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  1. Hi,I'm your host Tero Valor.In case you missed the last time the this thread was on Otaku.Here are the Rules...... Choosing a Guy(or Girl):you can make your own Warror or choose one of my own from DBX(no it not the name of a DBZ porn Flick) DBX Charaters: Gotai:Son of Gohan/Vidal,Friend of Tero's Vegego:2nd son of Vegeta/Bluma,rival of GoTai Shimmia:her father is Trunks/mother is Pan/sister to Gotech Gotech:Son of Trunks/Pan/brother to Shimmia and any other charater in the DBZ andDBGT sagas Charaters Charaters played by Tero,Talon,andTala: Tero:Played by me,hair tu
  2. Location: Redmond, Seattle Desmond made it back to his family's safe house in the early hours of the morning, having little rest from his researching and deciphering of information he obtained from the safe house of the Witch of the Wilds. Though he may have been too late to stop the destruction and murder of their kin, he was able to secure several documents and talismans that would have raised too many questions had the normal police obtained them. Questions Desmond already had forming through his thoughts as he flipped another frayed page of Lady Morrigan's grimoire, the only items wort
  3. Etna yawned as the shuttled lurched to a stop, sitting up in her seat she looked around and frowned. The dim lights in the shabby station gave her a glimpse or the area, it was the same as the eastern base, run down and lacking anything that looked like it worked. One the bright side it looked cleaner if nothing else. Sighing she stretched and grabbed her bag as the door slid open to allow her to step out onto the small loading bay. She frowned more as an older man approached her with his arms crossed behind his back.  "Etna?" "That's me. And you are?" "I'm the commanding officer
  4. Hiya! I thought it would be a cool idea to start an RPG with just messenger or tweet-sized snibbits instead of huge posts. What do you think?!
  5.   The Throwaways   Backstories   Welcome to Backstories, a thread where you can write about your character in The Throwaways without the limitations imposed upon you by the assignments. You can let your imaginations and creativity run wild, and show us exactly what your character is made of!   ---   Now   En route to Nevada   "A caged god...how fitting..."   The words rang in Lucas' head as he drove through the darkness, his eyes flicking briefly from the road to the unnaturally pale girl now curled up asleep in the passenger seat. It had been
  6. The Throwaways Volume 1: Who Are The Throwaways? * MISSION: Deus Ex Machina [INFILTRATION] Although Geistâ??s largest competition in the race to total superhuman domination is MacOne Enterprises, thatâ??s not to say their hegemony is otherwise unchallenged. While the other companies clambered over one another for a spot in the limelight, one company grew unnoticed and then burst onto the scene. The India based corporation Umbral Limited promised to â??unlock the true potential of the natural world,â? and apparently did exactly that, having expanded into multiple countries in only a y
  7. Chapter One: Deceiving Purpose   Orbiting high above the busy atmosphere of Earth is the Sol Imperial Force's military space station. Near the primary docking ring is a tower that monitors the entire station. Is the young ambitious General Sneer who had hand picked the two candidates on two priorities. One was that they had no ties to the Imperial Military nor Intelligence.  Two they where disposable no-bodies in the Empire with skills he needed to complete his grand plans. The shuttle carrying the two soon starts to make it's final approach to Docking Ring Two. Two elite guards
  8.   Fistful of Credits: Body Snatcher   Bounty Hunters: DeLarge as Garrick Flynt Darth Vader as Xionis Vasimo Zulas   Outlaw: Orcus as Arrien aka 'Leech'   ICARUS Headquarters, Burst Nebula   "Garrick Flynt," said Garrick to the strange, cold-eyed Bounty Hunter who had taken him up on his offer, extending his hand for a handshake. The Hunter looked at his hand, almost emotionless in his reaction, and ignored it.   "Xionis Vasimo Zulas," the Hunter replied, turning on his heel and walking swiftly away from the Bounty Boa
  9. Fistful of Credits: The Jumper * Bounty Hunters: Orcus as E Darth Vectis as Cor'tak Rachael T as Khaleesi Ovaren Sora Trovinma Outlaw: DeLarge as Ferrus "The Jumper" Korven * Blazing Comet, Burst Nebula "And naturally, by get down to business I mean hop into one of our ships and get the Hel out of dodge. That bounty isn't gonna catch himself, am I right" E quipped, nudging Khaleesi slightly. Khaleesi eyed her friend the bartender, who E believed was called Jacks, before responding to E. "Sounds good. My associate here was just going to obtain some extra information for me
  10.   OB Relaunch: Fistful of Credits - The Bounty Board   Located somewhere near the cloudy center of the Burst Nebula, you float blindly through space. This place isn't easy to find. Aside from the obvious visual impediment of the nebula cloud, there are several large asteroids dancing to their own gravitational pull through this otherwise empty gas.   You check the computer navs again. Non-functional, and no way to detect HQ's signature. At least you can tell that the shields are up--barely working after that last job, but as long as you're careful, it shouldn't malfunc
  11.   OB Relaunch: Fistful of Credits - The Big Black The Leisure Thread   Welcome to The Big Black, otherwise known as the 'leisure thread' for the OB Relaunch RP 'Fistful of Credits'. Here you are encouraged to post in-character describing what your character gets up to between assignments, but firstly you can use this thread to properly introduce us to your Bounty Hunter character and give us a real idea of who they are.   This initial post can cover anything, from your Hunter handing in their most recent assignment, to just kicking back and relaxing in one of the many seedy esta
  12. â??Captain Ayasegawaâ??s team has already left then?â? Saburou asked.   â??Yes, he and the Lieutenant from squads 2 through 12 have been dispatched to handle then spirit generators.â? The Captain Commander of the Gotei 13 looked down from the balcony to the trial stage where Rukia Kuchikiâ??s examination was taking place. â??I am keeping Rangiku here to help manage the workload from the squads who are now lacking their second in commands and Rukia was spared because we need to get this vacant captainâ??s seat filled as soon as possible.â?   â??A shame you didnâ??t ask me to g
  13. Ari stood leaning against the side of his cruiser, watching the crowd go about it's business. "Seriously, how can Command expect me to gather a to gather a team of recruits from this mess?" he sighed. "It's not like anybody's gonna want to join up a complete stranger and go 'Sure, I want to join a group of misfits and do battle with newly trained skills against alien parasite controlled mutants on a planet that was left years ago.' Command must be losing their mind if they think that this will work..." he sat down at the table that was holding the info sheets and propped his feet on it with a
  14. Heyyy my name is kyle, and ive had a channel for about 4 months, and it hasnt really gone anywhere so i thought " dude, im just not reaching out to the right people " so hear i am, and feel free to add me on PSN or xbox or whatever haha new friends are always a good thing. my channel is https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJXW05zQz-UKiZJK065thYQ and message me on facebook if you want https://www.facebook.com/kyle.riddering
  15. Your freedom and life are extended at the expense of innocent lives. In the world of Sarilonne,the year 2314, all rulers have been murdered by their Mafia, and the world is in chaos and destruction. Unfair laws are passed by the Mafia and the consequences of Good and Bad have been changed; if your good, your punished, if your bad your awarded. Now if you don't give yourself up innocent lives are wasted, igniting your fire to do good, but you can't or you'll never get out. Running is no longer an option. Rumors are going round that there is a sanctuary for "The Good". Will you risk going and ta
  16. Lex stood with his back against the wall of the main hangar of his ship, The Corinthian. "Think they'll show?" he asked Nora, slightly nervous. He was glad that he spent little money while he was aboard his friends ship as a crew member. His friend scoffed at him when he said that he would build a division of his own, asking why waste so much money when you could just join another division's crew.   "They'll show," Nora said with more confidence than he felt. "But first, let me do my job as a secretary and remind you of your meeting with a seller of a MWP that you were interested in get
  17. ((Note to all players: I will be stating in all capitals on what part of the role play we will be doing such as REALMS or REAL LIFE. Realms means the game and Real Life means your real world character. So the first posts are to be of the game so post as your in-game character first. We'll get to the real life characters soon.))   It was a quiet afternoon in the rain forests of Southern Temporal. Birds in the distant chirp as the woods is crawling with life from the ants to large animals. This area is perfect for hunting deer and elk as well as gathering herbs that only grow in the humid
  18. This will contain mature content, readers be warned.             Nayomi sighed as she set the papers down on the desk in front of her, she'd been here most of the night and to be honest she had no more of a lead then she did before. Chiron had helped a great deal, there was no doubt about that...but they were still going in mostly blind, and it made her more then uncomfortable. Pinching the bridge of her nose she pulled out a cigarette and lit it, her zippo illuminating the small span of her facial features for a mere moment. Leaning back in the chair, she blew
  19. You decide to become a spy because [Insert good reason here] and you ask one of your friends if they know about one. They tell you where it is and you ask how they know. They drug you and take you to the agency to be initiated. When you regain consciousness what do you do? Flare up and scream your head off at your friend? Or will you forgive your friend for taking you away in such a rude way? Or become more than friends? (Hint, hint.)   Rules   1.No godmodding 2.Romance (You can pass kissing by just a little. But don't over do it) Drama and Fighting ( No killing unless its ok wi
  20. In the Midst of V.I.O.L.E.N.C.E.   â?     â??--For the foreseeable future, we will have to endure the wormhole connecting our world to the Demons' world. But that does not mean we need endure the demons ravaging our world.â? The image of General Vela on the tv screen looked sternly upon the crowd he was addressing.    â??For far too long we have been on the defensive, watching as demons infested our world like roaches. They scorched our cities, murdered our kin and caused mayhem in our homes. At first, all we could do was hold them at bay. Despite the sorrow and the l
  21. The Cast   Dragon Knight Malik- Myself Dragon Knight Bayel- K.G. Dragon Slayer Haytham- Orcus Battle-mage Garrick- DeLarge Wizard Julian- Kayin Cloud     Dragon Knights: The Night Wars     The world was dark and silent, the creatures of the night had settled in for a well deserved rest as they all knew that the sun would be rising in a short time. Everything was at itâ??s darkest, no more sign of either of the two moons that orbited their world, no evidence of any of the brighter stars ever existed. Malik had risen early as he stared at the blackness all ar
  22. K.G


    Again, this will be a mature RP. Enjoy! [color=#000080][font='comic sans ms', cursive]Screaming could be heard down the halls of the underground base that night, they howled and echoed through the halls, bouncing off the walls and filling the base with eerie noises and terrifying shadows. Most people stayed in their rooms this night but the few who knew, the few that were used to it ventured out, curious as to who was fairing better than the others. Under the gym, deep below the ground a door was chained shut, screams and shouts fermenting within it. As the night continued o
  23. K.G

    RPG Monsters

    [color=#ff0000][font='comic sans ms', cursive]Ok everyone, sorry this took so long, life's been dealing a few low blows lately but I'm gonna try and push through it and get this going for you all. [/font][/color] [color=#ff0000][font='comic sans ms', cursive]Again, warnings are for a mature RP, blood, gore, violence, sexual content. You all know the drill.[/font][/color] [color=#000080][font='comic sans ms', cursive] Akieen paced back and forth in front of the bay window of the small apartment they were supposed to be meeting in, she could feel her canine
  24. Jason stood in the middle of the his office watching the news as they covered the all the troubles and problems that happened in the other districts during last night's celebration when he heard his office door slid open. "Nathaniel..."   "Morning sir" He paused when he noticed a silver metal box on Warren's desk. "So it came."   Jason nodded. "Arrived a couple hours ago. Have it sent specifically to Dr. Magnus."   Nathaniel nodded before walking across the always perfect kept black carpet and grabbing the box. He made his way to a small cube shaped opening in the dark pol
  25. Chris tapped on the hologram display of his wristband portable computer, not paying much attention around him. He'd come to this abandoned city because he'd heard the University once located here had a vast treasure trove in the form of books in its library. In the chaos of the aftermath of the coming of the rifts almost two centuries ago, libraries had usually been left to decay alone and forgotten. Chris was hoping that the Colorado State University Library would still prove bountiful. A sound came to his ears, like that of a building collapsing. From his vantage point on the aban
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