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What is your setup?


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I'm going to have to guess that this isn't particularly original, but I haven't seen a thread about it specifically. Pretend like you are filling out one of those warranty cards, what I want to know is what game consoles you have. Throw in how many games you have for each if you can/want to. If you have multple systems, then where are they set up (all on one TV, not hooked up, seperate TV's)

No computers, unless you're talking about emulators.

I've got (starting by age)

Nintendo Entertainment System: I bought it off ebay with a new card for reading games and its clean and works great. I've got the original zapper gun, a regular controller and the NES Advantage (its like an arcade steup with big buttons and you set it on your lap) I think I have about 30 games, all my originals from when I was a kid were lost by my older brother.

Gameboy: The original puke colored clunker, never see's the light of day.

Sega genesis: I love my Sega, but its sitting in a box because there's no room for it. I have a bunch of games (20), Landstalker and Shining force were my fav's.

Playstation: My first PSX broke down from overheating, so I have one of the cool newer white ones, which is sleek, small, and useless now because of the PS2. I have a big game library 50+, including Final Fantasy 1-9 (except the GB one). I still play some of the games on my PS2, sepecially the old FF games which I just got recently.

PS2: The pride and joy of the console world, I play it every day an have 40 games or so. I have the eyetoy, but no network adapter just yet. Its hooked up to the Big screen in my living room.

Gamecube: The runty brother to my PS2, hooked up to the same TV but see's little use. I bought it for Metroid and Zelda, and only have about 7 games for the cube total. I really like it, but it can't compete with PS2.

game boy advance: Ths one's strictly for plane rides and road trips, which is why i still haven't beaten any of the games I have for it. I have 8 games, and I play the Castlevania ones mostly. Its great for 2hr trips to Portland when I don't have to drive.

There you go!
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Lets see here.

From oldest to newest..

Atari 2600: Even though I'm going to be hammered across the face for this one, it happens to be the only system not either out in the open or hooked up. It has been sitting in a box somewhere for wuite some time and I unfortunately do not have alot of games for it.

NES: The mother of all beated machines! I spent countless hours beating this thing just to get it to work. It like my Atari I am low on games for, with only games such as Legend of Zelda, River City Ransom, Street Brawler, Duck Hunt and Super Mario Bros. under my belt you can see why it got beaten..

SNES: This is my pride and joy. Though, like the previous two machines it have limited games. The most noteworthy ones would have to be Black Thorne, EarthBound, Super Ghouls and Ghosts, Breath of Fire, and F-Zero.

Sega Genesis: Now we're talking! This bad boy has the games to play. Ranging from Maddens from the 80's 'til 97! My favorite Genesis game would have to be Ranger X and Shining Force. Though Cameleon Kid and Comix Zone were pretty cool too. Cant forget the countless Sonic games.

PSX: This baby has been broken, fixed, borken again, fixed again then put down for the count. With games such as the ORGINAL GTA (Thats right folks, there is a GTA life outside of Vice City and 3), Legend of Mana, Front Mission 3, Metal Gear: Solid, Einhander, Ehrgeiz, the countless Final Fantasys'.Then there were your good budget games like Battle Hunter and The Italian Job.

PS2: Now we're cooking. With two, thats right two games for its the mother of all machines! Except not...Those two games are Resident Evil Outbreak, and The Bouncer. Why does this awesome machine have only two games? Well, you'll see below.

X-Box: Or rather SexBox (Or so it says on Halo.) I sold my supposed to be broken PS2's games to finance this wonderful and better machine to obtain such games like Morrowind, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Crimson Skies, and Breakdown (Which are the most noteworthy, even more so than Halo. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it all you Halo fanboys!)

Gamecube: This is the second most played of my Next-Gen Systems. With Animal Crossing, Metroid Prime, and Super Smash Bros. Melee, and Metal Gear Solid: The twin Snakes Why wouldn't anyone want to play it?

Thats all for now[/COLOR]
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Guest ScirosDarkblade
I'll also go in order from oldest to newest:

Atari -- yeah that thing is somewhere in the basement I think. I have like 20 or 30 games for it but they're not worth playing (might as well just use emulators on my comp).

NES -- Got this when I was 9. It was awesome and I still love it and will occasionally play Lifeforce and TNMT 3 on it. Fellas, THIS is why Nintendo is king. Not the GBA or the GCN, but the good old NES. Mario and Zelda on it still rock and are fun as heck to play, and my bro recently just went ahead and played through both Zeldas on it in four days or so. It's hooked up in his room right now.

Original Game Boy -- I think it vaporized ca. 2000. I got it to play Killer Instinct (yeah they made a Gameboy one and it's not bad).

SNES -- I bought this in 1994 I think, although I am not sure. Of course I got the Mario All-Stars package. I love my SNES -- I have the 3 DKC games for it, along with Killer Instinct, Mario RPG, and a bunch of other great stuff. But I don't have Super Metroid, ANY FF games or Chrono Trigger, or Castlevanias, or even Link to the Past. I was a gamer, but I was poor. This is also hooked up in my bro's room.

N64 -- This is the big one. I have around 30 games for it, and most of them are top-notch. I got one as soon as it came out. I have all the Rare games (except for DK Racing and Conker), along with Mario 64, Mario Kart/Tennis, Smash Bros, both Zeldas, the Star Wars games, and a ton of other killer games. The only good game besides Conker that I don't have is Paper Mario, and that's because I don't like it. The N64 is also in my brother's room.

Game Boy Color -- I have a teal one (pretty much everyone I know has a teal one). I bought it to play Pokemon Yellow and Zelda games, which is all I really have. I don't know where my Game Boy Color is, though. It might be somewhere in my room, but it could also be in my brother's or possibly in the basement crawlspace.

Gamecube -- This is currently my number two console. (It's still my fav, but I don't play it as much as my number one.) I have Metroid Prime, Zelda:WW, SB Melee, Mario Kart DD, Prince of Persia, Starfox Adventures, F-Zero GX, and a bunch of other games that rock (well I don't like F-Zero or Starfox or Metroid, but whatever). Currently I'm playing FFCC on it with my bro, along with occasionaly Smash Bros Melee matches because my Link is unstoppable (except by Sheik and Marth, goddammit). The Gamecube is hooked up to a large digital TV via a component cable, along with surround sound so it's nice.

GBA SP (x2) -- We used to have a normal GBA, but then gave it to someone when I got a GBA SP. Then I won 2 more GBA SPs, and gave one to a friend. So now we have just two left, but it's enough for my bro and myself. Right now we're only using them to play FFCC anyway. I have both Golden Sun games (they're soooo good), the Mario Advance games, and Zelda: LTTP for the GBA. I also have Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu, which blows, but I didn't buy it.

X-Box -- I used to not be that big a fan of the X-Box. I used to think it sucked, because the only games on it I cared about were Halo and DOA3, and I wasn't thrilled with either one. But after playing it enough at other people's houses, I came to like the system more than the PS2 (I think the PS2 is better for lonely people, and even then only if those lonely people prefer turn-based games to real-time). When Ninja Gaiden was just around the corner, I went ahead and got the X-Box. I have DOA3, Morrowind: GOTY Edition (killer game, but I've already cleaned it out on PC. Put in 200+ hours), Beyond Good and Evil, Ninja Gaiden (I LOVE this game), BG: Dark Alliance, and that piece of dirt Star Wars Clone Wars/Tetris Attack ****. Right now I'm replaying Ninja Gaiden because it's awesome. The X-box is also hooked up like the Gamecube (in the same room), but I still haven't gotten around to finding a component cable for it.
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Eh, why fight it? Oldest to most recent makes sense.

NES - I still bring out the NES every once in a while to play the games that I have that aren't included as extras in any GameCube games. I actually still have quite a few good games for it and I finally got around to replacing the crappy wires that my brother chewed and ruined oh so long ago. I don't play it [i]too[/i] often, though, because I have limited space and I have to tinker with my regular setup to play it.

Game Boy - Bought one at a garage for a couple bucks just to have it, heh. I don't really play any games on it.

Super NES - Bought this the first day it came out; I was looking forward to it for so long and it never disappointed me (well, the good games, at least). It's getting on in years and it's not in the best of shape, but I still play it more often than my NES. I'd say I have about 30 or so SNES games, most of which are pretty good.

PlayStation - I play it occasionally, usually just to re-experience all the great shooters that were on the system. Maybe play some Final Fantasy IX or FF Anthology every once in a while. I have a lot of PSX games, but most of them are the "play once and never touch them again" variety.

N64 - My N64 is pretty much collecting dust, unfortunately. This was when I went through a dry spell, gaming wise, and rented far more than I bought. I maybe have nine or so games for the N64, only half of which are any good. When you include the remakes that I have for the GameCube, StarFox 64 and Super Mario 64 are the only reasons I have for playing the N64, anymore.

Game Boy Color - I only had a couple GBC games. I usually play using the Game Boy Player and even if I'm going on a trip or something, I just use my Game Boy Advance.

Game Boy Advance - I play it a bit more than my GBC, but most of my GB games are played on my Game Boy Player. I don't really have many GBA games worth playing, though.

GameCube - This is the console that receives the bulk of my playing time. I have plenty of great GameCube games that are begging to be played over and over again, plus I have a bevy of remakes and extras (the stuff in Animal Crossing, Zelda: Collector's Edition, etc.) that I pull out and play quite frequently, as well. Also, the GameCube is really my first console that I've been able to really take advantage of, multiplayer wise, so I have lots of fun with that, too.

When I play them, all of my consoles are hooked up in my brother and sister's room, because my room is far too small to provide a good gaming experience.
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[COLOR=Navy][SIZE=1]Ok from oldest to newest

Nintendo Entertainment System: I dont remeber how I got this I was to young to remember. But I spent most of my time playing Mega Man 3, Cabal (shooter), and Super Mario 1-3.

Gameboy/Gameboy Color: I dont remember how I got this either but I use to play it all the time, most played game was probabally Pokemon, yes I went through pokemon fever like almost everyone else. I remember when I first got the game I was stunned with how great it was.

Super Nintendo: I got this for christmas, I spent most of my time playing Super Marios World and Mario Kart. Most memoral expereince getting to the last level of NBA Jam with my older brother to have my little brother turn it off with 2 minutes left in the match.

Sega Genesis: This was more of my brothers system I wasnt really into sonic games until I got older. My favorite game was Terminator 2: Arcade Game I had alot of fun playing it with my older and little brother even though I could neer get past the 3rd level without cheating.

N64: More of my party system I had the most fun with this while I was with friends. I spent over 96 hours playing the Perfect Dark Multiplayer with my brothers and my best friend at the time. I was also really into wrestling at the time so my favorite game for the system was WWF No Mercy. Most memoral experience is being scared out of my wits playing Resident Evil 2.

Playstation: During this time I became a hardcore game. I have about 70 PSone games. My father bought the sytem for himself and I ended up playing it the most. Most memoral experiences are playing Metal Gear Solid through the first time and just falling into the story and playng my first RPG Final Fantasy VII and being stunned with the FMV's.

Gamecube: I got this for christmas the year it came out. I love my gamecube I dont care who calls it kiddy or whatever it has alot of excellent games. My most memoral experience is playing Eternal Darkness and experiencing the sanity meter.

PS2: I have to say this is in my opinion the best system in the current generation of gaming (please dont flame me) its just i dont know its probabally because has so much third part support and a great library. Most memorable experience is popping in GTA3 for the first time, it's the first time I felt as though I was part of a game I will forever be a Rock* fan because of this game.

Gameboy Advance: I remember I couldnt wait to get this when I first heard about it. So I imported it about 3 weeks before it came out. Most memorable experience is playing it in homeroom 3 weeks before its release and having everyone ask me if I was a beta tester for nintendo :laugh: , to this day people ask me questions about nintendo's secret projects and stuff.

X-Box: I was originally hesitant about purchassing this system, I was afraid the system wouldnt last more then a year. But after hearing so much hype behind Halo I decided to get one it was one of the best decisions I ever made. X-Box Live is great it's worth owning just for the multiplayer experience in my opinion. Most memorable experience is playing Halo Co-operative with my little brother and storming down on that beach full of the covenant my jaw just dropped.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS]oldest to newest:

N64. still my favorite system, and the only one that belongs solely to me in the house. such a lovely shade of baby-puke green.

PS2. my brother's fave. worth using more than i do, but he uses it all the time

GBA. each of us has one, though we only use 'em in conjunction with

GameCube. FFCC is a cool multi-player, but aside from that we only have SCII.[/FONT]
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oops my original post wasnt what the topic creator wanted so im doing it again

NES: I have 3! i had my own and 2 of my cousins gave me theirs, i dont have many games on it so i dont play it (go figure) anyway it sitting in a box in my room.

Master System 2: i think there were 2 versions of this, quite a big one and one with the shutter, well i got the one with the shutter, anyway its got Alex the kid built in but other than that i dont have many game for it, a couple of the sonic games, and a football game, again sitting in the box with the NES

Gameboy: The big 'ol chunky one,i have only 3 games on this, tetris/mario/Pokemon yellow, no wait 4, pokemon trading card game, again doesnt see the light of day.

SNES: I was on this 24/7 when i first got it, i had some cool games like Mario allstars w/ Mario world, Zelda:LttP, errr and about 10 others but i can think of em, this gets brought out every now and then but not often.

Mega Drive: i think i only have 2 games, sonic 1 & 2, no wait i got a 5 in1, o well i dont play this anymore, just sits in that box of mine

Gameboy Color: erm its on a lead in my room with pokemon silver in it, i got pokemon gold as well and GTA2 on it but i dont actually play it

PSX: this dont work, cos my sister dropped it out of the loft (i used to sleep in there) anyway i got about 20 or so games, i still play some but only the FF ones, i got Origins/anthology/6/7/8/9 as well as legend of dragoon and a couple of other good 'ens

Saturn: i got bout 15 games on this, the only one i play is Shining force 3 though, its set up through the AV socket

N64: this is in a box but gets brought out every so often to play Mario Kart or mario 64. i got 10 or so games

Dreamcast: im looking to buy another cos my one dont work anymore, i got Powerstone 2, skies of arcadia, dammit i cant remember but i had some real good ones

GBA: i dont actually have one but i got FFTA. i found it on a bus yay

PS2: this is always played cos of FFX-2(eve though i dont like it much) i got 20ish games on it which include FFX/-2,KH,Legaia 2,Grandia 2,timesplitters 2(which i always play). this is set up through the SCART extension

Xbox: sitting in my cupboard, i only got 4 games. halo, TS2,rally fusion and midtown madness, it dont get played

GCN: This is also set up through the SCART extension cos i recently(ish) got FFCC plus i still plsy the older ones like SSBM, Mario kart:DD, wario ware (import) and some others.

erm yea thats it, if you wanna see my game collection see

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I'm putting these in the order I got them.

Atari 2600 - I have had this as long as I can remember. Two systems, sixty or so games, a few sticks, a few paddle controllers, etc. I no longer have the correct adapter for the system, so I've not been able to hook it up recently. It's all packed away currently.

NES - I got this for my birthday back in the late 80s from my Great Grandparents. Definitely the best present I got that year. I wound up getting the new model version years later at Cut Rate Toys for $40. That's currently hooked up to my TV via the RF switch. The new models ditched the composite cables for some reason.

Game Boy - I got the original Game Boy as a present from my Grandma. I was supposed to get shoes, but I asked for this instead. I personally paid for Link's Awakening and played it in the car on the way back to my house. I wound up buying a second one years later... it was clear, but wasn't a pocket model. Those weren't out yet.

SNES - Hooked up via S-Video to my television. A birthday present from my mom years back. Zelda came packed in. I still remember how amazed I was by the sound when I first hooked it up that night.

N64 - I bought this when I was in Las Vegas and was very annoyed that I couldn't hook it up to my grandma's TV there. I also bought Super Mario 64. It's currently hooked up via S-Video to my TV.

Playstation - I bought this after my cousin left his at our house. He only had some lame football game, but I rented Resident Evil instead and fell in love with it. I bought mine shortly after. I later sold that one because it was scatching my discs and bought one of the later models. Still works. It's next to the TV, but not hooked up since I have a PS2.

Dreamcast - I ordered this online and it was delivered to my house on 9-9-99. I got Sonic Adventure with it, which was decent for the time. It's currently hooked up with S-Video to my television. It's the only one I've played in the last few days, mostly for Seaman. I also bought a blue casing for it, but only replaced the top half. Looks cooler, I think.

Game Boy Color - Christmas present from my Grandma in Vegas. I have the purple one.

Saturn - I got this years after it was released, mostly for fighting game imports. Vampire Savior (Dark Stalkers 3) in particular. Most of what I have for the system is Japanese, although I do own Nights and Shining Force III. It's next to the TV, but not hooked up currently.

Genesis - I wound up getting this only a few years back. Mostly for the Phantasy Star games. I own II and IV, but haven't managed to find III yet. It's not hooked up right now.

Playstation 2 - I bought this for myself along with Onimusha several months after it came out. It's hooked up with component cables to my TV.

Game Boy Advance - Also bought this for myself, in Arctic.

GameCube - Bought this for myself with a preorder. I had to get three games with it so I chose Wave Race, Luigi's Manson and Star Wars. I have Jet and it is hooked up with component cables.

Xbox - I got one and sold it. Then I bought another for KotOR. It doesn't get much use, but I enjoy it. It's also hooked up with component cables, but the TV only has two sections for that... so it's not currently plugged in. I need a component switch box.

Famicom - Japanese version of the NES. This is a legitimate version and not a knock-off. I also own a weird rip-off version that looks like a Playstation.

GBA SP - I bought one for myself on launch, but it mysteriously disappeared. I got another one for this past Christmas. It's the limited edition gold version.

This picture is rather old. A year or more. It's missing the Xbox and doesn't include all my controllers and stuff. Just an assortment of them. I'm missing my maracas for Samba de Amigo, for example.

My TV is a 36" Sony Vega HDTV that took me forever to pay off.
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I knew you'd have some crazy amounts of gear, Semjaza. I love hearing about this stuff. I'm still holding out that someone has a Turbographics 16, or a Jaguar.

As an add-on to my post, the best gaming setup I ever had going was three TV's in my apartment living room. I had the big center TV with playstation hooked up, then TV's in each corner on the opposite wall, with NES and Sega genesis + super nintendo; respectively. That was the year I played Contra until me and my pal could beat it on 2p without dying once.
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[quote name='satan665']I knew you'd have some crazy amounts of gear, Semjaza. I love hearing about this stuff. I'm still holding out that someone has a Turbographics 16, or a Jaguar..[/quote]

I'd absolutely love to own a Turbo Duo. Mostly just so I could play Dracula: Rondo of Blood. Of course, the game is very expensive usually and I don't see many Turbo Duos around lol.

Jaguar is one of those things that I can't imagine having. It certainly isn't worth it for the games, although I hear that Alien game is decent. It's one of those things you have just to have, I guess.
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[color=indigo][size=1]I guess I'll put them in the order that they were released, since the order I got them is kind of funky. You know, what with my brothers having some of them, meaning I got to play them, but then only later were they actually mine when they were given to me.

[b]Atari 2600[/b]
My Grandpa just picked this up a yardsale one day and just brought it over for me and my brothers. It was in a big cardboard box, and included the system, a few controllers of a couple different kinds -- joysticks and the wheel/button kind -- as well as a bunch of games. This was after I had gotten my Nintendo 64, but me, one of my brothers, and his friend still had a lot of fun playing the games for a couple weeks.

Currently, I think this is stashed away in my closet, inside that same cardboard box.

[b]Nintendo Entertainment System[/b]
We actually have two of these in the house; my second oldest brother bought one, and then later, my third oldest brother got one for his birthday. Funnily enough, the older of the two is the one in better working condition, and it's the one that I now posses, given to me by my brother when he moved out.

We have a decent amount of games, but most are crappy ones that, again, my Grandpa found cheap at a yardsale. The ones that my brothers actually got when the NES was new, however, are classics. Those include the Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt combo with the Zapper, Super Mario Bros. 3, The Legend of Zelda, and Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. Originally, the brother that gave me his NES had a copy of The Legend of Zelda that he played to death (he could beat Level 8 with nothing but the Sword, a Blue Candle, and three hearts), but I don't know what happened to it. I bought the copies of Zelda and Zelda II that we have now, after he gave me the NES, so that I could play them. My copy of The Legend of Zelda is one of the gold cartridges, too.

Currently, this one is also stashed away in a cardboard box at the back of my closet. Anymore, I have little reason to pull it out, since I can play both NES Zeldas on the GCN Collector's Edition disc, and if I really wanted to play SMB3, I'd get the GBA remake.

[b]Super NES[/b]
My favorite system until the GBA came along, me and my brothers got this for Christmas in either '93 or '94 I think. It was packaged with two controllers and Super Mario World, that game having been played so much that the battery can no longer consistantly hold a saved game. Other games that we got later are Super Mario Kart, Zelda: A Link to the Past, Super Metroid, and much later after I already had my N64, Final Fantasy III.

Besides some Duck Hunt and a tiny bit of Super Mario Bros. when I was really little, Super Mario Kart was the first video game I really played. I spent hours and hours on that game, before moving on to Super Mario World and playing that game to death also, mastering every level as best I could at an age of about seven. Then I tried Zelda: A Link to the Past, but -- can you believe it? -- I didn't like it all that much, so I never got past Agahnim in Hyrule Castle. Finally, I got Super Metroid a good while later as a Christmas present, which I played quite a bit though never actually beat until about a month before Metroid Prime was released. Final Fantasy III I still have not beaten either, on account of my save file getting erased when I was playing through on an emulator, and then just general laziness now that I have the actual cartridge. Going through Kefka's Tower with only one party that can stand up to the enemies gets annoying, and so does leveling up the other characters. Oh, and later, when I was actually interested in Zelda: A Link to the Past, I couldn't play it because it had been stolen while being lent out to a friend. So, that's another Zelda game which I had to buy later in order to play it.

Currently, the SNES is sitting on top of my TV, the RF switch being hooked up but the AC adapter not plugged in because I don't have room on my power strip. If I plug that in, however, it's good to go. It's also got Final Fantasy III in the cartridge slot, just begging to be beaten, heh.

This is another one that my second oldest brother gave me when he moved out, along with Final Fantasy VII, two controllers, and a memory card. I'd already played all the way through FFVII when he moved, though, so that wasn't a big deal, but I'd also bought Final Fantasy IX myself, which I actually only finished up a couple months ago. (I have a bad habit of playing FF games all the way to the end dungeon and then stopping). I also got a copy of Discworld II: Mortality Bites! off eBay a while after I got FFIX, and played through it. An amusing point-and-click adventure game ported from the PC to the PSX, though a little annoying because of the lack of a mouse.

My PSX -- it's the old style PlayStation, not the new PS1 version -- is hooked up through my VCR using AV cables, and it sits just in front of my SNES on top of the TV. Running the AV cables through the VCR makes the image quality go to crap, but since my TV is so old it doesn't have AV inputs on it, I have no other choice. And I barely play the PSX at all anymore, so I don't care much. Though I did borrow Chrono Cross a while ago, which I enjoyed immensely, and it was a bit annoying then.

[b]Nintendo 64[/b]
This was the first system that I ever owned all to myself. I bought it all with my own money, along with my games and controllers, about two years after its release I think. (I actually still have the receipt, but I don't really care to go look at the date on it). I think the only N64 item that I didn't have to buy myself was my copy of Perfect Dark, which my mom got me used for $10, probably about a year ago.

As for games, I actually have/had a decent number for not having had very much money. My first game, which I bought used at the same time as the system, was Mario Kart 64; I was still obsessed with Super Mario Kart on the SNES, so it really wasn't much of a choice, heh. Then a few weeks later I got Diddy Kong Racing, also used, though I ended up selling that a couple years later to help pay for something else. Next came Zelda: Ocarina of Time, which was the main reason I bought an N64 -- that marked the very beginning of something that would eventually evolve into my current love of all things Zelda. After this, I forget the exact order in which I got my games, but they include Pokémon Stadium (which I later sold), Pokémon Stadium 2, Super Smash Bros., Zelda: Majora's Mask, Mario Party 2, Gauntlet Legends, and Perfect Dark. And throughout the N64's lifespan, I borrowed from my friend and beat Super Mario 64 three times, getting all 120 stars each time.

Right now my N64 is on the bottom shelf of my bookcase, which is next to my TV, covered by a hand towel to keep it from getting dusty. It's still hooked up (its RF switch is one in a string of three: SNES, N64, GCN), however, and I still play it every now and then. Mostly for Perfect Dark, since it's the only FPS that I have besides Metroid Prime on the GCN; sometimes a rare game of the original Super Smash Bros. when I want to practice a bit if I happen to know there's going to be an opportunity for playing it against others when Melee isn't available; and lastly, Mario Kart 64 still recieves some action in battle mode, since battle mode is a lot better in MK64 than it is in MKDD.

[b]Game Boy Color[/b]
My Game Boy Color, which was the kiwi green color, I bought after getting Zelda: Link's Awakening DX as a gift. (I chose green over purple so as to match Zelda's predominantly green overworld, heh). This was my first Game Boy system, although two of my brothers -- the same ones that had their own NES systems -- each had an original Game Boy which I had enjoyed playing Tetris, Super Mario Land, and Super Mario Land 2 on. Later, I ended up selling my GBC to help pay for my GBA SP, so I no longer have it, but I still have most of the games, which I can just play on my GBA SP.

For Games, I didn't have anything but Zelda: Link's Awakening DX for a good while. Then I caught "Pokémon fever," and went out and bought Pokémon Yellow Version, which had just been released, after playing the trading card game and a friend's house. Then I got the Pokémon Trading Card Game for Game Boy, which I played for hours and hours, until my game got erased right before battling the final four people that made up the "end boss" of the game. After that, I was thoroughly discouraged, and stopped playing it soon after. Next game Pokémon Gold Version, which I have over 100 hours of play time on, though still not as much as I've put into my Yellow Version. And finally, I got Harvest Moon 2 as a Christmas present one year, which I ended up selling along with my GBC to help pay for my GBA SP. Without the relationship part of the game, which was apparently taken out for the second GBC game, it wasn't all that great.

[b]PlayStation 2[/b]
I technically don't have this one yet, but as soon as I get $40, I'll be buying one from a friend. I still can't believe he'd sell me a PS2, a few games, a multi-tap, and three controllers for only $40, but hey, I'm not complaining. I plan to put it in place of where my PSX currently is, if it'll fit.

[b]Game Boy Advance/SP[/b]
This is my favorite video game system, of both old and new. I bought myself an indigo GBA the day they were released, along with Super Mario Advance, F-Zero: Maximum Velocity, and a link cable. Later, when the GBA SP was released, I didn't buy one the day they were released, but soon after. I wanted a black one -- now known as onyx -- but for some stupid reason Nintendo decided to wait six months to release them in black, so I settled for the silver platinum color. Best $100 I've ever spent; a very big improvement over the original GBA.

My list of GBA games is currently at eight: Super Mario Advance, F-Zero: Maximum Velocity, Mario Kart: Super Circuit, Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2, Metroid Fusion, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past/Four Swords, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, and Metroid Zero Mission. (Those are in the order I bought them, by the way). I'm very happy with every one of these, other than Super Mario Advance, which I mainly bought just because it was the only Mario game out for the GBA at launch. All the rest, I've either played through multiple times, or in the case of F-Zero, Mario Kart, and FFTA, I've simply played them to death.

Right now my original GBA is tucked away inside a carry case, with my GBA SP in a plastic bag on top of the case, which sits on a shelf in the same bookcase that my N64 occupies. The bottom three shelves are basically just devoted to gaming stuff and my CD player and camera, heh. Last time I played my GBA SP was just yesterday; a game of Zelda: Four Swords with a friend out at school, and also some A Link to the Past while on the bus.

[b]Nintendo GameCube[/b]
I recieved this for Christmas, the year it was released. All my brothers thought I should ask for a PS2 instead, but I held fast, and I'm glad I went with the GCN. And I made sure to specifically ask for a jet black one. Not that I don't like indigo, I just like consoles better in black/gray, and I already had an indigo GBA. Plus, it matches the black of my system house, which I've been keeping it in ever since I got it. (It's a big plastic box thing with a slide-out drawer for controllers, and it was actually designed around the N64, but the GCN fits quite nicely, even if the game cases don't).

I've got nine games for my GCN, averaging about four for every year that I've had the system: Super Smash Bros. Melee, which I got for Christmas with the system; Super Mario Sunshine, which I got at its release; Metroid Prime, also gotten at its release along with Metroid Fusion for the GBA; Animal Crossing in February 2003, which I played for four months straight and then another two months with a month break in between before finally calling it quits except for a check up on my town every now and then; The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time/Ocarina of Time Master Quest, which I got for pre-ordering The Wind Waker; The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, which I got the day of its release, and now I'm also replaying it; F-Zero GX, and awesome racing game that's even better than the GBA version, which I, once again, got at its release; Mario Kart: Double Dash!! a few months later when it finally came out, after being anticipated by me ever since the release of the GCN; and finally, The Legend of Zelda: Collector's Edition, which I finally managed to get after registering MKDD and my friend's copy of Mario & Luigi. . . . Wow, that's a lot of semicolons, heh. And one long stinkin' sentence.

As I mentioned, I keep my GCN in a system house thing, which is on the floor in front of the N64 and beside the TV. It's my most played console, so it's obviously going to be hooked up, adding another link in my growing chain of RF switches, heh. I really need a TV that can at least support composite AV cables. And as I mentioned, the GCN game cases don't fit in the system house, so I keep them, my PSX games, and my Zelda games (I keep them all in one place) on the shelf above my N64.[/size][/color]
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Wow thats a lot of consoles Desbreko. I only have a fraction of that amount. I'll order from oldest to most recent from when I got each system.

[B]SNES:[/B] My first system that brought me into the video game world. I remember getting it in 5th grade (early 98) when the system already was aging. I believe the N64 and PSX were only $150 then but I didn't want to wait to save up for one of those more advanced system so I just picked up the SNES for like $80 and it already came with DKC. It turned out be a great investment. I really enjoyed playing DKC for several years and when I had friends come over, it was great playing 2 player action. I later moved on DKC2 in 6th grade after I got a little bored of DKC and really liked that game too. Good DKC goodness. I remember playing Yoshi's Story during that time as well but I only got half way before I got tired of it. I've played a few other games on my SNES but nothing as intense as those 3 games. I played SNES till about 2001 right until I got my PS2. Since then I've used it on occasion but now it's mainly collecting dust near the side of my basement TV behind the PS2.

[B]Gameboy Color:[/B] I got my GBC at around the beginning of '99. The main use for this system for me was playing Pokemon. I can still remember all those hours I've spent on Pokemon Blue and Gold trying to "catch 'em all" and making my team super strong. The batteries would die really quickly (I think the life on avg was only 10 hours) so I was forced to get an AC Adapter. After getting an SP, I really don't have much use for this system. Really no point selling it now either so I guess I have it as a keepsake of the good old days.

[B]PS2:[/B] Picked up this bad boy when I was finishing up 8th grade (June 2001). I remember having a huge anticipation for buying this but the $300 price tag fended me off for a while until I could afford it. The first game I played for it was Tekken Tag Tournament (I got into it more for the bowling than the fighting). I also played THPS3 like mad in 9th grade before I got tired of it. After that I got kinda bored of the system and couldn't cough up $50 for new games so my system sat there in the dust like my SNES. Then at the end of 2002, I got really into DDR and decided to get some pads and DDRMax. I got back into PS2 again and I still enjoy doing some home DDRing. Outside of DDR, I picked up FFX (after a while) at the beginning of this year and played it solidly every weekend (too busy with school on weekdays) and just last week I beat it. Really awesome game so I got FFX-2 for my bday and currently playing through that with 18% complete so far.

[B]GBA/SP[/B]: I bought a GBA around christmas 2001 with Mario Kart. I regret ever buying it now cuz I rarely used it. I was more interested playig PS2 games at home and on the road I never felt like playing my GBA games (fussed about batteries, not being able to see the screen, etc). The SP solved both of those problems so I decided to sell my old GBA and take an SP instead. Got that around this time last year and had such a hard time finding it. Fortunately found it at Wal-Mart the day before my b-day so that was cool. It's worked out well. I can play when it's dark out and got the rechargable battery/AC adapter so I don't need to worry about that. I save the SP mainly for road use with FFTA (i'm really into FF games if you can't tell). I hope to get a few more games for it in the futiure but for now, FFTA is more than enough.
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[color=darkblue][font=trebuchet ms][b]NES[/b] - I got it from my parents when I was 5, and my dad and uncle first played it more than I did. Today, I rarely play it anymore, mainly because it hardly ever works. There's some blowing, cartridge placement and the occasional miracle to make it work, and that puts me off from trying. It sits next to my SNES, and under my Sega GENESIS. I have 45 games for the system.

[b]SNES[/b] - It was the best Christmas present ever, before the PlayStation came along. I have infinite, wonderful memories from it, especially from the fighting game genre. I played Paperboy 2 on it about a week ago while waiting for pizza. I don't play it much because I have several current games to catch up with, and games are better now than they were back then, in my opinion. I have 43 SNES games.

[b]N64[/b] - My dad bought two of these: One for me and one for my little brother, since I took care of things while he destroyed them. This wonderful piece of hardware, which I've taken care of like a baby, somehow has managed to play tricks on me. I need to place a cartridge under a certain position, or it just won't play. The last game I played on it was Conker's Bad Fur Day, late last year... it's the system that has aged the most terribly. I have some fond memories of Joanna Dark, James Bond and Ocarina of Time from it, though. It sits between my GAMECUBE and XBOX. I have 17 N64 games.

[b]GAMECUBE[/b] - I bought it when Super Mario Sunshine came out, and the system has seen very limited playing time in comparison to other systems. There's just so much Twin Snakes, Metroid Prime, Wind Waker and Eternal Darkness I can play before I get tired. The system shows more playtime thanks to the GBA Player, though. I have 10 games for it.

[b]GAME BOY ADVACE[/b] - I got it shortly after it came out, and enjoyed Castlevania: Circle of the Moon for it. I haven't given the system as much time as it deserves, as I concentrate more on home consoles at the moment. I have 7 GBA games, 7 GB games and 2 GBC games.

[b]GAME BOY ADVANCE SP[/b] - I bought it because Nintendo knows I need the frontlight, a better battery format and for the system to be playable in public. Now it is tucked away in its case.

[b]PlayStation[/b] - It was given to me for Christmas, and the blast I had with MK3 and WWF Wrestlemania: The Arcade Game was amazing. I could finally play arcade games at home without losing much in the process. It's my most cherished system, but only because of the games. Right now it's in its box. Games that finally got to me unlike any before it, such as FFVII, FFVIII, Metal Gear Solid and Spider-Man will never be forgotten. I have 51 PS games

[b]PlayStation 2[/b] - It was February of 2001, and I got it thanks to a friend who bought it for me. I had to pay $350 though, because it came with a crappy CD cleaner. SSX was the BOMB, and Zone of the Enders followed suit, with its $50 MGS2 demo. FFX, MGS2, GTAIII and DMC are just some of the gems I've enjoyed in the system. Currently, I'm playing SSX3 on it, so I can get ready for online play. I have 36 PS2 games.

[b]XBOX[/b] - My dad got it as a Christmas present while he was visiting. I was going to spend some alone time with it because I had to spend Christmas by myself. Shenmue II was the first title I played, and I really liked it. Got disappointed at Halo, since everyone said it was the end-all-be-all of gaming (Shows what they know... oops, opinion). However, KOTOR came along and shocked me. Best game for the system, and just one of the best games ever. The 'BOX also has some unappreciated games like Panzer Dragoon Orta and Otogi: Myth of Demons that made my life even more fun. Currently, I'm playing Ninja Gaiden on it. I have 12 XBOX games.

[b]Sega GENESIS[/b] - This is my second GENESIS, as my first one had to be given away with all its games. The new one I bought it for $10 at EB, and there seems to be something wrong with the picture, or something... it's useless, and I only have one game for it.

[b]Dreamcast[/b] - My dad got it for my brother, and my brother gave it to me after it died... literally. The thing will turn itself off in one hour... the light will still be on, but the disc will just stop spinning. It's a big shame, but at least I had a blast playing the Marvel vs. CAPCOM series, Resident Evil: Code Veronica and Sonic Adventure on it. It currently sits inside its box, because of the aforementioned issue. I have 10 DC games.

I won't bother to name the games or systems I had at some point, but currently do not. That doesn't matter anymore, as I don't own them any longer.[/color][/font]
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[COLOR=Indigo][SIZE=1][FONT=Arial Narrow][B]Atari 7200[/B] - My dad got it for me when I was like... six years old. Its... somewhere. With its roughly forty games for both it and the 2600.

[B]Sega Megadrive[/B] - My granma gave me her old one, with a huge library of games. I beat those games so many times, and had so much fun with them. Until the console was stolen. Some redneck prob. has it right now.

[B]Gameboy Pocket[/B] - My dad got it for me for Christmas. I traded it in at eb, but before I did I had about 16 games.

[B]Gameboy Colour [/B] - My dad got me this for Christmas too. Is currently in landfill somewhere. My brother poured Fanta on it and it never worked again >.<"

[B]Playstation[/B] - My mum got me my Playstation, and I played it religiously until it broke. I had twenty-something games but traded heaps of them in recently. Currently in a drawer.

[B]Gameboy Advance SP[/B] - I got this on launch date with carefully saved money. And some little **** stole it and all my games from my bag at school.

[B]Playstation 2[/B] - Dad got this for me and my bro. two christmases ago. I play it almost as often as I did my Playstation. Connected to the widescreen tv in the lounge room as we speak. ;)

[b]Nintendo 64[/b] - Got this for Christmas when I was bored and felt like playing Zelda. No, not for, AT. It is connected to my mum's TV. With some ****** games.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[color=#707875]Hm, I don't even know if I can remember the exact order that I bought things. I'll go in semi-chronological order I guess.

[b]Game & Watch:[/b] I don't know if this would be considered a game system or what. But I list it here because it was really my first experience with video games, other than the old Atari units (my cousins had an Atari, but I have no idea what it was). I specifically remember playing a Game & Watch two player unit on the school bus, with a friend of mine. I even remember that it was raining outside that day...and we were going on a school excursion. Although, I can't remember the specific game. I had about three units, as far as I remember. But now I only have one of them in its original condition.

[b]NES:[/b] I specifically remember my first experience with a NES. I played it at a friend's birthday party. Before this moment, I had never encountered one before.

The game I played was Super Mario Bros. And for almost the entire party...I played that game. lol I didn't spend any time with the other kids. I was just [i]completely[/i] amazed by Mario. After that, I got home and told my parents all about it (with the accompanying excited arm movements) and sure enough, my dad bought me one as a surprise soon after. That was very cool.

[b]SNES:[/b] I also remember my first encounter with the SNES. My aunt was looking after me and she took me to Myer, where she worked. I saw a SNES kiosk there. Again, at this time, I didn't follow the magazines or anything...so I had no idea that SNES existed. Seeing it at the kiosk was amazing. My aunt rushed me off the machine though (I waited in line to play Mario World -- MARIO!! O_O -- and I got about ten seconds with it lol).

Again, I ranted to my dad about it. And he and my grandfather bought a SNES for me. I think my dad mostly did this because he enjoyed playing too; he and I used to play Super Mario Bros. for hours on end, on two player mode. Much fun.

[b]Mega Drive:[/b] While I was never particularly a SEGA-hater, I always seemed to buy Nintendo machines. Sega intrigued me though. I remember playing the old Master System several times at friends' houses...and really coming away very impressed. I just never bought one because I preferred Nintendo and I knew that my parents' budget was finite.

However, one day they did buy me a Mega Drive for Christmas. It was a Mega Drive II, specifically, with Sonic the Hedgehog 2. What a cool game. It was the second time I'd played a Sonic game (the first time I'd played a 16-bit Sonic game) and I became hooked. I think that my love for Sonic almost equalled Mario; and Sonic was the game that really made me fall in love with Sega in general.

[b]Game Boy:[/b] Funnily enough, it took me a while to get a Game Boy. I bought an original one, back when they were doing different coloured shells for it. I got a yellow one. The game I bought with it was Wario Blast, which was rather cool.

[b]Mega CD:[/b] This was a weird situation. I saw Sonic CD in a magazine and I really wanted it. But Mega CD was expensive and I really had no intention of actually getting one. But yet again, my parents surprised me. lol

I only ever had two games for it though. Sonic CD and Road Avenger. Road Avenger is still one of the coolest things I've ever seen, if only for the artistry and weirdness factor. It wasn't really a game though; it was an interactive anime/movie.

[b]Game Boy Pocket:[/b] Erm, yeah, pretty self explanatory I guess. It was the gold version, and I got DK 2 (DKC2? I do'nt know what it was, it wasn't a port though) bundled with it.

[b]Game Boy Color:[/b] Again, self explanatory...and not much to say here. I got that re-release of Super Mario Bros., in colour. But again I forget the specific name of the game. I also bought Legend of Zelda DX, which was a pretty good investment.

[b]Nintendo 64:[/b] I preordered N64 a full eight months before release. I was [i]that[/i] excited about it. Screenshots of Super Mario 64 were what drove that decision; Mario in 3D? My dreams came true!

And did they ever. I picked up the unit on the night of the launch and I played Mario 64 all evening...and all day the next day. lol

It's still my most-played game I think, at least in terms of 3D games. For a while, it was definitely my sole reason for existing.

[b]Sega Saturn:[/b] I ended up buying this system well after its release. I have a few games for it, including NiGHTS, Christmas NiGHTS (very awesome), Panzer Dragoon Zwei, Daytona USA, Sonic 3D and a few others. Nothing particularly extraordinary though. I've always wanted Panzer Dragoon Saga, which I never seemed to find.

I also wanted Athelete Kings (which I never found) and Daytona USA CCE. CCE is gorgeous; it's the version I actually wanted originally. Alas, I was stuck with the awful original port.

[b]Sony PlayStation:[/b] I can't even remember what my first game was for the PlayStation. Actually, I think it may have been Final Fantasy VII. So, that was a milestone purchase for me I suppose. It was one of the main reasons that I became interested in PlayStation.

During that time, I also found Resident Evil and Tobal No. 1 to be incredible games. Those three games really convinced me to purchase it.

[b]Dreamcast:[/b] I really wanted a Dreamcast from the very beginning. The thing that interested me most about it was probably Sonic Adventure; the idea that Sega had finally produced a [i]real[/i] 3D Sonic game was appealing to me. Of course, SA was a mixed blessing in the end. But it was worthwhile.

I only have a handful of Dreamcast games (again, I missed out on Daytona), but it's still one of the best gaming-related investments I've ever made, without a doubt. Two games in particular were worthwhile; Jet Set Radio and Shenmue. I am very thankful for these games and for me, they really made the overall purchase very worth it.

[b]PlayStation 2:[/b] PlayStation 2 was my second "next gen" purchase. And my first game for it was SSX, which I adored. In fact, I've become a pretty huge SSX fan, although I don't own SSX 3 yet.

[b]Game Boy Advance:[/b] I bought this before the GameCube. I loved it as soon as I played it; it really did feel like a big step up in terms of handhelds. Although originally I only had Super Mario Advance, which is definitely not my favourite Mario game.

[b]GameCube:[/b] I think that GameCube has probably been my most "complete" purchase in terms of launch. I bought three extra controllers and three games with the unit itself. It was part of a package deal, but it's still the most money I've spent on a console I think.

Although I enjoyed the initial games that I purchased, it really wasn't until later that the games I was really interested in started coming along. Games like Mario Sunshine, Wind Waker, Metroid Prime, etc, were the ones that really made the GameCube an important purchase.

[b]GBA SP:[/b] I got a Flame SP at the end of last year as a gift. I much prefer it to my original GBA; it really sparked my interest in GBA games again. This is partly because it's nice to lay down on my bed, with the lights off and play it. Beforehand, I'd have to awkwardly sit under a light or something...it just wasn't any good.

Mario & Luigi is my favourite GBA game, thusfar. ~_^

In terms of the audiovisual setup, everything is running on a 64cm Sony Trinitron TV. Nothing too fancy, though we're [i]hoping[/i] to upgrade to plasma soon. That should be nice.

The entire thing is running on a funky 7.1 sound system, with Boston speakers. Thankfully my dad decided to get it professionally installed, rather than do it himself; the results are definitely noticeable.[/color]
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[left][font=Verdana][size=1]Seems an interesting trip down memory lane, unfortunately most of my consoles were later sold to fund the purchase of the next, either that or they broke down. I never had loads of games on any particular console for some reason, I guess you can only play so many at a time. I've played every single console out since after the NES except for the SEGA Saturn but not owned all of them.[/size][/font][/left]
[left][font=Verdana][size=1][/size][/font] [/left]
[*][left][font=Verdana][size=1][b]NES: [/b][/size][/font][font=Verdana][size=1]This was my first ever taste of video-gaming and unfortunately is the one I least remember. My father purchased a NES for myself and my brother in probably Christmas 1992 although I'm not that sure, the NES came with Mario Bros 1 which we played to death for ages but to my knowledge never beat fully. Over the years I got a few more games, usually from my local market: Super Mario Bros. 3 (which was a brilliant and well made game), Solstice (A game with a wizard on the front), Bionic Commando (which I loathed), there were a few others but I just can't remember what they were at this moment in time. Unfortunately I loaned my NES to my cousins a few years ago and it ended up being broken so I can't play it any more.[/size][/font][/left]
[*][left][font=Verdana][size=1][b]SEGA Megadrive II: [/b][/size][/font][font=Verdana][size=1]Although I had played the Master System at my cousin's house (separate to the above) this was to be my first taste of proper SEGA gaming (on the MS we played Alex the Kidd the whole time). It was bought in 1995 I think again I'm not 100% and we got the three 3 Games in 1 cartridges for it, my self and my brother stuck almost solely to the second of the 3 with Golden Axe, Streets of Rage (I loved this game) and Revenge of Shinobi quenching our gaming thirsts. Most often we'd play SoR because getting 2 player on Golden Axe required some very precise timing (that and we's war over who got to be the Viking guy), I'd say that possibly my best gaming experiences were playing with my brother on those games. Over time we got a few more, one of the Sonic games, Jungle Strike (or something, there were three Jungle, Urban and Desert I think), Cannon Fodder, Worms 1, and a few others that I can't remember either. I rented a load of games from my local video store but beat only a few since I was never as serious into gaming as I am now, I haven't played the Megadrive in ages but I'll have a look for it sometime soon.[/size][/font][/left]
[*][left][font=Verdana][size=1][b]Nintendo 64: [/b][/size][/font][font=Verdana][size=1]Bought the Christmas of the year it came out, I remember there was a power-cut as is usual and I was left staring at my N64 and games (SW: Shadows of the Empire and Super Mario 64) for two days until we got power back. I think it was this console that got me really into gaming as opposed to just playing it when it was raining and I couldn't play outside. I can remember my first game of Mario 64 and going into the first level with the pink Bob-ombs, the cannons and taking down the Bob-omb King at the peak of the Mountain at the end of the level, over all I think we got about 90 or so of the stars and left it at that. Star Wars: Shadow of the Empire was probably my least favourite of any Star Wars game I own and reminds me a lot in parts of Star Wars Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike, it wasn;t a bad game but I kind sucked at it and could never get passes that Droid Bounty Hunter. The last level destroying the Space Hook in the X-Wing was what set me to liking the likes of Rogue Leader since I never played the first game. This console saw some of the best games I've ever bought or recieved as gifts: Mario Kart 64, Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time, GoldenEye, Pokemon Stadium, Fifa '98 Road to the World Cup and Diddy Kong Racing. I think this is what drew me fully into Gaming as a past-time and not as a way of passing-time.[/size][/font][/left]
[*][left][font=Verdana][size=1][b]Playstation: [/b][/size][/font][font=Verdana][size=1]The original of the series was bought by my little sister as her first tiptoeing into gaming after playing my N64, I never really played it that much except when I bought FF 7 and FF8 and then I was engrossed and played it for days on end, later I got a loan of MGS 1 and that led to similar circumstances of not eating and gaming for about 18 hours a day. I only ever owned those two FF games and Spiro III and so I've not played it nearly as much as my other consoles, but it seemed that when I played the PS I had a lot of fun. [/size][/font][/left]
[*][left][font=Verdana][size=1][b]Playstation 2: [/b][/size][/font][font=Verdana][size=1]Another Christmas gift the year it was released from my parents to my brother and myself, I actually found it about a fortnight before Christmas but didn't tell anyway until afterwards, we got Grand Theft Auto III (Mine) and Kessin (Dave's) and luckily there wasn't any power cuts so we were able to play them practically all morning. I've never really been as big a fan of the PS as I have been of Nintendo but it changed dramatically when I bought Final Fantasy X when it came out, I had never been as astounded when playing a game as I was in the opening 15 minutes of FF: X, the visuals were astounding as was the gameplay in general. I sold it and many of my other games unfortunately to pay for my Gamecube although I'll probably buy it again this week. I sold my half of the PS2 to my brother so he owns it and has bought Tekkan 4, Vice City and Hitman 2 in the meantime.[/size][/font][/left]
[*][left][font=Verdana][size=1][b]Gamecube: [/b][/size][/font][font=Verdana][size=1]A long planned buy which has turned out to be my favourite console, I bought the Super Mario Sunshine Edition with the game and memory pack as standard. I never enjoyed Sunshine as a game and later traded it in at Game for Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast which has become my favourite game to play on any occassion. I later bought SW: Rogue Leader later and it was basically those two games which kept me entertained for weeks on end, next came LOZ: Wind Waker which is actually the first Zelda game I completed (I only got to the Spirit Temple on OOC). I was a little worried about the Cel-shaded graphics but after a few seconds of playing those fears had been liquidated completely, I found it to be the most engrossing and satistfying game I'd ever played although a little easy in parts. Christmas thise year left me Worms 3D (Which is as enjoyable as previous incarnations) and RS III: Rebel Strike, out of all my consoles I probably enjoy this one the most.[/size][/font][/left]
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  • 10 months later...
sisnce i burn stuff that dont work...( never burn a psx those things pump out 10 foot tall flames) but i only have a super nes wif crono trigger and a ps2 wif a bunch of rpgs and dynasty warriors. all i have been playing of late is star ocean.
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This topic is almost a year old... :animedepr

Unless you plan on discussing a [i]specific[/i] game or anime series (depending on which forum you're in, of course), please refrain from reviving long-dead threads. If you see an ancient discussion that sparks your interest, feel free to create a new thread modelled after it--just don't go digging up topics that have been resting peacefully in their graves for a month or more, okay?

Your post quality could also use a bit of work. As things stand, it's sort of hard to figure out what you're saying; just try to use capitalization and punctuation more liberally. Thanks!

Thread closed.

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[color=#B0251E]Apologies, Dagger, but I'd like to keep this thread open. Generally I'd be okay with it being closed, but in this case, it's been pointed out to me that people's home setups probably haven't changed a lot since this was first posted.

As a result, it's unlikely that a fresh setup thread will arise in the near future. So it might be a good idea to let people add to this one.

Yin, as Dagger suggested, please watch your post quality. You've ressurrected several long-since-dead threads in Otaku Lounge as well and generally that's a no-no, unless the rules specifically state otherwise. Obviously posting rules are different here and in Anime Lounge, so please be aware of the sticky threads.[/color]
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[COLOR=Blue][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Well, as the post before me states (Props to ya, James!), I'll add my 2 cents into the mix. My setup's kinda strange, but I'll do my best to explain it.

I've got (divided by cord, where applicable)
each [B]Atari[/B] (hooked up in the basement) , \ too many
[B]Coleco[/B] (same TV as those), / games to count...though I must add that i do, in fact, own [B]E.T.[/B]...

[COLOR=Navy][B]NES[/B] (one in basement, one in room): about 20 games, but I bounce between Marble Madness, RCRansom, Mario(s), and Tetris
[B]N64[/B]: Got about 25 of these, can't find most of 'em, though...theyr'e in a crawlspace, save for Goldeneye, Tetrisphere, Mario64, all 5 of my Gamesharks, and Perfect Dark.
2 [B]GCN[/B]s(One's fried, but will live again :animeknow ): Got about 40 of those badboys...too many to list. If it doesn't suck, i've got it. and some i've got that [i]do[/i] suck. (Reign of Fire, Dino-Planet, etc.)...but more than proud to own Warrior Within, Animal Crossing, NFSU2, and 4RE...[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Teal]a [B]Genesis[/B]: Got Sonic1 & 2, Moonwalker, Ecco, Zero Tolerance, and a whole slew of others, as well as having the Menacer hanging in a makeshift gun rack in my bedroom.
[B]Genesis [I]V2[/I][/B]

[COLOR=DarkOliveGreen][B]Saturn[/B]: Fighting Vipers, Croc!, Sega Rally Championship (very-easy-right-turn, baby.), and [U]NiGHTS[/U][/COLOR]

[COLOR=Olive][B]Dreamcast[/B]: Tokyo Xtreme Racer 1&2, Sonic Adventure(s), PSO(s), and a bunch-a others
An [B]MP3[/B] hookup[/COLOR]: don't ask...FULL archos 20-gig jukebox, do the math.

[COLOR=SeaGreen][B]Psx[/B] (on PS2 plug, because of compatibility issues): FF8, FF9, Einhander, Spider, and a few other lesser-known games.
[B]PS2[/B]: DMC, DOA2:Hardcore, Bouncer, Ridge Racer V, and Ready To Rumble Rnd. 2... and any other release-games i forgot to list...that's about it.[/color]

a [B]DVD[/B] player

and a [B]VCR[/B]

Here's the confusing part:
I've got everything hooked into a splitter-box (Red White Yellow wires) which is plugged into the AV-IN#1 slot on the DVD player.
The MP3 player and the dreacmast are hooked into A/V-IN#1 and #2 in the VCR.
The VCR is hooked into the A/V-IN#2 of the DVD player.
The DVD player is hooked into a Stereo Audio-IN slot, and the Video is sent through a B.S.-ed cable-box into the TV through the "antenna" plug, on channel 4.[/FONT]

Also got GBA, GBC, GBASP, a Neo-Geo Pocket Color, Neo-Geo Pocket, Game Gear, and about 45 Tomagotchi's that've been battery-free for several years now.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=Navy]Here is mine....though it is nothing special sense I only got first console last spring.

That console is none other than the [B]N64[/B].

My friend gave it too me. He also let me borrow a couple of games. I own three controllers and the only game I really own is Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

My second and only other console is the [B]PS2[/B]. I bought this console this past December right before christmas. The games I own are DDR Extreme, Orphen: Scion of Socercy, Robotech: Battlecry, and NFS: Underground.

For handhelds, I own a GBC. The only games I have for it currently is my orginal Pokemon Red Version, and Felix The Cat. I bought Pokemon when it first came out.

I also have a GCN Link Cable, Worm Light, tv, and VCR.

My VCR is vital to my gaming needs since I have one of those really old tv's in my room. I have to manual plug when I want to switch between the N64 and PS2.

I guess my set up is pretty sad.[/COLOR]
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I'm not sure wich came first:

[B]Sega Genisis[/B] which was taken over by one of my cousins so then we got the [B]Sega Satrun[/B] which had forever until my mom thought it was too old and was tearing up so she sold it which got my other cousins to buy the [B]N64[/B], they sold it for a pool table, but then they got the old [B]Gameboy[/B], also we got the [B]Jaguar[/B] that's now collecting dust in the closet, then later the [B]Sega Dreamcast[/B] but they wanted to trade it in for something but they decided to give it to me, then we bought the [B]Playsaion[/B] but my brother knocked onto the floor so we bought a [B]PS2[/B]. After that my grandma bought one for us to play when we came over but she moved and gave it to us so now we have two. Got the [B]Gameboy Color[/B] for one cousin and [B]Gameboy Advance[/B] for me and my brother. My cousins and I pretty much live together so that would make things a bit clearer. We are now debating on wether to get a PS3or a slim PS2. Decisions, decisions. :animestun
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[color=darkred] My set up goes a little like...

[b]SNES:[/b] 8 games. Obviously none of them can touch Super Mario World or Super Metroid.

[b]PlayStation:[/b] Hmmm, I honestly can't remember how many games I have, but I have a crap load, trust me on that one. I think that Final Fantasy VII fits under the category of the few games that I've played over and over again.

[B]PlayStation 2:[/b] Piece of garbage, if you ask me. Again, dunno how many games I have, and don't really care. I'm not really sure whether I care that I don't even know where they are at the moment. :animeswea

[b]SP:[/b] My baby. Nothing will come between me and me SP. Nothing. I've got so many games for it, and the beauty part is that I've played each game more than once over, and I [i]still[/i] have them all!!!1

[b]GameCube:[/b] Only games to remain are Metroid Prime 2, Animal Crossing, and Paper Mario 2. I find the Cube quite boring nowadays, I dunno why, though. I should be playing Metroid Prime 2 again, really, on hard mode, but I really can't be bothered.[/color]
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Lets see.... Ill chronolize them. (If thats a word)

Game Boy: Old blue. I didn't have many games. I had Pokemon Red, blue, yellow, silver, pinball, trading card game, and puzzle challenge. The poor thing is lost somewhere in the realm of toys.

N64: My little blue N64 with the giant Pikachu on it sits in the drawer under my brothers TV, waiting hungrily for someone to put in one of me or my brothers 15 games.

Gamecube: My gamecube is in front of my brothers TV with four controlers on the ground. We own six but two dont work anymore. I have 8 games, my brother has like 12.

Game Boy Advanced: Sitting on my dresser, wishing that my SP wasn't the only one that ever gets to play my 11 games for it, or my brothers 7or8.

Play Station 2: Sitting in front of the TV in my room, unable to use the special adapter it needs, which is in my Xbox. If only it wasn't broken, then I could play my 12 PS2 games and 2 PS1 games.

Sega Genesis: I got it a year ago for 2 bucks. All I have is Mortal Kombat 2 and Jurrassic Park. It gets little attention. I think its under my brothers TV.

Game Boy Advanced SP: Somewhere near me housing Robotech the Macross Saga.

Xbox: I got it for Christmas and yrt already I own 9 games for it. (mostly budget tiltles.) it sits in front of my TV with all four glowing Gamestop controllers connected.
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Lets see, I have had many setups over the years.

First was the apple computer my Dad brought home from work. We got to play lots of games written by computer students preparing to graduate in Computer Science. Most of them were imitations of Arcade games like Pac-man, except the monitors had no color yet.

Then we got the Nintendo system before SNES *can't think of what it was called as I no longer have it* We spent hours playing Mario games.

SNES was next and I still have it and even play it on occasion. So many great RPG games like Secret of Mana, Illusion of Gaia, Seceret of Evermore and Zelda a Link to the past.

N64 which in my opinion was a failure. Other than Zelda it didn't have any good RPG games. I still have it though as I enjoy playing my Zelda games.

After my disappointment with N64 I switched to Playstation2 when it came out. Now that was a great buy. Not only did you get all the newest Playstation games but you could also enjoy the previous ones. Both playstation 1 and 2 have great RPG games. Like Final Fantasy, Hack and one of my absoulte favirotes the Lunar Series.

Game Boy Advance SP I'm not a fan of the tiny screen but since I adore the Zelda series I got it just for that. And they also had a Lunar game and it's my second favirote series. You can also get Final Fantasy, but it's availabe on Playstation so I didn't bother as I prefer the bigger screen.

GameCube Ironically this too was purchased just because of Zelda. Untill they came out with the Wind Waker I didn't even bother to get the system. Forchantly they have since then added some great RPG games like Tales of Symphonia and I can't wait till the newest Zelda comes out for this!

Last but not least is my Computer. I love using the computer for games like Tomb Raider. You can get it for playstation but it just looks and plays so much better on a computer. There just isn't any comparison.

Now, for my set up, currently I have the playstation2 and my gamecube hooked up through my amplifier. Plus I've got a flat screen 35 inch TV *at least I think that is the size* I have 5.1 digital surround and even though many of the games aren't in that my amplifier can simulate that environment. Plus I've got a good sub-woofer so It's alot of fun to play my games with my system. I've also got a smaller surround system that's hooked up to my computer for those games.
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