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RPG ~Dragon Wing Festival~


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[COLOR=Navy]It is the Summer Solstice, and the harvest periods are high within the realm of Earathia. Here is where the dragons reign the skies in a seemingly medieval realm. In the city of High Haven, the annual Dragon Wing Festival is taking place. The city's leader, and the officials and other workers in the city are pulling together the largest festival ever.

The meals consisting of fruits, and vegetables no meat at all being served during this period. Even the apple trees have been in full blossom over the area of the festival's circle where the fire would be raised in the center to call the gathering of the people for the sharing of story, song, mythes and magic over meals of fruit and vegetables and drinks of wine, mead and ale. There of course being juice for those who wish not to drink.

The Dragon's of the realm are both tamed and wild. Tamed dragons walk the way alongside mortals sharing knowledge and wisdom. In the Magician's Tower which towers over the Magician's School in the city the tamed dragons take their nest. Several knights and palidins along with scouts and others are trained to ride amongst the backs of these beasts, but then there are the wild dragons. The dragon who are untamed, and have gone after the villages for countless times, making it High Haven's job to protect the smaller villages from these dragon raids.

Now the apple trees are in full blossom, and the city full of life...the time for the festival gathering day nears as the tempertures grow warmer...

And the dragon raids are just beginning to rise...

Who knows what events may unfold, or what will happen this year? I know I don't, do you?

I'm bringing in the main plot later in the story. For now just act like normal people. Just do what your character would do everyday until I add in the Plot.

Remember that this is set in olden times. So no modern stuff.

[B]I forgot to mention. If you're a partner with a dragon. They can't talk but you can have a bond and a telepathic link to speak through.[/B]

>[URL=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=37732]Recruitment Thread[/URL]<


Chi woke up a bright sunny morning. She yawned and rolled out of her bed. She stumbled to her closet and grabbed her clothes. She changed quickly and fixed herself up for a new day. She walked out of her room and into the cooking area where her mother was making breakfast.

Chi ate a hurried breakfast before grabbing some food and running out to the stables where her father's dragons stayed, including her own personal dragon. Sideria only slept there. During the day she would fly around until Chi called her.

She ran to the door and leaned over. She had already opened her eyes and was looking at her.

"Morning Sideria. Did you have a good rest?" Chi asked.
["Not too bad. What will we be doing today?"] Sideria replied through their telepathic link.
"We'll go give you some exercise. Then we'll see from there." Chi said opening the stable door.

Chi walked in and grabbed the heavy saddle off the side and placed it on the dragon's back. She tightened the straps and got on, settling herself and grabbing the reins. Sideria walked out of the stable and Chi used a bit of power to rebolt the door.

Sideria flapped her wings and lifted from the ground. Then they took off. Chi loved the feel of the wind around her as she flied. They flew several rounds of their home town. Dipping and swerving for more fun and more exercise.

Finally they came to an end. Back at Chi's house. Chi thanked her dragon and took off the saddle and allowing it to fly free. They could always keep in touch, wherever either were.

Chi walked back into the house and grabbed her spell books to do more studying. Chi flipped through all of her spells and found the one she was looknig for. She wanted to go out and catch another dragon. But this one was different from the other dragons she had tamed. The normal melody and spell didn't work. Now she'd found it. Chi quickly copied it down and ran out of the house with her Long Sword and Dragon Ocarina. She searched her telepathic link with all of the dragons she had tamed and found the strongest one. The one she had with Sideria. She called Sideria from wherever she was and re saddled her before taking off for the place she had last seen the dragon.[/COLOR]
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OOC: YAY! I'm gonna love this one...

IC: Naero woke up slowly. It was too good of a day to rush. He got dressed and went down to the main room of the Inn he was staying in. They had agreed to let him stay for free after telling them several of his stories... he loved to entertain. Several of the men he had seen last night were up, groggily drinking from their mugs. A few of them saw him and urged hi mto tell the second part of his last story... it was about a traveling boy, alone and forgotten, who searched for his purpose. He had left off at an exciting part, tired and ready to sleep.

Now he continued, using every emotion he possessed to make it more entertaining. At one point, as a mighty army came down upon the boy's friends, he took out an old, rusty dagger and pretended to stab himself as a girl in the story did.

After finishing, and promisign to come back for more, he headed ouside, and breathed in the day's scents. The market place was only a few buildings down, and smells of food and spices drifted to him.

It was gonna be a great day.

OOC: ya, hope this is good... whatever...
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[color=indigo][size=1]Sideria banked down ward and then sharply flew back up into the sky as Chi smirked at her slightly. It hadn't been too long before Chi had sattled her back up to take a trip somewhere else. Sideria had an idea that it was about another dragon she wanted to find. She had told Sideria about it a bit, saying how it was difficult to capture. Capture... Not a word Sideria really liked. She was once a wild dragon, but only when she was very young... were the dragons concidered tools or friends, not all dragons want to be taken from the wild... well, either way, Chi and Sideria were friends.

[So, where are we off to? Were heading North... so..] Sideria asked Chi.
"Were heading near the mountain area, it's where I last saw the dragon." Chi replied. She had barely pulled on the reigns, signaling to move right, when Sideria already turned. She could tell just about anything Chi was about to do.
[Difficult to capture... Will you be needing some of my assistance?] Sideria smirked and felt the blue fire churn inside of her. Chi just laughed as Sideria made another bank, blowing a poof of smoke from her mouth.

"We will see." [/size][/color]
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[color=firebrick] Syft kicked the wooden water bucket into the shabby shed before closing the rickety door and turning around. Attijun's quaint house was nestled near the center of the village, and from Syft's dwelling place he could spot out the many volunteers cheerily putting up decoration for the highly-anticipater Dragon Wing Festival. Syft rubbed his hands of the grimy dirst that had managed to spoil his hands and scrambled up the side of the shed, at one moment fearing for his health as the shed began to rock back and forth. He managed to safely get up on the roof and grabbed ahold of the clothing pole to keep his balance.

The festival looked promising; the proud flags of Earathia hung upon the high tops of surrounding buildings, long strings with odd bits of decorative objects hung everywhere from ledges, and already people were running about with foods and drinks. Was it that time already? Yes, tomorrow would being the day of food, music, and celebration. The excitement of a good time almost burried out the thought of the ever-nearing dragon raids that have plagued Earathians' minds. Syft could feel a tiny sprout of excitement hiding in the back of his mind, but quickly shamed himself. He slowly slid back down and carefully climbed his way down the shed. It was only a week ago that Attijun has caught ill and was currently in a deathly state.

A sudden strong gust of wind came down, swaying Syft's balance. With a small gasp he looked up to see a beautifully large dragon flying gently through Earathia's blue skies. The sunlight beamed down upon it, and the dragon's skin glimmered with the shades of blue and purple, his white mane flowing back gracefully as its wings stretched out with strength. Syft had never had the strong desire to own a dragon of his own as many others did, but he did often imagine the feeling of rushing through the winds of the warm Summer Solstice. He tried to recognize the owner of the dragon, but failed miserable as the dragon had gone far and away. 'No matter', Syft thought, 'it's not like I know many of the people here.' Syft did not take his eyes away from the skies, though, and instead went into the house, grabbed his overcoat and snatched the long black cloth from the cloth ledge and quickly wrapped it about his shoulders. He carressed the red jewel that hung from his neck, hoping that it would not fall, and slipped out the door after shouting that he was going out.

He felt like going out for a while. [/color]
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Fushi woke up and jumped out of bed. ?Tyler! Tylerness! Wake up!? she bonks Tylerness with a pillow.

Tylerness opens his eyes and blinks. [color=gold]?Yes??[/color] his voice booms in her head.

?Will you think softer?? she giggles. ?You dragons are so loud!? She walked into the closet to change and came out with her brown dress on. ?Come on.? She pulled on her gold cloak and jumped out the second story window, landing on her feet. Several people nearby were staring. She blinked, they blinked and walked on. ?What?s with them??

[color=gold]?Maybe they think you?re something bad, you did just jump out of a second story window and land without a scratch, most would end up dead.?[/color] He replied.

?Oh? Ok! Anyway, today?s mission: Get some food!? Her stomach growled. ?Soon.? She sighed, ?Being a thief isn?t easy, especially when you?re a part time alchemist.? She nodded and walked off, Tylerness right behind her. Tylerness was a small gold dragon, yet still big enough for her to ride him, with blue eyes.

[color=gold]?Why do you have to be so childish? You?re 16!?[/color] He glared.

?So?? more people started to stare, normal dragons and their masters/friends talked completely in their heads.

I hope this gets REALLY interesting...
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Kurian wandered around the bustling village, his thumbs hooked absently through his belt. His gaze wandered around as he watched the people prepare for the festival flying their flags and hanging their beads all in celebration of dragons. Kurian shook his head and perched himself upon an upturned bucket that sat outside the town grocers. Resting his chin upon his hand and his elbow upon his knee he continued to watch. He found it difficult to understand why these people were celebrating. There was no such talk of this festival within his city, an association with dragons other than raid prevention was forbidden. Dragons were evil, it was that simple. Yet these simple people, and much of the villages and cities in this area he was told, were laughing and joking in praise of these creatures. He himself had been severly injured by a flock of these beasts as his troup attempted to cull their frequent raiding. It was only by chance of being found by one of the village women that he was even alive today. Rubbing his hand across his face he sighed loudly, his confusion written clearly across his face.

The sound of a door opening behind him caught Kurian's attention and he turned in time to see the grocer Matthias Tull, a short elderly man, exit his store with a bundle of streamers and banners clutched in his arms.

"Ah Kurian my boy!" The man bellowed in a jovial voice, waddling over to Kurian with a shuffling gait. Kurian waved lightly at Matthias, smiling at the man who had befriended him upon his arrival to the village. Rising from his seated position Kurian moved to take the bundle from the aging man chuckling as he watched Matthias straighten his apron.
"I don't suppose you'd mind giving me a hand with these here decorations, the festival's tomorrow you know."

"Aye I know." Kurian dumped his load at the base of the building and set a pair of nearby ladders against the wall. Looking over at the grocer Kurian winked playfully as he took one end of a banner in his hand a started to scale the ladder.
"Just like you to make a youngster do your work for you Matt."

It was the old man's turn to chuckle as he handed Kurian another banner.
"I wouldn't call you a youngster Kurian, and I'm not exactly in the best of shape for climbing over buildings." Looking up Matthias grinned as a large shadow drifted across the sky.
"Look son! We're blessed by the presence of a rider, it's good luck for the feast!"

Looking up sharply Kurian frowned and twisted his lips in a wry expression.
"Yuh..." Dragon riders. How could those people work with such beasts, they'd probably as soon as eat their owners rather than obey. Snorting roughly Kurian continued to pin the decorations up, ignoring the cheers of the milling villagers as the dragon passed overhead.
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[size=1][color=#999999][i]A dragon had passed overhead as Talisman rode on Aries' back and Veritas flew high above their head.Someone was after a wild dragon and that someone would soon see that another would be protecting it.

Veritas screeched and flew faster than any other living bird. It was larger than most and it was a black hawk that only could be seen as a speeding flight. Same went for Aries. He was a tall black horse, who was stronger and faster than most horses would ever be at his age. And then there was Diablo, who would soon meet with the Dragon Rider.[/i]

"Come, Aries. Let us give you wings and we shall fly our way to Diablo."

[i]Talisman put a hand to his head and whispered some words from an ancient language.[/i]

"Lok'ta abar'm estrasta."

[i]Suddenly, Aries grew wings and he was able to fly into the sky with Veritas. He glided over the skies and soon the two came to where Diablo would be. He landed and Talisman walked towards a large mountain base. There she stood and called out for Diablo.[/i]

["You called, Sorceress?"] [i]Diablo spoke through telepathic mind.[/i]

"I did. It seems that a dragon and its tamer is coming your way to find a mystery dragon that was once seen by the human."

["We cannot let that happen."][/size][/color]
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[size=2][color=darkslategray]Ikki sat by his bed that he had rented in an inn, and un-tieid his shoes.[/color][/size]

[size=2][color=darkslategray]"Ugh" He moaned, as threw off his socks. A large cut was visible on his bare feet. He ached in pain when he touched it.[/color][/size]

[size=2][color=darkslategray]"Ouch! I knew we shouldn't have journied too far into the forest Charm..." Ikki said. [/color][/size]

[size=2][color=darkslategray]Charm, Ikki's loyal companion, sat by his side. Charm carressed Ikki's wound by slowly licking it with his warm tounge.[/color][/size]

[size=2][color=darkslategray]"Thanks buddy..." Ikki sighed. [/color][/size]

[size=2][color=darkslategray]He slowly lifted himself up from the bed. He stretched his toes, and applied his socks and shoes back on.[/color][/size]

[size=2][color=darkslategray]"Okay Charm, I'll be right back. I'm going to get my self some warm milk." Ikki explained.[/color][/size]

[size=2][color=darkslategray]Charm nodded his head as if he understood exactly what he had said.[/color][/size]

[size=2][color=darkslategray]Ikki ran down the inn's stairs, and hurried into a seat. He asked the waitress for a glass of warm milk. [/color][/size]

[size=2][color=darkslategray]After what seemed like hours, the waitress had finally come back with his order.[/color][/size]

[size=2][color=darkslategray]"Thanks much ^_^" Ikki complied.[/color][/size]

[size=2][color=dimgray][color=darkslategray]Ikki quickly drank up the warm milk. It soothed the knots that were tied up in his throat. He slowly got up from his chair, and ran back up the stairs.[/color] [/color][/size]
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Dryoga rested in the woods after practicing his freezing breath on some trees. Dryoga arose from his rest and climbed up the mountain to its peak. He scanned the area for any potential threat of being spotted. <[I]Nobody nearby...Good.[/I]> Dryoga spread his wings out and picked himself up off of the ground. After gaining some altitude, he began heading south.

Dryoga increased his speed and then took a major dive. He then pulled up after freezing the ground below him. <[I]That oughtta work nicely...[/I]> He looked downward at his work, pleased with his progress. He looked upward, seeing another dragon coming in his direction. <[I]What?! I thought no one was nearby![/I]> Dryoga began flying backwards at top speed with the indigo colored dragon not far away.
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[FONT=Lucida Sans Unicode][COLOR=Teal][SIZE=1] The sun was bright and the air crisp as Talon Claremont made his way into the city. The gates, filled with expectant soldiers, stood proud open to the steady stream of visitors coming for the Solstice. The inns were filling, as they did every year, and the sprawling city?s occupants covered their homes, shops and everything nearby in the vibrant banners of the season. The atmosphere was relaxed with a tense anticipation of excitement.

Avoiding the stumbling crowds the ambassador slid swiftly away from the main street and made his way along one of its sisters, pausing now and again to take in the colorful bliss and sweet scents of preparation.
Making his way ever closer to the town hall, perched in brilliant all its glory on the peak sloping hill the city had slowly grown from, rounding yet another corner, into what should have been a bustling market center Talon was confronted with a scene of utter chaos.

Facing off in the middle of a sea of stalls was the looming, green mass of a dragon and no less than a dozen men, all dressed in their glimmering shirts and steel helms, their halberds set cautiously against their foe. Loosing a roar that shattered the little courage its foes has managed to summon the dragon spread its wings and took to the skies, heading for the tranquil plains surrounding the city.
Talon paused for a moment, debating whether t offer his assistance to the men, before deciding they would be better off without his help. He smiled and continued through the square, carefully avoiding the distraught merchants running to the trampled remnants of their stalls.

With the increase of dragon attacks over the past few weeks Talon was beginning to believe Siene was right, dragons just couldn?t be happy in captivity, every dragon would doubt its situation at one point or another and their will was is far too great for a single person to contain should they want to escape. If only people would accept them as equals, forge a city where both lived alongside one another. Maybe then the raids would stop.
Talon continued towards the town center, suddenly hastening his pace with the realization of his lateness?

Siene looked peacefully out over the vast expanse of plains between him and the city. Nestled amongst the greatest peaks of the towering range that bordered the plains on which the city sat, he rarely had to worry about intruders. The occasional dragon tamer had ventured into the range but few had managed to traverse it, and fewer still could wield magic great enough to suppress his ancient will.

Turning his gaze from the vast expanses of his realm Siene moved back into the massive cavern, crafted by his fiery breath. The colossal creature?s movements had the grace of water, darkening hide a heat greater than the hottest fires, but as the elders of his race Siene had little desire to rush into combat, to reclaim that which rightfully belonged to the superior race. He had servants, tools to do that for him and the coming solstice would see the beginning of the plans he had brooded upon for so long a time?[/SIZE][/COLOR][/FONT]
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Fushi heard the comoton and ran off to find out what it was. "A wild dragon... WOW! Tylerness! Where are you?" She looked behind her to see Tylerness being bombarded by angry merchents and gaurds. "Hey! Leave Tylerness alone!" She yelled at them.

"You mean you know this dragon?" They asked not taking their eyes off it.

"Yeah, not leave him alone! Tyler let's go." Tyler waddled away from the crowd and let Fushi get on him. "Just so you know, a normal dragon being attacked like that wil fight back, Tyler was just shaking from the cold." She smirked as the people cowered. She and Tylerness flew off.


Sorry short.. I'm sick... Hard to think...
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[COLOR=Navy]Chi and Sideria continued to fly over head. Chi's eyes scanned the ground for sight of the dragon and she spotted the young blue dragon. Chi banked Sideria sharply and headed for the dragon at a fast speed. The dragon had seen them and roared loudly before pumping it's wings and flying away.

"After it Sideria!" Chi called as she lined herself up to be more streamlined.

It was a game of cat and mouse. But Chi didn't want to hurt him. She just wanted to tame him and get to know him. Chi muttered a spell and a golden cage bottled him up. He used his freeze breath to try to shatter the bars but they were made of light.

"Calm down. I don't want to hurt you." Chi said gently as the dragon thrashed madly.

Chi reached for her belt and untied a small draw-string bag. Chi opened it and pulled a pile of dust out. She held it in her hand and pulled out the folded piece of paper with the spell on it.

[CENTER]"Iváhsi yüduin!
Enimôr taym inspelz!
Boyar ugôner gedit!"
Chi pronounced perfectly as she threw the dust.[/CENTER]

The dragon continued to thrash wildly but soon stopped and calmed down. Chi put a hand through the cages and onto it's muzzle.

"See...I didn't want to hurt you. Now, what's your name?"
"Alright, Dryoga, this is my partner Sideria." Chi introduced.

They greeted each other in Dragon Tongue rather than mind speech.

"Let's go home. I have to clean you up Dryoga." Chi said getting the saddle off Sideria's back and placing it on Dryoga.

"You'll get used to the saddle." Chi said, seeing Dryoga slightly uncomfortable.
"Lead for home Sideria." Chi called.

The two dragons lifted up into the air and took off for home. Chi stroked Dryoga's scales gently. Letting him know she wouldn't hurt him or do anything wrong.

"You can trust me Dryoga, I'm your friend." Chi whispered gently.[/COLOR]
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Dryoga was indeed feeling uncomfortable with the saddle on his back. Yet he was comforted by the sound of the girl's voice. [I]Friend...[/I]<"Oh and what is your name?"> He asked the girl telepathically.

"Oh, right. I forgot. My name is Chi." Chi responded.

<"Chi and Sideria, well if you hadn't noticed I'm not your normal dragon. I am a Blue Dragon."> Dryoga said to them.

["I could tell by your scales before you used your Ice Breath, that you weren't a normal dragon."] Sideria said to him.

"As could I," Chi told Dryoga, "but it was when I tried to use a normal spell and melody."

<"That was you I heard? It sounded odd, but it merely put me to sleep."> He said to Chi."
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[COLOR=DarkRed]Clesia awoke to the sound of banging pots.
"Clesia wake up!You can't sleep the day away"!Morgin shouted.
"Sorry Morgin".
"Din't be now get up and get dressed.I need you to pick me some more herbs."
Clesia roes out of bed and went to the closet and pulled out a white and blue outfit.Once she was dressed she walked into the small living room.
"Here's a list of the herbs I need.Hurry and don't be late coming home"
"I won't be Morgin.Trust me!"Clesia said as she walked out the door into the bright sunshine.She put her hand on her brow and noticed a man leaning on the fence that went around the house.She smiled put didn't look his way.Instead of going through the gate she hopped over the fence and walked to the forest.She glaced down out the list to make sure that the herbs were in the forest and found that they were and countned.She looked back and saw that the man was still following her.[/COLOR]
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Kayane approached the sign advertising that this was 'High Haven'. He grunted unadmiringly, before spotting a shadow in the sky. The same dragon had been following him since he left home, he thought. It was starting to get on his nerves. No matter, perhaps this place will accept a mysterious package for a significant price.

There was a jovial atmosphere in the marketplace of High Haven. Brightly coloured flags dotted the streets and many people thronged around the stalls and shops, looking at various trinkets. He went into to the shop that looked the most hopeful, a dragon-themed store, containing little jewelled dragon broaches and belts.
"Can I help you sir?" The man was fairly old and wise-looking.
"Yes, how much will you give me for this?" He brought out the package, still in its velvet wrapping. No matter how much he looked at it, it always seemed to get bigger in huge steps at a time. It was now the size of a dragon's head, which did not bode well.
The man looked thoughtful. "Hmm, lets see." He began to take off the cover.
"No." exclaimed Kanaye, "I mus'nt see it."
The man looked puzzled but complied, going into the back room to inspect the package.
Kuma sniffed at the trinkets and growled. This Kanaye found amusing. Kuma hated dragons almost as much as he did. He stroked his collar to calm him down.
The man emerged from the back, his face paler than usual. This came as no surprise, it was the expression he got from everyone who saw the package.
"I don't want any trouble. Just take this thing and, for your own sake, leave Haven."
Kanaye sighed, and directed Kuma out of the door.

Putting the package back in his home-made holster he had made for the item, he looked around for another shop. There were just too many. Behing him, Kuma let out a bark.
Kanaye foolishly took this the wrong way, and agreed. "Yeah, this place is too big. We've got a long day a-"
He was cut off by the large claw of an indigo coloured dragon hitting him in the face.
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[SIZE=1][B]Draco slept soundly on the small hill. Soon Ephidel would come, but right now, Draco was just sleeping. His powerful breath blow back the leaves on the trees, while he gently moved to the side a little. He rolled over onto his chest, and pulled his massive wings over his head. He snored loudly, blowing away more leaves. Suddenly, a small creature annoying him woke Draco up. Draco lifted his head up in the air, and roared loudly at the creature that annoying him. The tree shook beside him, and the creature scuttered off.

[I]"I wonder where Ephidel is..."[/I] He said in his head, laying down again.

[I]"I guess I can wait..."[/I][/SIZE][/B]
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Kurian finished hanging the decorations across the roof, descending down the ladders and stepping back onto firm earth. Turning to his friend Matthias he bowed in mock respect and indicated the job he had done.

"I trust it is to your satisfaction my leige." The young man chuckled as Matthias took a swipe at him with his cane, grumbling good naturdely as he inspected Kurian's work.

"Aye I expect it'll do for now, just don't give up your day job." The old shopkeeper winked at Kurian before slowly shuffling back into his store, the bell above the door ringing slightly as the door was opened then closed again. Laughing quietly to himself Kurian shook his head at the old man in amusement and wandered back out into the street, his thumbs hooked upon his belt once more. Looking up at the blue skys he inhaled the cool air and listened absently to the bustling of the village. Unaware of the hurrying figure closing in on him Kurian had no time in which to prepare for the collision that then occured. Colliding with the black clad figure Kurian found himself sprawled upon the dusty path. Shaking his head and blinking rapidly Kurian shifted himself onto his back and looked up at the man who he had hit. The sun glared at his back and Kurian was unable to make out a face. A hand extended from the figure and Kurian grasped it readily, hauled to his feet with remarkable strength. Clearing his sight Kurian took stock of the man and grinned.

"Syft my friend!"
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[size=1][color=#999999][i]Diablo and Talisman looked on at the human and dragon that took Dryoga from where she was. Talisman was wanting to know who that girl was and she was going to find out.[/i]

"So, the hunt begins, does it? Go back to the Thieves' Guild. There we shall see who knows of such a girl."


[i]With that, Talisman rode atop Aries' back and followed behind Diablo and Veritas. The wind blew against her hair and caused the beads to hit against each other. Talisman looked down below and could see that a Thieves' Bazaar was gathering and it would be a perfect moment to gather information.

Diablo flew to a nearby tower and gently layed himself there. Aries landed on the ground, on which people looked up from. His wings were still on his body, they would not leave until Talisman had said the words to make them disappear.

Once Talisman stepped onto the ground, a Thief Master came running to her. He began to exclaim the name that no one was to know.[/i][/size][/color]
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[color=firebrick] Syft's face of sheer embarrasment turned to relief as he recognized Kurian as the man helping him up from the dusty ground. Kurian grinned at him with a good nature as Syft despertately tried to wipe the debris collected from his fall.

"What brings you out today?" Kurian asked as he half-heartedly brushed some dust from Syft's shoulder. Syft mumbled something unintelligent and tugged on his long cloth.

"I just felt like it, really." Syft finally said. He knew his friend wasn't exactly fond of dragons and decided not to retell his sighing of the large dragon he had seen flying over Attijun's house. Kurian shrugged.

"Aye, I was just helping out Matthias with those Dragon Wing Festival decorations. Bit of busy work, I suppose. Planning to go to the festival, are ya?" Kurian insisted on Syft anwering.

"Oh, I don't know...I think it would be better to-" Syft started hesitantly. Kurian clamped a strong hand down onto Syft's right shoulder and smiled playfully. "Ah, that's all you say! These dragons of Earathia don't really suit me, but there's sure to be some pretty girls there, eh?" Kurian winked.

"And that's all [i]you[/i] say." Syft retorted while looking off at the decorations that were currently being put in place.

"Aye, I'll make you come somehow," Kurian said with a slight look of msichief in his eyes. Syft scowled. An akward silence followed between the two while both men shuffled and looked at the sky occasionally.

"So why were you in such a hurry, Syft?" Kurian broke the silence. Syft looked at him quickly and turned red. "Oh, you know...stuff to do."

"I think...," Kurian grabbed Syft's arm and motioned for him to look up, "that you were chasing some dragon again, aye? I don't know why the people of this village love those creatures so much."

"Well, now, it's gone now, so there's no point in chasing anything now." Syft said. "Good then, let's go to a bar to pass off some time, yes?" Kurian said the usual excitement in his voice.

"Oh no, not like last time when you..." Kurian had already taken hold of Syft and was leading them both towards his idea of a good time.[/color]
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Kanaye felt the blood trickling down his face, and felt the same wash of fury spread over him as he had with his first encounter with a dragon. There was a commotion about him, as people ran for safety, and armoured guards leapt forwards, halberds beared in a show of malice. They could only do a half decent job, Kanaye thought, as his hands gripped the makeshift weapon that had once been his father's. Releasing the scythe from its holster on his back, he felt the familiar inscription his father had drilled into him, as well as the wood. The indigo dragon was large, and unmistakable as the one who had pursued him from home.
"Finally," Kanaye said challengingly, "I was beginning to lose my patience"
The was a sudden burst of pain inside his head, and Kanaye felt an unusual second presence within his mind.
["You have something of mine. I want it back"]
The dragon was speaking to him. He stared in disbelief. He had always believed you needed a special spell to contact a dragon telepathically. Kuma barked furiously around the dragons legs, and the guards managed to pull together enough bravery to stab the giant beast with force. Although the dragon seemed unphased by this attack, it backed off.
["Remember what I said. I will get my revenge."]
With that, it flew into the sky, withs ebony black against the sun.
Kanaye looked on with rage. "The vengance will be mine"
As he made his way through the crowd, he head of the other dragon attacks. They were getting more common. Just this morning, a giant green had caused some disturbance in the main square. Perhaps now they would realise that dragons were not such good companions after all...
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Kurian grasped Syft firmly by the arm, practically dragging towards the only decent bar Kurian had found in this village. If there was one thing he missed in Fenrith, the city from which he came, was the multitude of good bars where one could get suitably and mortally drunk. This was a moot point at the moment, however, and Kurian made the best of what he was given, and what he was given just happened to be a homely rustic inn that served the best damn ale he had ever tasted.

Pushing open the door Kurian grinned at the tender and shoved Syft into a nearby seat, calling over a serving girl to take their order. Laughing he pulled the girl into his lap, a small sound of surprise escaping from her lips.

"Well hello there Anne, fancy seeing you here." Kurian grinned as he spoke, chuckling as Anne, the serving girl, rolled her eyes in exhasperation.

"Kurian Argonath you know fine well that I work here and you've gotten me into enough trouble already." Pulling free from his grasp Anne placed her hands on her hips and glanced across at Kurian's silent friend. Syft shifted nervously nodding his head in greeting.

"Good day miss, would it be possible to request a drink?"

Anne smiled and shot a glance at Kurian who was know lounging back in his chair languidly.

"It's nice to see some people have manners around here. What are you doing associating with a scoundrel like him good sir?"

Kurian raised his hands in mock indignation, a fake expression plastered across his face. Clutching his chest Kurian cried out.

"Scoundrel?! Why madame you wound me with your barbs!"

Anne simple rolled her eyes again and picked up a slate from a nearby table scratching several notes on it.

"What can I get you gentlemen then?" The two men gave her the orders, one Ale and one glass of house wine and Anne headed off to the bar. This was not before Kurian had given her a firm slap across her rear as she left causing the girl to yelp and glare at him. Chuckling Kurian leant back, glancing over to his friend who was looking at him with a disapproving expression.

"What?" Kurian looked innocently at Syft. Syft shook his head and folded his arms across his chest.

"You are such a pig."
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(Jaht is working with security for the festival. He is currently talking to the head of security, a man named Branit. They are sitting down at a table with a map of the city spread across it)

Jaht: Security is weakest in this area. (He points to a spot on the map) Now, the reason for that is perfectly understandable-I know I don't like walking through dragon ****-but that's the most likely place for someone to slip past your boys.

Branit: You're sure about that?

Jaht: I've done it.

Branit: You've done it?

Jaht: Isn't that why you hired me for this? Because I've caused trouble durring the festival in the past?

Branit: Not to mention the people you've somehow managed to kidnap, rescue, kill, or whatever. True, several others have stolen festival items or done whatever, but there's also the fact that of the ones we know the identities of, you're the only one who's willing to work for us.

Jaht I don't have any problems with this job. Now, if I was asked to tell you names of people I've worked for in the past, or break a promise, or arrange a false trade, orsomething like that, I'd have to say no. I don't do anything dishonorable. I even make sure that when I'm killing someone, that someone has a chance to fight back. But this is fine. I have no problems with improving security, but you have to listen to me. The dragon **** pit is the most vulnerable area.

Branit: I'll station additional men there at once.


OOC: Nobody ever said a mercenary couldn't work for the law-abideing side, now, did they?
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[COLOR=Navy]Chi, Sideria and Dryoga had landed back at her house earlier. Chi let Sideria go but decided to was Dryoga after he lived in the mountains for so long. Chi told him to stay and got water, soap and a brush.

Chi dipped the brush into the soapy water and started the long chore of scrubbing a dragon's scales. It took a long time to clean them properly and get out anything stuck between the scales. Dryoga had a lot of dirt and mud caked into his scales. Chi used a pick to get out the dirt she couldn't scrape free with a brush.

The chore took an hour before Chi washed him off and started to put polish over his scales and onto his claws. That took another hour. Then Chi checked his wings. Everything was alright now.

"I'm sorry that took so long." Chi apologised as she put the things away.
<"It felt good. And I know it was long for you too. Thankyou."> Dryoga replied.
"You're welcome." Chi said smiling. "You can fly around if you want, as long as you comeback by sundown. I don't like to keep my dragons cooped up like some people. If you don't want to you can stay in the stables." Chi explained.
<"I will be back before sundown."> Dryoga said as he began to flap his wings.
"Don't play anywhere dirty!! I just cleaned you!!" Chi cried.

Dryoga just took off. Chi wondered if he had heard her. She shrugged it off and decided to take a shower before going to the main city to see how the festival arrangements were going.

Chi raced out of the house 10 minutes later and down the street. She helped with the arrangements as she was quite important. Being a well known dragon tamer and the daughter of Mattheo, another famous dragon tamer. They let her play the dragon song before opening the festival. They loved watching the dragons of different colours fly through the sky as Chi summoned them from wherever they were, close by.

Chi arrived and saw all of the preparations going on. She decided to go around and see if anyone needed help.[/COLOR]
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Ephidel was sleeping in his 'bed' as he liked to call it. But others would call it a nest. He rose up. [i]Stupid Sun. [/i]He thought. [i]Always waking me up in the morning.[/i]

As he walked out of the cave he had spent the night in, he heard a large, loud, booming breath. It came from the left.

"Good morning Draco." said the sly Asassin only known as Ephidel.

Draco just snarled. "What's for breakfeast?" Replied Draco.

"Well.. I trust you already had breakfeast... and lunch.. and supper..." continued Ephidel. He smirked.

"Oh be quiet." snarled Draco.

Ephidel laughed. "Might as well find something [i]worth [/i]eating." He climbed the scales of his dragon. He sat on its back and shouted.

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[I]I'll make sure that I stay clean for Chi's sake. Time for some more flight techniques.[/I] Dryoga thought to himself and drastically increased his speed and altitude. [I]I wonder why she didn't try to slay me or something of that nature. Instead, she took me in and took care of me. I was due for a good cleaning. I guess, for now, she's the only human I can trust.[/I]

Dryoga spread his wings out completely and began gliding. Dryoga tried the ground freezing technique. This time it froze even more ground than before. [I]Great! Oh...I've got to get back soon. It's not sundown, but I feel the need to see her for some reason...[/I] Dryoga made a complete U-turn in one movement and headed back.
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