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Gaming Which consoles do you own? And which do you want to buy next?


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anyone i want your honesty, what video game console you currently have?

Currently: Xbox 360, ps2, GBASP, ps1, N64

right now i'm saving up some money to get the expensive Ps3 or the fun time nintendo Wii. i heard that the nintendo wii is hard to get right now so i'm hoping to find one in some store. so those two next-gen console am i hoping to get soon. so i hope to hear what you currently own and what console you might get soon.
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My favorite. The graphics might be dated but there are a lot of EPIC games on this little cartridge using system. Ogre battle 64(best rts for any console by far),Aidyn Chronicles(which is kotor before kotor was kotor), and Zelda(one of the best adventure games period) to name a few. The controller is really good for the games it has and the console takes up very little space.

This console is one of my least favorite. The reason I haven't sold it is because of Resident Evil 4. This game is the only reason why I even bother to keep this. But the game itself is epic...best Horror game period. Great graphics great story great action great fun! the controller is kinda shoddy but it takes up almost no space.

[B]Playstation 2 [/B]
Well this game has had quite a few epic games. Some ones I should mention are Devil May Cry, Grand Theft Auto, and Final Fantasy 10 (12 isn't so epic...). These game have over 100 hours clocked in each from me. The controller is nice and it takes up a medium amount of room.

At first I thought this console would fail. Clunky controller and huge heavy system. Luckily they replaced the crap controller with a decent one and added Halo...the rest is history. Kotor,fable, and Halo 2 are some honorable mention games.

[B]Xbox 360[/B]
Just recently coming out of it's childhood. It is now a full fledged competitive console. Good design very attractive GREAT controller still takes a lot of space. Some Epic games that have came out for it are Oblivion(possibly the best console rpg ever), Gears of war(possibly best 3rd person shooter ever), The darkness(wow this was innovative).

[B]DS Lite[/B]
Good sleek design. Very light. Good battery life. Good games(castlvania,pokemon,advanced wars).

Ok looks good but a terrrible gaming device. It's a expensive pda if that.

Oh yea...

I might pick up a Ps3 if it ever goes for a reasonable price. Finial fantasy 13,dmc 4 and Metal gear solid look great. But as is it now it ain't worth it AT ALL. Its basically a cheap blu ray player which I don't want or need.
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[COLOR="DarkOrange"][B]Nintendo 64[/B]

My first one. Brother an I got as a hand-me-down from older cousin who was a big-time gamer back in 97. First game bought was [B]Tetrisphere[/B]. Last was [B]Star Fox 64[/B]. most played was probably [B]Diddy Kong Racing [/B]or [B]Super Smash Bros.[/B]

[B]Game Boy Color[/B]

Got for my 8th birthday, from same cousin. First games were[B] Pokemon Red and Blue[/B]. Don't own very many for it, only the Pokemon RPGs and [B]Pokemon Puzzle Challenge[/B] and some other crap. Mine was blue, my brother's was green.

[B]Nintendo Gamecube[/B]

I refused to even think of buying the other consoles. Got it for Christmas '01. Between my brothers and I we probably have the most games for this console. Our first one was purple, but it melted down and we got a platinum one. First games were [B]Pikmin [/B]and [B]Super Smash Bros. Melee[/B]. Most played games would be [B]Sonic Adventure 2 Battle[/B], [B]Phantasy Star Online[/B], and Super Smash Bros. Melee. All 3 of us put PSO as our favorite.

[B]Game Boy Advanced[/B]

Got for my birthday in '02 along with [B]Golden Sun[/B]. Mine was arctic color, and my brothers ended up with a platinum one and a black one. Most played game was [B]Golden Sun[/B]. I have a lot of favorties for this one. They can come with SP.

[B]Sega Genesis[/B]

We saw it at a thrift store. Only own these really weird, hard to hook up cords. Have the original[B] Sonic the Hedgehog [/B]and [B]Mortal Kombat 2[/B].

[B]PlayStation 2[/B]

The most problematic system. I personally have the most games for this. My brother had the first game, [B].hack//INFECTION [/B](the whole reason we bought the console) and I got [B]Final Fantasy X[/B]. Didn't play it much at all until I beat [B]Sly Cooper and the Theivius Raccoonus[/B], which got me into gaming as a whole afterward. Favorite game is either [B]Disgaea Hour of Darkness[/B], [B]God of War[/B], [B]Devil May Cry[/B], or[B] Ratchet and Clank Going Commando[/B]. My most played is any of the Ratchet games. My brother's favorites are [B]Makai Kingdom [/B]and [B]Ratchet and Clank Up Your Arsenal[/B]. We have owned 4 PS2s. The first one (2003) died of mysterious causes, though we think it's because it was used too often to play DVDs. The second (2004) was stolen after only a few months owning it and right after i bought an assload of games for it. The third (2004) had something wrong with the laser. Finally (2005) we ended up with a slim one.

[B]Game Boy Advanced SP[/B]

My personal favorite system of all time (2003). Easy to play anywhere, nice light-up screen, easy to carry and not even notice, plus chock full of great games. Most played was probably[B] Fire Emblem[/B], which was also the first with the new system. Mine was a limited edition NES style one, though it was pretty beat-up. I left it at a friends house who lived far away back in '04 and simply haven't seen him since then. (sucks, cuz this was days before my PS2 was jacked). My little brother also had a shiny blue one which was stolen. Favorite games are [B]Fire Emblem[/B], [B]Zelda Minish Cap[/B], and [B]Metroid Fusion[/B].


Got for Chirstmas in '03. First games were [B]Halo [/B]and[B] Halo 2[/B]. Most played game is also Halo 2. Favorite games are Halo 2, [B]Dead or Alive Ultimate[/B], Halo, and[B] Guilty Gear X2 #Reloadl[/B]. Only system we've never had problems with.

[B]Nintendo DS[/B]

i don't have one. My brother got a platinum one in '05. He has a lot of games, but most are not particularly great. I don't like the console much because I find it unweildly and i get a headache when I try to play it, but there are a lot of great games on there which came out recently that have got me interested. If I actually bought/played games frequently, i'd get one for myself. His first game was [B]Super Mario 64 DS[/B]. I actually own [B]Metroid Prime Hunters[/B], [B]Guilty Gear Dust Strikers[/B], and [B]Castlevania 2nd Game[/B], all of which he traded me at some point. His DS is now broken, as something happened to the top screen which destroyed it.


A friend of mine gave it to me without the cords to hook it up, though I have managed to play the games he gave me sometimes. I have [B]Super C[/B], [B]Super Mario Brothers 2[/B], and [B]Baiyou Billy [/B]XD

[B]Nintendo DS Lite[/B]

My youngest brother has a black DS Lite. I don't think the Lite is too much a step-up from the regular DS - it's still a pain in the *** to wield. Still, it's a little better i suppose. If I were to get a DS, of course it would be a Lite.

[B]XBOX 360[/B]

Already proving itself to be my next favorite console, even though it has problems. We are already one our third (got the first late 2006), technically. The first one had unknown problems rather early, and the second one got the red-ring of death. We only got it back from [B]Microsoft [/B]4 days ago. Our first game was [B]Dead Rising[/B], and the favorite/most played is [B]Phantasy Star Universe [/B]by my brother, though my favorite is [B]Gears of War [/B](also his). My only game is [B]Final Fantasy XI[/B] which he recently traded me. My brother loves this console to death.


Got this one for Christmas '06 and haven't played it as much as we'd like. First games were [B]Zelda Twilight Princess[/B], [B]Call of Duty 3,[/B] and [B]Rampage total Destruction[/B]. Only games played all that much were Zelda and [B]Sonic and the Secret Rings[/B]. I also have [B]Wario Ware Inc[/B].

And that's them. My youngest bro wants a [B]PSP [/B]for his birthday >_>[/COLOR]
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[COLOR="Navy"]Avenged and Digitalboy practically saved this thread, but I'm still on the brink of closing it.


[b]Nintendo GameCube[/b] - I'm not really fond of Nintendo at the moment, and technically, the console belongs to my brother. But he and I (my brother and I.... ;D) both know that I'll be the one purchasing most of the games even though we both share the same interest. Zelda. Other than Zelda, I don't really see us playing too many games on it though.

That's it for working consoles that I own, lol.

[b]Xbox[/b] - [strike]I don't own one, yet, but I did order one yesterday. Hopefully, it'll be here before the week is out.[/strike] I sold my ps2 for it. (and games) Bad trade "shrugs" (Shouldn't be of your concern anyway ^_^) I know I'm going after Ninja Gaiden and Shenmue 2 first though.

[b]Ps1[/b] - Doesn't work, and the lid won't close. I may get another one again because I still own Final Fantasy VII, and I can't get rid of it. Not certain if I want to either, but there are a few games on there that I still need to try out. (Xenogears)

[b]Dreamcast[/b] - Doesn't work. I really wish they continued making games for this console. The NBA 2k games were nice, but the only reason I had a Dreamcast to begin with was because of Shenmue. It was the best game they had to offer. I also liked Power Stone, Soul Calibur (which I'm tired of) and Dead or Alive 2.

[b]N64[/b] - Missing cords, accessories. I only had about 5-6 games. (Zelda: OoT, Majora's Mask, Perfect Dark, Golden Eye, and No Mercy) I had no interest in the other games. (Till this day I still don't care about the games Nintendo has to offer at the moment.) But those games were fun especially Golden Eye when it came to blowing off some steam or having it out with 2-3 other people.

I had a ps2, but like I said, I sold it for a Xbox. Sure, I still need to play Persona 3, but I lost interest in the games and console altogether. I thought I'd be able to get by with a few games, but I had a lack of interest for most of the games that were hyped up. I eventually got bored playing the games that I already had, and so I got rid of everything.

Edit: Oh yeah. I may get me a [b]Xbox 360[/b] some day. I just saw an ad saying that the Xbox 360 costs $280 ($279.99). Is that a temporary or permanent price drop? [/COLOR]
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[SIZE="1"]Oh man, lets see.
[b][Own][/b] Everything still works too.
- Intellivision
- Two Sega Genesis
- Nintendo
- [Two] Nintendo 64s
- GameCube
- Gameboy
- Gameboy pocket
- Gameboy Color
- Gameboy Advance
-[Two] Gameboy DS Lite
- Dreamcast

Er, plus three or four or five computer monitors, two of which we are currently using. That sorta counts.

Playstation 2
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Well, consoles I have that I currently use would be:


Before that, I've had almost all consoles except Saturn and Jaguar.

Planning on getting next a PsP and a Wii, and maybe a DS, since there a re a couple RPG's I would like to play for DS.
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[COLOR="DarkSlateGray"][B]Playstation 2 [/B]- this thing will never dissapear. I had one for 5 years, tehn it broke, and now I have the silver one. I will always cherish the legacy that the PS2 brought. But I haven't played mcuh on it.

[B]Gameboy Color [/B]- Well, I don't use it now, but I have it somewhere around here.

[B]Gameboy SP [/B]- I'm going to trad eit in someday, but it was fun while it lasted. I loved to play the Megaman Zero games, and I collected each one except thefirst game.

[B]Nintendo DS[/B] - Newest hadheld. I bought Pokemon Diamond cause it's like crack for gamers. Still need to find out what the Download function does. >_>

I plan on getting an [B]Xbox 360[/B] because the [B]PS3 [/B]sucks and it costs $500. Are you kidding me That much? Oi.[/COLOR]
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Right now the only consoles I have are the ps2 and the gamecube. I use to have a N64 but it wore out and I never bothered to replace it, especially since the Zelda games I had for it were put on a disk for the gamecube. I never owned a SNES though my brothers did and we played it a lot. I believe it still works.

As for what I'd like to get. Absolutely nothing. There isn't a single console out there right now that I'm interested in. Once they pick up more games I might get a Wii, but for now? I'm still too broke after buying my new Cello last week. And after spending 10,000 plus on that Cello... I'm more inclined to start saving for a car instead of spending my money on a console when I don't play games that often.
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I have four consoles: the [B]Playstation 2[/B] (which should be obvious: everyone and his mother has a PS2), an [B]Xbox[/B], and the ever lovable [B]Gamecube[/B]. I have around twenty or so games for the Gamecube and Xbox (each; not together), but only a dozen or so PS2. But I cherish my PS2 the most - I bought it, and every single game for it, myself.

The next console I will get will be a 360. I do not have the money for a PS3, and the Wii, although the concept of the Wiimote looks fascinating, does not have any games that I wish to have right now. The 360, on the other hand, has [B]Bioshock[/B] and [B]Lost Odyssey[/B]....and of course, there is [B]Gears of War[/B], but the other two come before that.

And before anyone says anything, yes, I know [B]Halo 3[/B] is on the horizon, but I can care less about it.
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[FONT="Book Antiqua"][SIZE="2"]The only consoles I currently own are the Playstation 2 and the Xbox(and the psp too, if you count that as a console). But unfortunately the Xbox has some sort of disc reading problem, and I hardly have any good Playstation 2 game's. So i'm not really playing on those much. I'm mainly just on the computer playing Halo all hours of the night because i'm a big Halo fan. And thus, i'm probably going to be getting a 360 sometime soon(hopefully), so I can play Halo 3.:p And I was also thinking about getting that new Halo 3 edition Xbox 360 instead of the original. Do any of you know whether there are any technical differences between the two? (i.e. hard drive space, accessories that come with it, etc)[/SIZE][/FONT]
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[SIZE="1"][COLOR="Navy"]Hm, my family hasn't gotten a new one in a long time:

-2 fat Original black and white Gameboys
-Gameboy Colour
-Nintendo DS Lite
-Micro Genesis
-Sega Megadrive
-Nintendo 64
-Playstation X (Original)

The ones we still use the most are the DS Lite, PSX and N64 because they're the ones we have the most games for I think. But we pull out the Megadrive for memories every now and then.

-Playstation 2
-A new DS Lite (the touchscreen on our current one is not as responsive as it used to be)
-Xbox 360 (my brother wants one)[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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Right now I own:

PS2: I used to love this system so much, but then it fell off of my tv and broke...I got it fixed...then about a week later, the laser reader got off alignment. I havn't fixed it yet, so I don't play it anymore.

Gamecube: This was my first Last-Gen system. I love most of the games I have for it, especially Legend of Zelda: The Twilight Princess.

Xbox: I never even touch this system anymore, especially now that I have a 360. But I still do have it.

Xbox 360: This is my most recent system, its pretty good. The graphics are actually a lot better than I expected they would be.

DS: I love my DS, I mean, its got just about everything I could want. Phoenix Wright...um....Pokemon.

Macintosh: 3 games on my mac that make me love macs. Warcraft III, Starcraft, World of Warcraft.

I have lots of other game systems, but i rarely touch them. So here is a list.

N64/Gamebody Advanced/ Gameboy Color (3 different ones)/ Gamebody (the original Gray-purple block)/ SNES/PS1.

The next system I buy will probably be the Wii.
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I currently have a PS2. I am planning to get a PSP. I do a lot of waiting sometimes so a PSP would be perfect for me. None of the games on the DS interest me. I also want a Gamecube. Yes, I said Gamecube,not Wii. There are some gamecube games I would like to play like Eternal Darkness, the RE remake, RE 0, MGS: The Twin Snakes. Lastly I want a PS3!!!! Why? MGS4,FFXIII,and GTA4 of course.
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[font="trebuchet ms"] My interest in video games is mainly limited to Zelda, Super Smash Bros., and DDR, so:

[b]Sega Game Gear[/b]: I [i]barely[/i] remember this. It was my sister's, but I have very vague memories of playing Sonic and jumping over pits of fire. That's it, though. :p

[b]Nintendo 64[/b]: It's technically my sister's, but I usually call it my own. The first game I ever played on it was [i]Mario Kart[/i], and I progressed from that to [i]Mario 64, Banjo-Kazooie, Super Smash Bros., and then both Zelda: OOT[/i] and [i]MM[/i].

[b]Gamecube[/b]: I bought the GC for the sole reason of playing [i]Super Smash Brothers Melee[/i] and [i]Windwaker[/i], and those two are about the only two GC games I ever really played. I have the Zelda collection, but I never got around to it, and I never play my [i]Soul Calibur[/i] game. I got for free, and it eventually collected dust. lol

[b]PS2[/b]: Similar to my GC, I only bought PS2 for [i]DDR[/i]. I got it was a present from my mom mostly because she thought it'd be excercise, which is definitely true. I played DDR nearly every day for about an hour for about 6 months while I was dieting. It helped tremendously. :) But after that, I didn't even give my PS2 a passing glance until someone gave me a copy of [i]Shadow of the Colosseus[/i]. Which is a very excellent game, I just haven't finished it yet.

[b]Wii[/b]: I got this for [i]Twilight Princess[/i], basically. Other than more Zelda games, the new Super Smash and the new DDR games, I doubt I will buy many games for this console.

[b]Consoles I Want[/b]: DS Lite. I think having a handheld will be fun and give me something to do in my spare time. Part of the reason why I'm not as into videogames as one might expect is because thinking about sitting down and hooking up the consoles and staring into the tv screen for hours at a time is sort of meh for me. It'd be nice to just hop into bed and turn a DS on.[/font]
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  • 3 weeks later...
[color=#606060][b]Consoles I Own (or have owned – a few have been sold):[/b]

Nintendo 64
Game Boy
Game Boy Pocket
Game Boy Color
Game Boy Advance (sold)
Game Boy Advance SP
Nintendo DS (Japanese import)
Nintendo DS Lite
Sega Mega Drive II (sold – regrettably)
Sega Mega CD (sold – very regrettably)
Sega Saturn
PlayStation 2 (currently on my fourth PS2 – thanks, Sony!)
PlayStation 3
Xbox 360
Various Game & Watch

I’m sure there’s more for that list, but I can’t really remember at the moment. That list comes off the top of my head.

[b]Consoles I’d Like to Own:[/b]

Virtual Boy
Neo Geo CD
PSP “Slim”
“300 Edition” Xbox 360

Why the Virtual Boy? Well, Nintendo Australia never released it here (which was probably a smart move on their part – they probably would have had thousands of unsold systems otherwise). And although I’ve heard all the horror stories about it, I’d still very much like to own one. I could import, but I’ve never really bothered.

Neo Geo CD is a similar kind of thing, although I do believe that console was released here. However, as far as I know, it’s very rare. Seemed like a mildly interesting system and I think it’d just be kind of cool to own one.

As for PSP…I’ve wanted one for a while but never enough to buy the original model. I was waiting for a “lite” version to be released. Now that it has…well, we’ll see. There are a few PSP games I’d like to own. But I’m in no rush to go out and buy a PSP at this stage.

And the Xbox, well, I really like the colour scheme on the 300 Edition. I’ll never bother even trying to get one of those, but still, I wouldn’t say no to one. :catgirl: [/color]
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[COLOR="DarkRed"]I own:

Nintendo 64
Slim Playstation 2 (Broken Once)
Gameboy Colour Green
Gameboy Colour Clear ( Sold)
Gameboy Pocket Blue ( Sold sadly)

I want to own:

XBOX 360
Playstation 3

I really wish I didn't sell my extra gameboys because now I cannot use my link cable to trade pokemon between my yellow, red, and blue versions of pokemon. I want a PS3 for Devil May Cry 4 and other racing games and the other two for Halo 3 and Wii sports.

I'd probably get a PS3 first though, when they EVER decide to make it cheaper.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR="RoyalBlue"][FONT="Lucida Sans Unicode"]Well currently I have, in no particular order:

PlayStation 2
DS Lite

But by far my favorite:

My Computer, a nice brand new one at that. ^_^

And since I just got a nicer computer and none of the other game consoles have any games that really interest me at this time. There isn't anything I want to get next. I already got it in the computer.

Once the Wii puts out more games or the PS3 has more games and a better price I'll consider them. Until then, I'm still picking up older PS1 games that I didn't get to play the first time as well as PS2 titles that I haven't played yet. And that doesn't even include all the nifty games for the computer I'll probably check out now that I have a system that will play them.

I've been held back by an older dying laptop that couldn't really do much other than get online and play older games. So now I just have to look around and decide just what I want to spend my money on for a PC game.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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I own a PS2 and a GBA, and also the first PlayStation but it's at my friend's house now (has been for about three years now).

Next I'm planning on buying a Nintendo DS and Xbox 360, but only when my anticipated games (Eternal Sonata, Lost Odyssey, FF XII: Revenant Wings, FF Tactics A2 etc.) are released here. I'll probably get the Xbox 360 from my sister's husband with a much reduced price, since he also has a Wii and a PS3, and he's been planning to sell the console anyway.

Buying PS3 is my long-term plan, since I'd really want to play games like Soul Calibur IV and FF XIII with it. I really resent the high price of both the consoles and the games, though. I mean, I'd never ever pay 70€ (99$) for a four hour game such as the Heavenly Sword!
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[quote name='Matt']Uh, Sandy, we only have to pay $60 for 360 and PS3 games...[/QUOTE]

Well, you don't live here. :P Lucky bastards... The difference in price is ridiculous, I know. And it's not just the games, it's the consoles as well. It's the law of supply and demand and greed, you know? ;P

He's not stupid who asks, he's stupid who pays, as the saying goes...
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Remember that Soul Calibur IV is also going to be on the Xbox 360; it isn't exclusive to PS3. Then again, Eternal Sonata isn't Xbox 360 exclusive either.

As far as the topic goes, I won't list every system I have stashed away. Rather, I'll list the ones I am currently playing.

Hooked up to my television, I have the Xbox 360, Playstation 2 and the Wii. As far as handhelds go, I have my Nintendo DS lying around somewhere.

I'll probably get a PS3 when it drops to $300 or below, if I even bother at all. I've always been a big fan of the Sony consoles, but I can't find reason enough to convince myself to pick a PS3 up yet.
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[FONT="Tahoma"][COLOR="DimGray"]Oh boy, let's see here...

[b]Consoles I Own[/b]
Super Nintendo
Sega Genesis + Sega CD
Virtual Boy
Playstation One (not the hulky grey one, but the small white one)
Nintendo 64
Playstation 2

[b]Handhelds I Own[/b]
Gameboy (the big fat one)
Gameboy Colour
Gameboy Advance
Gameboy Advance SP
Nintendo DS Lite

[b]Consoles/Handhelds I'd Like to Own[/b]
Xbox 360

Of those three I'll probably only ever get a 360. I really just need something to satisfy my online gaming needs (I would say graphics needs too but my computer takes care of that better than any console ever could) and since I've stopped play MMORPGs Xbox Live seems like a reasonable alternative.

I also would like to take this time to brag to all of you about how I have a Virtual Boy. Boo ya. Mario Tennis IN [b]3D[/b][i]!![/i][/COLOR][/FONT]
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Sega Genesis with Sega CD
Game Boy Color
Game Boy Advance
Game Boy Advance SP (covered in homemade Aqua Teen Hunger Force stickers)
Playstation 2

The NES and Genesis aren't hooked up, mainly because I lost alot of games while moving. Very sad day...commence the grieving.

The Gameboy Color and both Game Boy Advances have since retired because of their hotter, younger brother DS showed up. New Super Mario Bros. and Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin have been in constant rotation, with sprinkles of Kirby: Canvas Curse here and there.

The PS2 is still wonderful. It aged gracefully, with swan songs like Final Fantasy XII and God of War II. In comparison, it makes the Playstation 3 look bad...

Anyway, I am very happy I purchased a Wii. I play alot of Mario Strikers: Charged and Twilight Princess. I bought the Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition and breezed thru it in about 10 hours. Whole new game with that control scheme.

Soon enough I will be the proud owner of an Xbox 360, simply for BioShock, Halo 3, and Ninja Gaiden 2 (even though I didn't beat the first one). Gears of War is also alot of fun. Just lots of quality games that are released/ in development.

[I][SIZE="1"]*= denotes greatest system there was, is, or ever will be.[/SIZE][/I]
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