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What are you thankful for A-Z


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[color=violet]Hey, if you can get one of those chainletter posts going, why not this? BAsically an A-Z list of things you're thankful for or you just plain couldn't live with out
[b]A[/b]nime-What else would I do to annoy people?
[b]B[/b]lank paper-Writing and drawing. I have so much creativity and so little of this precious substance!
[b]C[/b]hocolate!-I'm realy not going to get into [i]why[/i] I love chocolate. Let's just say it's a Chibi Necessesity.
[b]D[/b]riving, Domino. Driving because to me it's an aphrodeciac. Domino is my kitty cat and I love her.
[b]E[/b]lectricity-I like being able to see in the dark
[b]F[/b]riends & Family-Who else is willing to claim you as theirs?
[b]G[/b]rab bag-I love surprizes
[b]H[/b]ockey, HOrses, horseback riding-Hockey because it's got a lot of action and you can yell a lot. Horses because they're my favorite animal hence, the screen name. Horseback riding because this is my sport.
[b]I[/b]nuYasha, Ice Cream-My favorite anime at the time
[b]J[/b]unk food
[b]K[/b]apica-chu (my beset friend)
[b]M[/b]yself, Manga and music
[b]N[/b]ew York
[b]O[/b]pen minds
[b]Q[/b]uiet time
[b]R[/b]ebbeca Lynn Howard
[b]S[/b]ummer, Speed (uh-like when you drive, not the drug) and Saturdays.
[b]V[/b]ictoria's Secret.
[b]X[/b]ylophones (Riiiiiiiiiight)
[b]Y[/b]ankees (think baseball)
[b]Z[/b]ippers (okay, [i]you[/i] think of a good Z thing!)[/color]
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Dance dance revolution!!!!!!!!
Garden Grove (my home town)
Harry Potter books
Ice cream
James (can't put this in words)
Krispy Kreame donuts
LMAO (thank god for that abbreviation :P)
New thingamajiggers
Poking (espicially with a sharp pencil >_<)
Quiet time
Restrooms (what?)
Shonen Jump
Xero (new name)
Yoh Asakura (Shaman king forever!!!!!!!!)
Zoom! (PBS tv show.)
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My food list

Ice Cream
Junk food
Nummy foods
Queenbeyan Honey
[Ferrero] Roucheres
Soft drink
Victoria's Food
Yello lemons
Zippy stuff.

Damn it, you stretched me there. My head hurts.

Advance gameboy
Boredomn removers
Friends & Family
Garbage bins
Ice Cream
Junk food
Myself, music
New games
Open minds
Quiet time
Stuff, saturdays
X-rays [I have bones!]
Yoyos [Can't work 'em but...]
Zebras. They be cutesy.
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[size=1]I'm not even sure if this is allowed... oh well...

[b]A[/b]ngel - Even without Cordelia, this may turn out to be the strongest season yet. Spike seemed a lot more interesting as a ghost, though.
[b]B[/b]atman - Christian Bale is going to be Batman in the next film, how can this [i]not[/i] be a good thing?
[b]C[/b]alifornia Weather - I can't stand being outside in the cold, and since I work outdoors I would prefer to keep things warm.
[b]D[/b]isneyland - My favorite place. My home. My paycheck.
[b]E[/b]vangelion - Greatest anime series ever. Anyone who thinks otherwise has been watching far too much Inu-Yasha.
[b]F[/b]riends and associates - I wouldn't be here without them. They keep me going when I'm unusually depressed.
[b]G[/b]ay People - I sure would hate to be the only one, geesh. Thank goodness for other people who can relate to me.
[b]H[/b]ungry, Hungry Hippos - I really love this game. My only complaint is that people often pound too hard on the levers, and end up breaking the board.
[b]I[/b]nternet - This is where all of my free time goes. It has helped me in a number of ways, and I would be a much different person without it.
[strike][b]J[/b]ames[/strike] [strike][b]J[/b]ournalism[/strike] [b]J[/b]enna! - After some deliberation I have decided that Jenna, my car, is most deserving of a mention here. The other "J's" are really great, though.
[b]K[/b]ill Bill volume 1 (and eventually volume 2) - This is one of my favorite movies, and it is quite difficult to think of good "K" things.
[b]L[/b]ate Nights of working on stuff. - I get my best work done after midnight.
[b]K[/b]imahri from FFX - Kimahri is the best White Mage ever. More people should try to build up these statistics as opposed to his fighting abilities.
[b]M[/b]ail (Receiving letters and paychecks and such.) - Letters from Sara are way too much fun. Also, I need my paycheck or else I would not be able to afford Jenna.
[b]N[/b]ewspapers - This is one of my few passions in life. Being able to inform the populace is a wonderful thing.
[b]O[/b]takuBoards - Yeah. I love the people here.
[b]P[/b]aper and Dice RPGs - Dungeons and Dragons is a lot of fun. If anyone ever gets the chance they should try playing it a few times.
[b]Q[/b]uiet - ......mm....
[b]R[/b]eferences to Nerdy things - People like Manic make life worth living. Anyone who can make a "Super Friends" reference and follow it up with something about "Saved by the Bell" is my hero.
[b]S[/b]ara - Sara is the bestest in the mid-westest.
[b]T[/b]ypewriters and the cool sounds they make
[b]U[/b]nderstanding - Without it I would not be here, or anywhere today.
[b]V[/b]acations - Work can be fun sometimes, but it is the days off that make life worth living.
[b]W[/b]innie the Pooh - I see him every day at work, and thank him immensely for the money he gives me.
[b]X[/b]-Men - The cartoon series have been great so far, and the movies are improving at a steady rate. However, if it weren't for Ultimate X-Men I would be much more thankful than I already am.
[b]Y[/b]aoi (I need the images for my banners and avatars, I swear.)
[b]Z[/b]oolander - A terribly underrated film. Everyone gives wonderfuk performances in it, and this is one of the few times where I can stand Owen Wilson for more than 20 minutes.

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My list:

Nerds (to make me feel better. j/k)
Text messages
Vestiges (wot r they?)
X coz it always stumps people.
Zimmermann's (fashion label)
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Okay, so it isn't really serious. But ah well. I don't feel serious...so thusly it isn't too serious.[/size]
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[quote][i]Originally posted by Shy[/i]

[size=1][b]G[/b]ay People[/size][/quote]

Uuh.. *isn't sure whether to laugh or not* Whatever it is, it caused me a grin. So plainly and openly said. Eh...

[quote][i]Originally posted by Mitch[/i]


*gushes* Oh hunny-wunny-luvvy-bunny, I am thankie ful for yourself as well ^__________________________________^

I feel a need for a revised list. Considering how bad my one was. Blame a headache.

Adam's Angels [You're all darlings!]
Breakfast [Most important meal dont'cha know]
Captions [Japanese is hard to read]
Dimensions [Are we 1 or 2d?]
Eating [I love it!]
Fruit [I'd be a pimple otherwise. A big fat pink one]
High heels [Oh so sexy]
Icecream [Delicious]
Jokers [HOHOHO!]
Loose gravel [Slippery fun!]
Mum, mimmi [I share her birthday]
Nanna's [pucker up!]
Oranges [Yummy!]
Popcorn [Mm. Icing Sugar on top]
Queen [We will rock you!]
Rats [I have two. They're gorgeous]
Sand [I have a childish fascination with the beach]
TV [Useful distraction]
UV Rays [I need a tan...]
Violins [I like them]
Water [Fun to play in, good to drink. Wonderful stuff]
X-Men [Viva le Wolverine]
Yoyo's [Hard to use.. but look cool]
Zebra's [What can I say... they have cool colours]
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by James [/i]
[B][color=#707875]But I tell you what; I'll compromise. I'll leave the thread open if people provide a short explanation of why they appreciate the items on their list. So you could just write a sentence after each item or something. That way, we can at least encourage some sort of discussion/detail.[/color] [/B][/QUOTE]


[b]A[/b]rt- I can't draw particularly well, but I love to watch others draw and paint. It's so interesting...
[b]B[/b]oba Fett- Possibly the most interesting of all Star Wars characters
[b]C[/b]reativity- I love a good story, RPG or thought...
[b]D[/b]&D- It's a lot of fun, although I don't play often
[b]E[/b]asy Schoolwork- Makes time for other things, such as this.
[b]F[/b]riendship- Where would any of us be without our friends?
[b]G[/b]oogle- Useful in so many ways...
[b]H[/b]istory- My favorite subject, I hope to teach it someday...
[b]I[/b]ntelligent Debate- Another thing i enjoy listening to and participating in.
[b]J[/b]uuthena- Friend from the "good old days", and an all around nice person
[b]K[/b]rispy Creme Doughnuts- Mmmmm...
[b]L[/b]alaith Ril- Another good friend
[b]M[/b]ist- Brilliant writer, good friend
[b]N[/b]ice people- It's great to be supported and encouraged.
[b]O[/b]ppertunity- Without it, life would be very boring indeed.
[b]P[/b]eanut Butter- Goes on everything
[b]Q[/b]uiet- Sometimes I need this, to straighten everything out
[b]R[/b]ight and wrong- interesting concepts that are fun to contemplate
[b]S[/b]tar Wars- It's my life
[b]T[/b]ess- **No Comment**
[b]U[/b]nderstanding- This is a very important concept that needs to be used more.
[b]V[/b]ictory- Possibly the best feeling you can get...
[b]W[/b]aterfalls- Beautiful
[b]X[/b]enophobes, they make me laugh...
[b]Y[/b]ellow! My favorite color...
[b]Z[/b]oroastrianism- Ancient religion dealing with right and wrong, similar to the classical senses of good and evil. Good Stuff.. [/COLOR]
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[color=#707875]Yeah, I think this kinda borders on being spam.

Wait, no. Actually, it is spam. I was really sitting on the fence about keeping it open, but really...if I were to leave this thread open, it'd mean that people would start other similar threads.

But I tell you what; I'll compromise. I'll leave the thread open if people provide a short explanation of why they appreciate the items on their list. So you could just write a sentence after each item or something. That way, we can at least encourage some sort of discussion/detail.[/color]
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[color=chocolate][size=1][b]Animals-[/b]They are one of the most interesting things on this planet. And I deeply care for them.

[b]Bananas-[/b]Bananas are one of my favorite fruits on the planet.

[b]Coca-Cola-[/b]If I did not have this stuff today, I would be very boring and dark. This stuff is GREAT to drink.

[b]Dance-[/b]I love to dance, I take ballet, tap, and jazz classes.

[b]Espanol-[/b]I put "Spanish" in Spanish! I love taking this class, I love learning new languages.

[b]Funny Junk-[/b]A site I find very funny, but at the same time very stupid indeed.

[b]Gardens-[/b]I love to help my mom plant flowers and plants and make a garden. They are so beautiful.

[b]Hectar Jr.-[/b]The name of my big, enormous plant in my living room that is likely going to be eaten by my cat.

[b]Icons-[/b]I find icons very cool to look at. They rock.

[b]Jerry Springer-[/b]If not for this show, I would not be part of what I am today.

[b]Ken-[/b]Barbie [u]had[/u] to have a boyfriend you know!!! She couldn't be single all her life!

[b]Lilies-[/b]They are very beautiful. Plus, their a frog's best friend.

[b]Music-[/b]I couldn't be silent my whole life. Without music, again I would be very boring.

[b]Nickels-[/b]I remember finding a nickel, and that certain nickel helped me buy some of my lunch at school.

[b]Otaku Boards-[/b]Where am I now?!?!?! Without this place, I'd be on my bed acting like a lazy bum.

[b]Pineapples-[/b]Another delecious fruit I love. Gotta love pineapples.

[b]Quizilla-[/b]I like taking quizzes on the internet. I think it is very fun to do.

[b]Running-[/b]I couldn't really think of anything for "R", but I am thankful for having the ability to run, while some people can't. feel sorry for them.

[b]Sea-[/b]I think the sea is very interesting, and what is in it too.

[b]Television-[/b]The joy of the box in my living room. My entertainment.

[b]Umbrellas-[/b]Without these simple things, I would be soaking wet from today's weather.

[b]Violins-[/b]I love the play the violin, although I have popped a string off, accidentally dropped my violin breaking my bridge, and now the soundpost has fallen down. Crap.

[b]World-[/b]Well...if there wasn't a world, we wouldn't BE here right now.

[b]X Rays-[/b]They help a doctor, which helps a person.

[b]Yield Signs-[/b]They help traffic I guess...

[b]Zebras-[/b]I know this does count in animals, but I like them veyr much.

I had to look over my post to see if I got my alphabet right. O_o
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[color=deeppink][size=1][b]A[/b]dam's Angels -- My sexy homegirls.
[b]B[/b]ooks -- They're the best boredom solution ever.
[b]C[/b]hloe -- My baby kitty girl.
[b]D[/b]igital Photography -- Life is 10x easier with my Canon 10D.
[b]E[/b]rik -- My best friend and lover.
[b]F[/b]ashion -- Something I've always loved wearing and creating.
[b]G[/b]irly Things -- I love kittens, pink, getting dressed up, and boys.
[b]H[/b]GP -- My group of best friends. Hello Kitty rocks, too.
[b]I[/b]mages -- Things that inspire me to try new things with my photography.
[b]J[/b]ournalism/photojournalism -- It is my choice of career, afterall.
[b]K[/b]rispy Kreme -- Quality donuts that are cheaper by the dozen.
[b]L[/b]indsay -- My roommate who never lets our apartment get too messy.
[b]M[/b]idwestern People -- There's something so friendly about us all.
[b]N[/b]yQuil -- Lately it has saved me from sick and sleepless nights.
[b]O[/b]takuBoards -- For all of the friendships I have made here over the years.
[b]P[/b]owerBooks -- My 12" G4 Macintosh laptop ^_^. And PhotoShop, yay.
[b]Q[/b]ueen Asuka -- She's lovely and wonderful and awesome.
[b]R[/b]andom Acts of Kindness -- I try to perform them every day, and when a stranger is nice to you it just feels great.
[b]S[/b]outhern California Weather -- 60 degrees in December? Fine by me ^_~
[b]T[/b]rauma -- It has made me stronger and view life in a different [and better] light.
[b]U[/b]ndergarments -- I really like underwear ^_^.
[b]V[/b]entura -- My current hometown, it's very lovely and next to the ocean.
[b]W[/b]inne the Pooh -- I used to watch it all the time with my brother, and the ride at Disneyland is just too cute.
[b]X[/b]ephon -- Or more specifically, [i]Rah-Xephon[/i].
[b]Y[/b]oung -- Still being young enough to have a lot of my life ahead of me.
[b]Z[/b]zzzz -- Sleeping, especially when it involves cuddling with my Erik.[/color][/size]
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[b]A[/b]jeh, my best friend, dunno where i'd be without him.
[b]B[/b]lue, my fave colour ^_^
[b]C[/b]hoice, wouldnt life be boring if we coulding choose different things?
[b]D[/b]igital Art, I would say it was my ... deeper side.
[b]E[/b]lwell, Mr.Elwell, great teacher, shame he left.
[b]F[/b]ender, greatest guitar brand IMO.
[b]G[/b]randparents, I love my grandparents a lot.
[b]H[/b]ats, I dunno....they can keep you warm [i]and[/i] keep the sun off your head.
[b]I[/b]ndependence, pretty much tells itself.
[b]J[/b]imi Hendrix, revolutionised rock and what not
[b]K[/b]yle, another best friend, been friends since we were like 3.
[b]L[/b]ingerie, why not?
[b]M[/b]other, my mum had a pretty hard time raising me as a single mother and what not, I love her loads though. :/
[b]N[/b]intendo, GameCube owns all. Nuff said.
[b]O[/b]B, wouldnt have met so many great people if it werent for OB.
[b]P[/b]ikachu, the little critter we all love to hate. ^_^
[b]Q[/b]uiet, as mentioned several times before, quiet times are sometimes the best times.
[b]R[/b]ed, violent, sexy, bold, a colour with so many sides, the poet of colours.
[b]S[/b]leep, I love sleep, sleep and dreaming.....
[b]T[/b]ea, where would us english be without tea to fuel our stereotype?
[b]U[/b]mbarella, they keep you dry? >>;
[b]V[/b]alerie, she knows why.
[b]W[/b]arwick, make nice guitars/basses.
[b]X[/b]ylophone, funky.
[b]Y[/b]ogi bear? >>;
[b]Z[/b]ipper, Von. Von zipper....make some stuff....I dont really like them that much <<; just some random brand.
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[b]Adnan[/b]- He spends all his awake-hours just gaming his life away. He's so much of a dopey moron. And you'd be stupid not to appreciate his corny jokes, lol.
[b]Blue[/b]- I dunno. There's something calming about the colour blue.
[b]Creativity[/b]- I'd.. rather not have to do and see the same old grey stuff over and over.
[b]Doodling[/b]- I need some way to pass my time in the boring classes in school. And the interesting ones.
[b]Excitement[/b]- Better that than being bored.
[b]Friends[/b]- I spend half my time talking about the stupid stuff we get upto. What would I be doing in my spare time without them?
[b]Games[/b]- All hail games! What's wrong with gaming?
[b]HMV[/b]- Again, for the games and DVDs. You'd think music, but no.
[b]Internet[/b]- Where would I be without it? >.>; (at my PS2)
[b]Jonny[/b]- The Spoon King! lol. You always have that loud annoying friend in the group that takes everything too far, right? This is ours.
[b]Kenji[/b]- Probably my best friend in the world. In the same way Carlsberg is probably the best lager in the world.
[b]London[/b]- As much as Manchester is better, I [i]was[/i] born there =/
[b]Manchester United[/b]- Because we're better than everyone else out there :p
[b]OB[/b]- Met a great bunch of people here, and I mean that.
[b]Penguins[/b]- Caffiene, milk chocolate and sugar. Could you possibly get a better combination? And the cornyness of the jokes on the back only add to the taste ;)
[b]Q?[/b]- I don't really know what to put down for this one personally. Everyone else did 'quiet' or 'quiet time'. I've put done that under 'S'.
[b]Rap[/b]- Because no-one else will ever say it.
[b]Silence[/b]- Everyone needs it every now and then, you know?
[b]Telephone[/b]- Communication is good.
[b]Umbrellas[/b]- Lol. Everyone's put this down. You kinda need them in the northwest. A lot.
[b]Vacations[/b]- Because I forgot to fill 'H' with 'Holidays', and they're both the same thing. People need breaks from working. Four days left :)
[b]Will Smith[/b]- Because I can't think of anything else with a 'W', and everyone knows I still tune in to watch Fresh Prince of Bel Air every day -.-
[b]X[/b]- They don't get better than the Dark man o.-
[b]Youth[/b]- If you don't appreciate atleast your youth, what kind of old geezer will turn out to be years from now? Bleh. Can't explain what I mean. Be thankful for it while you still have it.
[b]Zack[/b]- The single bestest reason to play FFVII, lol.[/size]
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=dodgerblue][b]A[/b]leks: She's one of my best friends.
[b]B[/b]eaches: The water, the sand..Bwee ^_^
[b]C[/b]hristmas: My favourite time of year
[b]D[/b]oggies: SooOOoo cute ^_^;;
[b]E[/b]mily: She's one of my best friends.
[b]F[/b]rost: Doesn't it look so cool on glass?
[b]G[/b]oogle Image: Ohh.The random images I search for..
[b]H[/b]orse-back riding
[b]I[/b]ce cream: Refreshing on a hot summers day.
[b]J[/b]umbled words: I liek thsee laot!
[b]K[/b]ayla: Aren't I just so damn loveable?
[b]L[/b]emons: I love the sour and 'wow' taste that only so many people can handle
[b]M[/b]att: ¬¬ I'm pathetic eh? The guy doesn't even like me anymore
[b]N[/b]ight-sky: Prettiest thing
[b]O[/b]takuboards: T3h Coo00lesstt pl@ceeeeee
[b]P[/b]artys: Good times
[b]Q[/b]uizilla: Oh..I have a life..~_^
[b]R[/b]ain: I just love the sound, smell, and the feel of it in your hair on dripping off the end of your nose
[b]S[/b]ummer: The relaxing days in the sun
[b]T[/b]he used and oTher punk-ish bands..-__-;
[b]U[/b]mbrellas: They look so cool when its pouring
[b]V[/b]icky: My best friend
[b]W[/b]inter: My favourite season, so pretty and shivery-ful.
[b]X[/b]..It makes me confuzed
[b]Y[/b]ellow carnations: Matt always gave me them..¬¬
[b]Z[/b]ebra stripes: Aren't they the coolest looking things ever?[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[COLOR=silver][FONT=century gothic][SIZE=1]okay...here it goes..

[B]A[/B]nime [i think this reason is self explanitory lol]
[B]B[/B]ob [thats my favorite name ^^]
[B]C[/B]heese [i love cheese]
[B]D[/B]oors [without them we'd be stuck in one room forever!]
[B]E[/B]lephants [i like them ^^]
[B]F[/B]ood [Uhh....i would...um....starve to death?]
[B]G[/B]ames [woohoo fun]
[B]H[/B]ot Topic [Thats like the only place I shop....]
[B]I[/B]ll-fated skateboarders [its fun to watch them fall down ^^]
[B]J[/B]essie [thats me! woohoo!]
[B]K[/B]ittens [sooooo cute!]
[B]L[/B]ove Hina [my favorite anime]
[B]M[/B]anga [manga is good for you lol]
[B]N[/B]ames [w/o them you would walk around saying 'hey you!' to everyone!]
[B]O[/B]taku Boards! [uhhh...because]
[B]P[/B]ineapples [pineapples are good!]
[B]R[/B]amen noodles [i love ramen noodles ^^]
[B]S[/B]ari [my #1 best bud!!]
[B]T[/B]emporary insanity [i have to atleast pretend be sane sometimes!]
[B]U[/B]mbrellas [i like watching them get blown away ^^]
[B]V[/B]iolin [i love playing the violin ^^]
[B]W[/B]ater [has many reasons]
[B]Y[/B]ou [as in a general statement, i need people to talk to!]
[B]Z[/B]ucinni [i like that word][/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR]
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[b]Anime[/b]-My greatest pastime. I don't know what i'd be watching if i wasn't watching it.....those stupid real-life shows like Survivor.
[b]Bobble-Head Dolls[/b]---they answer yes to everything!!! *wiggles head back and forth* I love to ask my bobble head doll questions!! :)
[b]Cookies!!!![/b]---I couldn't be the Cookie Monster with out these beutifully delious devices that are perfect the the taste buds....*drools*
[b]Drums[/b]---A great way to piss of my brother. *starts pounding drum* What??? What you want me to stop?? I can't hear you!
[b]Electric Piano[/b]--I love to just sit down and play whatever comes into my head. And then, I can play it with a telephone sound!!! ;)
[b]Friends![/b]---I would have no reason to live if it wasn't for these people.
[b]Games[/b]----Wheee!!! Go Link go!!! Wheee!!!!
[b]Harrah's[/b] I want to pull the lever! Can't i please pull the lever???? I swear I'm 21!!!!
[b]Igloos[/b]---(sp?) What a fun little home! I get to live with penguins, isn't my aunt jealous
[b]Jack[/b]----*giggles to Artemis*
[b]Katie-chan[/b] What i would do without her, she's my best friend.
[b]Lyndsey[/b]--Another of my best friends, who I made a fun little book with. *giggles* The book of Ghastly information....i'll let you guess what's it about.
[b]M & M's[/b]---What fun you can have with these little things!!! :)
[b]Nemo[/b] what a cute little movie, and yet....it was so sad.
[b]Otaku[/b]---i wonder what i would do if i wasn't here..........
[b]Pinball[/b]--"She's the pinball wizard!"
[b]Quesidillas[/b]---the greatest mexican food there is!!!
[b]Restrooms[/b]---what would you do with out them?
[b]Stars[/b]---I love just looking up at them...they are soo pretty.
[b]Tony![/b]---what would i do without him? I would actually go to sleep at a reasonable time, that's for sure!
[b]Underwear[/b]----um...just trying to be different.....everyone else had umbrellas....
[b]Valentine's day[/b]--*hugs self*
[b]Waycool[/b] My favorite saying....from 6th grade!!!
[b]X-rays[/b] What I'm going to do when I graduate!!!
[b]Yahoo searches[/b]---*giggles* what fun little things you can find just by typing in a letter
[b]Z Warriors[/b] Trunks!!!!!! :)
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[b]A[/b]lter Egos. It's fun to recognize yourself in someone else.
[b]B[/b]lankets. I love being cozy and warm at night.
[b]C[/b]ookies. Homemade, chocolate chip. One of the staples of childhood.
[b]D[/b]igimon- I've met some of the coolest people on the face of the earth because of this show.
[b]E[/b]tymology, and words in general. If you know me, you know I'm a dork, and I [i]love[/i] words.
[b]F[/b]ortune cookies. Gosh, these things are fun.
[b]G[/b]arage sales. These things are fun, too. Heh.
[b]H[/b]allmark. Cards are fun.
[b]I[/b]nternet. Free time, [i]what[/i]? I am happy to be able to use the internet to communicate with people.
[b]J[/b]okes. Anything that can make me laugh is good.
[b]K[/b]estrel. A cool word, and a cool creature.
[b]L[/b]ast-minute get-togethers.
[b]M[/b]ail. Getting mail makes me happy.
[b]N[/b]othing to do on a Sunday afternoon. Nice feeling.
[b]O[/b]ld things. Like nifty gadgets, or worn chairs, or other things you might find in the perfect attic.
[b]P[/b]ebbles and beach glass. Collections are fun.
[b]Q[/b]uizzes. One of my many means of procrastination. Not pretty, but eh.
[b]R[/b]efrigerated Pizza. Yum.
[b]T[/b]ypewriters and the cool sounds they make. ;)
[b]U[/b]mbrellas. Especially big, brightly colored ones, heh.
[b]V[/b]acations. (Five school days left, I can do this...)
[b]W[/b]indy days in the fall. Lovely stuff.
[b]X[/b]anadu- Because it's a lovely word to use when you get stuck with [i]x[/i] during the Alphabet Game.
"[b]Y[/b]ou killed my father. Prepare to die."
[b]Z[/b]imbabwe. Because I have had this window open for two hours, and this post needs to be done, [i]now.[/i][/size]
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[size=1][b]A[/b]rt. Of all kinds. It's the sincerest form of expression I know.
[b]B[/b]ells, because they sound pretty. I want a little bell from Santa's sleigh, like in the Polar Express. Which is actually going to be a movie - I'm rather excited about that.
[b]C[/b]hucky Wills - my PowerBook. You're the best, man. Rock on.
[b]D[/b]isney. I will never grow too old for this stuff.
[b]E[/b]urope. The entire continent is beautiful and old and so full of [i]everything[/i]. It's like living in the past - the ruins and temples and cathedrals are just wonderful, on every level possible.
[b]F[/b]riends and Family, naturally. Gotta love them, even if they do drive you up the wall sometimes.
[b]G[/b]oing to the movies, or bowling, or just out with cool people, whoever they may be.
[b]H[/b]istory is and always will be my favorite subject, and it's what I want to do, what I want to study.
[b]I[/b]nteresting stories. I love to hear them.
[b]J[/b]unk food - hell yes, I love you. So much. I cherish you, junk food.
[b]K[/b]irby faces! (>^.^)> <(^.^)> <(^.^<) [b]*[/b]And [i]Kerbie[/i] the Love Bug. Good lord, I should just go to bed.
[b]L[/b]ore. Legends. Myths, fairytales, folk tales. I love them all.
[b]M[/b]exican food is so very good and tasty. Next to Cajun foods, it's just about my favorite.
[b]N[/b]erds rock. They are always so much cooler than they're given credit for, and I'm damn proud to be one.
[b]O[/b]takuBoards, of course. Had some good times on here. ^_~
[b]P[/b]eople. I really love people, although sometimes they make me think Genocide really is the answer. But honestly, the human mind is one of the most interesting things - people amaze me. A specific person, and true to the P theme, is Pritchard - a history teacher I had that inspired me to follow in his footsteps. That, and he likes the Buckeyes - go OSU!
[b]R[/b]ocky Horror and his Picture Show. Some of the most fun I've ever had in my entire life.
[b]S[/b]ports. Although I never really stuck to one, I've played so many and have so many good memories of going to games, watching games, playing in games.. making up my [i]own[/i] games.. Shakespeare works too.
[b]T[/b]ickle fights. As long as I win.
[b]U[/b]nbirthdays! Have a [i]very[/i] merry unbirthday!!
[b]V[/b]ideo games. Oh my god, [i]video games[/i]. Thank you for always being there, Mr. Nintendo, and Mr. PS2. You have made my life worth living.
[b]W[/b]riting. Hands down, the best medicine I've ever given myself. There's so much freedom to be found in it.
[b]X[/b]ena, Warrior Princess.
[b]Y[/b]elnats, which is Stanley spelled backwards.
[b]Z[/b]orro! My hero![/size]
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ok, i fianly decided to post. (it may not be complete i have 2 hour delay for school, and i'm board outa hell...)

[B]A[/B]nime, why should i explain it when your all here because of it?
[B]B[/B]aseball bats, they're fun to hit people with.
[B]C[/B]omputers, i love to go online, play games, do complete crazy stuff...
[B]D[/B]rawing pencils, just gotta love 'em!
[B]E[/B]lves, cause they are so darn cute!
[B]F[/B]eathers! the soft lightness is so, so cool!
[B]G[/B]raph paper, it hard to do certin thing without.
[B]H[/B]appieness, although with my dad gone why should i be?
[B]I[/B]ce, it's cool. literaly
[B]J[/B]-pop its odd.
[B]K[/B]itties! who can resite the cute?
[B]L[/B]etters, woth out them i can't write.
[B]M[/B]ore video games, simple they're fun
[B]N[/B]othing, casue you NEED quiet
[B]O[/B]rangina its tasty!
[B]P[/B]aper, it's better then writing on bark...
[B]Q[/B]uil pens, so neat.
[B]R[/B]ibbons, they look pretty...
[B]S[/B]wimming, its so awsome! *flashes 1st place backstroke ribbon* i was going against 9th grades, and i was only in 5th. (at the time)
[B]T[/B]ime uhg i need more.
[B]U[/B]upwards, i hate all other directions...
[B]V[/B]enus, its orange-ish...
[B]W[/B]ater, its so nice...
[B]X[/B]-rays if they didn't exsit i would be in hell of a lota trouble.
[B]Y[/B]ogurt, the kick and easy breafast.
[B]Z[/B]igurats i think its some type of market...

oops time to get dressed. i'll finish it after school, (my most hw giving classes are 1st and 2nd period, but no! i still have fourth! *sobs*) well i finished it just now.. bye. people!
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Semjaza Azazel [/i]
[B]You spelled Kirby wrong... :( Now I don't know what to think anymore. [/B][/QUOTE]

[size=1] You spelled Kirby [i]right[/i]. :(. Now [i]I[/i] don't know what to think anymore.

Anyways, I want to do this thing seriously, for the thread's sake.

[strike][b]A[/b]nus[/strike][b]A[/b]nswers--because if you don't have an answer, you have an assumption.
[b]B[/b]anal--for being a cool word, and loving me back.
[b][strike]C[/b]urdles[/strike][b]C[/b]ross--for giving me a universal symbol which to forever spite and make fun of.
[b]D[/b]eath--for taking my life instead of me taking my life. And for ending the pain eventually.
[b]E[/b]legy--for being a cool word, and part of a good AFI song, as well as being cool in what it does.
[b]F[/b]eelings--for making me feel terrible and great and wonderful and uncaring all at once.
[b]G[/b]eneralizations--for being needed to an extent, yet not individual enough and not far-seeing.
[strike][b]H[/b]orns[/strike][b]H[/b]earts--for ripping me to pieces and ripping me back to pieces all in the same beat.
[b]I[/b]rrelevancy--for it being my friend. Anything random and superfluously humors makes my day.
[b]J[/b]esters--just for jesting, that's all.
[b]K[/b]nives--for being the blunt object that hurt more than anything.
[b]L[/b]ife--for being there when I hate it, love it, and don't want it, as well as when I do accept it.
[b]M[/b]onsters--for eternally interesting me and trying to prove their existence through my writing.
[b]N[/b]othing--for being nothing, which is what I love.
[b]O[/b]btuse--the truth obtuse is the truth acute.
[strike][b]P[/b]ragmatism[/strike][b]P[/b]oe--for writing what he did and eternally becoming a legend, and for also being the best horror writer at this point.
[b]Q[/b]uirks--for being quirkily quirky, and quirking me to quirking.
[b]R[/b]est--for making me feel better and letting me close my eyes from life for a while.
[b]S[/b]hy--for being one of the coolest people, always being there, and just being Shy.
[b]T[/b]ony--for getting me into lots of music, listening to my depressing rants, and being a great guy that cares more for other people than himself.
[b]U[/b]terus--for raping me into existence yet giving me existence all the same. As well as for fostering me.

Out of time--add the rest later.[/size]
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I am thankful for many things, most of them video game related. So, yeah, enjoy my stupid list. lol

[b]A[/b]dvance Wars - For providing people with fun little cartoon mini-wars.
[b]B[/b]reakfast - Because I was really hungry a few minutes ago.
[b]C[/b]hris Jericho - I must give props to the Ayatollah of Rock 'n Rolla :p
[b]D[/b]ancing - At least, I'd be thankful for it if I could do it.
[b]E[/b]ternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem - GameCube's most underrated game.
[b]F[/b]inal Fantasy VI - The best of the Final Fantasies.
[b]G[/b]ameCube - So many good games I need to play.
[b]H[/b]alloween - For increasing my candy intake.
[b]I[/b]co - The game rules, more people need to buy it.
[b]J[/b]unior Varsity Tennis - If there weren't such a thing as JV, I'd never play any sports :p
[b]K[/b]irby Super Star - Most underrated game ever...play some Kirby, people!
[b]L[/b]egend of Zelda - My favorite gaming series ever; I've had so many fun adventures as Link.
[b]M[/b]ario - Platformers rule and so does Mario.
[b]N[/b]intendo - Do I really need to explain this? lol
[b]O[/b]takuBoards - *insert sucking up here*
[b]P[/b]ikmin - I'm obsessed with making cute little armies. So sue me.
[b]Q[/b]ix - Or whatever that weird guy's name was. lol
[b]R[/b]ob Van Dam - Really, how fun is it to see him fly around?
[b]S[/b]NES - Best system ever. Don't deny it.
[b]T[/b]urtles - Because they're cool. Recognize.
[b]U[/b]ganda - Because it's a cool name.
[b]V[/b]iolins - The Koroks in Wind Waker play a mean plant violin.
[b]W[/b]ind Waker - Best graphics I've ever seen.
[b]X[/b]ylophones - Ah, the wonders of x.
[b]Y[/b] - See, I do know some Spanish. :p
[b]Z[/b] - For being the first letter of my last name and keeping me from going first in school projects. I toast you, Z!

And that's about it. That took me a while, heh.
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A- anime....Anime is one of my most favorite things
B-books....When I am absolutely bored, and there is no computer nearby, I read a lot of books
C- Charles...He is such an awesome friend...I am very thankful for him
D-Drawing/dancing....I draw every single day. It calms me and helps me feel better about myself. Dancing is just what I love to do. People say that I dance great
E- eggs...eggs are one of my favorite foods
F-Friends and Family...I don't know what I would do without them
G- Gum...I love chewing gum
H-History...one of my favorite subjects
I- internet....it is what I do in my free time
J-Jesus....my savior and whom I love
K-Kids...they are so fun to play with
L-love...if there wasn't any love, I wouldn't be the person that I am today.
M- mashed potatoes...when I am sick, this is my comfort food
N- nothing
O-Otakuboards...my home away from home
P- Pepsi...my favorite soda of all time
Q-quarters...video games take this at the mall in order for you to play
R-Rock music
S- Snowboarding...what I like to do in my free time during the winter season
T-Television...Other than computer, I love to do this during my free time
U-ugh...one of my favorite words
V- vending machines...I could not survive school without an occasional snack from the vending machines.
W- wood working...This is a destresser. I love the smell of freshly cut wood.
X- XMAS...Xmas is one of my favorite season
Y- young...it is very grand to be young
Z-zippers...they keep my clothes on my body
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[color=indigo][B]A[/b]lcohol-for all of the inane and asinine stories you have provided me with
[B]B[/b]utchers-for adding just the right amounts of meat and spice in those hot Italian sausages
[B]C[/b]ondoms-because I can?t afford children
[B]D[/b]ogs Playing Poker-It is a painting of Dogs playing poker! If that isn?t hilarious it just isn?t hilarious!
[B]E[/b]T-where would I be without all of your unofficial documentaries describing how much better celebrities live than I do
[B]F[/b]***-for being such a versatile and stimulating word
[B]G[/b]uitar-for never sounding as good as I want you to
[B]H[/b]eaven?s Cloud-for being a good pseudonym these past two years
[B]I[/b]gloo coolers-for storing my alcohol when I am traveling (see above)
[B]J[/b]ourney-for boosting my confidence, although I know I?ll never be famous, at least I won?t suck as much as Steve Perry
[B]K[/b]iller bees-just because their name starts with the word ?killer?
[B]L[/b]ycanthropy-where would the world be without werewolves?
[B]M[/b]iscellaneous computer files-hey, it?s where I keep the porn
[B]N[/b]ostradomous-for being dead
[B]O[/b]PP-cause I?m down with the OPP, yeah you know me
[B]P[/b]igeons-for designating my car as the ultimate bulls-eye
[B]Q[/b]uiet-because some people need to learn when to shut the hell up
[B]R[/b]ic Flair-Whooo!
[B]S[/b]ex-cause it is good, clean fun
[B]T[/b]ic-Tacs-for being the least minty of all the mints
[B]U[/b]FO?s-thanks for all the free anal probes fellas
[B]V[/b]asectomy-for keeping all those old people sterile
[B]W[/b]restling (pro)-the greatest sport that isn?t a sport ever
[B]X[/b]erox-for making flattering copies of my rear
[B]Z[/b]ephyr-cause you are one cool balloon
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[color=hotpink][size=1][b]A[/b]dam's Angels. [The sexiest group of girls EVER.]
[b]B[/b]abyGirl. [She inspired me to know that I'm beautiful.]
[b]C[/b]hocolate. [I wouldn't survive without this substance!]
[b]D[/b]awgs. [As in Georgia Bulldogs! ^_^]
[b]E[/b]ternity. [I like to know what awaits me when I get there.]
[b]F[/b]antasy. [Princesses, Knights, Dragons, and Wizards. Ah yes, my kind of genre.]
[b]G[/b]runge Music. [It makes the rock world go 'round.]
[b]H[/b]eaters. [I would positively freeze to death if it wasn't for them!]
[b]I[/b]ntegrity. [Because everyone should do the right thing, even if no one is watching.]
[b]J[/b]esus Christ. [I think it's self-explanatory.]
[b]K[/b]ennethness. [The bestest friend ever!]
[b]L[/b]aughter. [It always makes me happy to know others are happy.]
[b]M[/b]odship. [Because people think I'm "cool" :p]
[b]N[/b]ever. [A word that can mean so much of everything, or so much of nothing.]
[b]O[/b]takuBoards. [Well, I've wasted away much too much of my time here. ^_^]
[b]P[/b]iroMunkie. [The best OB husband ever! Two years this January!]
[b]Q[/b]ueenness. [It's great being royalty. ^_^ I feel so [i]powerful.[/i]]
[b]R[/b]yan. [Who else is willing to take care of little ol' me?]
[b]S[/b]unshine. [It makes all my days brighter.]
[b]T[/b]hongs. [They are sexy and comfy. And not to mention they prevent pantylines!]
[b]U[/b]mbrellas. [They are beautiful on those rainy days.]
[b]V[/b]ideogames. [What would childhood be without Street Fighter and Super Mario?]
[b]W[/b]ater. [I was supposed to be born a mermaid. ^_^]
[b]X[/b]-by CLAMP. [The movie is great, but the manga is better!]
[b]Y[/b]outhfulness. [Because I had the best childhood ever!]
[b]Z[/b][i]oso[/i] and the [i]Runes[/i] album. [Because we all love Led Zeppelin!][/color][/size]
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