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The OtakuBoards Nifty Fifty of 2005 (Nominations Thread)


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[font=verdana][center][size=5]The OtakuBoards Nifty Fifty[/size][/center][/font]

Welcome to the OtakuBoards Nifty Fifty of 2005. In this thread we will continue our grand tradition of awarding our totally nifty community. Those of you new to the idea may have some questions...

[size=3][b]What is it again?[/b][/size]

To put it simply, it’s a list of the fifty members, threads, or things that have made the OtakuBoards community great (‘nifty’) in the past year. You, the members, are going to nominate your favorites here in this thread, and the fifty best nominees will be chosen for the list.

[size=3][b]So whoever gets the most nominations wins?[/b][/size]

No, it doesn’t actually work like that this time around. This particular event isn’t going to boil down to a popularity contest (wait for Otaku Yearbook and regular monthly events for that,) this one is about choosing the best, and sometimes the best don’t receive the recognition they deserve. While one thing may receive seventeen nominations, another might only get one. It’s about quality here, not votes. Make sure that your arguments are strong in your nominations, because that will be the deciding factor.

[size=3][b]Sounds incredibly subjective, don’t it?[/b][/size]

Yeah, it kind of is. But we’re an equal opportunity offender here at OtakuBoards. To make sure that members from every clique and segment of the site is fairly represented, [b]The Nifty Fifty Committee[/b] will be assembled to compile the final list, the OtakuBoards Nifty Fifty of 2005.

[size=3][b]Who are in this Nifty Fifty Committee?[/b][/size]

I’m sorry, that’s classified information. You can’t know that yet. They know who they are, and that’s all that matters for now. You’ll know when the final list is compiled. Fair enough?

[size=3][b]What kinds of things should be nominated?[/b][/size]

Anything, really. Members who really stood out this year, threads that had a big impact, great memories, current events that affected the boards in some way. Use your imagination, as I’d like a very broad spectrum of things to be present on the list.

[size=3][b]How do I nominate?[/b][/size]

I’m glad you asked. Here’s the simple form required for a nomination.

[quote][b]What is it?
Why was it nifty?[/b][/quote]
That’s it! Some of you may still be unsure of this, though, so here's a few examples. Please keep in mind [b]EACH MEMBER MAY ONLY NOMINATE UP TO TEN THINGS![/b]

[quote][b]What is it?[/b] [i]Team Hanzo Thread Ratings[/i]

[b]Why was it nifty?[/b] [i]Since 'Kill Adam' came out, many members have been trying to outdo one another in terms of graphic violence and sexual content in their RPGs. The thread ratings made it safe for minors to go back into The Arena. Also, the guy who made them is incredibly handsome.[/i][/quote]
[quote][b]What is it?[/b] [i]Bio[/i]

[b]Why was it nifty?[/b] [i]With less than 100 posts Bio became a moderator for the Arena Underground, and a darn good one at that. He managed to really give the forum some order, and the whole area has improved greatly because of him.[/i][/quote]
[quote][b]What is it?[/b] [i]"Having a Jessica Simpson Moment"[/i]

[b]Why was it nifty?[/b] [i]"The point of this thread is to ask if you've ever had one of those moments where your brain simply ceases to function for brief periods of time and it caused some slight emberassment..."[/i][/quote]

Your nominations can be as long or as short as you want. Any links or images you'd like to include in your nominations are more than welcome. Just try to make your case fairly compelling, because there's going to be a whole lot of competition! Best of luck to you, and I expect this list to be a great tribute to the past year at OtakuBoards.

For a look back at last year's nominations, look at [url=http://otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=44769]this link.[/url]

Any questions regarding the Nifty Fifty can be asked in this thread, or via PM.

[u]All nominations are due by January 31st. The final list will be posted a few days after.[/u]

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[color=#333333]I think Sakura deserves gratitude for all the effort she puts into an RPG when taking part. She always does her best to keep the thread running along smoothly and will help in anyway possible. She has been around since version 6 and is certainly underestimated when it comes to her RPing skills. She is probably roaming the threads in Adventure Square/Inn as much as the mods. Here's to Sakura, a great adventurer and true friend[/COLOR].[/CENTER]

[CENTER][B]OtakuBoards Survivor: Game On! Thread[/B]

[color=#333333]Invented by the ever-lovin' Sandy. OB Survivor is certainly [I]the best[/I] Roleplaying Adventure I have [i]ever[/i] taken part in. It is constantly filled with surprises and the excitement never ends. I cannot wait to see how it turns out[/COLOR].[/CENTER]

[CENTER][B]The Nifty Fifty[/B]

[color=#333333]Inspiring all, this thread is a wonderous one that can make many members feel much better about themselves. It's fun to see the ending results and I think that it really makes OB a much more fun place to be in[/COLOR].[/CENTER]

[CENTER][B]Dragon Warrior[/b]

[color=#333333]DW always brightens the mood of anyplace and anything he comes near. His posts always manage to fill you with glee, even if he is making fun of you. His animations will never cease to make you laugh and his stories will always cheer you up[/COLOR].[/CENTER]

[CENTER][B]The New Administrators of OB[/b]

[color=#333333]Dagger and Desbreko are two of the kindest, most supportive and certainly most helpful OBers I know. Already they have shown us what they can do in terms of Administrating and I'm sure they will continue to prove themselves in the future. Cheers[/COLOR].[/CENTER]

[CENTER][B]Lady Katana[/b]

[color=#333333]Lady Katana is definitely, of all the moderators I have talked to, the nicest. She has helped me with numerous troubles and I would not have the grammatic skill I do today had it not been for her constantly correcting me. Thanks, Lady K. ^_~[/color][/center]

[CENTER][B]Art Pad Picture Chain[/b] ([url=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=44451]click[/url])

[color=#333333]The Art Pad Picture Chain thread was an amazingly fun thread to take part in. Although it did not last long, the concept of it was creative and simply superb. It is a great attempt to combine writing with art and I really think it deserves a spot on the Nifty Fifty.[/color][/center]
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[u]1)[/u] [b]Guild Wars/Quantum Kabuki Troupe[/b]. GW was something of a swift kick to the groin for many of the gamers here at OB. While some of us had already had experience playing other "MMORPG"s, some hadn't. In fact, for some members, like dearest Annie, Guild Wars was one of their very first gaming experiences.

James and Warlock had first introduced me to the game back during its Beta phase, in mid July/August, I think. It was during a World Preview Event, which was a weekend-long free play. Later today, I'll post the very first screenshots I took, as well as when James, Warlock and I met-up in-game for the [i]very first time[/i]. Back then, none of us knew how to hide the HUD for the screenshots, so our chat logs are visible. And our reactions are priceless, especially other people's reactions in local chat.

Quantum Kabuki Troupe is the OB-centric guild. I feel like it's brought a lot of members closer together, as well. I know Neil and I wouldn't know each other (and be such good friends) as well as we do/are if it weren't for QKT. A lot of fantastic people are in the guild, and I'm very proud to call them my friends (yes, even you, Adam, when you aren't forgetting things! ~_^).

I could go on and on, but it's almost 7 am here. Adam (persocomblues) and I were doing some GWing earlier, and I'm still wired, heh.

For more info on the OBers of GW, [url="http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=47552"]Guild Wars thread[/url]

The official site is [url="http://www.guildwars.com"]www.guildwars.com[/url].

[u]2)[/u] [b]The Mediocrity of the Memberbase[/b]. I have to be honest here, both with everyone and with myself. I can't stand most of you. I sat at my computer for what seemed like hours, trying to figure out some elements of OB that made 2005 Nifty...but I just couldn't.

Then I figured out why: most of you didn't impress me worth a damn in 2005. You just...didn't. Most of you were just treading water in a sea of retarded sexuality and bad poetry.

So, my second nomination for the Nifty Fifty pertains to just how unimpressed I was. One of the things that made 2005 "Nifty" was the Mediocrity of the Memberbase. Congratulations, memberbase! You're mediocre!

[u]3)[/u] [b]Manic Webb[/b] (or is it P. Manic Webb? I can never remember). Manic is one of those members who is far from mediocre.

In fact, he's quite awesome. I really enjoy his sense of humor, because there's a bit of "black anger" mixed in with an almost Monty Python-esque cornball nature, topped off with his own special brand of satire. His posts are always fun to read, and anyone who skewers Puff Dadd--P. Diddy...Diddy...whatever, is nifty as hell in my book.

Go Manic.

[u]4)[/u] [b]Meestah Alan[/b] (DeadSeraphim). One of the coolest guys I know, who's presently IMing me, with Raina looking over his shoulder. I've got to watch my tongue! Alan is the creator of n00b Hunter on OB, but not only that, he's the most bad-*** cross-dresser you'll ever meet. He could kick my butt, even when he's wearing a pair of stockings and the butt-kicking wouldn't seem any less horribly masculine. Alan is nifty to the extreme. Congrats Raina on nabbing such a nifty guy!
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[center][font=Verdana][color=Black][b][thread=49981][u]Random Questions[/u][/thread][/b]
Who originally started this thread? I?ve no idea, because it got deleted in a freak electrical storm, or something. But indifference started it up again and I was thankful, yes I was. A single thread, the repository for all those niggly little questions that aren?t worth starting a whole thread for? Nifty idea. It helped us all discover the origins of pie (in Ancient Egypt, apparently).

[/color][/font][font=Verdana][color=Black][b]The Legionnaires[/b]
I really can?t see this not making the Fifty. It?s the biggest, longest-running RPG I?ve ever participated in, and hands-down, the most fun I?ve ever had writing a sign-up. Also, kudos to Shy for being willing to adapt the posting systems when they didn?t work as well as they should have. I?m really looking forward to whatever twists and turns that are in store.

[/color][/font][font=Verdana][color=Black][b][thread=50425][u]OtakuBoards Survivor: Game On
[/thread][/u][/b]Okay, now it just looks like I?m nominating RPGs I?ve been in, but hey, I don?t read the ones I?m not in, so I wouldn?t be able to gauge their niftiness. This is the first non-Community Event RPG I?ve joined that hasn?t died on the third page; Sandy?s kept all of us interested with a nicely varied set of challenges, and I?ve felt that my writing skills have been stretched every which way ? great exercise for those creative muscles. Even if it has distracted me from my University work at times?

[b][thread=51508][u]Crimes of Hate[/u][/thread]
[/b]It deserves a Nifty because it's happened twice in the last year! No, but seriously. It's the only OB-members-as-characters-in-the-story fic that manages to pull off being serious. The detailed gore makes me worry about Ezekiel. And if it's accepted as Nifty, maybe she'll finish it this time, and we'll all find out whodunit ;)

I thought he was a little prickly and defensive when I first joined. But he?s gone on to become one of the most likeable and affable members on the Boards, and I really admire his ability to put forth a strong opinion without getting hot under the collar. Plus, Survivor!

Out of the few OBers I talk to on IM, JJ?s the one I talk to most, and it?s usually about RPG strategy. Great to bounce ideas off, and he usually comes back with better ones in return. He's also the only member brave enough to use a [i]smiley [/i]as his [i]username - [/i]who didn't have fun trying to pronounce ^.^ in their head?

[/color][/font][font=Verdana][color=Black][b]Otaku Lounge Moderator Team[/b]
Am I blowing my own trumpet, or trying to cheat by bundling several members under one nomination? Neither. Lore, Panda and Stuart are formidable, and all much better at closing threads than I am; I don?t talk to them much personally, but I?ve learned everything I know about modding from watching these three in action.[/color][/font]
[b]Unborn Lord Xion x Ezekiel[/b]
They may not be OtakuBoards?s most established couple, but somehow they manage to pull off the delicate balance of being very vocal about their relationship, without drowning us all in schmooze. So nice to hear a story of Internet romance that doesn?t end with one of them being an overweight forty-year-old pervert from Wisconsin.[/color][/font][font=Verdana][color=Black]

[/color][/font][font=Verdana][color=Black][b]Seasonal Banner Changes[/b]
Ah, that horrible pun on James?s Hallowe?en banner ? and then the Christmas banner contest turned up some really inspired work too. It was nice to have a little change of scenery, and nicer still when it got me in the Christmas mood. Here's hoping it stays on as an OB tradition.

[b][u][url="http://www.frappr.com/otakuboards"]OtakuBoards Frappr[/url][/u]
[/b]Serious kudos goes to Morpheus for thinking of this (just in time for the Fifty, sneaky devil). Instead of a "Where do you live?" thread, full of people quoting random American states and cities, which doesn't help people like me who don't know their American geography, we now have a snazzy world map with markers to show members' locations. Plus, I claimed Europe.

[size=1]+[ EDIT ]+
Got rid of 'spammers'. Meh, I only put it in because I only had nine nominations.
+[ EDIT II ]+
Added "OtakuBoards Frappr".
+[ EDIT III ]+
Replaced this guy [/size][/color][/font][font=Verdana][color=Black][img]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v629/SheriffMatt/A_o_0_blue.gif[/img][size=1] with "Crimes of Hate"[/size]
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[size=1][center][b]1) Dagger[/b][/center]
She's a great Administrator -- she's worked very hard to become one, and she set the OtakuBoards Graphics Tournament into motion, when everyone else decided to bail on the idea. I find her to be extremely approachable, trustworthy, and true to her word. I thank her for sticking with the OBGT, even when things began to look unsure, and I thank her for devoting time and effort to OtakuBoards.
Thank you.

[size=1][center][b]2.) The 1st Annual OtakuBoards Graphics Tournament[/b][/center]
This was the first Official OtakuBoards-hosted Graphics Tournament. Throughout OB, many members joined in the fun, showcasing their skills in a competitive environment. I really enjoyed watching all sorts of members duke it out in a site-wide tournament. In its early stages of development, it looked as if it were going to fall through, when Dagger decided to help the cause and host it herself. I'm willing to venture this was one of the high-points of the Art Studio this year. I look forward to many more OBGTs in the future.

[center][b]3.) Banner/Avatar Orphanage[/b][/center]
I think that the addition of the Orphanage has made getting a cool banner even easier, with so many pre-made banners at the requestee?s disposal. Augmenting the Art by Request sub-forum, The Banner/Avatar Orphanage put all those unused banners gathering dust in the backwater folders of your C: Drive to use for other members. I?d say this addition to the Art by Request was successful, as it, in less than half a year?s time, has gotten more views than the Art by Request Rules thread (circa 2004).

[center][b]4.) Neuvoxraiha[/b][/center]
Alot of other people have gotten awards for being a great RPer, and frankly, I think she's the best when it all comes down to it. Her vocabulary, her ability to be eloquent and still carry the plot, and her engaging language make her an unbelieveable partner in any Role Play. I had the honor to have her in Red Team, and she was an extremely valuable player in the team. She pulled together the writing when the rest of the team's was slipping, and I must commend her for that as well.[/size]
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[center][size=1][b][u]1. The Legionnaires

[/u][/b]This has been the most fun I have had RPing in a long while, and Shy keeps us all interested with as many twists and turns as possible. He has the ability to see when certain posting styles are not working, and change them, to keep the RP flowing. There was a slight lull just before Body Bags began, but then the pace picked right back up. I can't really see this not making the Fifty.

[u][b]2. OB Survivor

[/b][/u]I'm not just showing off that I am participating in all these big events, but OB Survivor has been one of the best-controlled RPs I have ever taken part in. Sandy has kept each challenge different, to make sure no-one loses interest. Although, the Pokemon challenge was a little overlong, the rest has been top-notch stuff.

[u][b]3. Ozymandius Jones

[/b][/u]She has done a top-class job of moderating the Arena, and has a gentle way of telling people that they are spammers. It is something I don't think I could ever do with such style and panache as Ozy manages.

[u][b]4. Arena Underground

[/b][/u]Expertly moderated by Bio, this is somewhere that several of my own RPs would never have gotten off the ground without. It is also excellent for keeping people up-to-date with the main areas of the stories of RPs, and, all-round, a very useful forum.

[u][b]5. Everyone who checks the Art By Request forum

[/b][/u]Without you guys, I would never have avatars or banners. I would try making my own, but I know I would just mess it up. These guys manage to get back to you in the blink of an eye, producing products of amazingly high standard within days.

[u][b]6. DW Threads

[/b][/u]These include, to name but a few: Fell Took, Dusty DW and the Otaku Kid, Slackers in Slacks and Crazy Cartooning. All these threads have given me endless enjoyment during those long, boring holidays. DW, I salute you.

[u][b]7. Dagger and Desbreko

[/b][/u]Without you two, this site would fall apart. We owe you a whole lot, especially me, as without you I couldn't change my name so often, as some of you will know that I love to. You are truly the glue that holds the OB together.

There will, no doubt, be others in the near future...
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He puts so much thought an effort into his RPs and is the creator of the long standing and much loved OB Survivor series. He is also not afraid to voice his opinions, whether they be welcome or not. Way to go Sandy!

[U][B]The Art By Request Forum[/B][/U]

It gives me something to do and is one of the easiest ways for me to exercise my creative muscle and make someone else happy as I do it. Its also a challenge to answer requests that I might not usually take up.

[B][U]Chabichou's 'How do you pronounce your username?' Thread[/U][/B]

This was one amazingly helpful thread, or if not helpful at least enlightening. I learned how to pronounce usernames I had been saying wrong for ages. It also tells you how different people pronounce different words, its really very insightful.

[B][U]Solo Tremaine[/U][/B]

Funny, witty and just a joy to read. Whether posting in an RP, writing or just generally posting about the place Solo amuses and entertains me every time.

[U][B]The Customize Title Option[/B][/U]

I love checking out what other users have as their title and trying to come up with something interesting of my own. Its just a nice little extra for OB users to enjoy ^_^.

[U][B]Blayze's 'Who are you?' Thread[/B][/U]

Boy did this clear up a whole lot of misunderstandings. I was finding out people who I thought were male were female and vice versa all over the place. It was really rather interesting to find out where people were from too.

[U][B]James' ever changing avatar/banner collection[/B][/U]
How many nifty avatars does that guy have?!

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[font=trebuchet ms][CENTER][b]Dragon Warrior[/b]
Without Gav, I probably wouldn't have ever come back here in the first place. He started up the OB Game Makers Thread, which led to me rejoining. My first post, as far as I know, was there. Since then, Gavin has made some of the most entertaining threads here.

[b]Generic NPC #3[/b]
Tony is the man, you can't deny it. Don't even try. He always seems to be knowledgable in every conversation he's in, providing strong opinions without ever seeming overbearing. My head has been reset gently on my shoulders a few times by him, I can tell you that. Plus, he made Group Sounds, which was a terrific place while it lasted.

Yes, the Baron Dance. An inside joke from Group Sounds localized here. It was officially my idea, John made it, ...someone localized it (I don't know whether or not I can say who), and Goddess popularized it. Good work, team! Sorry, Baron. Next on the list is the Emo Dance![/CENTER][/font]
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[b][center]Sage Kaley[/center][/b]
I haven't been chatting with her for very long, but she's awesome. I mean, she started an MST3K thread for God's sake. If that isn't an indicator of complete and total niftiness, I don't know what is.

[b][center][url=www.wrappedinplastic.net/rss]Crappy Club For Jerks[/url][/center][/b]
Because everyone loves blogs, right? Right?? Exactly.

Because she's in my signature, and therefore is awesome by association. Also she kind of sort of does a decent job of being slightly cool on her own.

He makes most of my banners. Once again, awesome by association. And he introduced me to The Perry Bible Fellowship, so he earns extra cool points for that.

[strike]Because he's my boss and his boot is scary. :( [/strike] Because he gave me stuff in Animal Crossing: DS. :)

[b][center]Generic NPC #3[/center][/b]
Because he rawks more than Rawk Hawk. And that's a lot of rawk, let me tell you. He's also more punk rawk than Avril Lavigne, as unbelievable and shocking as that may sound. Furthermore, I have it on good authority that [i]he[/i], not The Scorpions, will rock you like a hurricane.

Because Andy rhymes with 'dandy' which is a synonym of 'nifty.' It only makes logical sense that he make this list. Who are you to deny the power of logic?? Also he may be somewhat cool in one way or another. I hear he has magic powers.

[b][center]Alan (DeadSeraphim)/Raina (Hevn)[/center][/b]
Because it's nice to know that [strike][i]someone[/i] on OB is actually getting laid[/strike] romance can actually thrive in the online world. :)

John rules, that's all there is to it. Though our musical tastes sometimes clash (he doesn't like Okkervil River, the weirdo), he's gotten me into a few bands and vice versa. I appreciate that he always takes the time to reply to the band posts on my site, too. :)

[spoiler][center][b]The Communist Party[/b][/center]
Since Shy as good as outed me earlier, I might as well admit it: My favorite color is red, I was buddy buddy with Che Guevara and Mao Zedong, and I've never taken a drink of water in my life (only vodka, never water); I'm a Commie, through and through. You Capitalist pig-dogs will soon get what's coming to you when you are finished gorging yourselves on the blood of the worker! Recognition on the so-called "Nifty Fifty" is only the first step in re-establishing The Communist Party as the [i]true[/i] power of the world. End transmission.[/spoiler]
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First of all: [I]*blush*[/I]

Then, to my nominations (I'm trying to put in things that have yet to receive nominations):

[URL=http://www.otakuboards.com/forumdisplay.php?f=88][B]Arena Underground[/B][/URL]
Still one of my favorite places at the OB, where people can join in conversation about their RPGs or ask for help in making their own games. But the best thing about it is that it has made forum-based RP'ing much easier, simpler and more fluid than ever before. And [I]that's[/I] nifty!

[URL=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=46942][B]DW's Game Maker Thread[/B][/URL]
Though it's currently on a bit of hiatus, on the brief few weeks I was active in it were some of my most creative time in these boards. Truly inspiring, with many multi-talented people putting their heads together to create something new. Nift-ay!

[URL=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=46746][B]Play It Thread Directory[/B][/URL] and [URL=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=38208][B]Official (Anime) Thread Directory[/B][/URL]
Although I haven't gotten a chance to use them very often, I think those are some of the most useful features that are unique to OB (at least to my knowledge). Forget tiring page-scrolling and copious threads with the same content - all titles you seek are only a few clicks away! Now if only some of the new members noticed the stickies as well... Anyway, they're totally nifty!

[B]Holiday Banners[/B]
Halloween and Christmas at the OB were made particularly special this year - hope we'll get more eye-candy this new year as well! That'd be just nifty!

Well, that's about it for me... Although many other things and members were pretty nifty in my opinion as well, it's like I said: I wanted to bring something new to the pile. Just to keep it nifty. ;P
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For now I only have 3 but I'll be back for more!

[CENTER][B]1. Dagger[/B]

Dagger has been a huge help to me over the year, helping me find titles of various anime shows, helping me learn about new anime and changing my name 3 times. No one can challenge her infinite anime wisdom, and she's a great person to boot.

[B]2. The almighty uberly awesome master of all, Dragon Warrior[/B]

Dragon Warrior is my greatest inspiration and role model and possibly god. His stories like Dust DW and Otaku Hollow bring increadible joy and his mastery of humor is renowned. An expert drawer and storywriter with a million ideas. But the main reason I nominate him this year is for his leadership on the following project...

[B]3. The Game Makers Thread[/B]

This was quite possibly the funnest project I was a part of this year or ever and it wouldn't have been possible without DW. I was proud to complete my first game and of DW hosting it on his site.[/CENTER]

I would nominate the OB Anthology, but I only started getting into that this year, so I'll wait for the next nifty fifty.
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Whether you like his style or not, Mitch has to be one of the best poets on the OB. Of all the years I?ve been with the OB, I?ve never seen anyone write as strangely, exotically, or as choppy as him. Though most of his poems can confuse and lose the reader, after reading it over a couple of times, you discover a depth in writing that not even some novelists could every reach. He?s been bashed, smashed, kicked in the balls (verbally), yet still weathers the storm[s] to come out with progressive work when most people would give up. He?s inspired, helped, and guided. [/list]

[list][*][b]OB Couples[/b]

Now, there are many online couples, but none come close to the two couples that I know and cherish as friends, and fellow ?long-distancers?. Firstly, I salute [b]Alan[/b] (DeadSeraphim) and [b]Raina[/b] (Hevn). Though I don?t talk to Hevn much, I hear plenty from Alan to know that the two are perfect for one another. And at this very moment, the two are physically together after a year (?) of online/phone call contact. Congratulations.

Secondly, I tip my hat at [b]Trevor[/b] (Unborn Lord Xion) and [b]Jamie[/b] (Ezekiel). If you know this couple, I don?t need to say much more. Your classic (and this has been noted before, lol) Beauty and the Beast. Only, Trevor is not beastly ugly--he's hot--and Jamie is more than a beauty--she?s stunning.

Trying times can cause stress and friction between a couple--especially if you live [I]so far away[/I] from one another--but together, these two couples bitchslap any storm clouds that dare oppose them. [/list]

[list][*][b]Joe[/b] (Parabola)

This guy means the world to me. Without him, I don?t know where I?d be. For the past 2 years, I?ve struggled and made some terrible mistakes, and almost lost him on account of my stupidity; but, he wouldn?t allow it, and never gave up. Just when I felt myself slipping, Joe was there to verbally slap me into reality and [b]always[/b] brought me hope. Now, we?re going on 3 years, and one thing?s for certain--he and I cannot be separated. He?s made me a stronger, braver, and more confident person; I owe him so much more than I can ever hope to give. But, if it takes my entire life to make it up to him, I will.

Devotion and commitment were words I was terrified of---not anymore, thanks to him.[/list]

[list][*][b]Quantum Kabuki Troupe, Guild Wars[/b]

After many hours of begging, Alex (Brasil) finally talked me into getting this game back in May ?05. I was really hesitant because I really don?t get into video games/computer games. I didn?t want to spend the 50$ on something I wasn?t going to play. But, he helped me out through the very beginning and then I got to meet everyone else on the OB who played. James and a couple of other members put together the QKT and we all just formed this sort of bond. I can?t think of any other people who?ve been more rude, crude, stubborn, harsh, brash, but incredibly friendly, helpful, and just a blast to quest with. The QKT has allowed every OB member that makes up this guild to get to know one another better. It?s just a wonderful break from the every day.[/list]


I don?t talk to her, but I do read up on her myO, and on theOtaku.com, and she?s just wonderful. From what I read, Panda does have more on her hands than what we are let on; yet, she still makes time to moderate, update theOtaku, and write out very enthusiastic myO posts--despite her sickness. Never have I seen Panda show any sort of anger in her modding posts; she?s always very pleasant and informative. It takes a great deal of patience and tolerance to mod the O.Lounge without snapping, and she handles it with ease. Just an amazing woman ^_^ [/list]

[list][*][b]Ignore List[/b]

Thanks to this little handy-dandy option, I?ve been able to dodge annoying posts/people. Thus, making my OB experience smoother and care free. Thank you, Ignore List, you make the OB a much more pleasant place.[/list]


Without this man, none of the OB events could ever be as delightful, fun, and well-organized. Shy's given the OB spark and always something new each year. Last year, he came up with this (Nifty Fifty) event--giving us a break from the normal "best of the best" awards that focus on certain areas and certain people. With this newer event, we can span out through the OB and bring the shadows to the light. Shy has also spun out some of the best stories I've ever read, and not just in Community Events. His [url=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=45676&highlight=Shy%27s+Soapbox][b]Soapbox[/b][/url] is full of his creations which will blow your mind. This man is extremely talented and intelligent, and busy. But he always manages to bring us entertainment that lasts forever, and never gets old. [/list]


James is probably one of the closest online friends I have. No matter what's going on on his end, he's always quick to step in and help out in any way possible. Whenever I'm not sure of myself, or whenever I'm just having a rough day, James always finds a way to shine the light on the better of the situation. Always. Not only is he a great friend, he's just an all around great guy to have around and to be in contact with. Without his dedication, the OB would not be as amazing and professional as it is today. It's taken a great deal of time and efforts to make the OB one of the most user friendly and well-organized message boards out there, and with his help it's become beyond that--and he's still pushing it [OB] to its limits. [/list]

[list][*][b]Adam & Justin[/b]

Without these two, none of this would be possible. I see Adam as "The Godfather", lol, and Justin as the henchman that keeps Adam's business running. These two men are brilliant and always busy coming up with new ideas, keeping the place up and working smoothly, and making time to spin out Art of Otaku. [/list]
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[font=trebuchet ms][center] [b]:bdance:[/b]
Yes, the Baron Dance. An inside joke from Group Sounds localized here. It was officially my idea, John made it, ...someone localized it (I don't know whether or not I can say who), and Goddess popularized it. Good work, team! Sorry, Baron. Next on the list is the Emo Dance![/center]
[/font][/QUOTE] That was this year, homes. I already thought about it. :p
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[size=1][list]?[b]The Increasing Populace[/b] [i](a.k.a. Who the hell are you?)[/i][/b]- I don't know half of you people on the boards anymore. I understand that this isn't exactly a bad thing, but trying to keep up with the ever-increasing population of OB, and with it some of the best members this place has seen in a long time, is beginning to get tedious. As much as I'd like to have conversations with some of the amazing new members this place gained over the last year, I just don't have time for it anymore. I'm sure many people feel the same way I do, especially my fellow oldies. Between my job, my college, and my sleep, I barely get enough free time as it is. So, in closing, I raise my glass to all you people who I don't know, and the people that have stuck around for the long haul.[/list]
[list]?[b]Brazil[/b]- I think this member should be in the Nifty-Fifty for his nomination of [i]The Mediocrity of the Memberbase[/i] into the nifty-Fifty. It's a very true argument on the grander scale of things, and one I agree with for the most part.[/list][/size]
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[SIZE=1][B]Raiyuu and Goddess? I love you both. (But especially Annie 'cuz she said I was pretty *ego rush*) [<3<3!!!][/B]

I imagine this list will be edited when I've had a re-check of some of this year's threads, so expect more nominations from me in a couple of days...maybe.

[B]Unborn Lord Xion-[/B]
My joy, my rock, my love, Trevor has been a friend to me right from when we first started talking all those many months ago. His writing never fails to impress and his role-play ideas are some of the most original concepts out there. He's a guy you can talk to about problems and someone who I know I will always be able to count on, no matter what. After spending two weeks with him over Christmas and New Year, I?ve truly realised just how...well, [I]cool[/I] he is and how I'm completely devoted to him. (No, I'm not biased at all. Not one bit...=D.)

[B]Raiyuu and Stuart-[/B]
These two are fantastic mods, and that's all there is to it. They always jump into a thread at the right time to keep it from getting out of control and keep their 'warning posts' direct but somehow incredibly friendly. They're a great pair of guys and I hope they stay mods for a while to come.

[B]The Couples of OB-[/B]
What Annie said really hit the nail on the head. I can't add anything else to it.

[B]The Legionairres-[/B]
I'm so proud to be a part of this RP (Even though our current mission seems to be floundering) because I've had a chance to write alongside some incredible members here, not to mention the fantastic characters, plot lines and concept.

There isn't much to be said about Ken; except for the fact that he's one of the most fantastic writers I've ever had the pleasure of participating in a role-play with. I keep on meaning to talk to him [STRIKE]so that I can kiss up[/STRIKE] in hopes that his incredible skill will rub off on me. A girl can dream.

[B]Retribution's Art Thread, and the Man Himself-[/B]
Despite the fact I've been very bad when it comes to commenting in said thread (sorry, Alex) I've always kept up to date with Retri's latest artwork whether it be through his enormously popular thread or through devART. Alex is an incredible artist and a good friend, and as I believe I've told him before, he could make a living out of design work easily.

I count this as two, seeing as I'm nominating Retri and his thread at the same time.[/lazy]

[B]Solo Tremaine-[/B]
[SPOILER]Whom I almost forgot because I suck :([/SPOILER]
Hugo, since I started reading his Otaku, has been such a lovely person. He's always there for people even if he's got his own problems and he's always willing to lend a kind word which, even thought we're online, somehow really does seem to [I]mean[/I] something, instead of it seeming like he's saying it just for the sake of saying something.
Also, Hugo sent me a birthday PM, and greatly surprised me by addressing me by my first name. I had no idea he even knew who I was, so that totally made my day. I'm not ashamed to say it: When a well-known member calls me by my first name, I feel like an important person for at least a minute.

I'm shocked no one had nominated him by now, really. I was saving him for my tenth choice if (God-forbid) no one nominated him.
Gavin is a fantastic guy, that's all there is to it. He gave me support and help when we first started talking months ago, and he's one of the few people who I could safely say that a compliment from him is really a compliment. Gavin is a fantastic writer and constantly amazes me with just how [I]much[/I] he can write. When he sent me a PM with the backstory to his Star wars RP, it had to come in two sections because he'd used up the word allowance.

And, if I didn't say it there would be riots, who could forget him for 'Interesting, most interesting'. That phrase deserves a nomination all to it's own.

And I'm done. Mostly members I've nominated. Oh well.[/SIZE]
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[b][url=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=51500]Somewhere Out There: A Novella[/b][/url][link]

Perhaps it seems self-indulgent to plug something of my own creation, but what can I say, other than I love my self-aggrandizing glory? No, but really, I worked very hard on this (for about a year), and just completed the rough before the near year rolled around. I'm proud of my accomplishment, but not so proud that it's going to make me fall.


Although our relationship is fraught with fighting and tension, at times I feel we put that all behind us and choose to be friends rather than enemies, or even "friendly enemies" I suppose, to be oxymoronic. I still can't stand Alex on some levels, as I'm sure he can't stand me on some levels, but I respect him. He's a brilliant man who continues to brace these boards, saying things when people are too uninvasive to say them. He's also a master of rhetoric in some facet, and would make a good politician! But hey, what's not to love (because love in essence has to contain hate, as well). I kid! I kid!


I mostly have become acquainted with sir Andy from his blog on Crappy Club for Jerks, and he's a person who agrees with me in a lot of ways. Sure, knowing someone who thinks like you/ looks up to you in some ways isn't always a good thing, but he's a cool cat nonetheless. I'd like to talk to him for real once, because I've never talked to him on any IM client. He's kind of a man of mystery to me, in some ways, you could say.


Tony continues to post posts in Play It, and I continue to read them, even if his activity there has started to wane over time. It's just nice to see someone that has his own thoughts on the game industry, and to see someone that really cares about it, and someone who seems to go against the grain in some cases. Tony also made my blog site, which I adore, and I thank him many times over for that. And overall, Tony is just a nice guy. I, however, miss Weh and him calling him Toast and so on...I also miss that weird misnomer of Semjaza Azazel. I mean, isn't it a mouth full, or what? Does anyone else want to ask him what it means, because it's a good way to make him hate you!

[b]Crappy Club for Jerks[/b]

Due to the fact that I've tired of OB (I've been here what, three years off and on now? Maybe longer? Hell, I don't even know) in some ways, and specifically My O, it's nice to find a haven for people who just didn't feel they belonged to be at OB or My O any longer. At that place, we have many close-knit relationships, and it's kind of a world of our own. It's kind of like there's life after high school, and then there's life after OB - we all have to grow up (or down) sometimes!

[b]The GW Thread and the OB GW Community[/b]

Although I haven't been on much lately, GW is another one of those life after OB kind of things. We're all such a ragtag group of hormone-induced riffraffs on there, it's true. I've had many a fun time on there, and I plan to try to squeeze some of that fun time back in there every now and again.

Other people who deserve mention: [b]Alan, HeavensCloud, Charles, Annie, Drix, and whoever else I consider a friend that I missed...[/b] I'm short for time, so that's why I had to cut it short like that.
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[B]Dagger: [/B]I don't know her well at all, but I feel she's done a great job with what's available at this board. Her constant updates to theOtaku.com are also commendable.

[B]DeadSeraphim:[/B] I talk to Alan a lot, to put it bluntly. We get along very well and he's proved an invaluable help with some of my website projects. Great guy and I wish him the best.

[B]Mitch:[/B] While I don't really read poetry or anything, I always enjoy talking to Mitch. I've known him for quite a long time now... our first conversation involved guessing what band wrote which lyrics, which was entertaining.

[B]Godel:[/B] I always enjoy her posts on here and I've since talked to her on MSN. Incredibly intelligent and fun to rant about things with.

[B]Shy:[/B] He's been doing a really good job with his area of the forums, but in general, he's just some one that I am glad I met through this thing.

[B]Satan665:[/B] He is cool. I'm being lazy.

[B]Heaven's Cloud:[/B] He is also cool. I'm being lazy again.

[B]Shinmaru:[/B] We almost never talk directly, but he's also a third cool person.

[B]Goddess:[/B] I sometimes annoy Annie, but I still like her and think she's another cool person here.

[B]People Who Feel Some Need to Insult and Be Negative In a Thread About the [I]Nifty[/I] Things On OB, While Simultaneoulsly Not Realizing That a Lot of the Board Probably Does Not Like Them Back Because of That Very Reason and Forgetting That If They Hate This Place So Much They Can Easily Stop Visiting It Because It's Just a Simple Website on the Internet That Is Not Meant to Be Used to Make Up for Whatever They Get All Their Unhappiness From in Their Every Day Life While They Continue to Add to What Has Become "The Cliche of Hating OB":[/B] Self-explanatory.
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[quote name='Generic NPC #3][B]People Who Feel Some Need to Insult and Be Negative In a Thread About the [I]Nifty[/I] Things On OB, While Simultaneoulsly Not Realizing That a Lot of the Board Probably Does Not Like Them Back Because of That Very Reason and Forgetting That If They Hate This Place So Much They Can Easily Stop Visiting It Because It's Just a Simple Website on the Internet That Is Not Meant to Be Used to Make Up for Whatever They Get All Their Unhappiness From in Their Every Day Life While They Continue to Add to What Has Become "The Cliche of Hating OB":[/B'] Self-explanatory.[/quote]
[size=1]I'll take my award now.
But seriously, think about what you just said. Do you honestly think I ration myself to strictly hating the majority of people here on OB? Please, I have far too much anger towards the idiots, posers, and show-offs (to name a few) of the world to limit myself to one specific place.
Don't think hate is my life, and I'm sure that I look just as guilty as some of the people I judge as a show-off, but I just don't care. Let them think what they want about me, it truely makes no difference. The point is that they care what people think about them.
My days of being 'nice' on the boards just to keep up a facade of good-nature to be liked are over. It doesn't matter. This is me. I'm sick of pretending.

[list]?[b]wrist cutter[/b]- I'd like to nominate wrist cutter because he's been one of the most genuine people these boards have seen in a long time. And it's dissapointing he no longer frequents this site.[/list][/size]
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As a brief addendum to what Corey has said, I find that if people are bothered by what is obviously meant to be light satire, and a nomination clearly made to have some fun, stupid, goofy humor...I don't know who's taking themselves too seriously. I would have hoped my nomination would have been seen as a jab at "The Cliche of Hating OB."

Tony's comments may or may not have been directed at me, or in response to my nomination of the "Mediocrity of the Memberbase," but regardless, I just want to make it clear that I do have some issues with particular members (and I do think there are some pretty mediocre people here), but for the most part, I'm very easy-going when it comes to interaction and social situations.
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[URL=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=37977][B][COLOR=DarkOrange]Avatar Submission Thread[/COLOR][/B][/URL]
[COLOR=DarkOrange]It gives members the opportunity to contribute to the site and to be a part of increasing the ever-growing stash of amazing avatars. Everyone has a different idea as to what makes a good avatar and allowing everyone to contribute makes the choices more diverse. Definitely quite nifty.

[B]James [/B]
Besides having a cute accent ^_~ he?s one of the nicest and friendliest member I?ve met since I joined. Not only does he do a great job as an administrator but he takes the time to answer your questions and always has time for everyone.

Not only does he do an awesome job as an administrator, but he has a wonderful sense of humor. And then there?s the thread [URL=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=35704&page=1&pp=15][B][COLOR=DarkOrange]The DailyOtaku[/COLOR][/B] [/URL] which thankfully warned me of the danger of spoiler tags. ^_~

I?m sure there are more nifty things but these three stand out the most to me. ^_^[/COLOR]
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[color=#9933ff]I got a lot of my ideas from this thread, so pardon all the repeatings. =P

[b]Petie[/b] - One of the two people for the nifty fifty that I didn't have to think about/steal from this thread. It took me a while to figure out he was a mod (is he still? I hope so), but even before then, and even now, Petie has always been so helpful to me in the computer help thread.

I am the biggest computer idiot in the world, made more annoying by the fact that I tend to think I know it all too. Everytime I need help or advice with my computer though, Petie has always come to my rescue first. And I'll never forget the time this year, over the summer, when I f*ed over my computer so bad, and he fixed it anyway. I swear, I owe him fees in computer fixing.

The fact that he lives so [i]close[/i] to me makes it cool. But I'm sure it's scary for him. Sorry, Petie! ;_; But watch, he'll come by, and say "nah, you're not scary" to make me feel better. So see, he's really really nice, too. ^_^;

[b]The Vampire: Ed[/b]: This is the other person that I didn't have to think about. He's everything, really. Ed is so nice, so friendly, always willing to chat, and he can calm me down any time I'm upset. He's been my friend for so long, and I really think he's awesome.

Nobody ever nominates him for things, but he deserves to be. It's a shame that a lot of people don't take the time to get to know him, because he's really, really nice.

[b]Lea[/b]: Does Lea ever visit here anymore? I really don't know since I'm not here too often as of September, 2005. But anyway, I wanted to nominate her because I made friends with her this year, and I'm glad that I got to know her. Lea is so nice, and she's totally relatable to me. I don't know what she thinks, but I feel like we're just so similar somehow, and we just get along really well.

Incidentally, I think she's Ken's (Deathknight's) "daughter" (Ob family tree), so that makes me her aunt? O.o'

[b]The Mediocrity of the Memberbase[/b]: Oh my gosh! I didn't even think of this until Brasil said it, but I TOTALLY AGREE. PLEASE PICK THIS FOR THE NIFTY FIFTY. This really embodies the mass of OBers this year on a whole. There are some people who stick out above the rest (like people I, and others have nominated), but wow, 2005 was so mediocre, and the members were like... beh. Just boring. I'm serious.

And if you think [i]I[/i] was boring in 2005, well I don't care. But the mass of members really was mediocre. Great job, Brasil, for being able to think of this, and in doing so, bringing this subconscious feeling in my mind, to a tangible description!!

[b]Retribution[/b]: *Growls.* I find Retribution to be a very insightful member, and a very intelligent member as well. In a lot of the threads in Otaku Lounge, I would have my opinion to a question, I'd scroll down to read other responses before I posted, and there Retri's post would be - EXACTLY (really, exactly) saying what I wanted to say! He's already said my ideas on more than one occasion. It's really creepy how we have similar positions to social and global issues.

[b]DeathKnight[/b]: You know, I was thinking about nominating the ever-fantastic Ken, so when I saw Ezekiel nominate Ken, I decided I would.

There's so much to say about Ken, and so little time (Thoreau is calling my name. Although, I wish I could Thoreau him out the window). Everybody mentions Ken as a fantastic roleplayer. But I wouldn't know, because I don't really role play. But I got to know him first for his intellectual, philosophical, political, and religious (*grins crazily*) rants, in which he makes the best points ever.

But over the years I've also gotten to know Ken as a person - who he is, and some of his personality. He always makes sure to make me laugh everytime I talk to him, so if I had a bad day, it's instantly made better by talking to him. Since I value him a lot, I hope I have some value to him, too, as a friend.

There's a lot of personal things I could say here, too, but perhaps I've said enough. >_>

[b]SoloTremaine[/b]: SOLO! *runs at him and hugs him* Who else is so kind enough to be the only one to take the time to send me a PM when I'm feeling stressed and I've got holiday anxiety. The message he sent me meant a lot to me - it made me know I wasn't the only one that this happened to, and gave suggestions, and hope for the coming days.

Solo, you have such a heart of gold. I can tell that you care about people a lot, and that makes you wonderful. I want to wish you good things for eternity, because by the way you care about people, you deserve it. ^_^

[b]Corey[/b]: *grins* Known YOU for a long time now, eh? Corey has always seemed to respect my opinions that I have posted, and seen value in them, a couple times. He's never been mean to me, and I think he handles himself alright. In fact, it was your response to Tony that made me nominate you, Corey. You know who you are. And no matter what anyone else says, [i]I[/i] think you belong in the nifty fifty! *jumps* =P

Forever the Mistress of Darkness,
~Roxie *dramatically drops bottles of purple nailpolish and disappears behind them* (couldn't resist. >_>) [/color]
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Mmkay, I think I've given it enough thought.

[b]OB Couples
[/b]I'm really only very familiar with DeadSeraphim/Hevn, but the fact that so many people can have a successful relationship not only between hundreds (or thousands) of miles, but on an anime forum says marvelous things about OB. Go romance!

[b]Not Shinmaru[/b]
I think he's the only person so far this year to nominate himself, yet he also is able to keep up a nigh-emo level of self-contempt. Is this some strange arrogance, or just him being lame? Doesn't really matter, I guess.

Now, think about if Shin left OB. That would be well within the 50 niftiest things to happen on these boards [i]since he joined[/i], let alone in the course of one year.

Since it works nicely with the case I'm making, I'll assume that Shin's post rate has dropped at least some since last year. So here's to a year of a little more Not Shinmaru.

[b]Custom titles[/b]
These things are great, and really can add a lot more to someone's sig/avi theme. The potential for them is definitely as strong as for a signature or a banner. I love 'em.

[quote name='MistressRoxie][color=#9933ff'](Thoreau is calling my name. Although, I wish I could Thoreau him out the window)[color=black][/quote] I would have nominated you for that in half a heartbeat, but I don't want to get [i]too[/i] frivolous with these things. :P
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Well, have I even voted for the nifty fifty before? *shrug* I can?t really remember. I don?t have much to nominate because, whether we like it or not, Alex is spot on with his nomination, which happens to be my first nomination:

[b]The mediocrity of the memberbase[/b]- Alex put it well enough. It?s true, it?s sad, but it?s amendable.

[b]Shy[/b]- No one else would be able to run such an incredible collaboration, act as the spark to an ever-intricate plot, and maintain the entire ordeal simultaneously. While this might be worthy of a nomination in itself, Josh has been a fun guy to talk to outside the boards on AIM. Despite my absence, he?s always been a guy that I can always sit back and enjoy a relaxed conversation with. You?ll find he?s really a great guy if you get a chance to talk with him.

[b]Brasil[/b] We?ve been hetero lifemates for almost a year now. I think we started that thing as a parody to all of the ?marriages? on OB. It?s fun to be on his good side and just as fun to be on his bad side >: - ) . He really is one of the most eloquent and intelligent members this board will ever see. Not much I can say that he doesn?t already know. Give him the credit that he?s due here, folks.

[b]Guild Wars/ QKT[/b] I remember meeting James in Ascalon, excited at his prospect of starting an OB guild. I remember how disappointed I was that we chose a squiggly hand as our cape icon? But I?ve warmed up to the fact that we have the most unique cape around. If only guildwars supported customizable masks?. that would be glorious. The novelty of watching Annie, Alex, Des, and any other associated OB member (and myself) perish to a furious mob of 6 hydras is pretty priceless. Make sure you check out the guildwars thread in the PC forum (started by yours truly ;)): [url] http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=47552[/url]

[b]Retribution[/b]- I don?t know retribution off the boards. I don?t really know him like I know Mitch, Annie, or Alex. But this kid is sharp. We probably don?t agree on all the hot-button political issues, but I think we acknowledge a mutual respect because well- he really knows what the hell he?s talking about before he starts writing a post on the board. Keep your eyes on this one.

[b]Goddess[/b]- I consider this person an absolute joy to know. We?ve had our ups? and we?ve had our higher ups. I love talking with her on and off the OB. Her threads are packed with honest effort and unmistakable humor. She?s the only OBer who?s OB-Parodies rival the much heralded ?Enter the Net? in quality. Kudos, my lovely Annie.

[b]Dragon Warrior[/b]- Okay, I'll admit- I'm a former DW hater and envier. I'll admit that... But, coming to that realization has changed my opinion of him profoundly. This guy has amazing comedic talent. Reading his post on Hero Patrol had me laughing... gut laughing. I can't remember the last time I was laughing so honestly from a post on OB. He started the whole Pirate thing before I even joined OB. He taught me how to use some Photoshop (shamelessplug]you can see some of my artwork in the art forum /shamlessplug]) He has been always polite to me when speaking on AIM. This guy really is nifty.

I think that?ll do.
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[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1][B]Ezekiel[/B] - Call me biased if you want, but she is one of the most talented writers/artists that I have ever had the fortune to meet. She never ceases to impress me with her ideas, whether they be for graphics or RPs. I have been lucky enough to know her for more than a year now, and there is no one I'd want more for a friend. She's brilliant, clever, and just...nifty.

[B]OB Couples[/B] - I don't think much more can be added to what's already been said on the subject.

That's all I have for now. More will (probably) be added at a later date.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[color=darkred][b]Play It and everything/one in it:[/b]

It's the only reason I still visit this board, and I don't post much in any other forum on this site. I may not post much in Play It either, but a load of the threads in it are very interesting. Plus, it's one of the few places on the web where you can properly talk about something without receiving newbish replies... some powerful stuff in Play It.[/color]
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