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Let's Do A Timewarp [Again!]

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[quote name='Sara'][FONT=secret font!][SIZE=3]Oh, man. Life's so crazy.

I should really thank you for all those late-night telephone conversations we had a few years ago. You're like the slightly-deranged older brother I never had. [/SIZE][/FONT][/quote]

You know, we hop on Skype and those late-night phone conversations could see a most glorious revival.

The stories I have to tell, hooboy!
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Who: Member since like August 2001.
Where: Southeast Washington State
What: Still at college working on a transfer degree and then a photography degree. Then I am off to Bible college in Wyoming and then work as a freelance photojournalist.
When [i.e. Back Then]: Talked and hung out with Charles a lot. Lurked on forums. Made a lot of friends and made a lot of AIM chats. I was notorious for those, haha
Favourite Things About OB:
Charles, Syk3, Shy, Shin, Des, list goes on. Community in general. Coherent posters.
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[color=#4B0082][b]Who:[/b] Member since September 2001, staff since February 2002, administrator since July 2005.

[b]Where:[/b] Northern California, so close yet so far from many other members.

[b]What:[/b] Working part time after graduating from high school. Should probably go back to college at some point. Been a bit detached from OB lately while focusing on other stuff like watching anime, fansubbing anime, learning about video encoding so I can encode anime better... I mainly lurk and do back end work on the site.

[b]When [i.e. Back Then]:[/b] I was the resident Legend of Zelda guru and spent most of my time in the Zelda and Nintendo forums. I was as big a gamer as my small budget allowed but didn't actually get into anime until years later, so I hardly ever visted the anime forums. I dabbled in RPGs and had a lot of fun in a few but my interest waned after a while. I've always primarily been a lurker on forums but I participated in a lot of AIM chats and got to know a lot of people over the years. And, of course, there was always moderating to do.

[b]Why:[/b] "Hmm, I should find a new forum to post on... Hey, I think that theOtaku site with the page of dancing Pikachu GIFs I happened upon a while ago had a forum. I'll check it out." Thus was the thought process behind my becoming a member. Anymore, I still hang around because I get to do cool stuff as an admin.

[b]Favorite Things About OB:[/b]
? Helping to run the place
? Way too many people to list (except Shinmaru, he's special)
? The QKT Guild Wars guild
? Crazy AIM chats
? The DailyOtaku
? Drama
? Final Fantastic Survivor II
? The Caramelldansen skin
? The original Padded Room Party
? #4B0082[/color]
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[SIZE="1"][B]Who:[/B] I've been a member since January 15, 2000, I've been using this same username for over ten years.

[B]Where:[/B] Northeastern Ohio, and I hate cold weather.

[B]What:[/B] I'm currently working, doing my martial arts, and working out. I'm very busy these days so I don't have as much time to be on the computer as I used too sadly. I hope to get out of Ohio in a few years, finish up some sort of schooling aswell.

[B]When [i.e. Back Then]:[/B] I was fourteen when I started coming here, just finishing up middle school. I was here all the time, mainly in the Lounge, art section, Dragonball, or Nintendo. I used to go to the OB chatrooms a lot when that was around, good times. I've made so many great friends here, and I have some awesome memories aswell. I grew up here, haha. Now we're just getting old.

[B]Why:[/B] I kept coming here because of the art, people, and the fun post count labels, lol. Honestly I always liked the way this place is run, most anime/video game forums are all over the place and theres no real ruling, atleast thats been my experience.[/SIZE]
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Who: I've been around since dear god I don't know. Probably mid 2000.

Where: Currently San Antonio, TX Orriginally Allentown, PA

What: Work, Work, Work and more work lately.

When [i.e. Back Then]: I was younger I don't remember how old I was when I started posting here. All I can really remember is hours in my parents basement with my nerd setup. Only name I really recognize from those days I see in this thread are nerdsy and Sayianprincess speaking of which I was always kind of curious what ever happened to Topaz. I know you remember her!

Why: I actually haven't read the forums in a long time. I just came back today to check out what I've missed in the past probably 5-6 years now. Saw this thread and had to make an account. I mostly lurk anymore anywhere I read, but I kind of hope to start posting again.
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[FONT=Arial Narrow]Who: I discovered OB in early 2003 when I was ELEVEN under a name I shall not reveal.

Where: Minneapolis, MN now, Great Falls MT then.

What: I can't begin to explain how much I've changed. It just goes without saying, between eleven and eighteen a lot changes. I really can't believe how time flies.

When: I remember not wanting anyone to know I was 11 and saying I was 15. Although on other sites I passed for 19. I was very mature for my age then, and it seems like I've become LESS mature over time. :animesmil I basically frequented Dragonball Z. I think there was Pokemon, too, yeah? I sprited too. And I was a kid, so you can probably imagine why I won't tell you me previous name.

Why: I joined because... well, I was bored, and I remember theOtaku had a Pokedex, which is how I stumbled upon it. And from there, OB. Why I came back was because I decided I missed it here, yet wanted to start over fresh and you know, maybe post more often than twice a year like I did before.[/FONT]
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[quote name='"Brasil"']Last but not least, GUILD WARS. The GW crew here knows who they are.[/quote]

what is this I don't even. I demand to be included.


[B]Who[/B]: Sory of active member since June 04.

[B]Where[/B]: Boston, MA.

[B]What[/B]: Going to college for graphic design. That's about it, really.

[B]When[/B]: I lurked in the Art Corner and I still do. Sometimes in the Lounge too, when I'm bored out of my skull and my dad's watching golf and my crops are growing on Farmville.

[B]Why[/B]: I liked the quizzes that Google brought me too. I still qualify as a lurker though, but I lurk more often though because of a certain someone that will remain anoymous.
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[b]Who:[/b] I joined OB back in 2003, when the separate Nintendo forums still existed. I was known as Nefertimon up until a few months ago.

[b]Where:[/b] Whaddaya know, I'm also in Northern California. I had no idea I was so close to (at least) two other members.

[b]What:[/b] I'm currently going to college and majoring in biology (I'm going for a career as a pharmacist). But I'm still writing, and still composing music, and taking programming classes that will hopefully help me design a video game I want to make.

[b]When:[/b] While the Pokemon and Digimon forums existed, I spent most of my time there. In fact, I first joined OB through the Digimon section of the Otaku website. Then of course, those died... But then I saw the Adventure Arena, and I got interested in that, even though I was a n00b at it for a while. From then on I spent most of the time in the Adventure Arena, now known as the Theatre. That is true even to this day, which is probably why I'm not as well-known as some of the other members.

[b]Why:[/b] I'm really into written RPG's now, and since this is the first place I was introduced to them, OB holds a special place in my heart. I also RP on two other sites, but this site has the best community, and is the least stuck-up with the rules. One of the other sites makes such a big deal of the rules that it gets annoying at times. This is a nice friendly (at least for the most part) community I kind of wish I was more a part of.

[b]Favourite Things about OB:[/b]

--The theatre, of course

--The lovely randomness and wit that goes on in the Lounge--specifically the Padded Room.

--The smileys!!! OB has the best smileys of any forum I've ever been on. Smileys like the ones below are just... too epic for words.
:modrod: :freak: :angry2: :help: :hippy: :lecture: :bdance: :twitch: :stfu: :bash: :faint: :flush:

--The Caramelldansen skin, a.k.a. epic win. That also goes for the April Fools prank that went with it, and the fact that I got Rick Rolled when trying to download the song.

--Though it seems a bit odd to call it my favourite, my rivalry with Raiha in the Arena, especially during my n00b phase. It reminds me so much of a petty sibling rivalry, and I laugh and shake my head when I think about it.
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[color=darkblue][size=1][b]Who:[/b] Member since I don't even remember anymore; [b]Moderator[/b] since July 2002; [b]Senior Moderator[/b] since 2010.

[b]Where:[/b] Southwestern Ohio -> Southwestern Indiana (for University; NERDSY, I WENT TO SCHOOL UP THE ROAD FROM YOU, GO ACES) -> Washington, D.C. -> Southwestern Ohio (lol)

[b]What:[/b] Currently wasting my degree, but looking for work; also, modding this place and doing the news thing on theO (I love this network too much for my own good).

[b]When:[/b] When I joined OB, I was quite a young thing and went under the name [b]trunksgirl_27[/b]. Made a lot of spammy posts, got better and became [b]Lady Katana[/b]. Got ever better and lurked on the Pokémon forum quite a bit, so much so that Jeh made me a Mod along with [b]Nerdsy[/b] in 2002. Did that until the death of the forum (on which date, I shed a tear) and came to Mod the Manga Workshop, which is now Manga Alley. Here recently, I was made a Cat Mod (appropriate, since I'm Ceiling Cat now) of all the artsy bits of OB, and I'm quite happy.

I'm one of the official lurkers of OB: I may not say much, but I'm always watching. Always.

[b]Why:[/b] I originally came to OB to be a nerd and yuk it up with fellow nuts. Nowadays...I stay because I have a tie to this place. It's one of the few things from my younger days (I say that like I'm ancient) that's actually around. No, seriously, all my grade schools have been torn down, as well as the first house I lived in. THIS IS ALL I HAVE, OH GOD. ;~;

(But in all seriousness, I like it here. It's homey. If OB were a chair, I'd have a nice butt-groove in it. =p)

[b]Favorite Things About OB:[/b]

- Watching the site grow

- The Oldies

- Visits from Dramallama[/color][/size]
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[quote name='Qohz']Only name I really recognize from those days I see in this thread are nerdsy and Sayianprincess speaking of which I was always kind of curious what ever happened to Topaz. I know you remember her![/QUOTE]

[SIZE="1"]Topaz(Mary) pretty much dropped off the face of the earth around 2003. But yeah I remember her, and I'm sure most older members do. I was obsessed with her art, I loved her style.
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[COLOR=#00008b][B]Who:[/B] Lurker since 2001, member since May 2002. I have had multpile usernames, beginning with SaiyanGohan2002.

[B]Where:[/B] Christchurch, in New Zealand. I'm a rare anitpodean OB, I can count on one hand how many Aussies and Kiwis I know of.

[B]What:[/B] Working day to day, just got a sweet new car, 1991 Nissan Bluebird. I am still into anime though it is more One Piece than anything else. Dragonball Kai is doing a good job of bringing me back full circle tpo the series that led me here to begin with.

[B]When:[/B] I joined OB in 2002 to discuss my love for all things Dragonball Z. Once the DBZ forum started to die I moved to the Otaku Lounge to discuss general topics, and the Movies and TV threads got a few visits too. I miss the fellow Kiwis here that I used to know, Final_Flash and NeoCactuar. [/COLOR]
[B]Why:[/B] I needed an outlet to discuss my rabid fandom of DBZ. Over time I just got into this community and started posting in the Lounge as my first forum of choice. I often post in religious discussion topics. When I first started that, you could say I was pretty intolerant of other beliefs but I like to think that I've matured in these discussions to a point where they can even be pleasant. I don't even call them debates anymore, the more recent ones have more of a friends conversation feel.

[B]Favorite Things About OB:[/B]

- Religious discussions
- The Oldies
- Final Quest for Glory
- Unique layout
- Friendly people
- Blue, lots of blue, nearly every version has had blue as it's main color, you'd be pretty bluie if you hated the colour blue.
- Shinji. The guy made a little mistake about a millions years ago, but he was a pretty cool guy aside from the urban legends and the almost mythical aura of apocalyptic literature that seems to have collected around him. :smirk:[/COLOR]
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Wow! I came back to OB just to see what it was like almost 10 years after I joined, but I never thought I'd be seeing usernames that I recognized and such!

Who: I've been through a few names, Calumon_Lover, CL, Kitty, Kittylynn. I've been a member here since 2000 I believe and was an active poster until 2005 or 2006, and then disappeared into real life, haha.
Where: I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I live in my own apartment that I rent with my boyfriend of 4 years.
What: My "What's" are way different then when I was an OB member. I am finishing up University this year and then I'm off to either get my Master's degree or to go to college. I haven't decided (in other word, growing up is hard). I have a wonderful boyfriend of 4 years who I live with. We're planning on getting a puppy soon, so that's exciting. Other than selling my soul to school, I still horseback ride, I like to write, I model on the side of school. I like to shop, um.. I'm not very exciting.
When [i.e. Back Then]: Wow, well I talked to a bunch of people, let's see if I can remember some names.. ShyGuy, Ginnylyn, Syk3, Hyper (aka. HyperShadow), James a bit, Blanko. Can't remember everyone unfortunately. I frequented the Digimon boards, the Art and Design boards.. hm.. I was a pretty active poster everywhere.
Why: Why did I come back? Well, I don't know if I'm "back", but I suddenly remembered this lovely part of my life and I decided to see how the boards looked now, etc. Only to find that I saw some names I still recognized. I was pretty nostalgic and just decided to indulge in a bit of my past.
Favourite Things About OB: The community, the late night AIM chats, it taught me about HTML which I still use today, thanks OB!

Come out of hiding everyone!
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[FONT="Arial Narrow"][SIZE="2"]Of course who can forget the old mods (no offense new ones!) when it was the spiffiest thing ever? LOL. Was an old moderator of the PC/MAC Lounge (RIP), Creator of the MMO's list & movement, RPG fanatics (joined alot), Married to DW, Went through name change where I was known as Dee, Peanut, Mameha as well and basically the coolest person on OB you would have ever met XD

[I]Reconnect with OB. ;)[/I]


[B]Who:[/B] Member since 9/24/04 I was 16 then and now I'm 22 years old ;)
[B]Where:[/B] Living in Santa Rosa, California north bay area same place but I have gone to sacramento since being here.
[B]What:[/B] Currently I'm just working. I finished school for med assisting at a trade school hoping to go back to school again for nursing degree.
[B]When [i.e. Back Then]:[/B] was a high school nerd and in love with a ****** jackass. now i met a new man and my five year relationship is over. lots has changed since the old days.
[b]Met and loved [/B]: Obviously my old bf broke up this october, and met my new bf. Me and Gavin (dragon warrior) still talk on facebook hes my buddie only one i've really kept in touch with, but i met alot of wonderful people on here such as sunfallE and white and a few others that i miss alot!! i wish you would all come back and make this place what it use to be.
[B]Why: [/B]Because I'm nostalgic for the good ole days
[B]Favourite Things About OB: [/B]
the freedom. the chaos. the creativity. chibi horse womans random posts, advice threads, james and his magical bunny i know he has hidden in his closet because he is jesus, but most of all the people that were here. i luff you ;)
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[quote name='Pumpkin'][FONT="Arial Narrow"][SIZE="2"]Of course who can forget the old mods (no offense new ones!) when it was the spiffiest thing ever? LOL. Was an old moderator of the PC/MAC Lounge (RIP), Creator of the MMO's list & movement, RPG fanatics (joined alot), Married to DW, Went through name change where I was known as Dee, Peanut, Mameha as well and basically the coolest person on OB you would have ever met XD

[I]Reconnect with OB. ;)[/I]


[B]Who:[/B] Member since 9/24/04 I was 16 then and now I'm 22 years old ;)
[B]Favourite Things About OB: [/B]
the freedom. the chaos. the creativity. chibi horse womans random posts, advice threads, james and his magical bunny i know he has hidden in his closet because he is jesus, but most of all the people that were here. i luff you ;)

[color=#9933ff][font=monotype corsiva][size=4]Aww you make me feel all warm and squishy inside. I still have you on my YIM. I have a lot of people on there come to think of it. Well there and AIM. I still talk to Morpheus sometimes.

And you've been a member on here since the day my daughter was born... yeah there's some random for you LOL.[/color][/font][/size]
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[FONT="Times New Roman"]
[B][I][U]Anakoni Stark[/B][/I][/U]
[B]Who:[/B] Member since 27Mar06
- Joined in London in 06
- Left to Vegas for three months in 07
- Moved to Los Angeles in 08 for six months
- July08 - Present: Living life in Miami, FL.
[B]What:[/B] Currently studying to get a BA in psychology; also working on my writing (you guys can read my latest project [URL="http://otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=61040][B][I][U]here[/B][/I][/U][/URL]) and I've met the most perfect girl who's stealing me from a hermit-like life in front of a monitor.
[B]When (Back Then):[/B] As I read my older posts, I realised how much of an obnoxious high school freshman I was and how much I tried to desparately fit in, and I do feel really lame for trying to do so. I spent alot of my time in the lounge discussing mundane and ordinary things that always got pushed to the side; I'm pretty sure you guys remember how much I loved indie-rock, but now that love has kind of quietly subsided as it now interpolates with electro/trance.
[B]Why:[/B] I just kind of slip back in and out to see what's what; if anything's changed (or remembered me for that matter)
[B]Favourite Things About The OB:[/B] Although I've met only a few, I've managed to learn quite a bit from my interactions with them; without those people (or the boards for that matter) I wouldn't of survived high school and gone onto college... Here's to another four more years everyone.

- x[/FONT]
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[SIZE="1"][B]Who[/B]: I joined at age 13 in 2005, became a mod in 2006, then decided to disappear a few years later. I'm 18 now, still pretty disappeared.

[B]Where[/B]: Tampa, FL.

[B]What[/B]: Freshman in college at University of South Florida, about to finish the year. I'm majoring in creative writing, probably minoring in music composition. I have no legitimate plans for the future. Still playing music, trying to write an album for my current band [URL="http://www.facebook.com/pages/Ghost-Shirt-Society/184591799551"][U]Ghost Shirt Society[/U][/URL] (thou shalt click). Sometimes I play alone at this local coffee place.

[B]Why[/B]: I originally signed up here because I was fascinated by communicating with people over the internet, and obsessed with anime. A couple years into high school and I grew out of both things, but I stuck around to do my moddin' job. After I graduated high school I resigned and decided to expand my horizons.
Favorite things[/B]: Somehow I got to talking with RiflesAtRecess/Goodbye, Face, and we became pretty good friends. We play Pokemon and Skype sometimes. And collaborating over music with Nomurah (or whatever Hunter goes by nowadays) really helped me write some nice songs.[/SIZE]
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Who: Member since October 28th, 2000.
Where: Indiana, USA.
What: Going to a community college (changing my major every step of the way; Visual Communication, Computer Programming, and now Networking)
When [i.e. Back Then]: A young Pokemon addict. Previously moderated the Gamecube forum and was the editor of the Yu-Gi-Oh! page.
Why: I get curious about what is going on these days.
Favourite Things About OB:
A large community with a very friendly staff and fun members. :D
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[quote name='ChibiHorsewoman'][color=#9933ff][font=monotype corsiva][size=4]And you've been a member on here since the day my daughter was born... yeah there's some random for you LOL.[/color][/font][/size][/QUOTE] [size=1] Aww...I think I remember that..and I think I remember the thread about you going through a divorce too? :*( you kinda started the advice thread thingy but OB has always been like my little escape zone from reality since then lol [/size]
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[SIZE="1"]lol, I keep randomly coming back whenever there's a "remember back then" thread. I'm surprised my account still works.... Let's see if anyone actually remembers me. ;) :D

[B]Nomad / NomadWandering[/B]

[B]Who[/B]: I've been a member since... July 14, 2002. Never been a mod. Always a lurker. :)

[B]Where[/B]: Still living in the same house I live in today. Living in Indianapolis, Indiana. Still stuck here, yessir. :P

[B]What[/B]: Currently I'm working in a meat department at Kroger. I've finished my Associates for Computer Aided Drafting and Design and I'm saving up money so I can get a survivable car and an apartment. Back then I was in... middle school I believe. Man...

[B]When [i.e. Back Then][/B]: I joined for the Art Studio and to discuss my love of DB/Z/GT. OB has seen me progress through using WebTV/MSNTV, a dial up desktop, two other desktops and now a laptop, as well as progressing through programs from Ulead, onwards to finally actually getting a copy of Adobe Photoshop then Illustrator and beyond. I spent most of my time in the Art forum but another portion was my "teen angst" poetry that makes even myself laugh now. And the rest of the time I spent drooling over how awesome DB/Z/GT was (and I still do that mind you :P).

[B]Why[/B]: I came for the forums discussed above. I've since (since as in after going through two computer failures) been VERY scarce around here. It's nothing personal to anyone of the members, it's just my life has me moving in another direction. I always come back for a week or two, but eventually I disappear off the radar again just to return three months down the line. Most of the time it's just lurking without logging in to see what's going on in the Art Studio, but every now and then I find a topic that interests me and I have to stay to see it through. I'd like to stay this time for a decent amount of time before I vanish again, but only time will tell. One thing's for certain though: I've always loved it here at the OB, and I always will. It's one of the biggest reasons why I started to delve deeper into sigs and wallpapers and computer design in general.

[B]Favorite things about the OB[/B]:
-Tell you the truth, I loved everything about the OB, it's hard to pick just a few things.[/SIZE]
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[FONT="Tahoma"][COLOR="DimGray"]Doh... I wish I had found this thread before replying in the other one. lol

[B]Who:[/B] [INDENT]Best known as White and Lrb. Mostly a member (joined January 2003) but was Moderator of Play It for a short period of time before I was promoted to the Event Master. When I stepped down, I was unable to reclaim my moderating position and I slowly slipped away. But now I am back.[/INDENT]
[B]Where:[/B] [INDENT]Ontario, Canada.[/INDENT]
[B]What:[/B] [INDENT]Working full-time to build up money to go to College. Hoping to study game design and/or concept art design.[/INDENT]
[B]When [i.e. Back Then]:[/B] [INDENT]OtakuBoards really taught me to write properly. When I first came here I was eager to participate in RP's but my writing was poor. Over the years I really fine tuned them and even almost won the OB prose contest. I was the first member to ever participate in the OB graphic worm (besides the Mod that started it) back in 2006. Extremely pleased to see it's still going strong!

Like I mentioned before I was Event Master for a bit, which I struggled with. Lack of interest in the events and a low population at the time really restricted me from doing the big things I had planned and so I stepped down (not before launching 2 succesful events [url=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=55751]Mafia[/url] and [url=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=56770]The Big OtakuBoards Anime Event[/url] ).

What I enjoyed most was just Modding Play It (video game discussion is just what I do best!) and unfortunately I wasn't offered that position back so shortly after I left (Q.Q).

Besides that I've appeared in multiple OB fanfics/RPs (see: [url=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=51221]Dusty DW and the Otaku Kid[/url]), started and participated in countless RPs, and have been around long enough to remember the god that was [b]Prick Wizard[/b].[/INDENT]

[B]Why:[/B] [INDENT]I grew up on OB. I spent 5 years on this website and you guys became my family whether I know you or not. When I stopped coming here I felt a void that I could just never fill by surfing the other websites. I've never found another forum like this where the post quality is so high and the discussions so intelligent. I missed you guys. T_T[/INDENT]

[B]Favourite Things About OB:[/B]
[INDENT]Enter the Net
Prick Wizard
The OB prom (lol)
The level of post quality.
The number of devoted members who will never truly be gone.

I find it quite amazing that for a website (originally) based solely around anime, the forum has held so many non-otaku members. I know when I joined OB I was really into it, but I haven't watched an anime in a good 7 months and yet.. here I am.[/COLOR][/FONT][/INDENT]
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[FONT="Arial"][SIZE="1"]It's been a long time.

[b]Who:[/b] My name is Kevin. Long ago I was Cloud Strife00, then I was RiflesAtRecess, and I've gone under this moniker for a while, I guess.
[b]Where:[/b] I go to The University of North Carolina at Greensboro to study art.
[b]What:[/b] The last time I posted on OB was my freshman year of college and I had a big ego and I was a jerk to everyone, sorry. I'm in my junior year at UNCG. I carry a camera everywhere. I play guitar and video games at home. I have plans to start a band and a video game webcast over the summer. I've been going to a lot of clubs and events doing self-promotion for my artwork and I'm building a portfolio to take it online.
[b]When [i.e. Back Then]:[/b] I first started posting a few months after I got internet. I think I was 12. Needless to say, OB was a huge part of my life through all my teenage years. I talked about Final Fantasy a lot with a bunch of people named after the characters, and then devoted myself entirely in the boards' RPG's for a few years. I made a few of my own and one of them got shut down and I got huffy and I left for a year, but still talking to the friends I had made, such as Dragon Warrior. He dragged me back in and I was under some name I don't remember and we did a few RPG's together and then I got myself this account a month or so after the last one. I stopped doing RPG's and talked about music a lot while I was in a band. I became a real snob and I'm probably just going to try and avoid looking at that board. I left when I got something of a warning saying I was going to be banned, but nothing ever came of that I guess.
[b]Why:[/b] I'm back again because ultimately, I've met many amazing people on here and I miss being in that circle. I feel like what frustrated me last time was that there were such a divide between the younger and older members and everyone seemed easily offended, including myself. I've been lurking here and there and I've been seeing a lot of names I recognize coming back.
[b]Favourite Things About OB:[/b]
The people I've met on it (including someone who became one of my best friends in the physical world), lurking the RPG's, the flying circus or whatever that was called, I'm sure there's more.[/SIZE][/FONT]
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[color=crimson][b]Who[/b]: Hi! My name is Kenneth.

[b]Where[/b]: I have lived in San Antonio, Texas my entire life. My house recently burned down. I am living in a rental house until my house is rebuilt.

[b]What[/b]: I am an English major seeking an eventual doctorate in the subject. I have another year in my undergrad then I will probably attend either the University of Texas or Rice to go through my master's and doctorate.

I smoke a lot of cigars.

[b]When[/b] [i.e. Back Then]: I started off spamming. Then I did some other stuff. Otaku Big Brother II was fun.

[b]Why[/b]: Never gonna give you up.

[b]Favourite Things About OB[/b]: The game.[/color]
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