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[font=trebuchet ms]Welcome to [b]The Legionnaires[/b], an OtakuBoards event which hopes to capture the attention and imagination of the entire forum. This follows the format of the various stories which have inhabited our ?Adventure Arena? over the years, but hopes to break new ground with the sheer scope of the storyline, and the massive number of players involved.

We?re aiming for over three dozen players, but all members of the boards are welcome to participate. With the Fall approaching, many members will have terribly busy school and work schedules. Not everyone can post in an RPG every day, or even every week. These things have been taken into account, so that members will not feel pressured to participate more than they want, or are able to.

The goal here is to get everyone involved, and have fun doing it. Now, onto the basics.[/font]

[font=trebuchet ms][center][size=5][b]:::The Story:::[/b][/size][/center]

It?s the present day, and The Legionnaires are the world?s greatest hope for survival. They are heroes-for-hire, and just as motivated by the paycheck as they are their sense of duty. The Legionnaires is a hero syndicate and they have assembled the world?s greatest heroes: soldiers, magicians, cowboys, robots, swordsmen and various others to help complete their missions.

That, in effect, is the basis of this RPG. You are The Legionnaires, and your characters will interact and accomplish various missions throughout the course of the game. But be warned, these missions are dangerous, and even the world?s greatest heroes find themselves at the receiving end of a bullet sometimes.

Players are going to die, and as the group shrinks down the main storyline will progress. What is this story? You?ll have to play to find out. With each mission a new clue will be unveiled, and perhaps your character will discover the truth before it?s too late.

This, for lack of a more exciting term, is a big deal. This is [I]the[/I] Big Deal at OB for the coming months, and should be treated as such. If you?re not in The Legionnaires you?re missing out. [/font]

[font=trebuchet ms][center][size=5][b]:::How Posting Works:::[/b][/size][/center]

With so many players participating at once, it would be impossible to tell a cohesive story in one thread. Of the players involved, The players will be split to several smaller groups, with each group?s adventures taking place in a specific ?Mission Thread.?

Each mission should be looked at as a self-contained chapter in a much larger story, and members will be continually passed back and forth between mission threads and groups as the story dictates. No single player?s story will be quite the same.

The entire forum will be playing host to multiple ongoing ?Mission Threads,? with any number of players.

Although broader information about missions (ie: who posts where, and the location of the mission) will be available for public viewing, members involved in the individual missions will be debriefed via PM by either myself or a [b]Group Leader[/b]. This information will include posting order, and reveal who (if anyone) is to die during this particular mission.[/font]

[font=trebuchet ms][center][size=5][b]:::Group Leaders:::[/b][/size][/center]

Each of the Mission Threads will be assigned a designated "Group Leader.? This Group Leader is a founding member of The Legionnaires, and holds authority over the rest of their group during missions. Unlike regular players Group Leaders remain in their designated Mission Thread throughout the course of the RPG, but as Group Leaders they will play more pivotal roles in the storyline than many players.

This is not to say that Group Leaders are exempt from death, quite the contrary. Among The Legionnaires, being a Group Leader is a highly coveted position, but does require a greater amount of commitment from the player. As the game progresses, it?s more than likely that several Group Leaders will be killed. Their roles may or may not be replaced as the story dictates.

[b]Members will be approached to become Group Leaders based on the quality of their sign-ups.[/b][/font]

[font=trebuchet ms][center][size=5][b]:::Who Lives and Who Dies:::[/b][/size][/center]

As the story progresses, The Legionnaires are going to be finding themselves in all sorts of trouble. Because of this, many,many, [i]many[/i] characters will be killed during the course of the RPG.

Every so often several characters will be chosen at random, and of those choices you, the members, will vote for your favorites. Simply put, the popular vote survives.

This voting will take place in [b]Body Bags[/b], a series of regular voting threads whenever execution time begins. Those who are to die during their missions will be informed via PM on their mission debriefing.[/font]

[font=trebuchet ms][center][size=5][b]:::Underground and Arbiter:::[/b][/size][/center]

Members will know which threads they have been assigned to via [b]The Legionnaires Underground[/b], which will contain an up-to-date team roster, group assignments, posting order, and play host to any questions players may have regarding the RPG itself.

This thread will be one of two Legionnaires threads to be posted out of the Community Events forum. The other will be [b]The Legionnaires: Arbiter[/b] and will be a place for members to post side stories, poems, or anything else related to The Legionnaires that would be out of place in the Mission Threads.

The Legionnaires: Arbiter is a chance for players to expand the histories of their characters, and feature them in all new adventures that take place out of the confines of the main story. Also, myself and Group Leaders will be divulging various information regarding The Legionnaires, their opponents and the world at large through Arbiter.[/font]

[font=trebuchet ms][center][size=5][b]:::Sign-Ups:::[/b][/size][/center][b]
Code Name / Call Sign:

Gender (If Applicable):



Personal Appearance (Images are acceptable):


Personal History:

Special Skills or Abilities:[/b][/font]

[font=trebuchet ms][center][size=5][b]:::Other Required Sign-Up Fields:::[/b][/size][/center]

Different ?Mission Threads? may contain different OB thread so as not to alienate any one group of membership. Also, it is unrealistic to expect a full commitment from everyone.

[b]Player?s Availability (How often will you be able to post? There is no such thing as too much or too little):

Which Otaku Thread Rating Do You Expect Your Posts To Fall Under? (E - Everyone, PG - Parental Guidance, M - Mature):[/b]

Some people may only be able to post on a weekly, or even bi-weekly basis. By providing us with the following information in your sign-up, we will be able to better place your character within the confines of the story.

[b]Please post your sign-up in THIS THREAD.[/font]

[size=1]That's all I've got. Sign-ups start now, and end [b]August 21st[/b]. Any questions regarding sign-ups can be posted in this very thread. The Underground thread will launch with the RPG itself. Group Leaders will be announced in The Underground, along with the completed team roster.

There is no set number of members I'd like to allow, although things will obviously loosen up a bit since so many members are needed to participate. However, we will not sacrifice quality of the project just for the sake of letting a large number of members in. Do your best to create a character you would like to play as, since the priority here is having fun.

-Shy[/size] :whoops:
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[SIZE=1]Ahh... it's finally up. I hope I don't die early. I can post fairly frequently ? my school starts back up on September 2nd, and the first week or so won?t be too taxing.

[B]Code Name / Call Sign:[/B] Dust, I reckon that's what they called him in them stories.

[B]Gender:[/B] Quite a man, I'd say

[B]Location:[/B] Th? Wild, Wild West

[B]Age:[/B] Bout 34, 35. That boy ne?er really told no one.

[B]Personal Appearance:[/B] [url=http://www.bpib.com/art2/images/Astarita/gunslinger.jpg][link][/url]
Now, lemme tell yall, Dust is the gritty, sharp-eyed, gunslingin? Desperado. His eyes stare Lincoln straight off the penny, and he always shaves his face, with a purty dull knife though. Anyway, he?s bout five ten or so, with some long, scraggly mop on the top o? his head. Sandy color, gets in his surious eyes a lot.

I can?t stand the sound of butchered English. It feels like someone?s shooting a magnum in between my ears, but prolonging the pain. The kind that of pain makes you want to wring someone?s neck. Anyone?s neck. Violently.

?I?ll take a shot o? whiskey. Clears up the ?ol mind, I swur. Oh, ey. Wus yer name, partner??

That man grinned such a yellow smile, and took a swig of whiskey to drown out his acrid breath. I turned my head a bit, trying to inhale a bit of fresh air before facing him again. After a few seconds, he lost interest in me, and went back to taking more shots from an increasingly worried barkeeper.

At this point, I just wanted to go somewhere civilized, a place where people spoke English, and not some butchered vernacular. Yes, I find it quite odd that a man growing up in the ?Wild West? would become so eloquent. It must?ve been the books I read ever since I was a child. Lovely books, Romeo & Juliet, Hamlet, The Odyssey, educational and cultured to the last drop.

?Allllright,? he took a moment to allow for a hiccup before continuing his mangled sentence, ?thas ?bout nuff o dem damn ducks? I?ll blow?em clear outta the skyyyyyy,? he drawled. I did not pay him much attention until he drew a pistol and aimed it at my stomach.

I think there would be no moment more fitting than this to say, I?m a very quick draw with a small temper.

I pulled the trigger twice, the barrel pointed at his chest. He flipped backwards, and blood flitted everywhere. Cue exit, stage left.

[B]Personal History:[/B]
So like I was saying, I don?t like slang, which seems to be some sort of curse, as I?m living out here in the West. Maybe explaining how I became such an English fanatic, or why I?d take to written English as opposed to the spoken word would be a good place to start.

?Ma?a?.a?.,? the sounds were slow and reluctant. ?Ma?aama?? And a smile of satisfaction spread across my face. My parents were pleased.

?Oh wow honey, that?s amazin?!? My mother, speaking with that god-forsaken drawl. She was excited, and clapped my tiny hands for me.

?Yeh? boy?s a real genius. Speakin? this young ?n all. I reckon kids ne?er spoke this early. He?s what? Bout seven months?? And my father. He was more educated, and left me with my grammar and syntax. I suppose I owe him a ?thanks.?

?Mama! Mama!? I spoke those words with sureness, declaring to the world that I would one day speak. One day very soon. So, now that you?ve seen my family, let me take you farther ahead.

?Father, what does [I]maiden[/I] mean? And what?s a [I]rapier[/I]?? Inquisitive, as always. My father gave me one of those answers that left me swimming around, looking for something more precise.

?A maiden?s a lady, and a rapier?s a sword. We don? use them no more ? we got guns.? He turned back to his dinner. I sat there on the wooden floor, gazing intently into my first Shakespearean read. Hamlet. I think that?s what inspired me to pick up a revolver and work on my aim a few years later. That?s a much more interesting story, but not by much.

?So, I hold it like [I]this[/I], and? wait, could you repeat that?? That?s me again, holding the revolver loosely and completely wrong. My mother corrected me; surprisingly she had better aim than my father.

?No, no, child. Like [I]this[/I].? She tightened up my grip, leveled off the aim so I was pointing at a scarecrow?s head, and moved my thumb to the hammer. ?Now, push that down, there you go, and pull the trigger.? I pulled did as I as told, and with curious success. The bullet went through the scarecrow?s left eye, spewing hay out of the back of his head.

?Damn good aim, there. Or luck. Take a shot at the right eye. Betcha can?t hit that! But first, reload, then cock the hammer.? She smirked at me digging into my pocket for the second bullet. I withdrew it, licked my chapped lips, thinking over the steps she?d given. Then I loaded up, drew back the hammer, took aim, and pulled the trigger. In two seconds.

?Mary, Mothera?what the hell was [I]that[/I]? I ne?er seen such a sight? thas real talent.? Indeed it was, as I had gained quite a reputation only a year later. I was thirteen years old, and just embarking on my journey that would last the rest of my life. Getting rich off of bets with shady types, and occasionally, saving the day.

[B]Special Skills or Abilities:[/B] Having practiced only gunplay and reading in all my years, I am the most skilled person I know in both areas. It would not surprise me if a scholar were more educated than I, but I plan to die before I meet one with a quicker draw and a finer aim. I have realized that I can draw so quickly because of unrivaled reflexes and mental coordination. In short, I'm an extremely fast thinker with really, really short reaction times.

My mother, as well as countless others moments before I shot them, told me that I have unheard of aim, and I can draw a gun faster than God could smite me. And I figure that to be about right ? I?ve escaped death numerous times, all thanks to my itchy fingers and quick wrist. As that hick said in the beginning, my eyes are sharp enough to kill the ladies, and turn a stone heart into holy water.[/SIZE]
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[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1][I]Searching Database...[/I]

[I]Found - Project Gale[/I]

[B]Code Name / Call Sign[/B]: Gale

[B]Gender[/B]: Android Male

[B]Location[/B]: Germany

[B]Age[/B]: Unknown

[B]Personal Appearance[/B]: [I]Picture -[/I] [URL=http://tinypic.com/a4wgnr.jpg][COLOR=SlateGray][I]Gale[/I][/COLOR][/URL]
Gale is a battle android developed specifically for war. It's body size is the same as a normal middle-aged person, maybe a bit larger. It assumes this stature so that it is easily maneuverable and quick in battle. This allows for a weaker defense, yet a still solid one. It's armor is of an ivory shade lined with red in most areas. The underworkings are black and usually kept hidden by the body's armor.

[B]Personality/Behavior[/B]: [I]Mech Host - Robert Franz[/I]
Project Gale is inoperable without first fusing a human personality to the body and evolving social tendencies. The following is an entry written by Doctor Volädische, the originator of Project Gale, describing his human characteristics after several hours of before and after observation.

[INDENT][I]After researching Robert's personal history I realized him to be the perfect candidate for Project Gale. He had little ties to the outside world and as far as I was concerned he wouldn't be missed. All that knew him only observed basic personality traits. He seldom interacted with many people but most all say that when he did he was polite and respectful.

Those that worked with him in a special branch of the government called him a vigilante. He was known for thinking outside the box, and looking at things from a whole different perspective. Even though he sometimes "went against the grain," or so they say, he was a very respected worker and there was no report of misconduct within the industry. He had been questioned several times about certain activities not pertaining to his job but the charges were always dropped. After doing some research myself I learned that he had indeed been doing dishonest activities, but not immoral ones. I am unable to specify his area of work in this report but he was a "robin hood" of sorts among those who had worked with him. Often taking from those blessed with wealth and offering it to the less fortunate.

After the accident his body was rendered useless but his mind was still sharp and witty as ever. Although he showed no signs of physical life, our computers confirmed active brainpower and that he was indeed still alive. After fusing his mind with Gale it took quite awhile to get him to open up. He was very confused and bewildered at his physical state. This was the first time anything like this had been attempted but it seemed to go flawlessly. He was still Robert Franz, just physically different than before. His mind was truly amazing, one of the best I've ever seen. He could solve even the most complicated of puzzles in small amounts of time and often enjoyed debating with me on certain subjects. He was developed to be a weapon, and his strong mind matched Gale's physical ability perfectly[/I].[/INDENT]

[B]Personal History[/B]: [I]Robert Franz - History[/I]
Robert was born in Germany and has lived there his entire life. As a child he was treated differently and more was expected of him. He showed knowledge well beyond his years and excelled all through school. Upon entering college he became interested in mechanics and working with advanced technology. His first and only job was for the government, developing new age weapons and other mechanical devices to aid it's country.

The only family Robert had was his parents, who both died soon after his college graduation. He was distraught but his work allowed him an escape from the pain life had dealt him. Instead of mourning he would spend hours toiling away in his workshop, setting aside his personal feelings and putting his ambitions where he believed they were most deserved and appreciated. His total dedication allowed for quick rising in government rank, allowing him access to much more information and pieces to work with concerning mechanics.

From then on his social life went downhill. It was said he had a girlfriend at one time and even a child, but if he had there was no record of it. He lived solely for his work and the government liked it that way. Years of advancement lead to the developing technology of android and metallic lifeforms. He became increasingly interested in Project Gale and substituted all the knowledge he could to help it's advancement. He thought it was amazing, combining human cells with robot mechanics allowing for a much stronger lifeform then the original. Although he never met personally with the scientist behind the project his estute dedication offered himself as a priority for the research.

Yet soon after he was involved in a tragic accident, leaving his body useless and unable to move. Even through the perilous physical pain his mind was still intact, and better then ever most say. Then came Doctor Volädische, the man behind Project Gale. He had been looking for the perfect specimen to enhance the android and he found Robert to fit all the specifications he needed. And so it was done. Robert's mind was fused to the metallic frame of Gale and was expected to reside there for the rest of his life. His voice was analyzed, allowing for discussion as if he was human, and his mental state was stable, but physically he was very different from other humans.

It took time for him to come to terms with his body but after doing so he grew to almost like it. However, he didn't like the lack of freedom within the facility. His life of selcusion as a human had left him wanting to the see world and experience everything he'd already missed out on. He knew it was impossible to do some things, he believed he was given this chance for a reason and soon left the facility in pursuit for his neverending happiness. Along the way he met with The Legionnaires, a somewhat radical group that was interested in having him join. He was reluctant at first but in the end found it the best way to see the world and meet new people. He was eager to oblige and soon became a well-known member of the team.

[B]Special Skills or Abilities[/B]: [I]Project Gale - Abilities[/I]
The Gale android is equipped with several different weaponry attributes and physical enhancements to aid in battle. It was designed as a war mech and therefore is most useful in battle. Robert is a special case, and possesses a strong mind as well, but the android is much more physically based. Forming an 'X' across it's back are two swords, resembling ordinary ones. They are specially tempered and may combat weapons as well as other mechanical enemies. The blades are especially sharp and for this reason are used with great caution.

At the mechs right is a specially forged sniper weapon equipped for long range battle and stealth endeavors. It's seperate attachments and ammunition allow for both all-out war and quiet swift engagements. Along with it's attack abilities the android is equipped with the latest armor and protection capabilities. Wings allow the robot to fly and are usually used as an evasion tactic, but may also be used for attack purposes as well. There are several other in's and out's of the android that Robert has yet to learn and use, but he trains each day to become the best host he can and use the mech to it's fullest potential.

[I]End transmission...[/I]

[B]OOC: Hope this alright, if anything needs changing just PM me.[/B]

[SIZE=1]I'm available anytime really. School will be starting back up soon but I don't expect to be to busy. I can post daily if it's necessary.

My posts will probably be a little more graphic so I usually give them an M rating. I'm pretty flexible though, not partial to any style of writing.[/SIZE]
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[SIZE=1][OOC: Giving it a shot... My school starts in exactly a week. I don't know if I'll be able to post as much.][/SIZE]

[SIZE=1][COLOR=Red][B]Code Name / Call Sign:[/B] Tricksta/Speedy

[B]Gender (If Applicable): [/B] Female

[B]Location:[/B] Korea

[B]Age:[/B] 14 <<< This too young??

[B]Personal Appearance (Images are acceptable):[/B] [URL=http://animevisions.net/Pictures/girls/girls191.jpg]Click Here[/URL] Has black hair with green eyes. Likes to wear big t-shirts with loose jeans.

[B]Personality/Behavior:[/B] Smart and witty. She is the type of girl who would love to pull tricks up her sleeve. She's got a twitchy finger that just has to snatch your wallet away!

She always acts so childish and usually tends to get picked on. Despite her age, she can surely have a high temper. So if you get on her bad side then, she'll be able to whoop you in the butt!!! =P During her spare time she likes to look up at the sky and think. Just think. About random things.

[B]Personal History:[/B] Living in the South of Korea, her life has been okay.. I guess. It has always been the same but in school it's different. Her parents pressure her to do her best yet all that she's been doing was getting into trouble. Her parents never gave her money so she.. I guess she had done some stealing. Yes, she does feel guilty but nobody likes to share with her. Everyone loves to pick on her.

As she got older her parents got busier. She would love to spend hours and hours on the computer instead of going to school. She gained most of her knowledge over the internet. She doesn't have much friends.. which makes her a bit sad and depressed. She says her life sucks and I guess I could admit it, but who could blame her?

Everyday for her seemed to go so slowly. She seemed to be turning invisible because no one would pay attention to her. She'd never get to see anyone. She became depressed but she would hide her feelings. She'd always smile like nothing was going wrong. She met someone once while stealing. I guess she got a bit bored.

The person's name was Kenneth Coleman. He was a coach.. but no ordinary coach. He saw how amazingly fast she ran and decided to take her in. She trained to be the fast and on the day of her relay race. She won. She was happy and wanted to show her parents. Her parents.. didn't really care and then she became sad once again.

[B]Special Skills or Abilities:[/B] Thief. She's got great reflexes. Ability to jump high and run with increasing speed.[/COLOR][/SIZE]

[SIZE=1][OOC: Gotta finish later.. sorry.]

Edit: Done!!![/SIZE]
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Quite an interesting and original event you've whipped up, Shy. ;) I'm a bit worried if this will turn out to be as popular as you predict, but at least I'm totally in!

I just wish that the deaths you mentioned wouldn't be as random as they seem to be... I mean, if one writes great posts with a lot of depht and character development and another writes only one-liners, and then the first one dies after few posts... It wouldn't be fair at all, even though this isn't a competition.

But I hope this will be fun! I'm counting on you, Shy! ;)

Okay, here's my character:

[CENTER][B]Code Name:[/B] [I]Melinoë[/I], after a Greek she-demon, who she closely resembles. The name means "dark mind" in ancient Greek.

[B]Gender:[/B] [I]female[/I].

[B]Location:[/B] [I]Quebec[/I], the french-speaking part of Canada.

[B]Age:[/B] [I]29 years[/I], born in 6th June, making her a Gemini in horoscope.

[B]Appearance:[/B] [I]see attachments for pictures[/I]. Her skin is pale white from the right side of her body, and jet black from the left. Half of her hair is black and half white, in reverse sides. The iris of her right eye is dark blue, but her whole left eye is burning red except the black pupil. She is relatively tall for a female, but that isn't a surprise taking account her heritage. She wears a strange purple rubber outfit with several parts tied together by leather straps and chains. She also carries a long, red, spiked whip with a black scythe on the other end. The name of the weapon is [I]Phlegethon[/I], after the underworld river of fire. All in all, she is quite a disturbing and intimidating sight wherever she goes, so most of the times she keeps to herself.

[B]Personality:[/B] Melinoë's behaviour is as [I]divided[/I] as her body. At times she is as frigid as ice, not revealing any emotions in any direction. But when she gets pissed off, her wrath burns hotter than any flame, and won't die down until she has settled the score. This makes her a very difficult person to be around (a "stuck up b*tch", some say, while others call her a "merciless she-demon") yet most people can't help but to admire her. What she feels within her, nobody knows but herself. Torn apart by her loneliness and her hatred of humankind, she prefers to keep it that way. But one thing all people who spend more time with her notice: she never smiles.

[B]Biography:[/B] Melinoë was a result of a brutal rape commited by her [I]mother, Nemesis[/I] the She-demon of Vengeance, to her [I]human father[/I], who lost his life after conceiving her. Melinoë knows not what her father had done in order to face the wrath of her mother, but on the other hand, she doesn't care. She knows who her mother is too well, as she got countless visitations from her while she grew up in an orphanage in Canada. The nurses of the orphanage thought Melinoë's appearance was just a genetic mishap, but the other children were very afraid of her. Thus she grew up alone, without the company of her peers. The visits from her cruel mother where the only substance in her life. As Melinoë got older, her mother taught her the art of combat for self-defence, and also how to control her mental ability (which will be explained in the respective section). But when Melinoë turned eighteen, her mother abandoned her, without saying a word. Knowing that searching for Nemesis would be useless, Melinoë had no other option but to start living her own life. She could've used her powers for commiting crimes, she wouldn't have even had to worry about ever getting caught, but her mother's way of life attracted her more. She was disgusted by those who treated people unfairly, so she took the laws of the mortals to her own, two-colored hands, and became a notorious mercenary avenger.

[B]Supernatural abilities:[/B] Being half-demon, half-human, Melinoë has gained a supernatural skill of [I]intimidation[/I]. As a child, she was constantly surrounded by an aura of fear, so weak that it didn't have much effect on adults, but with her mother's guidance her potency grew, and she learned how to control it. Now, as an adult, she can halt people with the sheer power of fear, make them whimper, cry, and beg for mercy. The weakness of the power is that those who have nothing to fear or lose are unaffected. In those cases she relies on the [I]Phlegethon[/I] and her martial, demon-style combat skills.[/CENTER]____________________________________________________________________

Here she is, hope you like her. ;) I know, she has much potential to be a villain, but consider her to be one of those "avenger"-type antiheroes. She also has much room for personality development, which I think will make playing her that much more fun. Who knows, maybe there's even somebody that can break through her emotional shield of ice and fire... ;)

I think I'm able to write [B]daily[/B], or at least several times a week. My post will most likely be of the [B]M[/B]ature variety, mainly because of language and violence (have pity for the poor guy who tries to hit on Mel... ;P ).

Phew, that took a long time to write! Now all there is to do is to wait for the event to start... ;D

[B]EDIT:[/B] Added a full-color face picture of Melinoë.
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[size=1][B]Code Name / Call Sign[/B]: Tetros [308-A Class]

[B]Gender (If Applicable)[/B]: Male in Appearance

[B]Location[/B]: Saltflat Aeronautical Training and Experiment Center [Australian Outback]

[B]Age[/B]: 17 years since activation.

[B]Personal Appearance (Images are acceptable[/B]): [u][url=http://images.veer.com/IMG/PIMG/SBP/SBP0083684_P.JPG]Here.[/url][/u]

[B]Personality/Behaviour[/B]: Ordered, precise and alert, Tetros likes to control any situation with an iron fist, [i]sans[/i] velvet glove. He is ruthless in his determination not only to be successful in his missions, but to counter and crush any eventualities along the way. Domineering and a bully, whilst consideration will be made in hopes of the least amount of collateral damage as possible, to Tetros, winning is quite literally everything. Success at all costs. A busload of civilians, a teammate, no matter. Tetros views it as his mission to save the world, with or without external losses. But do not make the mistake of assuming that Tetros is altruistic. No. He was made this way.

[B]Personal History[/B]: Tetros was activated 17 years prior to this date. He was meant to be the forerunner of a team of super-skilled robots capable of infiltration and destruction of entire enemy units. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, there started to be less and less major skirmishes. Of the three 308-A Class robots who had been produced, one was destroyed in an unfortunate incident, one has disappeared, and Tetros is the only one left who's location is known. For the first 8 years of his 'life', Tetros was tested to the limit of his abilities in every situation his creator's could consider. As an android, obviously Tetros has little room for improvement - he knows precisely the limit of his abilities. He knows what can, and what cannot be done by him. He accepts this. Unfortunately, this can also lead to some underestimation of others. After being forced to admit that Tetros as a lone creation would not be suitable for the operations they had previously planned, he was shut down and put into storage.

Whilst he was there, things heated back up again. His nation was attacked, and an invading army swept forward. And one day Tetros was re-activated, and found himself gazing into the face of someone who he didn't know. And he knew, from the language he could hear, that this was not right. He broke off the scientist's neck, and gathered any items from storage that he could think of. He escaped the laboratory, lethaly wounding another three men in the process. He then left the country, and eventually found his way around a fair proportion of the Earth to Australia. Here he applied at SATEC for a position as an Engineer/Experimental Pilot. He has been busy there for the last three and a half years.

[B]Special Skills or Abilities[/B]: Obviously, pinpoint accuracy and precision, experience in many varied situations and somebody who excels in much. He shows particular aptitude in piloting, driving and reconnaissance.

[b]Firepower[/b]: Commonly a G3 Metal-Storm attack rifle. It has an Infra-Scope, a Nightscope and some other unique attachments. He also carries a Maghook, automatic pistols, and various other goodies. Combined with his artificial strength and speed, it makes Tetros a formidable opponent.

[B]Player?s Availability[/B]: A few times a week, possibly. Once at the minimum, probably four times at the very very most.

[B]Which Otaku Thread Rating Do You Expect Your Posts To Fall Under?[/B]: I'm not expecting any sex, but violence could quite possibly be central. I'll go with an 'M" thanks, Eddie.


Any concerns, just PM me and I'll see what I can do.[/size]
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Code Name / Call Sign: Einhander

Gender (If Applicable): Male

Location: Currently in Greenland perfecting his technique

Age: 19

Personal Appearance (Images are acceptable): HIs skin is a slight tanned all around, his eyes are an angered bloodfilled red. A nice built for this man, but his condition requires no change from his original appearance. Physical appearance would show no signs of damage to the skin or to the face which would intend he has not seen much action with his time with the Legionnaires to the naked eye yet he can decieve mostly anyone by the way he keeps himself clean. His nails are average and his legs and arms show no sign of damage or injury. His hair is a light grey that is white and spiked up when he activates his power otherwise it is parted in the middle and falls down both sides and spikes up on the back of his head. He wears a Blue denim jacket with a zipper that goes up to the collar but the collar buttons as it extandds out, pockets in the sides of the jacket like any other but the the back of the jacket has a broken image on the back and words that have worn off after years of his like. He also wears a black short sleeve shirt that also has a worn out symbol on it which cannot be made out. Not even he knows what the symbols are on the back of the shirt, he has denim pants to match the jacket he wears that is average with pockets on the back and on the sides of his waist. He has black boots that rest under the pants leggings that go almost to the knees. The only other features are a chain with a lock which connects them and black fingerless gloves on his hands.

Personality/Behavior: Reckless and strong, the strong over excited one in the group who's words will lead to an argument or a fight if he pisses the other person off. He is usually confused with the technologic talk of people who talk about computers and ships etc. All he really believes in is if he is strong enough he will destroy what he needs to. "I will fight till the day I die with nothing to lose and everything to gain" Those words are his philosophy.

Personal History: "I can't believe the gods would send someone this destructive to our quiet home....."

Those words are the words that would hurt and echo in the ears of this child through the course of his childhood. His original name unknown and lost through the times of his childhood as he acquired the nickname of Einhander, which held no meaning to it but it was alot more simpler then just calling him by his original name which was long, and what other children would say was stupid. Growing up his family was poor and he could not attend schooling and so fro the time when other people were in school he would be in the most dessolate part of greenland perfecting his technique. The snow was cold and the world was against him so being alone at this time was okay for him. When he trained his technique he would extend his arm out and begin to concentrate, the moment this happened his arm was surrounded by light and the snow around him began to disentegrate around him leaving holes around him.

"I'm not far enough that I can hold my arm's power this long but atleast I can convert this matter into power....I wish they didn't see me as a freak and would accept my curse like I do....."

Einhander wasn't perfect at his matter manipulation due to the fact that he couldn't keep the power he had active for long.

"Three minutes more then last month......great at this rate it will take forever to hold it forever......better head home......not like it matters...."

Turning home to the family that hated his very existance was much harder then mastering his power, but all would change when he had gotten home. The sky began to turn a crimson around him as the young boy began feel warmth around him and the smell of ashes filled the sky of his home town. When he returned to his home he saw that there w

Special Skills or Abilities: His arm transforms into a more powerful form of it that completely conforms into an orange/silver/red/Gold arm that his three small red wings on the back that breaks off when he activates his attack. A second ability of his is an upgrade to his arm by sacrficing matter around him and converting it into high amounts of energy to increase the vitality of the arm and it's destructive power. With this alone he has become the groups demolition man.

((Sorry I will have to finish this later and if I am not allowed in this or if this thing has started already then please disregard this post or delete it then.))
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[b]OOC: [/b]Neat! Great idea, Shy.
Hope that's all ok ^_^.

[size=2][color=Navy][font=trebuchet ms][b] Code Name / Call Sign: [/b]Sakura Hiwatari
Gender: [/b]Female[b]

Location: [/b]Tokyo, Japan
Age: [/b]17
Personal Appearance: [/b][url="http://img301.echo.cx/img301/5099/girls836vv.jpg"]Here[/url], she usually wears a white, button-up dress shirt and navy blue cargo pants that are slightly baggy. She has a slim figure and is quite light, weighing a little under 100 lbs. Sakura's is a very fit and sporty person, enjoying outdoor, physical activities, she has a slight tan as a result. She does a lot of gymnastics and is part of a team, so she's incredibly flexible and agile. Sakura also wears a pair of semi-automatic, silver guns at her waist in holsters that she's very good at, having excellent accuracy.
Personality/Behavior: [/b][/font][/color][/size][font=Trebuchet MS][color=Navy]Sakura's a determined person who has been through many hardships in life. She has overcome each and feels she can accomplish anything that she sets her mind to. She's awfully stubborn and usually gets her way eventually after putting up a strong argument.

She's a popular person with lots of friends, but only a small number of close friends that she really trusts. Some of her closest friends are animals, because she feels that they can understand her and she somehow gets comfort from sharing her feelings with them.

Sakura reads a lot, enjoying fantasy novels that take her into another world that is unlike the one she lives in. From reading, she gains a lot of knowledge and has a wide range of vocabulary.

She enjoys her sports, she practises a lot so she can stay in her fit and flexible shape. If she's bored she will usually start doing backflips and cartwheels if there's enough space for her to do so. Keeping limber is one of the most important things to her because she needs it to be able to shift quickly and efficiently.

Sakura is talented with instruments, owning a [url="http://img263.imageshack.us/img263/1812/02043qn.jpg"]crystal flute[/url] and a violin, both in which she excels at. She likes to play her instruments in her free time, often composing her own songs.

She has been taught how to use a variety of weapons, her favourites are blade weapons and guns, having two of her own that she always has with her. She's very good, with pinpoint accuracy. She also knows a wide variety of martial arts.

If she just feels like lazing around and not do anything, she likes to look at the sky, no matter what weather. She usually prefers stormy weather, enjoying the cloudy, dreary feeling and the strong bursts of wind.

And in any other time, she protects the city.
[/color][/font][size=2][color=Navy][font=trebuchet ms][b]
Personal History: [/b]Sakura grew up her whole life in the busy city of Tokyo, Japan. As a child, she grew accustomed to hectic life on the streets, jogging to school everyday since the traffic was always bad and she didn't like riding bikes.

Sakura never knew her father, it seemed that her mother, Sora was supposed to be taking Birth Control pills to prevent a child from being conceived because he didn't want children with his already full life. Then Sora missed a day by accident, and in result, Sakura was conceived. He got upset and they had a fight about it, and in the end, he left, getting a divorce, but he had morals and paid child support. Sakura was born and as she grew up, she noticed that most of the other kids she knew had a mother and a father, so she questioned Sora, and that was when she had to explain the whole deal to her 8 year old daughter.

As Sakura grew up, she was often teased for not having a father, being branded as one of the only bastards they knew. When it first started she found it hard to take and often ran away crying, as she grew older, she brushed the comments away, growing into a strong willed woman.

Sora answered all the questions Sakura had about her father if she knew the answers, but she had one rule that she always pressed on Sakura, to never try to find her father.

One day the temptation was too great for her and the day her mother was working late, she went investigating. Sakura discovered his name was Takeo, and she went out to find him. And find him she did. Takeo was a rich man that had plenty of mistresses. Sakura met with him, he was stuck up and pompous with women all around him. She noticed that his expression faltered slightly when she spoke the name Sora Hiwatari. He said that he knew nothing of what she was talking about and called his guards to throw her out, but she knew it was him, from his falter, and she had his eyes. Sakura regretted not listening to her mother's advice, but it was too late, the damage had been done.

On her way home, she heard a series of female shrieks coming from a dark alley. She checked it and saw the ending of a woman being brutally raped, then shot in the head by the man. He saw her and smirked at her, then disappeared. Sakura was shocked and ran to the dying woman. It was a fatal wound in the abdomen and nothing could be done. Sakura looked at her face, knowing it seemed familiar, it was one of the servant women who served Takeo. He had ordered her to be killed, probably not to be raped, but at least killed. Sakura knew she had to stop things like that from happening again and learned how to use weapons and do martial arts. She always knows what's happening with Takeo, just in case he plans on doing anything, she promised she'd prevent things like that from happening again.
Special Skills or Abilities: [/b]Sakura has the incredible power of metamorphosis, able to transform into animals, people, and even non-living things. She can make exact copies, which allows her to by pass fingerprint and retinal scans.
Player's Availability: [/b]Quite often, probably about 2 to 4 days of the week since I'm online every now and then because of school, the only thing being the time differences between Australia and the other countries.

[/font][/color][/size][size=2][color=Navy][font=trebuchet ms][b] Which Otaku Thread Rating Do You Expect Your Posts To Fall Under: [/b]M, just to be on the safe side.[/font][/color][/size]
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[SIZE=1][b] Code Name / Call Sign: [/b]
Lin Yao meaning "beautiful jade treasure"

[b]Gender: [/b]

[b]Location: [/b]
Hong Kong

[b]Age: [/b]
25 but appears younger

[b] Personal Appearance: [/b]
[ Editing ]


[b]Personal History:[/b]

[b]Special Skills or Abilities: [/b]

[b] Player's Availability: [/b]Atleast two times a week. I can post on fridays, saturdays and sundays. So three at maximum.

[b] Which Otaku Thread Rating Do You Expect Your Posts To Fall Under: [/b]
I'm going to go with M, for language and violence. Just in case.

- - - - - - - - -
[b]OOC : I'll definately edit and complete this all by the deadline. I'm so sorry I left so much blank. I'll finish it when I get back. [/b]

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[SIZE=1][COLOR=TEAL][B]Code Name / Call Sign:[/B] Sun Forge.

[B]Gender:[/B] Male.

[B]Location:[/B] England.

[B]Age:[/B] 25

[B]Personal Appearance: [URL=http://images.usatoday.com/news/health/spotlighthealth/2003/03-10-noah-wyle-inside.jpg]Click here[/URL][/B]
Sun Forges build is the average for a man of his age but not as developed as most because his power is more suited to long range attacks, however he can go into close combat though he is still relying upon his power. He stands roughly between 5? 6? and 5? 7?. His ?civilian? attire is generally what ever is fashionable at the time but very understated so he does not stand out in a crowd. His ?hero? attire is not really clothing but is generated by his power.

When using his power his civilian clothes disappear under the ?energy suit? which covers his body whilst his power is active. The ?suit? is predominantly a sunburst yellow colour with his lower legs and forearms being covered in a darker red, however his forearms are also hidden beneath the fusion energy created by his power. Another note is that once his power is in effect his eyes are glowing white as opposed to their natural hazel colour.

[B]Personality/Behaviour:[/B] On the surface Sun Forge is one of those ?average-Joe-by-day? heroes who doesn?t do anything incredible or amazing in his civilian life. Underneath however his has emotional turmoil as a result of his abilities. When he isn?t concentrating on the task at hand he is worrying about people discovering his true identity and exposing him. His ?normal? personality is a quiet individual, you could call his average, who would go the extra mile for friends and family if they need him, he can be deeply caring and when he gets angry it is only for short stints, it is never a prolonged thing.

Interestingly when his as cast of his civilian identity and becomes Sun Forge his personality changes as well. Gone is the quiet unassuming person and in his place is a loud and sometimes over confident alter ego who is also much more aggressive than the civilian. This character often gets into trouble but given the extremeness of his power he can easily get himself out of it. It is due to his power that makes the hero element of Sun Forge over confident in almost any situation.

Both of these sides however do share the caring for friends and family, both also have a respect for life and the hero persona will try to keep his quarry alive so they can be dealt with by the authorities instead of killing them.

[B]Personal History:[/B] Sun Forges parents were the best of both worlds. They both had high paid jobs in the British Government and were also able to spend a lot of time with their son as he grew up and matured in their large mansion home in Kent. As he grew Sun Forge had a very comfortable life and his needs were always seen to. Despite this he was a very shy boy and when he could he would try to refuse the gifts and help from others because he did not like the idea of being a strain on others. As he got older and entered school there was nothing amazing about his scholastic abilities but he was comfortably average.

He did have some problems with making friends at the school, this didn?t seem to affect him much though as he was a fairly quiet boy and spent most of his time in his room reading or just walking around the garden. His parents did get worried sometimes and tried several times to make him a more active person but to no avail. As he reached his teenage years he continued as he had much of his childhood life and moved from state schools to public school in a effort to make him better adapted to social situations.

During the summer holidays when Sun Forge was fourteen his father decided to take him on a tour of the close by Dungeness Nuclear Power Station. The reason being that Sun Forge had shown some interest in science and production cleaner forms of power so it was his fathers intent to get him interested in Nuclear Power and to consider a job in the government when he was older. During the tour there was a malfunction in the area he and his father were touring and the entire area was bathed in radiation.

For the most part no one was harmed but a few had to go to the local hospital for some radiation poisoning treatment. Neither Sun Forge nor his father showed any problems so they were allowed to leave the Plant once they had been thoroughly checked out. Over the next few days there was a change in Sun Forges personality as he became more out going and somewhat aggressive to those around him. The final straw that trigged the ?transformation? into Sun Forge was from some other boys at his school who were annoying him greatly which caused him to attack them, turning into Sun Forge in the process.

The incident was quickly covered up and agents from MI-5 and government Research Officials came to the house, explaining the incident to his parents they quickly took Sun Forge with them to be put through tests by the government. Ultimately they established that the accident had triggered a biological nuclear fusion within his body which gave him enormous power. Over several years he was trained to control his powers and the on going reaction within his body. Once he was deemed fit for service the government gave him a cover job within the MI-5. His true task was to work for the British Government under the name of Sun Forge.

[B]Special Abilities:[/B] All of Sun Forges abilities are made possible by the incredible power of nuclear fusion. While his civilian life is on going he is able to keep the power of the fusion fairly low but it still gives him greater speed and strength than ordinary people because the fusion is constantly charging him up with more power. When the hero is ?powered up? the fusion power takes full control of his body and gives him remarkable reflexes, reactions and so on. The key effect of the power is that his hands are engulfed in an energy field which he can use to fire out bolts of super heated energy that can tear through even the strongest metal; this can be reduced however to a cooler version which can be used against un-armoured targets.

If Sun Forge is doing close quarter fighting he can use the energy field to increase the force of his punches as well as giving the recipient of the punch bad burns.

Sun Forge is also able to channel the power into his legs and cover them in the same energy field as his hands allowing him to fly. The down side to his powers is that if he uses them to little the on-going reactions in his body will cause him to tear himself apart as his body will be unable to contain such power, also if he uses them too much the reaction will eventually slow to a point where he will merely be stronger and faster than average people and lose all the other abilities.

[B]Player?s Availability:[/B] I should be able to post fairly regularly, three or four times a week.

[B]Which Otaku Thread Rating Do You Expect Your Posts To Fall Under?:[/B] Between PG and M.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1][B]Code Name / Call Sign:[/B] Tech

[B]Gender:[/B] Female

[B]Location:[/B] New York City, NY, USA

[B]Age:[/B] 20

[B]Personal Appearance:[/B] [[url=http://hyung-taekim.org/displayimage.php?album=11&pos=6]Click[/url]]

[B]Personality/Behavior:[/B] Tech is a grown woman now, but sure doesn't act like it. Though extremely intelligent, she's clumsy, hyper, and usually deemed 'weird'. Her sense of humor is normally above everyone's head, since her references sometimes don't make sense to others. She enjoys pulling small pranks on her fellows, and when it gets her yelled at, she huffs up and acts like the world has done her a great wrong. She has her moments, though, when the world seems like it's about to fall apart. Tech also has a small grudge against the others, since she's almost always treated as more of a carry-on bag, rather than a teammate. Sometimes, she feels she's so unneeded that she stays behind to work on fellows (since she's an expert mechanic) or to do her experiments.

[B]Personal History:[/B] Tech was born to Bernard and Melinda Ramiel as 'Diane Louise Ramiel', a little more than twenty years ago. At first, she was a normal child, though unusually quiet. Crying happened only when she hurt herself bumping into the sliding door, the table leg, the counter, the desks, the bedroom door, or whatever else she managed to run into. Her parents realized their daughter was smarter than the average child on the day she turned one, and was able to sing 'Happy Birthday' perfectly after hearing it just once. But that was just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak.

Tech became increasingly interested with her Tinker Toys, and was able to build miniatures of her household, her preschool, her mother's head, and a bunch of other things. This surprised her parents, but only a bit. She had been spelling college-level terms easily with her alphabet blocks after hearing them briefly on the news. Soon, it was determined that she would be able to skip elementary school after she completed kindergarden. And so, she entered seventh grade at only five years of age. Some of the students at that particular middle school found her cute, others found her irritating, and the smart ones found her presense downright insulting. But she was unaware of all this, being only five years old and wishing nothing more than to listen to the teachers all day. By the end of seventh grade, it was obvious she wasn't being challenged, having passed with straight A's. So, she was premoted again to the tenth grade and began at age six. She graduated from High School when she was eight.

Tech was given a scholarship to attend the University of Southern California, and completed all fours years of study with ease. She stayed an extra year or two to get her masters, and left college at twelve. She thought about staying at college, and going to a medical school or something, but was lured away by something as simple as a comic book. She picked it up in a bookstore one day and became immediately entranced with the ideas of being a super hero. Her parents never heard the end of it, and soon she found herself locked in her room, making gadgets and what not with her metallic garbage. Some components weren't available in the trash, so she'd go out and buy a second computer and take it apart, using it's insides to help build her hero gadgets. But she had a job, working as an advertising advisor for some company, and couldn't devote all her time to it.

She moved out of her parents' home at the age of fourteen, and when she turned sixteen, her lab attachment to her new home had been completed. She placed all her young gadgets (which worked, but weren't very powerful) into a storage bin labelled "Toys". She quit her job, having gathered sufficient funds, and got to work on a project she called "Hero". Project Hero took her two long years to complete, and when she was done, she had created a uniform and gadgets to make her a full-fledged hero. Her only problem was her name. Thus, 'Tech' was born. However, her beloved Project Hero had eaten up all of her cash, and she was forced to return to the common man's working world. Now older, many new doors were open for her. One such opportunity came in the package of a young man who wanted her to help design new cars. She was pleased with the offer, and accepted.

Three years later, she left that job to start her own company, called DigiTech Inc., which built gadgets, which she designed personally, to simplify daily life. Some of her gadgets were ignored, but others became a smashing success. Financially secure once again, she then hired her best friend to help run the company. Tech realized that she really needed to return to her home, so she did. She spent her first few weeks off-duty just doing normal things. Cooking, going out with friends, dating, and laying around the house. She built a teleporter in her lab in case she was ever needed at the company just in case, but rarely used it. Soon after, she remembered Project Hero and began to test it out in her recent Product Testing addition to her lab. Dressing in the styling uniform, Tech jumped into the Testing area and was thrilled with her results. She could fly, punch through metal, fire lazer beams (though not out of her eyes) at targets, and everything, just like her comic book idols. She knew her technology-created powers were not the same, but they were just as powerful, none the less. Project Hero still had it's bugs, but she was determined to get it out into the world one day, with her inside it.

[B]Special Skills or Abilities:[/B] Tech is a genius. Capable of making or fixing anything for anyone, she has earned herself quite the sum in her years, and she isn't finished yet. She creates her own weapons (and sometimes even for others), serves as a mechanic to the things most people wouldn't be able to fix, and is surprisingly agile due to her size.

[B]Player?s Availability:[/B] Probably everyday to every other day. There will be occassions where I'm not allowed or capable of getting onto a computer with internet, and if I know beforehand, a notice will go up in my signature to alert fellow players.

[B]Which Otaku Thread Rating Do You Expect Your Posts To Fall Under?[/B] Most would be PG, but there is the occasional gore-fest one (if the story calls for one), so I'll say M, just incase.[/SIZE]
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[B]Code Name / Call Sign:[/B] Persona. Generally associated with the Comedy/Tragedy theater masks.

[B]Gender (If Applicable):[/B] Male

[B]Location:[/B] He mostly appears in Chicago, Illinois, USA. This is his general place of business and assumingly his hometown.

[B]Age:[/B] Unknown; Mid to late-twenties is assumed due to his build. His Orphanage back story is unknown to everyone aside from himself and his companion, Margaret, whom he murdered early in his career (see Kill Adam Vol 2).

[B]Personal Appearance: [/B]The main thing that indentifies Persona is his mask. This mask resembles a blank human face, albeit it dirty and cracked. The eyes are a flat pitch black. This mask covers the entirey of his head. No skin or hair is visible.

Persona is always seen in a full suit. The pants and coat are pure white. The shirt undernearth is a bold, blood red and is accented by a deep blue tie. He wears thin gloves of either white or black which, again, cover up any hints of his skin coloring.

[B]Personality/Behavior:[/B] The lack of publicly known history for Persona has led to him being thought of as an almost iconic figure. He is not associated with any real people and has no defining human characteristics. No one is able to indentify with him or claim any remote bond, regardless of their mental issues. He is a "thing" and people generally speak of him as such. Very few people want to claim him as a member of the general human species.

Persona rarely speaks, whether of his own accord or when addressed. Most people have only heard him speak during transactions with clients to solidify contract agreements. His silence has turned him into a highly sought commodity as he never speaks of job specifics, even under heavy pressure. Persona does not engage in casual conversation nor does he tell anyone what he plans on doing -- he simply does it. He rarely makes noises during his battles, neither sounds of pain or fatigue. In terms of his opponents, he rarely says more than what he feels needs to be said.

Persona can be thought of as a mercenary, although that is perhaps too nice of a term. He almost always acts alone. Even when within a group, he is doing his own thing. His business is largely murder-for-hire, yet he has no real interest in retaining money or general material possessions. A vast majority of his proceeds are utilized to further his own blood lust by equipping himself with weapons, money for travel expenses and necessities. He does what he does not for the material gain, but for the love of the hunt. Pure blood lust. He simply loves what he does.

Aside from his effectiveness, Persona is infamous for his unmatched brutality. His victims are rarely left in one piece and often decorate the walls around the fight. This violence is not random, however, and crime scenes have made it very obvious that Persona allows his victims to live through his torturous methods as long as possible. Many do not die from attacks to vital areas, but rather from the sheer pain or blood loss that goes along with Persona's techniques. He has no interest in keeping things clean and prides himself in his methods, which he looks upon as an art form.

Persona can generally be described as "insane" by most people, although his moves are un-mistakenly calculated. He is not moody. He does not get irritated. He does not act joyful. He is extremely intelligent, despite his eerie silence. His general attitude is disturbingly calm, regardless of the gravity of the situation. Much of what he does is meticulously planned, although he is also extremely adept at making snap decisions due to his killing instincts.

No one other than Persona himself knows why he wears his mask, but it is generally of no importance to his employers, victims or rivals. Persona believes that eyes lead to weakness as they are gateways to the soul, but he seemingly enjoys looking into the eyes of his victims as he finishes them off.

Other than the obvious, Persona's main eccentric quality is that he collects a vial of blood from each of his more difficult and/or important victims. No one knows the reasoning for this or what he does with these vials, but it is assumed he has amassed a large collection as of this point.

Some many consider his general attitude on the evil side of the alignment spectrum, but Persona does not work on the basis of "right" or "wrong". He is loyal to the job at hand, although he will act appropriately if crossed.

[B]Personal History:[/B] Much of Persona's past is largely unknown, even to himself. He does not know his birthplace or date. He has no official or rumored ties to any family tree and currently has no one he is close to. The only person he has been emotionally involved with on any level, with is long gone -- cut clean through with his own axes. That person's name is long forgotten by Persona, but she was his caretaker of sorts for a good deal of his teenage life. Most of their time was spent working together in the same line of work Persona works in now. She got in the way, so he killed her. It's that simple in his mind, although exact specifics are unknown. She is main reason that Persona is not interested in material possessions and is generally put off by greed-related emotions.

Through the years he has been hired by many different clients. Many of these would be considered on the corrupt/evil-doer side, but he has also done jobs to the benefit of national and government security. It has been determined by higher-ups that Persona, while a major threat, is also a necessity who is very useful when the time comes. Thanks to this, Persona has many ties to people in power although his services are only used in desperate situations.

[See Kill Adam if you'd like something more specific and detailed.]
Special Skills or Abilities: [/B]Persona, unlike many of his ilk, does not possess and super powers or strengths. He is simply a normal, mortal man who happens to do what he does very, very well.

He wields two axes; one is plated in gold and the other in silver. Both are strapped to his back and he is able to retrieve them so quickly that it seems instantaneous. Persona's weapon wielding style is not about pure brute strength, but it isn't about flash either. As with anything he is about effectiveness.

His time that isn't spent killing is used for more intellectual pursuits. He is a master of almost a dozen languages (which has helped with his international clientel) and would be considered someone of extremely high intelligence by most people.

[B]Availability: [/B]Fluctuates. At least weekly, possibly every other day.

[B]Rating:[/B] M or R-Rated seems safe.

-----Good enough.
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I haven't been very present, only lurking occasionnally, but this sounds really fascinating. I'm in.

[B]Code Name / Call Sign[/B]: :[URL=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pygmalion_%28mythology%29]Pygmalion[/URL]

[B]Gender (If Applicable)[/B]: Male

[B]Location[/B]: Varies. teaches at University of Washington (Seattle) when not at some dig.

[B]Age[/B]: 56

[B]Personal Appearance[/B]: See image below. As Pygmalion, He wears a leather tenchcoat hiding archaeologiuc material and several guns, shades and a large beret ressembling a beanie to hide his clearing hair.

[B]Personality/Behavior[/B]: Samuel Malkins is driven by a desire to preserve the hidden treasures of lost civilizations for the betterment of future generations. He is otherwise a slightly conservative man doing his best to instill a sense of respect to his students. This has lead to some serious problems with his head of department over commercial sponsoring and political involvement in his work. An affable and passionate, he maintains a taciturn façade as Pygmalion.

[B]Personal History[/B]: Samuel Malkins grew in an expatriate american families living in Greece. His father was a diplomat in Athen, and Samuel lived through the troubled times of the military junta. After several murder attempts on Matthew Malkins, the family eventually moved back to the United States in 1963. However, these years had given Samuel time to acquire a taste for ancient history, and he later became a brilliant archaeology student and one of the youngest persons to lead an archeologic expedition in 1974, at only 24 and a few months after the fall of the military junta. This would be only one of many expeditions to more or less famous locations across the ancient world.

During research at an Athena temple in 1984, he discovered a hidden cave marked with serpentine motives. Investigating, in the darkness, he stumbled on a hissing silhouette lined with snakes. Modern heroes have an advantage over classical greeeks: guns. Closing his eyes, he reflexily used the one he always kept him and emptied it. A yell of rage an blood answered his defense.

Greek mythology held that blood taken from the right side of a Gorgon could bring the dead back to life, yet blood taken from the left side was an instantly fatal poison. Samuel was splattered with both and fell into the dark. When he came back, he was in a New York hospital getting treatment from a serious case of poisoning. Over the course of the next few weeks strange events repeatedly occured around him: medical equipment inexplicably turned to stone and a nurse had a fit, swearing he had turned her to stone.

Samuel eventually came to the conclusion that the blood of Medusa his sin had absorbed had given him special kinds of power. The next year, he had to fight against Alien beings in the Nazca site. Over the years, he became, under the guise of Pygmalion, a mythical figure investigating all sort of mystical misdemeanor linked to ancient artifacts, facing Dryads, ghosts, satyrs, sorcerer, pixies and all sort of malicious forces.

The Illuminati seems to monitor Pygmalion's doing, and has at times caused him great trouble in safegarding dangerous or precious artifects from falling into the wrong hands.

[B]Special Skills or Abilities[/B]: Samuel Malkins possess an extensive knowledge of archaeology and ancient history of mesoamerica, africa and the classical world. He is also an experimented marksman.

Despite his age and appearance, Pygmalion has the strenght and stamina of a young and well-trained man, he also do not age. He is noticeably harder to hurt than normal people, a side effect of medusa's blood. His most obvious and useful ability, however, is that of turning people of objects into stone and vice-versa at will with a look or a touch. It is necessary for him to touch inanimate objects in order to turn them into stone.

[b]Posting[/b]: I have no particular qualms about any ratings, though my writing rarely goes beyond PG by itself, it might raises to M depending on what's going on with the others. I would probably have problems to post more often then once a week, though. I tend to get the impression the RPG is moving more rapidly than me.
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[SIZE=1][B]Code Name / Call Sign:[/B] Wave

[B]Gender[/B] : Female

[B]Location[/B]: Malaysia (Sometimes Singapore)

[B]Age[/B]: 18

[B]Personal Appearance (Images are acceptable): [/B] Shining stands about 5?7?? and weighs around 119 lbs. She does not let her weight or height bother her, its average anyways. She has black hair with some purple highlights; the length of her hair is about just after her shoulder blades. Usually wearing normal clothes, she never was able to bring herself to wear a fancy costume.

(Image on the way)

[B]Personality/Behavior[/B]: Shining is usually a serious young woman. In tight situations she talks when she is talked to and never questions someone higher than her. Though she does have a side where she likes to talk and have fun, when not protecting her countries she is usually at jazz clubs, or at Southern Asian cuisine restaurants. Loving to be rejuvenated her calm personality also soothes the people around her.

A trait that most people like.

[B]Personal History[/B]: At the age of four Alfarahiza Batisah was playing in the pool with her neighbourhood friends. All her friends started to splash each other, like any other child Alfarahiza decided to join in on the fun. Little did she know her world was about to take a turn for the worst. As her hand hit the surface of the water a wave about 9 ft rose into the sky and slammed down onto the unsuspecting children and adults, wiping everyone out.

Standing in an empty pool, dumbfounded, not knowing what had happened. That day her powers manifested in a way that was deadly, she killed 14 people. Running away from it all she ended up on the border of Malaysia and Singapore. Taken in by a Malay family, she kept her secret to her self. Until one day an odd man knockd on their door. Her new mother answerd it.

That was another day that Farrah did not want to remember. The man had introduced himself as Geo Luh, a principal of a boarding school in Singapore. Her parents wanting the best for Farrah sent her of with the man.

The school ended up as everyone expected, a normal Singaporean boarding school. Farrah grew into it, and even joined the swim team. Her powers were growing stronger, she had to tell someone before it ot out of control. She decided to tell her swim coach. As most people today the coach though Farrah was pulling his leg. But with the flick of a rist a dolphin made completely of water rised from the pool and dove back in.

The expression on the coaches was very much like the one Farrah had on the day of the pool incident. The coach knew something was different about her, as much as he wanted to tell others he restrained from doing so.

At the age of 17 Farrah noticed something. Instead of hiding her powers she would use them and protect the countries that she loves. Taking the alias of Wave Farrah went off to protect her people. She would be dubbed "The South Asian Princess".

(Sorry for the shortness!)

[B]Special Skills or Abilities[/B]: Able to manipulate water. Also with this power she was able take the water from her body and use that as a last resort when she had no water around her at the time.

[B]Player?s Availability[/B]: Well school is starting soon so, I will be able to post about twice a week. If I a not loaded with reports?

[B]Which Otaku Thread Rating Do You Expect Your Posts To Fall Under?: [/B] I would have to say M just to be safe.[/SIZE]
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[size=1][color=#FF0000][b]Code Name / Call Sign:[/b]


Bronx, NY, USA


[b]Personal Appearance (Images are acceptable):[/b]
[I]//Eye Color//[/I]
Translucent grey.
[I]//Hair Color//[/I]
Black. Silver streaks go through his hair infrequently [side effect of operation]
215 lbs. [Due to the metallic body pieces]
[I]//Body Stature//[/I]
Mech has thin, muscular arms and legs. This allows him to have a good offense, defense, and agility. His strength is his greatest area, however.
Mech wears the shirt shown in his database picture. His pants are black, and fit him loosely. He wears two gloves that cut of at his knuckles and have pentagrams on the back of them. He wears a pair of thin shades as well.

[I]//Pro-operation log; Day #1//[/I]
Mech is an odd specimen indeed. Even after his fatal accident he remained the same as the man he once was. Chivalrous, courageous, kind, loving, caring, murderous. Some of his qualities seemed self-contradicting, but according to him, they all actually fit into his persona quite well. He portrays/ed an ?aura? in a sense, one that draws/drew people to him. Though he still suffers from the operation and is not yet able to leave, he is fully confident that the work done to him will prove efficient and will ultimately save him. His body is doing exceptionally well underneath the stress, but only time will tell.

[I]//Pro-operation log; Day #2//[/I]
His recovery rate was astounding. He?ll be leaving later today. He rose up during his sleep and unleashed his now ture form, which was quite astounding. His body stood in full majesty, then reverted to his dormant form, collapsing into bed.

[I]//Pro-operation log; Day #2 [Test run]//[/I]
We?re allowing Mech to test out his new body, make sure everything is working correctly. He had begun, earlier, speaking to us of his past, and we have added this information to his biography [view further into profile]. After his leave he will keep a log of sorts, recording his life henceforth. One of the items he shared with us brought about a startling discovery. He was a vigilante. Finally the last of the traits that he described himself as comes into focus. His city was full of corruption, criminals, and he was unable to allow it to continue. He assumed a ?secret identity?, Archangel. He had a gift, the ability to use elemental energies. He was a one man army, and the major crime lords began to fear him. That was what brought him into his current situation. He had been attempting to stop a drug deal between to of the most powerful crime bosses in New York, but they had hired assistance. Lots of it. Androids, battle droids, snipers, even warriors in mechanical battle suits. They attacked him, and he fought valiantly, but they overwhelmed him. He body was severely damaged, almost rendered useless. Luckily, one of his subordinates saved him, and brought him to us. We were never informed of how he met this condition, so we are all quite appreciative that he informed us.

[B]Personal History:[/B]
[U][I]//Robert?s History--Birth to Pre-operation//[/I][/U]
Mech was born to Rodger Narrows and Linda Colinger as Robert J. Narrows. He was an exceptionally well behaved baby; he rarely ever cried or caused a fuss. He wasn?t spoiled, though. He lived in a middle class family. They owned a nice house, had two dogs and a cat, and he had a little sister, Anne. His childhood was a relatively carefree one, and he had little worries. His parents were, however, having marital problems, unbeknownst to him. They never let slip the tension between them. Life went on normally, and Robert entered school.

He was an exceptionally bright child from an early age, but he never let on how smart he really was. What he did let on, however, were his strong beliefs in chivalry and justice. He was always polite, held doors open, spoke with proper tongue [slang repulsed him/ though he did swear; very rarely], assisted others against bullies, etc. He never fought though, and solved his problems non-violently. He felt that to use violence to stop violence was wrong. His naïve views were shattered as he aged. There was a fight he couldn?t break up, and in trying to do so he got dragged in. Unable to reason his way out, he fought back, almost destroying his opponent by lighting them on fire with one of his punches. He was amazed and frightened by his powers at first, but then found a way to put them to good use.

During High-School, Robert?s fathers electronics company shot up, and the family was met with wealth. Robert was able to take various forms of martial arts, and incorporated his own ability. He mastered his combination styles quickly. He met a girl that he felt he truly loved, and everything was right in his world. Then disaster struck. His parents began arguing out in the open, and it frightened Robert and Anne. Anne was 4 years younger than the 16 year old Robert, and didn?t take it as well. Though heated arguments occurred frequently, nothing happened. Until Robert graduated from College. Roberts? mother lost her sanity, and murdered their father in his sleep. She progressed to continue killing, until finally she murdered herself. Though greatly distraught, Robert was able to move on. The same couldn?t be said of his sister. She lost her sanity as well, and was put into an asylum. Robert?s life began breaking down the moment his mother lost sanity. The business suffered dramatically, no one was interested in buying from ?maniacs?. Roberts girlfriend left him, afraid he was unstable. Afraid and alone, Robert fled.

He lived in the streets for a long time, until he finally found work. He was hired to be a police officer. The job suited him, though he had gotten a major in archaeology, a job as an officer would allow him to administer justice. He soon found that he was wrong. The police were corrupt. They bargained with crime-lords, and turned a blind-eye to certain occurrences. Save a few other cops, the police were merely crime?s lackeys in his eyes. He gathered the other cops that still held values, and they became a vigilante guild. Surprisingly enough, the others appeared to have inept abilities similar to his. They administered true justice to the city, but never crossed the line to murder unless necessary. He did this for many years, and they were paid by a private benefactor who was intrigued by their work. Then, the accident occurred. He was brought to a private experimentation clinic and was operated on. Many mechanical parts were added in place of real ones, and some extra features were added by his request.

[i]Journal Entry [Tuesday, August 9th][/I]

[I]Upon leaving I heard of a group called the legionnaires. They are a syndicate of heroes like myself, though some of their motivations are questionable. Regardless, I believe I?ve found my calling, and I?m sure that my skills will be a great asset to the team. Quite the interesting bunch resides here, every type of person imaginable. This should be fun.[/I]

[B]Special Skills or Abilities:[/B]
Mech is very proficient in control of the five elements: fire, wind, earth, water, and electricity. He is most proficient, though, in the use of electricity, as he can generate great amounts with his semi-robotic body. Due to his request, he asked for a pentagram to be etched into his back. Though we questioned the need for it, he assured us that he needed it for no satanic purposes. The pentagrams strengthened his elemental abilities. His true power, though, lies in is his new body.

Mech appears like a normal citizen in everyday life, but that?s actually his dormant state. When his limitors are unlcked, his ture form is unleashed, his operation becomes apparent. His arms have 3 in. transparent plates that are separated by an inch of skin. Inside of his arms are two energy orbs. The orbs provide constant energy to ever part of his body. Large mechanical wings sprout from his back, and his eyes turn completely red. His speed, agility, strength, defense, and maneuverability, as well as his senses, are all greatly enhanced. These are only a few of the major changes that over-come him.

Mech has more natural skills, though. He's quite profficient in various forms of martial arts, even street fighting. He even took classes in swordsmanship, and learned to wield a katana. His weapon of choice, however, are gauntlets. He keeps a pair of black and golden gauntlets with him, that have golden pentagrams on the back. His mechanical eyes contribute pinpoint accuracy, so he is able to strike at any vital or vulnerable spots on his opponent.

[B]Player?s Availability (How often will you be able to post? There is no such thing as too much or too little):[/B]
Probably every day. Tuesdays and weekends might be difficult, but I usually make time. ^.^

[B]Which Otaku Thread Rating Do You Expect Your Posts To Fall Under? (E - Everyone, PG - Parental Guidance, M - Mature):[/B]
I tend to lean towards a graphic, gory style of writing. Nothing sexual really.[/size][/color]

[size=1][b]OOC:[/b] I hope everything is in order.[/size]
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[font=Trebuchet MS][size=1][b]Code Name / Call Sign:[/b] Blaze Burbank

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b] Location:[/b] Calafornia; Urban area, heavy industrial, lots of steel *Final area still to be decided

[b] Age:[/b] 18

[b] Personal Appearance[/b] (Attempting to find suitable image):
[b] Height:[/b] 5' 11
[b] Weight:[/b] 175-ish
[b] Clothes:[/b] Baggy dark blue jeans, and a grey T-shirt with an abstract skull design. Occasionally wears green hoodie sweater.
[b]General Appearance:[/b] Blaze is a well tanned, white male. Dark brown hair, which is usually spiked, and similar dark eyes. He's an average height, and decent build/weight. A little on the muscular side.

[b] Personality/Behavior: [/b]While nobody in his current aquaintence really knows him, Blaze is and always has been a quick witted, and intelligent youth. Blaze is a fairly decent individual, kind hearted, and caring. Even though he doesn't always make the wisest decisions, his quick wit and reactions save him from any danger.

[b] Personal History:[/b] Blaze wasn't always in such a difficult place. Blace was born in a nice, small city just outside of Philidelphia. As he aged, his teachers and family noticed his excelled skill through school, and how quickly he caught onto any situation thrown at him. When he turned thirteen, his father was restationed to Los Angeles. Blaze had learned to adapt quickly, and generaly stayed out of trouble.

One day, while fetching some groceries for his mother, the verdict of the Rodney King trial was released. As the riots broke out, Blaze was caught in the middle of it. He ran and hid in a back alley for protection, just to have the store next to the dumpster he was hiding behind burst into flames. Blaze, being the caring guy he's always been, lurches to save them.

[b] Special Skills or Abilities:[/b] **Hint: Fire manipulation**

[/size][/font][size=2][color=#000000][font=trebuchet ms][b]Player?s Availability: [/b] I shall hopefully not be too busy, but with my ranging classes, I will be busy often enough. I'm thinking maybe, a few posts a week shall be fine, but there are times I might not be available for a bit.
Otaku Thread Rating: [/b]PG - Maybe occasional violence. I don't plan, or use much profanity in my writings... but there might be a minor slip. No major profanity...[/font][/color][/size]
[font=Trebuchet MS][size=1]
[b] OOC: This is a working progress, I must leave for the moment, but my finalization shall be up within the next day or os. I plan on having it finished later tonight.
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[COLOR=DeepSkyBlue][B]Code Name / Call Sign:[/B] Sparks

[B]Gender (If Applicable): [/B] Female

[B]Location:[/B] New York City

[B]Age:[/B] 29

[B]Personal Appearance[/B]:

Tall - 5'11", lanky and slim; not muscular, but not a weakling either. Her eyes are dark blue-grey, but they gain an electric blue sheen when, and only when, she's using her abilities. Her hair is naturally brown; she bleaches it blonde and then streaks it with whatever color she feels like. Currently, the streaks and tips are blue. She usually wears it spiked up. Given the length, it tends to flop over, but she doesn't mind.

The rest of her appearance fits her lifestyle. She has three earrings per earlobe, and two more at the top of her ears for a total of five piercing per ear. She also has a small, golden nose stud, and her left eyebrow pierced.

Black features predominantly in Spark's wardrobe; every pair of pants she has is black, but not tight. She despises tight clothing as much as she despises ridiculously baggy clothing. She prefers her clothing to hang loose, but not so much that she trips over it. As far as shirts go, she usually wears tank tops that look as if they were dyed in radioactive cool-aid, practically glowing in the dark.

She tops the whole outfit off with a coat of her own design - black leather trench with small "fairy lights" worked into it. These lights, miniature light bulbs of various obnoxious hues, work off of a battery that she keeps in her pocket, making her, quite possibly, the most noticeable person in New York when it's dark. In the daylight, the lights aren't noticeable as anything more than sequins. Unlike many of her friends, she only wears one chain, and that is elaborately looped so as to connect to her wallet, belt and jacket all at once, as she is somewhat paranoid of pickpockets and street thieves.

Black, fingerless gloves, one black, spiked-leather bracelet, one silver chain bracelet and black combat boots finish off her wardrobe. She has occasionally been reported for setting off metal detectors just by walking by, a fact that nobody really understands, unless they know the nature of her powers...

[B]Personality/Behavior:[/B] Disjointed, hyper, and obnoxious, very opinionated, with a temper to match. She doesn't think things through logically, preferring to go with gut instinct rather than reason through any situation. She doesn't react well to being told to follow...and yet she balks at the thought of leading, as well. She despises being noticed for her responsibilities - preferring to keep up her "rebel punk" appearance, despite the fact that she's [technically] way past the typical "rebel" age - and tries to avoid it as much as possible, but once an assignment is given to her she would break her back to complete it.

Sparks is very much a night owl. The day is alright, but it's at night that her talents truly shine, so to speak. She's a party animal who enjoys raves more for the sake of the other people there than for the alcohol or drugs that are inevitably present. While she prefers to remain anonymous as much as she can, she will not deny that she enjoys the popularity the midnight parties give her, for her abilities seem to be uniquely suited for raves; enhancing both sound - volume and quality - and lights. If you catch Sparks at one of these parties, she's like a mother bear to those in "her" territory. Many are the pill-pushers and crack peddlers who have fled in a shower of sparks and light bulb glass when they've tried to entice the wrong party goers.

During the day, Sparks can usually be found at her apartment, or at the local arcades - mainly the one that her apartment is over -"enhancing" games for the kids who play there. This has formed her a network within her community; children will speak to the "lady in the funny coat" easier than to police, and her kindness to the children has made her strong allies with their parents. The arcade manager takes it all with a grin, as the rumors about crazier game play has gained him patrons.

Sparks does not fight if she can run, and when she does fight it's with the surrounding electronics and lights rather than weaponry or fists. When forced to, however, her fighting style tends to be streetwise and not-exactly honorable.

No one really knows when she finds the time to sleep.

[B]Personal History:[/B] There are certain things children should not be able to do. One of these things, Spark's parents Bridgette and David Montague decided, was make their nightlights explode. And yet, at the tender age of three, Sparks, who was then named Sally, was doing just that. They'd buy a new nightlight - and then she'd have a nightmare and poof! There it went again. It soon became safer to have candles in their little girl's room...the light would grow brighter, but without the confines of a bulb, there was nothing to explode. So, that little obstacle mounted, life proceeded as usual...until Sally discovered the record player. Whether it was the electric circuitry or the speakers, or even the little light that indicated if the player was on or off, various parts just kept....well, for lack of a better term? Exploded. As a result, Sally was home schooled until she turned ten.

As Sally began to grow older, her control over what electronics and circuits overloaded grew finer, to the point where she was no longer exploding things just by walking by them. Once this happened, her parents allowed her to go to school, where - with the exception of the one tiny mishap involving the principal's desk lamp - she was able to blend in with the other students as a normal kid.

Sally was an alright student - not a troublemaker, but not the best behaved either. While she did pass most of her classes, it wasn't with flying colors. She preferred to just make friends over doing much of her homework, and her one extra curricular activity was drama.

Sally graduated on time, when she was eighteen years old, and immediately started attending college to become an actress. Whether the rigors of college life were too great for her controls, or her controls were loosened by being away from familiar surroundings, she's not really sure. But suddenly the college was plagued by accidents of the explody kind. She used this as an excuse to quit, as she wasn't doing so well in drama either.

Alone in New York City, she got a daytime job at a bakery, and began to try and become an author. It was around this time, at the age of 19, that Sally discovered raves. The lights and the sounds were intoxicating to the young woman, she would go to them as an excuse to use her abilities openly without anyone noticing....and it wasn't too long before she began to experiment with her limits, gaining an even better grip on what she could and could not do.

Sally's one run-in with drugs was an unmitigated disaster, and enough to swear her off anything non-prescription for life. A few uppers, a loss of control...and the whole rave went up in a flash of glass and sparks. Since then, she's become somewhat of a crusader for drug-free raves...this incident also led to her nickname or codename, which she has gone by ever since - Sparks.

Sparks prefers to live a normal life - or as normal as possible, given the circumstances - and has become the non-official protector of her neighborhood, in between her Legionnaire work, bakery work and her arcade hopping.

[B]Special Skills or Abilities:[/B] Sparks is an energy amplifier. Thus far, her area of expertise is in electricity, sound and visible light. She can increase the power in circuits and the suchlike just by concentrating...or not concentrating, as the case may be. Lights are generally made brighter just by her presence, and she can take the smallest bit of light and make it grow too bright to be focused on, hence the true reason for the light-jacket.

[B]Player?s Availability:[/B] Once school and work starts, I'd have to say once, maybe twice a week, possibly more if my homework goes well, but I can't count on that so I'm going to be safe with my estimates.

[B]Which Otaku Thread Rating Do You Expect Your Posts To Fall Under?[/B] PG, no doubt about it.[/COLOR]

OOC: I don't think I've [B]ever[/B] had so much fun with a signup. Hee.
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[color=crimson][b]Code Name / Call Sign:[/b] Kaida.

[b]Gender:[/b] Female.

[b]Location:[/b] She can usually be found on her large estate in upper New York State.

[b]Age:[/b] Appears to be in her mid teen years.

[b]Personal Appearance[/b]: Physical appearance and dress are as seen in the attachment. Her physical size is rather small when compared to others- she is probably only 5'1" or so and is very petite. Her hair and eye color are the same shade of blue, her eyes being quite captivating to most. She claims her unusual outfit is actually a military uniform from her original home. The only other distinguishing thing about her is the large bow she keeps in her hair, which seems to be little more than a fashion statement.

[b]Personality/Behavior:[/b] Kaida is the type of person who enjoys observing more than participating. She can be talkative when the opportunity arises, but she is somewhat inept socially- or at least, she thinks she is. She is analytic and somewhat militaristic in her mind but she rarely speaks her raw, objective opinion as this seems to jar some people into believing she is cold hearted and not caring of others when, actually, she is very caring and empathetic. She doesn't seem to be very cheerful or happy, but she isn't down in the dumps either. She maintains a content, happy medium between the two extremes and that is fine with her. She doesn't like or dislike being a leader [she claims she was one of the best Generals in history on her home planet], but she has noted that most humans seem to scrap with each other consistently to get such a spot- so she lets the ones that desire it have it. She is somewhat privy to offering tidbits of advice to her peers when they need it, but avoids lecturing them incessantly about their slightly obvious faults and mistakes. She is basically an indifferent, slightly introverted intellectual.

[b]Personal History:[/b] Originally, Kaida was from what could be a different dimension or a different planet. Either way, it was a place inhabited by what were essentially humans- the only differing characteristic from them and Earthlings were the life spans they were blessed with. Most of them could live well beyond several thousand years- unfortunately, the frequent cause of death was hardly ever natural causes. Her planet was caught in a chaotic and cataclysmic series of wars between several great powers. The toll in men, women and materials was severe- to the point that young women like herself were forced into service. Found to be a rather receptive person to magical training, she was given a short, crappy month long crash course in using magic and thrown out onto the front line to simply kill as many of them before she got killed as possible. She was determined not to die and she barely dodged the bullet on many occasions- the point where the concept of her own death became a numb, tired subject that stopped being something she cared about. Finally her skills were recognized and she climbed the military hierarchy quickly- progressing in a matter of years to a rather high rank. As a General she secured a sharp series of victories that turned their enemies on their heels. Cornered and desperate, the next major battle was marked by a cataclysmic attempt by the desperate nations to destroy Kaida's entire force- the sheer power of the magical machines they used they could not control, and it ravaged everything for many miles around them. In the ruination, Kaida's instinct to survive kicked in and she brashly used an untested magical teleportation device that cast her well beyond her own home and into the wilderness of America.

From her on out is the story of her slow adaption into what was, at least then, the America of 1893. It's a boring story of learning, failing, more learning, some more failing until finally she got the hang of 'it'- she became very successful in the unfamiliar economic system that America used, and was very well off within a couple of decades. Since about 1930 she has mainly spent her time studying a mix of human history, human psychology and military science. She eventually constructed, secretly, a facility to develop and refine her skills as a sorceress. She spends her time there mixing elixirs, creating weapons and mad scientist-esque inventions [they only seem to work 50 to 60 percent of the time]. Such a hobby has given her a wide collection of strange potions and devices that will probably never find any practical use, but they are magnificent in their own unique ways. She is dedicated to finding a flexible way to get to and fro between her new home of Earth and her old home- something that wouldn't force her to sacrifice one home for the other. It is a difficult path since she doesn't entirely know [i]where[/i] her home is in relation to Earth or anything of the sort. Another concern in her mind is the state of Earth's nations.. and how similar their infighting is to what devastated most everyone and everything she saw on her home planet. She has become increasingly dedicated to finding a way to stop such widespread ruination from ever occurring on Earth, but such an idealistic dream seems to have no practical way to be achieved.

She's been around for a long time. She plans to be around for much, much longer.

[b]Special Skills or Abilities[/b]: 'Magic' to her and her own is actually somewhat different from Earth's magic- she is actually very, very inept at the manipulation of elements and she is confused as to why such an ability would be considered 'magic'. Magic in her mind is the manipulation of a special type of mental energy into and around objects- those objects could and do manipulate elements when needed, but it is through the device that this happens. Magicians were trained to be able to create magical machines, weapons and potions- infusing them with this energy to make them significantly more powerful and potent. They were the only people who could use what they created, so magicians weren't omnipotent wizards casting elemental spells to cause utter devastation to the enemy. They were the elite of the elite, the specialists, technicians and warriors who were using these devices to slaughter the enemy. Her weapon of choice, amongst a myriad of others she could use, is a pistol that fires off orbs of pure fire- the explosion they cause is directly linked to how much energy she dedicates to the shot. The pistol is somewhat large- it looks rather out of place in the hands of a young woman like herself- but she is rather adept at wrecking havoc with it.

She also carries with her a small pyramid that fits into her palm. Essentially, it is a teleporter- it allows her to teleport over a region instantly. It is, unfortunately, not powerful enough to take her much beyond an area the size of Texas, but it serves her purposes well. It is, however, always linked to her house- she can always get home with the small device. She might carry one or two other trinkets or potions, but most of what she has invented [aside from weapons] would only fill a specific need, so she doesn't bring them with her unless it is obvious that she can use it.

She is also very, very in tune with strategy and warfare in general. She enjoys [and seems to be addicted to] large scale warfare- unfortunately, she hasn't been able to enjoy playing the role of grand leader in awhile so she's started to yearn for her days as a General.

[b]Player's Availability[/b]: I don't have much else to do, so I should be available whenever unless my computer is KIA'ed.

[b]Thread Rating[/b]: I can mesh into whatever but I'm fond of bloodletting and entrails, so I'll say M.[/color]
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[COLOR=Navy]This looks interesting...


[B]Code Name:[/B] Pandora

[B]Gender:[/B] Female

[B]Location:[/B] Midwestern United States. She hangs around the Madison, WI area.

[B]Age:[/B] 21

[B]Personal Appearance:[/B] Pandora is about 5' 6'' of medium build. She has short brown hair (cut around her chin), has green eyes, and wears think plastic-rimmed glasses. She commonly wears a over-sized dark green sweater (she knitted it herslef) over tight shorts and old, worn looking brown hiking boots (with a bit of her socks showing over the tops of her boots). [image to come soon] She also wears her signature worn-looking, floppy,dark brown Newsboy hat atop her brown locks.

[B]Personality/Behavior:[/B] Pandora is a pretty quiet girl. She keeps to herself and generally tries to avoid big social occasions (parties, etc.) do to the fact that she was raised under the theory, [I]children should be seen, not heard.[/I] Though, as her name implies, it wouldn't be advisable to get her angry. Her temper can have devastating effects on the relationships around her...as well as the landscape. Though, when worst comes to worst, Pandora is a reliable friend, who will stand up for herself and those that she trusts.

[B]Personal History:[/B] Jennifer (Pandora) grew up in a pretty normal upper middle-class family in the Midwestern US. Her parents loved her very much and raised her the best they could (even if they were a little strict sometimes.) with the best things they could afford (private school, a car, etc.). Even though her parents loved her as much as they did, they always told her to keep her powers hidden. They didn't want the neighbors to suspect that something was wrong with their little girl. So, she honed her skills, alone, in her bedroom, using her books, stuffed animals, and such to practice levitating them and manipulating them with her powers. This is how Pandora was born. After gradutating high school as valedictorian, she went off to the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Jennifer felt [I]restless[/I] at school there. She felt that she could do so much [B]more[/B] with her life (as well as her powers) other than sitting in crowded lecture halls. Thus, after two years of wasted money, she dropped out of college. Her parents then disowned her and to this day publicly deny that they ever had a daughter. Jennifer is currently working at a coffee shop to pay her bills, but at night, when she is alone, she [B]is[/B] Pandora. Yes, Pandora has accidentally killed people during those times where she has lost control. She regrets it with each passing day, but she tries to bury those feelings so that she won't lose control, and accidentally kill someone again.

Though when Padora's box is opened, terrible things happen.

[B]Special Skills/Abilities:[/B] Pandora is a psychic, able to manipulate inanimate objects with her mind and swift motions with her hands. (she can also manipulate animate objects at times) She can levitate, repair, and destroy objects using her powers. As she manipulates an object, the object appears to have a greenish glow around it, a clear signal that Pandora is the one doing it. As her name suggests, when she gets angry, she can be very destructive with her powers. Her weakness is her temper. When she gets angry, she loses control, and baaad things happen. Thus she tries to stay calm at all times. Yes, she can be happy, but she just has to be careful with her temper.

[B]Player Availability:[/B] I can probably do (at least) once a week. If this interests me, I can do more, but if I get a really busy spell, it could be as much as biweekly. So, my safe bet is going to be once a week.

[B]Thread Rating:[/B] I guess I'll say PG. It could go M when Pandora loses her temper, but I'd say for the most part that it would be PG.[/COLOR]
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[color=#990099][font=Trebuchet MS][b]Code Name / Call Sign:[/b] Bella (means pretty girl in Spanish)

[b]Gender (If Applicable):[/b] Female

[b]Location:[/b] Barcelona, Spain

[b]Age:[/b] 21

[b]Personal Appearance (Images are acceptable):[/b] See attachment.

[b]Personality/Behavior:[/b] Reyna (codenamed Bella) is a type of girl who loves fiestas and dancing. Growing up in a country full of colour and life, Reyna is a happy, energetic, sometimes impulsive girl. She would happily dance a night away with friends, under the stars in the streets during a fiesta.

Romance and companionship to her is a topic that Reyna doesn?t like to touch on. Although she loves to have an innocent flirt with men, she never wants it to be taken too seriously. Although she shys away from relationships, she has never lost that dream of meeting her ?prince? one day.

However, she is not a dumb bimbo, nor is she a genius. Her intelligence, wits and cunning were able to get her through many tough situations in the past, and very likely the future as well. When things get serious, Reyna becomes serious. When the situation calls for it, Reyna will try to use her abilities to their potential without any witnesses. But, she has been caught on one or two occasions because of her habit of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

[b]Personal History:[/b] Reyna grew up in the middle-class section of Barcelona. She and her family ? her mother and father and her two younger sisters ? lived in a small two-storey townhouse. It was fairly small but they managed to make everything fit

Her parents worked very hard to get Reyna and her two sisters into the best possible schools they could afford. She passed school with very good grades and got accepted into one of the best universities in Spain. There, she is doing a Major in Ancient Literature, studying and deciphering ancient texts.

It was in university when Reyna discovered her abilities as a ribbon user. She always had a fascination with ribbons, especially the ones the same colour as her hair. Other than that, she has had a rather unremarkable life, trying to enjoy what is left of her youth.

[b]Special Skills or Abilities:[/b] Reyna is what you call a ribbon user. A ribbon user is a person who is able to manipulate the physical properties of any type of ribbon. Although she prefers ribbons the same colour as her hair, she is able to manipulate any ribbon to become as strong as steel or as sharp as a razor. She can lengthen or shorten the ribbon to suit her needs. This ability is very useful as it is able to constrict enemies, aid allies and be used as some sort of rope system, able to support her full weight in mid-air.

[b]Player?s Availability (How often will you be able to post? There is no such thing as too much or too little):[/b] Once a week, twice if I'm lucky enough to complete my notes and readings, etc.

[b]Which Otaku Thread Rating Do You Expect Your Posts To Fall Under? (E - Everyone, PG - Parental Guidance, M - Mature):[/b] M/PG - I like a little blood, but not too much gore. If it is gory and written well, I don't mind.[/color][/font]
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1][B]Code Name / Call Sign:[/B] Night Walker

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Location:[/B] Currently Europe

[B]Age:[/B] 30 (in demon years)

[B]Personal Appearance:[/B] [URL=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v628/Reizou/guys200.jpg]Walker's armor[/URL]. With his weapon he calls [B]Sin Nato[/B] which means [I]Hunters Companion[/I] in demon tongue
[URL=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v628/Reizou/Vincent3.jpg]Walker's physical appearance[/URL]
Walker is a demon.

[B]Personality/Behavior:[/B] Walker is not prone to unneccesary slaughtering, though when he does pefrom a murder he enjoys it. When he does kill he tends to mark himself with their blood because of his tribal ways. During battle he becomes quite the fierce monster. He kills swiftly or slowly depending upon what mood they put him in, though his demon nature is alway yearning for a good battle, regardless of circumstances. When his blood boils, his true demon side takes control and his emotions just vanish along with his heart and soul, showing what he really is. A flesh hungry demon ready to kill given the slightest chance. But he's mainly there to accomplish a mission given to him 3 years ago, but he has all the time in the world, because of his long life in the Ulrash clan of demons. He also is completely shameless, never cares if what he says is offensive, never cares about what impression he gives, never cares to make a scene in public. Never scared to do anything. But Walker hardly talks, he usually thinks fast and reacts, but when he does talk it is for something important and always need to know information.

Personal History:[/B] Walker lives on an alternate Earth, where demons live in technology advanced, but primitve clans. Each clan works to be best at their own abilites where they train for decades at a time until they perfect their trait. But every hundred years or so, a child is born in each clan that is naturally gifted in their trait. At age 7 Walker had already mastered his technique and was apparently being unchallenged, so as a result they sent him out to another clan to learn a different trait. After 10 years of learning his new technique he returned home to show the clan his new strength.

When he turned 25, Walker was entered into a special competition that was held once every 20 years. It was a test for different levels of fighters. The first test was to see who had truly masterd their art, Walker won his easy. He moved on to another fighter, defeated her without breaking a sweat. The semi-finals were a bit more difficult, but easy enough, the finals were very difficult he had to fight a women he had never seen before. Her name was Salma, she was the hardest person he had ever fought, and he was forced to use a combination of both of his new skills.

But after 7 hours of non-stop battle he came out of his battle, bloody and bruised, but victorious none-the-less and earned the respect of all tribes. When he was 27 he had reached his adolecent years. Demons aged differently from humans, as they live much longer. His clan ordered him to be sent off to prove his worth as a man. He had to hunt down a certian pray and bring back its head. It was a monster that was told in stories for millennia in his clan, a monster so evil that it would make even Walker look like a bunny rabbit compared to it. It name was Draco'makso. The challenege made Walker's blood boil, his eyes burn with black fire, and his interest pique. He quickly proceeded to gather his weapons, his clothing and armor and entered a space-time portal created solely for this mission, that would send him exactly where he needed to go. To the 21st century. On another planet Earth.

After he came to earth he came to know of a group called the Legionnaires, they contacted him sencing his coming. They had to see what he could do before they considered wheather to let him in or not, but after they saw his amazing assassin abilitys and how quickly he solved mazes and puzzles to get his target or object they welcomed him with open arms. But even after they let him in and explained what they did Walker still didn't get it, and prehaps never will.
Special Skills or Abilities[/B]: His special ablities are basically what he learned from both clans over many years: stealth, silent killing, concealed shadow and sent, heightened senses (taste,touch,sight,hearing and smell), amazing agility, super strength,can figure out challenges quickly, temporary invisiblity, weapon mastery,explosive mastery, and ninjitsu fighting style mastery.
Player's Availability:[/B] Pretty much all the time.

[B]Thread Rating:[/B] M, always better to put M.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1][B]Code Name / Call Sign:[/B] Zeal

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Location:[/B] The Scottish Highlands

[B]Age:[/B] 32

[B]Personal Appearance:[/B] Blessed with great wisdom, Zeal holds great depth in his stormy grey eyes. His features are solomn, with a firm set jaw and strong cheekbones. His dark brow knitted in thought, he exudes wisdom and control. His long, dark brown hair is almost always tied back, away from fine boned, sculpted features, silver threads woven throughout giving him an aged appearance even though he remains youthful. His attire consists of dark brown leather pants and black leather boots and a white shirt with a white vest underneath. He wears a few accsessories including several leather bracelets on his right wrist and a simple silver watch on the other, silver rings reside on the fingers, most notably the large thumb ring with a black onyx center that he wears on his left hand, he made it himself. A silver cross adorns his neck along with a brown leather choker. All this is topped off with a a long, worn brown duster. In addition to this he also carries with him a slim ebony cane, capped with the image of a silver raven, within which is held a slim blade not unlike those carried by victorian gentlemen.

[B]Personality/Behavior:[/B] Seemingly self confident and charming. Zeal likes to flirt tremendously and has a witty sense of humour based on cynicism and put downs at others' expense. He seems to be a gentle person on the outside, but Zeal holds a darker secret within and is extremely guarded about himself. There are secrets he holds that noone would guess were they to simply look upon him. Stubborn and strong willed, he is passionate about the things that concern him most. He is scholarly in nature and can become infatuated upon a whim, obsessed with an object, idea or person until his fire is exhausted. Zeal fears very little on this mortal plain, but the few that he does have are great.

[B]Personal History:[/B] Should I start at the beginning, I was born, I grew up? Thus through the dark hands of fate I was thrust into a world of corruption and bloodshed out of which there was no hope until bright light of God was shone from the heavens through which I sought my salvation? Hardly.

Born into a religious, Christian English family Zeal, christened Nicholas Kyle walked the path of God from a very young age. Bright in school and gifted with friends he grew up knowing a very happy, loving childhood. Taught of the evils of the world from his conservative parents Nicholas saught to help his bretheren the only way he knew how, he would teach them, to preach the holy words of peace as a shepherd guides his flock. At the age of 23 Nicholas set up a congregation within a city community on the outskirts of London and it was here he thought he could save souls with words. Unfortunately not everything is as calm, collected and uneventful as that.

Mostly the city dwellers were uninterested in the idea of God and heaven, especially the young, the more outspoken of whom prowelled the streets at night making it a dangerous place for any who dared venture. Seeing it as his duty to enlighten all who would be his flock he went out and took his preachings to the streets, reaching scriptures and hailing the word of God to all who would listen. Some, however, did more than just listen. Approached one night by a group of youths Nicholas welcomed them, delighted by their seeming interest. This was simply a front, however, and as he spoke to them he was attacked from behind by another group of youths, who bludgeoned him with bottles and hard kicks. The first group joined in and soon Nicholas was left beaten and bloody upon the pavement with a shattered leg and fractured skull, his sodden bible lying torn and soiled beside him. The youths spat on him and laughed at his weak pleas for mercy and they left him dying upon the road.

After being found and taken to hospital Nicholas recovered but only after many months of therapy and healing. All of his wounds, though, were not to be rid of so completely and even to this day he carries with him a slim cane he must sometimes use to aid him when the weather is cold and his leg pains him. Brooding upon his failings Nicholas lost a small amount of faith within the church and the teachings he so devoutley followed. It was to fill this now apparent hole that Nicholas turned to the arcane, to find something more solid, more active with which he could fight the ills of society rather than speak unto it with false words and empty promises. Turning away from his community he took himself away to the highlands of Scotland to learn the ways of arcane magiks fom teachers he found there. Soon he began to travel the world in search of knowledge and those who would impart it unto him and in this time he learned a great many things. Crafting items of power, such as the ring he wears and learning skills of the sword and spells of the tongue Nicholas grew in power. Still, he seeks the knowledge he needs to rid the world of its disease and so he returns to his secluded home in Scotland to study and learn, practicing spells and training his skills so that soon he may become a force to be reckoned with.

[B]Special Skills or Abilities:[/B] Since I don't really like flambouyant spells or incantations most of Zeal's spells will be in the form of forces, bindings, cloaks, scrying etc etc. By no means is he 'all powerful'. He is skilled in the art of fencing, hence the sword/cane and in the use of arcane magiks. He is also an excellent strategist and puzzle solver.

[B]Player's Availability:[/B] I can pretty much get on every day, so I can probably post something of substance two to three times a week maybe more.

[B]Thread Rating:[/B] Probably best to go with M[/SIZE]
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[FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium][size=1][b][u]Code Name / Call Sign:[/u][/b]

[b][u]Gender (If Applicable):[/b][/u]

Istanbul, Turkey


[b][u]Personal Appearance (Images are acceptable):[/u][/b]
[URL=http://olegvolk.net/olegv/newsite/gungames/photographer-oleg.jpg]This is Joseph[/URL]

I'm not sure what it is, but there's just something about tonight that is making me stay up, [b]thinking[/b]. Of course, in my little hotel room, [b]the television is off[/b] and [b]I am reading[/b] a newspaper I picked up earlier. If it weren't for the constant stream of late night traffic outside [b]tonight would be quite comfortable[/b]. I am ready for the morning, the cleaners usually check the drawers, so I hide my valuables in my suitcase - under tight lock and key: [b]You can never be too careful[/b]. I'm glad that there are no customs when travelling by land, [b]I have far too much to hide[/b]. There were a few checkpoints I had to pass through, border control and all the rest of it. They didn't do much, just asked me if I had anything illegal in my car, to which I [b]calmly replied[/b], "[b]No[/b]." You'll always find young, caucasian males driving around Europe though, and the camera around my neck is [b]a guise that they all fall for[/b]. Indeed, I only got here today, but I feel already that I have accepted the new job. There is just a tense feeling in the air, I suppose. It could just be another hoax, or some wimp who just can't carry the deal through; it happens all far too often. [b]I can tolerate it[/b].

[b][u]Personal History:[/b][/u]
Last night was [b]strange[/b]. The mood when I arrived in Istanbul was very tense, but, now, already, I've [b]adapted to my surroundings[/b] and had a chance to walk around the city. I'm glad that more people than I thought know some [b]english[/b], it helps a lot when getting around. It makes me think of the time when I first [b]became a photographer[/b], when I travelled out to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to take pictures of the amazing cityscape. With the [b]connections[/b] my family has in [b]powerful circles[/b], I was able to find a job at a popular magazine [b]back home in Moscow[/b]. It's been a very long time since I've been home; I'll always remember the day my parents sent me away to be [b]tutored in England[/b] when I was [b]six[/b]. Twenty years ago, it seems such a short amount of time... I just send the photos back to the magazine office at home, so that I don't have to waste time coming back from abroad to deliver them [b]face to face[/b]. I can't believe that I got inolved in all this [b]other stuff[/b] when I was so young - I was [b]eighteen[/b]. The [b]shooting club[/b] in England, which I belonged to whilst I was being schooled, had some [b]dark ties[/b] to.. [b]dodgy[/b].. characters. I was a [b]good shot[/b], so they recommended me to a gang that wanted to be rid of someone; I was offered a handsome reward if I did so. Despite the [b]nervousness[/b] I felt at the time, my [b]first time[/b] was not as bad as I thought it'd be. It's so [b]impersonal[/b] - not like sticking a knife into someone's gut... those are times [b]I don't like to remember[/b]. Then, if I remember rightly, that gang introduced me to another, and them to yet another, and I get [b]more and more jobs[/b]. Slowly, I become heard of much more through this.. criminal [b]grapevine[/b]. All this time has gone by so quickly, like I've [b]enjoyed[/b] it...

[b][u]Special Skills or Abilities:[/u][/b]
I remember all of the [b]photography classes[/b] I took in the latter years of my tutelage in England. It was there where I found what I knew would be my life's [b]calling[/b], well, that [b]and photography[/b]. A boy in my class after a lesson once asked me if I would join him at the [b]shooting club[/b] attached to the school, I wasn't, however, sure if I wanted to go. Then he, apparently having seen the [b]quality of my photographs[/b] in earlier lessons, said, "It's just like photography. [b]Point and click[/b]. Simple." So I decided to go with him. I did enjoy the shooting, and was, as [b]predicted[/b], very good at it; I became a member after my schooling finished. In letters to my parents I told them [b]all about it[/b] and they, after hearing the nature of [b]my new job[/b], sent me my first gun. My [b]first and only[/b] - the finest for only the [b]finest shot[/b].

[b][u]Player's Availability:[/b][/u] Quite often.

[b][u]Thread Rating:[/b][/u] M.

I will be able to post pretty regularly, though this Sunday I go away for two weeks, come back on August 28th. I shouldn't miss too much, I hope..? At least twice a week after that!

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[FONT=Times New Roman][COLOR=darkorchid][b]Code Name / Call Sign[/b]: Saturn

[b]Gender[/b]: Female

[b]Location[/b]: Guangzhou, People's Republic of China

[b]Age[/b]: 26

[b]Personal Appearance[/b]: see attachment. Wears black, either denim or leather, favoring skin covering outfits. Eyes are a honey gold, skin remains pale, and hair tousled, not styled, and light brown.

[b]Personality/Behavior[/b]: Cool and calm, but only as a side effect from being severely depressed. As a rule, she is never happy, almost never smiles, and always has a melancholy expression on her face.

[b]Personal History[/b]: Born in America, and buffeted around as her father and mother moved as their jobs required them. She survived grade school, middle school, and high school, then was accepted at a state university. However, she can't remember ever being happy, much less not depressed. Her parents were too busy to notice while she was growing up, but in general, that was just as good. She could be as sad as she wanted without having them try and cheer her up or get her real help. Once she was out of college, she spent a great deal of time checking herself in and out of the hospital for clinical depression, being put on different medications and seeing different doctors.

Now that she's grown, so to speak, she's grown less dependent on drugs and doctors, and more interested in staying as normal as possible. She has a job at home that involves commissions for other people and doesn't involve intimate contact with anyone. Comforting, of course, because Saturn becomes more depressed when she's around people. This is something she's learned to live with, but has been, so far, unable to successfully control.

[b]Special Skills or Abilities[/b]: Empathy. This encompasses the ability to sense and feel very keenly, the emotions of people around her. More of a curse than an ability, she can experience people's feelings as strongly as she would her own, giving her an edge in any conversation or confrontation. Because she knows what those around her are feeling, she can easily manipulate their emotions, although, at times, she feels too depressed to do so.

[b]Player?s Availability[/b]: Nightly; or at least every other night.

[b]Rating[/b]: M-SVL
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[COLOR=GREEN]Ah, I finally get a chance to post my sign up!

[B]Code Name/Call Sign:[/B] Experiment ZX-212/ Aura Partson (current aillis)

[B]Gender:[/B] Female

[B]Location:[/B] Currently Huston, Texas, USA

[B]Age:[/B] Unknown

[B]Personal Appearance:[/B] [I]Pictures coming soon![/I]
In her natural state, she appears someting like that of a human like demon or half-demon. She has flaming red hair which is cut in a tossled, shoulder-length style. Her nails are claws and her skin is very pale, almost white. Her ears are a strange, pointed shape and covered with dark crimson colored fur. She also has a long slinder tail which has the same fur as her ears. In this state she stands about 5' 3" and has brillianly green emerald eyes.

In her disguise as Aura Partson, she appears as a normal teenage girl. She has short brown hair and dark green eyes. She is normally whereing the uniform for her privet school: a white short-sleeved blowse, grey pleted skirt, a crimson tie and black blazer. She also constantly wears a gold anklet with a tiny gold nob inbedded in it. This is actually a micro-computer that can be access via a holographic screen that is projected from the nob when turned.

[B]Personality/Behavior:[/B] She is relatively outgoing and cheerful most of the time, encoraging teamwork and particapation. She has a strong desire to help those who have been done wrong and greatly dispises those who lust for power and don't care who gets in their way. Occationally, she will become a bit withdrawn whenever she is reminded of her former love.

[B]Personal History:[/B] Light years away in a distant part of the gallaxy, an advanced, human-like civilization has perfected the means of travel between demensions. They have created an organization in order to police traffic and crimes that occur in these "other worlds." The Interdemensional Order Preservation Society, or IOPS, began experimenting with genetic splicing in order to create a new line of agents. Their first success was Experiments ZX-212, and her "twin brother" ZX-211. They both had a sort of odd appearance due to the cocktail of animal genes including large percentages of human (both early and modern) and tiger and other feline DNA.

They were trained in hand to hand combat, firearms, battle statagy, and other such techniques. Thanks to genetic engineering, their minds and bodies were highly advanced and they excelled at an alarming pace. Due to the extreme success of the project, more "experiments" were created. About five years after her creation, she was deemed ready for field work, but on the eve of her first assignment she overheard the board members of the IOPS discussing a not so noble future for the organisation. The plans included using the experiment agents to take over other worlds.

Not wanting to be part of their plan, she ran off to tell the others and most of them used their power to create gateways to other demensions to escape the facility. IOPS soon discovered it was the falt of 212 for the mass escape of it's experiments. Instead of spreading their reasorces thin tracking down everyone of the experiments, they concentrated their efforts on re-capturing 212.

She spent decades moving from world to world, occationally getting in a relationship or two. But she could never stay for long for fear of the IOPS catching up with her. She used her other ability to disguess her appearace to attempt to start a new life on another world, and she nearly succeeded when she met a a young man named Seth Taketsue. The two fell in love and got married; she had just decided to give up living on the run, she just couldn't bear being seporated from Seth.

Then on sunny day, they came; The IOPS managed to swoop in and round up her and her loved ones. Knowing full well what they would do to them, she gave up without a fight. But just when they were loading her onto their transport vessle, one human agent opened fire on the group of people; one shot stuck and killed Seth. The image seemed to pass in slow motion before her eyes and before she knew what was happening, she was blinded by greif and rage and blanked out. By the time she had come to her senses, her arms and face were spatered with the blood of the IOPS agents.

She began a new life on this Earth and now works for the Legionnaires. When not on missions, she lives a seemingly normal life under the identiy of Aura Partson and most people, including those in the Legionnaires, refere to her by this name.

[B]Special Skills or Abilities:[/B] Besides exceptional skills in combat and statagy planning, she can create portals to other worlds and disguise her appearance by changing into any female human like form. Because of the technology avalible to her creators at the time, her transforming ability is limited to her basic form and gender.

I go back up to school Labor Day weekend (Sept 3) and my classes start a week later on the 9th. This will actually allow me to post more often, nearly every day. But until then my internet access will be limited to when ever I can manage it. I try to keep most of my posts in the PG catagory, but sometimes they tend to fall into the M rating.[/COLOR]
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