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The year is 3000 and the Earth is in Ruins. After Apocolypse finished off the X-Men once and for all he subjugated all humanity and mutant kind alike and since then they have been made as slave's to the Beast and his 4 Horsemen. But now Apocolypse is not the enemy, Evil has a new face, one even darker than apocolypse himself. This Menace has dubbed himself The Herald of Oblivion and arrived on earth in 2980, there was a huge war between the two titans of evil in which after 10 years of battle and countless lives lost wether innocent or not there was only one victor... The Herald of Oblivion.

The time is now back to the present... Human kind has been all but whiped out and the Mutants go into hiding for fear of utter annihalation by The Herald. In these dark times however there still lies hope. That hope rests within a new breed of mutants, one that may very well finally have the power to destroy The Herald once and for all!

Sorry I couldn't give you more of a plot but I dont' wanna give away all the good stuff now...

The Most important Rule: If you play a mutant, your power cannot instantly kill The Herald or Any other player's Character without their permission first!

This is what your character sheet should look like.

Mutant Name: If applicable
Mutant Ability: If one
Short Physical Description:
Character Snippet:
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[B] Name:[/B] Alexandra 'Zandra' Herrick
[B]Mutant Name:[/B] Pandora
[B]Age:[/B] 17
[B]Sex:[/B] Female
[B]Mutant Ability:[/B] Zandra, or 'Pandora' has the ability to absorb objects, living or inanimate, into her body. When in her body, they basically cease to exist. (So a person inside of her doesn't age, a bomb with a timer won't explode, etc.) When in her body, she can also expel the objects at the force they traveled into her. So a bullet fired from a gun into her body, will travel out at the same speed. However, she can only hold five objects at a time. So trying to to take a bullet from something with a faster rate of fire than a pistol, is not a good idea. Also, anything that is too large won't go into her body. So a small car or a motorcycle is possible, but an eighteen-wheeler or any very large object will crush her. Pandora can store energy in her body, but only for a very short amount of time. If she doesn't expel it immediately, she will explode. Also, she cannot store a continuous stream of energy. A side effect of her mutation, is her extra pair of arms.
[B]Bio:[/B]At the age of seven, Alexandra was a normal girl. She was average in school, and had a few close friends. One of those friends, her closest friend in fact, was Wendy. One day, when playing with Wendy, Alexandra gave her friend a hug and they were both startled when Wendy started to fall into Alexandra's body. Wendy was gone, only a frightened Alexandra remained. She ran off and never told anyone what had happened. Alexandra made up a story that Wendy went for a walk, so a search party was formed. However, a few nights later, Wendy was expelled from Alexandra's body, in front of Wendy's parents and another of Alexandra's friends. However, Wendy's arms stayed on Alexandra's body, below her own arm. The panicked parents rushed their bleeding child to a hospital, with the friend and everyone else that Alexandra knew labeling her a mutant. She ran off, her friend's arms that were now a part of her, an eternal reminder of this terrible day. Ten years later, after the great battle, she goes by Zandra now, although she also likes the name Pandora. She is currently using her mutant power for petty theft, not realizing it will soon have far more noble purposes.
[B]Short Physical Description:[/B] (See Picture Enclosed Above) Zandra doesn't stick out much, except for her two extra arms that are on her body below her upper arms. However, she used to wear a dark blue poncho-like coat to hide this when she was a child. Now with almost all humans gone though, she gladly can go around without concealing her arms. Also, she carries four .50 caliber pistols inside of her body, but since two bullets or other objects can kill her when she leaves them in there, she usually carries them in four holsters under her jacket when she can get away with it. (When not in public, for example.)
[B]Personality:[/B] Zandra is a person that prefers to rely on herself. She also likes to get revenge for being cast out as a mutant, by using her powers to steal whatever she can get a hold of. She feels the world owes her, and it has to pay her back anyway she sees fit until she gets that debt returned.
[B]Character Snippet: [/B]Today was going to be another normal day for Zandra, trying to stay alive but taking those unnecessary risks that she liked to take so much. Which meant stealing. It would have been a different matter, if she was stealing to survive, but she had already had plenty to eat, and now she was just doing it because she could. However, today was going to be much more different than she could have imagined. For this master thief (as she liked to think of herself) was going to get caught in the act for the first time. When Zandra thought no one was looking, she slipped a small item of average worth into her body.
"Hey! What are you doing?"
Zandra, very much surprised, turned around to see who it was who said that.
For some reason, however, she didn't just run. The voice was just so familiar, even though it had changed. Then, Zandra saw her. There was a girl with no arms staring at her. It was Wendy, her old friend. And even though it wasn't really Wendy's fault that Zandra is now the way she was, she still blamed Wendy for everything. Zandra expelled her four pistols out of her body, and grabbed each of them. Wendy, a look of surprise and horror appearing on her face, turned and ran. Zandra followed after her, pistols ready.
"Come back, Wendy!" Zandra called out, impatient for revenge, but giving Wendy a chase to enjoy the moment.
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Name: Jason Donaldson

Mutant Name: Vortex

Age: 22

Sex: Male

Mutant Ability: Vortex is able to bend space to his will and create wormholes from one place to another. His powers are incredibly limited at the moment since he didn't discover them until only recentally. He can create multiple small ones of close proximity, or a large one accomidating one or two people or a single vehicle (about the size of a van). These large ones are incredibly taxing and can only be used over a short time, the distance varies but Vortex has been able to transport himself upwards of a mile at one time.

Bio: Jason Donaldson was born into normality to one of the few remaining human families. His father had spent his life studying and learning about the Herald's strengths and weaknesses. That is until the Herald's men discovered the plot and in doing so had both of Jason's parents killed. This was on his 18th birthday, the day he discovered his powers.

That day, Vortex was born into the world of the mutant resistance. He quickly found out there were more like him, but could never full trust another enough to join with them. He's spent the past 4 years continuing his father's work and trying to locate a way to kill the Herald...before humanity and mutantkind alike cease to exist.

Short Physical Description: (I'm going to have to finish this tomorrow)


Character Snippet:
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Name: Lachlan Collier
Mutant Name: Wrath
Age: 28

Character Appearance: [URL="http://i4.tinypic.com/8gf1t92.jpg"]http://i4.tinypic.com/8gf1t92.jpg[/URL]

Mutant Ability: Wrath, having been trained for the intention of replacing War as a Horseman, possesses superhuman strength, levels of resilience and stamina. His resilience and stamina are apparently not natural powers. He had been genetically altered in Apocalypses Infinity factories.

The upward limit of his strength is unknown yet but he can lift a medium sized car with not too much difficulty.

Bio: Lachlan never really knew anything outside of what he was bred for. From what he has been able to piece together so far, he was born in a little human hamlet and was orphaned during one of the usual searches for anyone with a useful latent mutation. He was then taken to the Citadel, the stronghold of Apocayplse where he was essentially brainwashed and made a loyal subject.

During Apocaypses fall, Lachlan was taken away during the night and was freed from his loyalty to the tyrant. He has since become a drifter and has fought to survive. He is also trying to piece together anything from his past by seeking out powerful telepaths that can assist by piecing together his fractured memories.

Personality: Lachlan is a suprisingly well balanced individual and has a tendency to fake stupidity in order to fall beneath the radar. He does keep his issues bottled up inside which leaves him very reserved.

Character Snippet:

It was rather carthatic, returning to these labs. Lachlan didn't know if the equipment would still be working, he actually considered it a miracle that the complex was still standing. His memory of the complex was a spot scrappy; He remembered the cloning tanks where they bred the Infinites, the operating table where his genetics were modified but there was still a face that eluded him. That was the reason why Lachlan had come, so that he could find the identity of the man.

At last success, he had located a functional terminal with access to the mainframe.
Lachlans mind was was racing as he scanned through what remained of the database, it seemed like the remaining scientists has attempted to destroy the mainframe in an attempt to prevent the Herald from obtaining details of the experiments.

"Dammit" Lachlan screamed as he slammed his fists onto the desk. He was so close to finding anything useful out. "Why can't I find anything?" He muttered to himself as he pondered his options. Apocalypses citadel still stood but travel there would be difficult, not to mention the fact that there was no doubt in his mind that The Herald would have taken control of it long ago.
Until he found out though, he only had a name to go on.

[I]That name was Sinister.[/I]
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Name: Anya Rose

Mutant Name: Dragon Eye

Age: 18

Mutant Ability: Foresight - Anya's ability is not something she can always control, in battle it usually controls her. She knows the past, the present, and the future, all at once, though she begins to use her power to accomidate all of the knowledge. She can see the past as if there were several, and knows what led to what in the current day and age, and can see what action will lead to what future. In combat, her ability is lethal. She is able to always predict every move so accurately, often enough she finishes a battle with but one move, and with incredible speed.

While in combat, because of her ability to foresee everything, she doesn't realize she also has the ability to slow down time, though unknowingly moving at normal speed, and even when not using her power conciously, she still has a better reaction time than a normal human.

Other traits are an exceptional level of agility, extremely sharp vision ( though even better in combat), and an abnormal level of artistic ability.

Short character description: Anya stands in at about 120 lbs and at a height of only 5'4" and thin, though sleek of frame, usually wearing a rather fun day shirt, white with lace ruffles, though showing off her midsection, and a pair of light colored blue jeans. She wears black heeled boots to set the look off. Anya has long flowing locks of honey colored hair and hazel eyes, though her pupils are slitted like a feline.

Bio: Anya comes from a bad part of humanity, the war hungry kind. Her parents were brave warriors, though even they did not grasp the concept of what their daughter spoke to them of. Eventually, Anya asked them to stop fighting, or they would die. That night, after setting off on another mission, they were brutally killed.

Anya has lived with her grandmother these past years, sharing her gift with the older woman, and learning about both it, and that her parents had already known she would say that one day to them. The realization was, her parents had died for her, to protect her from being found for that much longer.

Anya lives without purpouse right now, wandering thr streets and living off of other's 'generousity'. She knows the purpose she will serve in the coming years.

Personality: Bright and bubbly, and always ready for a party. She's a phenominal drinker, no one can drink her under the table, no matter how drunk she gets. However, her personality changes when her powers possess her. She begins to laugh at her opponent's inability to hit her, acting a child; as if they were playing a child's game that she alone knows how to play. Her actions while her powers are in control are said to be like both a small child and a superior fighter, and one who doesn't know right from wrong.

Character Snippet:

Anya began to grin, giggling. Her pupils dialated, and she drew her hand to her face, the image of innocence.

"What's so funny? Huh?" Her assailant said. He raised his knife up, ready to stab the youthful girl. "You didn't cooperate... now your going to pay."

"Then by all means, let's play." Anya rushed forward, kicking the knife out of the guys hand, and by moving her leg stright up, she had lifted her self op enough to flip onto her hands, delivering a devastating kick to the man's chest. Lowering herself to the ground, she lifted back up onto her feet, and stared at the man. Blood was dribbling from his mouth.

"Oops... I think I over did it... Sorry about that." Anya walked forward, looking down on him and giggling. "Oh dear... that looks like it hurts." Anya slammed her fist into his temple, knocking the guy out cold.

Anya sighed, her eyes going back to normal. She looked down, to see herself standing over an unconcious body. "I guess he pissed me off..." She said, shrugging. Reaching in her back pocket, she pulled a receiver device. "There's aan unconcious man in an alley way at -" Anya read off the street signs, and then waited until a medic team was dispatched. Then , before they had a chance to spot her completely, she ran off into the dimly lit buildings.
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Name: Alexander Blueskies

Mutant Name: Marksman


Sex: Male

Mutant Ability: none, but he claims to have the ability to shot exceptionally well, though it is really just practice and and great vision.

Bio: Growing up, Alex was alone. His family was executed by followers of the Herald. It was a routine raid and all humans were dealt with in usual fashion, but Alex survived by hiding under his family's bodies. He trained with anything that could fire and pushed his bodies limits in order to give humanity "a fighting chance" in his mind. later he met a band of mutants and decided that he should stick with them so that he might be able to make a difference.

Short Physical Description: [URL]http://i49.photobucket.com/albums/f273/scuromezzo/balthier.jpg[/URL]

Personality: Though on the battlefield he is the king of cautious, he tends to talk with anyone without fear, figuring that the human race is living on borrowed time anyway he does not mind associating with dangerous crowds. This often comes across as arrogance but he can usually smooth talk out of a battle. The only hitch people tend to have with Alex is that they don't know what his motive is.

Character Snippet: "They seemed like nice enough people... It was a real shame." Alex must have said it a little too nonchalant, but death had lost its novelty to him.

"A shame? a SHAME! that was my family! I loved them all, and we just left them!" a mutant of nineteen, known as Claws.

"We just couldn't do anything for them. I didn't even have the ammo to kill that many soldiers. We were painfully outmatched."

"Don't give me that, I am going back, maybe someone survived."

Alex stretched an arm in Claws' path, "no, they are gone. I watched them all fall. I don't like this either, but if you go they will kill you, then follow your trail back to me, and I have no intention of dying for nothing."

"So they were NOTHING to you?" Claws' eyes transformed into slits. his hands sprouted fur and four long, serrated blades made of bone extended from them. "Yah know what Marksman. I never cared for you either, and this... this is the last straw."

"Now hold on one second!" Claws was already in a rage. He leaps at Alexander but with the reflexes and speed of a veteran Alex dodges the blow by sidestepping while drawing one of his six shooters. Claws turns around only to be shot between the eyes.

"A real shame," he said.
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Century Gothic"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Name: Ginger Aps
Mutant Name: Fang
Age: 21
Sex: Female
Mutant Ability: She has to ability to transform into a black wolf and able to control the size of which she transforms into. In her human form she has the hearing and sense of smell of a wolf.
Bio: Born into a low class family she had to grow up at a very early age meaning she never had to chance to be a child. Her mother raising her on her own was degradeing and constantly telling her she was no good and would never amount to anything. This lead to almost constant stress when it came to her trying to get involved with anything as far as afterschool programs or even her grades. Once she was able to be out on her own she lived pretty much on the streets but always had a childish personality. She discovered her ability on a random day running from the cops, fear driving her she wished only to blend in and found her self in the body of a black wolf seeming to look like a stray dog. As she played with the ability she learned she could control how big her canine form could get. She now roams the streets mostly playing the role of a lovable stray dog. Hey, you get good food that way from some pretty nice kids.
Short Physical Description:[URL="http://media.photobucket.com/image/anime%20wolf%20girl/Eternal-Wolf-Spirit/Anime%20Images/Cool_Anime_Girl.jpg?o=588"]Ginger[/URL] Also in her human form she has slightly pointed ears and elongated fangs.
Personality: Playful and childish she loves to run around and burn energy but when its down to the wire she knows how and when to be serious. Driven by the urge to protect thanks to her canine ways.
Character Snippet: Ginger strolled down the sidewalk in her wolf form seeming to look like the familar stray that roamed around the street around that part of town. It seemed like just another day but to her horror it wasn't. As she rounded the corner she yelped as the feeling of a large net filled her senses. She was assulted with the smell of cheap booze and smoke as the portly dog catcher sneered in her face.
"Got you, rotten mutt. It's the gas room for you flea bag."
[I]Figures[/I], she thought, [I]I get the one god for saken man who hates dogs[/I].
She took a deep breath and let her form grow till she was looking the man eye to eye. Smelling urine she was pleased that she did her job and quickly turned tail and ran into a nearby alley changing into her human form and hiding behind a trash can. She really hated doing this...but at the same time, it was kinda fun. She let a large smile spread across her face and giggled into her hand. [/FONT][/FONT][/COLOR]
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Name: Daisuke Lo (surname-name)

Mutant Name: Gravitonne



Mutant Ability: Gravity Manipulation and Flight

Bio: Yuugi had been born in space away from Earth on a planet with a much higher gravity than Earth's own and while on that planet he was just like everyone else. However when word came to him that earth was in such grave danger he decided to go and do what he could to bring the planet the freedom they deserved by hopefully bringing an end to The Herald and it's Demonic Minions. After weeks of searching he finally located the ancient ruins of what used to be professor X's X-Men HQ. From there he used his superior intelligence to glean the information from the nearly unworkable machine and began to search out mutants and humans alike to join his team. The first he found of course was Logan/Wolverine and they Trained with each other for many month's while searching for more members finally when he had enough people he announced to them that they will be the new X-Men and hopefully they will be able to live up to the same legendary status that the originals had.

Description: Very Skinny and toned, quite dextrous as well. Not very strong but his mutant power makes up for that ability.. he has long shiny almost metallic black hair and steel grey eyes. His fingers are long and thin and end in long filed fingernails and his skin is tightly drawn against his body.

Personality: Quiet for a leader type. Lo used to be a carefree type but since the loss of his lover at the hands of the Herald personally, he has lost all but the smallest bit of hope for stopping the monster from eliminating all of humanity.

I'll toss out my character snippet later.

This RP will be starting shortly so keep a lookout!
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[B]Name[/B]: Chance Lockheart
[B]Mutant Name[/B]: Taurus
[B]Age[/B]: 27
[B]Sex[/B]: Male

[B]Mutant Ability[/B]: Taurus was born with the genes similar to the ancient Juggernaut villian portrayed in history's pages. Instead of the armor showing on the outside of his body, it lies within his skin and muscle, making him one unstopable force to be reconed with. Able to take energy blasts and hits without a worry, Taurus is not a force to be reconed with. Taurus can channel his mutant energy into small ground shockwaves or blasts towards his enemies, it takes a portion of energy away as a side effect.

Vulnerable spots to his mutant ability and personal abilities is the weakness of water. Taurus can sink like a rock when he gets into water while powered up.

[B]Bio[/B]: Chance was born when things looked its worst in the world, but his mother kept him on the right path to being a good person in society and always helpful to others. When Chance was in school he would have seizures almost at random, but his body would recover and expand to a muscular state, even when he was in middle school. Other students knew what he was entering his higher learning he was attacked by his student friends and scarred by whips and knife slashes, thats when Taurus came to be born, fending himself against his attackers he won the battle and fled.

Going back to his home, he weapt seeing how it was destroyed and left to blow in the wind. More of The Herald of Oblivion's troops must have come to ravage the land...and his only family as well. Chance decided to flea the path of death he saw around him and try to find a new place of living, where he can master his powers and try to make a difference in the world...even if it were by himself.

[B]Short Physical Description[/B]: Chance is a white male standing tall at 6'4'' with a muscular built body, brown hair hanging down to the length of his shoulders and hazel eyes that change colors from time to time. Chance wears black sweat pants that drag a bit at the cuff and a white short sleeve shirt, his scars can be see on his arms and on his face as they run down his eyes and the side of his cheeks.

[B]Personality[/B]:Silent but stern, Chance remains quiet unless he has something important to say, otherwise he just listens and pays attention to the environment and people around him. Throughout his life, he's learned to observe others before making a move, which is why he has his trusted friends now.

[B]Character Snippet[/B]:
Sliding down the dirt hill Chance made it to his feet and turned on the flashlight in his hand. After traveling for days he wanted to stop by somewhere to grab whatever he could for some sleep and food. Looking around there were old text books and documents on the floor, covered in dust and soot from the many years they ayed dormant underneath the collaped building.

"This shall do..." Chance whispered to himself as he brushed off a metal desk, seeing the dust rise every time he stroked his hand on the cold surface. After an hour, the muscular male made camp witha small capfire and blankets layed scattered about. Chance used some of the books on the ground to fuel the fire, looking at each one before he tossed it in. "Old Man and the Sea....The Great Gatsby....hello....what are you?" Chance held onto a book which had no name, nor any writting inside, just a hologram chip that activated suddenly. The figure of a middle aged man in a wheelchair appeared in front of him, bald and yet relaxed as he sat in his chair.

"Hello to you friend. My name is Charles Xavier..." Chance was about to power up, he thought it was a trap, but he listened on with dangerous excitment. "I Like you, posses a power of horrible and harmful to others...but I use them for the benifit of human kind and mutants alike..." Chance's eyes widened as he sat on the ground indian-style and listened more.
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(I'm really sorry if this is too long, i got really caried away, lol.)

hope i'm not late.

[B][SIZE="3"]Name:[/SIZE][/B] Gianni (Anni) Mario Russo

[B][SIZE="3"]Mutant Name: [/SIZE][/B]Nova

[SIZE="3"][B]Age:[/B][/SIZE] 18

[B][SIZE="3"]Sex:[/SIZE][/B] Male

[B][SIZE="3"]Mutant Ability:[/SIZE][/B] Able to manipulate time. Anni is able to telekinetically bend the fabric of time to his will but of course he?s using his body?s natural but limited energy to do so, which is why he must be careful how he uses his power or he?ll exhaust his body too much and he?ll died.

Besides freezing time around objects and things in a limited proximity to him he can also speed up time and slow it down. But rewinding time seems to take a great deal of energy and too much he begins to bleed from his eyes and nose, he?s only done this once.

Obtaining his power at a young age granted him more time to understand how it works. With study and practice he has been able to do stunning things with his mutant ability,

Like fluctuate time around his body so rapidly he is able to phase through solid object. But this takes a great deal of energy from him

And he has been trying to perfect this one tricked he learned, where he can rapidly speed up molecules and make them bump up against each other at the same time heating them intensely with so much speed until they spontaneously combust,

which is how he gain the name of nova. *** The explosions are very small like the size of a small fire cracker but with a snap of his fingers and pointing with his hand(s) in the shape of a gun at the same time he can do this instantly and few times in a row? when angry these are bigger and have more force to send someone flying but it would take great concentration and more time?

[SIZE="3"][B]Bio:[/B][/SIZE] Born in one of the few hidden mutant communities to his mother Lisa Summers a telekinetic and telepath and leader in the Herald assault retainers and protectors aka H.A.R.P , and Scientist father Giovanni Russo, who had the ability to animate inanimate objects , Gianni was pretty much treated like royalty in this little safe haven full of mutants.

His parents were one of the few omega level mutants in the city which made them respected and valuable to the community. Everything was perfect until people started going missing and the time between assaults on the city shorted. The safe haven begin to turn into a dark place, and Gianni was just turning of age, so his sense of purpose was beginning cause to search for meaning and a place in his society. Little did he know he would help every human being for the greater good.

[B][SIZE="3"]Short Physical Description:[/SIZE][/B] [attachment=14608:3/3/1/1/2/26951.attach]

[SIZE="3"][B]Personality: [/B][/SIZE]Raised by a Mother with a long spoon and quick hand and by a hardworking no non-sense Father Gianni Was both Well mannered and not a stranger to work, his parents could be fun also, they are his best friends. The perfect gentlemen yet, mischievous. With being an only child and having busy parents He was left to his own devices, you know what they say ?Idle hands are the devil?s plaything?. Gianni is a fun loving and adventurous young man and he can be quite curious and naïve which gets him into trouble sometime but he always has the best intentions at heart, speaking of which; he tends to wear his heart on his sleeves always saying what?s on his mind and honest to a T. Gianni may be curious and agile like a cat but he also spooks really easily which results in him freezing random things.

[SIZE="3"][B]Character Snippet:[/B][/SIZE] Gianni was sitting in his father?s study watching him tinker away on one of his inventions. ?Love, would you pass me the-?

?Omni-calibrator?? Lisa answered with a smirk and a glance, hovered the tool to her husband.

Giovanni chuckled. ?Thank you dear?, ?You know it?s been quite pleasant having you around more often since you?ve been on leave.?

?Yeah Ma, these days I get ?eat? my breakfast, lunch and dinner ?. And not the other way around.? Gianni commented between mouthfuls of chocolate pudding.

?I?m sure your father tries his best, Anni? She said after a giggle, she knew her husband was a genius but that fact ending once he entered the kitchen.

?Of course, I mean he ALMOST succeeded in poisoning me a few times? Answered Gianni promptly, at this his father looked up and glared at him. With a awkward hand gesture he sent a spark of energy at his son?s pudding.

?Dad!!? Gianni yelped and threw the bowl on the floor and jump on his chair as the pudding started to growl and ooze it?s way towards him.

Both his Mother and father burst into laughter.

?Ungrateful punk? Giovanni said laughing.

Gianni balled his fist up and made a throwing motion directed at the pudding monster, Gianni?s hand open his he forced his target to be frozen in time.
He then punted the ooze and sent it flying.

With deadly accuracy his mother simply pointed it the pudding halting it, then with a flick of her wrist sent it flying into the wastepaper basket.

?No messes in here boys, I just cleaned.? She said sternly then smiled.

Noises could be heard coming from the trash bin. ?Sweetheart, please take care of that? Lisa said. Giovanni snapped his fingers the noises ceased. Gianni sat back down in his chair frowning at his lost of pudding.

?Well I better get started on dinner now? Lisa got up to exit the room and stopped suddenly looking alarmed then placid.

?Are you okay mom?? Gianni was at her side all of a sudden, Lisa hadn?t even heard him move? she wasn?t sure if it was do to his natural quickness or if he used his powers, she would have guessed the later.
?Oh I?m fine dear, She?s just been kicking more and more these days.? Lisa answered rubbing her mildly swollen tummy.

?Wait, how do you know it?s a girl?? Said Giovanni, walking towards his family, concerned.

?I just know, Love? she sent him telepathically. Giovanni smiled and kissed his wife which earned a gag from Gianni.

?And on that note I think I?m going to go outside?? Gianni grabbed his scarf and headed outside the door? it seemed as if the day would continue to be normal in Mars Haven? hopefully not as boring as the others but? Gianni wouldn?t keep his hopes up, despite the attacks this was one of the few heavily, secrete, guarded cities for miles and miles? nothing happened out of the ordinary, or often that is.
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[B][COLOR="DarkRed"]Name:[/COLOR][/B] Arabelle Ravensveld

[B][COLOR="DarkRed"]Mutant Name:[/COLOR][/B] Hex


[B][COLOR="DarkRed"]Sex:[/COLOR][/B] Female

[B][COLOR="DarkRed"]Mutant Ability:[/COLOR][/B] Arabelle has power over the four elements: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. Though she hasn't thought of herself as a mutant, only a "Natural Witch" as her "Mother" calls her. Her abilities are limited however, such as; Her fire is powered by the sun([I]Can only be used during the day[/I]), and water from the moon([I]Only at night[/I]), unless she is near that particular element.

She also uses her books to cast spells, as long as she has the items necessary to do them.

[B][COLOR="DarkRed"]Bio:[/COLOR][/B] Arabelle's parents were murdered and her memory erased when she was 10 years old. After a few months of wandering the streets an old witch found and took her in. She raised her, teaching the child everything she knew. Upon realizing the girl's powers, the woman deemed her a natural witch, and gave her access to the ancient texts. As the years went on, Arabelle perfected her spells/ summonings and decided to leave the comfort of her woodland cottage, to go into the world and continue her teachings, along with some fighting skills along the way.

Now she wonders the country sides, collecting new magika books and searching for the answers to her past.

[B][COLOR="DarkRed"]Short Physical Description:[/COLOR][/B] [URL="http://media.photobucket.com/image/anime%20witch/RussianWolfGirl/Anime%20Witch/Hollow_Witch_by_asuka111.jpg?o=150"]http://media.photobucket.com/image/anime%20witch/RussianWolfGirl/Anime%20Witch/Hollow_Witch_by_asuka111.jpg?o=150[/URL]

[B][COLOR="DarkRed"]Personality:[/COLOR][/B] Arabelle is an independent, introverted, book worm. She loves to read, and spends most her time summoning "The Old Ones" for advice and power. She can usually be found in one of the abandoned libraries or cemeteries.

[B][COLOR="DarkRed"]Character Snippet[/COLOR]:[/B]

"Oh my God no way!!" Excitedly rummaging through the pile of singed books, Arabelle quickly pulled a large book from the pile and hugged it tightly to her chest. "I can't believe I found The Book of The Dead!" Stuffing it into her worn leather backpack, she headed out of the rubble that was left of the museum.

[B][I][U][COLOR="DarkRed"][Finish Later][/COLOR][/U][/I][/B]:catgirl:
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[FONT="Tahoma"]Hope it isn't too late to sign up, been looking to get into something lately and playing Marvel:UA2 has set up a healthy interest for this. Also hope that this gets started somewhat soon since it's been open for quite a bit. Lemme know if all is good.

[b]Name[/b]: Diandra Crane
[b]Mutant Name[/b]: Has not recognized one in an official sense. Has been referred to as "Silhouette" by those who know her powers.
[b]Age[/b]: 26
[b]Sex[/b]: Female
[b]Mutant Ability[/b]:

Diandra has undergone an uncanny change in her physical agility and speed. She can be extremely swift in her movements and running, as well as navigate vertical structures such as walls or buildings so long as she maintains a certain speed. Her leaping ability has also seen enhancement. She is exceptionally flexible but nothing that would compromise reasonable bone structuring.

The reason she has somewhat reluctantly earned the nick name of "Silhouette" is because of the more peculiar side of her abilities. Diandra can form temporary clones of herself that resemble more of a silhouette with a slight smokey texture. They act by her will and are quite tangible, but significantly weaker than a normal human like structure. The amount of these clones she can form isn't a large number at all, often only putting 3 at most out during recon missions or escape diversions


Diandra and her younger sister Layla were both raised by their mother, who was a well known singer amongst her peers. Diandra's fondest memories from her childhood was of her mother singing to her and the fondness she felt from it led to her strong interest in singing as well. Her mother died of an illness when she was 14, and was left to take care of Layla, who was 10 at the time. They lived together in a small apartment that was barely in tact, but will hidden so they were not bothered. Diandra would go out and steal food and do what she could so they could get by day to day.

Though there are few venues for entertainment and leisure and little time for such appreciations as singing and performance in the post-apocalyptic present, at the age of 16 Diandra came across an underground establishment which offered the accommodations of a bar/night club when searching for her sister who had run away from home. She was nearly kicked out at the door for her age, but was persistent enough to cause a commotion that caught the attention of the owner, a mutant named Jakob Boromin. He told her that unless she had something to offer him and his business, she had no business to be there. On a spur of the moment act, she offered her services as a singer, as long as she was allowed to search for her sister. Diandra took the stage and halfway through her song Jakob was dazzled by her voice. The drunken patrons of the bar were however more interested in fighting over rights to the teenage girl's body. Diandra was grabbed off stage by a large man, but was dealt with by Jakob who fought to protect her.

Jakob came to view Diandra like a daughter, since he had lost his own to a group of Herald worshippers in a random attack. His depression and anger seemed to be non-existent only around Diandra, and even offered her a place to live and food and help searching for Layla.

At the age of 19, she still hadn't found her sister...but never gave up. While searching one day, she came across a band of Herald worshippers who had stormed into the city. She was one of several dozen people who were taken in transports and brought to a facility where biochemical experiments and other torture were carried out. Diandra was one of the most favored subjects and had tests constantly done on her, including being exposed to a degree of generated radiation by a machine manufactured to accelerate mutations. She was tortured every day for six months, until the results of the experimentation came to manifestation. She noticed the increase in her speed and how she could move her body days before her escape, and took the chance of speeding away from her captures and diving through a third story window to escape. She crawled away only slightly injured and forced herself to run as fast as she could away until she was so exhausted, she climbed into the back of a truck and hid under a blanket and fell asleep.

The truck belonged to a member of a small mutant resistance force who opposed The Herald and looked after one another. She was discovered upon returning to their base and was eventually taken in and trained. Diandra had always hated fighting, she much preferred singing and being in serenity. But after her hellish ordeal, she realized the necessity to become self-sufficient and to be able to use her new found abilities to their max potential if she was to be stuck with them.

Present day, at age 26, any squeamishness or childish fears had dissipated within Diandra. She is a well-toned and dangerous beauty who mixes her enhanced movements with hand to hand fighting, favoring kick-boxing overall, and a very adept spy and escape artist. She discovered her "clone forming" abilities several years after her escape from the facility and was only able to learn how to control this on her own. The resistance group, at present day only a group of 8 including her, came to call her Silhouette. She wasn't crazy about the idea of adopting a "mutant name" and refused to officially recognize it, still preferring to be called by her real name. She is sometimes still haunted by memories of her past, but she tried with all of her power to live in the present and be a part of the solution to the calamity...if there was such a thing as a solution. Above all, Diandra's main priority still remains to reunite with Layla, refusing any thoughts that throughout the years she might be dead.

[b]Short Physical Description[/b]: [IMG]http://i19.photobucket.com/albums/b191/Bklynstyles/9837-0-1.jpg?t=1258367922[/IMG]
-Diandra has long flowing dark hair, a tanned complexion and a well-toned body. She stands at about 5'8, and typically wears a black low cut form-fitting tank top ending above her belly button with a thin leather jacket over it, ending slightly above her waistline. She doesn't wear any jewelry except for a black choker around her neck at times.

[b]Personality[/b]: Diandra is a somewhat serious woman who tries to lighten up every so often, but is too plagued by her rough childhood and early teenage years. She has come a long way from her younger self and is more more aware and intelligent then she used to be. She craves companionship deep down inside and finds conflict with this often because of how very few people in her life who genuinely cared about her. She trusts those in her resistance group, but doesn't feel particularly close with any of them in a personal sense. She can be very anxious at times and very action-oriented. She is patient for the most part however, and is very confident in herself and her resolve. Though, she still feels a slight sense of loss when her mind is not otherwise occupied.

[b]Character Snippet[/b]:

"You know, it took me five minutes to figure out I was talking to one of your clones back there, and i'm not one to barge into a lady's room so it isn't like i could check if it was really you either..." Mack said a bit annoyed, finally finding Diandra on the roof of their HQ taking in the rain. Diandra didn't change her expression but turned her head slightly to her partner.

"Thought you liked that trick," she replied. She adjusted her legs and took a seated position, then transitioned into a partially lying down position. Mack fully ascended the ladder and proceeded to pulling the metal gate that they used for shelter forward so that it covered Diandra. The sound of the raindrops bouncing off the gate was somewhat musical. The large framed man with a scruffy goatee took a seat beside his partner.

"Yeah, I think it's great. But you can't use it to get out of listening to what I have to say. I know missions aren't your favorite thing in the world but you aren't immune to lectures on messing up, the same as the other guys"

Diandra just lowered her head and stretched her legs out so her boots were teasing the border of the gate's protection from the rain. Her mind raced and at the same time didn't move at all. There was no point in detailed contemplation, she had messed up plain and simple and wasn't one to make excuses.

"I'm sorry, Mack. I know I jumped the gun...I thought I'd be fast enough to catch him without backup." she explained truthfully.

"It wasn't about speed Di, you have to take into consideration the possible abilities these other mutants have. You would have caught him if he hadn't shape-shifted, but alerting him as far in advance as you did allowed him to act quickly..."

Mack stopped himself and realized there really wasn't any need to continue. He sighed and placed his hand on Diandra's shoulder. She just stared out into the endless rain and tried to take comfort in it. A single thought eventually pushed itself through the muddled nothings that she put no effort into attempting to reclaim. She closed her eyes and let them escape her lips.

"Layla...I wish I knew if I was getting closer to you..."[/FONT]
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[SIZE="1"][B]OOC[/B]: I will finish this tonight, I just wanted to make sure I posted something to show my interest before the main thread goes up.
[FONT="Book Antiqua"][CENTER]+++[/CENTER]
[B]Name:[/B] Gabriel E. Darcy
[B]Mutant Name:[/B] Shift has been suggested as a proper name for the whole of his abilities, though for the individual “sides” the names Blayze and Nightmare are often used.
[B]Age[/B]: 19
[B]Sex:[/B] Male

[B]Mutant Ability:[/B] Gabriel's ability is a complex one, one that even he doesn’t understand in entirety. During the daytime, Gabriel’s body absorbs sunlight and positive energy which increases his speed and agility exponentially, as well as grants him the ability to fly and manipulate solar energy. When the sun goes down, Gabriel's abilities essentially invert in nature. In his nighttime form his hands elongate into colossal black claws, black horns erect from the sides of his head, his teeth become razor sharp and his face becomes fixed in an unnervingly wide smile. His body is fueled by the fear of his opponents, and his form becomes more bestial as his prey becomes more frightened. He’s labeled his ability “shifting” for the sake of explaining to others, as it seems like the very nature of his existence shifts upon the setting and rising of the sun.

[B]Bio[/B]: Gabriel is no stranger to the terror and chaos caused in the wake of the Herald’s arrival. Gabriel hailed from an all mutant family—his mother Claire was a shapeshifter, his father Lucas was a teleporter, and his sister Dana could alter the mass of objects. His parents avidly battled against the Herald and his forces, and though they had attempted to give Gabriel, and then Dana, all they could as parents, almost the entirety of their efforts went to fighting the Herald. All their eyes could see were means to defeat the Herald, new plans and better strategies to overthrow him. Even their children, once they were old enough and their powers manifested, were tools to defeat the oppressor.

Gabriel thought nothing of it in his youth, and he fought valiantly alongside his family, as did his sister though she was four years younger than him. Unfortunately their bravery and determination could not save them from hardships and suffering; years of war and battle took their toll on Claire and Lucas, and they began to lose their grip on reality. Their zeal and willpower soon became obsession and fanaticism, and the two began to forgo acquiring necessities such as food and sleep so that they would have more time to fight. Their madness soon culminated, and they led their family into a suicide operation, pitting themselves and their children against the Herald himself.

Unsurprisingly that battle ended almost as quickly as it had begun. Claire and Lucas could barely scratch the Herald and were immediately slaughtered. It was only through the combination of their parent’s deaths and their abilities were Gabriel and Dana able to escape the Herald’s assault and take to the skies… or so Gabriel thought. When finally Gabriel tired of fleeing and checked upon his sister, he saw that she had been fatally wounded and was beyond saving. All she could manage was a silent apology before she passed away.

Crippled by tragedy, Gabriel stumbled through the next few months confused, delusional, and alone. In an insurmountable haze he wandered from place to place, performing both acts of villainy and acts of heroism, until he was confronted by a wandering figure. Without warning she dived into Gabriel’s mind and lifted his veil of madness. Her name was Cassandra Sol, though she was often called Pythia, and she revealed herself to be a mutant like him, gifted with strong mental abilities. Gabriel immediately became attached to her, and she to him, and it was no time before they had fallen in love. They vowed to travel together henceforth, and that regardless of what happened to the world around them, they would stay together and protect one another.

[B]Short Physical Description[/B]: [[URL="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v628/Reizou/Dgm3.png"]Gabriel[/URL]][[URL="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v628/Reizou/never_by_wakkawa.jpg"]Outfit- credit to Wakkawa[/URL]][[URL="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v628/Reizou/25053082_5dd9238a86fed52f.jpg"]Cassandra- All blond hair, however[/URL]]
Gabriel stands at 6’2”, has silver eyes, and is fairly thin. Outfit wise, his usual attire is very close to the above picture, save some cosmetic differences: in contrast to the picture, his shirt is solid black, he’s not wearing the shown leggings, black slip-on-shoes adorn his feet, and his hat is a beige beanie. In addition, he wears a pair of “Clark Kent” esque glasses—albeit more rectangular— that are entirely white with black crosses around the temple area and “morph” into the inverse when the sun goes down, and then back when the sun rises.

[B]Personality:[/B] Gabriel is an interesting fellow, prone to erratic actions and peculiar exclamations. That’s not to say he’s not good natured and jovial, or even agreeable for that matter; most people are usually just a tad overwhelmed by his presence when they first meet him. Though the nature of his powers as well as the current state of affairs in the world can drive him into brooding, reflective periods, these are far and between.

[B]Character Snippet[/B]: [Will Complete][/FONT]
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