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Drizzt Do'urden

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Well as any of you who have red my sig know I'm destined to become a daddy...yiikes!

I don't need to divulge the details of the way it happened, though the story is in itself muy interasante.

I have to say, even though I have around 8 months...technically I'm at 7 and some change but 8 sounds so much better to me, I'm scared to death. The thought of somebody having pure and utter dependence on you...well scares me to death in truth.

I'd like to hear what all you OB fathers out there have to say about being a daddy, and girls don't feel left out if you have any advice for me please let me have it...believe me I need it.
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Drizzt, you'd better hug that kid lots! I can personally testify that hugs are essential to a youngster's life. If they don't get enough hugs, kids could end up as bitter as me. So don't let that happen, 'kay!

Also, children just want to hear "I love you" as many times as is humanly possible. We may act like we grow out of it, but don't you believe that act for a minute!

Oh, yeah, congrats!:catgirl:
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From having two adorable nephews:

[*]Getting your own sleep is a priviledge, not a requirement
[*]Diapers will cost you a lot of money, so save up
[*]Better get used to the smell of poop
[*]Babies can be a lot of fun
[*]You will love that baby and it will consume your world
[*]Buy or make as many spit rags as you can. When some babies burp, a lot of spit comes with it
[*]Play with and enjoy your baby. Neglecting it is the worst you can do
[*]Don't forget about tummy time, that, amoung other things, is important for development
[*]Don't fret, no one is truly ready to be a parent. It takes a lot of patience, practice, and time to be a good parent to that young one
[*]Lastly, do not spoil the kid. You'll regret doing such later.

I am sure you will do a fine job raising the kid. Never be afraid to discipline the child when it is naughty. Time out and spanking can be a good thing...when used appropiatelty. Hope this helps!
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[COLOR="DarkOrchid"][FONT="Times New Roman"]Be prepared to feel an instinctive deep animal love that comes straight out of our mammalian genetic line and completely overwhelms the rational senses. Your child will be your love and you will be the thing to stand between it and all the cruelties and evils of the world.

Remember that love when you feel afraid.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[quote name='chibi-master']Drizzt, you'd better hug that kid lots! I can personally testify that hugs are essential to a youngster's life. If they don't get enough hugs, kids could end up as bitter as me. [/QUOTE][size=1]You want that child [size=7][b][url=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=60665][u]DEAD[/U][/B][/URL][size=4]?![/size][/SIZE]

Oh yeah, get one of those baby carriers to carry the baby around against your fatherly chest or back. It's so much more awesome and fatherly and cute to look at when you watch the pictures later.[/size]
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Congrats man!!! You put a bun in the oven, Wooo!

Now, I would say don't be so nervous but if your like I was that would just irritate you, instead I say relax just a wee bit (Yeah, diffrent wording, but meh...). Calm yourself and try to think in a state of what I call "single minded rationality". Don't think about things like what if this happens or that happens. Is your worst enemy and will leave you a feeling of stepping on glass. Just try to relax and take the process one step at a time.

'Bout the baby having total reliance on you...well, it would if ya have milk producing breast, lol. Baby's gonna depend on mama more than you. I swear Amaya just sees me as a big toy or something. So, don't go too crazy over that. You=40% Your lady=60%.

So Zach, try to relax because your lady's gonna need you more than ever in the coming months because one of yous are gonna have to keep their head leveled.
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Oh man, I had an entire text document about this saved on my laptop, but my hard drive crashed. I'll try to remember some of what I had written.

1. Learn French (or any other foreign language, I guess), and speak it exclusively around your baby. Play it French songs and French movies (keep it in front of the TV as often as possible). Consider the English language a plague to your spawn. Then when you drop him off on his first day of preschool, hang around until he starts trying to talk to others, and when he does you're all like, "Gotcha, we speak English here in America!"

This lets your child know who's holding the reigns in his life.

2. After your child has finally learned English, buy him some picture books about fantasy creatures like dragons and griffins, but over the pictures of said animals, carefully adhere pictures of ordinary creatures native to your location, like turkeys or whatever. Later, take him out for a drive in the country until you see a turkey, and point it out to him. Make sure you bring a camera so he can show all of his friends the dragon he saw.

3. Read up on classical conditioning, there's simply no limit to the possibilities here. Needless to say, the more things that trigger him to pee, the better.
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[COLOR="DarkOrchid"][FONT="Times New Roman"]That's happened to me as well. But I'm glad you're with your girlfriend during this time, because it's really not much fun. Sympathies, even if they might be tinged with relief, and guilt from feeling relieved.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[quote name='Drizzt Do'urden']Hey I want to thank everybody for the advice and the congrats. I've saved it for...future reference.

We found out yesterday after a trip to the ER that my girlfriend miscarried.[/QUOTE]
I'm really sorry to hear that....but hey, I have to say atleast you were with her in the hospital. Kudos to that and being supportive. I know I got pregnant wit my now ex-boyfriend and he was not supportive. I was 2 months pregnant and I kinda knew but the day I 100% knew and had everything set up, I miscarried the next day.
I felt awful cause I was somewhat relieved, sad, and then I felt guilty for that. And I was all by myself in the hospital made it worse.

Its painful and it really makes you think differently. But good job for being a man that sticks by his woman, cause I know I didn't have that luxury and that hurt. Being there for her right now, is crucial to anyone so just be comforting. Just know that you would have done what is right no matter what, and believe it or not that's alot of things some guy can't stand up too. I would know lol

So I guess what I'm saying is...I've been there and I feel your pain. [/size]
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what a nice website this is... the internet is poluted with so many horrible people. yet almost everyone here is supportive. Two scary things happened consecutivly, and even if it doesnt count for much you guys tried to help out... I like everyone here a ton now.
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