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CDs you've played through 20 or more times


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[SIZE="1"][COLOR="HotPink"]Well. I have a few... for sure, that is. I do skip alot of songs.. But occasionally I just chill, and listen to a full album. In some cases, like Circle Takes the Square or The Number 12 Looks Like You, I just go from the first song to the end, and the start over. And sometimes I have phases in which I play the cd every single freaking day.

So, I originally put 40 or more times, but perhaps that was too much for most people.

Strike the Choir- It's Worth It ep...

I literally have played this cd almost a hundred times. I got it at their CD release show, and for a wile I played it everyday. It's still one of my most precious CDs.. Great band.

The Number 12 Looks Like You- Nuclear. Sad. Nuclear.

It's so EPIC! The album that grabbed me and made The Number 12 one of my favorites, definitely. They really do have it all there... Well, everything I wanted from a band, and more. Thank you guys, for getting me into odd time signature bands! Wooh!

Heavy Heavy Low Low- Everyone's Watched, Everyone's Watching

How could you not play this more than 20 times? It's like... 15-20 minutes long.. But it's still freaking awesome. At first, however, I didn't know what to make of the band.. But now they're definitely one of my favorites.. Like Norma Jean on crack.

Underoath- The Changing of Times

By far, Underoath's best album... (Define the Great Line is really good and all... but this is just... well. Epic.) Broken heart albumsssss T___T. It's a really sad album, but it makes you feel really good and tingly on the inside (bammm). One of my favorites of all time. Yes, indeed.

The Cops Killed Kenny- The North Star Is Nowhere to be Found

Well, I've been through my band's new album maybe 45678543 times... Definitely more than 20. I'm kind of self conscience about it, so I listen to it all the time, and try and think like some other person... would they like this? would they like that? It may be the most played album on my iPod.. besides It's Worth It, that is.

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[font=arial][size=1]Uhhh. All of them. If they weren't worth listening to 20 times then I don't know why I'd buy/download it in the first place.

That link takes you to my last.fm album list, where it tells you how many tracks I've played off of each album, organizing them by most tracks played. For example, there's no way I've listened to Saetia - A Retrospective all the way through 1300 times. Those are individual tracks.[/font][/size]
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[SIZE="1"][COLOR="HotPink"]Respect there man. Re-spect. I know I've listened to Circle takes the square's "As the Roots Undo" more than 20 times... and Enter Shikari's Take it to the Skies. Both are absolutely "epic"... Different, though. One is like abunch of stuff being slammed around, and breaking... and the other is like robots in a technovsinstruments fight... with alot of voxx.. [/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[I]Brighten the Corners[/I] by Pavement. I've said many times that it was my introduction to good music, and it's definitely the most accessible Pavement album I've ever heard--one of the most accessible non-mainstream albums I've heard period, really--so it was an ideal starting point. I don't know exactly how many times I went through it, but I think there were a few months after I discovered it when it might've been [I]all[/I] I listened to. I've been pretty burned out on it since, so I actually don't remember most of it anymore.
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[FONT=Arial]Like [COLOR="DarkRed"]Goodbye, Face[/COLOR] there, mostly everything in my library is proverbially dog-eared. Notables are Unearthed (E.S. Posthumus); Only The Beginning (Chicago [27?]); Once (Nightwish); Hybrid Awaken and Wall of Sound (Lunar); and The Ring (Keiko Matsui)

I had some John Williams, but I threw it away because it was synth, and not the original instrumentation.[/FONT]
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heed[COLOR="1234"][B]Avenged Sevenfold - City of Evil[/B]
I don't care who you are, A7X's City of Evil is an amazing album, making it one of my most listened to CD's. I love every track on this album, no matter what. But songs like Beast and the Harlot I don't listen to much anymore cause those songs are EVERYWHERE I GO! waking the Fallen is one of the only metalcore CDs I like, but I have only listened to it about 13 times.

[B]Breaking Benjamin - Phobia & We Are Not Alone[/B]
Even though I don't listen to them much anymore, I still admire BB. They aren't like WOW HOLY **** THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!111!!1, but the albums are a little bit of proof that Breaking Benjamin offers a little different taste to the Post-Grunge mainstream. Why I've listened to both albums, IDK 54 times or more.

[B]Coheed and Cambria - Every album they've released![/B]
Do you really want me to explain myself again and my love for these guys. Plus if youa sk my friends, I have an obsession. They are a very good band, and they add a little oomph to music now a days. Plus GAIBS4:FFTTEOM fills me with rage every time I hear Welcome Home. And Wake Up is me and my gf's song.

[B]Fair to Midland - Fables from a Mayfly[/B]
These guys are another epic band, they've been compared to Co&Ca as well as TMV. Some people on the boards might not think so, but I do, and listen to the album, it's very creative. I DARE you guys to go out and buy it.

[B]Mudvayne - Lost & Found[/B]
Despite the fact that a lot of the better songs are on The End of all Things to Come, this album has been played more. They are a bit different form other Nu-MEtal groups IMO, and they are quite enjoyable for me.

[B]Three Days Grace - One-X[/B]
I don't even listen to it now, but I love this album, it's pretty good, if you like the genre.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR="HotPink"][SIZE="1"]That reminds me. I've definitely listened to III by Coheed and Cambria many times, considering it's another of my favorites...

I also believe that I've listened to AFI's Sing the Sorrow maybe 40 times, (a la Clurr). It's really still enjoyable, while I kind of don't like decemberunderground so much, Sing the Sorrow is definitely a great epic album... One of those that made me get into a bit of post-punk and popcore bands.

I havn't ever really counted how many times I listen to music.. I listen to a different album, every night, right before falling to sleep, and listen to a few songs every morning, sometimes from the album from the night before...

If only I counted, I bet I've finished alot more. :][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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"Epic" is not a word I'd use to describe [i]any[/i] of the bands you listed. Some are "good"...but "epic"? I don't see where you get that.

Agalloch-Ashes Against the Grain:

Amazing record.

Arsis-United In Regret:

Amazing record.

Slechtvalk-The War That Plagues The Land:

This is an [i]epic[/i] record.

Amon Amarth-With Oden On Our Side/Versus The World:

These are [i]epic[/i] records.

Pantera-Cowboy From Hell:

By far the best Pantera record.

Iron Maiden-The Number of the Beast:


Johnny Cash-Legend:

Amazing compilation.

Slayer-Reign In Blood

Slayer at their best, by far. Though, Christ Illusion ain't bad.

Yep. There you go.

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[QUOTE]Pantera-Cowboy From Hell:

By far the best Pantera record.[/QUOTE]
I preferred vulgar display of power but that's only because I really really really really like walk...don't care how popular it is. That song makes me pissed every time. But primal concrete sledge is a no ****ing joke..

[QUOTE]Slayer-Reign In Blood

Slayer at their best, by far. Though, Christ Illusion ain't bad.[/QUOTE]
I prefer south of heaven to this because that albums sounds darker to me...but they are both ****ing great albums. (I have listened to Angel of Death about 100 times by itself...)
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I've probly also listened to my whole collection over 20 tiems but I have a few notables.

Freak Show- Silverchair

Their best album by far, there is such a difference between them at their prime and right now.

...And Justice For All- Metallica
There is a one word reason behind this. One

Angeldust- Faith No More

Once more, a very cool album.
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[SIZE="1"][COLOR="HotPink"]Lol, Sorry I say Epic alot? So here it goes again.

Fear Before the March of Flames- Odd How People Shake

One of the best post-hardcore may ever see. EPIC. :] Makes me feel all sad, and then happy, and some parts of just are... well. Dance-worthy. The melodic parts aren't bad, the hardcore parts are good. The time signatures. Love them. Dual vox. Great. Dual guitars. Swwweeet.

I second that motion for the Amon Amarth album With Oden On Our Side, I've listened to it many times lately... It's epic, as well. It could've been longer though... But I do have the bonus disc that came with it, that has a few demos and live songs, so I'm satisfied. Viking sword slinging reign of terror and emotion death metal? Hope that genre makes it onto purevolume and myspace.

Children of Bodom- Follow The Reaper/Hate Crew Deathroll/ Hatebreeder

I used to listen to CoB all the time, before I got into newer types of... bands. I still listen to these albums occasionally and of course CoB is still an awesome band. Influenced me, when I was younger, still do today.

Now before anyone makes fun of me, I like many different kinds of music... and this one album really gets to me... It's a good album, really is! It's got speed, and great teen spirit to it, and the instruments and vox sound pretty nice to me. It's not another pop album, and who cares whether or not you like what their new sound sounds like?

Fall Out Boy- Evening Out With Your Girlfriend

It's a great album, really, and have decency, I know someone may say something about the band... But atleast actually know what the songs on the album sound like first. Like I said, it's fast stuff, and the time signatures are really fun, the vox are all poppy, but more like.. well, they are, but kind not all sugared up lol. Best pop punk album.

Alesana- On Frail Wings Of Vanity and Wax

Well, this band is just fun, and can make generic music into something kind of original! :D It's great though... The first time I saw them on stage I fell in love... Triple guitarists, Vox from two of the guitarists and some from the guy just running around, and then alot of time sig changes! All of this is on the album as well, and it's a great one... You can tell it took a lot of work to make it.

Gorillaz- Demon Days

lol... Uh, well It's one of my favorite hiphop hybrid whatever bands... Ncie guitar and synth and bass, of course, the vocals and rap mix well with each other, the quirkyness lightens everything up, and then you'll have a few sad parts... I don't know how to explain it. [/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[quote name='Goodbye, Face'][font=arial][size=1]Uhhh. All of them. If they weren't worth listening to 20 times then I don't know why I'd buy/download it in the first place.[/font][/size][/QUOTE]Exactly, unless it's music for school or teaching, if I don't like something enough to listen to it more than a few times, I don't bother to get it. XP

And instead of getting into an absurdly long list... it's easier to say that recently, music where I've listened to the cd more than twenty times, would be stuff by Bach and Rachmaninoff. I certainly have enough of their works to cycle through, in face I'm currently listening to one of the piano concertos by Rachmaninoff. I'm quite certain I've heard those more than a mere twenty times.
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[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][COLOR="Red"]For me that would be....

Dir en Grey-'Withering to Death'


the first Headbanger's Ball CD

Combichrist- 'Get Your Body Beat'

Cradle of Filth-'Nymphetamine'

The Nightmare Before Christmas (special edition)

'Dimmu Borgir- 'Death Cult Armageddon'


The first Fullmetal Alchemist Original Soundtrack

Nightmare of You-'Nightmare of You'

Nightwish-'Century Child' and 'Once'

Slipknot-'Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses'

....and a bunch of mixed CDs that have downloaded songs on them.
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[quote name='PWNED']

Angeldust- Faith No More

Once more, a very cool album.[/QUOTE]

Very nice choice. I'm sure I've listened to that one over 20 times.

Mr Bungle - Disco Volante - There was a point in time where this was my favorite album. The experimental metal sent shockwaves through my body. All of the Mr Bungle albums were grand with either their amazingly complicated composition, or cool lyrics.

Edan - The Beauty and the Beat - An amazing rap album with awesome metaphors and dope rhyming. Sounds like a rap god busting out his finest over rock albums being played on a phonograph in a gymnasium.

Frank Zappa - We're only in it for the Money/Lumpy Gravy - I'm grouping these albums together because it's basically the first and second phase of an amazing album. Frank Zappa was an innovator and his sarcasm is often hilarious over this experimental rock/jazz masterpiece.

There's plenty more, but if you're looking for some good tunes you should probably start with those.
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[B][COLOR=Navy][FONT=Book Antiqua]Sehnsucht[/FONT][/COLOR][/B][COLOR=Navy][FONT=Book Antiqua] by Rammstein.
Amazing album, really. I love these guys, as you can tell, and this is one of their very best. Sehnsucht (song) and Küss Mich (Fellfrosch) are my favourites within the favourite.

[B]I brought you my bullets, you brought me your love[/B] By My Chemical Romance.
These guys disappoint me, lately. Their newest album has one or two good songs, and a lot of 'hits' that just sound like crap. But their oldest album, this one, is by far the best they'll ever put out, and they should be remembered for it, rather than The Black Parade. Favourite songs: Our Lady of Sorrows and another I can't remember.

Speaking of 'epic'...
[B]Nevermind[/B] by Nirvana.
Words cannot express what this album means to me. Basically my entire life thus far. I grew up in the grunge era, and Nirvana is etched in my heart (and ankle, I have a RIP Kurt tattoo), so I frown when a comment is made like 'Grunge destroyed metal' and 'he can't even play guitar', because he's an important figure in my life.

[B]The Downward Spiral[/B] by Nine Inch Nails
Beautiful songwriting, by the greatest musician in modern history (IMO). This is just a beautiful album, and Trent Reznor is simply a beautiful person.

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[SIZE="1"][FONT="Verdana"][B]Linkin Park[/B] - Hybrid Theory
[B]REVILE/The Barfight[/B] (a local band) - (various demos)
[B]Crossfade[/B] - Crossfade
[B]Rammstein[/B] - Herzeleid, Sehnsucht, Mutter, Reise, Reise, Rosenrot, Live Aus Berlin

By far the most album that has been the most listened to would have to by Hybrid Theory. I can listen to that CD from start to finish without skipping through the CD. It's the best album they've made, everything just got slightly worse with each of their releases after that.

Sad really.

The Rammstein albums have all been thoroughly listened through countless times. There's never an occasion which doesn't fit a Rammstein song. :animesmil[/FONT][/SIZE]
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[quote name='Nomad'][SIZE=1][FONT=Verdana]The Rammstein albums have all been thoroughly listened through countless times. There's never an occasion which doesn't fit a Rammstein song. :animesmil[/FONT][/SIZE][/quote]

[COLOR=Navy][FONT=Book Antiqua]Amen to that.
I've only owned Herzeleid, Sehnsucht, and Mutter. So naturally those are my favourites.

I've listened to Hybrid Theory countless times as well, but Linkin Park just isn't my thing anymore.
Meteora was pretty good.
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