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Ten Random Songs...game.

Ailes de Velour

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I found this somewhere, and it seemed like fun. So I pilfered it.

1. Open up the music player on your computer.
2. Set it to play your entire music collection.
3. Hit the shuffle command.
4. Tell us the title of the next ten songs that show up (with their musicians), no matter how embarrassing. It's time for total musical honesty.
5. If you get the same artist twice, you may skip the second (or third, or etc.) occurrences. You don't have to, but since randomness could mean you end up with a list of ten song with five artists, you can if you'd like.


- Taking Back Sunday; "Head Club"
- Rasputina; "Any Old Actress"
- The Cruxshadows; "Winterborn"
- Trans-Siberian Orchestra; "The Silent Nutcracker"
- AFI; "I Want a Mohawk (But Mom Won't Let Me Get One)"
- Yuki Kajiura; "Labyrinth"
- Robert Westenberg, Joanna Gleason; "Any Moment; Moments in the Woods"
- Kaoru Wada; "Fun Group of Friends"
- Akira Yamaoka; "I Feel..."
- Placebo; "Second Sight"

'joor turn. =D
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Be right back...

Okay, here we go

1. Perversion - Rob Zombie - Hellbilly Delux Comments: Never heard it, like most of the CDs on my computer, which my cousin burns to it every time he comes over. I like his music though.

2. Fear - Disturbed - The Sickness Comments - Disturbed is one of my two favorite bands and this is a great song about fear of being hypnotized and becoming just like everyone else.

3. B.Y.O.B - System of a Down - Mezmerise Comments: Great song, not their best, but still awesome. Delivers a general message of the corruptness of the gov't always sending the poor out to war and asking why the president doesnt fight the war like the kings of old.

4. Ride the Lightning - Metallica - Burned CD Comments: Never heard it, though I do kind of like Metallica. Their new stuff sucks though.

5. Bloody Mary - GWAR - Violence Has Arrived Comments: I like GWAR, but Ive only heard 4 of their songs, and this ain't one of em.

6. Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen - Queen Mix Comments: Not onlyu is this one of the most brilliant songs I've ever heard, but it is one of the alltime greatest rock songs in existence.

7. Mean Baby - Godsmack - Godsmack Comments: Can't say I know this song in particular or that I particularly like Godsmack, but I saw the CD lying around and I like a few of their songs so I burned it on.

8. Metal Shock - The Masses - Serart Comments: This is just one of the many brilliant tracks on the most brilliant CD ever, Serart. It's... well... art!

9. Dracula - The Gorillaz - The Gorillaz Comments: The second of my 2 favorite bands! This song is quite funny because it's essentially just a repeating beat for 4 minutes with 4 lines, repeated once and the occasional Dracula quote ("I am a vampire!" or "Rest is good for the blood!") Decent song, very mellowing.

10. Numb - Linkin Park - Meteora Comments: Once again, great band, great song. This one is a bit more... songlike. It's short, to the point, and full of emotion, and I like that.
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[COLOR=DarkRed]Hah. I love all of my music too much to be embarrassed by it. And I am being honest in this list.

My City of Ruins--Bruce Springsteen
So Far Away--Dire Straits
Everbody's Talkin'--Jimmy Buffett
Work--Jimmy Eat World
Somebody Loved Me--Reel Big Fish
Silence Must Be Heard--Enigma
Left Behind Full--Slipknot
Girl Like That--Matchbox 20
Another Day in Paradise--Phil Collins
Broadway--Goo Goo Dolls

That list actually does a great job of summing up the type of music I listen to. Little Dire Straits, little Jimmy Buffett, little Slipknot. Very strange combination.

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Lol, awesome game

1: Soulfly - Back to Primitive
2: AC/DC - Highway to Hell
3: Hatebreed - Smash your Enemies
4: Rammstien - Morgenstern
5: Iron maiden - Run to the Hills
6: Alkaline Trio - Every Thug Needs a Lady
7: Children of Bodom - Bed of Razors
8: Murderdolls - Die My Bride
9: Systematic - Right Before You
10: Anti Flag - 911 for Peace
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[size=1][b]I:[/b] Incubus - A Crow Left Of The Murder
[b]II:[/b] Incubus - Pistola
[b]III:[/b] U2 - Sweetest Thing
[b]IV:[/b] Cowboy Bebop OST - Cosmos
[b]V:[/b] Macross Plus OST - Wanna Be Angel
[b]VI:[/b] Janet Jackson - Control
[b]VII:[/b] Jimmy Eat World - 23
[b]VIII:[/b] Green Day - Sassafras Roots
[b]IX:[/b] A Perfect Circle - Crimes
[b]X:[/b] Hoobastank - To Be With You

That was actually much more fun than I anticipated.[/size]
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[Color=DarkBlue]Ooh, sounds fun...

[B]1.[/B] Crawling - Linkin Park
[B]2.[/B] How Does It Feel - Avril Lavigne
[B]3.[/B] Tsuki No Curse - from Loveless (Artist, unknown, atm)
[B]4.[/B] Summer Lights (Background) - Ive (from AIR TV)
[B]5.[/B] I Want to Disappear - Marilyn Manson
[B]6.[/B] Rock Steady - No Doubt
[B]7.[/B] Welcome to Paradise - Green Day
[B]8.[/B] Hi and Goodbye - A*Teens
[B]9.[/b] Eyes Like Yours (Ojos Asi) - Shakira
[B]10.[/b] Six Feet Under - No Doubt

Yeah, so there's a couple of songs... but 'eh, at least I can say I enjoy all types of music. ;P[/Color]
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Well here's what I got-

Tu necesitas- Alex Syntek
What's up- 4 Non-Blonds
In loving memory- Alter Bridge
Let me hold you- Bow Wow
Blood Red Summer- Coheed and Cambria
Salvation- The Cranberries
Awaken- Disturbed
Time to say goodbye- DJ Mystik
Nubes Negras- Los de Adentro
Ice Queen- Within Temptation
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[SIZE=2][FONT=Georgia]The Godfather- Harry and the Potters
First Date- Blink 182
Today 4 U- Rent Soundtrack (one of the best musical soundtracks ever. GO SEE THE MOVIE!)
Macy'S Day Parade- Green Day
Maria- Green Day
Love Train- Big and Rich
Without You- Rent Soundtrack
Boulevard of Broken Dreams- Green Day
Into the Forest- The Corpse Bride Soundtrack
Summer Running- Billy Idol (Woo!)[/FONT][/SIZE]
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[B]1. Mega Man X2: X vs Zero
2. Peter Gabriel-Shock the Monkey
3. Jamelia- Club Hoppin (Rishi Rish Remix)
4. 4end
5. Sixpence None for the Richer- Kiss Me
6. Samurai Champloo-You
7. Natasha Bedingfield-These Words
8. David Grey- January Rain
9. Dave Matthews Band- Grey Street
10. Sonic Tean- Metal Sonic theme[/B]

What's weird is that the only song that is mine, is 'You.' The rest are my siblings :animestun [/COLOR]
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Out of all the good music I listen to, I bet all the rubbish songs that have moulded over in the corner will come up.

1. Moby - 18
2. Phantom of the Opera (musical) - Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again
3. Moby - Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?
4. Phil Collins - Easy Lover *nods*
5. ABBA - Dancing Queen *ROFL*
6. Scissor Sisters - Laura
7. Queen - Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon
8. Portishead - Sour Times
9. Dandy Warhols - I Love You
10. Elvis - Too Much

I don't know why Moby came up twice - I hardly ever listen to them lately. I think ABBA was the most unexpected thing, and Portishead was a nice surprise as I've been neglecting them lately.

On a side note, I'm obsessed with Gerard Butler who plays the Phantom in Phantom of the Opera... :love2:
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[COLOR=DarkOrange][FONT=Trebuchet MS]Alrighty, let's see..

1. Thank you for the Venom - My Chemical Romance
2. Standing in The Rain - Billy Talent
3. All You Got - Tegan and Sara
4. Parkdale - Metric
5. Oh Ellin - Gob
6. Magic Carpet Ride - Steppenwolf
7. Same Old Song - Boy
8. Breaking The Habit - Linkin Park
9. Scream - Ima Robot
10. Rocket Man - Elton John

Hehe. Yeah, I think that list makes me look a bit weird. But that's okay. I love pretty much all the artists I got, except for Linkin Park >_> I just like that song.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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I don't have very much music saved on my computer at all (I mostly pop in CDs and DVDs when listening to music) so hopefully there will be some variety here:

50 Foot Wave - "Hot Pink, Distorted" (First song from 50 Foot Wave's [i]Free Music[/i] EP. 50 Foot Wave is my kind of band - they're a solid, energetic rock band and fun as hell to listen to.)

Tsunami Bomb - "Take the Reins" (Tsunami Bomb was awesome. More high energy music, and Emily Whitehurst's voice = yay. Sucks that they broke up. :()

Video Game Pianist - "Final Fantasy IX Ending Theme" (Desbreko directed me to the Video Game Pianist a few days ago... video game music on piano, what's not to like? I enjoy the Super Mario Bros. and Zelda songs he plays more than the Final Fantasy music though.)

Sleater-Kinney - "Burn, Don't Freeze" (I was cruising 'round Wikipedia and randomly came upon Sleater-Kinney. I'd heard of them before, so I decided to try out some music. Lo and behold, I like them! Good band. Side note: There can never be enough women in rock. [i]Never[/i]!)

Pink Floyd - "Comfortably Numb" (Great song, enough said.)

Yoko Kanno - "Space Lion" (I forget which song this is... but it's good, I know that. I love Cowboy Bebop's music so much. That and the FLCL soundtrack are probably the only anime soundtracks I'd listen to outside of watching the series.)

Devin Davis - "Cannons at the Courthouse" (Must thank Tony for turning me on to Devin Davis. He rules. I hope I'm not the only person who ended up enjoying his music. It'd be sad if that were the case. :()

Curve - "Weekend" (One of the weaker Curve songs I've heard but still a fun listen. I love Curve with the passion of a thousand suns. Toni Halliday <3 <3 <3)

Connie Francis - "I Will Wait For You" (This is the song at the end of the "Jurassic Bark" episode of Futurama. I like it. It's radically different from the rest of the music on my computer though lol.)

They Might Be Giants - "Partical Man" (They Might Be Giants are awesome. Been a fan since I first heard them on Tiny Toon Adventures, haha. I think that this was one of the songs in the episode of TTA where their songs were played, actually...)

That was fun.
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[b]1.][/b] "Alive with the Glory of Love"- Say Anything
[b]2.][/b] "Wake Up"- KoRn
[b]3.][/b] "Disassociative"- Marilyn Manson
[b]4.][/b] "Stinkfist"- Tool
[b]5.][/b] "Gramarye"- Remy Zero, Stigmata OST
[b]6.][/b] "The Reason"- Hoobastank
[b]7.][/b] "Way Away"- Yellowcard
[b]8.][/b] "Man that You Fear"- Marilyn Manson
[b]9.][/b] "Dance, Dance"- Fall Out Boy
[b]10.][/b] "Tu Maria"- Lole; Manuel, Kill Bill v1 OST

This seems to be fun, I'll probably come back to post again >: )[/color][/size]
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[COLOR=SeaGreen]1. Polythane Pam - The Beatles - Abbey Road - Ya know, if they say the Beatles never made a song that sucked, they were wrong. Polythane Pam is quite bad. I'm hard pressed to find any company for it though.

2. The Temples of Syrnix - Rush - 2112 - Technically amazing, Rush's instrumental proess manifests itself well in this song. Plus if you listen to it with the 2112 Overture it flows so well. Great song.

3. Lady Stardust - David Bowie - Ziggy Stardust - Very good song and one of my favourite chaptars to the Ziggy Stardust story that unfolds on David Bowie's classic album of the same name.

4. You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet - Bachman-Turner Overdrive - BTO II - BTO, good clean fun. Simple and fun, great song.

5. Super Sex World - One Ton - ? - :flush:

6. Sundown - Gordon Lightfoot - Gord's Gold - I love this song. Gordon Lightfoot's vocals are perfect for it.

7. Insomniacs of the World, Goodnight - Gord Downie - Coke Machine Glow - Very good, very slow, very peacful song. Very random and a little south of sanity aswell.

8. Home on the Strange - Geddy Lee - My Favourit Headache - Geddy Lee is the lead singer for Rush and this is his solo album. Very good song, I love his vocals, and he is one of the best bass players on earth.

9. Free in the Harbour - Stan Rogers - From Cofee House to Concert Hall - Amazing song by the folk legend.

10. Riders on the Storm - The Doors - ? - Hey, riders on the storm... what else do I need to say?

'Da Newf

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Oh boy. I wonder what I will get. Hmmm...

1. Zee Deveel-Incubus
2. Soldier Side-Intro-System of a Down
3. DARE-Gorillaz
4. Maingirl-Quasimoto
5. I'm Finding It Harder To Be A Gentleman-The White Stripes
6. The Exclusive-Quasimoto featuring MED
7. Sick Sad Little World-Incubus
8. Midnight Show-The Killers
9. Jackson-Johnny Cash
10. Intro-A New Found Glory

Wow, that was surprisingly fun!:animesmil I just might have to take it again sometime. I'm satisfied overall with my list. It would make good party music.:animestun I'm surprised that so Quasimoto and Incubus were both repeated.
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[COLOR=DarkOrange][SIZE=1]HA. I bet I beat you all for weirdness....

[B]1. Raga - Ravi Shankar.[/B] Pure sitar-y goodness. I love Ravi; he's a genius at his instrument. This is a very relaxing piece.

[B]2. Los Endos - Genesis. [/B]The final piece of the only non-Peter Genesis album that I actually like. Very cool, basically an instrumental rehashing of half the songs on the album...with some psuedo-Gabriesh at the end.

[B]3. Redemption - Switchfoot.[/B] One of my favorite songs off of "A Beautiful Letdown," and oddly ironic...I started this post at four am..."Four am, two hours to go...."

[B]4. Think for Yourself - [/B]The Beatles. One of the best George Harrison penned Beatles song that is sadly, often overlooked. Somewhat of an attitude, our Geo has...

[B]5. Sonic Boom Remix (Instrumental) - Sonic CD Soundtrack.[/B] Um...I honestly don't know...at least it was the instrumental version....

[B]6. Tubular Bells - Mike Oldfield.[/B] - aka "The Exorcist". Very creepy, if you have the patience for layered music. I can play this on my flute.

[B]7. The Yodeling Veterinarian - Veggietales.[/B] "But if I siiiiiiiiing, to your poor sick penguin...." No further comment.

[B]8. Getting Better All The Time - The Beatles.[/B] One of my first favorite Beatles songs, the first I had memorized, and on of the ones I identify with. It [i]is[/i] getting so much better all the time...

[B]9. 99 Luft Balloons - Nena.[/B] A happy, weird, almost post-apocalyptic song that sounds much better in German than it does in English.

[B]10. War Pigs - Black Sabbath.[/B] Heh. Probably one of the most awkward sounding songs ever written - but I love it. The droning chant of the vocals, the sirens...ooh, shiver! It loses its effect when sung by my mother though....scary! [Just kidding, Mom!][/SIZE]

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[size=1]Ok, let's see what I get:

[/size] [list=1]
[*]Rolling Sly Stone-Red Hot Chili Peppers
[*]Sarah-Thin Lizzy
[*]Higher Ground-Red Hot Chili Peppers
[*]She Has A Girlfriend Now-Reel Big Fish
[*]Moon Chavs-Jay Foreman (Don't ask)
[*]Baker Street-Foo Fighters Cover
[*]Shoot To Thrill-AC/DC
[*]Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band-The Beatles
[*]Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life-Monty Python
[*]I Got Life-Nina Simone
[/list] [size=1]Hmm, an eclectic mix of music.[/size]
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I should really listen to some of these songs I have on my computer...

1. Inside the Clinic - Stone Sour - Freddy versus Jason Soundtrack (never heard)
2. Third Eye - Tool - /-Enima (never heard)
3. Love the World - .hack//Project - .hack//LEGEND OF THE TWILIGHT
4. Warning - Green Day - Warning
5. The Only Time - Nine Inch Nails - Pretty Hate Machine
6. Alchemist of Sorrows - Cathedral - Endtyme (never heard)
7. Tom Sawyer - Rush - Moving Pictures
8. Mutatis Mutandis - Mudvayne - L.D.50 (never heard thank god)
9. Invincible - Static X - Shadow Zone (never heard unfotuanetaly)
10. Unstability - Various Artists - Boogiepop Phantom OST
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I'm doing it again, this time with my Yahoo! Launchcast radio. (Intobanality).

-[B]AFI; "But Home is Nowhere"[/B] - this calls for nostalgia. *_* I love any and every AFI, and unlike with Nightwish, their changes in sound doesn't bother me. I guess it's not much to say I've only listened to them since Sing the Sorrow, but I DID research and listen to the old stuff, too. =D
-[B]Joel Grey; "Wonderful"[/B] - OMGZ. WICKED. I love Wicked. So. So. SO. Much. <333
- [B]Five Iron Frenzy; "American Kryptonite" [/B]- ooh, more nostalgia. I remember listening to this during school, computer/business skills, via Windows Media Player. I'm so sneaky.
-[B]The Misfits; "Scream!"[/B] - finally, they're coming on my radio. I shall have to listen through. And thus far, I am liking it very much.
-[B]Newsboys; "Entertaining Angels"[/B] - meh. I'm not one for Christian rock, so I'm not sure why this is coming on.
-[B]Lars Frederikson and the...ahem *selfbleep*; "Skins, Punx, and Drunx"[/B] - hooray for mosh music. That wasn't very long at all...
-[B]Studio A Grand Night For Singing Cast; "Kansas City" [/B]
-[B]Veruca Salt; "Volcano Girls" [/B]
-[B]The Clash; "Know Your Rights"[/B]
-[B]London Phantom of the Opera; "Masquerade"[/B] - this version is slightly better than the movie.

*_* strange how addictive this is for me.
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This is such a weird mix (laughs) Oh Argentine, my iPod, how I love you.

[B]1. Tsugaru: Apple Remix- Dance Dance Revolution [/B] Well this one has a very Japanese-y feel to it, then gains a bit more techno in the background. Just a bit though.

[B]2. Frijolero- Molotov [/B] (smirks) Okay okay this is such an awful song if you know Spanish and can understand the lyrics but it's insanely catchy. I would sing the chorus here, since part of it is in English but uh, swearing ^_~

[B]3. Blue- The Birthday Massacre[/B] Well this is a rather dark sounding song. The actual music is either hard rock or metal of some type with a cutesy pop feel for the verses. A female sings the verses in a cute voice, while this creepy scream/whisper is the chorus.

[B]4. Life~Faraway Promise- Yasunori Mitsuda from the Chrono Cross OST[/B] Ooooh I love this song. It's the song that plays if you beat the final boss, during the in-game ending. It's not my favorite song from Chrono Cross, that honor goes to Radical Dreamers, but the soundtrack to that game is still my favorite.

[B]5. Decay- Rie Fu[/B] This one is the English version but I have the Japanese too. I really love Rie Fu's voice, it's very relaxing. Her songs aren't super deep but they are quite catchy and pretty ^^

[B]6. Superman Song- Crash Test Dummies[/B] Ah this song is rather sad actually. It sounds sad, just very soft and the focus is on the singing. Slow and sad sounding but it's nice.

[B]7. I've Got a Theory- Once More With Feeling from Buffy The Vampire Slayer[/B] Ahaha this song is so great. The whole Buffy Musical is really good but this is the cutest song on it. Who doesn't love Xander's witch rant and Anya preaching the evil of bunnies?

[B]8. Not Enough- Our Lady Peace[/B] This is a sad song too actually. The lyrics are sad and I think the singer does a good job of showing that. It's calm sounding but it's a rock song so it picks up in the chorus and in a part towards the end. One of my all time favorite songs.

[B]9. This Time Imperfect- AFI[/B] I don't actually know much of this band's music but my friend had me download this song. I really like it, it's somehow very catchy and it builds up nicely through the song. I've heard their other songs aren't as good but I'd recommend this one (well I recommend all the songs listed, ha)

[B]10. Coin Operated Boy- The Dresden Dolls [/B] Ahaha I love this band and I love this song! It's a bit...different but the lyrics are actually quite interesting and the music is catchy, if not a little bit odd. Really, look this up if you don't know it. It's so good.

Hee that was very amusing! I like seeing what everyone listens to as well. I heard your playlist says a lot about yourself. ^^ Well hope everyone enjoyed my list
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[font=Verdana][size=1]Since I use Foobar, my method to attain the information was a bit... different. I loaded all my music into a playlist, randomized the list 4-5 times, did a "play random" command.... aand then just coppied the first song, and next 10 songs that followed. Aaand I've done this more then once, just because the results were a bit tainted... *A list of almost entire Nirvana... and such... not as fun >_>*

[b]232. The Refreshments - [Wheelie #06] Girly[/b]
The Refreshments were an Arizona band from the early 90's... The music's loose, fun, and just easy to listen to. Some of it... get's reminisent of a "drunken stupor," but it's all in fun!

[b]233. Jack Off Jill - [Clear Hearts Grey Flowers #08] Witch Hunt[/b]
I have a diverse collection of friends, and I love them all... My friend Amanda was constantly talking about Jack Off Jill, and I do know a few of their songs... I finally snapped and asked her to bring me a decent CD of theirs... I'm so glad I did! I love it!

[b]234. Rage Against The Machine - [Rage Against The Machine #10] Freedom[/b]
Not much to say here... just good old spazzing music!

[b]235. Arch Enemy - Stigmata[/b]
As of recently, I've been getting more and more metal from friends... Arch Enemy is something I love. The lead singer Angela has a gorgeous voice *even when she's growling* And it's just so fun for me to listen to.... I love it. I recommend just giving them a listen. PureVolume.com has about 3 songs to demo.

[b]236. Disturbed - [Ten Thousand Fists #07] Sons Of Plunder[/b]
Dunno what to say about this... bought it on a whim... listen to it occasionally... meh.

[b]237. Jack Johnson - [In Between Dreams #14] Constellations[/b]
Great song... just somethin' truely different for me. It does have it's good moments, and I can convince my mum to listen to it over country on trips... >_> *She won't touch any of the rock/metal T.T*

[b]238. Green Day - [1,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours #10] The Judge's Daughter[/b]
This is older Green Day... Alot of that CD sounds the same, but I still love giving it a listen. I have a "new" CD of theirs to give a listen... but almost everyone's heard of/listened to Green Day.

[b]239. AFI - [The Art Of Drowning #02] The Lost Souls [/b]
Pretty much the same situation as the Jack Off Jill... raving friend, and me finally asking for some.

[b]240. 3 Doors Down - [Away From The Sun #05] Running Out of Days[/b]
Somethin' from my earlier years... I really didn't have "taste" but it was somethin' that I thought was worth buying. I haven't listened to it in a year or so... but no worries.

[b]241. Jack Off Jill - [Clear Hearts Grey Flowers #06] Author Unknown[/b]
... Yeah.

[b]242. Queens Of The Stone Age - [Lullabies To Paralyze #07] Little Sister[/b]
I've listened to them for a long while, and still love them. It killed me when my audio ripper genrelized them as Stoner Rock... lol
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1. I Keed-Triumph the comic insult dog
2. B.Y.O.B-System of a down
3. Ghost of you-My Chemical Romance
4. Sugar were going down-Fall Out Boy
5.Crime mob-Knuck if you buck
6. Three Six Mafia-Sippin on sum syrup
7. Gin and Juice-Snoop dog
8. Trillville-Some cut
9. Neva Eva-Lil john and the east side boys
10. Boyz in Da hood-Dem boyz
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[COLOR=Red]Here goes nothin'-

1. Perfect situation- Weezer
2. Lying from you- Linkin Park
3. B.Y.O.B- System of a Down
4. Everything is alright- Motion City Soundtrack
5. Blood red summer- Coheed and Cambria
6. Clint Eastwood- Gorillaz
7. Revolution- POD
8. American Idiot- Green Day
9. Barney theme song (i thought i had deleted that, oops)
10.My friends over you- New Found Glory

Schweet. and now i am deleting the barney theme song and going to strangle my little cousin.[/COLOR]
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[font=trebuchet ms][b]1011. Orphan, The - [There's Only One Thing Left To Do... #05] My Life As A Butcher [3:16][/b]
I saw this band live with Still Remains about a month and a half ago. Still Remains pwns this band, but they're still alright. They sound a bit like Thrice. I'm not into this song too much, they have a few better ones, but this is what random play is for.

[b]0561. KILLWHITNEYDEAD - [So Pretty So Plastic #02] Save Your Sermons for Sunday So I Can Sleep This Night Off [2:04][/b]
Here's a cool song. If you don't know who KWD is, they mix metal music with movie samples and come out with songs that are so violent and sick, but that's what makes them hilarious. This is the only un-serious band I can stand.

[b]0320. Comeback Kid - [Wake the Dead #03] Wake the Dead [3:17][/b]
I don't know what to say about these guys. In my opinion, they're a bad band, but they're catchy enough to make me like them. So... yeah.

[b]0182. Bury Your Dead - [Cover Your Tracks #12] Losin' It [1:14][/b]
Ripped this from Brad's collection. They're alright, they have catchy beats, decent lyrics, and a good live show. I really don't what to say about them or this song, I don't listen to them much.

[b]0449. Glass Casket - [We Are Gathered Here Today #06] Chew Your Fingers [3:11][/b]
I saw these guys live two nights ago. They're an amazing band with a sad story behind them. I don't know too much about it. I got to meet the drummer, he's a cool guy. Beware of headaches when listening.

[b]1016. Sound of Animals Fighting, The - [Tiger and the Duke #04] Act II: All is Ash or the Light Shining Through It [4:19][/b]
These guys are amazing, there's 15 members all from different bands, and they use animals pseudonyms instead of their real names. I only know of a few members, one of the singers is Anthony Green from Circa Survive, another singer from Finch, and two members of Rx Bandits. They're worth checking out if you're into emo music and want it pushed in a different direction.

[b]0923. Still Remains - [If Love Was Born to Die #04] The Task [4:19][/b]
Another one of Brad's cd's. I lvoe it, these guys are one of the best metal bands I've ever heard. If you want to get into them, this is one of their calmer songs.

[b]0486. Hopesfall - [A Types Disc 1 #06] The Ones [4:39][/b]
I miss the old Hopesfall, the only good new song they have is "Icarus," this one is alright, but it pales in comparison to their old cd.

[b]0788. School for Heroes - [Listen #04] Sleeping on Rocks [4:00][/b]
This is a beautiful song from a post-hardcore band from Florida that just got back together. "Sifter" is a better song, but whatever, it's random.

[b]0721. Rifles at Recess - [Whisper in Tongues #07] I Died Twenty Times in 1986 [3:26][/b]
Obviously, I love this band. If you don't know what I'm talking about, check my screen name, haha. My signature currently borrows from their song "Dance On Your Grave," which is a better song.

The end :p[/font]
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[COLOR=Indigo][SIZE=1][FONT=Arial]1. [b]Life on Mars[/b] - David Bowie
I honestly haven't listened to the Bowie stuff I have to describe this. lol It's Bowie though, so it must be good.

2. [b]Slide[/b] - Dresden Dolls
A good band (it's only two people :o) but again I don't remember this song. I don't listen to them often, they seem to depress me. Heh.

3. [b]Stoney[/b] - Local H
An... odd instrumental. Almost Industrial, heh, but we all know Local H is pure rock.

4. [b]Hey Daddy[/b] - KoRn
Not my favourite song by KoRn. I don't like much of Issues in general though - Untouchables is the album for me.

5. [b]Last Party[/b] - Voodoo Glow Skulls
A fantastic skacore song. It's great, I love it. Voodoo Glow Skulls in general are pretty awesome.

6. [b]When You Thought Nothing Was Happening[/b] - The Herd
A laidback song. I don't listen to it much, because I prefer punk to hip hop, however.

7. [b]Flirt[/b] - Zeromancer
I love all of Zeromancer's stuff. All of it. I prefer material on Eurotrash to Clone Your Lover though.

8. [b]Piggy[/b] - Nine Inch Nails
Slow, soft. Not my favourite NIN track, heh.

9. [b]Gimme Stitches[/b] - Foo Fighters
The pace and melody tend to get me down. It's alright though, [i]I guess[/i].

10. [b]Feel Good Hit of the Summer[/b] - Queens of the Stone Age
Insane. Madness. But oh so good.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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