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[COLOR="DarkOliveGreen"]Hello, my name is ForsakenUndead. I actually signed up a few months ago but I forgot about this site, and then I remembered today and decided to check it out. I am a new member

Welcome, I've been here for over a decade, almost two decades. It isn't as active as it once was, hoping one day it will pick back up!

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Hello, my name is Rembowave; by the fact that I am posting on this thread, and by the fact that I have never posted anything before, you may have guessed that I am new here.
I enjoy anime and manga, obviously. I also enjoy video games, especially if those video games are RPGs. I like to play Dungeons and Dragons, but I don't know anyone else who likes it, so I never get to play it. My favorite music bands are Fleshgod Apocalypse, Ensiferum, Blind Guardian, and some other metal bands that you've probably never heard of. I also like Nintendocore, but apparently I'm the only one.
Oh yeah, anime: My favorite anime is Madoka Magica. I think Death Note is really overrated. I don't own a single shirt that does not have an anime/manga character on it.
The name 'Rembowave' is from a song, also called Rembowave.

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Greetings all!

I've been an anime fan ever since I watched pokemon back when I was in middle school. I remember spending countless hours working on catching all the pokemon in red, blue, and yellow.

I was an avid anime otaku for the longest time throughout high school and college... my favorite anime include Hayate no Gotoku, One Piece, Great Teacher Onizuka, Full Metal PANIC!, Elfen Lied, School Rumble, Excel Saga, Melancholy of Haruhi, and a lot more.

The past few years, after graduating college, I was completely fixated on working on my career but I'm past that now. I attended my first con recently (at such a late age... I wish I started going earlier XD) and that completely renewed my interest in anime. I felt this euphoric feeling I haven't felt for a long time when I went there. I feel so young, free, and happy again!

Other than anime, I am a gamer. My favorite games include StarCraft 2, Diablo 2, and the Elder Scroll series. I don't play as much anymore, but I do enjoy reading about games and watching youtube videos of them.

I joined this board to get back into the anime scene and to make new friends here! Edited by martymart
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Hello everyone!! I join this art site, and this forum as today. I had one of Otaku like two year ago but I left didn't do anything, well I don't know.

My name is John Ricon Eln. I'm from Northern Virginia. I'm also a retired artist from deviantART from 7 year ago (quiet long story), and.. This is the first time that I came here to say if anyone like one of my characters, and stuff, etc. I do like fanime stuff with fan anime thing, and..

I'm a nice person, very friendly, good, fun, awesome, and one of a kind. I hope I enjoy this website, and hope people must be interested with my characters and stuff. Hope I have fun. Although I'm from Youtube.

Hope this website will be fun like deviantART?

Thank you! :)
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Hi! I live in California too. It's sooo wonderful and easy to be vegetarian in CA ... so many great vegan/vegetarian restaurants, diverse ethnic cuisines that make eating veggies way more interesting than just raw or grilling ... cheers! I was vegan for about five years and vegetarian for seven ... but then I went to college and as a result of limited dining commons options, I ended up with protein deficiency. I'm an omnivore now, but totally end up eating vegan/veggie all the time just because hummus wraps, falafel wraps, seitan shawarmas, all sorts of Asian vegetable dishes, etc are just sooo tasty!

I'm not a new member, but I've been on hiatus for a while ... so hi everybody, I'm Dyne but I've been 'Juu' on the boards since around 2002. I'm 21 now, so it's actually been a full TEN YEARS since I joined the boards! OMG! Really wish there could be a 10 year reunion. I feel like a n00b with so many new members now though. I spent the last six years or so trying to be "cool" being in rock bands and modeling so I'm kinda stunted when it comes to what anime and games I'm into, and when I was really active on the boards I was really into Star Wars and LotR ... ^^

I'm still really into Star Wars and games (thanks to uber gamer boyfriend) but haven't had time to check out any new anime ... looking to get into gaming some more after I take the LSAT (exam for law school) when I finally get some free time. I've been super busy the last three years trying to graduate college with honors and a double major in three years. Now that that's accomplished, I'm interning at two pretty cool political/social justice organizations ... the ACLU and NLG. I'm a far Lefty when it comes to politics but I'm not rigid ... like I'm a feminist, but I know that guys have it pretty bad in other areas too - like incarceration, family law, breadwinner expectations, etc.

After going to college in Santa Barbara, CA, I moved back to San Francisco. This being my first time without homework in like 13 years, it's been pretty cool! I've been coming home from work just really wanting to unwind ... lately it's involved TV.

My BF introduced me to the realty show The Tester and ... not only was it terribly addictive, it made me miss OB SO much!!! The contestants totally reminded me of old-me and friends on OB (who I love love love and miss dearly). OB was so beautifully tight-knit. Sad to see it doesn't seem quite as active as it once was, but I have hopes that maybe that heyday can start up again! At least I wonder if we could have some sort of reunion ...

In any case, hi!!! I think I'll stick around a bit longer this time. I tried to come back but was caught up in school ... OB's such a fantastic community and I'm so delighted to see that it still seems to be that way!
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[font=tahoma,geneva,sans-serif]I'm not one of the OG Oldies, but it's good to see some people returning back to the site. It's not as active as it was before, but hopefully we can change that! [/font]

[font=tahoma,geneva,sans-serif]Welcome back! ^_^[/font]
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Hello i'm Gaetzan, and normally don't write anything on forums but wanted to try something new and this seems like a nice community to well... try and communicate with people. oops accidentally double posted -_-', how do i remove posts? Edited by gaetzan
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Hey there! I'm MoonSpider96. (should be 95, but there was a typo XD)

I'm a girl who likes anime/manga as well as american comics and a few video games. I'm a proud Risembool Ranger and a Minion to Auntie Heather (another fandom thing, great vampire books). I'm going into my senior year of high school, then onto college where I will major in Creative Writing. Mainly looking at Hollins University. I plan to either write novels or work for a company like Marvel on a series.

I really liked Otaku's quizzes, and I mean I have a whole line of the result banners on my Deviant Art profile page......eventually I caved and joined since I liked it so much, lolz.

I set up my own [url="http://www.theotaku.com/worlds/spidersmusings"]blog/journal/thingy[/url], but I only have one post so far and that's just reposting a meme I filled out once. If anyone can tell me how to make it so anyone can post there I'd appreciate it.
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Yo, I'm FrankieDF-kun

I'm a inspiring wannabe Mangaka (for those who don't know Mangaka means Manga artist/writer), the reason I say wannabe is becuase I'm just a Highschool freshmen so my skills are still lack luster.

I love Anime, and Manga of course. Dispite that I can't remember names for my life (including english ones becuase I don't remember people's names in real life either) so I would quite often forget names of anime, manga, and especially characters so I apoligies if I forget a name in conversation or won't reconize it at first.

I only talk about anime/manga, videogames, and internet stuff. So as you can tell, I DON'T GO OUTSIDE! :D

ALSO! I'm a terrible speller at times.

My favorite Manga series (NOT anime) is BAKUMAN and my favorite Anime series (NOT manga) is Persona 4 the animation (the anime version of my favorite JRPG). Both of those are freaking amazing if you ask me

I do have a Youtube account but I don't have any videos on but I will soon so be prepared for that.

I have a lot of manga ideas and I would like to share them and I'm trying to work on my own Manga project of Demon Huntress and check that out when I have something out. (also I have one other right now but that is a project that I want to be the best it can possible so I will give out updates of it all the time)

Thats all I have to say for now and I will see you guys later! I hope we can be great friends :D
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Hi! I'm an artist, gamer and anime lover. <3. I've been real busy with school and stuff so now I'm trying to get back to my interests. I literally have just started drawing (other than work&school),playing games and watching anime for the first time in nearly 5 years. So any suggestions or recommendations are great! Thanks. Also you can call me Nay for short.
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My name is Liz, or as I have it in my username (ã?ªã?¹-ちã??ã??), Liz-Chan! Yes, I address myself like that to be silly. (>*3*)>


I'm from Philadelphia, PA. I've been into anime and games for well over a decade now. Currently taking classes and working at a college. My favorite class is Japanese - I hope to one day be fluent with the language. I'm very much into Japanese culture. I hope to also one day travel to Japan. :) I'm very excited for the Cherry Blossom Festival coming up in April in Philadelphia. I am a chair member of my college's Anime and Gaming Club so we'll probably make a school trip out of it.


Want to know anything else? Just ask. ^_^

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Hello and welcome! It was a bit of a challenge finally getting you on here but I'm glad you made it through (and helped solve that issue once and for all in the process)!


I've always wanted to learn Japanese myself but never got around to doing it. Best of luck with your classes!

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Hey. I'm not new, but I figured I'd post in here anyway. I'm Claire, I'm 21, studying Creative Writing at a university in Florida and I'm about to graduate and subsequently fall off the face of the planet. I like creating music and Arrested Development and wasting time playing video games. I'm working on a book but it's a little bit crazy so I'm procrastinating.


I used to be a moderator of White Noise along with Petie, back when it was called Music Movies & TV. Those were the days.

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