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RPG The Doomsday Redemption


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[CENTER][font=Tahoma][size=3][B]THE DOOMSDAY CAST[/B][/size]

[color=red]BKstyles as [B]Virgil Kingston[/B]
Neuvoxraiha as [B]Linett Jhaena Dynn[/B]
Monkatraz as [B]Colonel Wilhelm Raeder[/B]
Disenchanted as [B]Helena Montgomery[/B][/color]

[color=green]Myself as [B]Shavik Deacon von Lorentzen[/B]
2007DigitalBoy as [B]Josephine Constance Haughm[/B]
Forgotten-Hero as [B]Chester Cornelius[/B]
Engel as [B]Ezekiel Darrius von Kampfer II[/B]
Nefertimon as [B]Sondra[/B[/color]

[color=blue]Lionheart as [B]Youko Nakajima[/B]
Ozymandius Jones as [B]Charles Gabriel Baldwin[/B]
Starwind as [B]Darrik Adams 'Collin Flek'[/B][/color]

[color=gray]Andrew as [B]John 'The Butcher' Baker[/B]
Allamorph as [B]Aleister Faust[/B]
Revelation as [B]Theron Agnes Marlow[/B][/CENTER][/color]

Chapter One ? Doomsday: The Beginning[/font][/center]


[SIZE=1]He looked down at the bleak streets of what would be London, bathed in a blanket of darkness with only the moon to provide natural light for its inhabitants below. As like most nights it was cold in the city, damp and wet, the pavements darker now having soaked up all the rain from the daytime. Although, this was a minor detail that he had failed to notice, or preferred to ignore, as he gazed down over the edge of the building like some elegant Quasimodo. The man below him ? if you could call it that ? had no idea of his present. And, in all honesty, Deacon had no intention to make his presence known. He was content with watching.

He wrapped his fingertips around the edge of the building and stretched his neck further to follow the Vampire?s direction below. The S.O.L.F. soldier, layered in thick leather and plastered with the biggest arrogant smirk Deacon had seen in a long time, had been pacing forward on the same street for some time now. It had caught Deacon?s interest, because no man ? if you would call it that ? stalks the same path for more than two hours. Especially not a Vampire. With all this in mind, Deacon considering the fact that something was going on. It was out of a sense of duty he would find out, not out of misplaced curiosity.

When Deacon breathed heavily, the soldier turned his head slightly, causing Deacon to draw back a little and crouch beneath the building?s wall for protection. He kept his bright green eyes on the soldier, keeping track of [i]his[/i] eyes in case they locked onto his position. Deacon knew as well as every other Vampire not part of the silly Augustine fascism was not allowed out at night.

The soldier turned around fully, though his eyes were diverted to the ground. Deacon still backed away in case he was sighted, but it would have helped if he had eyes in the back of his head.

The metal on Deacon?s boot scraped ever so slightly against a loose rock lying on the roof by coincidence. Although it barely made a sound, Deacon winced, and the guard below diverted a pair of almost neon blue eyes to his position. There was no thinking involved, no snap decision ? only instinct. Deacon immediately turned and ran to the other side of the roof, jumping from the edge downwards in a straight line. He collided with another part of the building, breaking what would have been a painful fall, and he immediately proceeded to jump from that, as well.

When he landed on the ground, crouched beneath his trench coat, he caught the soldier smirking at him in the same place. Deacon acted on instinct again and ran in the opposite direction; whether he would be followed or not, he didn?t know, but he wasn?t going to think about it.

Well, of course he wouldn?t be followed. Ever S.O.L.F. soldier knew only to hunt their own kind in numbers.


[B]?What were you doing in the middle of London, Deacon? Do you have any idea how dangerous that is??[/b]

Deacon bit the corner of his mouth and looked down. He poked the grass with his foot and continued pulling strange facial expressions, betraying little emotions except that he was thinking. His friend wasn?t telling him off, he was simply asking. Deacon had no intention of giving a real answer.

[b]?Well, did you find anything out??[/b]

No, not really. Deacon placed his palms firmly on the gravestone he was resting on and lowered his head slightly, strands of natural hair and PVC strands falling over his guilty expression.

[b]?Yes, that there?s something far worse going on in this city.?[/b] He lied.


Deacon took his time replying again. He put back on his thinking face and turned to his follow Vampire, Starkey (in which all possible insults about his name had already been said centuries ago), and stared at him. Now Starkey, who was incredibly young looking having been turned at a young age, wasn?t one to be moved by a simple stare. His dirty long blond hair and the cliché look of him made him a Vampire from the very story books and novels ? except he only had one fang due to an unfortunate accident.

[B]?I learned we?re pretty damn stupid animals, if we?re meant to be pretty damn amazing.?[/B] Deacon replied, a grin playing on his face. [B]?Oh, I really did. I didn?t find out what?s happening in the city, the guard turned around beforehand. I just know something strange is going on and the S.O.L.F. either aren?t trying to cover it up, or they want us to find out.?[/B]

Starkey folded his arms. [B]?So which is it??[/B]

[B]?Ah, don?t ask me to figure out the ways of an Augustine, I?m far too old for this.?[/B] Deacon grinned rather broadly at Starkey, whom shook his head.

[B]?You?re not even old.?[/B] Starkey contradicted.

[B]?But I?m older than you.?[/B]

The young Vampire twitched slightly and shook his head again, like Deacon was some unruly child. He was wrong on both accounts; Deacon just wasn?t giving any straight answers today.

He ran his fingers over the edge of the tombstone and pushed himself off it, pulling his trench coat over it as well. He turned to Starkey, gave a lazy smile, and a simple nod of his head.

[B]?Are you going??[/B] Starkey inquired.

Deacon titled his head to the side and smiled, as if to indicate yes. Whether or not Starkey understood the expression, Deacon did not know. He immediately turned away and began a quick stride to the gravel path of Highgate Cemetery.

Although it was day time now, the shadows of the trees and overgrowth kept the sun off Deacon?s back and kept a beautiful shadow over their land. Older Vampires would even dare to walk out in Highgate ? it was protected from all forms of evil against their clan, both the light and the dark (the Augustine, in his case). He placed his hands firmly in his trench coat?s pockets and looked up, seeing the clouds in the sky behind the dark trees, and the sun behind the clouds. He smiled a little at this.

He turned his head to see if Starkey was still stood by the tombstone and wasn?t surprised to see he had gone without a trace. Deacon grinned, and continued on his way through the trees and grass.

Deacon considered the conversation he had just had ? though short ? somewhat interesting. It wasn?t likely that many Vampires came back from being spotted in the night, maybe they were more careful. And it was true that something odd seemed to be biting at the S.O.L.F. these days, though Deacon was having trouble pinpointing exactly where the problem lay.

He sighed and kicked a stone. The thought of things becoming so bad, that everything was done at night time and sneaking around like dogs on the run, was saddening for Deacon. He didn?t remember England like this. He knew who to blame, he knew it wasn?t just he who thought about the current situation? he just felt obliged to do more than he should.

A Nicodemus Vampire never got involved in a human?s affairs ? so why did Deacon feel the fate of all humanity rested on their shoulders, or maybe just his?

He realised this was not a subject he wished to think about too much. He closed his eyes and continued walking through the shadows, opening them only to turn up a row of ancient stone steps, hoping to find more conversation among his clan members to ease his worries.

[i]OOC: Have at it. Very late for me. Can?t do much more ? props to Ozy for the amazing Clan graphics *hugs*[/i][/SIZE]
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[COLOR=DarkOrchid][font=times][i]Linett Jhaena Dynn, feral vampire of the Agustine clan, slipped through the hallways, most of the vampires totally ignoring her. Half were afraid of what they would see if they even glanced into wild honey gold eyes, and the other half were afraid of what she would do if they gave her a wrong look. Shrouded as usual in a long gray hood, very little remained visible to the casual eye. Probably the way things were was best, Linett was so damned shy and self conscious about her mutilated body, it was embarrassing. By moving quickly, and generally managing to slip through the windows and upwards across the sheer surface of the walls, she made her way to the roof without making a sound. Her claws dug into the stone and she slithered across the roof to her favorite spot. The rain made everything slippery, but she didn't mind in the least.

"Do you think they're afraid of me?"

Once there, she flipped back her heavy hood, revealing a long mane of thick graphite colored hair. Six or seven slender braids slithered down around her face and she tilted it upwards, letting moonlight wash over it in a brilliant opaque warmth. At least it felt like warmth to her. The senses she might have had were slightly scrambled by her absolute obliviousness to pain. But as far as hot and cold went, she nearly had it down. It was a beautiful night, clear, even as the rain poured down from the starry sky. Linett scrambled up onto one of the stone ledges and sat down almost delicately in a flare of fabric. Folding her legs underneath her, she leaned back slightly and hummed a nonsensical tune to herself.

"Some of them are... ...I couldn't understand why. Still don't understand why."

Linett sighed and idly picked at her fingernails. They weren't terribly long, but long enough to do serious superficial damage, and with enough strength behind a slash, she could open up someone's chest in a bloody mess. ...And she'd done it many times too. Slowly, she unclasped her cloak and let it slither down to the ground in a puddle of pale silk. Under the robes, a simple black singlet that revealed a multitude of old scars barely covered with tattoo ink. She wrapped her arms around herself, fingertips just reaching the middle of her visible spine. The pads of her fingers could still remember the agony of gripping chains while her back was laid wide open by her father. With a low moan, she felt them and closed her eyes slowly, the long lashes whisking across her lids.

"The sound of a whiplash."

"This will teach you-"

"A repeated sound once more, this time with the additional sound of a cry that sounded like it came through gritted teeth."

"-to feed the way you do. And to savage your own."

Back in the present day, Linett moved her fingers away from her back and reached upwards with her hands. She moved her fingers slowly, feeling the blood slowly rush down her arms. With a sigh she laid down on the cold stone, pressing her cheek against the smooth surface. The temperature outside would've raised goosebumps on a normal human's body, but on Linett's, it did nothing. Instead, she grew colder and calmer, with the blood in her veins slowing down. If she had spoken out loud, she would have had a lower voice than normal. If she had stood, it would've looked as if she was moving at half of her normal speed. And if she was being watched, the way she was being watched now, she would've yelped aloud and covered her back immediately.

Unfortunately for her, Virgil moved even more silently than her. He was leaning against the doorjamb, watching her, almost even enjoying how she moved. The rain was catching light, it was almost as if Linett was bathing in starlight... ...but such beauty was nearly lost on her. Her thick hair was plastered to her face, the braids still holding their shape, and her eyes were still closed. Lying still in the rain, was the only peace she could find these days.[/i][/font][/COLOR]
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Darrick had only found himself in this country a week ago, but already he could smell the stink of tyranny. The lives of those who lived here were closely monitored and at night the streets were plagued by an unusual guard to over see the observance of the nightly curfew. He was out doing some observing of his own. This nations defences seemed awfully low for it to be so secretive.

He had managed to get so many illegal weapons so easily, even move about the streets at night with out to much trouble, so long as he wasn't spotted. There seemed to be no answers to any of the questions of this place. It was like someone was just playing with him. This thought made him very irratated. He didn't appreciate the feeling. He thought that acting out may be the only way to get there attention, but he knew better they that.

The streets were empty tonight as they were any other night. The only exceptions were these heavily clad night police. Why was it that they only showed themselves at night. The rumors surrounding them borderd on the ubsurd, but he didn't have anything else to run on.

He had been following the same guard for almost an hour. His tactical uniform had turned out to be worth every penny he spent on it. But even though he was certain that the adaptive camouflage was working he couldn't help but think that the guard knew was there. The man kept looking back toward Darrick every few minutes, but never said anything, or acted out in anyway.

For this reason, Darrick kept his distance. He wasn't sure why, but he felt a forboding about this night. He had been following them for so long now, but he still wasn't learning anything. The hour was late and they would soon go back into hiding til tomorrow. Darrick considerd this to be a good time to turn in as well.

As he moved to leave and return to hiding himself, when he heard three words that struck him [B]"Leaving so soon?"[/B]

He felt as if he had been struck across the face. The guard was aware of him! But for how long, and why had he not done anything sooner. Darrick was in a rather compromising state, unsure of whether to retaliate or simply run for it. He felt himself break into a cold sweat. The guard turned and faced him witha smile across his face [B]"What is it one like you hopes to gain by being here? Did you think I wouldn't notice you?"[/B]

Had he known all along, but then why? This man seemed so strange. He really was just toying with him, but that meant little now. He began to approach Darrick. In a split decision Darrick dropped and flash bang and made a run for it in the flash, but he wasn't sure that would be enough for him to escape.

Darrick ended up running til the sunlight started to fill the streets again. How long or how far he had gone he wasn't that sure. He felt as though he had come face to face with death incarnate. Even if the rumors weren't true, that man certainly didn't feel human.

Darrick quickly gained his bearins through his suits helmet and took himself back home.


He had been hinding out in an old boiler room for a long since a abandoned restaurant in the slums of the city. He hadn't been found yet, but he knew that someone would notice him here eventually. He needed to get himself an actual place to stay, but at this point he wasn't sure just who to trust. Everything seemed to be a lie.

He took off his suit and buried it under some fallen gravel and chunks of old concrete. He huddled himself in the corner nearest the door and decided it best he catch some sleep for the time being. He would take to the streets in the afternoon, to see if maybe he couldn't find anymore useful information.
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[FONT=Tahoma]Raindrops adorned the streets of London with it's rapid splatter, the sounds of which engulfed the hallways of Buckingham Palace as it put one particular vampire at ease. Very little if anything nowadays caused Virgil Kingston much stress, but as far back as he could remember he always enjoyed the rain more then a simple dark sky. Even despite his most earliest memory being laying in wet streets with his blood creating seperate streams within larger ones of water.

Over four centuries, you tend to lose all of your squeamishness and indecisiveness and replace it with impeccable judgement and a very calm yet confident disposition. Virgil walked the halls of the palace, the streets, and gauntlets of conflict in the name of the SOLF and the Augustine Clan not requiring the rain's help to regulate his mood, but it was the luxary of having it that he enjoyed; not the neccesity.

The experienced vampire chief of the SOLF turned toward a room guarded by two vampires, one a dark skinned male the other a blond male with a buzzcut. Five feet from the double doors, the guards bowed their heads and opened the doors for Virgil allowing him entry. Virgil walked through not giving the guards a second look, he passed two large windows about three times his own height, they faced each other as if sandwiching him between one another. No sun shone through them, and only traces of moonlight, most of which was concealed by the storm clouds.

Through one more door at the end of this corridor was Virgil's destination, through it he was in the presence of several other clan members, many of them talking amongst themselves and looking over a lot of paper work, some associated with SOLF initial releases concerning internal affairs, others concerning political matters. Virgil stopped infront of a particular desk, a female vampire with long braided blond hair sat behind it with her legs up on the desk while she compared two prints side by side. Her shin-length high heeled boots crossed one another with her legs tightly hugged together, hiding well what was concealed underneathe her leather skirt. Virgil put a lightened smile on his face, the kind that set a room of uptight employees at ease in a meeting room after a poor month of productivity.

[b]"Don't pretend you didn't know I was coming, Sara."[/b] Virgil spoke in a less than serious tone. The blond looked up and returned a grinning expression to him.

[b]"You think I'm just sitting here and slacking off? It's right over there."[/b] Sara responded, nodding her head toward the right corner of her desk. There lay a large brown envelope tied down with string, with a blank white label on it. Virgil reached over and took it underneathe his arm.

[b]"It's everything? Including the Sellafield file?"[/b] Virgil inquired, a bit surprised at how thin the envelope was.

[b]"I checked it over myself, sir."[/b] she answered, giving Virgil a reassuring smile.

[b]"Excellent! Who says good help is hard to find these days?"[/b] Virgil joked as he quickly went over which papers were in the envelope, not really reading through any of them yet. Sara looked up momentarily and noticed a small book hanging out of Virgil's coat pocket, she was curious as to why he would be carrying around that particular book.

[b]"The Holy Bible, sir?"[/b] she asked in a confused tone. Virgil looked up and then referred his eyes to his pocket.

[b]"Why yes, is that so odd? Afterall, you don't have to believe in order to enjoy a good story, my dear."[/b] Virgil responded, giving the blond haired office worker a nod and a wave goodbye. He returned to the main corridor and waved for two of the clansmen to accompany him. The followed behind Virgil, closely on each side of him slightly behind.

[b]"Just us, sir?"[/b] one of them asked, as they walked toward the front entrance.

[b]"No, there's someone else I want to bring. Once we get outside just wait by the stairs for me."[/b] Virgil instructed, as the two clansmen nodded in agreement. Once they exited out to the large courtyard, Virgil leaped up in a single bound to the rooftop and walked silently toward the east edge.

There he saw Linett, going through one of her from time to time activities when it rains. His understanding for this seemingly tortured vampire was strangely more on the mark then most others of the clan could possibly come to understand. Linett was often looked toward scornfully and at other times just simply looked down upon. Virgil had seen all kinds in his time, all kinds of vampires and all kinds of humans as well. He was a true living testimony to the benefits of experience in any aspect of life.

[b]"You'll catch a cold."[/b] Virgil said loud enough for her to hear. Linett didn't act surprised though she became aware of Virgil's presence rather late. She didn't rush to cover herself either, she acted rather calmly and simply considering who it was that came upon her. She whipped her braids out of her face and slowly brought herself to her feet. She looked at Virgil out of the corner of her eyes, an expression on her face indicating she didn't generally appreciate the humor in his comment.

[b]"You've hung around humans for too long a time, Virgil."[/b] she said, indicating how easy it would be for a mere human to catch a cold from the cold rain falling onto them.

[b]"Perhaps, but I've spent more time with my fellow vampire then I care to admit."[/b] Virgil said, walking just a bit from his leaning position.

[b]"Yet you join the clan, and accept responsibility of an SOLF chief."[/b] Linett added, her walking a bit toward Virgil, figuring he wouldn't have gone to see her in her rooftop spot if it wasn't for a reason.

[b]"When you've lived as long as I have, you come to realize that the future will happen no matter what. Every progressive concept spanning between pre-napoleonic european time and current day have ushered in the new gold standard for living regardless of menial protesting or skeptical conservative viewpoints. If the future is to come, the best thing we can do for it is see it through safely and make sure we don't screw things up too bad."[/b] Virgil explained, though Linett barely took in everything he was trying to get at. She just turned her head and rolled her eyes, she had not really intended to question Virgil's reason for where he is now, she trusted that he knew full well his reasons for everything he does.

[b]"If you say so. Well, what is it?"[/b] Linett asked, wanting to cut to the chase rather then engage in a discussion.

[b]"What is what? Can't I just come to visit and say Hi?"[/b] Linett just gave Virgil a brief glare, as he just laughed a bit to himself. [b]"Come now. But since you asked, I want you to come with me to meet with an associate of mine. It will do you good."[/b] Virgil said, genuinely wanting Linett to get out of the palace for a while.

Before she could say anything though, the sound of footsteps came from the direction of the stairs Virgil had come up. Footsteps of someone who didn't care much if they were heard or possibly a vampire who had not yet fully grasped the concept of silent stepping. Virgil heard his name called, as Linett just sneered at the higher pitched female's voice. A dark haired female dressed in a thick strapped tank top and rather short black skirt with nothing else on below it minus a pair of high heels. The make up on her face and the way she walked was definitive. She walked quickly to Virgil's side and took his arm into her hands.

[b]"Finally found you. When Sara told me where you were going I thought I could come along."[/b] Helena said, her eyes focused on Virgil's face and almost completely ignoring Linett. Linett just seemed to stare daggers at Helena without saying a word.

[b]"It's not neccesary, my dear. It's merely a retrieval trip."[/b] Virgil assured her. Helena caught Linett's gaze out of the corner of her eyes, turning her head to see it completely now. She sidestepped slightly closer to Virgil as if almost behind him now.

[b]"So that's it, is it?"[/b] Linett spoke, now aware of where they were going. The only "retrieval" trips someone of Virgil's status ever made more then likely directly involved with SOLF/Sellafield matters. Of course anyone that went with Virgil only served to be witnesses, and in case anything went wrong he preferred to keep a low profile on the extent of his physical abilities.

[b]"Let me come, Virgil. The palace is so empty, and now your making a business trip. Things have been so busy lately, and rather boring because of it!"[/b] Helena persisted, giving Virgil her pouty lips and eyes treatment. Her beautiful face was often something that could easily convince Virgil to say "yes" to a multitude of things. Linett just rolled her eyes inside her mind, while keeping her unwavering stare.

[b]"Well...I suppose it couldn't hurt. Wait for me by the Navigator and I'll be right there, my sweet."[/b] Virgil said, taking Helena's chin with his fingers and smiling. Helena widened her smile, satisfied. She took a shortcut and leaped off the roof toward the front.

[b]"Heh, and to think a few years ago she couldn't do that confidently."[/b] Virgil said as he watched Helena run off. Linett walked up to Virgil and just stood there looking at him.

[b]"I assumed you came to ask me?"[/b] she said. If Virgil didn't know any better he would have said she sounded annoyed.

[b]"Of course, so let's be on our way!"[/b] Virgil said, bowing slightly and extending his arm toward the front indicating that they were ready to leave. Linett just crossed her arms. Virgil looked up from his bow and noticed her posture.

[b]"I mean, please! Let us be on our way."[/b] Virgil said with a grin, Linett dropping her arms and nodding slightly.

[b]"Let's."[/b] was all she said. Virgil put his hand up to Linett's cheek playfully and smiled as he leaned in a little bit toward her.

[b]"Such a polite young lady."[/b] he said, again delving into some humor concerning what you would normally say to a human. She just looked down a bit, allowing Virgil to keep his hand there but not seeming too thrilled about his comment. Eventhough she was indeed a polite person at heart with an appreciation for manners. She began to walk off so they could leave.

[b]"Hey, don't get into any spats with Jacob and Florian ok. I won't have any fighting before, during, or after we leave."[/b] Virgil said, referring to his two followers he took along with him from back in the office. He followed behind Linett, assuming she had heard him. One of Virgil's very few strict policies concerned the touching or attacking of his men, even if they did provoke it. He himself usually handled diciplinary actions for his follower's questionable actions or rudeness.

[i][b]'Something in the air definitly smells odd tonight.'[/i][/b] Virgil thought to himself as he took a moment to stare up into the sky before leaping down from the roof. [/FONT]
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[COLOR=DarkOrange]Josephine sat, breathing heavily on the ground of the 19th floor if the famous clock tower of Big Ben, her back against the wall. Josephine?s breath was heavy as she gazed up questioningly at a man standing before her, having just set her down. Of course, Josephine could already sense that this man was no human -- this was definitely a vampire. The man had ash blonde hair that was almost white and had dark skin. He kneeled down to her eye level.

[B]?You really ought to be more careful! Your lucky I was there, or you?d have been in some trouble for real!? [/B] The man looked directly at her through his dark sunglasses, but she kept her eyes turned aside, aloof. Her gaze was full of sorrow, as though she hadn?t even noticed what had just happened and had returned to a depression she already was dealing with.[B] ?Hey, are you listening to me at all?? [/B] The man pried. He might have sounded a little forceful, but he really was worried. He knew how dangerous things could be in London, especially for a vampire.

[B]?Thank you??[/B] Josephine replied meekly, remaining aloof. Her companion was dissatisfied.

[B]?Aren?t you wondering what you need to do now? Obviously you haven?t been to this city in a while; you don?t know the way things are, that?s for certain. This is the part where you ask the questions you need answers to! ?Why was that happening,? ?What?s going on,? ?Can you tell me how to get home,? you know?? [/B] The girl, who appeared to be younger than himself, just turned toward him, staring gloomily. The man frowned. He decided to try and formally introduce himself.

[B]?Name?s Ezekiel Darrius von Kampfer the Second. More elegant than I need, but it?s got a flow to it. How about you?? [/B] The girl opened her mouth, but had an expression as if she didn?t even remember how to speak. As she began to push a word out her throat caught a rasp and she started to cough. [B]?Oh! That surely sounds bad, here, let me get you some water.? [/B] Ezekiel quickly ran toward the staircase across the room and vaulted himself over the rail. It was a long spiral staircase, but Ezekiel didn?t even bother to look down as he plummeted it?s length. It didn?t take him above 3 minutes to return with a water bottle. Sure as it could be, Josephine was in the exact same position as he left her.

After taking a quick drink of water, the white-haired girl opened her mouth once more. [B]?Josephine? is my name.? [/B] She spoke in a very quiet voice and remained uncannily off-focus. Ezekiel wondered if she even had thoughts in her head.

[B]?Josephine, eh? It?s nice. Had a cat with that name once.? [/B] Ezekiel was used to that statement making girls laugh, but this one was a brick wall. [B]?So? what were you doing there, anyway??[/B]


Josephine sulked the streets of London beneath the black night; one in which the moon was blotted out by rolling clouds. She could sense a heavy rain approaching. Josephine?s mind was riddled with thick confusion. Nothing about this town called back to the last time she?d been here. Had she been alone far longer than she realized? With the uprooting of massive technology over the 20th century that she?d seen, she had known that times were changing -- but for this much to be different in just 80 years? How could that be? It was already nighttime and there was almost no one on the street, likely because of the coming storm. Even the cars were scarce, and boy how they had become advanced!

Josephine was uncertain of her location. She had intended to head to the old Nicomedus hangout where she was familiar with the people there and the surroundings were like a second home to her. That place wouldn?t even be possible to find now, though. She didn?t want to head back. For once she had conjured the spirit to head out, but already she was being stabbed in the back by her own decision. The rain came pouring down all at once as did tears from Josephine?s eyes. She knew she was lost. She huddled over in a near by alley and began held her hands to her eyes as tears continued to stream from them. Truly she was all alone.

Minutes later the sound of footsteps was approaching. [B]?Hey!? [/B] A man?s voice called from aside. Josephine turned her head slowly and saw a man running toward her. He was wearing some sort of uniform and had unrecognizable weapons around his waist. He ran directly over to the young-looking girl and reached down to grab her. With a single pull he yanked her to her feet.

[B]?What the hell you think you?re doing?! You?ll die of pneumonia out here dressed like that in this downpour! What are you thi-?!? [/B] the man?s voice trailed off as he took a look into the girl?s shimmering amber eyes. He could tell instantly - this was no human. Quickly the man leapt back and whipped a weapon from his holster preparing to aim it at the girl. Before he could bring it to firing position, though, it suddenly flew from his hands and slid across the ground. It took a moment for the officer to conceive what had transpired, but a moment later a man in all black and dark shades was standing before him having just kicked his wrist out of position. The officer immediately swung his fist at this new contender, but the man caught the fist easily. He turned to the officer.

Suddenly the man was filled with overwhelming fear as he yanked his arm back. The guy in the glasses continued to face him seriously, and before long the frightened man took off down the street, running and screaming. Calmly the remaining combatant turned to the young female and took her hand.

[B]?We must hurry!? [/B] He quickly pulled her over, finding her very light. He quickly reached under and lifted her into his arms and leapt clear onto the roof of the building.


[B]?I? just wanted to return. To the clan.?[/B] Josephine told him, on the verge of tears.

[B]?Nicomedus, right? How Long?ve you been away to not know where we are?? [/B]


[B]?Eighty years?! Holy hell!? [/B] Josephine?s face sunk, cueing him to not mention it. ?Well? if you wanted to find us, this would definitely be the place to do so. I?m sure you saw it the way up -- plenty of the clan takes to residence here or to hang out. It?s gotten about that time that most aren?t here and those who are have taken to sleep. You ought to rest up a bit yourself.? Josephine nodded, her thoughts racing as she wondered what it was time for her to do.

[B]?Thank you??[/B] she trailed off.

[B]?No worries. I?ll go fetch you a blanket then,? [/B] Ezekiel said, standing up. He rushed off and brought her back a blanket, only to find that she was already asleep when he returned. He draped it over her, then turned to leave.[/COLOR]
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[B][COLOR=DimGray]OoC:Here's the longest fpost for an RPG I've ever made, enjoy![/COLOR][/B]


[COLOR=Blue]Chester Cornelius was walking in the graveyard, looking at each tombstone. Reading the names of those long past. Slowly he drudged through Highgate, as the thick fog surrounded his entire body. The dark feeling of moist air caressed his body softly. His black clothing swaying in the stagnate breeze. London felt cold to Chester; it felt somehow empty to him. He didn?t care for the world, but it felt empty much more than anything. Time was wearing down on him.

[B]?Why?why does this world feel so dead to me??[/B] Chester asked himself. He sighed; sadness was dripping from his tongue. Each breath he let out of boredom cried suffering. He had amnesia, but he could feel memories trying to reach the top of his cliff. Like climbers to Everest. [B]?Chester are you going to walk around all day, or are you going to visit your grandmother?? [/B] A voice called in the mist. ?Why should I Dean, does she have something else she doesn?t want me to know?? Chester walked away from Dead.

Dean was the opposite of Chester. Always wearing white clothing. His lips held the ache of smiling. Standing tall, and broad, His shoulders were strong enough to hold anyone?s weight on his back. But he had a dislike for Chester deep inside of him. [B]?Why do you have to keep shutting the door to others? Why can?t you just be happy? The others are despite the world, but you? don?t get me started!? [/B] Dean nodded in disgust. He turned around quickly. ?[B]Your just bitter, you no that??[/B]
Chester chuckled under his breath. [B]?What does this world hold for me anyways? Only more sorrow that?s what! And people like you who don?t worry about the world are just a waste. Emotions are for the weak and happy. And happiness is something I can live without.? [/B] Chester walked away without another word, without another turn back. Dean shook his head. He spat at Chester and held his fist. [B]?No wonder you got smucked, you?re just an ignorant asshole.? [/B] Dean swore and walked out of the Cemetery.

Chester walked into an area of the graveyard where his family lived. His grandmother - old and wise - was standing at the house she lived in. She looked at him with a smile. [B]?My boy, it?s good to see you here.?[/B] Chester gave her a wave; he didn?t even twitch his lips.[B] ?You wanted something, Granny?? [/B] Chester asked. The old women nodded. [B]?Yes. How?s your memory doing? Has anything come back to you yet??[/B] Chester dropped his head down; he closed his eyes and walked forward.

[B]?No, but something?s there, I can feel it. It?s drilling into me like a parasite. I want them back, but at the same time I don?t.? [/B] Chester gave his grandmother a hug. [B]?I hate to say this, but it?s good to see you, I?ve missed you actually.? [/B] His grandmother who was shorter in comparison, smiled. [B]?I know your still in there Chester, you won?t be like this forever.?[/B] His grandmother gave his a high-five. Chester frowned, not in sadness, but in horror. [B]?Ummm, what the hell was that for??[/B] He asked her. [B]?Isn?t that what you kids do now a days?? [/B] She scratched her head softly. ?[B]Yeah but when someone who?s over 400 years old says it, it?s like death breathing in your face.?[/B]

The old woman?s eyes grew tight. [B]?Why you delinquent!?[/B] She hollered. Taking her hand, she whipped him aside the face.


Dong! Big Ben ticked away. Time was still peaceful, unlike the world.

Dean was walking the streets. Most of his friends lived in the clock tower. He whistled away, joyously without care. Before he cold enter, he heard something move. To him it wasn?t normal.[B] ?Hello?? [/B] He asked the thin space. But it didn?t answer. He sighed and turned around. H heard a slam, them a crash. Looking around franticly. When suddenly a vampire came out of the shadows and cracked Dean?s wrist. The pain jolted like lighting. He bit his lip trying not to startle the sleeping Nicademus inside Big Ben.

[B]?What the hell?? [/B] he asked softly. The vampire?s fangs were dripping blood. The stench of rotting flesh, fuming from the vampire?s breath. ?[B]Why would one of you be at Big Ben??[/B] the man asked Dean. Dean tried not to give away the vampires inside. [B]?Nothing just checking out Big Ben, why?? [/B] He was nervous for sure. [B]?Okay then, that?s okay, besides it?s not like you were trying anything funny. Wouldn?t want to let someone week die after all, despite our differences.? [/B] The vampire turned away. Dean laughed harshly at the man. [B]?Oh come on! An Augustine that doesn?t want to kill me? How half-witted can you be? I could turn on your word at any moment and kill you. How foolish. Why I haven?t seen anyone so stupid!?[/B]

The respectful Dean was shut away. He held no resentment towards anyone except Chester, and the Augustine. His lack of respect showed through and through. He laughed more falling to the ground.

The Augustine wasn?t going to go along with the joke. Slowly he approached Dean. Soon he held a knife to Dean?s throat. Dean was still chuckling, now even harder. As the Augustine started to cut Dean?s throat, blood dripped onto the knife. The scent filled the air of the damp streets. Death?s cold hand gripped at Dead. Holding him, cradling him, rocking him to sleep. The Augustine took out a sword and started to cut of Dean?s limbs. [B]?Still laughing Nicademus?!?[/B] He yelled. Dean?s laugh went limp, his eyes startled to shake with fear. Despair reached over his body, paralyzing him. He started to writhe with pain. Blood dripping from his ours.

The sword and the knife were at two different places, but the pain was throughout. His legs were cut off, and the blood was coming out of him in liters. Slowly the Reaper put his scythe in Dean?s body. Snatching him away from the already cold world.

All that could be heard now was a scream. Life pouring out of him. The horror had ended. Blood turned to nourishment, and Dean turned into a soulless collection of cells. No more would dean?s smile be seen, now all that was seen was the look of death. The blood curdling scream faded away, as so did Dean.


Chester?s eyes snapped open during the dead of night. His dreams were interrupted by thoughts of death. [B]?I can feel Dean? no more?? [/B] Chester started to cry, pain falling from his bed like leaves. He knew deep inside that Dean had been killed.[/COLOR]
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[font=times][color=darkorchid][i]Linett's eyes flickered once and she tilted her head over her shoulder to look at him with a near playful smile. Bloodred lips parted on her white teeth and she shook her drying hair out from her eyes happily.[/i]

"Can I start a fight when we come back then?"

"Absolutely not, now let's please get underway."

[i]Linett slipped across the roof like a wraith, with just a resigned sigh, Virgil behind. Virgil sighed to himself just once, and swept along without further comment. Linett shot a vengeful glance backwards at the doorway and hurrled herself into the air, flipping backwards almost in slow motion and landed at the front gate on one foot. Jacob and Florian noticed the clan's black sheep and exchanged wearisome glances; the girl was so unstable, the only people in the clan who could understand her were Virgil and possibly one of her brothers. Florian dug Jacob in the ribs once they thought she was out of earshot and said something that was most decidedly unpolite. Both jerked back to attention not only as Virgil passed them both but as Linett's head whipped around like a lash and she fixed them both with a wild glare.

A sound halfway between a shriek and a hiss grated both their ears and they noticed for what might've been the third time just how elongated her fangs were. More than the average 200 year old's and shaped more like a snake's than a vampires, they were enough of an incentive to shut the pair of them up without the added sound that ripped itself from her vocal chords. Without another sound, she jerked her head back to look forward and stormed towards the car. The two underlings gave Virgil guilty looks and slunk to the car under his watchful eye.[/i]

"Don't provoke her again."

"Sorry boss.

"Won't happen again sir."

[i]Once they arrived, Helena was already sitting behind the driver's seat, with Linett riding shotgun. Virgil suspected that Helena had purposely set herself as far away as possible from Linett's glare and reach. He resisted the urge to say something reconcilatory and instead sat down in the driver's seat, with Florian sitting next to Helena and Jacob in the back. Both had armed themselves, while Virgil drove them out the main entrance and down the road. As he drove, he noticed Linett inhaling slowly, every now and then. Her brows had furrowed together and he leaned to one side, speaking only loud enough for her to pick up with her uncanny hearing.[/i]

"Do you smell something out of place?"

"It smells bad tonight. Like sneaks and bandits..."

[i]Virgil didn't doubt her word. Her ability to feel pain hadn't harmed her supernaturally heightened hearing and smell. She was better than a bloodhound. Bloodhounds don't have a nearly as much of a fighting instinct as a feral vampire. Actually, she was more of a mix between a bloodhound and a 200 pound rottweiler. And it was a good thing too. More than halfway to their destination, the SUV was suddenly rocked by what what felt like something slamming into the side. Linett's eyes snapped wide open and Virgil slammed on the breaks, swerving off the road to a halt. Jacob and Florian had already leapt out the car with Linett only a fraction of a step behind them. Seven or eight unaligned vampires, at least from what Virgil could see, were standing on the other side of the abandoned road, holding a variety of weapons, smirking at the paltry offering before them.

One, the head of SOLF. The second, a waif of a girl. Third, two croonys with guns. Of course they hadn't counted on the fourth. Linett surged past everyone with her claws bared and fangs as well, slamming into the first vampire in her path. He barely managed to get off two wild shots in the air as she sunk her fangs into his chest to get at his heart's blood. Jacob and Florian flung themselves out of the line of fire, the automatic weapon's fire raining down like very hot and painful hail. One of the more clever unaligned had snuck around the back where Virgil and Helena were crouched, only to be thrown out of the way with a simple flick of Virgil's wrist.

The battle was all but won, Jacob and Virgil had taken some fire, but not enough to kill or even seriously wound them, and Linett had beheaded two of the vampires without breaking a sweat. She was finishing off the last of them when one of the survivors, one that apparently knew how to play dead effectively, raised his hand just enough to get her in his sights. The bullet ripped through her side, drawing enough blood for it to splash out onto Linett's robe and hands.[/i]

"And things were going so well..."

[i]Helena looked up at Virgil curiously, only to open her mouth in a silent scream and slam both her hands on her ears. The hiss that Linett had made earlier was a far cry from the anguished sound she made now. Blinded by both blood frenzy and the pain, Linett threw herself at the unfortunate vampire and summarily removed his weapon, his hand, his arm, and his head. Then she turned, golden eyes turned a wild crimson, and fixed her gaze on both Jacob and Florian. The two took unconscious steps backwards, and she began to stalk them. She made a false swipe at Jacob and whipped her head forward to get a bite out of his upraised hand, when Virgil descended on her just in time.[/i][/font][/color]
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It was another "beautiful", rainy damn day in old London. The nights were cold and days were wet. It was enough to start making Darrick home sick. But he had to keep going. He took off his helmet, but kept the rest of his tactical uniform on and merely concealed it under a brown leather vest, red trench coat and loose pair of denim jeans. He had two M-9's on him just in case.

He had come into some interesting information recently. It seems that one of the local cops had a run in witha strange young girl and "shadowy" older guy. This wasn't the first time Darrick had heard a story like this one. Maybe he wasn't the only one working against this corrupt establishment. From what he had managed to gather they seemed as though they could make powerful allies. Provided he could find them.

None of his sources had any information on there whereabouts. This was rather troublesome, but he could always ask around. He would just search for the area that seemed to have the most frequent encounters with these people, and maybe that would lead him toward there area of operation.

This was going to prove to quite tiresome, but it was the only thing he had to go on. He was getting nowhere fast on his own, so maybe some strong back up would he able to help him out. Not to mention the rumors surrounding this group were no less extravagant then the ones surrounding the government here. This place was starting to sound like a land of monsters, rather than one of corruption like he had initially believed.
After half a day of searching and asking around. everything from police reports, to simple idle chit chat with the locals he had been lead to where he believed might be there whereabouts. Unfortunatlely at best it was somewhere within a 5 mile radius, which still made this like searching for a damn needle in haystack. He cussed under his breath for a bit. The sun was starting to set again. Oh well, not like he could work the same route again anyway. That guy had found him out, and undoutedly wouldn't be as nice the next time around. He also will have shared the news with his friends, so this made things only that much more difficult.

The rain had calmed down a bit. Now it was just coming and going in light showers, but with yet another cold night fast approaching he knew he needed some place to stay before he got himself sick out here [B]"No health plan for a rogue."[/B]

He said jokingly to himself. Anything to make himself feel at least a little bit better about his rather bleak situation. Without even realizing it he had set himself just outside of the old parliament building. He must have lost his focus, but for some reason seeing this building snapped him about. And just next to it was the ever famous Big Ben. He looked to them both for a moment and continued on his way. He needed shelter before the night guard took to the streets.

He had to settle for yet another sub standard living arrangement. He decided since he was in the right area, and that he'd never make it back to his hideaway in time before the sun went down, He decided to hideout in an old part of the parliament building. It had been long since abandoned in favor a new structure built buy this new regime.

For some reason this old building filled him with hope for the future. He couldn't explain why, but at the same time he also had a terrible feeling of dread. Like his toes were at the edge of a cliff. One step short of destruction. But why? Was the situation more dire then he believed or was it simply the fear of his own impending demise. He knew that whether it was here or back home he wouldn't face a warm reception.

The room was completely coverd in a light coat of dust. Only a few pieces of furniture remained. An old lamp which had neither lightbulb nor power source, an old table near the door where the lamp sat as well, an old wooden desk that appeared to be rotting and some grimy looking tiles addorned the floor. The walls had wall paper peeling from them and the whole place smelled of animal must "[I]This is probaly a hide out for some local stray cats too.[/I]"

Darrick thought to himself. The thought was starting to make him feel like a stray cat just for being here. An abandoned animal that had no place left to go and strove simply to stay alive til tomorrow. Kind of a bleak existence. Was this all he was really capable of here? He just ran in hoping to help, but now he faced the reality that on his own the best he could do was just survive til tomorrow.

That made it all the more important for him to find others who would aid him in his mission. He knew he was close. All that was left now, was to wait for one of them to show themselves.
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[COLOR=Blue]The next morning Chester woke up late. After he got dressed he went out of the Graveyard. Walking on the sidewalk he thought about what he felt that nigh. If Dean was dead, Chester would have to find him. Or maybe his killer moved the body. The only thing Chester knew was that Dean was probably killed at Big Ben that night. But he didn?t want to find his body because he didn?t care if Dean was dead. It was rainy yet again, still boring, still the same. But the water tasted stagnant to Chester. He forgot to wear a coat and was regretting every moment.

Chester didn?t think much of S.O.L.F., but he walked by the building every day. He felt small compared to the big wigs running the place. He was actually jealous of the workers. New, and old. He heard someone call his name out. Looking around hew saw his friend Tyler. Tyler was human. ?Hey Chester, where are you headed to today?? Tyler asked. ?I?m going to Big Ben, I think someone I know is there.? Chester answered softly as usual. Tyler knew about Chester being a Nicodeamus. ?Can I come along?? Tyler asked. Chester shrugged. ?Sure, but you have to wait outside.?

A little while later they both reached the clock. It was starting to get sunny. Felt warmer than normally. Chester looked inside the entrance for some of his relatives that lived there. ?Hey is anyone here today?? Chester asked. A knife came crashing down to the ground. Chester jumped high enough to dodge it. ?What the hell?? he yelled. ?Chester? I?m so sorry!? A fat man?s voice rang out. Soon out of the shadows came a chubby vampire wearing goggles. It was Derry, he was a nerdy vampire, but a smart one at that. ?Didn?t mean to scare you like that Chester.? Derry said smiling big. Derry was actually an Augustine who was tossed out because of the way he acted and viewed the others. He was an outcast of their clan, luckily the Nicodeamus trusted him and let him live at Big Ben.

?That?s okay, I didn?t exactly say hello when I came in. But what?s with the dagger?? Chester asked. Derry scratched his head. ?it?s a new invention I made. It can shoot daggers from over 10 yards away. Just inc case you need to kill anything pesky. Like an Augustine or even a little chipmunk. I?m still working the chinks, I accidentally shot it as Mrs. Bringums cat.? Derry chuckled. Mrs. Bringums was a vampires living in Big Ben. She collected cats along with her husband Jerry Bringums. They weren?t violent but peaceful.

Chester sighed and shook his head. ?Did you see Dean anywhere?? Chester asked. Derry put his head down. ?Oh, about him? we? found him? dead.? Derry put his head down more. ?He was killed by an Augustine. Auntie found his body when she came from the market this morning.? Chester crossed his arms. ?Okay, I knew it but just wanted to make sure. I felt his energy go away last night. I figured he was killed.?

Chester left the clock tower. Tyler was standing outside pacing around. ?Hey Chester, are you ready?? Chester nodded. ?I can?t bring you with me now, I gotta go meat someone. Bye.? Tyler nodded in reply he walked away.

[I]Well I better go see Mentor. He should be able to give me some help.[/I] Mentor was a 100 year old vampire with vast amounts of knowledge. He helped those who needed guidance. He was also Chester?s great. great ,great Uncle. Ever since Chester got amnesia, Mentor ahs been helping him get back his memory. One thing was odd about him though. He was half Augustine. Parents were both parts of different tribes. They were killed after both clans found out about their forbidden love. But Mentor completely despises his Augustine blood.

Chester was at the entrance to Buckinham palace. Mentor lived in here. Chester loved to visit Mentor. The old sage had an aura that made Chester feel at home, happy, not depressed. As h e walked in several people passed him. They knew who he was.

Chester walked into Mentor?s room. The old vampire was watching the news on TV. His great, great, great, grandson. He was playing on the floor with some jax and coloring paper. Mentor turned around. ?Well well, Chester I see you?ve come. He got out of his recliner and walked ove r to Chester. Menot was very short and brittle. But he was strong as an ox. Maybe even 2. ?Mentor, Dean?s been killed.? Chester told Mentor the news with closed eyes. Mentor nodded. ?I was informed by my brethren. It seems he was killed by a criminal that your Grandmother caught 12 years ago in the palace. It?s too bad she moved to Highgate. She was a cute ol? prune if I say so myself.? Mentor laughed from his belly. Chester smiled a little bit he was very happy when around Mentor. Mentor?s old age brought him a good attitude. He was always laughing, which made everyone happy. ?Hey Chester!? the little boy cried out. ?Good to see you Tommy. How?s the grades?? Chester asked. Tommy shrugged. ?Schools boring. You were right!? Tommy laughed. Chester smiled, but he knew he was in trouble. [I]Damn, I was told not to say that to him. Now Mentor?s found out.[/I] Mentor shook his head, let out a sigh and sat back down.[/COLOR]


OoC:For those of you who don't know. Mentor is arefference to Mentor in the book "Red Moon Rising." In that book Mentor was also a very knowledgable vampire. Just thought I'd do that as a tribute to the book/[/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1]Smoke streamed between his fingers as Charles lit a new cigarette off of the stub of his last, tossing it to the ground and grinding it out under his boot as he prowled through the misty foggy London chill, muttering, seemingly to himself.

It would have taken a sharp eye to notice the headset plugged into his ear, or the wire trailing down his back; had anyone noticed, it could have easily been written off as an antique iPod. He preferred it that way. No Sollafield for him, thanks.
?So, wot?s that again??[/B] His hands were in his pockets; fingerless gloves did very little to keep his hands warm, head cocked to listen to the tinny voice. The headset ? like the transmission he was hearing ? was crap, second-hand junk sold through a less than legal source that had bought it off of a cousin, who had bought it from a brother, who had supposedly filched it from some surplus store or other in America and smuggled it in-country. The shady lineage of the technology came to mind every time he passed?well, pretty much everyone, these days. [B]?I can ?ardly ?ear ya??[/B]

There was the distinct sound of a sigh through the hiss.

[B]?You know what? Just forget about it. Al?ight? Don?t call us, we?ll call you.?[/B]

And the hiss was gone. They?d hung up.

He cursed violently, fighting the urge to yank the headset out and stomp on it. As satisfying as that would be. He did shove the set into his pocket, slouching to stalk across the street to one of the safe houses. He had a meeting there, supposedly?sharp eyes flicked to the disturbed dust. Someone had been in there?

He took a step through the door, hand sliding back out of his pocket clutching his best switchblade. [B]?Hello??[/B][/SIZE]
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[INDENT][SIZE=1]Helena watched on in horror and utter astonishment as Linett pounced on the other vampire and tore him limb from limb. The young vampire removed her hands from her ears and used them to half shield her eyes. She had never seen such fury in another before, Linett?s display frightened her, so much so that she found her self back away and peaking out from behind the rear end of the car. Helena had no intention of making her self presentable to the insane witch. She desired to keep her head and arms exactly where they were, attached to her body. The young vampires had a fleeting thought. Perhaps she could defend the others from that monster, Virgil would be proud of her so, but that fantasy lasted all but a mere few seconds as Linett turned and descended upon Jacob and Florian.

She snapped her head around to make eye contact with Virgil in an instant, only he could stop the monsters violent rage. It appeared that the older vampire was already way ahead of his ?secretary? for he way already moving off to intercept Linett. Helena let a [B]?Virg?? [/B] escape her lips as she watched him quickly approach and apprehend Linett. Her gaze narrowed as he touched her, ceasing her before she tore into Jacob?s hand, she despised seeing him near other females, and she knew her thoughts were faulty however. That?s how Virgil was all in all, he loved the women and they loved him. She saw how they looked at each other.

Most other vampires thought her to be a pathetic baby, which was true in some ways, but for the most part, she knew a lot more than people gave her credit for. Helena rolled her eyes and turned her back to the scene before her, resting on the side of the vehicle. She looked down to her hands which were trembling, [I]?Pull yourself together you fool!?[/I] her mind screamed.[I] ?He wouldn?t want a weakling like you, you?re pathetic.?[/I] She griped her hands in tight fists and looked up to the sky, blocking out the voices and noise behind her. Helena?s mental beatings were lost when Jacob and Florian appeared and joined her at the back of the car, looking quite concerned, choosing to escape while Virgil had Linett distracted. [/SIZE][/INDENT]
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[COLOR=Blue]what are you going to do now?? Mentor asked. ?I?ve been hearing from others about S.O.L.F., surprisingly, I knew someone who worked there for a year. He quit soon after, he hasn?t said why.? Mentor looked at Chester with a stern face, and eyes that stung at Chester?s heart. ?yeah, why would he be important?? Chester asked confused. Mentor smiled. ?I thought you?d like to see him sometime. His powers are phenomenal, better than mine already. He?s been using them for only 2 years now. Truly gifted he is.?

Chester nodded. ?What, do you want him to train me or something?? Chester sat down at the table. ?Yes. He?s the perfect master for you, plus he can unlock the best in you.? Mentor turned back around and stared at the window. ?He may be the key to your memory returning. He?s had the same dilemma. During a battle with the Augustine?s, which by the way I saw, he was hit upside the head, bludgeoned more or less. But after he was treated his brain went to mush, then he lost him memory. It returned when he fought the Augustine and killed him.?

?Where can I find him?? Mentor sighed. ?Just the problem, he was kidnapped by Dean a couple of weeks ago. That?s why he was going to Big Ben the day he was murdered.. That man?s in there, at the top hanging by a pole. He?s tied tightly up there.? Chester shook his head. ?How do you know??
?Easy, I saw him when I was visiting everyone there. I couldn?t save him, because of my age. So you go.?
Chester let out a huff. ?Fine I will.?

When he reached Big Ben he had noticed that the smell of blood was gone. The others here evacuated, and their scent was gone. Chester, with a worry in his head, resumed on in. the place was dark, and felt humid. The smell of smoke filled the building. [I]Damn, wonder what the hell?s going on here.[/I] Chester looked around as he went up. When he reached the top he saw the man he was looking for. But, he was dead. Chester looked around again, he wasn?t safe there. He knew tat, but didn?t care. ?Okay whoever killed this guy, get your ass out of the darkness and face me. If you?re an Augustine, I don?t give a shit.? Chester jerked around after he heard a noise. Above him a vampire was perched upside down. With an evil smile the man flew down to the ground.

Chester jumped back and flipped. Slowly he took out his knife. Carefully he traced his finger down the blade. He bled. Taking the knife he shook it. The vampire, was like a fish. He went straight to the bait. Quickly Chester turned around and threw the knife It hit the vampire directly on the head. He fell down to the ground, breathing heavily. Chester crept ever so slightly towards the man, not trying to get killed by him. Like a flash the man turned around and swiped Chester across the face. He rolled back then stood up. ?Curse you Nicodeamus!? The man yelled. ?Who the hell are you?? Chester asked putting the knife out to the man?s throat. ? I?m Talco. You?re Chester aren?t you?? Chester shook his head yes. ?But it won?t matter now, you?ll be dead!?

Chester cut the man?s neck, but only a tiny bit of blood stained the floor and him. ?Don?t kill me, our leader wants to talk to you about something!? With a confused look on his eyes, Chester lowered the blade. ?Fine, take me to him.?[/COLOR]
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[color=darkslategray][size=1]Ezekiel sighed, rubbing his head.

[b]"I swear, bein' kind is a curse. Gives me 'n excuse to smash some faces together, though, so it ain't all that bad."[/b] Ezekiel grinned wolfishly to himself, thrusting a hand into his pocket to search for a cigarette. Finding one, he fished a lighter out from the opposite pocket, setting the so called "cancer stick" aflame. Inhailing the soothing nicotine, he sighed and leaned up against the wall of a building, his ashen-blond hair hanging over his face limply. He sighed and tapped his foot against the wall.

[b]"I's got to make my way to the safe 'ouse, I guess. Runnin' a bit late thanks to th' lady I met back there. Oh well, another time, another place."[/b] Ezekiel nursed on the cigarette for longer than he should of, enjoying it's incredibly calming effects. [i]If it weren't fer the Americans goin' to the United States - more like untied righ' now - we might not of had these lovelies here.[/i] Ezekiel sighed, almost happily, as he sat up off of the wall.

The sky began to cloud over, covering up it's face and beginning to weep down the slightly dirty rain. Ezekiel turned his head up to the sky, letting the water wash through his hair, smiling at the simple joys of letting the rain run down your face and not do anything about it. [i]Well, I dun suppose I can let this pass as my shower, but it sure does feel good.[/i] He began to make his way across the street, the rain beginning to come down harder now. He scowled secretly as his cigarette became wet and mushy between his lips, and had to close the pocket with his other cigarettes to keep them from the same fate.

[b]"Damnit, maybe I don't like the rain as much as I first thought."[/b] Ezekiel laughed to himself, walking down the sidewalk as he threw the wet cigarette butt into a trashbin, making sure that it was out. A man tappe his shoulder and Ezekiel spun around.

[b]"Excuse me, you're supposed to put the discarded cigarettes into the appropriate bin, sir."[/b] He said, and Ezekiel tilted his sunglasses down slightly, and the man's eyes went wide as he stammered and backed away, tripping over the "appropriate bin." Ezekiel laughed in spite of himself and continued upwards on the sidewalk. He stroked his fingers together subconciously as he walked, aching for another cigarette already.

The safe house was empty of life so far. He sighed and sat down, running fingers through his hair and cleaning off his sunglasses.

[b]"That man better show up soon..."[/b] Fortunately, he also had a litre of a knock off brand of soda in his left pocket, and sipped at it to pass the time. Although he had a nicotine addiction, he rarely drank. Being restless, Ezekiel took to his feet again and went outside as the rain quit for a moment to suck down another cancer stick, when a man approached, reaching for something. Ezekiel rose an eybrow.

[b]"Hello?"[/b] The man spoke to the safe house, and Ezekiel came up behind him.

[b]"Why, hello there. I take it you're Charles?"[/b] [/color][/size]
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[FONT=Tahoma]Virgil held Linett in place with his hand grasped around her throat, though not hard enough to cut off her air. He just gazed indifferently at her while her irises descended further into her own instinctual drive. She slashed wildly with her hands, her fingernails tearing shallowly into Virgil's face. Virgil healed the scratches quickly one after another as they were inflicted.

He gripped a little tighter to slow Linett's motions just a little, and brought her in closer to him so that her face was just an inch away from his. He opened his mouth and began to prep his voice to forcibly calm Linett with his vocal sedation.

[b][COLOR=DimGray][FONT=Palatino Linotype]"The loss of one's sense is the loss of one's capability to perceive themself. If you lose hold of who you are then your mind warps deeper then the reach of your hands, and furthest from the range of your ears."[/font][/color][/b]

Linett gripped onto Virgil's collar to keep herself from falling completely limp in his arms, her eyes fluttered as she grew more fatigued with every word Virgil spoke. Virgil let Linett drape her body across his arm as he pulled her up toward him and touched his lips to hers before lifting her now completely asleep self up into his arms and carried her back toward the car. Jacob, Florian, and Helena watched on as Virgil easily subdued her. Helena knelt behind the hood of the car with one hand level with her chin, her eyes with a concerned look. She knew the kiss wasn't for romantic purposes, but she still felt like she could have done without seeing it. Her thoughts were interuppted by a sharp pain sensation from her left side, she gripped it with both of her hands now. Blood dripped onto the ground from underneathe her tank top, she tried desperately to hide the fact that she had gotten injured during the period of gunfire.

Virgil placed Linett into the backseat of the car and propped her upright agaisnt the door. He looked over at Jacob and Florian who were giving him odd looks.

[b]"What? Can I help it if I know how to handle the ladies?"[/b] Virgil said jokingly, giving his underlings a joking smile as he walked around the car. Before Virgil could do anything else, from the corner of his he caught one of the assailants trying to drag himself to his feet.

[b][i]'One of them is still alive? Well, suppose I shouldn't waste it.'[/i][/b] Virgil thought to himself as he suddenly began walking over toward the survivor. Jacob and Florian followed him, making sure they were in a good position to watch Virgil's back. Virgil lifted the vampire up to his feet by his collar and held him infront of him.

[b]"You aren't Nicodemus, you seem to be nothing but a rogue vampire. What business have you attacking me and my men, or do you think you were to simply get a human meal?"[/b] Virgil asked, keeping the survivor detained with one hand as he struggled.

[b]"Answer him or you shall no longer be among the living, like your friends!"[/b] Jacob yelled. Virgil silenced Jacob with his hand and turned his attention back to the man in front of him. He began to laugh between breaths, much to Virgil's curiosity.

[b]"No...we knew who we were attacking. We were to assassinate Virgil Kingston of the SOLF."[/b] he answered, surprising Virgil's underlings and Helena who had overheard from the car.

[b]"You fool! Do you not fear for your life?"[/b] Florian yelled.

[b]"You two, quiet from now on!"[/b] Virgil commanded, Jacob and Florian bowing their heads and silencing themselves.

[b]"F...fear. Of course we fear, the country fears but for nobody to take action against the tyranny of the SOLF is a greater sin. We knew our chances of succeeding were poor, but our actions will speak loudly even in death."[/b]

The words seemed to hardly affect Virgil, but he despised being thought of as a terrorist or as how many saw the SOLF. He couldn't expect everyone to take the time out of their lives to fully understand what the Augustine's vision of the future was, or what was ideal about it, especially for the benefit of vampire kind.

[b]"You can forget about your rendezvous too, the information you were to receive is a pile of ashes, just like your friend!"[/b] the vampire survivor spoke once more. Virgil just tightened his grip on the vampire's collar and hurled him with great strength into the nearby memorial statue, causing it to crumble down on top of him.

Helena watched on, effected a bit harshly by the words their assailant spoke. She knew deep down that what they were doing had to be right, but she knew that Virgil was probably more upset then he was letting on. She tried to stand up to say something but before she could get to a full vertical base she fell back down to her knees. Virgil turned around and began walking back followed by his subordinates, Helena opened up the door to the Navigator and crawled her way inside to avoid being seen by Virgil.

[b]"Let us return for now. It's best that they destroyed the file rather then anything else. Even if they did look at it, nobody is talking now."[/b] Virgil said, his suborinates nodding and getting into the car. Virgil went to open the driver seat door but stopped halfway after noticing the bulletholes in the door and cracked window. Virgil's eyes widened from his normal look and he let out a small groan.

[b]"Son of a bitch! I just got this paint job too..."[/b] Virgil complained. Jacob and Florian subtly laughed to themselves, knowing how much Virgil liked his car. Virgil sighed and got in, he noticed Helena hunched over a bit behind his seat.

[b]"Helena...when we get back, wait for me in your room."[/b] he spoke, catching Helena's attention suddenly.

[b]"Y...yes sir! Of course."[/b] Helena said, overjoyed inside that she would get to spend some alone time with Virgil. Though she began to wonder if he had noticed her injury.
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[COLOR=DarkOrchid][font=times][i]The entire time Virgil spoke to her with the Voice, Linett's arms flailed, her eyes still wild, her screams horrible. As it began to take effect, her voice lowered, and she began to pant at odd intervals, breathless and high. He caught her up in his arms and noticed that not only had she already healed, but she had entered the true state of the feral after feeding. The odds were good that she would sleep for at least a full day and night before finally waking up.

As Linett slumbered in the car, Helena looked at her, this time not flinching away. While she was sleeping, she looked almost peaceful, harmless even. Her eyes were closed, long lashes draped gracefully across the lids, and her hair fell over her forehead in graceful lines. She didn't look like a killer at all. She looked more like a sweet girl who was tired from a long day of pleasant and utterly normal pursuits.

As Virgil pulled into the round driveway leading up to the entrance, he saw the still figure of Kai at the door. He wasn't surprised. Kai Meron Dynn was one of the more politically powerful figures within the clan, and as Linett's brother, the only other man who could understand her, loved her, cherished her as he would if she was normal. Virgil parked and stepped out as Kai walked up, an imposing figure in a perfectly pressed suit. His demeanor was always polite, even to people he disliked, but Virgil he could honestly say he did like.[/i]

"Is she hurt? I heard her screaming."

"She got wounded, but she took her revenge. I had to put her into the deep sleep early though, before she ate one of my men's hands."

"Sounds like Linett alright. Thanks for making sure she didn't do anything the higher ups would punish her for."

"It's more their fault than hers. She can't help what she is."

[i]Kai's wry smile wasn't lost on Virgil as he opened the side door and pulled Linett out, giving Helena a polite smile. Holding her like a child, her brother carried her across the threshold into the palace, and up the stairs to her bedroom. Once inside, he closed the door behind him to discourage prying eyes and took off her bloodied and torn clothes, wiping away the dried blood, and dressing her in a clean white nightgown. He tucked her in the four poster bed she spent a lot of time in. As he did, he noticed her eyes moving under the eyelids, and her lips moving silently. Probably dreaming blood dreams.

After she fed, she was always tired. And Virgil had sent her to sleep faster than it would've normally set on. Kai was satisfied. He closed the drapes around her bed and shut the door behind her. Meanwhile, entered into the wild dreams induced by her frenzied feeding, Linett wandered through dark hallways, searching for a room within thousands of rooms, looking for an book she couldn't read. In a language long forgotten, taken from the heart of the past. Time meant nothing to her, past or present, she couldn't know... ...

She turned her head in her sleep, drawing the covers closer to her body, curling up in a fetal position. A picture of innocence.[/i][/font][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=Blue]Chester walked into a building that was abandoned years ago. Its walls were creaky and wobbly. But it was decorated black, with lace streaming on the walls. Sitting in an old chair was a vampire. He was a Nicodemus, unlike his servants who were all Augustine. Blood was everywhere with bodies on the floor, and hanging from the ceiling. To Chester it was his world made world. The inner recess of his mind, his heart, was all in this room.

Chester knelt down in front of the man. ?You?re a Nicodemus aren?t you?? Chester asked. The man knelt down in front of him; he took Chester?s chin and pushed upward. His eyes lining up to Chester?s. ?Yes, and so are you. Your eyes?? Chester smacked the man?s arm off his face. ?What about them?? Chester asked angrily. ?I see, you have his eyes. Your father?s eyes to be exact.? Chester was alarmed. He got back up and stepped backward. ?You knew my father?? Chester asked. The man nodded his head. Chester pointed at the man. ?Who the hell are you?? The man?s eyes were red, and his hair was sheen ?I am Vladimir Gustavo. Legendry vampire and Augustine slayer.?

At that moment Chester fainted. His mind turned into a blender. Memories jammed inside it were spun around and ground into smaller bits. Then it was but into a bowl and settled around for a bit. An Image appearing from the abyss. It all returned to him. Everything about him and his past, zooming past his eyes at the speed of light. Going back into his brain, staying there once more.

Chester woke back up. Vladimir looking at him with confusion. ?Chester are, you all right? You were mumbling stuff I couldn?t understand.? Vladimir held him up and placed his on a table where food was eaten. ?Vlad, I remember everything now. My last name it isn?t Cornelius? it?s-? Vladimir put his hands on Chester?s mouth. ?I know, I?m your real father.? Vlad gave Chester some medicine, He tried to get up, but couldn't. "It will take a while for the medicine to get in effect. But it will help you regain your energy."Chester nodded.

Vlad looked at Chester adn smiled. "So, it's good to see you agian son..."

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[indent][Align=justify][SIZE=1]Another rainy night in London, and the city was once again shrouded in darkness, the gloom broken only by the dismal glow cast by an occasional street lamp. In their defense, the lamps were working as they were intended to function, but it was a function that they fulfilled in name only; the light they gave off did little but illuminate a fragment of the surrounding road. Large sections of the streets were left enveloped in shadows, creating an ambience of desertion further accentuated by the almost complete absence of life. S.O.L.F. footmen, spread mathematically in singles and pairs, patrolled various streets, intersections, and alleys, providing the city with its only motion. At least, its only overt motion.

Above the street level, on one of the buildings? rooftops, a black shadow materialized from the fog that was descending over London. After a small pause, the shape began to grow upwards; it simultaneously became thinner on the sides, as if it were an overgrown amoeba of sorts. It continued its redefinition until it stood around two meters tall, assuming as it did so the silhouette of a person in a heavy overcoat and fedora holding a long, straight cane in its left hand. The figure, who had actually landed on the roof those few seconds ago and had merely been in the process of standing up, began to stroll casually forward, humming cheerfully to itself.

After walking two-thirds of its way across the roof, the figure came smoothly to a halt, and, still humming, appeared to turn its head to the right. Below it in that direction, a couple of S.O.L.F. regulars stood keeping silent vigil over their particular juncture. The shadow studied them for a moment?it was quite obvious that their silence was not due so much to regulation as it was to the simple fact that this duo had been guarding the same intersection together for so long that they actually had nothing left to say, even in random quips. The only thing the men really did anymore was earn their pay, since nothing else ever moved. The shadow decided to enliven their day?well, night, as it were. It continued its humming.

[I]Chim chim-in-ey, chim chim-in-ey, chim chim, cher-ee....[/I]

Its right arm brushed back its coat, its right hand slipping quickly in and out of the right pocket of its suit jacket. It flicked its wrist sharply.

A clatter off to the soldiers? right unexpectedly shattered the silence, causing both men to start violently. From the different natures of their startle motions, the shadow guessed that the one facing away from it had been almost asleep; his breathing was by far the most rapid. The other man jerked his head around, his hands catching up his weapon.

[B]?You ?ear ?at??

?I ?eard somethin?. Wot was it??

?Dunno. Whyntch?a go ?n ?ave a peek??[/B]

The sleeper hesitated. [B]? ?Ow?s about we wait ?n see if it comes out instead.?[/B]

Oh, now that was just silly. As if whatever running around dodging the sentries at one-in-the-bloody-morning was going to bother to interrupt its illicit excursions and present itself to them in the process. Puh-[I]lease[/I]. The shadow?s hand dived in and out of its pocket a second time.

[I]Chim chim-in-ey, chim chim-in-ey, chim chim, cher-oo....[/I]

Another clatter, this time from across the square. The guards whirled nervously.

[B]?Blimey, it?s on th? other side now,?[/B] the first man said to his partner, not enlightening anyone. It occurred to the shadow that the man was functioning rather like the nearby lamppost: dismally.

[B]? ?Ere, you! Come out and show yourself.?[/B]

Oh, Lord, now the guy was trying to [I]command[/I]. How rich. The shadow tested the air and was surprised to have his suspicions refuted. The rain made scenting them extraordinarily hard, but the men were actually vampires. The shadow felt a small sense of embarrassment at the knowledge that some of his kind were capable of this level of incompetence. He briefly debated beaning the lousy excuses for S.O.L.F. henchmen with a few well-deserved projectiles, but finally dismissed it as pointless. One couldn?t go around fixing every case of inanity one found.

Below, the first man continued his slow advance on what he thought was the position of the second clatter. He kept his gun trained uncertainly forward, his finger fidgeting with the safety lock. The sleeper, apparently the junior of the pair, had thought it best to remain at his post and provide his associate with moral support from the rear, and, if needed, fire support as well.

[B]?Look,?[/B] the first man said to his supposed lurker, [B]?we don?t care ?oo you are, and we don?t want to ?urt you.?

?Yet,?[/B] the sleeper tossed in. His partner shot a brief glare over his shoulder.

[B]?We don?t want to ?urt you,?[/B] he repeated deliberately. [B]?Just show yourself and we can escort you back??[/B]

Something clattered on the roof; the sentries jerked their weapons upwards towards the sound and let off a couple of panicky shots, but Faust had long since gone, tired of his little game.[/SIZE][/align][/indent]
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[COLOR=DarkOrange][B]?We don?t need them! Fuck this whole government, you know? Who else is gunna put the stop to S.O.L.F?!?[/B]

[B]?Dude, your acting like a damn idiot. Yeah, a group of fuckin? unorganized Nicomedus who aren?t even willing to show themselves out to humans gunna rise up. Right. Listen to yourself! You?re so desperate, get out there and make a damn difference already!? [/B]

[B]?You know what? I might just walk right into that royal palace and do just that. How do you like that idea?!?[/B]

[B]?I think it?s a stupid ass idea and that you, my dear man, are a stupid ass!?[/B]

[B]?Fuck you!? [/B]

Josephine woke up slowly, taking a moment to recall exactly where she was as her consciousness gradually returned. Across the large room where there were several groups of people talking amongst themselves there were two young men in the middle of heated argument. The more aggressive man stormed off in a fit of defiant rage while the other who he had been speaking to sat back against the rail of the stairs and lit up a cigarette. From the side of his mouth he called down the long passage.

[B]?I won?t be sorry when the Augustine tear your fucking head off!? [/B] The other man made no reply as he stormed down the stairs. The other people lounging about paid neither of them any mind. Josephine curiously rose to her feet. She headed over to the man smoking his cigarette and stood next to him. At an immediate glance, one could see that they were very different as far as style went. Josephine wore a beautiful black dress that looked like it could have been tailored in the 1800s. Meanwhile, this man was wearing a loose jacket over a scraggly t-shirt and cargo pants. Josephine recalled that she had last seen others back in the 70s -- at least this look was much nicer than the old one.

[B]?Excuse me??[/B] she softly inquired as she approached the young man.

[B]?Hello! I?m afraid I?ve never seen you around here before. My name?s Erik Renseiger; you??[/B] The man extended his hand toward the cute young woman now standing beside him. Josephine offered her hand and shook awkwardly.

[B]?Josephine Haughm. Nice to meet you.?[/B]

[B]?You to. So what it is you wanted to ask me.?[/B] Josephine looked down a moment as she pieced the sentence together, then spoke.

[B]?What? what exactly were you guys yelling about??[/B]

[B]?Ah, you know. Jayce is one of those rebellious types. He thinks he?s gunna take down S.O.L.F. on his own or some sort of bullshit. Always trying to rally people into joining him -- he needs to go somewhere else and do that, though. I?m sure they got whole teams of people like that out there somewhere, but this tower is meant to be a refuge. These guys don?t need none of that when they?re struggling to survive.?[/B]

Josephine had hardly even caught the gist of his meaning. She couldn?t even remember anything about the world before she had gone into hiding for such a long time.

[B]?um? what?s S.O.L.F??[/B] The young man just stared at her blankly. He narrowed his eyes, seeing that Josephine looked genuinely confused. He took a long drag of his cigarette, still just staring at her. He pulled the cigarette from his lips and exhaled slowly.

[B]?Holy shit. You?re serious?!?[/B] Josephine was withdrawn, which made the man feel bad. ?Hey, don?t worry about it. Well? okay, maybe worry a little. Here, let me try to explain this to you? follow me.?

The man led Josephine down a flight of stairs to the next floor of Big Ben. Like on the last floor, there were plenty of Nicodemus hanging about and chatting. The man led her up to another young man with a gruff beard and an older look about him.

[B]?Kelly. This girl?s like? I don?t know. She?s definitely not from around here.? [/B] The man explained, dumbfounded.

[B]?Slow down a sec. What the hell are you talking about?? [/B] The man asked in a thick French accent. He had a very cool demeanor and an intelligent look about him.

[B]?It?s like?? [/B] the man began. Josephine cut him off in the interest of making progress. She wasn?t the type who liked to take too long to do things - short and to the point was more her style.

[B]?What is S.O.L.F?? [/B] She asked. The French man glared a moment to see if she was bullshitting him, but he could see that she genuinely looked confused.

[B]?I ought to start at the beginning? the Augustine.?[/B] Josephine?s head shot up, and her jaw clenched. A deep-seated rage could be seen in her eyes. The Frenchmen caught onto this as he lit himself a cigarette, handing another to the other man who was just flicking his away. Seeing the irritation in Josephine?s expression, he offered her a cigarette as well. She gladly took it and slid it between her lips. Kelly tossed her the lighter and she quickly lit the end, taking a quick drag before taking it in her fingers.

[B]?I?m guessing they aren?t your type.?[/B]

[B]?They killed my family.?[/B] She answered. Josephine remembered the day she found Annabel nailed to a cross by a spear, her blood dripping to the ground. She fell to her knees before the cross and broke down in tears. She remembered that the people who brought Annabel down were all standing around her.


[B]?This bitch is one too!?[/B] One of the men announced. He was holding her under her jaw, examining the fangs among her teeth. The men gathered around, readying their weapons. They planned to pin her directly on top. Josephine would have accepted just such a fate, but her rage was too much. She screamed in agony and horror and anger as she exploded into action.

Josephine would never forget the looks on the men?s faces when she impaled the first one straight through the chest and tore his heart out, taking a large bite out of it. When she turned to the rest of them every last one was either frozen in place or running for their life. Only one woman was among them. A woman she had trusted before -- a very close friend. The woman was unfazed. She only glared at Josephine with pure hatred.

[B]?Kill her!? [/B] the woman cried. The remaining men returned to their senses and charged at her. Every last one of them was thrown to the ground in tatters of blood as their shredded bodies were tossed aside. Only the woman remained. Josephine had never known it before -- she felt like a fool. The Augustine smiled, revealing her fangs. She leapt into the air ready to bring Josephine down in one blow. The girl was weakened, and this woman was a highly experienced killer. The moment she had realized that Josephine and Annabel were Nicodemus vampires she had set everything in motion.

What she hadn?t planned on was the powers the two girls had. Josephine could see the burn marks on the woman?s clothes. Annabel had gotten her a little before she was taken herself. She jumped at Josephine.

In one moment, Josephine placed all of her soul into one attack. Her arms lashed out and just before she was torn to shreds by the mad woman?s attack, she caught hold of her electrical current. Josephine grabbed onto the very thing that was making the woman tick - her electrical impulses. She stripped the woman of her operational capabilities. She turned off her brain.

The incident was covered up so perfectly, people in the very town where it occurred were oblivious. The right people were removed, the right memories erased, and the entire thing disappeared. Only Josephine was left to bear the sins of that day.


[B]?I see,?[/B] Josephine concluded as Kelly finished telling her the story of how the S.O.L.F. had taken over the world essentially.

[B]?Yes, well? welcome to your life from now on. This is how we live now because of all that. Wherever you come from I?d imagine was better.? [/B] Josephine was angered. She had finally emerged after all these years, and now she was told to run home? What was going on in this world?

[B]?Thank you.? [/B] Josephine made up her mind. She was happy she had come to this place at this time. Otherwise she probably would have died with the world coming to an end and never even known what was going on. She had come just in time to make a difference.

Josephine turned to the younger man who she?d met before and had been listening intently to the whole conversation. [B]?You said something about a resistance. Do you know much about it?? [/B]

[B]?Oh fuckin? a, not you too!?[/B]

[B]?I?ll take you,? [/B] Kelly interrupted. [B]?I know where to go. I know who you need to meet. Come along.?[/B]

[B]?Thank you so much!?[/B]

[B]?Don?t worry about it. I have nothing but respect for those willing to risk their lives in rebellion. Unlike some people?? [/B] Kelly glanced over at the other man, who had swallowed his tongue. He led Josephine out of the tower, into the dark night.[/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1]Dark as dead could be, even in the day time. At one point, Buckingham Palace would have gleamed thanks to all the riches it possessed, and thanks to the sunlight that would shine through its windows. But now, heavy silk curtains covered the windows, barely an ounce of light able to get through into the room. The room itself was large, laced from the door to the black-silked window with riches, gold, mirrors and fine furniture. Even finer was the man, stood facing the black window, with his hands clasped behind his back. A thick line of hair, much like a lion?s mane, ran down the middle of his head and further down his back. On the left side of his shaved head was a five inch thick scar, disappearing beneath his ear.

Sebastian?s obsession with parallelism meant that, after the deep cut he had gained that not even a Vampire could heal from, he shaved off the other side of his head. Without the scar his hair would be thick and shining brighter than any of his family?s gold, though right now only a quarter of it did.

At the far end of the room a door clicked open. Sebastian?s turquoise eyes moved slowly from their staring position on the curtain, as if he were trying to look behind him when, really, he was glancing at the faint shadows on the wall. The door closed with another click and two, possibly three, shadows danced across the gold ?plated walls.

Sebastian turned around in time for the three men to reach his desk. The first, dressed formally with neatly combed back hair, stepped forward and placed a sheet of paper on the desk. Sebastian took it, grinning, and read it.

[B]?This could pose a bit of a problem,?[/B] he said, barely above a whisper, [B]?are you sure we can?t get any new material in before the end of the week??[/B]

The first Vampire glanced to the side at his smaller comrade.

[B]?Drigg is making a journey tomorrow, we couldn?t schedule anything because of that.?[/B]

Sebastian?s face was riddled with confusion. [B]?Then put the load onto [I]Drigg[/I] and it?ll be here by [I]tomorrow[/I].?

[B]?You said never to do anything without at least a week?s planning and at least a week?s worth of trained forces backing you up. If you want we could --?[/B]

[B]?I also said you should shave your beard, but fuck, you didn?t.?[/B] Sebastian barked. [B]?Furthermore, I stated this is a problem. With such a problem in the way, we won?t be making any plans weeks before their execution. We won?t be doing much at all. Now, I want this sorted. Have Drigg stop at its last station and I want three of the Augustine or SOLF to rendezvous with it. They?ll escort it back.?[/B]

The Vampire frowned, lowered his head. [B]?What if the Nicodemus find out??[/B]

[B]?Do they have ears in the walls? Or the brains to figure this out??[/B] Sebastian grinned broadly and seated himself at his desk. [B]?By the time we?ve got enough Plutonium to complete this operation, the Nicodemus will be dead. Dead as the ashes of my ancestors.?[/B]

His grin grew to something that was, frankly, disturbing. The other Vampires did the same, with a little laugh somewhere in the middle.

But one Vampire, the smallest, had a different sort of grin.


Deacon glanced to the side at the man staring at him, who quickly diverted his eyes when he noticed Deacon had saw. He then went back to looking at his newspaper article, crossing his legs under the desk outside the café. Reading in almost pitch black UV goggles was a very hard task, he was sure he would rather take on the Augustine single-handed than do this.

Another man gave him a look, or so he thought. Deacon turned his head and the man glanced away. Sure, a few years ago Deacon would get odd looks, though he couldn?t help wondering whether the S.O.L.F.?s presence had caused a rise in human paranoia. Or maybe Deacon was just getting very bad with his fashion sense.

He folded the newspaper and threw it across the table. A load of crap. The media was even more trashy than he remembered, there was nothing about the current affair, which was staring everyone in the face.

Speaking of staring, Deacon had to ward off another stare with a quick glance and a frown. He decided the next time, he wouldn?t bother at all.


Deacon jumped in his seat at the sudden appearance of Starkey whom had placed himself in the seat across the table.

[B]?Don?t ever call me that.?[/B]

Starkey held up his hands. [B]?Right, right, I?m sorry. I?ve got some news![/B]

[B]?Well, go on, then.?[/B]

Starkey?s eyes flicked under his sunglasses enough for Deacon to see. Deacon followed the Vampire?s gaze over to the other side of the road where, in the bright light and standing out from the very few humans like a sore thumb, two heavily armed S.O.L.F. soldiers stood. Deacon rose immediately and made his way out of sight, Starkey following closely behind.

When they had come off the main road onto an almost abandoned side-street, Deacon sidestepped into an alley and placed his back against the wall. He glanced back around the corner and, when he saw nothing, nodded towards Starkey.

[B]?Seb-bastard is bringing a box of nuclear material into London tomorrow, at night time. Finishing off some kind of plan the Augustine has going. Our little birdy spying for us has spread the message all the way around Highgate, but no one wants to get involved.?[/B]

Deacon raised an eyebrow. [B]?You?re proposing a heist??[/B]

[B]?I?m proposing we blow that fuckin? Drigg to kingdom come and take the material for ourselves, bribe them with it, or something. Or give the Augustine an equal enough scare. I was thinking me and you should --?[/B]

[B]?We?re not Starksy and Hutch, no offence to your grandfather.[i][Ff][/i]?[/B] Deacon folded his arms over his chest and narrowed his eyes at Starkey, thought he doubted the Vampire could see. [B]?I?ll have to say thank you for the information, but no thanks to the offer. If anything, I?ll do this alone.?[/B]

Starkey?s expression suddenly changed to one of sheer horror and childlike devastation. He didn?t expect Deacon to steal a mission from under his nose.

[B]?You can?t do that. You know, you?re getting such a bad review in my book??[/B]

[B]?You?re not Anne Rice, either. [i][Ff][/I]?[/B] Deacon shook his head slightly and adjusted his goggles. [B]?I don?t know how many people are coming along on this, but tell them Deacon is going to obtain whatever happens to be on the Drigg. Tell them they can do as they please, tell all the humans if they want to, just tell them that I do [I]not[/I] wish to have any help obtaining the item [i]or[/i] clear up their mess.?[/B]

Deacon moved a strand of green hair out of his face and stepped out of the alley like he was stepping out of the conversation. Before he could escape, Starkey grabbed his shoulder.

[B]?Do you have a death wish??[/B] he asked.

[B]?No.?[/B] Deacon said, not turning around.

[B]?Well you?re going to end up dead. You?re the last of your family, and they?re pretty ancient, from the very beginning, I reckon. It?ll be a shame to see them end here.?[/B]

Deacon?s eyes darkened beneath his goggles and he shrugged off Starkey?s hand violently, walking off into the sunlight on his own.

[img]http://img220.imageshack.us/img220/3374/sfact1cv2.png[/img] ?Starksy and Hutch? was, according to most Vampires, based on the infamous Vampires by the same names (Starksy being Starkey grandfather). Whether the rumour is true or not, the movie has caused both names to be tainted and a joke in the Vampire world.

Anne Rice, also, is mocked for revealing Vampire tales with either too much accuracy or none at all. Due to these jokes, even Vampires themselves forget if she was one of them or not. The name is normally used, by Vampires, as an insult, for gaining glory by false hood or just generally being an annoying woman.

[I]OOC: Fuck this. I'll edit out the mistakes tomorrow. I'm incredibly screwed at the moment (entirely in fact), I'm not in the mood, I have exams next week, it's 3:30am, I can't feel my fingers and I really, really can't see what I'm typing.[/i][/SIZE]
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[SIZE=1]The rain pounded down relentlessly. The once awesome-looking jagged spikes on top of his head were becoming limp and tending to fall, much to his displeasure. John, the most oddly proportioned vampire most people ever got to see in real-life, trudged quickly and angrily up the stairs to his London based flat.

He quickly drew his single key from his coat pocket, plunged it into the door, turned it, darted through and closed it again behind him in a matter of seconds. Immediately beginning to feel at home, John shrugged off the large trench coat and tore at his soaked T-shirt. The tight black fabric squelched as it dropped to the floor, a darkened pair of wet jeans following quickly.

Strolling across the large entrance area to the living area, John snatched up a remote from his sitting chair, pushed a series of buttons and then slumped down into his chair. The 6th song from one of his favourite albums slowly took to life through the music player on the wall and several of his cats began grouping at his feet. As they nuzzled his wet legs, John’s brow quivered with irritation as he realised cat fur would be sticking to his legs.

[B]“Jeez, doesn’t that woman ever feed you guys?”[/B] A rhetorical question. Obviously they’d been fed, Sarah knew better than to let them go without. She’d probably turn up sooner or later so welcome him back anyway.

Regardless, he got up from his seat, quickly threw some food into the many, many bowls strewn about the designated cat living area and then headed for the kitchen area. With a towel in hand he quickly dried off the worst of his skin and hair. He stopped in front of the full body length mirror to survey the damage.

Although liking what he saw as always, he was still annoyed at the disarray of his usually flawless hair. John always did admire looking at himself in the mirror, thinking of how he used to be chubby and overweight always brought an overwhelming joy.

Suddenly, a head dropped down right in front of his and quickly spoke-


John grimaced, and quickly regretted showing weakness. He was especially agitated when he realised who it was. [I]Like it’d be anybody else…[/I]

Theron Agnes Marlow dropped down from the ceiling, turning elegantly in the air so to land on her feet in front of him. She smiled at him, an angelic smile full of glee with an underlying tone of ‘I’m-sooooooo-gonna-fúck-you-off-right-now’ hidden at the back for good measure. He just eyed her, turned his broad back and moved towards the chest of drawers on the opposite side of the room.

[B]“So you’re back from Germany then. I wasn’t expecting to find ya here so I’m glad! How was it?”[/B] Her voice again. When she wasn’t trying to scare him, her voice was high, girly and cute. That was if you didn’t know better.

[B]“It was great. You weren’t there…”[/B] Saying that he turned to her with a scowl, eyeing her lithe form and then quickly back to rummaging in the drawers. It still amazed him at her size. Or maybe it was his size. The widest part of her body was probably as big, if not a little smaller, than his bicep. He eyed his right arm before digging again.

Retrieving a black T-shirt he pulled it over his modesty and then turned to face her. If she hadn’t already expected it he suspected she would have stifled a giggle at him. Part of the T-shirt’s design, now being stretched across his huge chest was the archaic logo of a white cartoon cat face with a bow over one side of its head. She rolled her eyes, turned her head to the music player on the wall and then turned back to him.

[B]“When are you gonna realise that Hello Kitty and Nine Inch Nails aren’t in fashion anymore man? Jeez, it’s like livin’ in the Stone Age coming to your place!”[/B]

He smirked at her, relishing in the opportunity her complaint provided.

[B]“You don’t like it then leave.”[/B] He told her with not a hint of venom in his deep voice.

She deftly ignored his comment, instead she made a quick sweep of the place with her eyes.

[B]“Speaking of your place, I like it a helluva lot better than the last one. How’d you get this one?”[/B] Perhaps a hint of jealousy in her otherwise sarcastic tone.

[B]“I’m sleeping with the Landlady and her daughter on a regular basis.”[/B] He said with not so much as a second’s hesitation.


[B]“Not at the same time you understand.”[/B]

[B]“And that makes it sooooo much better!”[/B] She scowled with slight annoyance.

He just smirked, greatly overjoyed at himself for managing to irritate her.[/SIZE]
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[SIZE=1]Helena ran from the car and quickly danced up the stairs, through the halls of the palace and too her room. She flung the doors shut and smacked the button to her stereo, sending blaringly loud music pulsating through her room. If anyone were to walk past all they would have heard was a faint ?thump? from the heavy drums. Her side was burning with pain; she walked over to her full length mirror and pulled up her tank top to take a look. She had been struck by a stray bullet in her left side, and had already lost a fair amount of blood. It took a lot for her to just reach her room as quickly as she did.

Helena stumbled over to her bed and sat on the edge, she couldn?t let Virgil see her like this. She gingerly walked into her bathroom and washed the blood off her hands and skin; she snatched a red towel from the rack near by and shoved it on her side. She flicked her eyes up and looked at herself in the mirror and cringed, her face was deathly white. She looked away abruptly and walked out of the bath room, towel still on her side, to her closet too throw on some new clothes. She chose a black short sleeve top with a decorated symbol of three skulls in a circle on its back and some odd symbols in small print on the front. Helena had a thing for bands and music of the early-ish 2000 years, some of that very music was engulfing her room at that very moment. She threw on a pair of skinny dark blue-ish jeans after throwing her skirt to one side.

She could breathe a little easier knowing that Linett was sleeping, perhaps then she wouldn?t feel the need to talk her Virgil. Or whatever it was the crazy lady did, Linett had always frightened Helena, and probably always would.

The young vampress didn?t even realize that another person was in the room with her until they turned off her blearing music. The last phrase being screamed out by the lead [I]??this is who I really am!...?[/I] still lingered in the air after the sound had ceased. She whipped her head around to see Virgil standing by her dresser; he smiled at her warmly and shut the door gently behind him. Helena, surprised at his sudden entrance, whipped the towel behind her back, pulled her shirt down and returned his smile.

[B]?Hello.? [/B] She said to him in a sweet tone, tilting her head to the side and flashing him a wide grin. For her age Helena acted quite childish sometimes.

[B]?What have you got there my sweet??[/B] Virgil returned her smile; he leant up against her dresser and flicked his head slightly after speaking. Helena seemed Embarrassed by the fact that she was concealing a bloody towel behind her; there really was no keeping anything from him sometimes it seemed. Helena dropped her hands to her sides and looked at him sadly; it was taking a lot out of her just to stand up straight. Virgil must have sensed something was wrong for as Helena was about to fall over from her wound when she found herself in Virgil?s arms. He carried her over to her bed and sat down next to her. He pulled up her shirt to get a better look at her wound. Helena found herself unable to look Virgil in the eyes as he assessed her injury.

[B]"You should know better...just hold still the best you can." [/B] He said to her half affectionately. Virgil dug two of his fingers into her side to search for the bullet. Helena squirmed underneath him, her teeth firmly clenched; she stifled back a few screams of pain. Within moments he had pulled out the troublesome piece of metal, Virgil stroked the side of her face to calm her.

[B]?The wound will heal quickly; leave it alone?sorry you had to get caught up in it, my sweet.?[/B] Helena looked up at him, smiled, and waved the comment off. He dressed her wound with some medical kit and kissed her forehead when he was done. She smiled warmly at him and slowly sat up.

[B]?Thank you.? [/B] Helena squealed and launched herself at him and gave him a hug, he recoiled slightly at first but returned her affection, he had gotten used to her ?hugs that almost counted as tackles?. She had him in her grasp and she wasn?t going to let go of him any time soon, unfortunately, Helena?s bliss was interrupted by a terse knock on her door. A voice called through from the other side, obviously not wanting to burst in from fear of what they may or may not see.

[B]?Sir, Sebastian requests your presence in his office.?[/B] Virgil looked to the door and then back at Helena, she had started to pout and turn on her[I] ?puppy-dog-eyes?.[/I] He tilted his head and smiled at her, as if reading her thoughts.

[B]?I?m sorry, but I must leave you, my pretty little ballerina.?[/B] Helena sighed heavily, breaking her hug; she folded her arms and plopped down on the side of her bed. She wanted to talk with him, she didnt want him to go, they had not talked for so long it seemed, she could not hide her disappointment nor did she want too. Virgil cupped the side of her face before looking her in the eye as if to say [I]?I?ll be back soon?[/I]. Helena gave him a half hearted smile back and watched as he swiftly exited her room, closing the door behind him. Helena eyed the door for a good few minutes, brooding like an angry child before turning her music back on and loosing herself within the sounds. [/SIZE]
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[font=times][color=darkorchid][i]"So.... ...this is the little feral you accidentally let loose into the world."

Behind iron and silver bars, crouched Linett as a young girl, her eyes wild and white, the gold obscured by her madness. The leader of the clan, her own flesh and blood stared down at her with a look of near pity. However, she was old enough to know disdain when she saw it. Half of Linett was terrified of the tall, distant vampire glaring at her small form, and the other half wanted to rip that smugness from his very face, to rend his body apart until his blood washed over her in a pure sweet river of death and destruction.

"So... ...this is the little feral that won't feed like the rest of us."

A different time, a different memory, but the same voice, the same way they called her the 'little feral.' In time, Linett had learned what it truly meant to be a feral. She was the nightmare of any civilized clan, forced into hiding whenever respectable company was about, both hated and feared. Some people respected her for her strength. These were the people that didn't look down on her for the madness she'd always lived with, but the people who would be content to sit with her silently for hours on end. There were also the people who knew what a valuable resource her frenzied killing sprees could be when properly channeled. Linett turned in her sleep and dreamed of death and fire and cages.

A sort of enforcer, unleashed at times, and sequestered in her room at others. Granted, it was a very nice room. Spacious, airy, with a long drop from the window to the open grounds below. It hadn't taken Linett long to learn that she could fling herself from the window and almost float down to land unharmed. Once safely on the ground, she learned she was free to run for hours until the sun came up again. They had always told her to fear the sun, and without any other reason but because they said so, she did. But it was clever of her to obey them at least in that respect. Another side effect of her feral body was the elevated vampiric qualities in her. The ones that were afraid of sunlight, the longer fangs, her desire to always rest for hours while the hot sun burned in the sky.

"Do you think of me? Do you dream of me? I always dream about you."

Her brother knew her quirks, and knew better than to try and force her to talk to him when it was obvious she was upset. In time he'd even managed to instill within her a reverence for politeness. Kai called her the little feral too, but he did so in jest, and he did it because after a century of it, she no longer felt repulsed by the title. He would swing her around the hallways and watch her move gracefully between the pillars, dashing back and forth with that wild, instinctive skill.

And Virgil? Linett knew he would probably use her, but her mind didn't quite fathom how he would use her, or even if it would even matter. In the secret quiet of Linett's mind, she liked Virgil's kindness the same way she liked how Kai was kind to her. She liked the way Virgil talked to her as if she was normal. And he was as polite as her brother had always been. Helena? Helena was not polite enough...but she wasn't rude either. She fit into the category of all the younger or ignorant vampires that lived in absolute fear of her.

The dream changed again and a figure of black and red burst into Linett's vision, blinding her eyes until they burst wide open and she leapt out of bed. The hangings parted for her, and she stood alone in the middle of her bedroom, dressed in white, with the last rays of the sunset trickling across the hardwood floors. She sat down and began to rebraid her mussed hair, tying each with little red ribbons... ...humming to herself again.[/i]

"I wonder how long I dreamed?"

[i]Linett, fully awake for the first time in what felt like ages, finished cleaning herself, and dressed once more. Another singlet, long pants, a long sleeved tunic with a hood, but always the bare feet. She opened her door very slowly and looked out the door to discover an abandoned hall, much to her delight. With a happiness very near glee, she whipped herself through the door and bounded down the hall, nearly skipping, the only sound bare feet slapping and pattering across marble.[/i][/font][/color]
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[size=1][color=#4B5B5B]Theron crossed her arms and rolled her eyes. John chuckled to himself as he walked past Theron and disappeared into the short hallway. She sighed as she plopped herself on the couch, stretching her arms upward and letting out a breath of air. She heard John rummaging in one of the rooms and could only guess what he was looking for. She was disgusted by John?s ?daily escapades? that involved his landlady and her daughter. Theron, above anything else, despised how men used their sexuality as an excuse to get what they wanted; in fact, she despised their actions altogether.

She sighed to herself as she felt something rub up against her legs. As she picked up the black and white cat that was looking up at her with beautiful amber eyes, Theron knew she couldn?t say anything about John?s nature for she was the same as him. Perhaps that was why she hated it so much and why she hated herself- or at least one of the reasons. John knew this well- maybe too well- but they both knew that Theron would never admit this as a fault, at least not out loud.

Somehow the cat that was lying in her lap reminded her of a time when she was careless, not that she wasn?t careless already, and it brought her back to the less than fateful night when she stumbled onto John. It was the night that she had turned him. Theron had been craving blood that night and the concert that was taking place had piled vibrant, young humans into one gathering. It was there that she had found John, this beautiful-looking boy, and smelt the fresh blood within him. It was only a matter of time when he?d single himself out and leave himself vulnerable.

When he left the large group for a few moments, it was then that Theron attacked him. With one swift movement, she had pinned against a tree. A smirk of lust and hunger overcame her face as she looked into John?s steady yet frightened eyes. Without a moment?s notice, she dug her fangs into his neck and pierced him, lapping his blood into her mouth and feeling his life drain away into it.

[B]?I was a foolish girl then, wasn?t I, little kitten??[/B] That memory always killed a part of her every time she thought of it. Theron sighed and leaned back into the couch. [B]?If only I could go back and change what I?d done.?

?What?re you mumbling about now, Theron??[/B]

Theron hadn?t heard John enter the living room and when she looked his way, she changed her somber expression to the one she brought with her- a playful look of malice and deviance. It may have been quick but John could spot the change quicker than he could bring a lady into his bed.[/color]

[B]OOC:[/B] Late, I know. You can murder me later, Vicky. But at least I got SOMETHING up. ><[/size]
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[COLOR=DarkOrange]Kelly and Josephine stalked along the dark rooftops of London. They were careful as they dashed across the tops of buildings and leapt from roof to roof. The shadows hid them well in the dark night, the new moon shrouding the sky in darkness with the help of thick, rolling clouds. Eventually the pair were standing on a roof?s edge over an alleyway when Kelly stopped. His eyes scoured the corridor between buildings and was wary of any guards on the outside streets. It looked safe.

[B]?Come along,? [/B] The two very careful to land lightly as they jumped from the roof into the alleyway below. Quietly, Kelly stalked backward through the passage, approaching a large metal door. Carefully and softly, he used the secret knock he?d learned to get in.

Suddenly the door burst open, knocking Kelly sprawling backward. Josephine immediately jumped back, catching the hoarse scent of blood. The Frenchman slowly rose to his feet to see that the door he?d opened was splattered freshly with a blood. A dark silhouette formed in the doorway. His featured became apparent as he stepped forward into the night.

The man before them was tall with a slight build and long black hair. He was dressed in all black with a leather jacket and wore an insidious smile. He was covered in blood, and one could easily see that the room he had emerged from was simply bathed in gore. The man?s head reared toward Josephine with it?s demented gaze. She took a defensive stance, expecting an attack to come at any second, but instead the vampire whipped around at lightning speed straight toward the Frenchman.

Kelly had no time to react - he was too stricken with fear. The vampire immediately impaled him clear through the chest. His arm emerged from the Frenchman?s back holding his heart. The vampire?s cold grip crushed his heart before being pulled from Kelly?s chest. Kelly fell to the ground limply as his chest exploded with blood. The crimson pools poured out onto the concrete surface of the city. Josephine stared, aghast, as the beast turned it?s head toward her.

It could sense her fear. It saw her defense weakening. With the same extreme swiftness it had used to take Kelly?s life, it charged at Josephine with a twirling punch. Josephine reacted just in time by jumping backward, though she still took a light blow to the stomach. The enemy was quick to attack but more, slashing at her with his beastly claws. Josephine?s dress was torn open across her torso. The second it was, though, she quickly delivered a kick to the side of the vampire?s head, knocking him off-balance to the left. Before he could recover, she delivered an axe-kick on the back of his skull, knocking him to the ground.

Josephine lunged at the vampire on the ground, ready to impale him in return for Kelly, but the long-haired creature rolled out of the way just in time. Josephine stumbled a little but quickly caught her footing. For a brief second there was a sense of a stalemate as the vampire leapt to his feet and faced the young Nicodemus woman both in battle-ready stances.

Josephine?s breath was heavy. She stared the opponent down, fully ready to pounce and counter any attack. The tension was boiling, though the cool night washed over the fighter?s bodies. The wind graced Josephine?s chest where her dress had been torn open. The breeze brought a chill over her exposed breast. She ignored the cold, though, putting all of her intent into making the vampire before her die. She didn?t intend on letting him escape -- one of them was going to die here in this alleyway. She needed to act quickly.

Putting all of her strength into one motion, Josephine leapt forward like a bullet launching herself at the opposing vampire. Seeing his opportunity, the dark figure moved his arm soaring through the air hoping to tear the girl?s head off. His claws only carved into the thickness of the night, though, as it soared just over Josephine?s head. The girl had ducked just in front of her opponent, and before he could blink she jumped into him, burying both hands deep in his chest. For a moment the pair of vampires were frozen still in the moment. Josephine pulled backward and the other vampire?s blood spurted quickly onto her before he fell over.

The room from which the beast had emerged was a mess of blood, organs, and body parts where torn-apart corpses sat about in all places. The terrified expressions on several flayed or decapitated faces stared back at Josephine. Immediately after stepping into the room, she vomited. The vampire she had identified as an Augustine had made quick work of this particular resistance faction. There were shredded documents strewn about, though a large eraser board with only a few blood splatters was still readable in places. There was something about Drigg arriving and nuclear material. Josephine took everything in and took special consideration in memorizing the location. Whatever was going down, she was planning to be there.

Josephine vomited again before the could full leave the room, only to have to face the corpse of Kelly, who had only tried to help her. Her body was covered in blood and her dress was torn open. She looked like the victim of some kind of rape and murder case. She needed to get out of here quickly. If anyone found her here it would take no time at all for her arrest.


Josephine stumbled through the doors of the Big Ben clock tower a bloody mess. Sneaking her way back here had been arduous and now she was stepping into this place covered in blood and vomit, her dress in tatters. She fell to the ground and passed out immediately right in front of a room full of her Nicodemus brethren.

Josephine awoke someplace entirely different. As her eyes slowly opened, she found herself lying in a warm bath, the blood already having been washed off. Parts of her body were sore, but she felt in heaven in the warm water.

[B]?So your finally awake!? [/B] A voice said from her right. Josephine slowly turned to see a young girl at the side of the tub. The girl looked to be no older than 14. She had a petite form and short black hair which fell about her shoulders. She was wearing a small black t-shirt and large black cargo pants. She smiled at the older girl who she?d apparently been taking care of.

[B]?I don?t know what happened to you back there, but you?re okay now!? [/B] The girl assured her in a high-pitched voice. Josephine still felt half-asleep, but she was grateful.

[B]?Thank you??[/B][/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1]Charles spun on his heel, jumping backwards. Startled. So very, very startled. He scholed his face into a blank expression, hoping to seem more alert than unprepared and startled.

"I've been called Charles..." He eyed the newcomer up and down; something about him screamed Vampire, though he looked human for the most part. The sunglasses were annoying - made it more difficult to gauge people.

He took a drag on his cigarette, offering the pack to the new man, lighting a fresh cigarrette for himself, again. He was through half a pack already - he'd only bought it this morning...maybe he should look into that gum stuff, this job was too stressful. The lighter - once used - was also offered.

"Who wants to know?"[/SIZE]
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