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Sign Up War in the Shadows: Episode 1 [Rated M]


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[color=red][b]The following is rated Mature for blood, gore, violence, language, and possible sexuality. You never know.[/color][/b]



It began long ago...[/center]

For as long as human kind has existed, they have feared the darkness, the unknown, and that which is unseen. It is said that human?s were created in the image of God, to be his most beloved creations. Naturally, there is always an opposite of anything created. The beings mythically designed by God?s opposition, a species created to strike fear and inflict death upon the ?pure? creations of God. They have gone by many names through out history. Lilim, devils, demons, monsters. Their kind drains the life from human beings, they sustain themselves upon the spilt blood of humanity. They are best known as ?vampire?. The name automatically brings visions of terror, darkness, and death to the human mind. Fearful beings who hide in the darkness and attack the all whom come across their path, the human mind and body becoming nothing to the powers of the unholy creatures.

And so for centuries, these fear-inducing monstrosities have preyed on man for centuries, placing themselves into the subconscious of the people. They have earned their way into the horror stories and legends of man. After the years and generations of living in fear, however, man eventually decided to fight back.

It first began with the great [b]Emperor Constantine[/b]. The first Christian monarch who?s spreading of the word of God seemed to instantly lower and shorten the amount of numbers in the dreadful ranks of the vampire, and the amount of activity they took part in. It seemed this new religion was by some twist of fate, the weakness of the shadow-beasts known as vampires. As t he years passed, humans and vampires still battled with one another, and vampires still preyed on the weak humans. However, the spiritual weakness of the vampires continued spreading. Soon, nearly half the known world had adopted the upstart religion, and vampires hid away into obscurity.

As the [b]Catholic Church [/b]began forming and gained power across the world, it took priority in the protection of it?s people and the extermination of any unholy beings willing to harm God?s creations. And so, in [b]1143[/b], the world?s first large-scale Vampire Hunter?s association was created. Formed by a great and famous priest by the name of [b]Father Alexander Lowendove[/b]. Originally an orphan to vampire victims, Lowendove was raised by the church and eventually became one of the rare warrior-priests who protected the church and it?s followers against un-Christian enemies. He took part in one of the original Crusades, and upon returning, was highly confident in his combat abilities.

With this, he went to the task of forming and gaining the right to fight and exterminate vampires under the recognition and support of the Church.

[u][b]An Excerpt From The Original Mission Statement of The Lowendove Brotherhood:[/b][/u]

[I] ?We, the warriors of Christ and the All Might God dedicate ourselves, mind, body, and spirit, to the protection of God?s children and the extermination to all beings, unholy and blasphemous in existence from the Earth created by our Lord, and protected by our Savior. In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost...?[/I]


Originally, the [b]Lowendove Brotherhood[/b] worked strictly out of the [b]Vatican City [/b]in Italy. They protected the holy city from all disturbances brought forth by Vampires and other undesirables. They were a portrait of justice, civility, and dedication. However, their services were needed all across the Christian world, particularly in the unprotected lands of the British Isles and the French cities. Under the instruction of[b] Father Lowendove[/b] himself, the most trusted members of the Brotherhood spread out across the lands of Europe in order to dispense their justice and protection for those in need.

In the mean time, the Vampires began organizing themselves in order to protect their own kind from human hunters. The roots of a bare-bones clan began emerging. A caste-system of vampires whom would do war with the[b] Lowendove [/b]some day. However, this was just the beginning for them. For centuries, they wouldn?t evolve past groupings of organized, slightly primitive clans.

With the death of[b] Father Lowendove[/b], and the forces of the [b]Brotherhood [/b]spread thin, things began running awry in the organization. Warrior priests to begin with, were at difficult to come across. The [b]Brotherhood [/b]began recruiting devote non-clergy hunters for support. However, as things continued, they became a sour element within the [b]Brotherhood[/b]. They began demanding more power and say in the matters formerly handled by Clergy members and brothers. Due to need and demand, they were granted this power, and soon, the Brotherhood found itself corrupted by outside politics and money. Non-clergy members began demanding more and more money from local monarchs for their services. The authorities of the time soon grew tiresome of their twisted cause and decided to cut off their connections with the group.

In [b]1509[/b], the monarchs of France, Germany, England, and Italy formed a secret pact with one another. They came together to create a self-sufficient group of hunters and warriors to handle the defense of supernatural threats, namely the threat of aggressive vampires. Regardless of borders or current conflicts between these countries, the group put together would always handle one, and only one enemy at all times, and that would be the enemies to the human race. This group would be called [b]The Guild of Supernatural Defense[/b]. It would later be known as simply the [b]GSD[/b].

As the years passed, the [b]GSD[/b] continued doing it?s job, and the [b]Lowendove Brotherhood[/b] continued acting under their own authority as a renegade group of hunters, who would attack vampires, regardless if they were civil or aggressive in manners. The [b]GSD[/b], over the years, attempted political action with the civilized vampire groups. In[b] 1721[/b], the former unorganized clans of the vampires formed together and created the [b]Alliance of Vampiric Clansmen[/b]. A noble and passive organization with the interest of peaceful vampire activity and well being. The [b]AVC[/b], in the first peaceful human-vampire treaty, formed a peace-pact with the [b]GSD[/b]. Through diplomatic means, the Vampires would be given a supply of blood from human prisons and death sentences, and the societies of man would be set free of mass-vampire attacks. The two formed a close bond over the years, and eventually, vampire agents began working for the [b]GSD[/b] directly, under the interests of the [b]AVC[/b]?s pact with the group. All of this activity, however, earned the [b]GSD[/b] an enemy in the still active [b]Lowendove Brotherhood[/b], who still worked strictly under the Catholic Church and the Vatican. The [b]Brotherhood[/b] considered the [b]GSD[/b] heretics, and traitors to God and the human race by making peaceful dealings with vampires.


Upon reaching the [b]20th Century[/b], new technologies set in the hands of the [b]Lowendove Brotherhood[/b] would spell trouble for the world. Genetic experimentation and enhancement would give the [b]Brotherhood[/b] new capabilities as individuals. Using a combination of vampiric genes and tissue-regeneration, the agents of the [b]Brotherhood[/b] attained the same physical capabilities and advantages of vampires. Enhanced strength, speed, durability, and a longer life-span were given to the humans with none of the vampire?s weaknesses of light, sacred-objects, or garlics/silvers. The first wave of these new super-soldiers began emerging in the [b]1970's[/b], and would continue being produced for the years to come. They would keep these secrets to themselves, and over the years, they continued enhancing their abilities.

This, however, never changed the course of the war. It only enhanced the ferocity and amount of bloodshed in the secret war, fought under the noses of the oblivious public.

Then a disaster happened. The year is 2010. In their attempts to create a stronger, more effective agent, the scientists under the employ of the [b]Brotherhood[/b] in London. England, tested with a super-serum on captured vampire subjects. The mutating genes injected into the blood stream of the test subjects caused an instant reaction, aswell with harsh mental side-effects of hysteria and intense rage. Under the command of [b]Hyde[/b], the strongest of the group, the three test subjects escaped, their bodies still mutating into more powerful beings and their minds corrupted by the serum. They slaughtered the guards of the [b]Brotherhood[/b] and escaped onto the streets, rage and revenge on their minds.

They went into hiding for a time, and began plotting their grand revenge. Not only on the [b]Lowendove Brotherhood[/b], but also the world at large. They planned on re-organizing the food-chain, and placing vampires at the top of the world once again. They planned on destroying all negative influences in their path. The [b]GSD[/b], the [b]Lowendove[/b], and even the [b]AVC[/b]. They plan to bring back the pure rule of the vampires once again... under their new flag of the [b]Blood Brood[/b].

Now the three original groups of the [b]GSD[/b], [b]AVC[/b] and the [b]Lowendove Brotherhood[/b] find themselves in the same boat, facing a common threat. Against their wishes, they must work together, in order to combat this new and dangerous threat. However, things are never as they seem...

And so a new war had begun... The [color=darkred][b]War in the Shadows[/b][/color].



Welcome to the world of [b]War in the Shadows[/b]. A complex world full of political intrigue, blood shed, and combat.

This is going to be an epic, I?d like to think in scale. It?s basically been the product of my mind for the past year or so, since I last revived and failed to keep up with it (outside influences). Now it?s back, and better than ever.

Due to the planned complexity of this RPG, I will be forced to use a light chapter system. More like a guiding hand so that the events play out as I need them to. I?ve seen how posting orders and free posting can lead to stops in posting and confusion firsthand, so I this will be needed. But please do not be discouraged, because I promise something great of this, if everyone does their part.

Just follow the Arena Rules, and we can do this smoothly, and hopefully have a really cool time.

Please enjoy.


[b][size=2][u]Sign Ups:[/b][/size][/u]

[b]Name:[/b] (whatever, this is going to be set in London, so international names are fine)


[b]Age:[/b] (Humans can be up to 100 due to the genetic tests, vampires can be no more than 1000)

[b]Race:[/b] (vampire or human? mix-breed?)


[i]If you are under the [b]GSD[/b], you can be either a regular human or a vampire.

If you are under the [b]AVC[/b], you can be only a vampire.

If you are under the [b]Lowendove Brotherhood[/b], you can be a regular human, or an enhanced human. You will either be a priest or a human extremist.

Two spots are open for the [b]Blood Brood[/b]. The character of [b]Hyde[/b] is reserved for [b]di.fm[/b].[/I]

[b]Physical Description:[/b] (picture or good description)

[b]Weapons:[/b] (any kind of weapon your character favors. Originality is favored. Don?t go crazy on the amount or power though.)

[b]Abilities:[/b] (any special skills your character possesses. Gun-play, hand to hand, swordsmanship, whatever. If you are a vampire or enhanced human, then show what physical attributes you have, such as super speed, strength, the ability to hypnotize, or whatever. Please please be reasonable.)

[b]Personality:[/b] (you know the usual)

[b]Biography:[/b] (please give a good description of your character?s past, why they decided to do what they do, how they got into it, and what relationships they have with any of the other members. Make it a good length, but not super long.)


And that will be it ladies and gentlemen. I am working on my sign up now, but I wanted to post this early so everyone could see it. I do hope this turns out well. Have fun.[/color]

[i](Graphic courtesy of Retribution. Thanks.)[/i][/size]
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[COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B] Joel Ennis

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Age:[/B] 665

[B]Race: [/B] Vampire

[B]Alliance: [/B] Blood Brood

[B]Weapons:[/B] Joel carries a combo-edge swat knife in a sheath on his left leg, and a traditional black ninja sword on his back.

[B]Abilities:[/B] Joel has been a master swordsman since he was 32 years old. He is also very adept at handling knives. Because of the tests run on him, he now has enhanced speed and sight as well. He can outrun a racecar if he has enough energy, and his eyes can follow a bullet with ease.

[B]Personality:[/B] Joel is very shy and unsociable. He prefers to spend time alone thinking about his life of immortality upon Earth and how to spend it. He hates noisy groups of people and large crowds. He likes to spend time reading poetry or writing poems of his own. Practicing his sword techniques is also favorite hobby of his. He does not get emotionally upset over anything; he is quite stable and indifferent about his feelings. He is a lover of nature and would rather be outside than cooped up inside of a building. He considers the stars to be his best friends.

[B]Biography:[/B] Joel was born in the slums of London in the year 1345. His parents were both unsucessful painters. Joel spent his childhood and teenage years writing poems and practicing fencing with his uncle. He went on to school to study poetry, though, at age 19.

When Joel graduated from the University Of London with a degree in English, he decided to move to Florence to find inspiration for a new series of poems. He lived there for ten years happily single, living alone in a cottage. However, his mornings of sunshine in Florence would not see an eleventh year.

One night after finishing a poem, Joel went outside to smoke a cigarette under the moonlight and relieve his stress from that day. He was, however, quickly to become the victim of a savage vampire that drank of his blood and left him sprawled upon the stone ground, bleeding profusely.

Hyde, another vampire, found Joel's body and took him in to become another vampire. A vampire of wit and cunning. Joel loved his new immortal life, and spent it travelling all across the world feeding on the blood of innocent people.

Unfortunately, Joel, Hyde, and another vampire were test subjects for the Lowendove Brotherhood. The tests gave them enhanced powers, but also made them full of rage. They now plot their revenge on the Brotherhood, and on all of mankind.

[B]Appearance: [/B] [/SIZE] [/COLOR]
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[b][size=2][u]My Sign-Up:[/b][/size][/u]

[b]Name:[/b] David Sumerkalis

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Age:[/b] 58 (looks 22)

[b]Race:[/b] Enhanced Human

[b]Alliance:[/b] Formerly a member of the Lowendove Brotherhood, has since defected to the [b]Guild of Supernatural Defense[/b].

[b]Physical Description:[/b] [URL=http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y181/Cybernator/David.jpg]David[/URL]

6'2'' 162 lbs. Black hair. Brown eyes. Dark skin tone.

[b]Weapons:[/b] [URL=http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y181/Cybernator/chainsofheaven.jpg]The Chains of Heaven[/URL]

[b]Abilities:[/b] Thanks to the research and enhancement of the Lowendove?s genetic experiments, David has inhuman speed, peak human strength, and a self-repairing body structure. He is capable of healing most major injuries in moments, the only effective ways of killing his kind being complete incineration, beheading, and multiple amputations. David?s skill with the Chains of Heaven is unmatched. An original and uncommon weapon to come across, he is a vicious combatant with the weapon, and fights in an unpredictable manner.

David has never been seperated from his chosen weapon, however he is ready to make up for it with a decent knowledge of unarmed combat-styles. He prefers easy, direct techniques and usually uses western Boxing attacks, and some eastern grappling styles. However, he has never had to bring himself to use it in actual combat.

[b]Personality:[/b] Though he would still be technically alive as a human, the prospect of immortality in a young state has slightly depressed David. He has become bored with life, which has become repetitive in recent years. The main source of any excitement for him is in battle, the changing and evolving sets of enemies keep him on his toes, and gives him a since of purpose in his life.

He hopes his new enemies will provide new and greater challenges. However, he remains world-weary and jaded in normal conversation. The only interest he finds in talking is with his closer set of companions, who know of his life and troubles.

Outside of work, David has maintained a steady relationship with his lover, and fellow [b]GSD[/b] agent, Julia Kimura. The two do not allow their relationship to interfere with their work, however, they maintain an affection for one another, and attempt to look out for one another when they are deployed on the same missions.


David Sumerkalis was born in 1952 to Greek immigrants in London, England. His family for a while, lived happily in a London apartment complex. At the age of 10, however, David?s life was turned upside down, as his mother and father were attacked one night on their balcony by a single unaffiliated vampire. Both were killed, however much to David?s surprise, the vampire was killed the same night by two mysterious priests. The two men were members of the [b]Lowendove Brotherhood[/b].

Left with no parents and no where to go, David was adopted by the [b]Lowendove Brotherhood[/b], and was raised to become one of their vampire hunters. He was given and trained in the ancient and rarely mastered weapon of the [b]Brotherhood[/b], the Chains of Heaven. A strange and awkward holy-relic. The blade of the sword is a blessed steel, forged long ago during the Crusades. It is the perfect weapon for the extermination and killing of vampires, however, highly difficult to master.

David would spend his teenage years learning the usage of this weapon, and using the death of his parents to fuel his hatred towards the vampire kind. When he turned 20, in the year 1972, he became a prime candidate for the first genetic experimentations on humans. After a few tests, he found his world flipped upside down once again, as his body went through drastic physical changes and he became a pseudo-human. A literal super-soldier, he was soon sent on his first assignments to search and destroy vampires with a prejudice.

For two years, he was the stuff of the bad dreams for vampires. Him and his death squad became fabled figures. The ?super-humans?. For a time, it seemed as though the [b]Brotherhood[/b]?s new warriors would win the war, with their new squad and it?s leader, David. However, at the age of 22, a random event occurred. Upon one faithful night, during a raid/hunt, David alone ran into a room, where he found young vampire woman, holding close to her an infant and a young girl. Her children. Flashes of the past and a realization hit David then like a ton of bricks. He had become a predator of beings that weren?t necessarily guilty of any crime other than existing.

David, confused and afraid, fled the scene and hid away into obscurity. His mind drastically changed as he re-evaluated himself and his life. It was that at that point, the young immortal decided to change his allegiances. Unable to lead a regular life, David sought out a way to join and partner himself with the [b]Guild of Supernatural Defense[/b], so he may continue his work by having his revenge on evil, rogue vampire, while still protecting innocent beings, regardless of race.

It was a success, and since then David has been an active member of the [b]GSD[/b]. Upon joining, David eventually met his current lover, Julia Kimura. They have been a steady couple for around two decades. This however, had not interefered with any of his work thus far. David has since gotten over the idea of fighting former companions in his years as a [b]GSD[/b] operative. However, he still has trouble killing his past allies. David feels he must repent for his past sins and the taking of innocent life, while also having his own revenge.

The recent war between the [b]Brood[/b] has brought upon a sudden urge in mission activity for him. He can?t say it isn?t interesting, but the amount of blood shed and confusion between friend and foe is getting to him... things have certainly become interesting.[/size]
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Alright, Mike. I'll give into your wicked ways and sign up.

[center][i]"A world without vampires is like a rose without thorns; the beauty has lost the beast." -Mercutio Nikolai[/i][/center]
[indent][size=1][b]Name:[/b] Mercutio Nikolai
[b]Gender:[/b] Male
[b]Age:[/b] 26
[b]Race:[/b] Human
[b]Alliance:[/b] Lowendove
[b]Physical Description:[/b] I Drew A Pretty Picture Below :P
[*][b]Silver Berettas:[/b] Two, to be exact. They were his choice weapons. And he always kept plenty extra bullets for situations that they'd prove necessary.
[*][b]Crosses:[/b] Various sharp crosses used for either frightening vampires or to plunge into their chests with the razor tips.[/list]
[b]Abilities:[/b] In all honesty, Mercutio is nothing special at anything, but his writing. He can summon up an amazingly beautiful poem, but has never come across any true talents. He can be a good shot with his berettas thanks to frequent visits to a local shooting range, but you can't call him an expert gunsman.
[b]Personality:[/b] You can't expect Mercutio to speak often. His church seminars are his longest chats in any circumstance. You could really say the only person he speaks to is God. He likes his solitude; a world without others. And why not? Why not shun away the people who shunned him first? Maybe he has yet to find someone worth his breath or time. He does speak sometimes, but it will often end in anger. His short temper gets the best of him. He's an impatient man. Hell, he normally hates everyone unless the Bible forbids it. He won't give anyone the time of day. Guess you can thank his past for that.
[b]Biography:[/b] You can't choose your life's path. God molds you out of nothing--an invisible, unfathomable clay of life, and then sits you in the bowl of the world to see you take shape. Whether you turn out right or not is not his doing. It's those molded with you. But still, one can help but think why they deserved what they received.

Mercutio was born in a small hospital to a family that never wanted him. To put it kindly, he was a mistake. I suppose that's really not that kind, though. But because of that, there wasn't exactly a whole lot of love in the family. His parents married out of High School after his mother got pregnant with him. They were always fighting. Mercutio remembered they always fought. Mainly because they took it out on him much rather than each other. His childhood was regrettable. But it's not like he could have done anything about it or choose a different path. When you're born, there's only one road laid out for you. You don't come to a fork and take the path with birds chirping and sunshine.

Things seemed just as bad in school. He wasn't popular, he was awful at academics and even worse at athletics. All he could really do was write poetry and other mediums of literature. Even then he was picked on for it. He wasn't sure where to turn. So he turned to God. It seemed like the logical place to go for a boy his age. God always seemed to be there for the children. Still, his parents forbid him from going to Church. He had to go secretly, and so he did.

It wasn't long before his parents found out. That was the biggest argument he'd ever had with them. It was also the last. That night his parents left furious. They didn't return for days. Cops were on the move to find their remains. In the meantime, Mercutio was sent to stay at the church for the time being. He would be happy to do so if it weren't for him being worried for his parents. They were horrid to him, but they were still his mother and father.

Weeks had passed and they were officially claimed dead. He was taken from his comforting life in the church to live in an awful orphanage. He would have gone to stay with relatives, but none of them would take him in. The orphanage was just as bad as home. It was almost like torture and he felt he'd might as well be in prison. It grew worse when factual news arrived about his parents from an unknown source. [i]"Peter and June Nikolai found dead by vampire assault."[/i] The words tasted bitter when Mercutio read them aloud. He wanted to just die. How could he believe such nonsense.

When he was finally old enough, he was thrown back on the streets to fend for himself. In a way, he was happy to leave. But now he also had no place to go. Where was he to turn to? The church. It had been somewhere around thirteen years since he'd been there, but it felt homely all the same. He lived there secretly until one day we was discovered by the priest. Instead of turning Mercutio into the authorities, the priest took him under his wing. Soon, Mercutio apprenticed until he too was a priest of that very church. He stayed a priest to this day there.

Men arrived at his church one evening, but not for prayer. They spoke with Mercutio about something he had not thought about in years. His parents. They said they were the ones you sent the note. They were slayers of the vampire kind. They asked for Mercutio's help. He denied and sent them on their way. Still, the idea of the vampires was unsettling, yet felt so believable now. It wasn't long before another man from the same organization returned and Mercutio finally accepted. He not only accepted to join them, but accepted the fact that vampires were a hideous threat and would pay dearly by his vendetta.

He remained a priest still. He didn't leave often unless need be (or he'd occassionally go to a certain diner). He would sometimes walk the streets at night, perhaps finding vampires he could let taste the lead of justice. He wanted them all dead. He'd kill any he saw. Whether God liked it or not, he was not held down by simple commandments when darkness plagued his city. Forgive him, Lord... vampires are forever his enemy.[/size][/indent]
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[SIZE=1][B]OOC:[/B] Finally finished! A couple of hours work >.> Let me know for edits, Mike.

[COLOR=Navy][B]Name:[/B] Julia Kimura

[B]Gender:[/B] Female

[B]Age:[/B] 70, appears to be around 21 still

[B]Race:[/B] Crossbreed

[B]Alliance:[/B] Guild of Supernatural Defense

[B]Physical Description:[/B] [URL=http://img233.imageshack.us/img233/1310/girls992fr9.jpg]Here[/URL]

[B]Weapons:[/B] Well, you may or may not consider them weapons, but she has two fowl friends as her weapons. An [URL=http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/0/0f/OspreyNASA.jpg/800px-OspreyNASA.jpg]Osprey[/URL] named Sora, and a [URL=http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/b/bd/GoldenEagle2.jpg/800px-GoldenEagle2.jpg]Golden Eagle[/URL] by the name of Yama. They're tame to her alone, and will only obey her, unless she specifies that they obey someone else. Besides the two birds, she carries a small [URL=http://img200.imageshack.us/img200/8436/horussill1cc.jpg]Dagger[/URL] in a hilt on her waist.

[B]Abilities:[/B] Julia is good at hand-to-hand combat, knowing a variety of different types of martial arts, being Japanese in her human genes and can fend for herself without her birds. She's quite adept at being able to use any weapons that she can find. Her vampire genes have given her the uncontrollable ability of healing when she's wounded, immediately knitting together the skin and reforming more blood cells from the ones she lost. She also has the ability to hypnotise and affect other people's thoughts, but to do that she has to have direct eye contact with them.

[B]Personality:[/B] Julia is a bit of a mixed bag, being quiet sometimes and loud at other times, though usually she does like to talk to others because it's the best way to get to know people, and when working in a team, it is essential to know all the members. She does feel a little remorseful knowing she will live for centuries looking youthful as she watches close friends die; having already outlived her mother.

She's an animal lover, especially having a spot for birds which is why she has two of them as pets, also serving as weapons. The distressing thing is having to replace them so often because of their lifespan compared to hers. Sora and Yama are chicks from the past birds she had, and Julia expects that her next birds will be their offspring. Her bond with the birds are very close because she fed them since they were babies and hand raised them, training them as soon as they could fly.

In battle Julia acts as she normally is, sometimes being silent or chatty, whatever she's doing, the aim is to unnerve her opponents. She's a rational thinker and considers herself to be exteremly observant, she prefers to look at the big picture and plan things out over rushing in, though of course there are moments when she will. Julia's loyal to her group and will fight with everything she has for their ideals or any of the members.

During her off work hours she often spends time with her fellow GSD agent and lover, David Sumerlakis. They've had a steady relationship for quite a long time, yet know that the relationship may never interfere with their work, though they do look out for each other closely when they are working together.

[B]Biography:[/B] Julia was born in 1940, in Tokyo, Japan. At the time, her mother was a happy 26 year old but Julia grew up realising that she didn't have a father for one reason or another. The older she got, the more observant she became, noticing that when her mother talked to her or looked at her, there was always a sadness in her eyes, she'd try to cover it, but it was visible to her. Julia started questioning her mother about it when she was 11 because it never went away, but her mother always just brushed her off saying it was nothing.

When she had been going through school, the other students and teachers were always curious about her odd hair and eye colour, often questioning whether she had dyed her hair or wore coloured lenses. Julia always had to tell them that it was natural for her, but she didn't know why. As she aged, Julia didn't understand why she still remained looking a lot younger than all her friends, even though her years were ticking at the exact same time as them.

On Julia's 17th birthday, her mother finally told her what was going on, having a breakdown. Julia listened carefully as the truth was revealed. She was told that her mother had one day met with a vampire who was dying, he seemed so kind that her mother took him in, but realised he wouldn't last without blood, offering hers to keep him alive. They fell in love and he got her pregnant, then he died because he was hunted down by the Lowendove Brotherhood while feeding one night. The child was born, and Julia was the child, she had inherited many things from her father; his hair and eyes, his lifespan, her automatic healing, and her ability of hypnosis.

When Julia was 20, they moved to London, England. She worked as a harrier, training birds because it was what she had knack for, she felt a connection to birds that she felt with no other. Her first pet birds were the same species as her current ones, but were named Kumo and Akatsuki. And they went with her everywhere, if there was any place they weren't allowed to enter, they'd wheel above the place or find a perch closeby.

When Julia was 40, her mother died, before she died she'd told Julia that she had been weakened in the time when she had met her father because his feeding took a lot out of her that couldn't be replaced. After the funeral Julia decided to join the Guild of Supernatural Defense because she wanted to be of use in the "war" but was ruled out of AVC because she was a pureblooded vampire, and she didn't want to join the Lowendove because they killed her father, but they wouldn't have let her in anyway being half vampire, so the GSD was her only option.

When she joined she was quickly partnered up with an enhanced human named David Sumerkalis, they worked well together, and with the rest of their team and the two became lovers, the relationship lasting around 2 decades so far. She doesn't really care who it is she kills, she just wants to help, and seek revenge for her father, he had been innocent from what she had heard, but the Lowendove had killed him anyway, he didn't even kill when he fed, taking some from several people. Julia promised to keep the memory of her parents alive, and to make them proud.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[size=1]Edit: Finished up the bio. Not as good as i had intended for it to come out, but i wanted to avoid making it any longer then it already is. Sign-up is done.[/size]

[center]- - - - - - - -[/center]

[size=1][color=darkred][b]Name[/b]: Virgil Kingston

[b]Gender[/b]: Male

[b]Age[/b]: Around 400 years old (cannot recall exact date of birth) / appearence suggests late 20s or early 30s.

[b]Race[/b]: Vampire

[b]Alliance[/b]: Alliance of Vampiric Clansmen. Works often with the Guild of Supernatural Defense as a representative.

[b]Physical Description[/b]: [URL=http://img84.imageshack.us/img84/7130/virgilhw9.png]Virgil[/URL]

-Virgil uses a version of the [URL=http://img153.imageshack.us/img153/2859/kusarigamauv6.jpg]Kusari-gama[/URL] which has a padded steel hilt in place of the traditional weight on the opposite of the chain from the sickle. The crescent shaped sickle measures 11 inches, the chain extends up to 10 feet. It is kept attached to his lowerback, behind his trenchcoat when not in use.
-Attached to his back in criss-cross fashion, underneathe his trenchcoat are 2 all black (except the blade, which is pure silver) [URL=http://img138.imageshack.us/img138/8283/nagamakivx4.jpg]Nagamakis[/URL] (sheathed when not in use). They are useful for stealthy attacks and quick unexpected attacks. The blades measures up to 18 inches each, making the length of the entire weapon with hilt included 30 inches (the hilt being custom made as shorter then traditional Nagamaki hilts in comparison to their blades).

[b]Abilities[/b]: Aside from being exceptionally skilled in the art of his two weapons of choice, Virgil posesses the common enhanced super speed, strength, and quick-healing that most vampires share. When unarmed, Virgil isn't neccesarily talented in any type of martial arts, however he has an extended knowledge in pressure points and will target them when neccesary. One ability exclusive to Virgil however lies within his vocal chords. Utilizing certain types frequencies in his voice he can cause others to become weary and fatigued by obstructing neural activity within the cells. The sound of his voice during this time changes very little, but will be recognizable as sounding like two voices in unison.


Virgil is an indulgent yet diciplined invidual who enjoys intellegent conversating as his preferred type of communication with others. He keeps in good shape and enjoys some of the finer things in life, more importantly beautiful women and fancy wine. The agreement between the GSD and AVC concerning the supply of blood has always been able to quell his thirst, and he often jokes about how he once hated wine because he believed it to be a cheap imitation, but now actually rather enjoys it.

He is efficient at killing and normally does so without hesitation when offered a job by the AVC or GSD. He often seems calm and collected when fighting, as he typically recites meaningful yet cryptic poems before slaying his intended targets. Outside of battle he can be a poetic individual at times as well. Aside from enjoying the nightlife 's pleasures, he also enjoys literature. He will often read most anything with historical significance whether it be fiction or non-fiction.

He seems laid back and charming a good portion of the time, but has an ugly temper when a rare occaision arises which bothers him enough to bring it out. He tries not to keep too many "friends", but has nothing against gaining respect for those who earn it. Even despite that however, Virgil will often not be receptive to outside ideas or advice concerning most matters. He believes he knows what's best and will carry it out regardless of any opposition to his methods. Some may say it serves as a weakness in some cases. His only other fairly noticable weakness is his strong attraction to the opposite sex.


Virgil's earliest memory was laying on the streets of 17th century Romania, the sky and ground decorated by rain, the dark clouds moving at such a slow pace. Virgil lifted his head to see a man of japanese background, extending his hand to him. His mind and vision were hazy...Virgil had no clue what had just happened, why he was laying on the streets, or why he couldn't remember anything.

[b]"If you stay...the thirst will cause you pain...and you will become a monster"[/b] he heard the man who had his hand extended toward him say. Virgil looked at himself, he saw his blood mixing with the rain on the streets, but lacked the energy even to simply panic. Virgil felt compelled to take the man's hand, he was taken in by him and came to know him as Aketchi.

Years passed as Virgil and his savior Aketchi moved to a small town in England. Virgil still couldn't remember much before the day Aketchi had found him. All he knew was he was attacked by a vampire, and left on the streets. Something traumatic must have happened prior to the attack, something combined with the near death experience of being turned into a night stalker that severely messed up Virgil's mind. Aketchi became his sensei as well, later revealing himself to be a runaway from the Tokugawa Shogunate. He helped Virgil live as best he could, an helped to create a new image for himself so he could try to live as best he could while forming new memories to replace his lost ones.

Virgil's mind understood things very well, he was rather intellegent in fact and adapted quickly. The only thing that seemed to be a miss was his memory. Virgil learned from Aketchi about dicipline, and the art of combat for his selected wepons of choice. Though he was often a deviant student as well as he would become distracted easily by the temptations of humanity...despite not being one anymore. Virgil enjoyed the company of women most of all, but it wasn't until one day when his thirst got the better of him did Aketchi realize it was time to work something out. After being with a woman, Virgil killed her and drained her of her blood...the packets of blood Aketchi supplied him with were too little in number. But how would someone like Aketchi come to have access to packets of blood?

[b]"It is my fault...for keeping it from you...it is time we met with an old friend of mine..."[/b] was what he told Virgil. It was then his name was decided, as Virgil Kingston was the name his sensei had chosen for him. For years they had lived with each other, and for all of them Virgil never had a name. But now, he had a need for it.

Virgil was introduced to a member of the Alliance of Vampiric Clansman. Aketchi was a former member of the Guild of Supernatural Defense himself, and still had ties with the allied groups. It was how he was able to sneak blood out for Virgil's sake, though it was quite a hassle. Virgil was made a member for the sake of quelling his thirst, thanks to the good word of his sensei. Virgil however, felt obligated to earn his keep...at that Aketchi was happy for seein what he had taught him over so many years had not been in vain. Virgil became accepted and offered his unwavering services for the sake of his sensei and the chance to live a peaceful life as best he could. Still unable to recall even his name, he became known as Virgil Kingston for the remainder of his life.

As decades passed Virgil became quite comfortable with his fellow AVC members and began to formulate his own resolve and own reasons for everything, he wanted to uphold the honor and goals of the AVC/GSD alliance because it was what allowed him to live as closely to normal as he could, even as a vampire. His love of the pleasures of life and a world without constant warring involving his kind was his ideal, and that is what he fights for. He kills when he needs to, if his ideals are threatened. For his prowess and efficiency in battle, as well as his intellectual verbal skills he became a top representative for the AVC within the GSD whenever they required the services of someone.

Virgil despised gratuitous killing, to both human kind and vampire kind. He always remembered the ways he was taught by his sensei, and became a very crucial ally and a very dangerous enemy to anyone on either respective side. He had over 400 years to mature himself into the person he is currently, a vampire who still seeks to promote peaceful living amongst everyone. He strongly opposes the Blood Brood, and any others sharing in any way or form their goals. It had already been etched into his mind...that death will be the ultimate penalty for anyone who seeks to challenge the newfound alliance between Lowendove, the AVC, and the GSD.
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=RoyalBlue][B]Name: [/B] [/COLOR] Caitlin (Cat) Hurst

[COLOR=RoyalBlue][B]Gender:[/B] [/COLOR] Female

[COLOR=RoyalBlue][B]Age:[/B][/COLOR] 50 [or 12 as she was born on a leap year, looks about 20]

[COLOR=RoyalBlue][B]Race:[/B][/COLOR] Enhanced Human

[COLOR=RoyalBlue][B]Alliance:[/B][/COLOR] Lowendove Brotherhood

[COLOR=RoyalBlue][B]Physical Description:[/B] [/COLOR] [URL=http://img116.imageshack.us/img116/559/ckwv1.png][B]Caitlin[/B][/URL]
The long black coat is usual attire for her, she will rarely take it off, its unknown why. Some times she may be found wearing a variety of long sleeve shirts and high-necked jumpers. Everything she owns covers her body from the neck down, including her arms, the only part of her that's usually visible is her face. Cat wears brown or black leather pants or a specially made stretchy material; it makes it easier for her to pull off acrobatic maneuvers in.

On each hand she wears thick leather glove; each knuckle is plaited with a small silver spike. She can usually be found wearing large combat boots but this changes when in battle and she can be found wearing a strange lighter variation of a boot that reaches to just below her knees.

[COLOR=RoyalBlue][B]Weapons:[/B] [/COLOR]
[URL=http://img85.imageshack.us/img85/9969/beretta90twouh5.png ][B]Twin Beretta 90-TWO?s[/B][/URL]: The guns can hold normal ammunition and a silver bullet variation developed by the brotherhood.
[URL=http://img224.imageshack.us/img224/7/catslawspv6.png ][B]Claws [normal][/B][/URL]: [URL=http://img89.imageshack.us/img89/9808/modifiedcl8.png][B][modification][/B][/URL]: Cat?s main weapon, she will only use her guns if she is forced to. The claws are held, one in each hand and used as a slashing/stabbing weapon, they are silver plaited. The caws can be modified; the middle two blades may be removed making for a two-pronged claw, instead of four.
Cat uses a sword but not in battle, the samurai sword [see pic of Cat] is merely a form of discipline she uses to center herself.

[COLOR=RoyalBlue][B]Abilities: [/B][/COLOR] Cat possesses enhanced eyesight.
[URL=http://img119.imageshack.us/img119/869/nightvisionae0.png ][B]Night Vision:[/B][/URL] Her vampire enhanced genes allow her to see perfectly in the dark. Intense light may harm her eyes if she suddenly looks at while using this vision.
[URL=http://i37.photobucket.com/albums/e70/Illusion87/thermal.jpg][B]Thermal Vision:[/B][/URL] Cat can see the heat signatures of her victims and anyone else in the vicinity, provided they are warm blooded. This is sometimes unreliable as her enemies may be able to mask themselves.
[B]Fear:[/B] Cat has a third vision but can only use it under extreme circumstances, when she is hurt very badly. Using this vision Cat can see peoples ?fear?, to her they leave a trail of chemicals that appear as a purple ?haze?. She can follow this haze to its source or use it to evade her enemy. In some cases she may not be seeing 'fear' at all but another chemical emitted by the body.

She also possesses [B]enhanced reflexes[/B], allowing her to pull off impressive acrobatic-like maneuvers in and out of the battlefield. Unlike most of her enhanced brethren, she does not possess the ability to regenerate her wounds. Caitlin heals at a normal human rate. She doesn?t possess any strength enhancement either, instead relying on her acrobatic skills and reflexes.

[COLOR=RoyalBlue][B]Personality: [/B] [/COLOR] Cat is a fun loving person, at times she can be very mischievous and she tends to get away with a lot of things that anyone else would get into a large amount of trouble for. She likes to play jokes on people but doesn?t do it too often. Cat doesn?t have a large attention span when not concentrating on her true purpose and will day dream an awful lot. Anything that?s anything can and will take her attention, this bad habit has lead her to develop a tendency of paying a somewhat crazy attention to detail.

Usually she is a kind person and will do anything for her friends and allies alike. Cat has large amounts of fun charming men; this may appear strange considering she doesn?t show off her body and leaves everything to the imagination. She has an unusually happy personality taking into account her past and what she does for the brotherhood.

In battle Cat?s personality changes dramatically, she becomes very cold and ruthless, willing to do anything to complete her objective. She prefers stealth tactics and will not converse much; she will only talk if it?s absolutely necessary. When in this frame of mind, Cat becomes very, very focused and fills her subconscious with ways to dispose of her enemy. She has taught herself to block out all emotions, allowing her to become a merciless killer.

Caitlin was born in 1956 to wealthy British aristocrats in London, England. She lived quite happily for a while, riding rare horses purchased by her father for her as soon as she was able. Being an only child caused her parents and family to buy her many rare and beautiful things, they called her their ?little miracle? as her mother had had many miscarriages before Caitlin was born and almost died in child birth.

One evening, on Caitlin?s 8th birthday, her father returned home with a horrified look on his face and without her mother. She would never forget the site of him was he walked though their large double doors. His clothes were torn, hair ruffled and completely missing in some places, deep gashes covered his stomach and face, blood was all over him.

She didn?t see much of her father after that night for weeks, doctors came in and out of his quarters and she was forbidden to see him during that time. One night he finally called for her to see him; the man she saw wasn?t her father. He looked completely different, hollow somehow. He told her that her mother had been killed by some horrible beasts and those beasts had almost taken his life. He embraced her, it was almost like hugging a skeleton, and he told her that he had to leave, take vengeance for the loss of his wife and her mother.

And so her father disappeared, she never saw him again. Caitlin was thrust into a position of power at the household, but not for long. Men appeared at her beloved house one night. Strange men. They told a now 10 year old Caitlin of what her father really went off to do, they told her of the Brotherhood and that it was his last wish for her to follow in his foot steps if he didn?t succeed in bringing the monsters to justice.

Caitlin was taken at the age of 10 by the Brotherhood and trained extensively in a rare and strange acrobatic form of fighting. At the age of 16 in 1972, some believed a little too young, Caitlin was put forwards as a candidate for genetic experimentations on humans. She was one of the youngest candidates, an experiment in herself some might say, to see the effects on a much younger human.

Her experimentation didn?t go quite to plan as others did. Caitlin received no genetic enhancements to her body other than increased reflexes. Her eyes seemed to be the only thing that had changed significantly. A few years later she was sent to work with other super-soldiers, becoming part of a ?death squad? for two years. After their leader fled and hid away the squad was disbanded until further notice.

Caitlin or Cat as she would have herself called, became a silent assassin for the Brotherhood, her missions were predominantly solo ones. Occasionally the Brotherhood would assign her to protect its members, like a bodyguard. She is being sent on more and more of these protection missions as time goes on. Deep down Cat's only motivation is to find the monster that tore her faimly appart and bring it to justice.[/SIZE]
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[SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B] Quincy Nesbitt
[B]Gender:[/B] Female
[B]Age:[/B] 29
[B]Race:[/B] Human
[B]Alliance:[/B] GSD
[B]Physical Description:[/B] [URL=http://www.turnipjuice.com/color/vanessa-kof.jpg][B]Quincy[/B][/URL] (also seen[URL=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v219/AzureImi/450px-Big-Art_Vanessa.jpg] [B]here[/B][/URL]) is a woman who simply exudes sexuality, probably without realising it. She has always preferred a masculine way of dressing, and is usually seen in slacks and a sleeveless white blouse, as well as suspenders (as seen in the picture). She doesn't wear much makeup, except for black mascara, but likes to stick out from the crowd. She never was a girl who wanted to fit in, so her wardrobe is designed to make her look completely different from your average woman.

She always wears brown leather gloves and refrains form any accessories, save for her tie (and occasionally cufflinks, with long-sleeve tops).

[URL=http://www.iconmartialarts.com/assets/images/nunchaku_bb_black_dragon_wooden.jpg][U]Nunchaku[/U]-[/URL] Quincy's favourite weapons. She has a pair of identical nunchaku strapped on either side of her waist.

[URL=http://www.iconmartialarts.com/assets/images/SHINAI1.JPG][U]Shinai[/U]-[/URL] Quincy only brings this with her if she knows she'll meet some stronger trouble. She isn't a fan of sharp weapons, due to her erratic fighting style and clumsy nature.

[B]Abilities:[/B] Quincy is a natural master of the sober-drunken-fist style. At least that's what she claims. In actual fact, she's very good at making things up as she goes along. Despite her many hours of martial arts training, she has never managed to master a style of fighting. Therefore, she puts all her strength into whatever comes to mind. She's very strong, for an average human, and can pack a heavy punch. She's also extremely skilled with her nunchaku, due to her flexible wrists and quick reactions.

[B]Personality:[/B] Quincy is best described as eccentric. She is highly intelligent, but you probably wouldn?t guess it because of the way she acts around lots of people. She is energetic (read: not hyperactive) and isn?t afraid to speak her mind if someone disagrees with her. Stubbornness is, she believes, a good trait to have when dealing with enhanced humans and Vampires, especially when you?re one of the few average human beings standing alongside them.

She is a sarcastic woman who can handle herself very well given any situation, probably due to her capability to adapt after many years of moving around. She doesn?t like to make friends in work, especially because of the kind of work she does, but there are people that she trusts, and that?s something.

[B]Biography:[/B] Quincy started life in a quiet Scottish village, her parents both enthusiastic architects working from home. The family was always admired for being very close and, despite her parents close working environment, they got wonderfully and never once argued. Her childhood was unremarkable and happy at best, and Quincy was under the peaceful impression that she would grow up, become an architect, and marry a nice man before settling down to have three children.

She had it all planned out perfectly, which is why it hurt even more in the end.

At the age of 17, Quincy experienced a life changing and heart breaking moment. The area she had lived in her whole life was, on one cold winter night, attacked by a group of rowdy vampires, intent on destroying everything in the tiny village. The girl arrived home from college in Edinburgh to find her house set ablaze, her parents nowhere in sight amongst the small knoll of survivors jabbering and shrieking over the roar of flames. She was lost and it took weeks for her even to begin speaking again, but as soon as she did, it became clear that her hatred for vampires had reached its peak.

Now, many would have thought she would join an extremist group seeking the extinction of vampires, but Quincy was a sensible, albeit angry, young woman. She discovered the GSD and found out through various contacts that they only sought the destruction of violent vampires. Perfect.

At the age of 19, Quincy began changing herself. She studied martial arts every chance she got and graduated from University with an Honours Degree in Architecture, more in memory to her parents than anything else. She did begin to wonder, however, how she would possibly support herself if her plan to insert herself into the GSD worked out.

Finally, throwing caution to the wind, Quincy managed to get herself into the group, and it has only been good things since then. Although she hasn't made many close friends, there are a few that she knows she could depend on with her life. When she isn't doing something Guild orientated, Quincy does free-lance designs, mainly for shopping centres and hotels. She has, somehow, managed to make a name for herself and often talks about dreams of setting up her own firm, dedicating it to her parents. Right now, however, her feet are firmly planted on the ground and all she cares about is eliminating vampires that dare threaten another's existence.

Done, yay <3[/SIZE]
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[SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B] Theodore [Last Name Unknown]
[B]Gender:[/B] Male
[B]Age:[/B] 289
[B]Race:[/B] Vampire
[B]Alliance:[/B] Formerly the AVC, currently the [B]Guild of Supernatural Defence[/B]

[B]Physical Description:[/B] [URL=http://www.joaquin-phoenix.org/images/joaquin-phoenix.jpg]Face-shot.[/URL]

Theo stands at 6?2 but many people have said he doesn?t look that height at all (it could be due to the fact that Theo doesn?t stand entirely straight and tends to keep his head down). His hair is a dark red colour and seems to match his eyes which are a strange shade of light brown (though not nearly as red as his hair, they just match). Like most vampires, his skin is pale and seemingly smooth. He did for a few years of his life have some facial hair, to make him appear older and, consequently, a little more intimidating. He decided against it recently.

As far as his wardrobe goes, it?s quite dry. Theo dresses smartly, he doesn?t favour the idea of walking around looking like a common, normal man, which he isn?t. He can be found wearing various suits, normally black, and he will on occasions leave his jacket unbuttoned with a plain white shirt underneath. Sometimes, he will wear a long coat over his suit, but this isn?t often as he feels it doesn?t look as smart and formal as a suit.

[B]Weapons:[/B] [URL=http://www.pyramidairsoft.com/productimages/Tanaka-M500-Silver.jpg]Two silver guns[/URL], rather large in size, however Theo can shoot down enemies from rooftops with just these two thanks to his accuracy.

[B]Abilities:[/B] Although most vampires have an enhanced speed and physical strength, Theodore?s is nothing special. He is quite fast and very strong compared to humans, but in the vampire world he?s pretty low class in terms of his strength. However, he makes up for this lack of strength with a deadly accuracy and lightning fast reactions. Theodore doesn?t like to fight in hand-to-hand combat, he will, but he prefers to shoot his enemies down from rooftops. He isn?t a good at delivering damage in hand-to-hand combat though he is excellent at defending himself. He can somewhat feel a person?s presence behind him and has reactions fast enough to block blows, even though he probably can?t deliver an equally powerful blow himself. Theodore has never been known to miss, nor has anyone been known to sneak up on him without him realising. There?s also the point of his intellect, but it might not count as an ability.

[B]Personality:[/B] At first glance he?s a mysterious man, he likes to toy with strangers and play a superiority act, pretending he?s smarter, stronger and better than them. But once you get to know Theodore you?ll realise that he doesn?t keep up the superiority act forever. He tends to listen to conversation, even those he isn?t involved in, and then blurt out suggestions or one comment that would be helpful to the situation. He rarely speaks to people unless they speak to him first, and if he?s left alone at the back then so be it, he?ll be alone at the back and be silent until he has something constructive to add to the discussion.

In all honesty, Theodore is quite a nice man. Granted, he?s very smart and tends to patronize people who blurt out stupid comments, but he also knows that some people are smarter than him. Otherwise, the dumb people will be patronized and he has little respect for them. He?s arrogant towards them, he likes to be sarcastic and enjoys being awkward with them. Those who do gain his respect and have some form of intelligence, however, don?t really see as much arrogance.

[B]Biography:[/B] The most disturbing thing that ever happened to Theodore was waking up one time with a large gash in his head and at the back and not remembering much. His concussion had caused a memory loss and all he knew was that he was born in France with no father and son of an actress. He remembered parts of his childhood: he lived in a large house with a very big garden, where his brother and sisters, all older than him, would play for days on end whilst he studied different subjects in his room. After a few years, his mother had to move to Germany after she was paid to act in a Royal Court. She left Theodore?s brother and sisters with a family friend, but there was no room for Theodore. He was sent to a school, in which his vast intellect became apparent, perhaps only to himself. Theodore remembered leaving the school and travelling to Venice, where he made a living for himself by ?pretending? to have different professions and earning money that way. In his time in Venice he remembered calling himself over fifteen different titles.

But then there was a gap. Theodore found himself at a lost. There was at least twenty years missing from his life, the last thing he remembered was attending to some sort of gathering and being punched in the nose. He woke up in England, in the middle of the night, with blood all over him and a body lay beside him. The images were horrifying and he did the first thing he could: run. He ran straight into Sybrus, a vampire.

It turned out that Theodore and Sybrus had been friends for a long time and they weren?t anything special at all. They were nothing in the vampire world, they were part of lost clan and, really, they had nothing. Theodore was incredibly angry to learn he had missed out on ten years of his life and had, at some point, become a vampire. Due to the blurriness of his past, he wasn?t sure if he was [I]already[/I] a vampire from when he was born. That seemed pretty unlikely, so that idea didn?t remain for long. Theodore tried his best to get on with his life, but the gap became a constant reminder that he was never going to be his full self again. He felt like he was only half a man. As time progressed he learn more about himself; his surprisingly vast intellect, his knowledge and, most of all, his amazing accuracy and lightning fast reactions combined with his strange sense of presence.

As far as unknown, irrelevant, low-class vampires went, Sybrus and Theo made quite a name for themselves over the years. Their encounters with the Brotherhood left them wounded, but they always seemed to survive. Theo was always a tag along with Sybrus, he was the second man who followed him and was never followed. They always fought in close combat, which didn?t do much for Theo. In fact, the only good thing Sybrus ever did for Theo was tell him a little about his past (nothing Theo couldn?t have guessed) and give him one big silver gun (Sybrus kept the other). Theo always felt in his place when following Sybrus, he was the vampire who didn?t know much beyond being punched in the nose by a royal snob, Sybrus was obviously better. But there came a time when Theo became sick of following and decided to lead himself.

The night came when Theo grew tired of Sybrus? endless bickering, his mocking, his insults and his all-together evil nature. Theo simply took out his gun and shot Sybrus, several times, in fact. He took the other silver gun from Sybrus and tied the vampire up, leaving him for dead close to where the Brotherhood were located. Although he felt somewhat guilty for what he had done, Theo got on with his life and eventually found the Alliance of Vampiric Clansmen in 1899. He was surprised to notice he had never heard of them and blamed Sybrus for that. In a few years, Theo found himself involved deeply in the AVC as one of the best shots around with a gun that belonged to a different century (where Sybrus got the actual weapons isn?t known, although they did seem to be quite special).

The AVC?s close relations with the GSD would eventually cause Theo to change his alliance. For some odd reason, he found that his life within the AVC wasn?t doing him much good. He still felt like an outsider having lost so many years of his life, he didn?t feel right among the vampires who knew who they were, how they came to be and even why. He didn?t feel like a real vampire.

In possibly the best move he made in his life, Theodore ended his life with the AVC and decided to join the GSD to see what it had to offer in the late 1900. [/SIZE]
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[size=1][color=teal][b]Name:[/b] Sanguinius, the ?Blood Angel?.

[b]Gender:[/b] Male.

[b]Age:[/b] 229.

[b]Race:[/b] Vampire.

[b]Alliance:[/b] Guild for Supernatural Defence.

[b]Physical Description: [url=http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y167/celluloid_jam/Screen_Captures/Underworld/Underworld_000-499/underworld_0122.jpg]Click here[/url][/b]. Sanguinius is 5? 7? in height and his usual attire is as pictured, mainly to keep him from standing out with loud colours, and he believes that black is the only colour Vampires deserve to wear. On his back is a large tattoo, [b][url=http://hobbystore.co.yu/images/bloodangelslogo.jpg]picture here[/url][/b], he tells no one what it means and where he got it from.

[b]Weapons:[/b] Most of the time Sanguinius chooses to use a pair of [b][url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beretta_92F/FS]Beretta 92/F/FS[/url][/b] pistols when engaging in long range combat. He is also trained in the use of sword play but prefers to use a dagger of his own design, [b][url=http://www.companie-of-st-george.ch/images/pictures/dagger.jpg]pictured here[/url][/b].

[b]Abilities:[/b] Sanguinius? ?dark gift? has manifested itself as a something which Sanguinius himself has named ?The Black Rage?. This state comes about when Sanguinius is in the thick a fight and all his is thinking about is his enemy. What the Black Rage does is give Sanguinius incredible stamina, able to shrug off wounds that bring ordinary men to their needs but it also blinds his higher brain functions somewhat and he becomes a creature of pure instinct, nothing like Sanguinius as he normally is.

The Rage also drains his blood supplies, leaving him incredibly weak and venerable without support from his allies.

[b]Personality:[/b] [Will Edit]

[b]Biography:[/b] [Will Edit]


I should stop doing this -.-; but I?ll finish this soon. The jist is a Catholic Vampire who hates what he is. Mm, tortured soul.[/color][/size]
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[size=1]Interesting, most interesting.

[b]Name:[/b] Fr. Sergei Geser

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Age:[/b] 84, looks roughly 52

[b]Race:[/b] Enhanced Human

[b]Alliance:[/b] Lowendove Brotherhood

[b]Physical Description:[/b] As seen [b][url=http://zeitgeistglee.250free.com/Kier.jpg]here[/url][/b]. Usually dresses in civilian clothes to avoid unwarranted attention during a hunt, stands roughly 6?2? with an athletic build.

[b]Weapons:[/b] Sergei?s weapon of choice is a shotgun known as [b][url=http://www.gunshop.com/fanzoj/fanzoj_3br_4.jpg]the Purifier[/url][/b], though not standard by any means. A ?tri-bore? or triple barrelled-shotgun capable of firing three separate rounds on demand for dealing with various situations, though as is to be expected the payloads are intended for use against vampires rather than humans. His three most common rounds are as follows.

[list][*][b][url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dragon's_Breath]Dragon?s Breath[/url]:[/b] Sergei?s signature round, DB is capable of char-grilling most vamps straight to death, or for the slightly more virulent ones until he can offload one of his next rounds.

[*][b][url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brenneke_slug]Brenneke Silver Slugs[/url]:[/b] Just as it sounds, a silver slug designed to put vamps down permanently with a single shot, the increased accuracy has proven considerably more useful in situations of a moving target.

[*][b]Armour-Piercing Frag-12 Round:[/b] The big daddy in Sergei?s arsenal, the Frag 12 is capable of penetrating 12mm into cold rolled steel and just perfect for blowing holes into night walkers. The explosive calibre of the round has been know to completely blow some vamps apart at close enough range.[/list]

Given that Sergei does most of his hunting during the night, concealing the weapon has not proven too difficult, however during the rare day hunts, Sergei uses a specially filled leather guitar case to cover the gun. After all, how many cops are going to stop a priest carrying a guitar ?

[b]Abilities:[/b] Being one of the first super soldiers created, Sergei's dose of the serum was slightly higher than the normal dosage. This has resulted in slightly more unusual enhancements that later generations of augments. Aside from the usual enhanced physical attributes and healing abilities, Sergei has developed very potent perceptual improvements, his eyesight, sense of smell, hearing, taste and tactile senses are all well above the norm for a human, some even surpassing that of lesser vampires. Added to this, and slightly disturbing for himself, Fr Geser has developed some uncontrollable telepathic tendencies, believed to be a side-affect from the serum, these tendencies are limited to mild telepathy and some psychokinesis and are not wilfully controllable, yet.

[b]Personality:[/b] There is not much to say about Fr Sergei Geser, he is a quiet man by nature, an scholar as well as a warrior, and a man of great spiritual fortitude. Unfortunately incidents that have marred much of his life have left him decidedly cold, while once as a young man he was kind and talkative, now Geser is as hard as stone and as silent as the grave. His life revolves around the hunt, destroying those filthy abominations that have taken everything from him, his uncle, his self worth, and even his adoptive son David. He will never rest until he had killed them all, wiped their blight from the face of the Earth wherever they are to be found. When he does speak, his voice is emotionless, although if one gets to hear him regularly, a tiny tang of regret and sorrow may be noticed.

[b]Biography:[/b] Sergei Geser was born in Krakow, Poland in 1922, and lead life that would be heavily shaped by world events. His parents were moderately successful citizens, his father being a cobbler by trade and his mother teaching in a local school. However, of all his relations, Sergei was most close to his uncle, also Sergei, who was Catholic priest in Krakow near the family home, after school, Sergei would go read in his uncle?s library, and though sparse it was greater than what he had access to at home. Although unknown to him at the time, his uncle Sergei was a member of the Lowendove Brotherhood and was guiding the young boy slowly into the Brotherhood at well.

By 17, world events had left Sergei rather uncertain of his future, war was likely on the future, with Poland being a likely target by the renewed German threat. Having completed his education, Sergei had chosen to pursue a life in reverence of God, and joined the priesthood, it was not long after that, that his uncle and a fellow priest approached him to joined the ranks of the Brotherhood. The war with Germany was not all it seemed to be, the Nazis had formed an unholy alliance with several powerful European vampiric clans, and through the alliance, the Nazi were capable of striking out against holy threats across Europe, the Brotherhood in Poland being a particular threat. Sergei was integrated quickly into the ranks of the Brotherhood, in truth he had to be, by September open war would be declared by the Nazi?s, which gave him only months to complete his training and go underground.

The training was harsh, even with his innate athleticism, Sergei often found himself going to bed at night covered in sweat and bruises, he knew of course that the training had to be harsh, because vampires were considerably more powerful than their human enemies. His studies in the religious lore of the priesthood also continued, and though his martial skills were more impressive, there was little denying he was an adept student of the Brotherhood. By July, his training had been completed as much as it could, and Sergei was presented with a handful of objects, silver rosary beads for his prayers, a bible to help guide his heart on the path, and the Purifier a prototype weapon developed for hunting. With these three items, Sergei was sent underground, he was not to openly identify himself as a priest, but he would continue his uncle?s work.

The next eight years were the most painful and spiritually draining of Sergei?s entire life, the Germanic vampires scoured every Polish church they could find, murdering every priest, sister and brother unfortunate enough to fall within their grasp, in Krakow in 1942, Sergei found his uncle lying in a pool of his own blood, his neck torn to shreds by a recent feeding. The following moments are a blur of rage for Sergei, the vampires who had killed his uncle were still near the area, a pair of young females, barely out of their teens by appearance. He tracked them back to a Nazi base nearby, confronted them and killed them as savagely as an animal, by the time he was finished their bodily parts were barely identifiable, after this he systemically slaughtered every Nazi in the base one, by one, as silently as a ghost. The aftermath of that night took an immense toll on Sergei, both mentally and spiritually, in lowering himself to such savagery, he sought repentance in Italy, and the Vatican.

In the half decade that followed, Sergei stayed almost exclusively within the Vatican spending days praying and fasting for his sins on that awful night, the other Lowendove Brotherhood members attempted to console him, stating that his reaction had been one of God's Fury rather than his own inner rage but nothing seemed to work. After five long years, the young Polish priest felt that he had finally mastered the rage within himself and overcome the shame of that night in his homeland, he resolved to return to the Brotherhood and once again take up the hunt. The years that followed were for a time uneventful, from Rome, he was dispatched to all corners of Europe to deal with the vampire threats that had survived WW2. In 1952, Sergei and a fellow Brother saved a young Greek boy from vampires in London, unfortunately the boys parents were beyond their aide, asking the child's name, he replied David.

David was taken for Brotherhood training, like many non-clergy, his joining the Brotherhood was more to do with a desire for revenge than anything. Sergei left active fieldwork to train David, hoping to turn the young man from the path of simple vengeance to something more noble in the service of the Almighty, to do so, he presented David with the Chains of Heaven, an ancient weapon of the Order that would help him focus his determination. As the years past, Sergei was astounded by the boys achievements, his training accelerated faster than anyone had imagined. In the early 1970s when the enhancement serum was still untested, Sergei volunteered to become a test patient, it was better he felt for an old man like himself to be at risk than the young and promising like David.

The serum was a success and with his new abilities, Sergei resolved to training David and the other supersoldiers even further than they had been, with their new powers, they would become the elite vampire hunting squad of the Vatican. Unfortunately however, barely two years into the groups foundation, David fled from the Brotherhood after a mission, trying to catch up with him to offer him held, Sergei spent the next eighteen months searching for him, only to find that he had joined GSD and become an operative for them. Hit by this betrayal, Sergei became the active leader of the Vatican?s hunters, dispatching only those who he felt would be able to handle kills by themselves. The next 30 years passed as though months for the now immortal priest, his methods retained their brutal efficiency, some within the Brotherhood even suggested that the hunters were becoming too brutal, targeting members of AVC as well as unaligned threats.

By 2010 when the incident occurred, Sergei had killed an estimated 200 vampires, putting him as a priority target among his enemies.[/size]
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[size=1][color=#1874CD][B]Name-[/B] Nicoleta Celestine Devalos [Commonly known as Empress]
[B]Gender-[/B] Female
[B]Age-[/B] 736, but appears to be in her early 20s.
[B]Race-[/B] Vampire
[B]Alliance-[/B] Blood Brood
[B]Physical Description-[/B] [URL=http://img239.imageshack.us/img239/1300/nicolescherzingervv8.jpg][B]Nicoleta[/B][/URL] is nothing short of gorgeous. She exudes beauty in almost every way possible. She, in all of her gloriousness, seems to enjoy the most eccentric of colors. She loves standing out in a crowd and thus wears styles of clothes women would normally abhor.

[B]Weapons-[/B] Fighting was never Nicoleta?s forte but it wasn?t something she dismissed. Being a woman of all that is malicious and alluring, Nicoleta sought out such weapons that matched who she was. Her weapons were all customized to fit her. Anything that caused excruciating pain all the while keeping a well-formed appearance was more than enough to attract her eye.

One of these weapons are her dual tessen [[URL=http://www.shenmartialarts.com/8f_1_b.jpg]fighting fans[/URL]]. These fans are with her at all times, as are all of her weapons, and is made from a type of metal covered in piece-dyed silk taffeta cloth. The edges of the fans are razor sharp and lined with small needle-like razors jutting out at the tip of the folds. Attached to the end of the fans are small chains, enabling Nicoleta to use them however she wills.

Another pair of weapons she has come to love is her beloved whips. These particular weapons are made from leather and another unknow material and are spiked with ?thorns?. They resemble the stem of a thorny rose, hence the name which they were born from- Rose Whips. To embellish beauty upon her weapons, a rose-like emblem is engraved at the bottom of the hilts. Nicoleta keeps all of her weapons close to her, thus wears the Rose Whips as if they were belts.

[B]Abilities-[/B] Like all vampires, Nicoleta already possesses superhuman traits: speed, strength, sense, etc. However, due to the Brotherhood?s deranged experiments, Nicoleta gained powers beyond imagination. She attained the ability of reading understanding body language which enabled her to predict her opponents? moves before they even made it. Another attribute she realized within herself was that she soon became tolerant of light- though to a certain degree. Other than that, her illusionary skills are top notch, something no one can compare, as is her dancing capabilities which are a double threat to anyone who comes her way.

[B]Personality-[/B] ?Beauty is pain and pain is beauty,? a phrase Nicoleta is known for. She is a malevolent and beautiful woman who is fierce and strong. She possesses an irresistible charm, thus is coined as a siren- luring men into her domain and killing them there after. Some may see this as an act of rebellion, while others may find it as a repressor, but for Nicoleta, seduction is all she knows and it runs through her like blood; even so, although all that she does may seem like a game, it?s all but a tragic comedy in her eyes, ?All that is miserable is beautiful.? Albeit beneath her provocative mask, Nicoleta is weakend by torment and pain all due to the Brotherhood. Her suave posture is broken down to nothing, overcome by her sado-masochistic nature. During the life she has come to accept, none have ever known the darker side of herself and hopefully none shall for it may be the cruel death.

[B]Biography-[/B] Branded as a menace to society since the beginning of time, Nicoleta remained hidden from the world only to come out and play in the night. It had never occurred to her to despise herself or the things she did, in fact she felt a carnal affinity for it; for everything before her time as a vampire was forgotten. Everything she was, everyone she knew had disappeared from the depths of her mind. The times had changed Nicoleta to become a ruthless character, divulging on who she has become. Although, one particular chapter in her life could never be forgotten for it was one of sorrow and revenge.

This particular chapter occurred in France. At the time, Nicoleta was working in a cabaret called [i]Le Chat Noir [The Black Cat][/i]. For years she?s tried to make a living off of being a courtesan and performer. It ate her away, turning her into nothing more than an empty shell. Her emotions flew away like birds released from a cage and no one saw the torture she gave herself, except someone did see. Their aliases were Harlequin and Pierrot, the Dazzling Duo. They were not only beautiful but they were the best performances in France. They, like her, were victims of what she was going through and they understood all too well the unimaginable pain for they were what she was- a vampire. Soon, the three became inseparable companions, looking out for one another.

During this time, the [B]Lowendove Brotherhood[/B] still hunted for vampires, while [B]The Guild of Supernatural Defense[/B] helped vampires in need of help; and at the same time, the [B]Alliance of Vampiric Clansmen[/B] worked to recruit their kind. To all three of their dismay, Harlequin, Pierrot, and Nicoleta taunted them all. They scoured the streets and wreaked havoc in the night, becoming sirens of the streets. The triple threat was nothing more than girls having fun but the Brotherhood saw this as a threat and targeted them.

It happened on a rainy night. The three girls had just finished their performance and were now ready to take in some lonely men. To their dismay, these lonely men were agents of the Brotherhood and once the three had realized it, it was too late. Harlequin, Pierrot, and Nicoleta fought with the agents and fled the scene after they had knocked them down. They ran for their lives, escaping the shouts and screams, the bullets that whizzed past them; but, it hadn?t gone accordingly for they fell right into the Brotherhood?s trap. The three were met by a barrage of bullets and once the deed was done, they left.

Unbeknownst to the Brotherhood, Nicoleta managed to survive. She had seen her two friends killed by the Brotherhood before her eyes, dying beautifully on the paved street. When it came back to the Brotherhood, they branded her as a candidate for the super-serum and in the end, she had become one. She was captured by the Brotherhood, experimented on by them, but she and two others escaped from their clutches, killing a few in the crossfire and now, the world will know true power and true fear. And Nicoleta would have her revenge against the Brotherhood for the deaths of her friends- Harlequin and Pierrot?once and for all.[/size][/color]
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[center][size=1][b][u]Name:[/u] [/b]Father Jakob Whistler

[b][u]Gender:[/u] [/b]Male

[b][u]Age:[/u][/b] 77 (looks to be around his mid-forties)

[b][u]Race:[/u] [/b]Enhanced Human

[b][u]Alliance:[/u] [/b]Forever and always dedicated to the cause of the [b]Lowendove Brotherhood[/b]

[b][u]Physical Description:[/u] [/b][u][url="http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b16/Blayze54/LindseyMcDonald.jpg"]Here[/url][/u] - Jakob is well-built, with long dark hair and dark eyes, full of what some people call passion and others call insanity. His body is laced with religious tattoos, marking his intense religious beliefs.

Generally he wears a black leather jacket, covering a white, v-neck t-shirt. Black trousers and whatever shoes are comfortable and practical for his extensive use are donned on his lower body.

[b][u]Weapons:[/u] [/b]Jakob has become extremely proficient at many fighting styles, but he carries weapons that favour a few of his.

[url="http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/e/e3/Desert-Eagle-chrome-p1030142.jpg"][u]Twin Desert Eagle handguns[/u][/url]: The favourite of any hard-hitting pistolier, Jakob likes his handguns to have a little bit of a kick to them. He carries both of these guns in shoulder holsters underneath his jacket to hide them from the authorities on any day-hunts that might come about, and he loads them with a number of different types of ammo:

[i]Solid Silver Bullets - [/i]The must-have ammo of any vampire hunter, these bullets will turn a vampire to dust with a single shot, if the silver enters the bloodstream. If not, a couple of extra shots should do the trick.

[i]Exploding Rounds - [/i]These rounds are slightly more expensive, and thus they are harder to come across. They are made of a special kind of alloy which shatters easily, and the bullets are packed with silver shavings, white oak, and holy water, all things to kill a vampire with the largest amount of pain possible. They are specially built so that they will explode upon entering the body of any vampire they hit. These bullets can blow a vampire apart from the inside, frying them completely.

[u][url="http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b16/Blayze54/mr400870.jpg"]Silver-Coated Daggers:[/url][/u] Jakob also carries a number of silver-coated [i]kharoll [/i]daggers around with him, strapped to any available part of his body, legs, arms etc. He can use these to either slash his enemies apart, stab them, or to throw at the vampires. The silver these daggers are coated in will burn the flesh of any vampire, but they will not cause him/her to disintegrate, they will only cause pain.

[url="http://euston.ohsu.edu/physpharm/faculty/PKCore/Syringes.jpg"][u]Syringes:[/u][/url] A strange weapon by any stretch of the imagination, Jakob always carries with him a number of small syringes, each loaded with liquefied garlic and silver nitrate. Once injected into a vampire's bloodstream, they will burn themselves up from the inside out. Jakob has also become fairly good at throwing these, so he has attached a remote discharger of his own design, meaning he can pump the load out of the syringes from a distance, rather than having to activate the plunger himself.


Jakob, being one of the super-soldier experiments, was treated so that his arms and legs were much more efficient. This means he can run faster and jump higher than most normal humans, with athleticism comparable to many vampires. This helps him in the chase, as he can keep up with the majoirty of vampires far better than a normal human could.

He was also treated so that his nerves were far more toned, meaning he can keep a straight aim far easier than a regular human sharpshooter, and his combat reflexes were also enhanced, making him an extremely powerful fighter.


[/b][/u]Jakob is a spirited, passionate man, with such extreme passion for what he does that many mistake it for insanity. He is completely devoted to his cause, which is to wipe out anything that could cause a threat to humans, be it vampire or otherwise. He is a true believer in what he is doing, and that makes him extremely dangerous to vampires.

However, aside from these somewhat negative personality traits, Jakob is usually calm, concentrating on his daily prayer and other priestly duties. He is caring and kind towards humans. He sees that his anger and violent streak should be directed towards vampires and nothing else, so he keeps any frustration bottled up inside until the night, when he unleashes it on the vampire hordes.


[/b][/u]Although he was born into the Lowendove Brotherhood, he never truly became one of them until he turned 25. Born in 1933 to a young London couple, he was given away soon after, to a priest named Alexis Whistler. He gave the child his surname, and christened him with the name Jakob, meaning "May God Protect." He was brought up as a devout Catholic, attending church regularly and learning the ways of God.

Every night Jakob woke to see his foster father sneaking out of the house, believing that Jakob knew nothing about it, and he waited, wide awake, until Alexis returned in the early hours of the morning, covered in scratches, cuts and scrapes, bleeding through his clothes. Jakob was determined to discover what his foster father was doing, and one night he waited until Alexis was out of the door, and followed him, keeping a safe distance behind him.

He followed him down a dark alley, where Alexis was confronted by two young men, muscular and fierce-looking. Jakob was about to call out for help, but then he saw his foster father draw a pair of knives and launch into combat with these two. Jakob watched as the three of them exchanged blows, fighting fiercely for almost an hour, until Alexis plunged his knife deep into the heart of one of the attackers, and, much to Jakob's surprise, the attacker turned to ash, crumbling and floating away on the wind.

Jakob was shocked to see his foster father in such an activity, but he was curious to see more, so he watched until the end of the fight, when Alexis managed to turn the other man to ash as well. He then went home, with Jakob following.

Every night after this, Jakob followed his foster father, watching as he dispatched more and more of the these strange ash-people, learning his foster father's moves, learning how to fight like him, so he could protect himself at school and in life.

However, one night, in 1946, when Jakob was only 13 years of age, he followed his father, and watched as he was ripped apart by a single, powerful-looking woman, her whips lashing his flesh apart and her bladed fans slicing through bone. He then continued to watch as the woman picked his foster father's ragged corpse up, raising it high into the air, and biting him, draining every drop of blood from his body, before throwing the body away, discarding it like a piece of garbage.

Jakob rushed to his father's side, and found on his person a book, as well as his knives, all of which Jakob took upon himself to look after.

He went home, leaving his father's body, too grief-ridden to do anything with it, and read the book. It told him of the Lowendove Brotherhood, and the legends of vampires, and finally he found a note in the very back that told him to look in his father's safe, and told him of the combination.

Inside, he found enough money to last him a lifetime, as well as a number of contact cards, telling him how to get in touch with other members of the Brotherhood. He left home that very night, and went to find someone, anyone that could help him get revenge on his father's murderer.

He found a number of people who could help him, members of the Lowendove Brotherhood, particularly one Father Sergei Geser, a supernaturally strong fighter, who took him into their care, and taught him of the Brotherhood's ways, teaching him how to fight and how to identify a vampire. They also taught him the ways of the Catholic, and, finally, when they thought he was ready, they took him in and treated him, turning him into an enhanced human, the mighty footsoldiers of the Lowendove Army.

He has been fighting alongside Father Geser ever since, looking up to him as a kind of mentor, a father figure since his father was gone. He soon discovered that his father's murderer was a member of a vampiric clan known as the Blood Brood, a group of three enhanced vampires, a woman known to the Brotherhood only as Empress, and it was then that Jakob swore his revenge on this vampire, and all vampires that stood between him and the Empress...

[b]OOC:[/b] All done. I hope Gavin and Revelation don't mind that I used their characters in my Bio, just thought it would make things more interesting. [/size][/center]
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[COLOR=Green][SIZE=1][B]Name[/B]: Duncan Gyspakista

[B]Gender[/B]: Male

[B]Age[/B]: 35

[B]Race[/B]: Human

[B]Alliance[/B]: Guild of Supernatural Defense

[B]Physical Description[/B]: [edit soon]

[B]Weapons[/B]: An [URL=http://www.cashenblades.com/rapier.jpg]Italian-made silver rapier [/URL] and a [URL=http://www.ows-ammo.com/catalog/images/bpshotgun.jpg]12 gauge shotgun[/URL].

[B]Abilities[/B]: Combat-wise, Duncan usually prefers swordplay, but a nice shooter can't be beat. Outside of battle, he is an interrogation expert.

[B]Personality[/B]: Duncan is a strong willed man. Never flinching in the face of opposition, he can be a great asset on any battlefield. Duncan passionately believes in what he believes in, which can make him seem very stubborn and close-minded. He also is very charming, and can easily persuade those around him.

[B]Biography[/B]: Duncan Hathford Gyspakista was born in Liverpool, England, on January 16, 1975 to his mother, Elena, and his father Milovosh. Both of Duncan?s parents were Czechoslovakian immigrants who arrived in Liverpool in mid 1972.

Duncan?s childhood was nice, but not easy-going. He was an only child, but he had to share space in a two bedroom apartment with his aunt Visra and her two children. Duncan?s mother and father barely made enough to get by, but what little they had was spent on Duncan. He was always smart and well educated, was fed well, and kept many friends while attending school. But his relationship with his mother and father was hard since they were always working. He didn?t see them too often, which would cause problems later.

His aunt Visra would babysit him while his parents worked. This was not good on Duncan. She neglected him in favor of her children and when she did acknowledge him, she would craft terrible lies and stories about his mother. Visra was related Milovosh and never liked his wife. Duncan also was beaten by one of Visra?s boyfriends, uprooting her from the household. Duncan confessed all she told him, and this prompted a loving and caring relationship with his parents.

When Duncan graduated high school, he enrolled at the London Police Academy and passed with flying colors. The department decided to put his natural charm to good use and placed him as the top interrogator of the force.

But what drew Duncan to the GSD was a tragedy. His father was murdered by a vampire. He asked Duncan if he could investigate a strange man following him around. The man turned out to be a vampire named Raw. When Duncan was escorting his father home one night, the vampire entered his home and killed Milovosh. This devastated Duncan. He instantly put out an investigation on the man. Higher-ups recommended him to the GSD and he was hired. Duncan was taught about vampires and became a very good swordsman. Upon entering the GSD, he set the ultimate goal: to find the man who took his father?s life.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkSlateGray][SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B] Joseph Allington; AKA: Hyde

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Age:[/B] 356, with the appearance of a early twenties human.

[B]Race:[/B] Vampire

[B]Alliance:[/B] Blood Brood

[B]Physical Description:[/B] [URL=http://www.storage.asylum-anime.com/cels/esca/escaf259.jpg]Hyde.[/URL] Baring his chest with pride he only covers his legs and his feet. His legs are covered by grey Dickies pants that he boosted off of some chump on the street, and his feet are nestled safely in the confines of sturdy black boots. His physique is other-worldly. He has an inhuman muscle mass, which defies nature. The serum has caused his body to mutate beyond normal conventions, and into something different.

[B]Weapons: [/B] In his former 'life' he was deft at using various firearms such as sniper rifles, assault rifles, pistols; but since turning into what he is now he prefers the thrill of tearing his enemy to pieces with his hands by using his immense strength. Body armor or not, he will rip your arm off.

[B]Abilities:[/B] Aside from normally boosted Vampire attributes, he gains the prowess from the serum pushing his speed, strength and agility far beyond that of an expertly-trained and battle-hardened Vampire. However, his thirst for blood is boosted also.

[B]Personality:[/B] Before the 'turn' he was reserved, lonesome, meek. Took everything in stride and pent up all of his anger and rather than beating a opposing Vampire to death and showing his entrails for all to see, he walked off, moping in sorrow. When he was captured and subjected to the experiments his pent up rage released and the serum drove him insane. Psychotic. Killing anything that moves, living or otherwise and that new personality doesn't, or isn't, slowing down any time soon.

[B]Biography:[/B] Hyde, or in his previous life, Joseph Allington, was a reserved but efficient killing machine for the [B]AVC[/B]; a Black-Ops killing machine to be exact, that wiith his team of 6 other Vampires who would be called in to clear out and eliminate entrenched [B]Brotherhood[/B] forces holing up in a building or to go in and extract captures Vampire brethren. And he was good at what he did; followed all orders to his fullest. He lived his life day to day with a certain love interest by the name of Amelia Bernadette. The two were inseperable and worked with eachother for many many years and bonded even further when the [B]AVC[/B] tried to get them apart for good, and failed. When Amelia was promoted to a commander of operations, and out of the field for good, Joseph had a bad feeling in his gut for his next, and final mission. Which would end up being his un-doing.

However, maybe we should begin from the top.

[I]'Alright, Allington. You're going around the North East portion of the building with Jermaine here. You two are to take down a key [B]Brotherhood[/B] official, and rescue one of our own. He goes by the name Hyde, its a codename. Bring him back to the rally point when you've completed your mission. Move out.'

Joseph nodded, and glanced over to Jermaine who snapped foward the cocking mechanism on his submachine gun. The two dart under the parapet of a store and across the street to the side entrance to the [B]Brotherhood [/B] hideout, making the necessay manuevers the two entered and the door closed behind them.

Back at the rally point, the man who gave the orders to Joseph and Jermaine spoke up again.

'Alright, assault from this side as soon as the shooting begins. Do not send back up to Allington and his team, they've been resigned.'[/I]

The rest is history with Joseph and Jermaine both being captured and subjected to the vile experiments by the [B]Brotherhood[/B]. While Jermaine died, something inside Joseph Allington awoke. The rage and anger from his previous life, and from the set up at the hands of the [B]AVC[/B]. After going insane from the serum, Joseph broke from the confines of his statis chamber and killed many [B]Brotherhood[/B] members in the process of freeing his brethren. After escaping into the world, Joseph dropped his name and took up the name of the fake 'hostage' that became his 'demise'.

Now that anger has consumed Hyde he blames Amelia for his 'death', as she was one of the higher ups of the mission who he has deemed traitors of life and will stop at nothing to kill them and cause as much destruction as possible.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[size=1][color=darkslategray][b]Name-[/b] Amelia Bernadette

[b]Gender-[/b] Female

[b]Age-[/b] Appears to look 23, but is approximately 402 years old.

[b]Race-[/b] Vampire

[b]Alliance-[/b] AVC [Alliance of Vampiric Clansmen]

[b]Physical Description-[/b] [url=http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b7/anne-mae/girls126.jpg][I]Amelia[/I][/url] stands just above five feet and three inches tall, and weighs no more than 120 pounds. True to the stereotypical appearance of a vampire, Amelia?s skin is as white as milk and bears raven locks of thick hair. Her eyes are the most unusual, though. Upon closer inspection, her left eye is a steel-color shade of gray, while her right is a hazelnut brown.

She has an athletic body, but likes to keep it hidden under a soft leather trench coat; the coat she wears when on an investigation, or just doing some field work for the GSD. If seen in an office, Amelia wears a simple, crisp black skirt suit with a white blouse that she leaves half-way unbuttoned. And no matter what outfit she dons, her hands are always protected by black leather gloves.

[b]Weapons-[/b] Twin, double-barrel shotguns (.12 gauge). They?re exquisitely adorned with gold and silver inlay, and are about twenty-two inches in length (barrels and butt). Amelia uses ammunition forged from crucifixes that the Pope himself has blessed. If that runs out, she also carries shells that contain blessed rosary beads. She carries the shotguns on her back when she?s hunting.

She also keeps a thirteen inch, silver-coated dagger in a sheath strapped to her thigh. The dagger was given to her by a dying priest. His last wish was that she use it against evil; and that?s just what it does.
[pictures of the weapons can be seen in the attachment]

[b]Abilities-[/b] Your usual vampiric abilities; heightened senses, incredible speed, unbelievable strength, inhumane healing capability. Aside from this, Amelia has tapped into one sense in particular, and has harnessed it; the sense of touch. With her fingertips on top of the table top, Amelia can feel a fly land on the opposite side of the table. It?s nearly impossible to sneak up behind her, or escape her. For the longest time, Amelia struggled to control this ability and caused her intolerable pain and stress. She still has migraine from time to time, depending on the severity of the situation.

[b]Personality-[/b] Before the times turned chaotic, Amelia was relatively happy and at peace with herself. She loved being around her fellow vampires in the AVC, and was content working side-by-side with the humans in the GSD. However, the experiments swung into gear, Amelia became reclusive and very shameful, full of guilt. Over the past year, she has become bitter and merciless..

[b]Biography-[/b] Most of Amelia?s history is just that; history. Her younger vampire years were never documented. She likes to keep it that way. Not even her closest comrade in the AVC, Joseph Allington, knows too much about her past. What is known is that she was adopted into the AVC after being attacked by an aggressive vampire. Her rescuer was none other than Joseph. He brought her back to headquarters, and helped to get her a job as a recruit under his command. For several decades, the two were always in combat together; inseparable.

As the years passed, the higher-ups kept their eyes on the pair. Then, they pulled Amelia from Joseph?s command to assign her to the GSD, to work as top investigator. They felt the two were growing too attached to one another; which in recent years, had become a no-no. Amelia was good at her job at the GSD, and loved doing it. She was sent all around the world, given her own office, and was still able to work with Joseph. The two made a powerful team of sharp intelligence and fierce strength of the Black Ops. The plan to separate the two ultimately failed, only making their relationship stronger.

They decided something had to be done. Feelings such as ?affection? and ?love? were a threat to the strong and strict life as a GSD or AVC member, and were ordered to be eliminated to prevent further complications. Normally, ?elimination? never went to extravagant measures; such as casting a member out into the streets, or murder. As one last attempt, the heads of the board promoted Amelia to lead detective. This job would keep her out of the field, and in the office organizing raids and investigations. Unbeknownst to Amelia, the AVC and GSD had arranged for Joseph?s team for a mission, and failed to mention this information to her. It was a set-up, one that would alter Joseph beyond recognition; and a mission that would destroy Amelia from the inside-out?.a wound she would never recover from. By the time she found out what the goal of that mission was, it was too late. Joseph had been captured and sent away for experiments. When the break out happened, Amelia feared for her life. She was lead detective, the one ?responsible? for the tragic mission; responsible for ?Hyde?. She knows he?ll come after her, and she knows he?s not the same?and he?ll never be the same. And no matter what her fellow members tell her, it was her fault in her own eyes.

She resigned her position as lead detective and went back to her roots. Only, she is not a member of Black Ops. Instead, she became a hunter.[/size][/color]
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I am quite enjoying the sign ups thus far. I will be keeping them up for about the rest week.

Until then, I only have one major thing to say. A few of the members thus have mentioned the Brood as long time threats. However, they have just recently become a threat. I.E. the new war. The Brood has just come into activity, and the three other groups are scrambling together in order to take care of the new danger.

So, even though I enjoy and much like the posting thus far, even the ones with this mistake in it, I'd prefer if the Brood was moved to a later period in your characters' timelines. If they we're responsible for anything in your Bio's before the three members where captured and experimented on, then they would have been free-lancers or former AVC members, and I will be taking them as such.

That's all. [/color][/size]
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[color=dimgray][font=Century Gothic][size=1][b]Name: [/b]Marquis DeBray[/size]

[/font][/color][size=1][color=dimgray][font=Century Gothic][b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Age:[/b] 612 though he looks only to be 24[/font][/color][/size]

[color=dimgray][font=Century Gothic][size=1][b]Race:[/b] Vampire

[b]Alliance:[/b] AVC

[/size][size=1][b]Physical Description:[/b] [/size][/font][/color][url="http://www.otakuboards.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=24701"][font=Century Gothic][size=1][color=dimgray]Marquis[/color][/size][/font][/url][font=Century Gothic][size=1][color=dimgray]. He stands at about 6'1" while weighing in at 164, and a lean muscle composition. He is normally seen in a black three piece suit, with black leather gloves that cover half his forearm and trench coat no matter what the weather. His eyes are a piercing ice blue and radiate his true age, while his pale skin and almost black hair creates an exotic appearance.

[b]Weapons:[/b] Marquis uses a variety of weapons mainly consisting two wakisashi swords he fondly calls Alpha and Omega (see attachment) hidden well under his coat, the blades have a white hot appearance due to being cooled in holy water as well as bear the Bible passage Revelations 1:8 enscribed into them "I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty". [/color][/size][/font]
[font=Century Gothic][size=1][color=dimgray][/color][/size][/font]
[font=Century Gothic][size=1][color=dimgray]He also caries two silver 8 inch daggers one on each side that he is rather adept at throwing. As well as two [url="http://www.otakuboards.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=24702"].40 hanguns[/url] holstered on his lower back in between his two wakizashi's.

[b]Abilities:[/b] Aside from the usual vampiric traits of super speed, unholy strenght, heightened senses, extreme healing, though Marquis excels far above average in speed and agility, which might be due to his Dark Gift of being able to turn into mist, doing so weakens him greatly and uses almost all of his blood supply. Though through the gift he has learned a lesser application of defying gravity allowing him to walk on walls and ceilings as well as short range flight. [/color][/size][/font]
[font=Century Gothic][size=1][color=dimgray][/color][/size][/font]
[font=Century Gothic][size=1][color=dimgray]Aside from his in-human abilities Marquis is a gifted fighter having years to perfect technique. He has a talent for dual weilding weapons, which he mainly uses in a combination of several styles.[/color][/size][/font]

[size=1][color=dimgray][font=Century Gothic][b]Personality:[/b] Born and raised as a noble Marquis's action show this although he once was a wreckless fool. He values his honor and tries to maintain calm composure and dignity at all times. Somewhat indecisive until he makes his decision, then he is stubborn until someone can prove him wrong. He is quick to forgive those who ask for it at least for minor things, and believes everyone deserves a second chance, but he will seldom give it. To those who he thinks enemies, or have done wrong are hunted with ruthless percision. For him everything happens for a reason, and even the damned can serve god. Marquis hopes to one day find peace, or make it as he would say.

[b]Biography:[/b] Born to a Noble French family Marquis was heir to the title of Count DeBray held by his family line for generations. He recieved a vast education, as well being trained in many forms of combat. [/font][/color][/size]
[font=Century Gothic][size=1][color=dimgray][/color][/size][/font]
[font=Century Gothic][size=1][color=dimgray]Though his wealth and status made him arrogant, and he insulted many and dueled more. Though one late night he insulted the wrong person at a tavern. When asked to a duel, Marquis accepted without delay and followed the man outside to an alley. [/color][/size][/font]
[font=Century Gothic][size=1][color=dimgray][/color][/size][/font]
[font=Century Gothic][size=1][color=dimgray]The fight was short and ended in Marquis running the man through, but he still stood as a sickly smile grew showing elongated pointed teeth. Though the life of the undead was not meant for him that night, before the vampire could take his meal, he found a silver stake protruding from his chest. Though Marquis was blind to it at that point he had come face to face with another enemy, The Brotherhood. [/color][/size][/font]
[font=Century Gothic][size=1][color=dimgray][/color][/size][/font]
[font=Century Gothic][size=1][color=dimgray]Marquis was soon wrapped up in the whirlwind of the Brotherhood, finding the faith of a zealot, he hunted the creatures of the night with merceless passion and fury in the name of God. Blind by youth and passion on an assignment to protect a noblewoman from a creature of the night, he found himself seduced by the woman. He hadn't even realized what was happening untill his vision began to blur as a woman loomed over him her lips peeled back reveiling fangs deep into his flesh.[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Century Gothic][size=1][color=dimgray][/color][/size][/font]
[font=Century Gothic][size=1][color=dimgray]Marquis had become what he was hunting, what he thought he hated. With his so called faith shattered by becoming one of the cursed, he sought out true faith, he searched for a path from what he was to the life he lost. During this time he traveled in half dilerium wandering from city to city, and country to country looking for peace within himself. [/color][/size][/font]
[font=Century Gothic][size=1][color=dimgray][/color][/size][/font]
[font=Century Gothic][size=1][color=dimgray]Much had changed when he finally found it, mostly himself. He returned home with strange curved swords, among other trinkets, honor, discipline and new faith, in god, himself, and karma. [/color][/size][/font]
[font=Century Gothic][size=1][color=dimgray][/color][/size][/font]
[font=Century Gothic][size=1][color=dimgray]Around this time is when he first came in contact with the AVC. He became a well known member in short amount of time, for his unusual dark gift, fighting ability, as well as being a former member of The Brotherhood. Using his talents and knowledge he found himself a successful member of AVC Black Ops. [/color][/size][/font]
[font=Century Gothic][size=1][color=dimgray][/color][/size][/font]
[font=Century Gothic][size=1][color=dimgray]Though in light of the recent events, his past knowledge and experience he has been relieved of his normal assignments to help pursue those known as the Blood Brood...[/color][/size][/font]
[size=1][color=#696969]OOC: I hope thats allright, let me know if there is anything I can change.[/color][/size]
[size=1][color=#696969]P.S. Sorry if it seems scattered, because thats how my brain is today:animeknow [/color][/size]
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[size=1][b]Name:[/b] Daiyu [she has had a few surnames, but all have since been legally removed]
[b]Gender:[/b] Female
[b]Age:[/b] 59, appears to be in her late teens to early twenties
[b]Race:[/b] Half-Breed
[b]Alliance:[/b] GSD

[b]Physical Description:[/b] Despite her age, [url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v332/PicKitty/RandomPicchus/002.jpg][b]Daiyu[/b][/url] appears to others as several decades younger than she actually is. The only physical trait she has of her biological father is a pair of platinum gray eyes. Daiyu stands at merely five feet six inches tall, and is slim and lightweight. On her right shoulder she bears a brand mark, signifying that she is half-human, half-vampire, which she received from the VVRO. Her back and neck are covered in scars she received from her time in the Relief House. She wears a grayish-purple qípáo that reaches just past her knees, with the sleeves cutting off slightly above her elbows and the collar standing several centimeters high, resting around her jaw. Though not traditionally worn with one, around her waist she wears a black metal belt to which her holsters attach. She also wears black shoes with a single strap on them. Her long, dark brown hair is usually pulled back in a single or two braids, very rarely being worn down.

[b]Weapons:[/b] Daiyu carries two [url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/S%26W_Model_500][b]Model 500 Revolvers[/b][/url] with her at all times, despite how heavy these guns are. She wears them in two black, custom-made holsters that attach to the belt over her waist.

[b]Abilities:[/b] Being part vampire, Daiyu is granted a longer life span than the average human, a slower aging appearance, and extremely enhanced strength. Because of this, she could be extremely good at hand-to-hand combat, but she prefers to use her twin Model 500 Revolvers. While a normal human would have difficulty carrying only one of these large handguns, Daiyu easily wields both simultaneously. Also, easily apparent by her size, Daiyu is very agile. She is not always smooth on her feet, though, and can be considered clumsy.

[b]Personality:[/b] Daiyu suffers from Catatonic Depression, a sub-type of Major Depressive Disorder (MDD), a condition she developed when she was about six. Her disorder forces her to suffer from constant Major Depressive episodes, where she will experience a range of manifestations during said episodes. Temporary lack of all motor activity, or the opposite, akathisia, where she cannot sit still; mutism, where she will not or cannot speak; inopportune periods of pessimism, and echolalia, or the repetition or echoing of verbal utterances made by another person, are the most common symptoms of her illness that she is forced to live with.

Even when she is not experiencing symptoms of her depression, Daiyu is still very reserved and shy. She has several insecurities, also associated with her youth, that make her almost completely unable to trust others, and very wary of them otherwise. Because of this, she almost always works alone. She is often viewed as a hindrance when partnered or grouped with others because, even though many are aware of her depression, they feel no sympathy for a half-breed. This does not help her near complete inability to cooperate with others. Despite her ever-growing detachment from humans and vampires alike, she has a strong, but unvoiced, desire for a companion that will accept her for who she is. However, her shyness and trust issues have thus far made finding such a person, or creature, very difficult.

[b]Biography:[/b] Daiyu?s mother was cornered and raped by a vampire when she was only eighteen years old. Because she was attacked in a dark alley in Hong Kong, she did not know that the culprit wasn?t human. After telling her parents, they kept it secret and sped up the date for her wedding, as she was in an arranged marriage to a Chinese businessman about ten years older than she was. Seven months after her wedding, she gave birth to Daiyu. Even though she was born a little over nine months after being conceived, she appeared premature, and that is what she told her husband to keep him from being suspicious. Despite her appearance, she was quite healthy and taken back home.

Her peculiar eye color baffled both her parents ? her mother still unaware that her child?s father was actually a vampire ? but they passed it off as genetics at work. Other than that, Daiyu seemed like a normal, human baby. Her vampire traits did not surface until she was four, demonstrated by her lifting up a car about to run over a dog that she had been chasing. The incident was not seen by many people other than the driver of the car and her mother, so any stories that had been shared did not get much press. However, her mother became concerned regarding the truth about Daiyu?s father, having learned that a large number of vampires was recently subdued by the GSD. The vampires were said to have been terrorizing Hong Kong and other parts of China for over a decade, making it possible that her assailant that night four years ago was actually a vampire.

Daiyu?s mother?s worries were supported further when she found her daughter drinking up her own blood after getting a cut. She decided she should come clean with her husband and tell him that Daiyu was not his daughter. Her husband, upon hearing the news, grew angry, and tried to force her to abandon Daiyu, but she would not. A little before this time, a small group of people surfaced, calling themselves the Vampire Victim Relief Organization, or VVRO. It had been revealed that several of the vampires caught had not only killed people during their terrorizing of China, but had raped several women, too. The VVRO said they would take the children these victims?s bore if they were difficult to care for or if they couldn?t handle raising a child and knew that the father was a vampire. When he discovered the VVRO, he contacted them immediately, and they came one night and took the five year old Daiyu away. She never saw her mother again.

The VVRO housed Daiyu and the other children in a large building they called the Relief House where they were branded on their right shoulder with a crucifix-shaped mark above the word ?half? upon their arrival. Only about sixty children, ranging from the ages of one to fourteen years old, were given to the VVRO. Most looked nothing like a vampire, aside from minor physical features, while others had pasty white skin and large, sharp teeth. Very few actually desired blood, though all of them could admit to liking the taste of it. The VVRO was run by religious extremists that wanted to rid the world of vampires that did such despicable things to humans, and planned to turn the children into weapons. The group lasted only five years, despite their much larger plans, and all efforts for expansion out of China had failed as well. It was the GSD that discovered them, and they immediately shut them down. Despite how short the organization lasted, the children suffered from painful physical and emotional scars. It was during Daiyu?s stay with in the Relief House that she developed her Catatonic Depression.

While the VVRO and the Relief House were shutting down, almost all of the older children were convinced that life would always be horrible for them, not being fully human or vampire, and took their own lives. Most of the remaining children, for one reason or another, decided to flee the scene before the GSD members could catch them. Daiyu was one of the few that did not leave the building, not knowing where else to go. An older man found her lying motionless in a heap near her old sleeping quarters, and at first thought she was dead. But upon discovering that she was still alive, he picked her up and brought her with him back to London.

The man?s name was Dr. Benjamin Lloyd, a member of the GSD, whose only daughter had Just recently passed away from cancer. He adopted Daiyu as his own, raised her, and also tried to get her out of her constant depression. But the damage that had been done was irreversible, and she simply could not be relieved of her ailment. But while she lived with him, her symptoms were not as severe as they later would become, and she would talk and associate with people he introduced her to. After her eighteenth birthday, she was invited to join the GSD. She accepted the invitation, but only after receiving a bit of encouragement from her adopted father.

When she turned twenty-five, Lloyd passed away. Daiyu had grown quite attached to him, despite how emotionless she always seemed around him. She had decided for a while that she would leave the organization, no longer having any connection with them. But she was convinced that she should take a break instead. When she returned to the GSD after her year-long leave, she seemed to have lost all motivation to interact with the others. Before Lloyd?s death, it was known that she was a half-breed, but it was not seen as an issue. But afterwards, many felt that she was Just a pity case, being allowed into the GSD only because those in charge felt sorry for her, making them spiteful and angry towards her. Daiyu?s self image and feelings have been badly hurt by all the rumors about her over her almost four decades with the GSD, but she has stayed to honor Lloyd?s wishes. She has since become one of a few half-breeds that work at the GSD, but she is still the most disliked.

OOC: Hope I?m not too late. ^_^ I?ve been wanting to get my sign up posted for the past couple days, but I had no inspiration. But here it is [and it?s all up at once! Amazing, lol]. And I hope you don?t mind my creation of the short-lived VVRO. It made things a lot more convenient for the other aspects of my character. But if you want me to change it [or anything else], feel free to PM me.[/size]
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[SIZE=1][color=purple][b]Name:[/b][/color] [color=darkslategray]Xia Dagmar Xalbadora
[i]Birth name is unknown[/i][/color]

[color=purple][b]Gender:[/b][/color] [color=darkslategray]Female[/color]

[color=purple][b]Age:[/b][/color] [color=darkslategray]Approximately 876 years[/color]

[color=purple][b]Race:[/b][/color] [color=darkslategray]Vampire[/color]

[color=purple][b]Alliance:[/b][/color] [color=darkslategray]Alliance of Vampiric Clansmen[/color]

[color=purple][b]Physical Description:[/b][/color] [color=darkslategray][url=http://i93.photobucket.com/albums/l74/Minneymin_2006/dagmar1.jpg][b]Dagmar[/b][/url]
She prefers soft, mellow colors, and more often than not will wear simple black. Her sense of style is impeccable, although never flashy. Instead, she prefers the quieter, classic beauty. Her one article of clothing that Dagmar never goes without are a pair of silk gloves which fit her hands perfectly, and she is never without them.[/color]

[color=darkslategray][list][b]Acupuncture Needles[/b] ? Kept in a small ebony ostrich-leather pouch lined with black silk, each needle is so slender that they are barely visible to the eye, and basically impossible to see when in motion. There are about thirty needles total, with an assortment of sizes from as small as five millimeters to as large as a hand length. The smallest needles are double-tipped, while the largest are topped with polished obsidian beads. These needles, while small, delicate, and refined, can bring salvation or death for the victim, in accordance with the will and knowledge of the wielder. Oftentimes a person will not even notice that they have been pierced by these slivers of weapons, and just the briefest contact can be enough to bring fatality. These needles can be made even more deadly when tipped by the various poisons that Dagmar keeps.[/list]
[list][b]Awls[/b] ? Carved and sharpened from black bone, each awl has been shaped and fire-hardened to fit Dagmar?s hand perfectly. These can be used in close combat as they are small and easily maneuverable in one?s hands, as well as fit for long distance targeting when thrown. Dagmar uses these much like throwing daggers, although the bone awls have no blades ? only diamond-hard points. They are kept threaded through a black leather cord.[/list]
[list]Assorted herbs, poisons, smelling salts, organic chemicals, and various liquid draughts.
An expert apothecary, botanist, and chemist, Dagmar always carries various assortments of drugs and supplements of her own making, results of decades of continuous experimentation and mastery. These she uses for her own purposes, whether to kill, to cause memory loss, to sedate, to heal? There is almost nothing that she cannot do with her collection. She carries different substances with her at different times, while the rest of her assortment are perfectly organized in a set of chests and cases.[/list][/color]

[color=darkslategray][list][b]Shape-shifting[/b] ? Probably the most unique and special of her many abilities, the learned vampire has almost perfected the talent of taking on a form other than her own. She is able to physically change her anatomical appearance and features to duplicate that of another person or animal. However, there is a minimum of ten minutes for each transformation to take place; and the greater the alteration, the more energy is consumed ? the difficulty to prolong the form is also increased.
[i]However[/i], there is one form that Dagmar can take instantaneously and almost indefinitely: that of a [b]bat[/b].[/list]
[list][b]Flight[/b] ? In the form of a bat true flight is achievable. If in human form or another creature?s morph, it is more of a hovering or gliding. The speed of this is completely under Dagmar?s control, so that she can seemingly disappear/reappear, or move instantaneously. However, when in true flight in a bat morph, she is limited to the bat?s speed.[/list]
[list][b]Hypnosis[/b] ? Dagmar is a connoisseur in matters of the psyche, both human and vampire. Her proficiency in hypnosis is that of a specialist. By simply speaking with a person, she is able to discern enough to enter undetected into a person?s mind. With vampires it is a little more difficult to penetrate unnoticed, but usually still quite easy to overpower if necessary. A human?s mind, on the other hand, she knows to be a very delicate construct, and is always very gentle in her treatment and exploration of it. With vampires she is able to use more force with, as they know how to control and manipulate their own consciousness. Dagmar disdains the term ?hypnosis? ? she prefers to say that she is merely ?making friends with the mind,? and using her powers of persuasion to coerce a being?s will to her own if need be. However, the majority of her sessions are only for the gathering of information. Continuous eye contact is unnecessary, although just one glance can be helpful.[/list][/color]

[color=purple][b]Personality:[/b][/color] [color=darkslategray]Contradictory to her appearance, ability, and background, Dagmar is in fact one of the most polite and benevolent people/vampires one can ever meet. She considers it only correct behavior to be well-mannered, and to have a respectful approach towards other people and beings. Courtesy is something that she believes should never be forgotten or disregarded, even towards an enemy. Hundreds of lifetimes have given Dagmar a seemingly endless amount of patience, and it seems almost impossible to evoke real anger from her. There is very little that she fears because of her experiences and her immense power, and so she exudes a quiet but firm confidence that can be comforting. She has a surprisingly soothing presence, and can calm a person with a single touch or word. An expert in emotion, Dagmar knows exactly what kind of action will evoke a particular feeling or sensation.

Despite her welcoming nature and preference to give others the benefit of the doubt, Dagmar rarely ? if ever ? forms close contacts or relationships. She prefers the solitary existence, although she is perfectly comfortable accepting help or partnership when necessary. She never professes anything more than a slight fondness for others, and does not allow further emotional elements to develop. She is clearly independent, although not prideful or arrogant. She is a seeker of knowledge and invention, and her curiosity is the one feeling that she entertains regularly. Sometimes her mischievousness shows itself as well, and she is extremely clever and wise. In all, she is a vampire that is content enjoying the simple and quiet pleasures in life. This, however, does not make her a stranger to taking life, and she is just as capable in that aspect as well.[/color]

[color=darkslategray]The majority of Xia Dagmar Xalbadora is a swirl of rumors and gossip. Her real (birth) name is unknown as a result of hundreds of lifetimes and name changes, as are her relations, year of birth, country of origin?etc. The only things known for sure are that she was born in the early 12th century, before or close to the formation of the Lowendove Brotherhood. It is also known that she was born somewhere in East Asia ? most believe that Dagmar was originally of Korean blood before her turning, although Dagmar herself has never confirmed her origins. How she was actually turned, and at what age, are all subjects of speculation.

What [i]is[/i] known is that the vampiress currently known as Xia Dagmar Xalbadora is a legend amongst their kind. It is said that before the Brotherhood strengthened in power and number, that Dagmar was able to walk in daylight without harm. Throughout the centuries, Dagmar?s cleverness and power was the bane of the Lowendove Brotherhood. Her abilities allowed her to meld perfectly with the human race, and she is known to have masqueraded as various historical figures of importance, influencing the development of the human world. Always expanding the width and breadth of her knowledge and experience, she managed to always stay at least three steps ahead of the Brotherhood, thoroughly frustrating the order. It was only recently brought to light the extent of Dagmar?s influence in the world, as the combination of information and legend provided by the AVC, GSD, and Brotherhood have now revealed or confirmed some of the thousands of rumors and hypotheses. For example, it is now known that Dagmar lived many of her years in various royal families, taking the places of dead or diseased members, and taking authority into her own hands under human guise. The rumors and legends surrounding the possible survival of Anastasia Romanov are most likely to have been started by Dagmar?s abilities. It is also known that she spent quite a few decades studying the ancient medicines and herbal remedies of Asia, also mastering their quickness of body and mind. She is supposedly to have taken the place of a Korean queen who was assassinated ? it is said that she rescued the real queen, and took her place so that the Japanese minister responsible for ordering the execution would believe the queen to be dead.

However, returning to her earlier life, the formation of the Alliance of Vampiric Clansmen confirmed Dagmar?s existence as more than just mere rumor. Despite Dagmar being a member of the AVC, she kept herself only loosely affiliated, rarely showing her face or form. Her preference to keep her distance only increased her legend amongst the vampire clans, which alerted the Brotherhood to her power. Although they attempted to hunt her, no mission was ever successful, and few ever even came near enough to be initiated in the same country as she. Eventually, Dagmar stopped taking such large human roles, although the Brotherhood never stopped trying to get rid of her. As a result, many members of the Brotherhood nurse a grudge against her. She, however, does not acknowledge this, or even the fact that many wish to take her undead life. Before 1900 she would make the rare appearance to the AVC, to show her support of their policies and goals. The GSD attempted to contact her through the AVC to ask her to join their ranks as well, but Dagmar declined their offer gracefully.

Beginning from the 1910?s, she began to show herself more often, and worked more with other vampires in furthering the course of action of the AVC. Dagmar has come into contact with almost all of the vampires of the AVC in some way, shape, or form; and she is also aware and knowledgeable of most of them as well. Far older and far more learned than most, she kept it a priority to be familiar with the information and pasts of most vampires. Thus, she knows of many, even if they have never met or spoken to her. All members or ex-members of the Alliance she knows by name and face, including the members of the newly formed Blood Brood, and she knows most of the political movements between the groups, even if she does not get involved. With current members, chances are that she has had some contact with them.

At the appearance of the Blood Brood in 2010, Dagmar has returned to London to cement herself to the tri-alliance and goal of eliminating the current three members of the Brood. While normally she would allow the AVC, GSD, and Brotherhood to handle things on their own, she feels that perhaps the threat the Blood Brood imposes is potentially large enough to warrant her involvement. She also feels that it is a good opportunity to smooth and bolster relationships with the Brotherhood.[/color][/SIZE]
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[size=1][b]Name:[/b] Nikolai Zashchit

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Age:[/b] 95 years, appears in his late 30's.

[b]Race:[/b] Vampire

[b]Alliance:[/b] Blood Brood

[b]Physical Description:[/b] Nikolai stands at about six feet, three inches. He weighs roughly 110lbs and resembles a skin covered corpse. His hair is a swatch of untidy black. His brilliantly orange eyes are sunk deep into his head. Each rib is easily counted, and his hips protrude nearly to grotesque amounts. He usually wears a simple black button up with a white tshirt underneath, and a faded, lighter pair of jeans.

[b]Weapons:[/b] A simple Smith and Wesson Bulls-eye Black Ops Knife. Quick and quiet. (see picture)

[b]Biography:[/b] Nikolai was born in Russia in a small village in the middle of nowhere. His family farmed. Cows. Goats. Some chickens. The usual poor, Motherland folk. They never made much in the way of profit, just enough to get by. But that never bothered Nikolai. He was always pushed to go to school by his father. Unlike some of the children there, he always had a thirst for knowledge. In 1944, after finishing grade school with straight A's, and quickly picking up the English language, Nikolai enrolled in the Moscow Power Engineering Institute. After attaining his degree in Electrical Engineering, he moved to America, the land of opportunity.

In New York city, he was employed by a large Electric Company. Along with a sizable salary, he discovered yet another aspect to his 28 year old mind. All through school, he'd never had a girlfriend. He used to think it was because he solely concentrated on his work, and didn't have time for commitment. But with the homosexual underground of New York sprawling before him, he finally found love... Even if it was in the most carnal of ways.

He spent ten wonderful years working during the day, and going home to his various lovers during the night. Around 1950, he began noticing small things. He'd been catching more colds. Waking up in the night with cold sweats. He'd lost a lot of weight. Nikolai went to the doctors, and they put him on a rigorous antibiotic regiment which did nothing but make him more ill.

For ten years he was in and out of the hospitals. No one seemed to have a cure, and no one seemed to know what was wrong with him. His symptoms worsened to the point of needing constant hospitalization by 1960. Nikolai never lived lived to see the end of the year. In October of 1960, he was laying in his hospital bed, dying and knowing it. No one, not even himself, expected him to see the next day. He had a visitor, not the first, but a rarity in the later stages of his disease.

The man introduced himself as John Siegmann, a proprietor of second chances. He talked of a supernatural world unknown, though suspected, by humanity. A world of vampires. He asked Nikolai if he was ready to die. "No."

After a few years, Nikolai concluded that he was given a second chance for a reason. The AIDS virus, which his sickness had come to be known as, was of human fault. It was slowly thinning out the population, but not fast enough. Through advancements in medical technology, he found that his vampiric body still harbored the virus, though dormant, and transferred it through bites. For the rest of his afterlife, Nikolai swore to infect and kill as many humans as possible, through this slow, painful, deadly disease as a way of paying humanity back for creating it.

He mainly stalked in Africa, spreading AIDS with an inhuman speed through a few well placed cure rumors (having sex with virgins, burning condoms). The people there didn't know any better. They took to the cures like flies to a honey pot, and spread them and the virus far and wide.

The Lowendove Brotherhood captured him in 2008, keeping him caged in a cell and feeding him animal blood to survive. During his incarceration, he worked tirelessly to improve his budding mental abilities. Telekinesis, Telepathy, Precognition. Nikolai would sit up late into the mornings trying to figure out why they kept him alive, all the time honing his mind into a razor sharp weapon. His answer came in the form of a needle. They injected him, and immediately pain overcame his body.

He could feel his muscles cramping as the virus suddenly sprang back to life, traveling and somehow multiplying in his cold, dead blood. He felt it seep into his brain and corrode his thought. He was thrown back into his cell screaming in agony and seizing hard enough to snap a mortals back. In the red haze of pain, he didn't notice the passage of time, or the physical mutations occurring. Only that he saw Hyde standing at the place his cell door had been moments ago. The pain stopped. He stood, knowing his purpose wasn't fulfilled. The virus ran through his veins like blood. And what better use for blood was there, than to spill it?

[b]Abilities:[/b]Along with the normal Vampire attributes of increased speed, agility, and senses, he's developed an interesting side effect from the serum. Prior to the mutation, Nikolai had latent mental abilities he was honing. Post mutation, his mental powers manifested themselves in an entirely new form. Two half inch diameter holes appeared in his wrists, just above the main veins and arteries of the arm. From these, Nikolai can spray the mutated AIDS virus into the air, infecting anyone that breathes it in, vampire or otherwise. This virus gives Nikolai a kind of telepathic/biologic bond with the individual. He can see through their eyes, sense what they're thinking, and pinpoint their exact location. Conditioned minds, and vampiric minds dampen these abilities.

With this ability comes a price. Normal blood alone can't sustain Nikolai for long, anymore. He needs dirty blood. AIDS, TB, Influenza, Hepatitis, any disease. The contrast is like giving a man a cracker (clean blood), then giving him a four course meal (dirty blood). Without consuming the dirty blood, his viral stockpiles can become dangerously low. Not only does he lose his most potent weapon, but he also begins to go into a coma-like state until the virus in his body can multiply enough to get it back up to the concentrated norm.

[b]Personality:[/b] Nikolai used to be a very happy, outgoing, idealistic man. Now he's a shell of his former self, in more ways than one. With his corpse-like exterior comes a brooding and sinister interior. There's not a moment that goes by he doesn't want to either infect or kill something. His rage is only matched by his hunger. He constantly needs to replenish his disease with dirty blood. The hunger of a normal vampire is bad enough. Coupled with the overwhelming urge to spread disease, and kill he's a fanatic in every sense of the word. His fanaticism? Infection.[/size]
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Wait for it.... wait for it... and....

[size=3][b][u]Sign Ups Closed![/b][/u][/size]

Check back in a few to see who made the cut. Thank you all for your sign ups. I appreciate all the effort you all have made in creating interesting characters.

Even if you don't make it in, bravo all around.

Be back in a few.


Okay people, the list is in. I am slightly dissapointed by a few unfinished, or unposted sign ups, but I think we have a large enough cast as it is.

Here we go.

[b]Dragon Warrior[/b] as [i]Mercutio Nikolai[/i]
[b]Sakura[/b] as [i]Julia Kimura[/i]
[b]BKStyles[/b] as [i]Virgil Kingston[/i]
[b]Eclipse[/b] as [i]Caitlin Hurst[/i]
[b]vicky[/b] as [i]Theodore[/i]
[b]Gavin[/b] as [i]Fr. Sergei Geser [/i]
[b]Blayze[/b] as [i]Father Jakob Whistler[/i]
[b]di.fm[/b] as [i]Hyde[/i]
[b]Athena[/b] as [i]Amelia Bernadette[/i]
[b]Kitty[/b] as [i]Daiyu[/i]
[b]Revelation[/b] as [i]Nicoleta Celestine Devalos[/i]
[b]Cyriel[/b] as [i]Xia Dagmar Xalbadora[/i]
[b]Corey[/b] as [i]Nikolai Zashchit[/i]


[b]Myself[/b] as [i]David Sumerkalis[/i]

Alright, now that that's done, I have to address something. Due to the large cast and required coordination we'll all have to have in order for this to be successful, I have to imply a few rules.

[b]Chapter System[/b]: This RPG is going to follow a slight chapter system in which I will place who all will be posting at a certain time, along with a vague description of what should be done doing this time. I don't want to take to much control, so I'm merely acting as a director in this aspect. There will be a time limit (a gracious one, but a limit none the less) for how long you can go without posting. If you do not post within this time limit without giving me a good reason for not doing so, then your character will [b]Die[/b].

Which leads me to my next point.

[b]Death:[/b] For members who do not post when needed and do not give a reason, your character will die. I will post that you did not follow the time limit and have the next person post. After this, I will be forced to have a post where your character will meet their grizzly end. Being how we have such a large cast, it won't take much coaxing for me to axe someone's character. So you are not just posting for your place in what I hope to be a great epic, but also for the lives of your characters.

[b]Other:[/b] if you personally have any kind of complaints, questions, or suggestions for the direction of the story, then please PM them with me so I can deal with, or okay your complaints/suggestions. I'm open for anything, so if you have any cool ideas, then feel free. I do have a very basic structure for the way I want things to go, but it's open for improvement.

I believe that is all. I thank you all who have signed up, and I am sorry if you did not make it. We have a large cast as is. Congratulations to you who have made it. Now let's make this one to remember.

The beginning post will come shortly to the Square. Post any questions in the Underground.

That will be all. Thanks again.

- [b]The Boss[/b]

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