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RPG FQFG2: Counter-Terrorism Unit


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[center]Final Quest for Glory 2:
[b][size=6]Counter-Terrorism Unit[/size][/b][/center]

This thread is made for only participating members of the OtakuBoards Counter-Terrorism Unit to post in. If you would like to join the RPG, [b][url=http://otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=57168&page=1&pp=15]feel free to sign-up by clicking here.[/url][/b]

OtakuBoards Counter-Terrorism Unit:[list][*]Shy, CTU Leader - "Grape Ape"
[*]indifference - "Crystia"
[*]Nerdsy - "Ploppy the Spaceship"
[*]Ezekiel - "Gurt"
[*]Malkav - "Birmingham"
[*]Allamorph - "Shades"
[*]Treble - "Gadget"
[*]Wondershot - "Webster"
[*]Aaryanna_Mom - "Mother"
[*]Sara - "Drei"
[*]BKStyles - "Throne"
[*]JJ - "Treu"
[*]Sakazaki - "Sonic"
[*]Engel - "Sanguinius"
[*]Flash - "Sour Candy"
[*]Shinmaroo - "El Kabong"
[*]Ozymandius Jones - "Wanderlust"
[*]Arcadia - "Starbucks"
[*]Gavin - "Janus"
[*]Aaryanna - "Fluff"[/list]

[strike]You'll find that Engel is listed as a 'prisoner.' Engel is really a Terrorist, but he is currently under our custody for the time being. We have a choice of treating him like a regular member of the CTU, or trying to use him as a bargaining chip when neccessary. This may come into play later in the game, but Engel's level of involvement is for the team to decide.[/strike]

Once the Terrorist side has been briefed by Charles we can begin our first mission.

As our first order of business I say we come up with amusing callsigns for ourselves to use during missions!

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[color=crimson][size=1]So, it looks like I'm your unwilling prisoner.



*Curls up in corner.* No more kicksies, please! But, hmm. Callsigns. Humorous. I don't know if I can be humorous. Any idea for a general theme?[/color][/size]
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[SIZE=1]Sir, requesting permission to beat prisoner with stick, sir!

[strike]Also requesting Mudkip 4 as my callsign, no one shall suspect such an innocent name![/strike]

Unless we go for a theme, in which case I shall gladly edit.

[B]EDIT:[/B] Boo is part of this glorious troupe?! How could I not have noticed?

Callsign changed to [B]Gurt[/B].[/SIZE]
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Okay, the first mission briefings have been sent out to all players. All we have to do now is wait for the Terrorists to make their first move. If anyone has any questions about this mission please contact me through PM, and remember that this business is top secret!

I've also received unconfirmed rumors that the Terrorists are smelly. While I have no information to support this claim, please feel free to spread it around as if it were fact.

Great work on the code names so far (Except for you Japan. You fail.) You can call me [color=purple][b]Grape Ape[/b][/color].
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[color=deeppink]The terrorist's first move has been brilliantly countered, if I say so myself. We should not let our guards down, though; the rest of the terrorists are sure to be sneakier than 2007Suckitalboy. Despite their smell.[/color]
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[FONT=Arial]I should like to be called [B]Shades[/B]. It's a nickname I picked up about three years ago (because of my tendency to forget I'm wearing them), and it's the only nickname I've let stick.

And Ploppy, are you sure you didn't leave out an 'L' in his name? :p [/FONT]
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The point has been brought up to me that these terrorists are far from intimidating. While DB has proven that they are harmless individually, the prospect of a group attack on our boards is quite frightening (and smelly.) All the same, I think we are fully prepared for whatever they can dish out.

Their slight on us using Teletubbies is an excellent example of how simple-minded and dated the Terrorists' sense of humor is. Living in deserts and underground bunkers all of these years, they obviously haven't been able to keep up with pop-culture like we patriots have. Their next 'hillarious' attack may very well reference 'Family Matters,' 'Titanic,' and/or Ross Perot, so be prepared for that.

- [color=purple][b]Grape Ape[/b][/color]

[size=1]Edit: Removed portion of this post that may have crossed a line. Apologies to those I may have offended, as anything I say in this thread is meant to be taken lightly.[/size]
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[color=deeppink]It's come to my attention that the dirty terrorists are trying to install a panic in the knee-jerk crowd. They're insinuating that we claim to want to remove unreasonable restrictions, but that we are actually trying to take away the civil liberties of OB members. This is preposterous; no one is infringing upon the right to discuss pie, so long as it is done appropriately and respectfully!

This is a classic example of taking words out of context, something these people are known for. The charges of "hypocrisy" are especially hypocritical on the part of the terrorists, considering their leader's long held belief that recent immigrants should be treated as second-class citizens with almost no rights.

Further, I think it's clear to everyone that their mothers dress them funny.[/color]
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[quote name='Nerdsy][color=deeppink']Further, I think it's clear to everyone that their mothers dress them funny.[/color][/quote]
[FONT=Arial]But are their mothers hamsters, and do their fathers smell of elderberries?

As to future attacks, I think we can handle Ross Perot, and quite possibly even Ralph Nader. (I swear he ran for the Oval Office against Abraham Lincoln.) Bob Dole, on the other hand....

...it'll be iffy. 'Cause Bob Dole is an important man. And Bob Dole knows ... things.

Bob Dole. Bob Dole.[/FONT]
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[SIZE=1]I'm finding it difficult to tell these amateurish terrorists apart from garden-variety spammers! Good thing they're clearly noticeable from their horrid coloured fonts and ghastly smell.

Except for White, where did that coward go? He must be camouflaged!

Also, their claims that we have a penchant for Teletubbies underwear suggests they have snuck in and rifled through our knicker drawers!

Dirty Communists, the lot of them.

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[COLOR=DarkOrchid][font=times]I am Rai Al Haswiri! I am a Terrorist! I am here to negotiate the terms of the release of my brother at arms, Engel!

As a member of the Church of the One Winged Angel, I come to speak peacefully to you, and to return Engel back into our fold. I would like to speak to him, to make sure you oppressive sots haven't tortured him! One can never be too sure with the dominant class...

Take me to your leader![/font][/COLOR]
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[B]"I see you, Al Haswiri"[/B], Peacock said as he stepped out into the hallway to confront the negotiator.

[B]"I assure you, we are not like your kind - we don't torture our prisoners. You can lay out your terms to me, and I will take them to our leader. I promise you nothing, as it is not in our customs to negotiate with terrorists."[/B]

Al Haswiri was seemingly nervous, as Peacock observed. Perhaps it hadn't been such a great idea to march into the lion's den unarmed...
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[COLOR=DarkOrchid][font=times][i]"What a douche...I bet he goes home and cries to his mother after this..."

I thought quite racistly...and maybe nervously... Only one cure! Lay out the cards![/i]

"Take me to your leader! I don't have time to waste on small fish!"

[i]The overstuffed Peacock puffed up with irritation at me, perhaps it was the finger I was shaking under his nose, or maybe it's because I'm a male. Who knows? Freudian, this one.[/i]

"I will speak to him or I will kill myself and make it look like you did it!"[/font][/COLOR]
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[B]"You really are a fool, Al Haswiri"[/B], Peacock said, putting a wide grin to his boyish face. [B]"This is our base, you've been being surveilled by a dozen cameras from the moment you stepped in. Our guards are prepared to rush into this hall at any second and put you down. You're playing in [I]our[/I] terms now. You can't make yourself a martyr here."[/B]

Peacock was irritated by the man mistaking him as a small fish, but he let it slide by.

[B]"Now tell us your terms, or you will share your bed with Engel the next night."[/B]
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[FONT=Times New Roman][COLOR=DarkOrchid][i]Well of course there were cameras, that was the whole point, now wasn't it?[/i]

"As pleasant as sharing a bed with Engel is, that's not the point!"

"Don't forget our leader watches you even now Al Haswiri..."

"Then there should be no problem in taking me to her now should there?!"

[i]The Peacock's eyes narrowed and he looked over his shoulder at the guards armed with very large plushies. I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms over my robe. Maybe I'd get lucky and they'd try beating me to death. I was well aware she was a he...but it was better to see the looks on their faces. I secretly wondered if I really would be captured too. Good thing there was a contingency plan...[/i][/COLOR][/FONT]
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