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2010: How will you say it ?


How will you say it ?  

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  1. 1. How will you say it ?

    • Two Thousand and Ten
    • Two Thousand Ten
    • Twenty Ten

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[SIZE=1]Based on an off-hand remark between myself and a friend during a conversation today I'm curious how people are going to refer to the coming year, that is to say will you say [B]two thousand and ten[/B],[B] two thousand ten[/B] or [B]twenty-ten[/B], and why ?

Personally I fall into the latter camp of twenty ten, simply because it's the fluid to say and most modern sounding by comparison, two thousand and ten, or the shorter two thousand ten are rather a mouthful. Added to that most almost every pronunciation of a year occurring after 2009 up to and possibly including the next millennium use the twenty x form.
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Twenty ten sounds the catchiest to me.

I'm wondering what the graduating kiddos are going to call their classes. Class of "ten"? Before there were class of ninety nine... With the single digits (excluding zero) the "o" was added like in o' one, o' two, etc. So once it gets to double digits again, I wonder if they're going to refer to it as standard numbers.
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[SIZE="1"][color=#35425e]^ Very KISS, Allamorph.

It's "twenty-ten" for me.

On a different note, how will this decade be referred to by our offspring? There was "the 20's", "the 30's" and so forth, but I've never really heard of the 1910-1919 decade as "the 10's".[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[quote name='Boo'][font=lucida fax]"Twenty ten" sounds extremely awful.[/font][/QUOTE]

[COLOR="DarkOrchid"][FONT="Times New Roman"]But just think. We can all pretend it's some kind of cool police abbreviation for like some sort of awesome crime.

Like... goose juggling.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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I think I will be saying two thousand ten out of habit, I alsways said two thousand ___ for 2000-2009 so, I don't think that will change soon. Time seems to be moving really fast lately, today I accidentaly put 09 for the year when writing the date, and I also put that the month was October, which is waayy off. It seems as if you just get used to the new month and it changes doesn't it?
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