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Is there anyone on the boards who is [i]in[/i] a band? If so, what kind? Where from? Who are your influences? And other generic band information would be appreciated.

I'll start:

Name: Scarlet O'Hara
Genre(s): Death metal/Metalcore/Hardcore
Location: AlaGa, US
Influences: Bleeding Through, Mortal Treason, The Black Dahlia Murder, Bury Your Dead, (old) underOath.

We're kind of the standard deathmetalcore lovechild that has become a popluar choice amongst low-level hard music ensembles in the last two years. That is to say, we have a vocalist(myself), two guitarists, one bassist, one drummer, and a synth player. We're also Christ-oriented, though we don't make a huge deal of it, leaving the music to simply be a reflection of who we are--thereby letting whatever content emerge that will.

We're increasingly trying to develope our own sound; one distinctly combining the technical end of such acts as Through the Eyes of the Dead, The Black Dahlia Murder, and even Bullet for My Valentine with the bludgeoning brutality of Bury Your Dead and Bleeding Through. All wrapped up in the angst, humor, and faith of a bunch of stupid scene kids from multiple musical backgrounds.

Now, let's hear about you.

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[FONT=Arial]I also have a band, but we've never had the chance to rehearse together. It's terrible; anytime I ask them over, the majority of them can't make it. I'm hoping to play some shows at the end of the year, so we have enough time to get ready (I'm praying).

Now, here's that generic information you wanted. =D

Name: Pandora in a Box
Genre(s): Punk, psychobilly, gothic, steampunk
Location: TaFlo (I'm copying you =D) US
Influences: Rasputina, Misfits, the Casualties

We have a few songs, but we haven't played them together yet. I guess you couldn't call us a real band if that's what it takes, but I have huge plans for PiaB. We all use aliases in the band, because I don't want to achieve fame or anything like that. We're going to try to play TSO's "Christmas Eve/Sarajevo 12/24" at my chorus' Winter concert, but I currently need two other guitarists and possibly another keyboardist.

Eight months though![/FONT]
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[size=1]Well we just got our line up together and we're just waiting for Nick, our drummer to get his set moved to his dad's house than we're gonna begin pracitcing. We've all been writing lyrics up the wing wang. This will also be our first time ever playing together. I'm the vocalist because at the moment I can't play anything other than drumming and I don't have a set. My freind Ky who helped concieve the band is the guitarist although we need to get him an electric guitar because he's only got an acoustic, which will be helpful for the progressive parts. Our bassist, Jessica, is our newest addition to the band and than there's Nick.

Name: The Mechanical Undead
Genre(s): Nu Metal/Hardcore/Shock Rock/
Location: Redmond, OR
Influences: Rob Zombie, Wednesday 13, Blind Guardian, Mudvayne, Darkest Hour.

Once we begin practicing we'll probably do a couple covers to see where we're at and how much work we'll need before we can start recording. So yeah, we're not really a real band yet but once we practice we'll definetly know if it's gonna work or not. I'm maybe looking for a keyboardist because I want to add a minor Industrial sound to our band. I'm pretty sure doing that will set us apart from the local bands.

We've already been through one bassist though who wanted to really take over control of the band when we all just want to jam and have fun and he was trying to take over....dirty facist.

We haven't yet decided if aliases will be used. We're definetly gonna dress up for shows and stuff when that day comes...[/size]
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About 5 monthes ago, I founded a band with a group of guys from work. I teach lessons at a Guitars Plus. I am the youngest one by five years, but I dont think they mind much. We have two Guitarists (me being lead) and I do some backup "singing" (screaming in my case). We have been to the Battle of the Bands of my school. It took some careful persuading to get them to be in it. Next friday, we are going to play from 6-11 at the hardrock cafe. I am terrified. I still dont know how we got to get there.

Name: Access Ramp
Genre(s): Metal, Nu Metal, Hard Rock, Twang, Grunt Metal, Irish punk
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Influences: Disturbed, System of a Down, Slipknot (not so much), Rob Zombie, As I Lay Dying, and more
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[font=trebuchet ms]I suppose I'm in a band. We're really just a group of friends who play together when we're able. I have been in two bands before, but I perfer to erase those from my memory.

Name: A Pile of Dead Lovers (unofficially)
Genre(s): Screamo, Post Rock, Grindcore
Location: High Point and Greensboro, NC
Influences: The Number Twelve Looks Like You, Circle Takes the Square, City of Caterpillar, Off Minor, Canvas Solaris, The Sound of Animals Fighting

We've only written two of our own songs so far, and both are similar to Between the Buried and Me or City of Caterpillar in a way that they start really heavy before suddenly going into calmer, more subdued rythms. I have no major plans for this band, it's just something fun to do.[/font]
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im in one:

name: the textbook murder
sounds like: marylin manson and bloc party playing at a crystal method show, with a bunch of orcestrated stuff
location: London, UK and Las Vegas, NV
genres: nu-metal, punk and electronica/ambient

well, we havent started yet, because im in london, and the rest are in Vegas, we're planning to get our equipment through selling ramen at the park when i head home in the summer. i cant name the groups influnces, but i can name mine, though

bloc party
linkin park*
green day*
my chemical romance**
senses fail
fall out boy*
the crystal method
the chemical brothers
the legion of doom
JXL (aka, Junkie XL)

*= one that the entire band agrees on
** = one that a particular member likes, which is not me

i play bass,work on the elctronic aspect and i'll do some screaming.

we're also planning to play different postions in different songs.

we should have our EP out pretty soon.

and i just hope our ticket money'll head to local chairities.

yes, it's true, Mr. Fury has a soft spot.

i dont know if we'll do the slipknot thing, where they have aliases.

right now im fighting an uphill current.

two of the five of us want to all of us to go goth, but i argue against it, and the other other memebers right now are neutral on this arguement.

right now the positions are:

Leon Fury - bassist/ vocals
Cray - drummer
Lex- strings
Mastenn- lead gutair
Jordan- vocals/gutair

i hope we'll have enough time to sort everything out.

i want to play our first gig at The Joint @ the hard rock, on New Years' Eve 2007

thanks for listening,

Leon Fury.
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Well, I only just recently picked up a guitar and began learning, and in 2 weeks my little brothers get their very own drum and bass guitar. The plan is: start a band since I've written like 100 songs. If my brothers can't learn to play, I plan to master all three instruments and be like Trent Reznor.

Name: Moon Tan (tentative)
Genre: Prog rock, metal, punk
Location: Somewhere in Virginia
Influences: Tool, System Of A Down, Bad Acid Trip, The Mars Volta, Green Day, Coheed & Cambria

The songs I've written usually deal with: how bad society is, how bad government s, injustice, and some stuff that I just thought sounded cool.
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I'm in a band called "Cybernetic Effect" with pretty much no music talent lol. It's barely even a band right now, it just me and a few of my friends getting together to create a few techno beats and mix them with other rhythms and then sample it with music software until it becomes our own track. The motivation for doing this was originally to create new tracks for Dance Dance Revolution, so we have about 4 different instrumental techno songs composed. But we recruited a capable vocalist, and I can play acoustic pretty well, so we've started working on a few vocal songs that combine acoustic and keyboards with techno. Our lyrical style is pretty much about angst and trying to find ways to overcome it. Overall though, my band's not anything I should brag about yet.

Anyway, do any of you guys have MySpaces or something for your bands. You all sound interesting enough to check out.
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Hey guys.

I was wondering if anyone else is in a band. If so. What kind of music do you play, what do you do in the band, what's the name of your band, and maybe some lyrics to one of your songs.

Well, my band, [B]Blood Red Grace[/B], is a hardcore band. Some of our influences are Killswitch Engage, As I Lay Dying, Norma Jean, and the like. I am the vox. We currently have 3 original songs done.

Here are the lyrics to our newest song.

Serenade Of The Fallen

The sun rises after a bloodbath
A new revolution becoming the new regime
We can only watch as we become taken over
An invocation that summons the angel

The serenade of the fallen
The siren song of the underground
My voice resides on these mountaintops
An avalanche of all you know and love

I shall bring to you all you seek
Shattering it before your eyes
How does it feel to become souless?
Devoid of all emotion and passion?

The time has come to destroy you again and again
Burning the reason for you to stay
You finally return home only to find
Your home set aflame by our armies of your dead

The serenade of the fallen
The siren song of the underground
My voice resides on these mountaintops
An avalanche of all you know and love

You will know our wrath
You shall know our pain
You shall know our desire
You shall know our bloodlust

The time has come to destroy you again and again
Burning the reason for you to stay

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[size=1]Yes, I am in a band. We play...I guess you could call it Alternative Rock, but it really encompasses a massive variety of different genres. Rock, Blues, Ska, Reggae, Funk, Progressive, and a lot of other genres you can think of.

We are called [b]The Krush[/b], and we have a site on Myspace if you really want to take a look: it's right [url="http://www.myspace.com/thekrushreading"][b]here[/b][/url]

We don't have any songs up yet as we haven't had a chance to record any, but hopefully by the time we are in college (next year) we will be able to bung some tracks up on there.

Anyway, we currently have 3 finished songs with about 3 more in the pipeline. The very first song we ever wrote was called [b]With Me[/b], and the lyrics kinda sound like we were all on acid when we wrote them, but we honestly weren't. Then we wrote [b]Last Chance[/b], which is kind of a ballad, with a harmonica in it and everything, and our latest song is called [b]Come To The Fair[/b], and it is very tongue-in-cheek, with lines such as:

"Try all the rides, and the big ferris wheel [big ferris wheel]"

Anyway, I almost forgot. I play bass and give backing vocals. It's pretty cool. If you look at our Myspace page, I'm the one wearing the hat in all the pictures.
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I own a guitar, and my bro owns a brumkit, and my other bro owns a bass. The origional idea ws to become a band, but both of them totally lost interest >_> also, I don't play guitar well, but I'm a really good singer so I'd like to do that. I've written lyrics for like 100 songs.....

I want to have a band called [B]Moon Tan[/B]. Prefferedly a metal/prog rock band. If I can find some people who play some instruments, then I'd be set.
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My friend and I are working on a band. I write songs all the time, so I think it's only smart to form something. I played one song at my class's Graduation and everyone wanted a copy of it, so I guess I'm good? Names are pending right now, but we're basically set on the name [b]Who Killed Icarus[/b]. Other names were things like [b]Pitch White[/b] or [b]The Orange Mocha Frappachinos[/b] (if we decided we'd be a comedy band after all). We're still practicing, but it'll be fun. I play bass and piano/keyboard as well as vocals.
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[font=trebuchet ms]I think I posted in a topic like this one before... Oh well.

I don't know if I can consider what I am a part of as a band. We started as A Pile of Dead Lovers, it was me and my friend Brad, we both did dueling vocals, I played guitar and wrote the songs, Brad played bass. We had a friend, Greg, who played drums with us, but his increasingly busy schedule forced him to quit after he missed about ten practices in a row. Since then, we've started playing with my friend, Neil, who plays guitar a bit better than me. We're working on getting my friend Shay to play drums for us, but her parents interfere way too much.

So, I guess we're what you could call an emo/metal garage band, lol. Except we usually play in my bedroom (which is quite spacious). As A Pile of Dead Lovers, we've written four songs (from memory). We'd like to be more lyric-based, but we also enjoy playing technical parts. I find it difficult as a songwriter to balance out the heavyness and skill factor, especially when we sing/scream and play instruments at the same time. We haven't gotten good enough to where we can add vocal parts over difficult parts where I'd like them. And, you know... no drummer.

We draw a lot of our inspiration from You and I, Neil Perry, Saetia, Protest the Hero, and Canvas Solaris. The last two don't really belong, but we enjoy the technicality of it and those bands inspired certain aspects of our sound.[/font]
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[quote name='RiflesAtRecess][font=trebuchet ms']I think I posted in a topic like this one before... Oh well.[/quote][/font][font=Verdana][color=blue]You have, which is why I'm merging the two threads. For those of you who may have answered this question twice now though, don't worry about it - it's inevitable when threads are merged.[/color][/font]
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Click here to hear some songs by my band, Edda:


We play melodic Viking Metal, and lyrics are (of course) Viking and Pagan related.

Fimbulwinter is the most complete song we have up. I hope you guys enjoy!

Please post any suggestions here in this thread! I'd really appreciate it!

[COLOR=Indigo][SIZE=1] Merged the threads. -Amelia[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[color=indigo][size=1][font=arial]I listened to Fimbulwinter, heh. It seems more black metal to me, but my main focus is industrial music, so I could be wrong. lol It's very cool, and pretty solid. Keep at it, and Roadrunner will pick you up in no time.[/font][/size][/color]
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[font=trebuchet ms]I added you guys on MySpace, I'm Kevin with the green default picture. Your band rules Jake, although my current tastes go for faster vocals. I understand that's not your style. I'm interested in how it got started since you live in different states. :)[/font]
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[size=1]I listened Fimbulwinter and I must say, I love the melodic voice that sings "As autumn falls away/Like the leaves it once.." That voice makes me want to cry. Haha, no literally, but yeah, I think you got my point. Whoever that is singing deserves a "I Made Lan Cry" award. lol

However, your screaming voice could use a lot of work. It sounds like it's coming out of your throat too much, and it sounds like it must hurt. Badly. (Correct me if I'm mistaken, please.) It doesn't sound.. right?

While I'm more interested in the more faster and hardcore side of metal, I have to admit you guys sound pretty darn good. You've just got to work on the screaming/growl of yours. If you'd like some pointers, feel free to PM me. :D

Keep at it and let me know if you guys come out with new stuff. :)[/size]
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I'd have to say from being in a band somewhat in the same field as yours, Rifles, that bringing in the brutality that we want next to the technicality that we want is our biggest problem. It's also difficult to get a group of musicians to subscribe to one sound once that sound is crafted.

If you listened to the stuff on our myspace, and then heard us live tomorrow, the change-without-changing, if you will, would probably make you question your life.

Basically, where we're at now...we've found an interesting niche between Bleeding Through and Job For a Cowboy. Complete with melodic hooks that transform into blast beats. It works, we've seen some fair success and all. But it's not exactly what I want to make.

My next band with probably a straight Cannibal Corpse/Morbid Angel/Napalm Death death metal band. No melodic chorusi, and drum work that only sometimes leaves the blast beat--gallop--death beat realm.

The difference between all trill death metal bands and my next prospective project will be this: No screaming. No growling. Straight singing. Pretty sure that'll mess somebody's day up somewhere.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
If not ALTTC, then a southern metal band. Take Pantera, throw it off time, add more complexity and southern homestyle cookin'. Enter the realm of---- Gutterdogs/Dogteeth--definate pending.

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[quote name='DeadSeraphim][color=indigo][size=1][font=arial]Keep at it, and Roadrunner will pick you up in no time.[/font][/size'][/color][/quote]

I really hope to the Gods that Roadrunner never, [I]ever[/I] signs my band... the only redeeming factors of Roadrunner are Opeth, DragonForce, Nightwish, and 3 Inches of Blood. Other than that: eeeeew. I'd hate to be counted among the ranks of garbage like Slipknot, Ill Nino, and Nickleback.

As for the growling, a lot of the low and high got lost in the mixing... it sounds quite a bit different live and on the unmixed recording. We're working on it constantly, so keep checking back.

By the way, for you Metalheads who like it faster, we have another song coming that is a (Nifl)hel of a lot faster than the other ones on the site. Anyway, keep checking back for updates and stuff.
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Ya I m in one in a way. My bets friend and guitar player and I have been playing togther for 7 years now. We love it but dont always get time to jam as much as we want. We have had a few bass players over the years......they all fel through! Damn bass players lol no offence. We are still looking. Recenlty Shalina( the guitar player) her boyfriend has kinda joined us. He plays guitar too but must settle for rythem...no one takes over the lead from her lol! OR ELSE!!!!! Mostly tho when a new mwmber jojns you can so tell it's us and this new person but our rythem gutarist not so much as he is her boyfriend and my friend too. We all get along great. Me I'm the drummer! WE play all kinds of music. We love rock and metal. Some of our fav bands:

Bon Jovi
Rolling Stones
The Beatles
Led Zepplin
Def Leppard
Pink Folyd
Dire Straits
Simon Ahd Garfunkel
The Clash
Green Day
The Corrs
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Yeah... I'm in a couple of bands. But, the one where I went the farthest in was called "Fist Full of Mirrors".

I played the drums. We had... 4 people in it, but then the lead guitarist started to hold us back, because all he wanted to do was play sogns that were like Nirvana. So, we ditched him, and now it's only three people. But, us three are in another band too. So.. yeah. It's all gewd. =o

^This is our myspace. You can check out our recorded songs, if you want. ^-^''
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Ok, here we go...

[B]Name[/B]: The Red Shovels/ The Owls/ Parade/ Siphon Duo (picking betwixt the four names)
[B]Genre[/B]: Instrumental
[B]Influences[/B]: The Mars Volta, Volta Do Mar, King Crimsom, Yes, Liquid Tension Experiment, Oxes, The Number Twelve Looks Like You, Modest Mouse, Pink Floyd, Explosions in the Sky, This Will Destroy You, Jeff Beck, The Cancer Conspiracy

[B]Members[/B]: Me-guitar
Nnamdi- drums and bass
Rich- tea and sympathy

We are good.

We should have a MySpace soon once we finish recording. We try to fit alot of things in a song, but still play with some style and technique. It's not just a riff-o-rama for seven minutes straight. Remember that kids, melody is the key to an enjoyable song.
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