and father were both a part, so it was only natural that he became a part as well. His parents decided not to tattoo him until he had evolved from Surskit.

Evolving in Masque?s family was a big deal. Each day, the family would see Masque to a field, in which he trained on various things. From the speed at which he attacked, to aiming his attacks, Masque worked hard.

He worked from a few days after to hatching, until he was three on evolving. Finally, in the Spring of his third year, Masque evolved. As he returned home, he stopped by a stream to see what he looked like. He admired himself, and continued on home to a surprised family.

A huge party then took place, where Masque received his tattoos, and officially became a part of the Guardians. After the party, he was sent away from the family to the Kanto region, where he was to keep an eye on the area between the human towns of Lavender and Fuscia City. The pokémon there had been rowdy as of late, and were attacking just simple pedestrians.

On Masque?s first day, he got into a fight with the local leader of the Vileplume and family. The two duked it out, and Masque won, showing everyone that he was serious. Slowly, the others began to feel more at home with Masque, and they even began to become friends. Unfortunately, the attacks didn?t stop, and a group of young trainers came onto the route.

A battle ensued, in which many of the innocent ?mons were hurt badly. The most shocking injury was Masque?s. As the battle began to wind down, a trainer who was upset after losing came at Masque with a knife. Masque tried to dodge, but he was sliced right down the middle.

Masque doesn?t remember much after that, although he?s been told many times about it. He fell, and was rushed to the Center by the same human who had attacked him. He was crying, and Nurse Joy operated on him for over 6 hours. The guy was taken away by the blue haired lady, and Masque laid asleep for two or three days.

His first memory of the whole incident was waking up to see a scar along his middle. He freaked out about it at first, but slowly adapted to it. He still works in the same area, but things have never been the same. The problem now is people trying to catch him. He?s currently hiding out in a cave, with most of the really young Oddish and Bellsprout.[/size][/color]
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[color=green][b]Name:[/b] Flygon (Fly)
[b]Age: [/b]About 4 Years
[b]Species:[/b] Flygon
[b]Gender:[/b] Female
[b]Type:[/b] Ground/ Dragon
[b]Attacks: [/b]Sandstorm, Earthquake, Flamethrower, Hyper Beam
[b]Affiliation:[/b] N/A [/color]
[color=green][b]Appearance:[/b] The picture below Except that she is a little larger than the avarage flygon and instead of red her markings are sky blue.[/color]
[color=green][b]Personality:[/b] Fly is one of those pokemon who enjoys being around humans. She likes to people watch and enjoys just sitting near a town and watching people come in and out. She likes humans enough to let them come near but any closer than five feet and she gets nervous. So she tends to take flight and distance herself if they get to close or seem to interested in her. She is basicly cheerful and curious. Fly likes all kinds of pokemon too and is generally very kind and cheery around them. Though she does tend to be a little to "happy" for some pokemon.[/color]

[color=green][b]Biography: [/b]Fly was born on a small island. As a trapinch she couldnt get very far but because of there not being many humans she didnt mind all that much. She had a brother and a mother to keep her company. One day however a group of humans came to the island for rest, relaxation, and pokemon. Back then she looked like an ordinarry trapinch and for some reason these humans didnt seem to be very interested in her. She didnt mind due to the fact she was not quite sure what the humans were and was quite distant. Her brother who had evolved into a vibrava by then was a little more interesting to the humans and so was her mother flygon. One of the trainers quickly battled and caught her brother and her mother was able to flee untill the humans were gone.[/color]

[color=green]Eventually they left and her mother returned. Her mother said humans were just another type of creature on the planet and to get used to them. She also mentioned how those trainers looked rather nice and her brother would be safe. It was a feeling she had and she seemed quite confident. She taught Fly about how humans catch pokemon to battle them. This type of life seemed so exciting to Fly she got more and more curious about the outside world. Once she finally evolved to a Vibrava she realized she was different. She could fly. So her mother pointed her in the correct direction towards a bigger area of land where many humans were said to live. After her mother showed her how to fly properly she headed off.[/color]

[color=green]Now Fly lives as a Flygon flying from place to place to human watch. She senses when to back off or when to approach. Because of her rare color of blue instead of red there have been many trainers that have tried to capture her but she always has a way of escaping. She would fly out and float in the ocean for a while and if that didnt work she would summon a sandstorm and flee while the people cannot see. She does not cause anyone any harm though. She has no real interest in becoming someone elses pet or battle instrument. Though she figures one day she might. She doesnt mind being alone sometimes but with her wings she can go almost anywhere so she is never really alone with pokemon to visit and humans to see.[/color]
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Name: Issac

Age: 19

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Affiliation: Breeder

Appearance: Below, but he normally wears a pair of black pants and black boots. He has a red shirt that is normally covered with a dark brown trench coat. He has glaves that only go to his wrists, and a belt that holds a couple extra pokeballs and his pokedex.

Pokemon: Ninetails, Latios

Personal Equipment: A cell phone and a pokedex

Personality: He is a very cheery person. He likes to make all people and pokemon feel like they are important. He just likes to look at artifacts and think about what happened. He would rather look for the future than look at the past.

Biography: As a young boy, he would always go traveling with his father, a researcher. While on one trip, he found a small vulpix that could not have been more than a year old. His father was confused on why the vulpix wasn't with its mother, then realized that it was most likely caught by another tainer.

For some unknown reason, Issac was bound to this vulpix, so his father caught it for him. As they grew, both began to learn more of the world around them.

One day, Issac's father became obsessed with the mystery of the pokemon known as Serpentizor. His father would spend countless hours doing research on it, and eventually, went to the islands to study more.

Issac was just turning 15 when he got a letter stating that his father had been lost at a dig site. Issac was confused, as was his mother. No one knew what had happened, but it was known that Issac's father had not been the only person to go missing.

Issac made a decision, he gave a fire stone to vulpix, then began his travel to the islands so he could find his father, and to learn more on pokemon breeding.
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Solo has given me permission to use a character I've used in a previous RPG. Solo, tell me if there's anthing I need to change.

Name: Katrina Alkarlo (and that was her name when I first came up with her, so shut up)

Age: 22

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Affiliation: N/A

Appearance: Although she doesn't exactly meet society's definition of 'beautiful', there are none who would call Katrina ugly. She's reasonably good-looking, but she really doesn't care about that. She's also in good physical shape, as most trainers are. After all, they normally walk everywhere, and you have to be in shape to walk with enough supplies to last until the next town.

Pokemon: She carries six with her at all times, but right now she's focusing on training the first two, Charizard and Tyranitar (meaning that those are the one's she'll be using, though she'll keep the others with her). Being her newest two Pokemon, they're not yet at the level of her other Pokemon. She's made progress (they weren't caught in their final evolutions, after all), but they still need a lot of work.
1: Charizard
2: Tyranitar
3: Absol
4: Gardevoir
5: Lapras
6: Salamence

Personal Equipment: Everything you'd expect a top-of-the-line trainer to have (pokeballs, pokedex, etc.) She also carries a cell phone.

Personality: Katrina is a very serious trainer, and very skilled. She can seem obsessive at times. She's always pushing her Pokemon to their limits, but never beyond their limits. She knows how much is too much. She challenges herself, too, always refining her strtegies and developing new ones. She knows pretty much everything there is to know about training and battling.

Katrina can seem cold at times, she's really anything but. Like most trainers, she cares about her Pokemon, even though i may sometimes be hard to see that caring. Katrina's a realist and a bit of a pessimist. She's also very determined, as most good Trainers are. She's able to think fast, too, and her improvised stategies are normally very effective.

Biography: Katrina was born in Lilycove City, where she lived for quite a while. Her aunt and uncle owned (and still own, along with their two children) a very large pokemon ranch, so she'd seen a large variety of Pokemon at a very early age. eventually, she decided to become a trainer.

Katrina started her journey at the age of 15, later than many other trainers start theirs (OOC: but still younger than anyone would be when they leave home in real life. WHY are these people always so young?). One of her earlier catches was an Absol, which she gave to her brother Rorohiko, who'd always been facinated with that particular species of Pokemon, as a present (she later caught another one).

Katrina made a name for herself by winning several local tournaments in various cities. Eventually, she moved up to regional tournaments, and then the Pokemon Leauge Championships. She won the Leauge Championship tournament when she was 19, and she won it again two years later. She's currently in training for this year's Pokemon Leauge Championship tournament.

Well, that's it. As I said earlier, Solo, please tell me if I need to change anything.
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[SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B] Gardevoir
[B]Age:[/B] 6
[B]Gender:[/B] Male
[B]Affiliation[/B]: NA (Though I may change to guardian, if Solo wants someone)
[B]Type:[/B] Psychic
[B]Attacks:[/B] Teleport, Hypnosis, Psychic, Dream Eater (I realise this puts Gardevoir at, at least, level 60, if you want me to change this, I gladly will)

[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL=http://dynamic.gamespy.com/~psypoke/images/gardevoir.jpg]Gardevoir[/URL]
Stading at the average height for a Gardevoir (5'03''), he doesn't really look much different from any others. The only thing that's really noticeable is that his skin and body are generally very well kept and 'soft'. This comes from the fact that he isn't a Pokemon who's been in regular combat. (This makes him the perfect girl magnet, who all want to steal him away to the next Beauty Contest. Much to his dismay.)

[B]Personality:[/B] Most people will jump to conclusions these days. One of the many mistakes humans tend to make is calling Gardevoir female. It's a shame for them that he can talk back, and he usually isn't very impressed. Despite his best efforts, people still comment on how beautiful he is, which irks him to no end. Consider him to be a little bit of a hermit, as far as Pokemon go, because even in the mysterious land of the Pokemon, gender mix-ups are frequent. He is the kind of 'mon who will reply when spoken to, and usually only if it aids him. He isn't a bad creature, but he does like his privacy, and young human trainers who insist on treating him like some sort of parrot when it comes to speech are intolerable. If a trainer approaches him, he would sooner run than fight another Pokemon. He's a lover, not a fighter.

[B]Biography:[/B] Gardevoir was raised, not by his mother, but a Pokemon Breeder. The reason being he was hatched from an egg. The trainer didn?t really want to trouble with raising such a young Pokemon and, seeing as he already had a Gardevoir, left the young Ralts with the Breeder. For the first few months of his life, Gardevoir wasn?t trained in the art of combat, but went through a more personal and loving rearing, like one might use on a young, adopted child.

His surrogate mother and father treated him as such and thus he was raised slowly and patiently (using lots of Rare Candy), with an emphasis being put on his psychic abilities. The old couple had never had a child, and as Gardevoir evolved they thought it would be a nice thing for him to be able to communicate with them.

And so he grew?trained to be some sort of interpreter. He was useful at first, while still in his early stages of being a Kirlia, and was quite content to repeat things ?parrot fashion? as other Pokemon came and went from the breeding centre. It was when he then evolved to his final stage that Gardevoir became a problem. Instead of just repeating the English language, he understood it, and it was that fact that made him harder to control.

He was always a mature Pokemon, despite his young age in human years, and grew to be quite sophisticated as Pokemon go. Eventually, however, the old couple decided that it would be for the best if they were to release him into the wild. So Gardevoir was taken to a more remote area where trainers wouldn?t come to challenge him. There he lived a lonely life, but he was content with that. Occasionally he would wander further a field and come into contact with Pokemon researchers. Those he didn?t mind; they seemed to have some sort of respect for him, given his extremely firm grasp of the human language. It was this fact that has allowed him to stay as a free Pokemon all these years?he helps humans, occasionally trainers, and they respect his privacy and freedom.

It?s a very stable system, and Gardevoir likes it this way. From his time with helping Pokemon researchers, he picked up quite a lot of information that normal wild Pokemon wouldn?t have, and certainly not trained Pokemon. He now knows the history of the Pokemon-where they started, how the first Pokeball came into being, and other such important information.

He?s a very useful Pokemon to have around these days?it?s a just a bit of a bother to track him down.

[B]Very nicely done, by the way, I'm very impressed.[/B]
(I hope everything here is in order, PM by all means if anything needs changing)[/SIZE]
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[size=1][color=darkyellow][b]Name[/b]: Jolteon

[b]Age[/b]: 4

[b]Species[/b]: Jolteon

[b]Gender[/b]: Male

[b]Type[/b]: Lightning

[b]Attacks[/b]: Zap Cannon, Agility, Pin Missle, Thunder Wave

[b]Affiliation[/b]: Guardians

[b]Appearance[/b]: [img]http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/pkrs290.gif[/img]
Jolteon is a little smaller than the average Jolteon and his guardian symbol is on his back. Jolteon's left eye is whitish blue instead of black and has a scar running down it. On his left ear there is a silver ear ring at the tip.

[b]Personality[/b]: Jolteon is the newest addition to the gardians and is very excited and honored to become one, he hasn't been assigned a job yet, but will be in just a day or two. Jolteon is a young, free spirited pokemon who is always smiling and feeling good. Of course, he does have his angry and serious sides to him when they are needed, but you may still catch him smiling even then. Jolteon is brave and would risk his life for someone he cared for or believed in. Sometimes he gets a bit ahead of himself, but in end everything works out for him. When meeting new pokemon he can be shy, but after the first few minets is as if you've known him your whole life. Jolteon doesn't really like humans all that much and usually steals their food ^_^

[b]Biography[/b]: Jolteon was born as the first of a three litter group. Jolteon had a brother and a sister and his dear mother and father. Being the first born, most attention came to him from his parents as they wanted him to become a strong and fearless pokemon one day. His sister adored him, but Jolteon's brother despised him and was full of jealousy. He believed he was much stronger than Jolteon and should have the honor and respect that he recieved. One night Jolteon went for a walk with his brother who said he wanted to show Jolteon something really cool. They came to the top of a large hill and on the other side was a fire and a group of humans sitting around it. As Jolteon leaned over to get a better look, his ruthless brother ramed him down the hill right into the humans camp site.

Let's just say these humans weren't the nicest. They caged Jolteon up and tortured him as they continued their own personal journey, capturing more pokemon along the way. Even to this day Jolteon isn't really sure how he escaped alive and what happened to those other pokemon who remained captured. When he finally escaped Jolteon had left with a blind eye that had been cut when he had tryed to escape, he also had a silver ear ring on his ear that the humans had used to "brand" them.

And so, Jolteon continued his life in the wild. He couldn't go back home because 1. He had no idea where home was and 2. He didn't want to go back to thet evil brother of his anyways. At first, life on his own was difficult. He had never had to be on his own before and getting food on his own was still new to him. Plus, there were other wild pokemon who would chase after him if he came into their territory. Of course, among all of the mean pokemon, there were the helpful and kind ones as well. These kinder pokemon helped Jolteon get food, make a place to sleep for the night, and even helped him improve his fighting abilities and overcome his blind eye. Because of his small size, Jolteon's physical attacks were weak and weren't very affective. But he soon discovered that his awesome speed made up for his physical weakness. His other senses also increased due to his blind eye. Jolteon likes to make combos out of his attacks to take down his opponents. He even learned the ways of fighting trained pokemon who were owned by humans. Jolteon has dodged being captured countless times by trainers and enjoys stealing some of their food before escaping.

It wasn't until he was almost 3 when Jolteon learned about the Gardians. As soon as he heard about them from an old, wise Raichu he desided that being a gardian was his destiny and he would train hard to become one of them. Jolteon became stronger as the year wen't by until he thought he was ready. The Test to be in the gardians was hard and combined mental and physical abilities. In the end, Jolteon was accepted and was marked with the Gardian symbol. He now awaits for the elder gardians to give him his assignment.
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[SIZE=1]Interesting, most interesting.

A fascinating little idea you have here Solo, I'll have to brush up on my Orange Island geography if I make it onto the shortlist of accepted players. Having wrestled my conscience into admitting it'd be fun to play an evil character, I'm going to sign up as the first of Serpentizor's Legion, though I'll need a bit of time to work out the whole sign up.


[U][B]Serpentizor's Legion Character[/B][/U]

[B]Name:[/B] Gobannus
[B]Age:[/B] Unknown
[B]Species:[/B] Metagross
[B]Gender:[/B] N/A
[B]Type:[/B] Steel/Psychic
- Meteor Mash
- Psychic
- Iron Defense
- Brick Break
[B]Affiliation:[/B] Serpentizor's Legion
[B]Appearance:[/B] [IMG]http://dex.pokemonpalace.com/sprites/pokemon/Poke376.png[/IMG]
[B]Personality:[/B] Some might describe Gobannus as being so intelligent that it has twisted him to a point where he now borders on completely insane, of course such people would be exterminated in a manner so horrific that such accusations surrounding Gobannus? mental health would simply cease to occur. He masks his true intentions under a charade of pleasantries designed to allow him to lull those in his presence into a false sense of security, from which he can extract information without raising unnecessary suspicion. Of course this is only the case of those whom he considers to be adversaries or worthy of such a facade, those subordinates or inferiors from whom he desires information from have no such luxury and would be best advised to simply provide the information as to avoid retribution for what he might consider insolence.

Gobannus is calculating and entirely ruthless in the pursuit of his objectives, added to that his immense intelligence makes him an opponent not to be underestimated. Despite his pretence of cordiality Gobannus does not gratify his feelings, he is entirely emotionless preferring to look at a situation from a purely logical perspective without the hindrance of such emotions as anger or mercy. His cold demeanour gives off an intensely eerie aura that has on occasion penetrated his cloak of charm, though it has been his experience that such eeriness can provoke attraction from those fascinated by it. Strangely Gobannus also has a proclivity of using human expressions to express himself when required, the most common being to create a clapping sound when he is pleased by someone, of course Gobannus? actual limbs are not capable of such motion so it is entirely psychic in nature.

[B]Biography:[/B] One would expect that a creature as powerful as Gobannus would have marked his place in history from an early age, and that such marks would shed light on his origins, unfortunately for those who would seek such information Gobannus has erased most of the details of his past along with those who might divulge his secrets. What little of his origins than can be confirmed as being authentic have been dismissed as being unimportant, as humans have a tendency to write off that which seems unimportant at the time. Should said information fall into the hands of the Guardians however, it might prove useful against him but those who should discover his secrets without his permission will see the icy lethality of Gobannus firsthand.

Like all Metagross, Gobannus came into existence in the wretched form of a Beldum, born with the knowledge the eventually he would ascend to be the greatest servant of the most powerful entity the world would ever know. Unlike his current persona that has cast out all emotion, as a child Gobannus was constantly fearing for himself, weak and pathetic he hid for days after being born until it was he was come upon by a larger and more powerful Metang. The Metang showed no pity on his smaller brother but took him into his company, the Metang training him to conquer his fears and focus his anger and hatred against those who would stand against him. Some might mistake this training as a kind of tough love intended to force Gobannus to become stronger without having to rely on others, but the true reason is far more insidious. Eventually the Metang cast Gobannus back out into the world with the instruction to find another of his kind and defeat it, only then would the Metang continue his training.

Thrust again into the wild anger and darkness had consumed his mind, he sought out opponents of all descriptions to engage in battle often leaving them for dead were he victorious, all in search of another Beldum. Eventually after some months he came across his victim anchored at the base of a cliff overlooking the sea, whether in a rage at having finally discovered his elusive opponent or merely interested in ending the battle quickly, Gobannus attacked without regard for his own well-being. The two creatures tumbled down the cliff side and ended up battering off the rocks below, the act of stupidity left him weakened enough for his opponent to gain the upper hand in their duel. Gobannus recalls the searing pain of being assaulted again and again by the Beldum?s psychic and Metal Claw attacks, awaiting the final attack that would end him, though fortunately for him his opponent was distracted for a moment by the crashing tide.

Seeing his opportunity Gobannus latched on to his opponent?s face with his clawed limb, crushing until the Beldum finally lost consciousness, it was then that Gobannus was to feel everything change forever, a swirling light surrounding the two creatures and the battle became that of wills. Unrestrained by his feeble body, Gobannus was able to completely overwhelm his foe?s spirit with his own, extinguishing him forever and to the victor went the spoils as Gobannus woke a larger and more powerful force in to form of a Metang. Understanding now why his ?Master? sought him to defeat another Beldum and evolve, it was so that the wretched creature could himself evolve to the next plateau of power, though in Gobannus? mind that power would be his and his alone.

Returning to the cave he had spend so many month in as a newborn, Gobannus found himself once again confronted by the Metang who had made himself Gobannus? master, the Metang congratulated Gobannus in being able to evolve and promised that together they would seek out two other worthy Metang in order to evolve again, but Gobannus wasn?t buying the story. Pretending to sleep after several further hours of training, Gobannus opened his eyes to find his master attempting to merge with him, in a fit of rage Gobannus attacked his master, but the battle was to be longer fought that his combat with the Beldum and only after three days of crashing through the underground network of caves the Metang called home did he claim victory. Again the light surrounded him, and again did he emerge stronger, wiser and more powerful for his experience.

Several days later Gobannus was approached by a mangy looking Crobat claiming to be a servant of his father, and claiming that his father would reward his son for his suffering with a place at the foot of the most powerful Pokémon to ever tread the earth. Intrigued by the offer he accompanied the flying ghoul back to a great castle, once inside he was greeted by an elderly looking Metagross, the blue hue in his outer alloy corroded with oxidation, in the weeks that followed the son drew all the information possible from his father, the truth about the Legion, the location of his father?s servants and the secrets to awakening the great serpent himself. Having learned all he could from his father, Gobannus slew him and interred the body into the earth, taking command of the castle and becoming the right hand of Serpetizor.

[b][Edit][/b] Done and dusted, any problems just let me know Hugo.[/SIZE]
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[color=#503f86]Providing everyone can edit the remaining bits of various profiles, I'm looking to close sign-ups on Thursday/Friday, heh (depending how awake I am on either day). Thanks to everyone so far for the interest ^_^[/color]
[color=#503f86]Right, sorry for being late everyone- these last few days have been pretty busy. Anyway, you're all in- ^.^, you'll need to decide which of the two characters you want to use as your main focus- you're welcome to use either, heh.[/color]
[color=#503f86]I'll be starting the thread in a few minutes.[/color]
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Well, if it's not too late.... I'll sign up.

Name: Nomura
Age:??? (Teenage...probably around 13, 14)
Gender: Male
Affiliation: A bandit that travels the world in search of all the aincent, supposedly "magical" artifacts.

Appearence: Is about 5' 9". Skinny, dark skinned male, wears a long duster, black. It is usually zipped up, and the collar covers his mouth and half his nose. Has redish orange eyes. His hair is black, with orange highlights, usually spiked up, is long. His ears are peirced. He wears gloves with finger holes, black. Wears dark brown shiny boots, that are barely seen from his long black duster being so long.

Personality: Dark personality. Usually doesn't talk to people. Anger flows within him. Has an unusual bond with his pokemon...as if they were brothers, they always have each's backs.

Biography: When he was little, his mother, fether and sister were killed on a vacation to the orange islands. They were killed by a sea creature, when it hit the cruise they were all on, with a gigantic tentacle. The family pet, a dark pokemon, possesed water type traits and rescued Nomura from drowning. The two then swore to get the "magical" artifacts they had heard so much about, as it was told that they could perform miracles. They wanted to bring back their family.

Years later... Nomura and his pokemon(whichever one of you wants to be my pokemon...)are asked to join Team Rocket. Nomura, saying no, sets off a bomb, blowing up the Rocket base. Nomura, while everyone was yelling and distracted,stole the two artifacts they posessed. He ran out on to his Hover bike (seen in Poke'mon Colloseum) and speeded off in to the distance. Is now on many many wanted posters, and hides from bounty hunters, including Team Rocket's two main heroes (whoever you choose).

My first RPG. If I'm not accepted, break it to me...easy.. :animeswea
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[COLOR=DarkOrange][b]Completed Bio and Personalty[/b].[/COLOR]

[COLOR=DarkGreen][B]Name[/B]: Xanna.
[B]Age: [/B]Unknown
[B]Species[/B]: Xatu
[B]Gender:[/B] Female
[B]Type: [/B]Psychic/Flying
[B]Attacks:[/B] Peck, Nightshade, Teleport, Future Sight
[B]Affiliation:[/B] Serpentizor's Legion
[B]Appearance: [/B][url=http://i18.photobucket.com/albums/b111/wizard_of_ozy/178-xatu.jpg]Click for the Birdie![/url]
The type of creature for whom the word
[RIGHT]was created.[/RIGHT]
[CENTER]hot tempered,
Maybe even a bit[/CENTER]
She'd have to be
[CENTER]to write like[/CENTER]
this, now...

[B]Biography: [/B]She started life as a lowly Natu. All of her race did. Of that she was certain. She knew from the very start that she was bound for greatness, her parents told her so...

[I]Bound for greatness...[/I]

Her parents...forgotten now. As most pokemon's parents are; snatched away by the humans...only two years old, and she was captured by some upstart trainer, planning on becoming "the Master" or somesuch rot and drivel.

[COLOR=Black][i]Humans are flawed masters; it should be the other way....[/i][/COLOR]

Pokemon. Meant to develop and thrive, learning on their own..working with humans...folly. Utter FOOLISHNESS. Humans couldn't master the elements, humans couldn't fly, human's third eyes, even, were closed, blind to the glorious futures that were possible...

[COLOR=Black][i]Not like you...you SEE things...[/i][/COLOR]

She tolerated the silly little human. She fought as an excuse to become strong, the tiny bird taking odd pleasure in fighting, taking down opponents. Never did she whimper, never did she sing...she never spoke. Not



Nurse Joy of her Master's town didn't know what was wrong. Nothing was visibly hurt on the bird. She should make sound...but still, never did noise pass her lips.
A fight with a weakling Abra opened her eyes. She was going about it wrong. Physicl wasn't the answer. Mental was. From that point on - maybe three years, four years old - she focused on her mind.

[COLOR=Black][i]Very good...the weak, when defeated, give you strength...insight...[/i]
Again Nurse Joy was consulted. Again, there was no answer. She'd just...stopped fighting.


At first.

[i]Oh, no...I am merely getting [b]started[/b].[/i]

The first indication that something was wrong was the Machoke one month later.

[i]All brawn, no brains...disconnect [b]this[/b] from [b]that[/b] he falls apart...[/i].

Taken down.

One move.

The silent Natu - [b]Natu[/b] - hadn't even moved.

[i]That was fun...who's next?[/i]

Fluke. Had to be. Had had HAD. Or at least her Master said.

Machoke. Machamp. Hariyama. Primeape. Four matches in a row.

[i]Weaklings...shallow minded fodder...[/i]


Twenty matches.

Twenty seven knockouts.

Her master had to be cheating. Steroids. Enhancements. Nothing could be this powerful...could it?

[i]I beg to differ, "Master"....[/i]

Yes, it could...her voices told her to be strong; so she would be strong.Again, Nurse Joy was called in. There was something seriously wrong...

[i]You only comprehend it now?[/i]

They saw it too late.

One mental blast sent everyone in the pokecenter into unconciousness.

[COLOR=Black][i]Stop there...[/i][/COLOR]


[COLOR=Black][i]You will have time for that...release hold, deaths now will only cause unwanted attention...[/i][/COLOR]

When they woke hours later, the silent Xatu was gone.

And very gone. Gone in almost every meaning of the word. Wandering the wilderness. Alone...

Except for her voices.
[i]Destroy and devide, devide and conquer, overpower and master...but subtle...slow...just follow, allies are near...[/i][/COLOR]


Until she found the Fortress, and the Metagross master of the fortress.

[COLOR=Black][i]Allies...he's your master...even as I am [B]his[/B] master...[/i][/COLOR]

And her voices became clear. She surrendered to unconditionally, allowing herself to fall into the depths of His insanity.She will have her power.

And anyone in her way will fall, humans and pokemon alike...

But [i]especially[/i] the humans.

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This is my first time doing a forum, but I luv [I][B]pokemon[/B][/I] and i'm happy to sign up if possible!

[B]Name:[/B] Destovi
[B]Age:[/B] 21
[B]Species:[/B] Human
[B]Gender:[/B] Male
[B]Affiliation:[/B] Trainer

[B]Appearance:[/B] He dresses in formal-casual attire:Tan Buttoned-Down Dress Shirt and Black Khaki Slacks with Tan Loafers on. He has an air of calmness about him and you definitly see it as you see him. Destovi is confident in everything he does and loves playing with his pokemon as a parent does its child. He loves training his pokemon every chance he gets and settles for nothing less than victory.

[B]Pokemon:[/B] [COLOR=RoyalBlue]Alakazam and Heracross[/COLOR]
Pokemon Moves:[/B]
[COLOR=RoyalBlue] [I]Alakazam[/I][/COLOR] (Item Held: Choice Band)
- Psychic, Trick, Torment, Protect
[COLOR=RoyalBlue] [I]Heracross[/I] [/COLOR] (Item Held: Salac Berry)
-Megahorn, Brick Break, Earthquake, Endure
[I]<[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Alakazam and Heracross [/COLOR] challange each other to battle constantly while out of their pokeballs like a brother challanges his other brother to wrestle. But they care about each other undeniably and protect their trainer no matter what.>[/I]
[B]Personal Equipment:[/B] Backpack w/ 2 weeks supply of food and a cell phone/walkie talkie

[B]Personality:[/B] Destovi is very friendly to others and their pokemon, though, he usually stays to himself and his pokemon. Alakazam and Heracross are the only ones who really know him completly (with the exception of Umbreon, his third pokemon left behind.).

[B]Bio:[/B] Destovi [COLOR=DarkRed](His real name is [I]Darrel Hinton[/I]) [/COLOR] began his pokemon trainer's journey with three pokemon. The leader (And Destovi's favorite), Umbreon, backed up strongly by the tag-team duo Alakazam and Heracross. Together, the foursome toppled elite trainers across the globe. After their 500th win, Destovi was told about a mysterious meeting of the world's best trainers battling an even more mysterious dark force @ the Orange Islands. Always up for new challenges, Destovi hopped abord the closest boat he could find, leaving $5,000 for the boat on the dock, sailing for the islands.

Hope this is ok. [B]PM [/B] me to let me know what u all think! :D
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