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RPG Elements Online [PG-V]


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[color=#555555][FONT=Tahoma]White trotted gracefully along the castle walls of the large city of Aduin, the captial city of the world where players of all Factions came to meet. He was in a specific place where players could see him from the ground, but couldn't get there themselves due to the game restricting them. He sat himself down and let his feet dangle of the edge, waiting for trouble.

It came. Two players, a Water Wizard and a Fire Wizard were starting to get a bit rough with eachother. The rules said nothing about fighting outside of towns, but when it put other people in danger, and it was inside a city, was when it became against the rules.

The Fire Wizard summoned a flaming elemental. This one was called a [url=http://ddo.ogaming.com/gallery/albums/concept/fireelemental.jpg]Succubus[/url]. Or as White called them, a Sexybus. In return, the Water Wizard summoned the first Ice Elemental in the game, an [url=http://uxo.stratics.com/images/hunters/title/iceelemental.gif]Ice Gremlin[/url].

[i]This should be interesting.[/i] thought White.

The two elementals duked it out. Although the Succubus has the upperhand level-wise, the Ice Gremlin had the elemental advantage. At first, the Ice Gremlin just jumped on the Succubus' back and dug his spike-fists into her shoulders to hold on. She clenched her fists and increased her body temperature by about double what it was. This instantly melted the Gremlin and the Succubus returned to her master's side.

"That was such a cheap move!" yelled the Water Wizard, upset. He threw a water sphere at the Succubus, killing it. The Fire Wizard yelled in anger and summoned a maelstrom of chaos. One large meteor gathered itself in the air, forming enough fire energy to plummet into the city (which would probably have killed almost everyone in the Trade District). Just as the meteor was falling, it turned into a billion tiny blue orbs and floated away. This was White's Relocation spell.

He jumped down from the castle walls and walked towards the fighting duo calmly. Everyone stopped what they were doing, as seeing a GM so close was a rare sight.

"What's going on here, fellas?" White said. The two were silent for a moment, but then both started blabbling gibberish outloud at the same time, pointing at eachother and making hand gestures. White sighed.

"Relax. I saw the whole thing. I'm going to temporarily ban you both from the City of Aduin for three hours. This is just a warning, so don't let any battles get out of hand again." After that, White teleported back to his little seat on the castle walls, where only GMs could get to.

"Nicely done." White, frightened, looked behind him to see is real-life friend Relyk standing there.

"Relyk, what the hell?! You aren't supposed to be here." White grumbled and stood up, facing his friend.

"What? I couldn't resist. Please, oh please, don't ban me from the city for [i]three whole hours[/i], oh great one." Relyk mocked.

White waved his hand and his friend disappeared in a few blue spheres, reappearing in the middle of a high-level desert. It was the home of fierce monsters such as the armored vultures and even the rare [url=http://www5e.biglobe.ne.jp/~xiphias/worm.jpg]Bulgra the Vicious[/url], which has only been spotted thrice and killed once.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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White settled himself down again and took in the digitalized breeze. Things were calming down and the castle was back to it's normal bustle. Relyk reappeared, emerging from a shadow in the rampart of the castle wall. He held a large tusk. "How much can I get for a Bulgra fang?"

"You honestly should stop that," White grumbled. "You're ruining the game for others."

"And you're not? You go around, breaking up people's fun, teleporting them to who-knows-where." Relyk stashed the tusk into his inventory slot. "You're a party-pooper."

"I am not."

"Are to."

"I'll ban you."

"Do it. I'll just get back in." White grumbled because he knew it was true. Yet, the urge was still present. "Anyways, I'm going to go see how much I can get the newbies to buy my tusk for. Hah, I bet I can make a pretty penny if I duplicate it a few times."

"Rel, don't do it," but when White turned around, he was already shadow-teleporting to the marketplace. There, he did duplicate it a few times--if a few times meant twenty. He then continued to profit wildly off both newbies and NPC merchants, selling the tusks for a hefty price. After all, who comes after a Bulgra? Relyk wasn't widely known around, but he definitely made a lasting impression if he could. Mainly his rude remarks and foul language got him the reputation he so [i]humbly[/i] deserved.

With the newfound money, he went around to several females in the marketplace and offered the loot for them to go topless. He was immediately banned from the server.

A short time later, he reappeared at White's side, with everything he had before aside from the newfound loot. "Party-pooper."
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[COLOR=#1e7628][SIZE=1][b]"Hmm... It's okay, but I'm looking for something... better."[/b]

The player attempting to sell his goods to Izz was growing quite frustrated with her pickiness. Tired of her looking at weapon after weapon and not liking any of them, he returned the latest reject to his inventory and stalked off as he decided to take his business elsewhere, but not before saying something rather rude. [b]"Moody, much?"[/b] she grumbled.

Waving a hand passively, his comment quickly fluttered out her other ear, and she started wandering around the marketplace in search of experienced players that might have the weapon she was looking for, though she still wasn't sure what it was yet.

As she explored, she heard the loud, startled cries of a group of women as a tall man with black hair drapped his arms around them. Suddenly, he was gone. The women players glanced at each other before wiping off their shoulders and walking away. Izz hadn't heard what the man had said, but she could've guessed anyway, since he had gotten banned for it. She laughed at her own imagination as she continued walking around.

[b]"... and yes, that's right, this sword was once used by the now retired, Rosco the Great!"[/b] Many "oohs" and "aahs" floated out from a group of newbies surrounding the salesman. Izz would normally ignore such sales, as they were usually rip-offs, but the name Rosco made her ears perk up.

He was an old acquaintance of hers, and the two once adventured together to get the Sword of Clao, though she ended up letting him take it when they parted ways. Pushing her way through the crowd, she finally saw the player who claimed to have one of Rosco's swords. Sure enough, it was undoubtedly the Sword of Clao.

[b]"This sword, when equipped, will double almost all--"[/b]

[b]"I'll take it!"[/b] Izz shouted happily. This was the weapon she wanted. The eyes of the newbies and the salesmen, too, were glued to her as if she had just confessed to being a cannibal or something ridiculous like that.

[b]"Umm... Sure, I guess. But can you afford it? It's rather--"[/b]

[b]"How is half a mil'?"[/b] she interrupted again. The newbies, who had been staring at the sword longfully, knew they'd never get it once they heard her offer and began to disperse. The player happily handed over the sword after she placed a large bag of money in front of him and ran off to do who knows what with his new loot. Izz quickly equipped her new weapon and immediately felt the difference. Putting it back in its sheath that now rested on her hip, she returned to wandering the marketplace, now in search of a place to sell her old small sword.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[color=indigo]"If you think you're so tough, then proove it," Kiva said.[/color]
[color=#4b0082]Kiva was facing another player, Kalika, with her bladed staff drawn. Kalika had her weapon, a sword, drawn as well. Kalika was a Fire Faction fighter who Kiva'd encountered more than once before. The two of them had run into each other on multiple occasions, and every time they'd ended up fighting. The reason was simple: Kiva hated Kalika. She didn't know Kalika in real life, but within VR games, she was a bitch. EVIO actually wasn't the first game in which Kiva had encountered Kalika. They'd first met in one of the other VR games, [i]Digimon: Immersion[/i]. Their rivalry from that game had carried over when Kiva'd first incountered Kalika in EVIO.[/color]
[color=#4b0082]"If you want to challenge me," Kalika said, "then bring it on. You may have kicked me around last time, but that won't happen again."[/color]
[color=#4b0082]"We'll just see about that," Kiva replied. "Let's do this."[/color]
[color=#4b0082]Kiva focused, drawing wind energy into herself for her Wind Boost ability, which provided a boost to physical attributes for as much time as it could be maintained. It wasn't easy to maintain for too long, however. But it was still very useful. Kiva'd used it to kick Kalika around the last time they'd fought.[/color]
[color=#4b0082]Kiva'd gotten used to most of the oddities of VR, but one thing that she still found odd was the usage of skills. Within EVIO, the usage of these skills came naturally. They were used the way they would have been if they were possible in real life. What was really odd was how naturally the usage of learned skills came. Kiva;d gotten used to this, but she still found it odd.[/color]
[color=#4b0082]Kiva charged Kalika in her boosted state. Kalika'd been expecting this, however, and she was ready. She countered with a wave of fire energy, a skill she'd learned since her last battle with Kiva. Kiva was surprised by the new skill, but that didn't change anything. She'd expected a counterattack from Kalika. In her boosted state, she was able to dodge the fire wave easily.[/color]
[color=#4b0082]Kalika'd clearly guessed that Kiva'd be ready for a counterattack. She anticipated Kiva's dodge and sent another fire wave at the spot she expected Kiva to end up in. She'd picked the right spot, but Kiva acted faster than she'd anticipated. Kiva used a downwards-aimed blast of wind to launch herself over the fire wave. Kiva landed within weapons range of Kalika. From there, the battle [/color][color=indigo]was over quickly. Kiva's boosted state was part of this, as was the fact that her bladed staff was more maneuverable than Kalika's large sword. Also a factor was the fact that Kiva was simply more skilled at weapon combat than Kalika.[/color]
[color=#4b0082]"You've slipped lately," Kiva said after kicking Kalika's ass around. "You're on something of a losing streak against me."[/color]
[color=#4b0082]"You got lucky," Kalika replied as she picked herself up off the ground. "That won't happen again. Next time we meet, you'll be the one who gets her ass kicked." And with that, she turned and walked off.[/color]
[color=#4b0082][i]Well, that was fun, [/i]Kiva thought. [i]Now, time to go find something else fun to do.[/i][/color]

OOC: Some of you may remember Kalika from my VR RPG, [i]Digimon: Immersion[/i]. She's a great character, IMO, so I decided to use her in this RPG.
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[SIZE=1]The market place was normally packed, Theodore was just leaving really. Though he wasn?t an arrogant player, or a veteran to the game, he didn?t really like new players too much. They were too over confident for his liking and too eager to buy new items, thus crowding the market place. It was hard to obtain new items thanks to the increasing number of new players. Sometimes, you could even recognise the older players sulking through the crowds.

Although the amount of new players seemed to make things an advantage for Theodore. Not a fighter, no he didn?t like to fight hand-to-hand and lose, though he did enjoy challenging and defeating new players. Or just generally screwing about with them enough to make things entertaining.

He was walking when, suddenly, a smaller figure walked into his shoulder by accident. Theodore, in all his good nature, pushed back on whoever it was hard enough to send them to the ground. He looked down at a rather young player, sat on the floor and looking quite regretful, and smiled.

[B]?S-sorry,?[/B] he muttered.

[B]?It?s okay.?[/B] Theodore extended his hand and helped the boy up. [B]?You?re new to this game, aren?t you??[/B] he asked.

[B]?Well? sorta.?[/B] Replied the player. [B]?I was just getting used to the game and ??[/B] Theodore suddenly dragged the player aside and put his arm around him, leaning down to his height suspiciously.

[B]?Let me show you a few secrets, it?ll help along the way.?[/B] Theodore whispered. [B]?Now if you want to survive I?d suggest you choose the Shadow Faction, though you probably already picked and I don?t want to brag about myself. Challenge every single person, you can probably beat them, or do what I do, surprise them and win. You?ll gain more. And, you know those GM?s??[/B] a smile crept over Theodore?s face.

[B]?Uhh? yeah.?[/B]

[B]?They?re pushovers. Not as powerful as you think. Next time you see one, give him a taste of your mind and your spells. Get yourself some experience, kid, and you?ll be up there with the pro?s in no time.?[/B] Theodore wiped some dust off the kid in a caring nature, when he really was pretending. Sometimes new players weren?t as gullible, sometimes Theodore got one hell of a slap for it, though most of the time? it was fun indeed.

[B]?Okay, thanks, I guess.?[/B]

[B]?Now, go out there and challenge everyone. See that guy over there? That tall one selling items? He?s a newbie, I bet he?s a thief who stole those items and really don?t pose any threat. Go on, go and challenge him.[/B] He leaned closer and his smile grew. [B]?I?ll make sure you don?t lose.?[/B]

The new player?s smile matched Theodore?s, and he ran forward, shouting out things such as ?Hey, you!? and really making an idiot of himself.

Whistling, Theodore put his hands in his pockets and walked off. Soon enough he would hear fireworks, or just someone getting beaten thanks to his misleading. It was cruel, though it helped pass the time. It was also hard to find new members. Theodore remembered he once thought an old member was a new one, and they played along for awhile until they finally got fed up and gave Theodore a spell to think about. He thought about it and never talked about it again.

Although he did shudder at the thought. He wasn?t one to go and pick fights so he picked on people, instead, and tried his best to fight back. And he did wish he had made some more friends. Evil friends, perhaps, who didn?t go around with that good guy attitude. Though, really, Theodore knew someone was going to kick him in place one day. Until then, he?d have as much fun as he wanted.[/SIZE]
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[size=1][color=#CD6619]Looking up at the castle walls, Kaiser saw a series of blue spheres created but looked away disinterested what or who was bothering the Game Master- also known as GM. He looked around the city and was equally disinterested at the bustle of the market. With a sigh, he went on walking through the bustling area and came upon a familiar face, Theodore. This face was part of the Shadow Faction and was known to be a bit of a dodgy character, yet his intentions had always made Kaiser laugh a bit; the two were real-life friends as well, occasionally getting together and creating a bit of chaos in EVIO. Yet, it was rare to see Theodore, considering both led very different lives.

Coming up to the Shadow Wizard, Kaiser passed by with a cold shoulder- literally- causing Theodore to become chilled and search for the person who had attempted at freezing him in the brightest of days in Aduin. His search was slightly less frantic than the new members yet it ended in him grasping Kaiser?s shoulder, which resulted in a cold hand. With a smile, Kaiser turned and greeted his friend.

[B]?Nice to see you again, Theo. I didn?t recognize you for a second; have you gotten a bit darker last time we met or is it just me??[/B] Kaiser still smiled that coy smile, enraging Theodore.

[B]?It?s Theodore and no, I haven?t gotten darker. But you could?ve turned me blue, if that matters at all.?

?What ever do you mean?[/B] Thus the game began. Theodore despised the innocent plays conducted by Kaiser, albeit he, himself, was one to do the same; he just hated it when it was used on him. [B]?I don?t know what I could?ve done to make you blue; are you sad? Did I hurt you? I don?t think I did.?[/B] Kaiser?s hand began to turn Theodore?s head this way and that, making sure there wasn?t a single scratch on him. His friend swatted the hand that held his face, only making Kaiser laugh. [B]?You should be careful, then. You never know who you might run into? especially in Aduin. Anyways, how goes everything on your side??[/B]

Theodore grumbled as Kaiser put an arm around neck, dragging him to wherever Kaiser pleased. In the end, Theodore chuckled alongside Kaiser, making use of their leisurely time watching new members pick fights and whatnot. The two had always had fun watching in others? demise from their own fun and games; however, Theodore had a personal favorite for misleading, while Kaiser enjoyed the art called ?cat-and-mouse?- in which he played Cat and the others the mouse.[/size][/color]
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[color=navy][font="]"Hey you!"[/font][/color]

[color=navy][font="]Ember looked up from his sales of Harpy feathers to see a teenager marching up to him. The kid was about thirteen or fourteen with a dusty blue coat hung on his bony frame.[/font][/color]

[color=navy][font="]"Ah, are you interested in a Harpy feather?" Ember beamed. "Their power boosting abilities make them especially useful to members of the w-"[/font][/color]

[color=navy][font="]"I don't care about your stupid feathers. You. Newbie. Fight. Now!" The smile on Ember's face froze on his face, and then exploded in loud laughter. A few of the other players that knew Ember also joined in. "First off, I have to hand it to you for being able to deliver that with a straight face. Second, did I hear you correctly when you said that you want to fight me?" The boy swallowed hard and nodded. "Alright then, I guess there's no helping it..." [/font][/color]

[color=navy][font="]Ember reached into his pocket and pulled out a pair or strange looking gloves and slid them on. He then announced in a loud clear voice, "Efreet, your assistance is needed, if it's not too much trouble." An enormous twisting plume of fire erupted from the spot beside Ember, causing the would-be customers in front of him to jump about a foot in various directions. The huge flame extinguished almost instantly and in its place stood...rather, hovered Ember's familiar. [/font][/color]

[color=maroon][font=Garamond]"Yes?" [/font][/color][color=navy][font="]Efreet asked slowly.[/font][/color]

[color=navy][font="]"This kid here...What's your name again?" The boy opened his mouth to answer only to be cut off. "Never mind, it doesn't matter. Anyway, this kid wants to fight us."[/font][/color]

[color=navy][font="]Efreet turned to look at the young player, and then slowly turned to his master and burst out laughing. The stream of fire trailing from his left eye flickered excitedly as Efreet chuckled. [/font][/color][color=maroon][font=Garamond]"Are you sure?"[/font][/color][color=navy][font="][/font][/color]

[color=navy][font="]"I asked him myself, he said yes. That's why I called you; I wanted to give him a little demonstration beforehand."[/font][/color]

[color=navy][font="]Ember got up from the heavy oak chair that he had been sitting on and walked around it so that it was in front of him.[/font][/color]

[color=navy][font="]"Alright kid, pretend that this chair is you." Efreet reached over and burned a smiley face deep into the seat of the chair with his index finger. "See? Efreet was even nice enough to give you a face. Watch closely now, this is what would happen if you were to fight us." Ember and Efreet stared at the chair for a few moments and it suddenly burst into bright white flames. The young boy's eye's grew to the size of dinner plates as he watched the chair sputter and pop as it burned for a few seconds, and then grew even larger as the flames died out, leaving a jet black burn mark in the street.[/font][/color]

[color=navy][font="]"Now, I'm going to ask you one last time; Are you sure that you want to fight us?newbies?" The boy let out a small whimper before whirling around and running as fast as his feet would carry him. Ember laughed loudly. Don't worry; I'm sure that he's just going to get our battleground ready. As the crowd roared with laughter, Ember turned to Efreet and said, "That was a nice touch. I liked the entrance too, by the way."[/font][/color]

[color=maroon][font=Garamond]"I thought that you'd like that..."[/font][/color]
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[FONT=Trebuchet MS]Time passed and Relyk began to feel bored with the current situation. "Come on, White," he complained. "We've been online for, like an hour now and no action. I'm beginning to get bored with you."

"Go play somewhere else. I have work to do." White stayed put on his castle wall.

"That's the thing with you Game Masters. Always working, never playing. It's a game, White. A [i]game[/i]."

"I'm sorry, but it's also my job. Go find something to amuse yourself with."

In fact, Relyk already had. He summoned a rather large water monster to fight a rather small fire wizard. Nevertheless, the monster quickly annihilated the poor newbie and moved on to terrorize other players, which left Relyk without a thing to do once again. "We used to go traveling a lot. Doing quests."

"The quests were no fun," White mumbled.

"Why weren't they fun?"

"You always hacked the game."

"Oh, c'mon, White..."

"You still do!"

"I only hack to improve my situation."

"Yeah, uh huh." White pointed to the water monster currently eating a player's complete inventory.

"I didn't do that," Relyk said seriously.

"I have to work, Rel."

"Fine. I won't hack on this next quest." White looked up in amazement. "Much," Relyk added.

"Oh, fine," White said, finally standing up. "But if you hack anything, I will ban you, I swear."

"And I'll reactivate my account by hacking again, I swear."

"There's no living with you," White grumbled. The two jumped back down into the city limits where they'd search for a quest to take up.[/font]
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[color=#555555][font=tahoma][i]Always working, never playing.[/i]

It was true. White never had time to acutally [i]play[/i] what he was paying for. All he did was work (and get paid, of course). It was a good source of income, and was fun at first, but it was getting a little out of control.

More and more hackers popped up everyday and there weren't nearly enough GMs to handle everything. White made his decision. He logged out of the game after sending a goodbye message to Relyk and went to the EVIO store in town.

When he logged back on, White felt no different than before. It wasn't log before Relyk flew in beside him, wings furled on his back.

"Where'd [i]you[/i] go?" he asked.

"I'm not a GM."

"What?!" Relyk tapped impatiently waiting for an answer.

"You were right. It's just no fun anymore. Let's go do a quest, I need some real armor here."

"Awesome, let's go!"[/color][/font]
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White picked through the armor of a local merchant's inventory until he found something to his liking. "It's been a while since I've had to search for Quest armor," he said.

Relyk stood leaning against a sword cart, eating an apple an staring at other players distastefully. "You know I could just hack some armor for you, right?"

"Even if I'm not a GM anymore," White grumbled, "doesn't mean you can hack everything still. There [i]are[/i] other GMs, you know."

"They're all pushovers," Relyk snarled.

"Aww, I'm touched, Rel," White smiled. "You're saying I'm not a pushover."

"No, you are," Relyk said. Then he walked away to torment one of the merchants. White shook his head and paid the NPC. Then he made his way to Rel's side, who was, at the moment, talking to a strange old man.

"Who's this NPC?" White asked.

"Gorfenlopp," Relyk said, almost tying his tongue up over the name. "He has a quest for us."

"Yes, a quest," the old man spoke. "Travel far to a place called Hinderance Road. There you will meet an angel on the path, who shall tell you something unspeakable. Follow her orders and you'll be greatly rewarded."

Relyk smirked. "Sounds like a load of sh-"

"We're on an all-age server!" White covered Rel's mouth. "Do you know the reward, old man?"

"Gorfenlopp," the old man corrected.

"Yeah, whatever."

"No, I don't. I hear it's an untold treasure of great and powe-"

"Yeah, whatever," Relyk interrupted. "We accept."

"Then go. And good luck! But beware..." Suddenly, the old man disappeared in smoke and left Rel and White in the middle of the streets of the busy marketplace. Some other players who were watching dispersed once the action ceased. It seemed White and Relyk had a new job ahead of them.
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]"Sounds like an interesting quest there eh?" Genjii said from behind the two people who had just listened to Gorfenlopp's tale and quest. The two turned around and looked at the boy with a look of mixed annoyance and curiosity.

"Just who the heck are you?" The tall guy in black said turning with a slight glare on his face. The other one went back to looking for some quest items while saying with his back towards the guy eyeing Genjii, "He's Relyk and I'm White. I take it that you've taken the quest as well right?" Genjii nodded and extended his hand towards the guy in black.

"I'm Genjii, is it all right with you guys if I join your party? I'm a water faction fighter and I think I could be of use for you." Gejii said hopefully. The guy in black looked a little distasteful but the other guy walked over and returned the gesture. "I'd be happy if you'd join us. A water fighter eh?" Genjii nodded, "I can show you some good armor if you'd like." White nodded and Genjii started showing the guy some good merchants to buy from. When they were finished Genjii and White met up with Relyk and Genjii held out a large rucksack full of items.

"I think we only need to buy a few other things and then we'll be set, though I don't know how much you guys have item wise and such."[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=#333333]Paradise grimaced at the sight of the city of Aduin, it was always so crowded with people and she was use to the trade section at Treetop haven. She felt at ease there selling the rare herbs she collected for healing potions and other such spells, unfortunately in order to keep her buisness from expiring she had taken a leave for the big city hoping to earn more then what they would pay her there. Besides, many people had sent her letters and it cost money to send herbs over by mail, it would be cheaper to travel anyways.

"[i]Pari, most the time I really can't understand you. You really are to soft on people and you really need to start taking action. People would kill for the rare herbs that you can find, especially the man that wamted the gazelle lilly, he was willing to pay over 5 mil for it and you gave it to some helpless newbie! Seriously, sometimes your naiveness amazes me. [/i]" scuffled a short blonde lady, a symbol on her jacket revealed she had won awards in honor of the fire faction. Paradise could not help the smile that lept upon her humble face, "[i]Whats wrong with doing a good deed? Honestly, I don't care all too much about the money. I enjoy what I do, since well I'm not the best at fighting like you are. I wouldn't last a moment in a raid, Suki you know that.[/i]" She confided into the woman named Suki.

They had met one day when Paradise had ressurected her after she was attacked by a swarm of the shadow faction in the wilderness, Pari had stumbled into her by accident while looking for a herb to cure poison. Paradise laughed after she remembered Suki's reaction when she learned she had been cured by an "enemy", it wasn't long until she realized that Pari stood no threat to her. "[i]Geesh, Pari you need to get yourself a boyfriend or something. I haven't had anything to do in months, all the raids have been cancelled and my guild is in a rut. How bothersome.[/i]" Suki sighed, relieving her frustration from her break from the battlefield. Paradise couldn't help but chuckle until she felt a light tug on her dress robes.

"[i]Juu, have da herbs yessh? I would lyke sum money if not, plz donate sum so i can get sum armor cuz im very poor1!1 plz it wuld help lots"[/i] asked a strange boy with a funny accent. Suki growled angrily at him losing her temper, "[i]How dare you beg infront of us! I hate beggers. Go earn your money like the rest of us, best be picking ya own herbs starting from stratch ya n00b. [/i]" she had almost shoved him if it hadn't been for Pari who quickly pulled her away towards the herbal stand in the trade district. "[i]Don't be picking fights here, you don't want to end up banned right? Your so hot headed. [/i]" Paradise laughed dragging her along.

Up ahead she could see two men, one of the shadow faction and the other water faction who seemed to be enjoying each other's company. It was then that she heard her name called, and turned to see the store owner of Twistles, a famous alchemy store. He had ordered for three dragon spires which are found only in the highest volcanoes, the highest bidder would win the prize and the money would be donated to events within the game. Pari had also promised to give the person one thing that involved anything they wished for in the game as part of the deal. The bidding had almost begun.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[color=#555555][FONT=Tahoma]"Well, while we're letting more people join, we might aswell make it a full, 6-man party." White pulled a piece of paper out from his pocket and scribbled something down on it.

[SIZE=1][center]"LF2M: Gorfenlop's Warning
Water Fighter, Shadow Fighter, Light Wizard.
Need Damage Dealer and back-up healer."[/center][/SIZE]

He walked towards a large bulletin board and pinned the parchment to it. It blended in nicely with the dozens of other LFG messages.

"I don't trust him." Relyk surprised White and he turned around.

"What? [i]You're[/i] the one who's a Shadow Hacker!"

"I don't care. He's... mischeivious."

"Word of the day calendar?" White mumbled, hiding a laugh.

Relyk unfurled his feathers and floated a few feet above ground.

"I'm going to go look for some party members the old fashioned way." and with that, Relyk was gone. The Fighter who had introduced himself as Genji walked back towards White.

"Where's he goin'?"

"You [i]don't[/i] want to know." White said. Genji shrugged and beckoned White over to a certain merchant that was in a small alleyway, away from all the bustling. Genji walked towards the man and asked for a weapon.

"What are you talking about? I have no such weapon! I sell potions!" the man smiled.

Genji sighed. "Relax, we're not GM's. Sigfred sent me."

"In that case.. wait one moment." And while White was trying to wrap his mind around the situation, the man had gone and retrieved a brightly coloured sword, about arm's length. White handed the man his money and took the sword. It was labeled 'The Archangel's Avenger'.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=Navy]Sakura looked around the village of Vlanor, base of the Fire Faction. She sighed and lifted herself from the stair she had been sitting on and made her way over to the bulletin board located in the centre of the village for easy access, it was connected to all of the other boards so when a message anywhere was posted, it would appear on all of them. Sakura leaned her weight on her glaive as she used it to hold herself up, her eyes scanning through all of the messages. She was bored and needed a mission, maybe a group mission.

There was an almost silent sound of displacement, and Sakura only heard it because it interfered with the heat waves washing over the village. She looked up to see a man with black hair and glossy black wings coming from the sky. She raised an eyebrow and he touched down not too far from her. He straightened and Sakura just turned back to the board, continuing her search until she found one, putting her finger on it. She tapped it, a smile appearing on her face at the success.

[B]"Thinking of joining the mission?"[/B] a voice asked from behind her.

Sakura turned to see the same man from the sky and nodded.

[B]"Yeah, best offer out of the others."[/B] she waved at the other scraps of paper tacked on.

[B]"Faction and Class?"[/B]

[B]"Fire, Wizard."[/B]

[B]"Been playing for long?"[/B]

[B]"Yeah, long."[/B]

[B]"I'm Relyk."[/B]


The two smiled and shook hands, pleased to feel callouses from fighting on each other's palms and a firm grip.

[B]"I'm the Shadow Fighter, White is the Light Wizard, and Genjii is our Water Fighter. And now you make our damage dealer; the Fire Wizard."[/B]

[B]"Wait....White. Isn't that the name of one of the GMs?"[/B]

[B]"Yeah, he just quit his job and now he's a regular player."[/B]

[B]"I see. So now all we're missing is a back-up healer. Where do we meet up with the other two?"[/B]

[B]"They should still be in Aduin, got a way to get there?"[/B]

Sakura nodded and Relyk opened his wings, flapping into the sky.

[B]"You can teleport if you want, I won't be long at all."[/B]

Relyk nodded in understanding but hovered and watched to see what it was that Sakura would do. She took in a breath and pushed her energy outward, until she felt her body temperature rise and erupt on the surface of her skin, covering her in flames from head to toe. She rocketed up into the air and her orangey-red body and head turned to Relyk.

[B]"You'll be there by the time I get there right?"[/B] she got a nod in return. [B]"Good, I'll be looking out for you. Seeya!"[/B]

She shot forward, leaving a bright trail through the sky, and Relyk disappeared. She crossed the distance to Aduin in next to no time and slowed down as she flew above the main square, looking out for Relyk's black wings which stood out of the crowd. Sakura spotted him finally and touched down, seeing two others. She recognised White straight away because she had seen him doing his GM duties. And so the other member had to be Genjii.

[B]"I'm Sakura, Fire Wizard and I'm up for the job. Nice to meet you."[/B] she smiled, planting the butt of her glaive on the stones next to her.[/COLOR]

[B]OOC:[/B] Sorry to DW if I got anything wrong or anything else, let me know if you want anything changed.
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[SIZE=1]Juan Feng was having a lazy day, one which consisted of lounging around in a large communal hall that the 'oldies' of the Wind Faction generally visited to trade and recruit for missions. His swords lay across his chest as he relaxed on a sofa, an arm draped over his closed eyes. He liked how cool the Sky Dome was and found it's virtual temperature much more comfortable than that of his room.

Suddenly, a weight sank down on the couch, shoving his legs away. Juan opened one sleek eye to see a red headed male, his robes a deep blueish green that suited well with the Wind faction.

[B]"You're such a lazy bum, Juan Feng. I haven't seen you fighting in ages."[/B]

Juan covered his eyes again and replied with a simple grunt. [B]"Ixi, unless you have something fantastically exciting to bother me with, go away."[/B]

Ixi, not one be easily deterred, slumped back on the couch, all but crushing the lower half of Juan's legs.

[B]"Ita! What are you playing at?"[/B] Juan sat up grumpily and tugged his legs free, swinging them over the edge of the couch so he could slouch over, elbows rested on his knees. He looked at Ixi with a mixture of contempt and amusement, waiting as the redhead pushed his glasses back up his nose.

[B]"I just think you're letting the side down. I've heard people talking, you know? Saying you're scared of going in game because of all these strong newer members..."[/B] Ixi trailed off and stood up, shrugging. [B]"But I guess if you're just [I]lazy[/I], then--"[/B] he was cut off sharply by a hand clamping down on his shoulder, spinning him and marching him out of the common room.

[B]"Bloody upstarts, I'll show 'em..."[/B] Juan growled under his breath, ignoring Ixi?s half-hearted protests.

[B]OOC: Ikillion, I hope that was okay. I'm not totally sure where to jump in, but I guess this is a start.[/B][/SIZE]
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[size=1]Relyk shifted himself so his wings weren't knocking others in the head, but to no prevail. He eventually decided to retract them. "We don't have a lot of time to lolly-gag," he muttered. "Introductions can be saved for on the road. We need one more member."

"What's the rush?" White asked.

"Who knows who else that old man Gorfenphlats or whatever he's called told about the quest. We could be competing against."

"He's right," Genji agreed. Relyk shot him a glare, as if Genji standing up for him was an insult--which is probably was.

"Fine. We'll quickly find a healer and be on our way." Relyk brought out his wings again and grumbled.

"I wasn't even too keen on a group quest anyways." He then took flight over the city, but something caught his ear. He turned and found a bidding going on at Twistles. Despite the fact he just scolded his own friend for time's sake, he couldn't resist winning, especially with his ability to hack. He flew down and landed neatly at the back of the crowd. The bidding for the three dragon spires had begun and he listened as various newer players shouted out weak bids. Then a girl caught his eye as she presented a more suitable amount of money. He wasn't sure why, but she was the one to talk to. He quickly wrapped things up and called out, "Five mil," which he could easily hack in a matter of seconds. With everyone around astounded, Relyk approached the owner of Twistles. No one else dared to place a bid. Even the girl looked queerly at the black-cloaked man with wings.

He placed the money in the owner's hands and took the three dragon spires. "Thank you," the Twistles Owner smiled happily. After everyone dispersed, Relyk approached the girl, who was still eyeing him.

"Here," he said and he simply handed over the three dragon spires. Now she was staring at him bewildered.


"Are you a healer?"

"Well, I, make potions."

Relyk looked her up and down and smiled, something he didn't do very often. "Your assistance is needed."

"Back off, bucko," said a short blonde woman out of nowhere. Relyk started back.

"What the hell?!" he said after catching his breath.

"You leave Pari be. We don't need any thieves."

"I'm no thief," Relyk growled.

"Oh, sure, you're buttering her up for a date then?"

"A quest," he muttered.

"What kind of quest?" the blonde woman asked, eyeing him carefully. Relyk was beginning to get a tad freaked out.

"She'll see when she meets the group." He fluffed his wings to look more powerful, but with Suki around, even a great hacker like Rel fell to jello.

"Put those away before you poke out an eye."

Relyk sighed and led Paradise toward the group. Suki reluctantly followed.[/size]
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[COLOR=#af992f][SIZE=1][FONT=Comic Sans MS]OOC: Don't worry about it Ezekiel, I had no clue where I was going to start anyways.
Ixi could not help but look at the inflation of Juan Feng?s spirit. Perhaps embellishing the truth some times really could bring out some of the more interesting part of a person. He could only bring up. Or rather, think of things to probably get him more embedded in the matter at hand. Perhaps add more wood to the fire yeah?

[B]?Oh look at that, the one who was so lazy just a moment ago seems to have gotten himself back up and is looking ready to do something drastic. So then what are you going to do? Kill a player? Defeat some kind of a tough monster?? [/B] Ixi played with the thoughts of what could be done. So many choices what would he even want to choose though? Ixi smirked before he looked out at the land around the wind common room.

[B]?Hmm, I don?t know that yet, perhaps??[/B]Juan stuttered for a moment before looking back to Ixi who just had another smart ass like smirk again before he brushed off his robes. [B]?Perhaps the next time you get to worked up over something you should think about it first, maybe all the newbies were right and you have just lost your touch.? [/B] He let his words ease out of his mouth, still trying to tempt Juan Feng in the slightest.

[B]?Shut it...? [/B] Juan Feng muttered under his breath and Ixi couldn?t help but stop snickering.[B] ?We are going to do something, but then again I am not going to do it alone, your going to help me.? [/B] Ixi groaned and looked away towards the plains that were not to far off from the common room. [B]?Why though? Its not my fault that people mistake your gender from time to time?? [/B] Ixi said under his breath once more while looking at Juan Feng.[B] ?What was that Ixi??[/B]

Ixi smiled and laughed putting his hands in his robes shrugging and sighing almost at the same time. [B]?Its nothing its nothing at all, well nothing to worry yourself about at least. So then Fearless Leader, just where are we going??[/B][/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[color=indigo][i]Now, time to go find something else fun to do,[/i] Kiva thought. [i]But first, it's time to change my weapon a bit.[/i][/color]
[color=#4b0082]Kiva concentrated, drawing on wind energy. She was using her teleportation skill. There were multiple teleportation skills in the game. The one Kiva knew was, of course, wind-based. Unlike some other teleportation skills, Kiva's required a little time to use, so it couldn't be used in battle, or as an emergency escape route. Which was just fine with Kiva. She'd wanted a teleportation skill for one reason: travel distance. Teleportation skills made getting from place to place quick and simple, and that's all Kiva used hers for. Besides, hers did have one advantage over other teleportaion skills. The one Kiva knew could be used to get to certain locations with only the name of the desired destination, instead of the mental picture needed to teleport to non-specific locations.[/color]
[color=#4b0082]Kiva dissapearred from the forest she'd been in, and appeared within the Wind Faction capital, the Sky Dome. She quickly located the person she was looking for, an NPC blacksmith who went by the name Daego.[/color]
[color=#4b0082]"Hello, Daego," Kiva said. "I found the stuff."[/color]
[color=#4b0082]"Show me," Daego told Kiva, who nodded. She selected the item in question from her inventory. When it appeared in her hand, she handed it to Daego.[/color]
[color=#4b0082]"This is it, all right," Daego said after examining the item. "I'm impressed you managed to find some so quickly."[/color]
[color=#4b0082]"I had to get some once for a quest," Kiva explained, "so I knew where to look."[/color]
[color=#4b0082]"I see," Daego replied. "Now, down to business. Let's talk price, shall we?"[/color]
[color=#4b0082]Kiva and Daego haggled for a bit. After they came to an agreement on the price, Kiva handed her weapon to Daego, along with the materials to be used. Daego then went to work on Kiva's weapon.[/color]
[color=#4b0082]When Kiva'd first begun playing EVIO, it hadn't taken her long to discover that her weapon type of choice, bladed staffs, were harder to find than other weapon types, such as swords. Non-bladed stafs were common, but bladed staffs were a bit harder to find. Oh, they were there, but they were harder to find, and Kiva'd often had trouble finding one with the stats and/or attributes she wanted. SO she tended to rely on equipment customization.[/color]
[color=#4b0082]To customize equipment, one first needed the proper materials. Different materials had different effects when used for customization. Some added one or more elemental attributes to weapons/armor, while others increased one or more stats, sometimes with accompanying decreases in one or more other stats. And other materials could have other affects, such as adding to a weapon the chance to temporarily decrease one or more of an opponent's stats. When one had the materials, one took them to a blacksmith, along with the weapon to be customized. For a price, the blacksmith would use the provided materials to customize the weapon.[/color]
[color=#4b0082]Customization did have some disadvantages. The most significant one was that in order to customize a weapon, one needed to have the proper materials. And this couls sometimes be difficult, as there were many different kinds of materials. One could often get hints on where to find certain materials from NPCs or helpful players, but finding the materials could still be difficult. Also, the customization efects were applied to the starting stats of the customized weapon. While a weaker weapon could be made stronger through customization, it wouldn't be as strong as weapons that had started stronger.[/color]
[color=#4b0082]Of course, customization also had some advantages. The most notable of these was that when customizing, it was much easier to get weapons with specific stats/attributes/abilities than it was when trying to find a weapon with those stats/attributes/abilities. One just needed materials that added those attributes. Also, customization tended to be cheaper than purchasing weapons.[/color]
[color=#4b0082]Kiva liked customization because of the ability to select precisely what stats/attributes/abilities she wanted her weapon to have, and she didn't mind searching for the needed materials. And the bladed staff she currently used had started as a pretty strong weapon, so she hadn't started the customizing process on a weaker weapon. to her, the advantages far outweighed the disadvantages, especially since bladed staffs were harder to find.[/color]
[color=#4b0082]Daego was soon finished with Kiva's weapon. For the sake of being user-friendly, it never took long for a blacksmith to customize a weapon (waiting around for a while wouldn't be much fun, now, would it?). Daego handed the weapon back to Kiva, who immediately felt the difference.[/color]
[color=#4b0082]Another thing that Kiva found strange about VR was stat changes. If, for example, one equipped an item that boosted strength, one could immediately feel the difference. And the state change didn't really feel unusual. One didn't need to get used to a stat change. The change happened, and then one was going about things as though one'd had the new stats from the start. And when unequipping these items, or when logging out of the game and thus reverting to one's real-life physical state, it never felt like anything was missing. If one was faster in the gane than in real life, one never felt slow after logging out. If one was stronger in the game than in real life, one didn't feel weak after logging out. Kiva knew that whoever'd programmed the stat system in was a programming genius.[/color]
[color=#4b0082]The material Daego used to customize Kiva's bladed staff had two effects. First, it boosted speed, allowing Kiva to move faster and react more quickly, and increasing the speed with which her weapon could move. And second, it added a Wind attribute to the weapon, allowing it to be used in tandem with many Wind-based skills, strengthening the effects of those skills.[/color]
[color=#4b0082]After getting her newly customized weapon back from Daego, Kiva walked off, wondering what she wanted to do next. [i]Maybe there are some interesting quests avalible,[/i] she thought. So she made her way to the nearest bulletin board to see if there were any quests that looked like fun.[/color]

OOC: I hope that whole weapon customization thing is okay with you, White. Please tell me if it's not. Oh, and when is there going to be an event?
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=Blue]Genjii watched as Relyk led two women back towards the group. He'd already introduced himself to Sakura and he was pretty amazed at her power. She really didn't have the appearance of someone who had been playing the game for a long time but when Genjii had seen her touch down near the group he was surprised.

The two had been chatting while White looking at his sword that he had just gotten. "So who's this Sigfried fellow?" He asked rasing an eybrow. "I've never seen a weapon this nicely made it seems almost like it was."

"Yes, he made it with a seperate program and then was able to import it in via a pirate program." Genjii said bluntly, "But I doubt that you'll mind at the moment that sword is actually pretty powerful and will help you immensley in the coming quests. I mean how do you think I go this kind of weapon?" With that he pulled back the side of his coat and pulled out a katana. When White though looked closer at the blade he noticed that the sword was a pale blue and had some type of runes etched into one side while the other had waves etched into it.

"What kind of sword is this?" White asked a little surprised. "This is possibly a high level sword and yet you already have it?!"

Genjii shrugged and took the sword back. "I'll explain some more to you once we get going. Right now I think Relyk looks a little unhappy about the blonde woman eyeing him like some sort of crazed stalker or killer."

White chuckled, "Yeah I guess you're right though he always has that look. But we should go introduce ourselves to the others and then I guess we should get going."

"Its about time, I've been slightly bored with just sitting around waiting." Sakura said as she stood up and stretched . The three went met Relyk and began introducing themselves.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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As Sai sat staring into the warm night a voice rang out. [i][color=red]?Don?t be discouraged you get the items you need to level us its ok?[/color][/i] said Kaito. [i][color=blue]?Don?t lie to him he?s weak and he knows it, he?s only gotten this far due to our power.?[/color][/i]another voice said[color=black]. [b]? [i]I?m really not in the mood for your crap today Hido so just shut I,?[/i][/b] [/color]Yelled Sai in a voice of agitation unbefitting his usually calm manner. [i][color=blue]?It?s true and you know it your never going to find it you know this and you should just quit, I don?t like you as a master throw us away or sell us!?[/color][/i][color=blue],[/color] Said Hido with an antagonizing tone. [b][i][color=black]?If you?re not meant to be wielded by me then why did you end up in my hands I don?t think it was a mistake I?ll master you Hido you just wait.?[/color][/i][/b]Sai said this with a much cheerier attitude. [i][color=red]?That?s the spirit Sai don?t ever give up now stand up and let?s give Omega Doom another try?[/color][/i] yelled Kaito almost scaring Sai out of his seat. [i][color=blue]?I swear sometimes your optimism is so misguided Kaito, boy don?t mess this up.?,[/color][/i] Growled Hido. [b][i][color=black]?Ok I?m ready,?[/color][/i][/b] Yelled Sai.

*As Sai began to raise his swords to the sky the once blue sky seemed to be set ablaze. As the swords touched Hido and Kaito began to rise from their swords emerging as dragons of red hot flame. [b][i][color=black]?This is it, Omega Flood activate.?[/color][/i][/b] As He said this the 2 dragons began to plummet towards the earth at an incredible speed. As they crashed to the earth an explosion could be heard from miles away.* [b][i]?I did it now for Over heat?[/i][/b] *Sai began to focus his energy and within seconds his whole body was covered in a shade of red then blue* [b][i]?I guess I?m getting stronger Hido do you still think me unfit to wield you?[/i][/b] [i][color=blue]?Well don?t get to cocky you still have a lot to learn so be prepared for a long journey[/color] ?[/i]said Hido with an arrogant air about him.

[b][i]?Well let?s head to the boards we need to see if there are any good teams out there,?[/i][/b] Said a newly rejuvenated Sai. [i][color=red]What adventures await us we can never know but we?ll face them head on from here on out, won?t we Sai?[/color] ?[b]Yes Kaito we?ll face them and we?ll over come them.?[/b] [color=blue]?Can we go already, damn you to are sickening?[/color][/i] snarled Hido
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[COLOR=DeepSkyBlue][SIZE=1][FONT=Tahoma]Gippal was lost. He was walking around the plaza, hoping to bump into someone who looked of the helpful sort. This was only his second time in this new world and he was totally lost at what he should do.

Looking helpless, he wandered around the plaza amongst the crowds of people. "[B]Wow... I guess it'll be pretty easy to bump into anyone around here, huh?[/B]" he whispered to himself.

He lurked around the shadows until he found a building with a sign hanging. [B]"Huh... Wind Faction..." [/B] he spoke outloud, [B]"...I wonder if this is where I have to go to get help?"[/B]

Gippal walked inside the large and roomy hall. He saw a lot of people crowding around different areas talking about "missions" and "trade". He then took a deep breath and tapped a random person on the shoulder.

[B]"What?!" [/B] the mean faced man replied, seemingly irritated.

[B]"Uhm.. uh.."[/B] Gippal stuttered, [B]"uh.... is... is this where I can sign up for missions and stuff?"[/B] He made a half- cheeky grin, hoping to calm the man down.

[B]"Duh! This is the place! What are you, new?"[/B]

[B]"Well..."[/B] he looked down, [B]"..actually, I am."[/B]

The man laughed and sneered. [B]"Well... I ain't about to help a no-good, useless newbie... so scat before I hurt you!"[/B]

As the man turned around to look for more missions, Gippal looked around... wondering to find anyone that would help him on a journey... friends to accompany him.

Suddenly, a finger tapped his shoulder. Gippal turned around to see a smiling, red-haired man in blue robes. [B]"Uhm.. hey are you lost? You even smell new..."[/B]

Gippal gave a confused look. [B]"Well... yeah.. I am a bit lost..."[/B]

The mysterious man smiled and nodded. [B]"Well... no matter. My name's Ixi and I'm of the Wind Faction, of course."[/B] He lifted his right thumb and pointed at a gloomy man sitting on the couch, [B]"And that emo guy over there is Juan Feng, a Wind Faction fighter. And... you are?" He lifted his hand to shake Gippal's.[/B]

Gippal smiled and gladly took his hand. [B]"I'm Gippal... a Fire Warrior."[/B]

OoC: I hope it's okay that I did this, Ezekiel and Ikillion. I didn't know how to start and everyone else seemed like they were ready to go on an adventure already, so... >.<; Lol and I used Warrior cause Fire Fighter sounded weird. XD[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[color=indigo]Kiva looked over the postings on the bulliten board. She found a few requests for party members for quests that sounded somewhat interesting, but nothing really caught her eye. Then she came across one similar to a posting she'd already viewed. Both were advertising for the same quest, something called 'Gorfenlopp's Warning'.[/color]
[color=#4b0082]It was common for multiple players/parties to take on the same quest. In fact, Gorfenlopps Warning wasn't the first quest on the board Kiva'd seen multiple postings for. However, after looking over the rest of the board, she saw that Gorfenlopp's Warning had more postings than any onther quest on the board. As she watched, one such posting flashed and faded out, indicating that that particular party had found what they wanted. There would be no more joining that group. Another posting did the same thing a few seconds later, and a third after that.[/color]
[color=#4b0082][i]Well, this could be interesting,[/i] Kiva thought. [i]With so many different groups on the same quest, there's bound to be some encounters, especially with so many groups deciding they're ready to begin in such a short amount of time. I think I'll go join the fun.[/i][/color]
[color=#4b0082]Kiva examined the Gorfenlopp's Warning postings that remained on the board. As usual, some gave more information on the quest than others. How much to reveal in a posting was always tricky to decide. Say too little, and people might not be interested. But say too much, and people might get enough information to do the quest on their own, perhaps beating one's group to the end of the quest and claiming the reward. None of the Gorfenlopp's Warning postings gave away that much information, but there were quite a few postings.[/color]
[color=#4b0082]By putting together information from multiple postings, Kiva was able to get a pretty good idea of what this particular quest involved: go to Hinderance Road and find an angel, then follow the angel's instructions to find the reward and complete the quest. Kiva knew that it was quite possible she wouldn't be the one to finish the quest first and claim the reward, but she didn't care. Even if she didn't get the reward, she'd probably come across some items during the quest. If nothing else, there were sure to be materials usable in customization. But the real reason why Kiva was interested was the number of different groups going on this particular quest. Kiva always enjoyed it when groups of players engaged in multi-way battles. And the number of groups on the Gorfenlopp's Warning quest meant that there would likely be quite a few encounters between groups.[/color]
[color=#4b0082]Kiva opened up her map and located Hinderance Road. She'd been there once before, but that was long enough ago that she was no longer able to picture the place clearly enough to teleport to it. However, the city of Alsoto wasn't too far away from Hinderance Road. Kiva concentrated, using her teleportation ability to reach Alsoto. From there, she found an NPC teleporter and paid for teleportation to Hinderance Road. This wasn't too expensive, as Alsoto wasn't that far from Hinderance Road. That was why Kiva'd teleported herself to Alsoto in the first place.[/color]
[color=#4b0082]Once at Hinderance Road, Kiva took a look around. [i]It probably won't be too long before people start showing up,[/i] she thought. [i]In fact, some are probably here already. They have to know that this is a pretty popular quest, so they'll be getting here as fast as they can, which means teleportation, either with individual skills or by paying for NPC teleportation, or perhaps a combination of the two like what I did. Anyways, if nobody's here yet, it certainly won't be long before people start showing up. So I guess I should take a look around[/i]. [/color][color=#4b0082]She started off down Hinderance Road.[/color]

OOC: Like I said in the Underground thread, if you're not sure what to post about, feel free to meet up with Kiva. She won't actually join anyone's party, though. Instead, she'd just be traveling with you (don't worry, she won't stab you in the back).

Oh, and White, please tell me if I got anything wrong about the quest or the NPC teleportation thing.
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[COLOR=#af992f][SIZE=1][FONT=Comic Sans MS]After a couple of moments of intense talking, negotiating and other kinds of conversations of the sort, the three warriors were off on another new?and somewhat still rather odd adventure. Some walking ensued and soon the trio found themselves in the middle of a rather sandy plain somewhere near the wind faction capital. The best bets were that not any one of them actually knew where they were even going.

[B]?Juaaaaan Feeeeng!?[/B] Ixi groaned stretching out the man?s name as he walked.[B] ?We have been walking around for what seems like hours, and I still don?t think you know where you are going.? [/B] His words did have some kind of truth in them; Juan Feng did have some sort of ability to get them lost whenever they went on a quest of some sort[B].? Besides? I think you should slow down a bit anyways, I think your leaving poor Gippal behind.? [/B] If one was to even look around at where Gippal even was, he was a little ways behind.

?[B]Bah, it doesn?t really matter anyways, its only you and him.? [/B] He scoffed slowly before stopping and turning around to actually get a look at how far behind Gippal was from the rest of them. [B]?Besides, don?t you find it odd that he, a fire faction fighter was around where mostly people from the wind faction reside??[/B]

After he took a moment to catch his breath and rest up for a slight moment, Ixi?s eyes slid up Juan?s body to meet his own. ?[B]Don?t worry about it Juan Feng, he is only a newbie, he is just probably lost or something and wanted to tag along with us since we seem more experienced yeah?? [/B] Ixi shrugged lightly not being able to think up any other kind of an excuse for his actions.

[B]?I still don?t trust it, something about it seems a little bit uneasy?? [/B] Juan looked over Ixi?s panting body over at Gippal as he started to arrive closer to the awaiting duo. [B]?Besides?he is only a newbie right? What do you say to killing him and taking all of his stuff??[/B]

Ixi took a moment to consider the possibilities that he was just dealt with, fortunally for him, it didn?t take long at all. Besides, they could get free stuff to pawn off at a shop or somewhere else right? Ixi turned his head to look away from him and sighed as he spoke[B].? I'm not going to stop you?[/B]

It was only a couple of seconds later that Gippal finally managed to catch up with the rest of the party and had a confused look as he looked at the two, he saw them talking about something but the only question now though was what? It looked like the end for one of our fair heroes. Yet as an example of how deus ex machina can so easily intervene in an online game, as soon as Ixi seemed to turn around and avoid the carnage that was about to take place, it seemed as if something had taken a hold of his foot, maybe it was stuck in the sand or something. The second that he had tried to pull it out however is when all hell seemed to break loose, a giant hole that was a good twenty feet in diameter opened up. As the trio of adventurers felt themselves slowly being pulled down into it, the crater of unmentionable oblivion they all could help but say one thing. Gippal let out a newbish like shriek, not knowing what in the world was going on. Juan Feng could only hold himself to yelling a number of swears as he felt himself being drug down into the hole. While Ixi only mentioned one thing, which rather set the setting.[B] ?Now?this is anticlimactic.? [/B] After all was said and done the trio fell into the unseen darkness as the ground around them closed back again as if nothing had even happened in the first place.

As the three of them fell not much was heard through the narrow chasm that they fell through other than screams, yells, shrieks, and some arguing most likely between Ixi and Juan Feng. Yet unlike the most reasonable answer of splat, game over, please try again. They actually survived the fall, landing in some kind of a trampoline like Jell-o... After the initial shock of the incident it was Gippal who came out first shocked as ever, it was to be expected, since he was still a newbie and nothing of the sort.

[B]?Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh! Are we dead?!? [/B] He said as he got up and began to run around in a frantic manner[B],? Is this what happens when you die? I don?t know what is going on, what do we do now?! I think I ju-..? [/B] Yet the fanatical screaming of Gippal was soon interrupted by a smack in the face by Juan Feng. Obviously, his former lust to kill Gippal and steal his things had dissipated into almost nothing.

[B]?Well first of all you need to calm down, I am sure that Ixi will be able to come up with something? as soon as I can find out where he just poofed off to?? [/B] Yet if Juan had though things out first before he mentioned Ixi?s name, he would see that he was actually crushing the man underneath his own body. It didn?t take long for Juan feng to notice though, because even he could tell that Ixi was preparing a spell to make him get off. [B]?Ha, and that?s what I call revenge for crushing my legs earlier??[/B]

After some muffled curses and grunts, Ixi stood up himself and surveyed the area, from what it looked like there were in a giant cave, yet this couldn?t have been some accident, the ground doesn?t just accidentally open up and swallow people whole then close back up again, someone had wanted them here for a reason, yet not the only question to that problem was who and why?

After their surroundings were secure for the time being, the trio once again headed off through the only opening until there were in another room, yet the roof was lowered greatly, it couldn?t have been higher than just fifteen feet or more. Yet it had grown wider, almost to that of a stadium. At first, it seemed like it could be some kind of an arena? However, the future had much in store for them and others.

[B]?Hey look I think that is an exit! Maybe we can escape from this premature death? [/B] Gippal?s face looked as eccentric as ever seeing this kind of a sign, even though it seemed like it was a good ways away which it was, it still was an exit. However one would have to think that it was too easy?which it was, the exit was immediately sealed up as many stone blocks arranged in many different arrangements seemed to fly up and touch the low ceiling as the exit behind them closed as well, after all was said and done there was only one lone way and it was forward. It was an eerie sight though, because although the hall seemed to have no kind of illumination besides a couple of scattered torches that could be seen here and there.[B] ?Well isn?t that?nice...? [/B] Juan feng muttered looking into the dark abyss of what looked like a maze before them.

[B]?Well it shouldn?t be to hard to figure out?? [/B] Ixi said as he began to casually walk into what could be deemed as a beginning of a maze. [B]?We just have to go through here and...?[/B] Ixi?s words were cut short, just before he was going to make his move a rather imposing looking scythe darted out from a side of one of the walls and slashed its metal frame backwards looking to try to cut Ixi?s head in half. Luckily, he was able to doge the almost instantly fatal wound but still was slightly nicked along his cheek by the end of the weapon. He jumped back quickly letting a hand quickly dart up and graze along the blood dripping out from his slight wound while his head looked up and blinked a bit, he though he saw some kind of writing. Among further inspection of the top part of the maze he did, it was interesting to, as it seemed to be a kind of inscription.

[I][CENTER]Welcome to the labyrinth of utmost strife
Where most people?s dreams are to arise to life
However, you must do something before you can get through
To get through this maze you must have at least two teams of two[/CENTER][/I]

All Ixi could even hope to do was create a low grunt as he read the deadly and yet odd rhyming riddle. It was easy to see what had to be done, the only problem was, how they would fulfill it.[B] ?It seems though, to get through this. Labyrinth, we must have a second party enter from the other entrance across from us.? [/B] Gippal twitched lightly while all Juan Feng could manage to do was just let out a depressing sigh.

[B]?So do you mean we are stuck right here until another party comes down?!? [/B] Gippal seemed to have the look of panic in him once more as Ixi sighed and shook his head.
?Apparently so, we are stuck here until someone else comes around and we venture in as two different parties.? [/B] With all hope appearing to be lost the trio of adventures seemed to be locked down for the moment. Trapped until some other was to venture in the same way they did.

Well now that was both exciting and annoying to write seeing as my writes block kicked in when I was halfway done, you all wanted a quest or something and now here is one. Have fun? I know I will
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[color=navy][font="]Ember and Efreet had been training for hours. There was a sandy clearing completely boxed in by huge rocks just outside of the Sky Dome that you?d never notice if you didn?t know it was there. The duo liked to train there because the area afforded them enough privacy to use every technique at there disposal. Ember and his familiar stood a ways apart in the center of the clearing. There were patches of scorched black glass scattered across the field where the two had clashed. [/font][/color]

[color=maroon][font=Garamond]?Your flame wall has gotten even better.?[/font][/color]

[color=navy][font="]?Yours too. Plus I think that you might fly faster than I do.?[/font][/color]

[color=maroon][font=Garamond]?Do we have anything else to work on??[/font][/color]

[color=navy][font="]"Hmm... we've only shaved about a minute off of out transformation time, but I'm sure that we can do better than that."[/font][/color]

[color=maroon][font=Garamond]"I know, there's no way that we're going to have seven spare minutes to do this in a fight. Do you think that Dragonfang potion maker that we saw in town is still around?"[/font][/color]

[color=navy][font="]Ember shrugged and soared over the rocks in front of him. He flew for a few minutes and landed in the center of the main road. There was a small group of people in the distance. One of the people wore the distinct colors of the fire faction, same as those that the potion maker wore. Ember smiled and closed his eyes to summon Efreet, but quickly snapped them open when he heard a loud scream. The group in front of him had disappeared.[/font][/color]

[color=navy][font="]?What the-?[/font][/color]

[color=navy][font="]The flame wizard quickly summoned his familiar. He then walked cautiously toward the area where the three people had disappeared with Efreet following closely behind him. He looked left, then right, and then craned his neck skyward in an attempt to see where they had gone. ?I?m sure that they didn?t teleport away,? Ember said to himself, ?there?s a lot less shrieking invo-? Without warning, the ground split wide open. Ember?s eyes followed suit as he began his descent?rather, he would have descended if not for Efreet grabbing the back of his robes. Ember let out a heavy sigh. [/font][/color]

[color=navy][font="]?Thanks,? he said to Efreet. [i][/i][/font][/color]

[color=maroon][font=Garamond]?No problem,?[/font][/color][color=navy][font="]Efreet replied. Ember concentrated for a few moments, and then began to fly under his own power. He seemed to be bathed in a slight glow, despite there being no light source in the area. Ember looked down at the hole below them. It was shrinking and growing rapidly, almost as if it was angry that its prey had gotten away. Finally it seemed to give up, and simply opened up as wide as possible.[/font][/color]

[color=navy][font="]Ember turned and looked at his partner. ?Are you up for this?? he asked in a serious voice.[/font][/color]

[color=navy][font="]Efreet cocked his head to one side. [/font][/color][color=maroon][font=Garamond]?Do you even have to ask??[/font][/color]

[color=navy][font="]A smirk crossed Ember?s face, and the duo dropped into the hole.[/font][/color]
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[COLOR=DeepSkyBlue][SIZE=1][FONT=Tahoma]It seemed as if the trio had been waiting for years just for someone to "drop in" so that they could get a start on their quest. Apparently, they couldn't move on until they had another team to venture into the maze with the three.. . or so the riddle in the inscription said.

Gippal was sitting down on the jello-y like substance that they were standing on, sighing. He crossed his arms and sighed even more, as if sighing would make the time fly by even faster...

....But apparently all it did was make Juan Feng even more mad than what he needed. "[B]Will you shut up and stop with all that sighing?![/B]" he growled through his teeth.

"[B]I'm sorry[/B]," Gippal grunted, "..[B]but I don't understand why we have to wait just because we don't have enough people[/B]." He stood up and walked around, looking for any sign of "cheating the system". He went over to a nearby wall and touched it slightly with his right hand. "[B]I mean.. can't we just sneak our way through or something?[/B]" he said again, looking at Ixi.

"[B]Please, newbie....[/B]" Ixi sighed under his breath, already tired of all the nagging questions, "[B]Did you not see what just happened to my beautiful face?![/B]" He pointed at the little scar on his cheek.

"[B]Psh, please...[/B]" Juan mocked, "...[B]as if we're all going to die just because your dodging skills suck ass.[/B]"

Ixi narrowed his eyes towards the man and grunted, then looking back at Gippal. "[B]Anyways... try to break the rules, and you'll break more than just a couple of bones.[/B]"

Gippal sighed and took another look at his surroundings. "[B]But... can't we just find a way out of here?[/B]" he nagged, "..[B] I mean I sure as hell don't want to stay here for the rest of my life.[/B]"

Juan Feng suddenly walked over to Gippal and punched him hard in the face, causing the newbie to go flying back and slamming against the wall. "[B]Will you just shut the hell up?![/B]" he scowled, "[B]Your whining is giving me a pain in my ass![/B]"

Gippal sat up and wiped the blood that was dripping down his lip.

Ixi tried to keep Juan from going any further, although he did think it was a little funnny and totally worth it. "[B]Come on, Mr. 'I get pissed off in a second'! Give him a break! I mean I totally understand....[/B]" He looked at Gippal for awhile, "[B]... but I kind of agree with Juan, here. Maybe you need to... grow up a little?[/B]"

Gippal responded with a sorrowful yet understanding look. "[B]I know... it's just... I'm not used to this...[/B]" he said, sighing, "..[B] I mean, this is only my second time logging in...[/B]"

"[B]Well... I sure as heck understand,[/B]" Ixi said, laughing, "[B]I mean, heck, if I was a n00b and this was only my first time... I would probably be screaming like a little girl![/B]"

Juan interrupted, "...[B]and you still do that today[/B]."

"[B]Anyways[/B]...." Ixi continued after glaring at Juan, "[B]I totally understand,but maybe[/B]..." he went over towards Gippal to help him up, "....[B]you need to act more... not.. like a newbie. You know... act more seasoned and depressed like Juan![/B]" He cracked a smile.

Gippal smiled back, nodding. "[B]Yeah... I'll try to act a little more dignified[/B]."

"[B]You sure as hell better because you're not going to slow me down. I'll leave you to die if I have to[/B]..." Juan turned around to stand at another spot.

Ixi went over to Gippal's ear and whispered while pointing at Juan, "[B]He doesn't really mean that. In his own language... he's saying 'Welcome to the Team.'[/B]"

Gippal smirked a little.

OoC: I couldn't really type anything else, just waiting for someone to drop in. XD
Lol and I'll try not to make Gip such a n00b. He'll be more dignified and brave from now on. n.n[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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