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Sign Up The Fast and the Furious: Monaco Blaze [M-SLV]


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[font=Trebuchet MS][color=DimGray][u][b]Welcome to Monaco, Europe.[/b][/u][/center]

So? you?ve come to play in my league? This is no free ride. Any races that run in these streets go through me. And if you don?t play by my rules, you?d better watch your back.

Monaco is known for three things: gambling, crime and rich people. Whether it?s fortunate or not, I?m one of those three. My family is rich ? really rich. But I guess that comes from being second-cousins to the royal family. My father, Heratio Armeni, is a famous F1 (Formula-1) driver, so I know my way around a car and I know what makes them tick. My uncle was a police informant with the Mafia. He played both sides and gathered a lot of contacts before he died. So don?t make the mistake of thinking I?m just a pretty face.

Anyway, if you?re going to run in this part of the world, you?d better have some credentials. I?m going to pull up your rap sheet. You should know what a rap sheet is ? the report that police keep on you ? your traffic offence record. It doesn?t matter if you?re not from Europe, you can?t start fresh here. Your past will always catch up to you, especially in this town. If you?re hiding something from me or my crew, I will find out eventually.

And in case you?re wondering, I don?t drag ? I drift. My ride is nothing to sneeze at. And the name is Rei ? Rei Armeni.[/font][/color]


[size=1]Welcome to the Fast and the Furious: Monaco Blaze RPG. It?s been a long time since I?ve created an RPG on here, so forgive me if I?m a bit rusty.

Ok. This RPG is about the whole underground racing scene that Fast and Furious have made famous. I?ve tried to incorporate elements of the street racing series Need for Speed in this RPG as well as some elements from the Fast and Furious movies.

For this RPG, I?m going to try something different. As players in this RPG, you are allowed free reign over who your character is and what they do. What I mean by this is that I?m willing to give you the creative leeway to create outlandish characters if you wish. They could be an undercover police informant, or a daughter of the Mafia. You also don?t have to be from Europe. You can be a newcomer, or a veteran of the Monaco racing scene, since the small country of Monaco will be the centre scene of this RPG. It is totally up to you. However, keep in mind that this is a real-life RPG. People can die.

Our characters don?t have to know each other. There can even be some rivalries ? violent or not ? if you wish. But if you do know some character, please put them down in the sign-up under ?Known Associations?.

Lastly, I will also be enforcing a posting order, so no one is left out. This is also to keep the RPG flowing slowly and evenly, so people can keep up. There will be an Underground thread for questions, queries or suggestions as well as extra information.

Now the sign-up. I tried to be original and incorporate the Need for Speed: Most Wanted rap sheet that is used in the game. Since I don?t have it on hand, I made it up from what I could remember of it.


[INDENT][font=Courier New][center]
[size=3][b][u]Rap Sheet[/u][/b][/size]

[b]Report filed by:[/b] (which authority made this report. eg. Miami PD)

[b]Age:[/b] (19+)
[b]Short Bio:[/b] (two paragraph max)


[b]Traffic Offences:[/b]
(what traffic offences have you committed. Eg. speeding excessively)


[b]Preferred Rides:[/b]
(the cars you use to race or be seen with)


[b]Known Associations:[/b]
(other characters that you know in this RPG)[/font][/INDENT]

[size=1]I will be adding my character later. I also sent a PM to the mods of this section, since I accidently posted this thread before I remembered to put a rating on it.[/size]
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[COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=1]This is new. I am a big car fan so I am in.

[B]Report Filed by: [/B] Berlin PD

[B]Name: [/B] [url=http://www.ninjor.com/art/practice/trigun_vash_angelarm_colors.jpg]Dustin Schiender. Goes by Jager[/url](Click for appearance) Black Denim jeans and a tight blue short sleeved shirt.
[B]Age: [/B] 26
[B]Gender: [/B] Male
[B]Occupation: [/B] Runs a custom shop garage. Rumored to be involved in illegal activities.
[B]Nationality: [/B] German
[B]Short Bio: [/B] Born and raised in Germany. He is very strong into where he came from. When he was three, his dad bought him a toy car. He almost never put it down, except when he would get a new toy car. As he grew older, the toy cars where replaced with models. He assembled hundreds of model kits that covered his room.

When he turned fourteen he began to help his uncle as a assistant mechanic and in a few years could take apart and assemble any kind of car within half a day. It was on his seventeenth birthday that he witnessed his first street race. As soon as the two cars took off he knew what he wanted to do. He has been racing ever since then.

When he turned nineteen his freind approached him with a deal. It involed lots of money, but to get the money he had to run drugs back and forth from the producers to the dealers. After about five minutes of thinking he went with his friend. It went good for several years until he was cught after a long chase and put in jail. Then men he worked for though bailed him and now he is back to drug running.

[B]Traffic Offenses: [/B] Excessive speeding. Drving without a liscense. Endangering pedestrians. Drug running. Failure to pull over when asked. Multiple high speed pursuits. The list goes on....

[B]Preferred Rides: [/B] All paint schemes are steel jet black with two wide blue racing stripes running down.[url=http://dodge.jbcarpages.com/Charger/2006/Bilder/Bild29.php]1969 Dodge Charger R/T[/url],[url=http://www.autoclub.com.au/uploaded_images/techart-widebody-porsche-boxster-2006-766623.jpg]Porsche Boxster[/url],[url=http://www.motorcities.com/media/image/640/05E5L392808997A/2006-Porsche-Carrera-GT-Gemballa-Gullwing-Edition-Hoax-or-Holy-Crap!-A-640.jpeg]Porsche Carrera GT[/url],[url=http://www.leasewaypr.com/Main/images/Durango.jpg]lifted Dodge Durango, what he uses to haul his cargo around[/url] and the [url=http://www.otoalsat.com/hobi/wallpapers/800x600/dodge_viper_gts_800x600.jpg]Dodge Viper GTS/R[/url]

[B]Known associations: [/B] Aurora 'Rei' Aremeni and Harrison Said from frequent body and engine work on their car. Brian Walker through a previous race. Suki Soma through car work[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=Navy][FONT=Courier New][B]Report filed by:[/B] Tokyo PD

[B]Name:[/B] Chimeiteki Hikari, her real name is only known by those close to her, ie. family, best friends. To everyone else she is known as "Sakura".
[B]Age:[/B] 24
[B]Gender:[/B] Female
[B]Occupation:[/B] Hired Assassin and Street Racer
[B]Nationality:[/B] Japanese
[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL=http://img301.imageshack.us/img301/5099/girls836vv.jpg]Here[/URL]
[B]Short Bio:[/B] The Chimeiteki is infamous around Japan, producing some of the most notorious people in society, and Hikari isn't an exception to that, being raised by her parents as an assassin. She's somewhat insulted that her parents gave her such a name since the name is so pure, and the work she's doing is far from that. But she soon came up with a way to make it devilish, Light of Death. But she still prefers the name Sakura and that's her alias to clients.

Sakura has known about street racing since she was a little kid because her brother was one and she idolised her brother since he was the pride of the family, her parents were always praising him because he was a better assassin than her. Now, people wonder why she doesn't hate him instead of love him, that's because he was always nice to her and would comment that she would become great too, then their parents would notice her.

Her life changed when she was 15 because she returned home from a mission in the early hours of the morning as the sun was rising, and she saw her brother's favourite car in the driveway, all crumpled from an accident. She ran into the house and saw her parents crying, they told her that he had died in a high speed crash that had killed him on impact. She was the sole heir of the family and now she had to take her brother's spot, that's when she started racing, also when she first got charged for driving without a license, but she continued to do so, just bailing herself out with her own money. Sakura's now a ruthless killing, racing machine.


[B]Traffic Offences:[/B]
-Excessive Speeding
-Running/Speeding from Police
-Driving without a License
-Endangering Pedestrians


[B]Preferred Rides:[/B]
Nissan 350Z, Enzo Ferrari, Lamborghini Murciélago, Porsche Carrera GT, Koenigsegg CCR/CCX.
Also seen riding a black or silver Suzuki Hayabusa.


[B]Known Associations:[/B]
-Fudokawa Kanaye
-Harrison Said (Harry)
-Brian Walker (Alex)
-Aurora Armeni (Rei)
-Katrina J. Kang[/FONT][/COLOR]

[B]OOC:[/B] Erk, let me know if I have to change anything. I don't know much about cars ^_^;;;
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[COLOR=Black][FONT=Courier New]Report Filed By: Las Vegas PD
Name: Brian Walker [Alex Walker]
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Occupation: theoretical physist / part time bartender/dj at the joint inside the hard rock hotel, in Vegas
Nationality: english, japanese and filipino
[*]Athletic build
[*]Filipino skin complexion
[*]stands at 6'3"
[*]197 lbs.
[*]red couloured contacts
[*]hair cut military style, whitegreyish colour
[*]two dogtags, one for him, one for his deceased girlfriend
[*]black jeans
[*]black muscle shirt
[*]black and white racing gloves

Bio:He has been in the racing scene since his junior days of high school everything went his way, kept on winning races and his garage got bigger but it took a turn for the worse when his parents were victims to a drag race he participated in, both of them killed instantly, he was accused of killing both of them, and to this day, they have not found any DNA evdence against him.

He was put into jail for alledged 2nd degree murder, he has been bailed out by a friend of his, but it came with a price, but unbeknownst to his female cop friend he is part of the japanese yakuza. He has been sent through his deceased girlfriend's will, to monaco for a vacation. He's pretty excited that he'll get to race again, and the fact that some of the world's best drivers are being called out to such a small country.

[*]Excessive Speeding [5 counts]
[*]Disturbing The Peace [12 counts]
[*]Resisting Arrest [16 counts]
[*]Endangering Pedestrian Safety [2 counts]
[*]Destruction Of Private Property [8 counts]
[*]Destruction Of Public Property [7 counts]
[*]Driving Without A License [5 counts]
[*]Wreckless Driving [6 counts]
[*]Allegded 2nd Degree Murder: [COLOR=Red] STILL UNDER INVESTIGATION [/COLOR]
[*]Grand Theft Auto [1 count] : [COLOR=Red] CHARGE DROPPED [/COLOR]
[*]Assault Of A Police Officer [3 counts]
Preffered Rides: [list]
[*][URL=http://www.strangevehicles.com/images/content/105339.JPG]Nissan Skyline GTR[/URL] / Last Seen: 11/9/04
colour: as pictured
[*][URL=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Ducati_HyperMotard_800.jpg]Ducati HyperMotard Prototype[/URL] / Last Seen: 2/15/05
colour: as pictured
[*][URL=http://ultimategto.com/cgi-bin/showcar.cgi?type=show&pic=/1968/68h_00007_1]Pontiac GTO[/URL] [Engine swapped with Nissan Skyline GTR R32 Engine] / Last Seen: 25/12/05 :[COLOR=Red] CEASED BY LOCAL AUTHORITY[/COLOR]
colour: dark metal blue w/ white racing stripes
[*][URL=http://www.motordesktop.com/wallpaper/sportscars/Mitsubishi%20Lancer%20Evolution%20IX%20-%201024x768.jpg]Lancer Evolution IX[/URL] / Last Seen: 2/7/06
colour: as pictured
[*][URL=http://shervinrs.persiangig.com/image/Bazikade2/Need4Speed/BMW-M3-GTR.jpg]BMW M3 GTR[/URL]
colour: as pictured
Known Associations: [list]
[*]Sakura / Due To The Yakuza Bussiness
[*]Rei / Due To Knowing Sakura
[*]Katrina J. Kang / Worked At The Joint
[*]Jager / Known Through Previous Race
[*] Jack / Made Frequent Stops To The Joint
[/list] [/COLOR][/FONT]
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[SIZE=1][B]Report filed by:[/B] New York PD

[B]Name:[/B] Fudokawa Kanaye
[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v219/AzureImi/taebin_99.jpg]Kanaye[/URL]
He's usually seen wearing tightish sleeveless shirts, his forearms covered in sweat bands and bangles, or racing glaves. He also wears the dog tags seen in the picture at all times.
[B]Age:[/B] 21
[B]Gender:[/B] Male
[B]Occupation:[/B] Seems to be one who switches between jobs quite frequently. Has worked as a mechanic, but has been seen to be working in a popular New York bar for the last few months as a barman.
Nationality: Japanese
[B]Short Bio:[/B] Kanaye was born in Tokyo, Japan, but shortly after his third birthday was uprooted from his home to live with an aunt and uncle in New York. His parents, he was always told, had been killed in a car crash, with him being the only survivor. This is probably what sparked his lust for cars, in an odd way, because he felt that if he had survived one car crash he could survive them all.

He lives up to his name, Kanaye meaning 'zealous child'. He approaches life aggressively, having been told (probably too much) by his aunt and uncle that he was a star child, looked kindly upon by the gods, and that is why he was saved all those years ago. He lives without a care and the only thing that really matters to him is racing, it makes him feel truly alive.

He is currently in Monaco due to a friend's tip-off that many of the top class drivers are meeting there. He wishes to move in with a higher, more respected, crowd.

[B]Traffic Offences:[/B] Speeding. Taunting Police. Obscene behaviour in public places. Anti-Social behaviour.


[B]Preferred Rides:[/B] Kanaye has only two cars that he is known to stick with. One, his racing car, is a silver [URL=http://www.sportscarcup.com/cars/pagani-zonda-f-front.jpg][U][U]Pagani Zonda[/U][/U][/URL],while the car he uses for day to day driving is a [URL=http://www.usedvauxhallcentre.co.uk/VX220.jpg][U][U]Vauxhall VX220 Turbo[/U][/U][/URL], which would be smoked by real racing cars, but can still reach very high speeds.

He also owns a bike, a black [URL=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kawasaki_Ninja_ZX-14R][U]Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14[/U][/URL] , but this is usually just for show. He's said to have ordered a burnt orange [URL=http://www.3drt.com/3dm/cars/toyota_rsc/rs_01.jpg][U]Toyota RSC[/U][/URL], which he jokingly claims is for 'intimidation purposes'.


[B]Known Associations:[/B] Michael Mulcahy, Sakura, Carter Russel, Katrina J. Kang

I've been waiting for someone to start an F&F Roleplay since I saw the third movie. Mega props, Dare.

[B]Edit:[/B] Gavin, the Koenigsegg? that car is, like, a monster. ;___; (And really annoying to spell.)

[B]Edit 2:[/B] I was playing GT:Concept last night to get myself used to the Zonda again, and I remembered the love I had for the RSC. I know it's a concept car, but is it okay for Kanaye to get one later on in the story? Let me know if it isn't.[/SIZE]
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[FONT=Verdana][LEFT][SIZE=1][b][Edit][/b] Done and dusted, anyone who complains about my CCX is just jealous they've not got such an awesome car.

[B][U]Rap Sheet[/U][/B]

[B]Report filed by:[/B] An Garda Síochána [Irish Police Force][/center]
[B]Name:[/B] Michael Mulcahy

[B]Age:[/B] 29

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL=http://zeitgeistglee.250free.com/Mulcahy.jpg]Michael[/url]

[B]Occupation:[/B] Currently works as head of security in a Monaco bank.

[B]Nationality:[/B] Irish

[B]Short Bio:[/B] Regular traffic offender Michael Mulcahy first came to the attention of An Garda Síochána at age sixteen when he was found driving his father?s Volkswagen without a licence, is recorded to have attempted to talk his way out of the situation, a now known tactic of Mulcahy. Sergeant Noel Prendergast records that while the boy was cooperative with him, he refused to admit any wrong-doing, stating that he was merely test driving the ?bucket?. Left off with a warning, it was hoped that this incident would have an effect on the young man.

Less than six months later, having turned seventeen and acquired his own licence, Mulcahy was caught for six separate traffic violations including Speeding, Reckless Driving, Failure to Stop at Traffic Lights and Driving Uninsured. While the case proceeded to the Circuit Courts, all but the Failure to Stop at Traffic Lights and Driving Uninsured were dropped, it is unknown why the other four offences were dismissed, but given the inherent wealth of Mulcahy?s own family, there may have been outside influence. Mulcahy was left off with a fine of £500 and told not to appear before the court again.

By nineteen Michael had broken into the London underground racing circuit, and had paced up some impressive victories in drag races. Over the next twelve years, and dozens of traffic violations in and outside of Ireland, as well as racing victories in the United States, Germany and Russia, Mulcahy moved to Monaco, seeing the tiny nation as a nice getaway from the more oppressive law enforcement. Given his family?s suspected connections to illegal Republicanism in Ireland, it is likely he will be guarded when not racing, and will show little respect to the established organised crime families.[/INDENT]


[B]Traffic Offences:[/B]
Speeding: 9 Counts [3 Dismissed]
Reckless Driving: 2 Counts
Public Endangerment: 1 Count
Driving Without a Licence: 2 Counts
Driving Uninsured: 4 Counts
Public Nudity: 3 Counts
Obscene Behaviour in a Vehicle: 2 Counts
Failure to Pull-Over: 6 Counts
Failure to stop at Traffic Lights: 17 Counts

[[B]Currently banned from driving in the Republic of Ireland.[/B]]


[B]Preferred Rides:[/B]

[url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Koenigsegg_CCX][B]Koenigsegg CCX[/B][/url][/center][INDENT]Mulcahy?s Koenigsegg was purchased upon his moving to Monaco, with the expressed purpose of being his racing machine. Aside from having the car repainted a metallic midnight blue from it's original factory metallic black, Michael has made no alterations, see the car as a perfect already. The CCX model Michael uses for racing features the optional rear spoiler to give better control at high speeds, but reduces the overall top-speed by a small degree.

[CENTER][url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BMW_Z4][B]BMW Z4 Roadster[/B][/url][/CENTER]

Mulchahy's everyday work car, given the Koenigsegg would most certainly draw unwanted attention. It's silver metallic finish better reflects his position of prestige as head of Banque de Monaco security. If he feels the CCX is warranted for a race, he has been known to use the Z4, but not often as he doesn't usually compete in races he feels are unwarranted.[/INDENT]

[B]Known Associations:[/B]
Fudokawa Kanaye
Jackie Meyer
Mike Drossopoulos
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[U][B][COLOR=DarkOrange]Rap Sheet[/COLOR][/B][/U]

[U][COLOR=DarkOrange][B]Report filed by:[/B][/COLOR][/U] Sydney PD

[U][COLOR=DarkOrange][B]Name: [/B][/COLOR][/U] Harrison Said, Called Harry by those who know him.
[U][COLOR=DarkOrange][B]Age:[/B][/COLOR][/U] 31
[U][COLOR=DarkOrange][B]Gender:[/B] [/COLOR] [/U] Male
[U][COLOR=DarkOrange][B]Occupation:[/B][/COLOR][/U] Cardio Thoracic Surgeon
[U][COLOR=DarkOrange][B]Appearance:[/B][/COLOR][/U] [URL=http://img226.imageshack.us/img226/4121/matteee73om.png]+Click+[/URL]
[U][COLOR=DarkOrange][B]Nationality:[/B][/COLOR][/U] Australian
[U][COLOR=DarkOrange][B]Short Bio: [/B][/COLOR][/U]
Harry was born to a rich family, having a well known plastic surgeon for a farther and an equally as well known barrister for a mother. His parents were hardly ever around their large home which allowed him to get away with a lot of things. He attended schooling at The King?s School in Sydney for all of his schooling life. After which we went to the University of New South Whales where he studied to become a Doctor after which he took up an internship at the Sydney Hospital. He decided that he wanted to be a surgeon but not like his father. He became a registrar at age 27 and a Cardio Thoracic Surgeon at age 29.

Harry never had many friends at school or in his adult life; he began to street race at a young age to gain the attention of others. His parents never gave it to him, not even when he did well at school, so he sought it out else where. His father and mother bought him expensive and rare cars as birthday and Christmas presents, they felt they needed to make up for years when they hardly spoke a word to him. He never had any siblings.

Harry developed a love for cars out of a love for pure speed; he quickly became addicted to the buzz he got from racing. He had been a good boy all his life, racing on the underground circuits gave him something different to do with his spare time. Currently he is on ?holiday? in Monaco after an ?innocent? car accident.


[U][COLOR=DarkOrange][B]Traffic Offences:[/B] [/COLOR] [/U]
- Driving under the influence.
- Excessive speeding.
- Dangerous driving.
- Driving without a license.
- Resisting arrest due to traffic offences.
- Failing to remain at the scene of an accident.

[U][COLOR=DarkOrange][B]Preferred Rides: [/B] [/COLOR] [/U]

-[URL=http://img70.imageshack.us/img70/8778/maserati1bj.png]Maserati Coupe 2004[/URL]: Low stake races and casual driving
Colour: Black

-[URL=http://img145.imageshack.us/img145/1908/lamboghini0tp.png]2000 Lamborghini Diablo VT Roadster Millennium[/URL]: Racing only
Colour: Black, repainted from silver

-[URL=http://img145.imageshack.us/img145/8631/ultima6xf.png]Ultima GTR 640[/URL]: Racing only, he will only race this car if it is a "do or die" situation, nothing less.
Colour: Black, repainted from red

[U][COLOR=DarkOrange][B]Known Associations: [/B] [/COLOR] [/U]
[Will continue to edit]

Chimeiteki Hikari. "Sakura" [Sakura]
Dustin Schiender. "Jager" [sazabi]
Carter Russell. "Crash" [Kitty]
Aurora Armeni. "Rei" [Dare][/SIZE]
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[INDENT][font=Courier New][center]
[size=4][b][u]Rap Sheet[/u][/b][/size]


[b]Report filed by:[/b] Barcelona-Spain PD and Interpol

[b]Name:[/b] Aurora 'Rei' Armeni
[b]Age:[/b] 24
[b]Gender:[/b] Female
[b]Appearance:[/b] [u][URL=http://i59.photobucket.com/albums/g282/bishie_owner/mememe.jpg]Click this link[/URL][/u]
[b]Occupation:[/b] University student
[b]Nationality:[/b] Italy/Monaco
[b]Short Bio:[/b]

= Born in Monte Carlo, Monaco.
= Father is currently a F1-driver.
= Mother is currently a well-known fashion critic and famous socialite.
= Has no known siblings.
= Attended Royal Academy for Girls for schooling life.
= Became a frequent visitor at father's races.
= Gained knowledge about cars and mechanics.
= Father's brother was police informant with Mafia - has numerous contacts on either side.
= Graduated from school with high marks.
= Travelled world with father on the F1 circuit before beginning study at International University of Monaco.


[b]Traffic Offences:[/b]

= Possessing illegally modified vehicles
= Speeding (10-20km over limit)
= Speeding excessively (50+km over limit)
= Reckless use of a vehicle
= Endangering other road users
= Failing to stop at signals or stop signs


[b]Preferred Vehicles:[/b] (in order of preference to driver)

Model - [u][URL=http://i59.photobucket.com/albums/g282/bishie_owner/normal.jpg]Porsche Carrera GT[/URL][/u]
Year - 2005
Colour - Gun Metal Grey
Last Seen - 14th April 2006

Model - [u][URL=http://i59.photobucket.com/albums/g282/bishie_owner/1fafb6e8c81fbe37718858ae1fc6b90e.jpg]Ferrari Enzo[/URL][/u]
Year - 2006
Colour - Black and Burnt Orange
Last Seen - 25th July 2006


[b]Known Associations:[/b] (will continue to edit as sign-ups progress)

= Sakura [[i]Sakura[/i]] - know through various contacts in Mafia
= Jager [[i]Sazabi[/i]] - know through frequent visits to his custom garage
= Crash [[i]Kitty[/i]] - know through frequent visits to bar and random passing-bys at university.
= Harry [[i]Illusion[/i]] - know through various racing events
= Katrina [[i]Revelation[/i]] - know through various meetings at her uncle's car shop
= Alex [[i]Leon Fury[/i]] - know through Sakura[/font][/INDENT]
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[SIZE=1][B]Report filed by:[/B] Los Angeles PD


[B]Name:[/B] Carter Russell
[i]Racing Alias:[/i] Crash
[B]Age:[/B] 20
[B]Gender:[/B] Male
[b]Appearance:[/b] [url=http://ic1.deviantart.com/fs6/i/2005/065/5/b/Homnoct_10_by_homnoct_stock.jpg]Here[/url]
[B]Occupation:[/B] Owner of the successful bar "Formula 21" [while away, taken care of by a close friend/co-owner], Enrolled College Student [attends rarely; manages to keep grades up high enough to not be kicked out]
[B]Nationality:[/B] American/Australian

[B]not-so-Short Bio:[/B] Born to an American business man and an Australian artist in Los Angeles, CA, Carter was raised to be both richly cultured and educated. However, after an incident involving fireworks and the fifth floor bathroom that led to his expulsion from a private elementary school, he became more of a lazy kid with delinquent friends. Having rich parents, his large home came with an incredible garage full of everything from motorcycles to Grand Prix qualifying cars to expensive mountain bikes. Some of his middle school friends tricked him into letting them into the normally Off-Limits collection, where they proceeded to joyride in his father's 1969 Ferrari 312P (one of his most expensive, and favorites). Surprisingly, the experience made him realize how much he loved cars (when before, he concentrated on models, and now, the actual things). However, he was intensly punished because of his formal grand theft auto charge despite the owner being his father, though all the charges against him were dropped, and he lost his father's trust.

Ever since, Carter has been studying, working on and driving all types of cars, though he is attending college for a major in English. Since he turned 16 and could legally drive, he's been doing so, without his parent's knowing, of course, using school club activities as an excuse to stay out of the house longer. At 17, he became one of the youngest to enter the underground racing circuits in LA, and only half a year later, the Japanese and European circuits. Using his own wealth from his prospering bar, and going by the alias of "Crash", a nickname he developed from a habit of blindly walking into things for no reason, he has won numerous races around the world, but especially in Japan. He lives on his own in a small and cheap apartment in downtown LA, using all his money on traveling and his own car garage, one that could rival even his father's. Even though he gains a lot of profit by winning races, his mother is unaware of this, incorrectly seeing him as a college student with low-income, and gives him monthly checks for food and rent, along with some extra money which he saves. His father is, while not positive, suspicious of his son's activities and, ever since the loss of his 1969 Ferrari, has been very detached regarding his son, and would rather send money he feels Crash doesn't deserve rather than deal with him in person.


[B]Traffic Offences:[/B]
- Grand Theft Auto, charges dropped [1 count]
- Excessive Speeding [14 counts]
- Drunk Driving [4 counts]
- Driving Without a License [8 counts]
- Destruction of Private Property [1 count]


[B]Preferred Rides:[/B]
[url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mercedes-Benz_SLR_McLaren]Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren[/url]: Casual driving and minor/low-stakes races
- Color: [color=#CBCBCB][b]Silver[/b][/color]
[url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lotus_Exige]Lotus Exige[/url]: Casual driving/travel
- Color: [b]Black[/b]
[url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saleen_S7]Saleen S7[/url]: Racing Only
- Color: [color=#8E0000][b]Red[/b][/color]


[B]Known Associations:[/B]
[Will Continue to Edit]
Fudokawa Kanaye
Aurora Armeni (Rei)
Harrison Said
Katrina J. Kang

OOC: Fixed my associations and took off one car and added an appearance (finally). Sorry it took so long. o.O;[/SIZE]
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[size=1][color=#CD6619][B]EDIT:[/B] Fixed with very little mistakes. I was wondering when someone would make an F&F Roleplay, as well.[/size][/color]

[CENTER][U][size=2][B]Rap Sheet[/B][/U][/size]

[B]Report filed by:[/B] Tucson, AZ P.D. ? transferred to Seoul, South Korea P.D.

[B]Name:[/B] Katrina J. Kang ? Kang Jin [in Korea]
[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL=http://img224.imageshack.us/img224/1599/hajiwon4gt.jpg]Katrina[/URL]
[B]Age:[/B] 23
[B]Gender:[/B] Female
[B]Occupation:[/B] Part-time Bartender, Part-time Waitress; also works at her uncle?s car shop.
[B]Nationality:[/B] Korean
[B]Short Bio:[/B] Katrina?s life revolved around cars- much like the rest of her family- even before she was born. She was born in Seattle, Washington and lived with her mother while her father worked in Daejeon, South Korea. She moved quite often due to her father?s work- which she knew nothing about, because of this she?s lived in 24 states, Australia, Switzerland, and various other places. Due to her moving so often and her father?s work, it was difficult for Katrina to make friends, as well as grasp her education. However, she knew her way around everything like the way she knew her way around a car better than a chef knew his way around a kitchen.

Before Katrina had even attained a license, she was already in the police records as a ?danger to society?. Unbeknownst to the police, her father worked as a personal friend of the Korean mafia located all over the world; because of this, she was never indicted of any of the traffic and non-traffic offenses and most of the charges were dropped, excluding Excessive Speeding and Reckless Driving. At the moment, Katrina resides in Monaco and finds herself amongst, possibly, the many great racers of the world.


[B]Traffic Offenses:[/B][/center]
[*]Excessive Speeding
[*]Reckless Driving
[*]Destruction of Public Property
[*]Trespassing on Private Property
[*]Grand Theft Auto
[*]Minor In Possession
[*]Driving Under Influence
[*]Assault of a police officer
[*]Disorderly Conduct


[B]Preferred Rides:[/B] Although Katrina has a love for cars, she likes to have three vehicles: the [URL=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aston_Martin_V12_Vanquish][U]Aston Martin Vanquish[/U][/URL] is used for show and leisure, and occasional races, while her jet black [URL=http://img222.imageshack.us/img222/9296/mazdarx86sh.jpg][U]Mazda RX-8[/U][/URL] is used specifically for racing. Her final vehicle, on the other hand, is not a car but a [URL=http://img19.imageshack.us/img19/7999/yamahayzfr67rl.jpg][U]Yamaha YZF-R6[/U][/URL].


[B]Known Associations:[/B] Fudokawa Kanaye, Chimeiteki Hikari, Carter Russell, Aurora "Rei" Armani[/center]
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[size=1][b]OOC: Okay, made a few edits. Plus, I thought I should've included how in the world Jack would be associated so closely with a dude. :)
Report filed by-[/b] NYPD, New York City, New York

[b]Name-[/b] Jackie ?Jack? Meyer
[b]Appearance-[/b] Jack stands roughly around a towering height of 6? and weighs barely 145 lbs. She has a unique style of blending fashion with punk, resulting in what you?ll see on a [url=http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b7/anne-mae/008.jpg][b]regular basis.[/b][/url] But every once in a while, mostly when she?s working, Jack [url=http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b7/anne-mae/shane.jpg][b]polishes up[/b][/url] quite nicely.
[b]Age-[/b] 24
[b]Gender-[/b] Female
[b]Occupation-[/b] ex-Model for [I]In and Out[/I]; a fashion magazine for homosexual men and women. After her retirement, Jack bought and operates a small bar in Manaco. (explained in bio)
[b]Nationality-[/b] Irish
[b]Short Bio-[/b] [i]Officer Anderton reports: "According to what we've been able to trace, Jacelyn Michelle Meyer was born in a small city in Ireland. We haven't really pinpointed the exact town. She spent about seven years of her life in Ireland before her father, Dr. Bryan Meyer, took his practice to the United States. 'Jackie' spent the next eleven years here in New York City, New York. Her school records indicate she was a very intelligent young lady, and never really had a bad rep. Until she entered her sophomore year. Her mother, Lillian Meyer, passed away from breast cancer during the summer. Ever since then, Jackie sort of took a tumble downhill. She engaged in several rebellious acts of anarchy against the City, started fiddling around in drugs and alcohol, and the like.

Her father told us, 'she's not been the same since her mother passed, I fear for her sometimes'. Being at such a young age and popular, though mostly for trouble, Jackie never really got along with youths her age. Particularly men. On her sixteenth birthday, we had Jackie again in the courthouse; only this time, it wasn't her in trouble. She was testifying against the man that had raped her. Again, her father tells us that since then, she's totally defied men. A few months later, we catch Jackie walking the streets deep in 5th Avenue. This place has been relatively clean from prostitution for quite some time, but it's still notorious; not just for hookers, but for drugs. In Jackie's case, she was looking for 'love' as she stated; very intoxicated.

The judge ruled she needed psychatric help, and forced her to attened her appointments; otherwise, she'd end up in juvenile penitentiary, then tried as an adult later on. She took the therapy, and for about 2 years, we didn't have many problems. Just the usual traffic violations, which she paid off. After she turned eighteen, while working as a bartender in Brooklyn, Jackie was approached by an eccentric character named Deborah McGovern. Deborah is one of New York's finest designers, particularly for the homosexual community. Apparently, she'd been watching Jackie for quite some time at her second job in the East Village; a receptionist for a tattoo parlor. She proposed that Jackie pose in her magazine [u]In and Out[/u]; not nude, but rather, for clothing. Strapped for cash and a good job, Jackie took it.

She spent the next five years jetting around the world for photoshoots, fashion shows, interviews, and even made a few guest appearances at private bars. During the time, she acquired quite the taste for cars, and got into lots of trouble everywhere she went. She often vacationed in Europe, especially in Greece, Manaco, Spain, Italy, Germany, and occassionally Ireland. After her twenty-fourth birthday, Jackie returned to the States to retire from modeling under the condition of 'it was just wearing me down'. For six months after her return to the States, Jackie got into a very underground racing group in NYC called 'Trick This'. The group was infamous for most of the offences we slapped on her.

The last thing we have on our records of Jackie Meyer is that she has paid off all her debts/fines and moved to her favorite vacation spot in Manaco. I hear she owns a bar, and has settled down from her racing. But, you can't be too sure; after all, she races the Underground."[/i]

[b]Traffic Offences-[/b]
[list][*] Assault on an officer
[*] Failing to Stop/Give Particulars after an accident (hit-and-run)
[*] Excessive speeding/Reckless driving
[*] Driving Under the Influence
[*] Damage to Private/Public property
[*] Vandalizing of Private/Public property
[*] Possession of narcotics
[*] Evading police/Resisting arrest
[*] Grand Theft Auto
[*] Indecent exposure[/list]

(Despite the list, Jack?s a very good parolee; always making it to her appointments with the parole officer.)

[b]Preferred Rides-[/b]
[list][*] [url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nissan_Skyline_GT-R] [b]Nissan Skyline GT-R[/b] (manual)[/url]
[*] [url=http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b7/anne-mae/impreza.jpg] [b]Subaru Impreza WRX type-R (STi)[/b] (manual)[/url]
[*][url=http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b7/anne-mae/cam0006.jpg][b] ?69 Chevy Camaro Z28[/b] (4-speed)[/url][/list]

[b]Known Associations-[/b]
[list][*] [u]Mikali ?Mike? Drossopoulos[/u]-- "How did I meet Mikey? Ah man, this kid. This guy comes strolling into [i]my[/i] bar, all pumed up and looking to fight; at like, three o'clock in the morning. I tell him that I'm not looking to have a huge brawl in my bar so early, but he just shakes that gigantic fist of his in the air, screaming 'I want a ****ing beer, damnit! I demand it! And you-' he points to some random man sitting in front of me-'you and I shall fight by the end of the night!'.

The poor guy, though he wasn't scrawny or anything, was drunk as well and sort of swayed on his barstool. But he laughed and waved Mikey over to sit next to him. I'm just watching this massive kid sway and waddle a bit up to the bar and sits down. He stares at me for a second before blurting, 'Hey. You look familiar. I've seen your pretty face before.' I laugh while getting him a mug from the tap, and tell him that I used to model. He then says 'Ooooh. I thought so.' But I had to ask, 'Dude, if you knew me from my modeling, then you must be gay.'

He throws his arms in the air, hollering out some silly profanities like 'I'm not ****ing gay!' So I told him that I was, and the magazine I modeled for was for homosexuals. I think his face twisted, like, seven different ways before he started laughing. He then forms this ****-eating grin and waggles a finger at me, 'You're not gay. You're too attractive.' he says to me. I'm amused, really, I am. So I just go with the flow, but kept trying to reassure him that I was lesbian, and would [i]never[/i] sleep with him....no matter what face he gave me.

Finally, after about an hour, he gives up but sits straight up, and leans onto the bar. His brow furrowed tightly, and his dark eyes shot ice cold daggers. Man, I don't think I've ever really been so taken back. I mean, he was freakin' all over my bar with drunken laughter, then he jerks into a deadly gaze at me. With his left fist balled tightly, the other pointing at me, he locks his cold eyes on mine and asks 'I didn't know you from your modeling, and it's a pity you're gay, but that's besides the point. The point is that I know you're a racer. And you own one of the best bars around these parts...and that I need a job. I'll do anything for you.'

I found it flattering, and I couldn't turn him down. He tells me that he is a natural-born fighter, and would like to be my bouncer...since my bouncer got himself killed somehow. I said he had a job, but I had to see what he was made of first. So, he looks around the bar and gets off of his stool. He spots one of the unruley regulars I get every other night, and walks up to him, grabs him by the neck of his shirt and shoves him into a pool table. The guy he started a fight with was a great deal larger than himself, so naturally I was a bit concerned. But, I gotta hand it to Mikey, the kid came out on top. Literally, by the time the fight was over, Mikey was standing ontop of the fallen dude's chest.

He then turns to me, and I'll never forget, and smiles with a bloody mouth. 'Do I get the job now, babe?' I've never found a guy ever as attractive as him at that night; and I can say that I honestly love this kid. I took him in, gave him a job, a roof over his head, and a friendship that can't be touched."[/list][/size]
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[size=3][b][u]Rap Sheet[/u][/b][/size]


[b]Report filed by:[/b] The Manaco Police Department

[b]Name:[/b] Mikali ?Mike? Drossopoulos
[b]Age:[/b] 22

[b]File Photo:[/b] [URL=http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/f/f3/Diego-'nightmare'-Sanchez.jpg]Mikali[/URL]

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Occupation:[/b] Bouncer/Underground Cage Fighter

[b]Nationality:[/b] Greek and American Citizen

[b]Short Bio:[/b]

File Written By: Detective Alexander Shiropa

Mikali, or Mike has been an enigmatic figure for a few years. He was born to Greek immigrants in Chicago, Illinois in America. He lived in the city for the majority of his life. An All-American wrestler and a Golden Gloves boxer, he took a high interest in combat sports. He graduated high school with average grades and before college, took a vacation to his family's homeland of Crete (an island of Greece). He stayed there for a two years, dipping himself into the culture and taking on different fighting and wrestling competitions whilst there. It was also during this time that he recieved his first law violations concerning street racing and assault. It was his mounting record which spurned him to move out to Monaco.

He seemingly dropped off the radar after the move. Many believe he is partaking in the underground scene in the small country. Racing in the street circuits with his life long car, the RS-SS Camaro. It is also rumored that he has pursued his first passion even deeper by taking the underground fighting scene by storm. This is all, however, speculation. It is known that he has kept himself with a straight job as a bouncer at a local bar ran by another shady figure.... Still though, a watch needs to be kept on him at all times. There is alot of negative potential in the kid.


[b] Offences:[/b]

Driving with a Suspended License
Driving without a License
Driving under the influence
Several Accounts of Assault and Battery
Assault on an officer of the law
Illegal participation in an unauthorized fighting/combat arena


[b]Preferred Rides:[/b]

[URL=http://www.cartype.com/images/page/chevy-camaro-RS-SS_top.jpg]RS-SS Camaro[/URL]


[b]Known Associations:[/b]

Jackie Meyer
Michael Mulcahy
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[SIZE=3]Rap Sheet[/SIZE]


[B]Report filed by:[/B] SC PD
[B]Name:[/B] Suki Soma
[B]Age:[/B] 20
[B]Gender:[/B] Female
[B]Occupation:[/B] College Student, part-time job at Wal-Mart
[B]Nationality:[/B] Japanese, American
[B]Short Bio:[/B] Suki was born and parshly raised in Tokyo, Japan with her mother and father. Suki's father was the type to always up and leave when her mother really needed him the most. Her father had a job that payed them average money and her mother had a job that did the same. There was a time, when Suki was 5, her father left them forever.
Her mother was lost and ashamed, so with the money that she earned, she moved down to American, away from the hurt and memories. After a few years, Suki made a lot of friends during school but her friends weren't really good influences on her.
When she got older, they would drive around speeding, destoring property, playing pranks on the officers that pulled them over. She was just a mess.
But even though she lived this life of crime at night, she was mostly a distant girl. She had a part-time job at Wal-Mart, which helped her working on some of the cars she drove, and was a college student with excellent grades.
[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL=http://i27.photobucket.com/albums/c159/Kazutria/Anime%20Girls/Tara.jpg]Suki[/URL]


[B]Traffic Offences:[/B]
[/list] [list]
[*]Refusing arrest
[*]Not paying speeding ticket
[*]Violent behavior to officers
[*]Destorying property


[B]Preferred Rides:[/B]


[B]Known Associations:[/B]
Dustin Schiender
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[size=1]I'll be closing the sign-ups for this RPG on the 10th of July - giving people a full week to sign-up. I plan to put the thread up the next day in the Square.

If you have any queries,comments or suggestions, please post them in the Underground thead (The Garage). I'll be posting up the final list of players and the posting order there.

Thanks to everyone that's signed-up already. They're really good.

[b]- Dare[/b][/size]
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS][B]Edit:[/B]I edited my cars, sign up finished. [/FONT]

[FONT=Comic Sans MS][CENTER][B]Rap Sheet[/B][/CENTER]


[CENTER][B]Report filed by:[/B]Tokyo P.D, L.A.P.D, N.Y.P.D, Paris PD, Stuttgart PD, and many other police departments across the US, Europe, and Asia. This report was also fed to the interpol.

[B]Name:[/B] Asim - Last name unknown - A.K.A Shiro Hayabusa (Known to most as Hayabusa)

[B]Age:[/B] Around 25.

[B]Gender:[/B] Male.

Mechanical Engineering student now working on his PHD, underground street racer, and is involved in highly suspicious activities with the Yakuza, and various other criminal organizations.

[B]Nationality:[/B] Iraqi.

He stands tall at 6ft5, with a lean, slightly tanned, but muscular, and very well toned body. His hair is dark brown, and is cut very short. He has long eyebrows, a sharp nose, and slightly slit eyes. The colour of his eyes appears to be black; no one has been close enough to see what it really is. His beard and moustache are very light, and are almost invisible. He wears a pair of light beige cargos with a brown leather silver buckled belt, white socks, and black basket ball sneakers. He also wears either a red or light blue polo t-shirt, both of which appear to be slightly tight on his strong frame, a silver analog diamond crested Rolex on his left wrist, mirror lens aviator sun glasses, and he occasionally wears a pair of dark red fur lined leather gloves, when not wearing them they can be seen sticking out of his back pocket. He sometimes wears a fur collared leather light brown leather jacket.

This is what he's usually seen wearing while racing, and in daily life, with of course some variations, but in formal occasions and such he?s seen in very elegant, and expensive suits.

[B]Short Bio:[/B]
His birthplace was Baghdad, and he lived there until the age of 17. As a teenager he was quite calm, and orderly, his grades, and academic achievements were of the highest standard. He was enchanted by the magic of automobiles, and engines. He managed to get a scholarship to the UK where he finished high school, and majored in Mechanical engineering in College. In England he had two lives, one was that of a straight forward hard working student during the day, and the other of a wild street racer during the night. He had a gift, for his driving skills were highly abnormal, he started to win race after race, and money started to pile up.

He had found his calling it seemed. Roaming the world and participating in countless races, he made many friends and connections with powerful people, but also made just as many enemies. It is in Japan where he made the head of the Yakuza a tremendous amount of money by winning a high profile race even after receiving death threats from other various parties. He didn?t participate and win to please the head Yakuza nor did he do it to spite the threatening enemies, he simply couldn?t stand to stay out of the race, and the thrill of winning. This deed made the Yakuza admire him for his courage, and so they awarded him with ?Futatsu soubou sono? or ?the shadowy two?; these acted as invisible bodyguards, that followed Asim at all times and protected him from rival racers and such. They also protected him from the police, with either bribes or force. No one knows what they look like, except Asim, and it is rumored that they really are two beautiful young women, which is close to what certain reports imply. The races in Japan also show cased Asim?s rare driving skills to the underground world, and earned him the nickname ?Shiro Hayabusa? or ?White Peregrine?. His relationship with the Yakuza grew better and better since the day he won the race, for he continued to win many other high stakes races for them. He supposedly heard that underground racing activities are flourishing in Monaco these days, and that there were some very interesting drivers there, so he decided to check out the action there. He has never been to Monaco before. He writes to his family at constant intervals, but rarely sees them due to his busy schedules.


[B]Traffic Offences:[/B]
Speeding excessively (80+km over the limit) ? [COLOR=Red]Charges dropped (File closed).[/COLOR]
Reckless driving ? [COLOR=Red]Charges dropped (file closed).[/COLOR]
Driving without a license ? [COLOR=Red]Charges dropped (File closed).[/COLOR]
Driving in highly restricted areas ? [COLOR=Red]Charges dropped (File closed).[/COLOR]
Endangering pedestrians ? [COLOR=Red]Charges dropped (File closed).[/COLOR]
Endangering other drivers ? [COLOR=Red]Charges dropped (File closed).[/COLOR]
Transporting and aiding known and wanted criminals ? [COLOR=Red]Charges dropped (File closed)[/COLOR]


[B]Preferred Rides:[/B]
2006 Bugatti 16.4 Veyron (Colour as seen in pics) - (First & second pic)
2004 Fuore BlackJag (Colour as seen in pics) - (Third & fourth pic)


[B]Known Associations:[/B]
Aurora 'Rei' Armeni ? He vaguely knows her; they?ve met a few times during his travels.

He doesn?t really know anyone else; he just doesn?t like people that much, and prefers to be a loner.[/FONT][/CENTER]
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[size=1][b]The sign-ups are now closed[/b]

For everyone who signed up, thanks - they were all really great.

I'll post whose been accepted in the Ungerground thread of this RPG called 'The Garage'. Hopefully *fingers crossed* I will have the RPing thread up tomorrow. No promises.

If you are wanting to sign-up, please PM me with your rap sheet and a reason why you couldn't sign-up the first time.

Thanks again all.

[b]- Dare[/b][/size]
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Name: josh clark (known as JC)
Gender: male
Occupation: Ouns a small guitar shop
Nationality: white caucasian
Short Bio: He grew up in a small town in northern new york and lernd to play a guitar at a young age he didn't get into the racing scean untill he moved to brittin to go to a guitar school. He met a boy who became his best friend and was introduced to the racing streets to make money.

he started as a racer but he got deeper into the scean and was put into drug pedaling.


Traffic Offences:
endagermet of padestriens
damage to gov. property
damage to public property
driving without a licence
drug pedaling
ramming a police veacle
possesion of illegal auto-parts


Preferred Rides:
mitsubishi eclipse (black)
honda civic (white)


Known Associations:
(all others befor me)
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