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RPG What's A Girl To Do? [PG-SL]


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[SIZE=1]Leah was sitting on a bench as the morning bell chimes through the outdoor hallway. She stood up and got her things and headed toward her first class of the day, History. Most of the people she knew had the class as well, so she felt pretty good in the mornings. She opened the door to the classroom and saw that about 6 kids was either sitting down or already in their seats. Well, it made up for being late.

The teacher, Mrs. Florh (floor), looked up from her messy desk. It was an array of differently colored papers and folders, anything you needed you can find it on her desk.

Leah sat down in her desk and pulled out a binder from her bag. She placed it on her desk. The rest of the students filed in and spread out and walked toward their seats. Mrs. Florh stood up with a clipboard and took roll.

?Carter, Samuel?

She looked across the room and spotted him in the back.

?Crowne, Alexander?
?Dean-Marquette, Michael?
?Hiwatari, Daine?
?Lasrach, Boudicca?
?Mihitsu, Kiala?
?Morgan, Brandi?
?Ngoon, Li Xiao?
?Nesbitt, Quincy?
?Ordon, Jason?
?Shiozu, Hitomi?
?Takuto, Suzu?
?And Traise, Bianca?

Of course there were several other names but none of which are important at this time.

?Today is a fun day guys!? Mrs. Florh tried to get some enthusiasm into the class. Some class clown made a ?Wahoo!? sound. No one was ever happy the day before Friday. Leah sighed and looked at her stickers that she had placed on her binder since the 8th grade.

?So, you guys, people. LISTEN UP I SAY!?

Everyone turned their attention to the infuriated Mrs. Florh. It was quite funny when she got mad; this is why half the class started to giggle when she shouted.

?Now I am going to give you a paper with the two names of the people who are in your group. Now, let?s see what we have. Ok?? It was quite scary how someone could go from insanely mad to an older version of Strawberry Shortcake.

Leah was the first one to get her paper. The two names were printed neatly in 12 pt font.
? Brandi Morgan; Alexander Crowne.? Leah was relieved and excited. She got to work with Brandi, who was a very good friend of hers, as well as Alex, her crush. She held the paper and placed down on her binder. The other papers were as followed:

Quincy Nesbitt
Kiala Mihutzu
Michael Dean Arquette

Daine Hiwatari
Jason Ordon
Bianca Traise

Boudicca Lasrach
Suzu Takuto
Hitomi Shiozu

The teacher, with a flick of a wrist, let the students pair up. She passed out an intrsuction sheet. It was as follows:

Find out about your fellow class mates. Their heritage, history, life experiences. This is another ?social? warm-up.

Leah chuckled a bit as she thought that this had no way in connected with History class. Well it gave her a chance to talk.[/SIZE]

[COLOR=Olive]Welcome to ?What?s A Girl To Do? !!! I am so glad that we were able to get this up and ready. So those of you who haven?t signed up or still is waiting to edit it? HURRY!! This first event is just to have your characters mingle a bit. You don?t really have to do the assignment. Just, like I said, mingle. :) Also be sure to check out the Underground for information regarding your characters.[/COLOR]
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Suzu got up and got setup with his partners. He was sleepy today so he didn't respond much. Hitomi jabbed him in the arm with her elbow" Wake up time" she said.

He jumped at the surprise hit she gave him. He rubbed the bruise while the other two talked. He sighed. He wished shcool was over already, but then again so did everyone else.

He shot a conversation at Hitomi.

"Hi" he said

"Hey ,Suzu what's up?" she said in a happy voice.

"Well not much" he said as he scratched his head.

(OOC: i know its kind of short but i couldn't think of anything else to put)
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[SIZE=1][FONT=Century Gothic]"Oh I see Suzu...Anyways we have to get this assigment over with" Hitomi said resting her chin on the palm of her hand
"So who wants to start?" Suzu asked Hitomi and Boudicca. Hitomi yawned and started to balance a pencil on her upper lip.
"Let's start with Hitomi.." Boudicca suggested
Hitomi was shocked and dropped her pencil "Me? Okay...okay..." Hitomi sighed
"I'm Japanese and I was born and raised there. Tim is a acounting and my mother is a secretary. I have two sister sadly. One older sister and one younger sister. Ohh yes my father is dead from a fire. He was a firefighter in Japan. Anything more? Ohh i'm consider a screw up in my family.." Hitomi said plainly. She picked up her pencil and started to twirl it around.
"Then if you father dead...then who is Tim?" Suzu asked
"Ohh Tim my stepfather and nothing more..." Hitomi answered with a yawn.[/FONT][/SIZE]
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"Me?" Suzu said"Well I was born in Japan and raised there like Hitomi. We moved here so my parents could get better work. Oh, I also have an older sister who went to college"

"That's it about me" he said as he shrugged.

He looked around and saw the groups working on their own pace. 'hmm' he thought' can't wait till school's over' He thought as he started to day dream.She elbowed him again.

"Jeez now I'm gonna have a major bruise" He said.

"Well, it's your fault for falling asleep so many times today" She replied.

He took a pencil and started pressing it against hi forehead as if thinking. But was thinging how lucky he was to have Hitomi in his group, one of his crushes. He started to blush and dug his face into his lap.

He hid there for awhile. He started thinking how second hour would go.
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[COLOR=#006aaf][SIZE=1]Bianca frowned when she looked down at her list. She didn't know Daine very well, though she'd been paired up with her once before for a science project earlier in the year. This Jordan kid, however, she didn't know at all. She glanced around the room, unable to determine which face was the mysterious boy on her list. And worse, Quincy wasn't grouped with her.

But what was most disappointing was that she wasn't even paired up with a friend. She looked over towards Sammy, who was talking with the teacher. He glanced at her and she waved. He smiled and waved back before Mrs. Flohr barked for his attention (even though he was standing right in front of her).

[b]"Oh well,"[/b] she said with a sigh, [b]"I'll live."[/b]

She walked over to Daine, who she knew and recognized, and sat down next to her.

[b]"Hey Bianca,"[/b] Daine smiled, recognizing her old acquaintance. [b]"Hey. So... Do you know this Jordan guy? I've got no clue who he is,"[/b] Bianca sighed, looking around some more in an attempt to pick out a guy who had no group.

[b]"Um.. I think he's Jordan."[/b]

[b]"Point him out. I still don't see him."[/b]

[b]"Over there by Alex. With the brown hair."[/b]

Bianca's gaze traveled over the many faces gathered together and recognized Alex's almost immediately. Next, she examined the faces near his for brown hair and spotted one boy.

She motioned for him to come over and he did quickly.

[b]"Are you Bianca and... Daine?"[/b]

The two girls nodded.

[b]"Grab a seat,"[/b] Daine said kindly. He grinned before quickly turning around and pulling one of the desks closer. [b]"So.. Who wants to start?"[/b] Bianca asked, slumbing in her seat.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[size=1]Alexander?s paper slid silently onto his desk, bearing the assignment his class was to complete. It was a social exercise ? one that would not be as monotonous as the schoolwork they were routinely assigned. However, the paper went completely unnoticed as he sat transfixed on the angel sitting in his class, looking at her own paper. He marveled at all that she did; how graceful she was when she moved, how nice she was to everyone, how smart she was.

?Alexander?Alex? You there?? It was the voice of Leah, who was in his group for the course of the assignment.

?Oh. Very sorry, Leah. I sort of zoned out. How?re you?? he asked with a smile, attempting a rebound. She apparently hadn?t caught him in the act.

?I?m fine. So, Brandi, would you or Alex like to go first??

?Ah, Alex, you can go first,? Brandi said. Alex nodded quickly, and began his task.

?I?m American, from New York City. My family lived in one of those high-rise apartments. There, I hung-out with kids who really loved art, so that rubbed off on me. We went out at night to coffeehouses and art galleries and movies. I?m also a Mensa-rated genius. Please forgive me if I sound conceded? I do not mean to.? He spoke in a quiet tone, hoping they would not think he was arrogant or haughty ? he was trying merely to fulfill the assignment by telling the two a little about himself, and it ended up sounding stuck-up. ?I like to play soccer and write in my free-time?? he trailed off, snatching another look at Daine, who sat behind Leah and Brandi.

?So, how about you two?? He said with a gentle smile on his face and a friendly tone in his voice.[/size]
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[SIZE=1]Leah shrugged and slightly raised her hand. For some reason Alexander was drifting off in space, and it was bothering her that she didn?t know what it was. She clicked her pen twice before talking.

?Well I was born in Singapore. And I was raised there until I was about fourteen, then my parents decided it was best if we moved here to Australia. Umm, my family heritage? Chinese, all the way!?

She winked and made a peace sign. Brandi smiled.

?There?s like nothing interesting to share about me.? She saw that Alex?s eyes were zoned out again. Now it was time for her to investigate.

?You guys I am gonna go use the loo. I?ll be back in a couple minutes.?

Leah stood up and informed Mrs. Florh that she was going to the restroom. She went toward the bathroom passes that were located behind Daine?s group. She quickly turned around to see if Alex what Alex was gazing at was located where she was.

?Damn, he?s looking down.?

The three students who were seated looked up at her. She noticed that she had said it aloud. ?Heh. Hi there.?

Leah came back from her break, which was really a walk around the campus, and sat back down.

Alex was looking again. Brandi had also noticed.

?Do you need to go to the nurse?s office Alex??

He shook his head. ?No, I am just still tired.?

Leah didn?t believe him. Brandi shrugged and went on with her part.[/SIZE]
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Jason hesitated for a second and slowly rose his hand "I guess I'll get us started. My name is Jason Ordan, I was born in the USA. I moved here when i was young after both my parents died in an accident. I live with my aunt and uncle now." he sat back down and started to look to the others. Daine looked to him "Is that all?" He looked to her a little worried "Yeah. What else do you want to know?" Bianca spoke up to him "Well, neither of us really know who you are. How long have you lived here? What do you like to do? You know, that kind of stuff." Jason stumbled a bit, he wasn't very good with things like this. He began to start again "Well..... uhh.... I have lived here for almost seven years. I like to cook and i do it for myself quite regularly." He stopped for a moment "uhhh.... I'm not very social, so I have a hard time discussing myself with people I'm not familiar with." He looked to Daine who was looking at him and this made him even more nervous. he had first seen her three years ago and had a big time crush on her and was suddenly remembering this as he spoke. he stopped talking and sat down again. This time they both moved in on him "Oh no, you don't. You still have more to tell us. Do you have any friends? Who are they? Come on you must know someone if you've lived here for that long." He suddenly felt like he was being interrogated "Umm, well.... I'm friends with Suzu, Alex and Hitomi. I met them only a few years ago and we've gotten pretty close in that time." He sat down again and hoped they wouldn't ask him to explain again. He couldn't stand having them look at him like that, esspecially Daine. He may have had a crush on her, but he didn't know her that well, so he felt uncomfortable having her stare at him.
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[COLOR=#006aaf][SIZE=1][b]"Well.. I guess we've pounded you enough. I'll go,"[/b] Bianca said.

[b]"Well.. My name is Bianca Traise, but you can just call me B if you want. I was born and lived in New York City through the end of middle school, then moved here the summer before my freshman year of high school. I like drawing, reading, hanging out with friends, playing games, and going to parties. My closest friends are Sammy and Leah, but I'm also friends with Alex and Michael and some others."[/b]

[b]"I've never heard anyone call you 'B' before,"[/b] Daine noted when Bianca had finished.

[b]"Well, they used to. Back in my freshman and sophomore years."[/b]

[b]"Why?"[/b] Jason asked.

[b]"I dunno. Sammy's old pals came up with it. Ask them. Come to think of it, it's only Sammy and his friends that actually call me that anymore.."[/b] Bianca trailed off.

[b]"Um.. How 'bout you go next Daine?"[/b] Jason suggested, turning to Daine.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[size=1][color=indigo][b]"What do you mean I'm excluded from this assignment?"[/b] Sammy's deep voice rolled over the loud whispering of the rest of his classmates.

The flimsy teacher just shook her head, keeping that perfectly friendly smile centered in her face. Sammy pushed himself off of her desk and rubbed his left shoulder furiously, the obvious sign that he was getting angry. His flamming eyes glanced around to notice Bianca trying to throw him a curious look. He attempted to put on a reassuring smile, but quickly turned his attention back on Ms. Florh.

[b]"Well, you're the odd man out, Samuel. You'll just have to write up a different assignment,"[/b] with the same psychotic smile, Ms. Florh handed him a sheet of instructions, [b]"I expect this on my desk by Monday morning. That is more than enough time for the likes of you. You may take your seat now."[/b]

After glaring in disbelief for a few seconds, Sammy snatched the paper from her delicate fingers. Ms. Florh's body twitched with either fright or surprise, Sammy couldn't tell. Ms. Florh had always treated Sammy differently than the rest of her students. With a hefty sigh, he weaved in and out of the desks to get to his single desk in the corner. He studied the instructions and frowned in disappointment. Instead of learning more about the cute girls in his class, Sammy was forced to do research on the history of the school's library. He grunted and sat back with his arms folded tightly across his chest.

Light and nervous laughter floated in one ear and out the other as Sammy gazed boredly over the room. He couldn't help but feel a bit jealous of all his guy friends. But then again, he really didn't have too strong of emotions. Sure, all the chicks in his class were very attractive, however, there was just one he couldn't get over. She was perfect in his eyes. Sammy sheepishly stared over at Bianca, hoping she wouldn't notice him.

[i]Hmph, I really do hate Jason right now,[/i] he thought, smiling every time she smiled or laughed.

[b]"Mr. Carter! I suggest you do something more constructive than day dream,"[/b] Mr. Florh's voice shook lightly with anger and hesitation, snapping Sammy right out of his thoughts.

[b]"Jesus, lady. Well, can I be excused to the library?"[/b] Sammy retorted, throwing his arms in the air.

[b]"I have to write you a hallpass, first, silly,"[/b] the woman absolutely baffled him.

First, she was tormenting him by seperating him from Bianca and his friends, then she was offering him a free hallpass without any arguement.

[i]Is she trying to be "hip and strict" or was her medication acting up? If she's even on medication, and if not, she should be,[/i] Sammy grabbed his backpack and approached her desk with the uttmost caution, [i]God, is she going to leap over the desk and gobble me up, or is she going to hand me a rose with that pass...[/i]

Ms. Florh merely cocked her head, that same derranged smile stuck to her face, and held out the pass. Sammy reached out slowly and plucked the piece of paper from her grip and speedily made his way for the door.

[b]"Psycho,"[/b] he let out, closing the door behind him and shutting out the burst of laughter that soon followed. [/color][/size]
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[SIZE=1]Leah sighed when Sammy walked out of the classroom. Mrs. Florh made an odd snorting sound that made everyone look at her. She smiled and went to sit at her desk to grade some papers.

Leah looked at Brandi who was explaining her heritage and what not.

?You guys? um. Restroom time again.?

Alex cocked his brow, ?Once more??

?It?s a girl thing.?

?Ok? not touching that.?

Leah got up and went toward the passes. She looked at Mrs. Florh who, not surprisingly, was starting to doze off. She is not!

Leah tapped Bianca on her shoulder and pointed quietly toward Mrs. Florh. B smiled and got up with her. They slowly slid out the door, closing the door as quietly as they could. Some of the other kids were watching them to see if they could pull it off. And they did.

They hi-fived each other and starts running toward the library.

?She is so weird!? exclaimed B.

?I know! She wasn?t like this a couple months ago. They all are weird, like all of a sudden.? Leah looked at B with a sort of curious look.

?Like Sammy once said, ?They?re all on meds.?

The two girls laughed out loud as they approached the library. It was across the campus from their History class. They opened the door and stepped in quietly. Sammy smiled.

?Hey hey! If it isn?t my guardian angels! How?d you get out of her class??

?Believe it or not she fell asleep.? Leah giggled once more just thinking of her asleep.

?C?mon. Let?s go for a little walk ?around?.?

It wasn?t the first time they had skipped a class. Besides, Leah had so many ties with the Attendance receptionist it was like it never happened. They opened the gate and shimmied through one by one.

?So where shall be off too for the next..? Bianca looked at her watch ?90 minutes??

OOC: Ok Kitty, Goddess. This is a little bonding session. The rest of you can take advantage of Mrs. Florh being asleep. After everyone has posted we will "begin" the RP. ^.~[/SIZE]
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[font=Verdana][size=2][color=navy]Daine sat, looking at the slip of paper in her hands, it had two names on it; Bianca Traise and Jason Ordon. She knew who Bianca was, they had been assigned to work together for a science project earlier in the year. She was slightly disappointed that Alexander wasn't in her group, she sighed quietly and waited as she saw Bianca coming over.[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=2][color=#000080][b]"Hey Bianca." [/b]she greeted cheerfully.[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=2][color=#000080]Bianca asked about the boy named Jason, Daine's eyes sweeped the room, even though she wasn't friends with a lot of the members of the class, she knew everyone's names. She pointed him out to Bianca and they waved him over to them.[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=2][color=#000080][b]"Are you Bianca and...Daine??" [/b]he asked hesitantly.[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=2][color=#000080]They nodded and Daine got him to pull a seat over. While waiting for Jason to pull a desk over, she snuck a peek at Alexander Crowne, he had a soft smile on his face as he talked about himself, and small hand gestures accentuated parts of his life.[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=2][color=#000080]Daine snapped out of it as soon as she heard the scraping of a chair, meaning Jason had sat down. Bianca asked who wanted to go first, but no one volunteered so she decided she would. Daine was brought to the attention that Bianca's friends called her "B". She was surprised but thought of her own name, in fact her real name was [i]Veralidaine[/i], but she shortened it to Daine and never bothered to tell anyone that she had a longer name. It wasn't a normal name for someone of Japanese origin but her parents wanted something different and they found it on the internet.[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=2][color=#000080]Jason told them about him and then asked Daine to go, since she was last to do so, Daine just nodded and smiled.[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=2][color=#000080][b]"Alright. I'm Daine Hiwatari. I was born here in Timber Valley, but my parents are both Japanese, so I speak English and Japanese fluently. Umm...I take lots of out of school activities to keep me busy and everything I do in my out of school activities are my hobbies, but my true passion is gymnastics, which I've been taking since I was very young. Though I do like all sports and play most of them." [/b]she said to them.[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=2][color=#000080]Daine had noticed that Leah walked behind them to get a bathroom pass. She returned some time later, going back to her group which had Alexander in it.[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=2][color=#000080]Daine had listened to each person carefully, and saw Leah walk over again, not to get a bathroom pass, this time she tapped Bianca on the shoulder and pointed at Mrs. Florh who was falling asleep. Bianca got up and the two girls snuck out of the classroom, running off down the hall.[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=2][color=#000080][b]"Looks like it's just you and me." [/b]Daine chuckled to Jason. [/color][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=2][color=#000080]She looked over at Alexander again who looked in a far away place, she had studied his expressions long enough to know that straight away, he was either tired or thinking hard about something. Daine smiled softly and turned her attention back to Jason.[/color][/size][/font]
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"Well, I guess there's no one left but me," stated Boudicca (aka Boo)," I'm from Scotland, but moved here when I was 5. I don't know why my parents moved here. My mom stopped working and became suicidal, and my dad's an alcoholic. That's all you should know."
"That's it?" asked Suzu, "You're not going to tell about yourself?"
"Like I said, that was all that you should know."
"Just tell us more, what's there to hide?" asked Hitomi.
"Alot of things, I'm leaving it at that," replied Boo.
"Fine. But if you want to be a part of this group, I think you should participate and tell us at least a bit about yourself," said Hitomi.
"Ok, fine, you wanna know? Then here it is. I'm a smoker, I know French and English, and I'm working on getting my Gaelic back. I like body modification, also known as tattoos, piercings, brandings, tongue splittings, and really extreme things that I won't mention, as well. I smoke menthol cigarettes, and I like to box. I like people alot and I'm usualy open, but not today."
"Why not?" asked Suzu.
"My dad. I don't want to talk about it. So, is this it? We just share our history?" asked Boo.
"I suppose so,"said Hitomi.
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Suzu started staring blankly ay Hitomi but kind of hid it. Boo started poking him in the leg but he wouldn't turn. She got confused at what he was looking at. He turned his head and looked at the clock.

'first hours almost over' he thought.'that went by fast' He looked back at Hitomi while she was talking to Boo. He looked around the room and saw the other groups at work.

He looked back over at Hitomi and Boo.' It sure would be nice if I was able to ask Hitomi out' he thought' but I'm to much of a coward'

"So we done?" He asked them.

"Guess so" was their reply.

"What now?" he asked.
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[COLOR=Purple]OoC: I never put a pic of Kiala up so I will now. Just remove the ears and tail.

Kiala bounced over to her group, wide eyed and smiling broadly.

"Hi Quincy!" she said looking up at him with a smile that would make anysoftheart jump out and hug her. Quincy glanced down at her.

"Oh... Um, hey. Uh... we should get to work." Quincy saaid sitting down. Kiala gleefully slid herself into a chair. She looked ove at the third member of the group it was a boy she had never seen before. He was a total heartthrob! She stared at him with gleaming eyes while he readied a paper and pencil.

"We'll start with you, cutie," the mystery boy said to Kiala. She just about died in that very second and her face was coated in a blush redder than blood.

"My name is Kiala. I was raised in Germany and was born in the united States and my parents have a lot of money, not that I really care. All I care about is my friends! I also really, really love to make new friends." She said, her face beaming with glee as she oogled the painfully beautifull man before her.

"Um... that's all," She finished.[/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1]Quincy sighed. He simply didn't have time for such inane things as these. Discuss his past with classmates? What did this idiot of a teacher think he was; six? He grumbled and plainly ignored the bouncy redhead who slipped easily into a seat opposite the table form him. Another boy, Quincy believed his name to be Michael, sat next to him. He groaned as he saw Kiala's eyes light up and rested his head back so he looked at the ceiling.

After a few minutes of blabbering that he preferred to block out, Quincy felt a sharp jab in his ribs. His grunted and clutched instinctively at his gut, glaring meaningfully at the culprit. his gaze fell on Michael, who simply lazed but in his chair and grinned foppishly. Quincy heard a happy sigh from across the table and felt a muscle beneath his eye twitch.

[B]"Don't touch me." [/B] he simply said before attempting to go back to resting.

[B]"Uh, don't be such a jerk."[/B] Kiala pouted, slightly exasperated, [B]"You have to, like...introduce yourself."[/B]

[B]"And what if I don't want to?"[/B] Quincy's voice was icy and stern and he knew his glare was equally as cold. Kiala flushed red with anger back backed down, her cheeks puffing slightly from suppressed annoyance.

[B]"My name is Quincy and I can't stand people who invade my privacy. That's all you need to know."[/B]

He closed his eyes, pushed his glasses up his nose and folded his arms. No, he had decided quite firmly now, he wasn?t a people person.

[B]OOC: Apologies in advance to everyone--Quincy has a pole stuck up his ass. =)[/B][/SIZE]
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Jason sat and began to feel nervous again, now it was just him and Diane, and he didn't know what else to say. Jason looked to her as she looked back toward him "Well, I guess we should find something else to talk about." He felt even worse after saying that because he felt like he was trying to flirt with her. This upset him because she might also think that. Anyway, he decded to keep talking "Well, I like to hang around bookstores and coffee houses. When I'm not doing that I'm usually at home." Diane began to talk to him again "So you spend alot of time with your aunt and uncle." Jason shook his head "No. They work alot, and alot of it is over seas. So I'm usually home alone for the most part. There currently in Austrailia, they won't be back to next saturday." She nodded "Oh, well that's nice." Jason was starting to get the suspicon she wasn't even paying attention to him anymore. He stood up "Yeah, well. I'm gonna go ahead and get out of here. It's been nice meeting you." He looked back and saw she was looking to Alex "And incase you don't know, his name is Alex and you should talk to him if you want his attention." He got up and left, since the teacher was still out. He thought about going to the library, but decided he didn't want to be here right now and decided he would head home. He knew no one was home, so no one would care.
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[COLOR=Purple]Kiala sat glaring at the jack-ass across from her for a few seconds before turning her eyes once again to the luscious image of hotness that rested to her left. Out of the corner of her eye she noticed another boy she didn't know making his way out of the classroom, a somber look on his face. Kiala worriedly stood up and headed for the door after him. She caught up to him in the hall and stepped in front of him.

"Hey there! Where you goin?"

"Uh... home." he said slightly embarassed.

"Really? Um... hey what's your name? I usually know people but I don't recognize you." Jason sighed as the two of them had both lived here for seven years.

"My name is Jason."

"Really? That's a cute name! So, why are you going home?" Jason blushed a little before responding.

"I... want to be alone"

"Aw, c'mon! Don't be like that! The school day's hardly started! I'm sure the rest of the day will be good!" Jason seemed to be confused as the why this bouncy little girl blocked his path.

"Where do you sit at lunch, Jason?"

"Um... in the back..."

"All by yourself?" Jason was now extremely embarassed.

"Um... yeah..." Kiala looked overwhelmingly sad and reached out and hugged him.

"You can sit next to me and my friends today, okay? But you have to stay till lunch at least!"[/COLOR]
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The girl bounced off with a smile, Jason was as red as a cherry. She certainly seemed affectionate, and he wasn't very used to that kind of treatment. Though it was against his better judgement he decided to stay til lunch and eat with the girl. He figured it couldn't hurt, but he knew he didn't feel like hanging around in class anymore so he decided he'd spend the last few minutes of first hanging around the halls. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a samll radio and began to sone out into his music and wait for second period to start. It was at this moment he realized he didn't know the girls name. He had seen her before, but he didn't even know her name. This only made him feel more akward, but no matter how much he wanted to, he couldn't bring himself to leave. That girl just seemed so excited, and he didnt' want to upset her so he sat out in the hall and waited for the bell. He would ask her for her name when she came out of the room. He could still feel her arms around him, this thought was only making him more uncomfortable.
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Boo sat there, bored, thinking about how boring this day was. She thought about faking sickness so she could go home and light up a cancer stick. Mmmm, menthol. That would be so great.
She thought about Jason. "He's kinda cute..." she thought, "Ah well, I'm not getting anywhere by daydreaming. I should write or something."
She set to work on writing a poem, but she couldn't decide what to call it. She didn't care anyways. It'd be stuck in her folder and it wouldn't see the light of day for months, just like all the others. Wasted effort.
She walked over to where Quincy was and kicked his chair. "Hey, punk ass," she said.
"What the hell do you want?" He retorted.
"I thought you might like some company, instead of pouting like an idiot."
"I'd rather you leave me alone. I'm not a people person and you're already annoying me. Goodbye."
Boo walked back to where she was sitting before, and realized that she's never really been great at making friends. Maybe Quincy was right...annoying.
The word stuck in her head as she sat there, staring off into space.
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[SIZE=1]OOC: Finally! Oh...I just got home and logged on. So here it is! I'll be starting a little before everyone decides to leave.


Brandi listened intently as Alexander and Leah explained their heritage, as she found both of them rather different from others. Alex being American, and Leah being Chinese. Brandi was European herself.

[B]"There?s like nothing interesting to share about me."[/B] Brandi noticed that Leah was looking closely at Alex, who was looking somewhere else as she remarked. Brandi felt like she was boring the others, and decided not to continue. At least for the moment.

[B]"No, please. Do share!"[/B] Leah egged her on.

[B]"Alright. I'm French and Australian. My father is French, and my mother is Austrailan. I was born in Cannes and shortly afterward, I moved here."[/B] Brandi said shortly, quieting down as she slowed to a stop, noticing Alex.

[B]"Do you need to go to the nurse?s office Alex?"[/B] Leah asked.

He shook his head. [B]"No, I am just still tired."[/B]

Brandi simply continued for a few more sentences before stopping. It was then that Leah decided to take her leave from the class. Brandi had seen her do it before in the previous years that they knew each other, so it was no surprise.

[B]"Alex..."[/B] Brandi whispered. [B]"Alex."[/B]

[B]"What?"[/B] He asked, shaking his head once more.

She turned her head to the door, and then back to her classmate. [B]"Are you leaving, too?"[/B][/SIZE]
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[SIZE=1][FONT=Century Gothic]Hitomi leaned back from her chair completly bored. She started to chew on her pencil eraser. She sat foward and rested her chin on the palm of her hand. How boring this become. What the point of this exercise anyways? She looked around and saw some people get up from there sit. She kinda heard other people coversation even though she really didn't mean too. Quincy wasn't so very nice. He seemed pretty mean looks like his looks is all he got going for him. She shruggged and thought she shouldn't judge people so quickly.
Now the rest of the class seemed nice enough. Well she had no opinion on Samuel guy. She didn't get to hear him talk much do to the pshycopath teacher. Oh well, she probaly had no choice to find about him later. Somone tapped Hitomi shoulder and she turned around.
" Boring class right now.." Suzu said
"Yeah pretty much..." Hitomi said with a pencil still hanging out of her mouth.
"You really shouldn't be chewing this.." Suzu plucked the pencil out of her mouth and flicked it to a trash can.
"Bad habit...it is not my fault.." Hitomi scratched her head "Well I guess we have to mingle a little huh?" Hitomi got up from her chair "See ya later.." She ruffled the hairs a top of Suzu head playfully. He always looked cute when his hair was messy.[/FONT][/SIZE]
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[size=1][color=indigo][b]?So where shall be off too for the next..?[/b] Bianca looked at her watch, [b] ?90 minutes??[/b]

Sammy yawned, stretching his long arms high above the girls' heads and bringing them down to hug both of them to him. He smiled as he felt Leah's body tense up.

[b]"I don't know. We could get into trouble wherever we go,"[/b] he let his arm away from Leah and scratched at his side.

He looked down at Bianca who gazed around at the bustling city. She had a soft smirk and her nose twitched a few times, indicating she was in deep contemplation. The three stopped at the intersection and waited for the crosswalk light to blink. Leah searched the pole for a button, Bianca yawned and walked out of Sammy's arm. He snorted lightly and pulled on her ponytail.

[b]"Honk!"[/b] he giggled as she twirled around slapping.

[b]"Okay, children. Hold hands while we cross the street,"[/b] Leah laughed, her right hand grabbing onto Sammy's left and her left hand grabbing onto Bianca's right. With a light jerk, Leah lead the way across the street.

[b]"Ew, I don't want your coodies,"[/b] Sammy stuck out his tongue, [b]"Besides, where are you taking us?"

"You'll just have to wait and see,"[/b] Leah blew him a raspberry.

[b]"So, what do you really think's going on with the teachers? I mean, not only is Ms. Florh acting strange, but Mr. Perkinson has been sending students to the principal's office for asking to borrow a pencil,"[/b] Bianca adjusted her now loose ponytail, [b]"And we all know that he was the sweetest, and most liked, teacher in school."

"I'm not sure what's going on. My mom said there's a parent teach conference in a few days. Maybe we should sneak in and see what's happening,"[/b] Sammy paused, leaning back against a small coffee shop's window.

[b]"Sounds like a plan. You think we should ask others to come along?"[/b] Bianca stopped, throwing her fists on her hips.

[b]"I say we go for it. We should all get together after school, or at lunch, and discuss it,"[/b] Leah cheered.

[b]"Yeah, when we get back to class, just pass on the word. We'll meet in the court yard at the last bell,"[/b] Sammy pushed himself away and looked over his shoulder to see their Literature teacher staring straight back at him through the window, [b]"Ladies, I suggest we run right about now--"[/b]

Sammy pushed the two forward as the teacher started for the door. It was Mrs. Sherman, one of the school's cruelest teachers. He had failed her class once, and caused a number of reckless fights in her classroom. Since then, she's made it her life's goal to bring him down.

[b]"What is she doing here?!"[/b] Leah shouted, breaking into a trot, Bianca close behind her.

[b]"She's probably asking herself the same question about us! Besides, she doesn't have a class this hour,"[/b] Sammy bolted down the sidewalk, almost tripping over a newspaper stand. [/color][/size]
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Suzu watched as she walked away.'Damn, perfect time... I'm such a coward' he thought. He was so out of it he forgot what second hour was. 'Uh' he thought.
He shaked his head so he hair wasn't so messed up.

He walked out of the classroom and looked around. Then he came back in and looked at the clock 5 minutes till second hour he though.'Oh , i forgot what second hour is' he thought.

He could ask Hitomi or another friend they might know. But she was nowhere to be found and he didn't want to disrupt the groups. 'Oh well...' he thought'Hope i find her...'
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[SIZE=1]Hitomi leaned against the wall looking up the clock. She didn't feel like mingling anymore. What the real point anyways? Some of the people were not here anyways. Samauel, Leah and Bianca wasn't here. Quincy didn't seem like a person to talk to right now. Kiala and Jason she already knew so what the point? She yawned almost drifting off to sleep. She was way to tired she had that thanks to her little sister's wining. One of this days she going to get her hands around that little girls neck. Hopefully Hitomi could get away with it.
Hitomi yawned agian and her eyes felt heavy.Hitomi opened her eyes wide trying to make them stay open. She tried to resist the temptation of sleep. Hitomi blamed this at the sand man and his evil wicked ways. Hitomi stumbled a little and almost fell on floor if wasn't catched by Suzu.
"Huh?" Hitomi shook her head and rubbed her eyes.
"Well I found you..." Suzu smiled cheerfully "You were about to faint, I think.."
"I was about to fall asleep just now.." Hitomi yawned and stood up straight "Well is class over? PLEASE tell me is over..." [/SIZE]
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