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New Members: Introduce Yourselves Here

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Welcome SweetButtercup, Yu-Gi-Omg, HoSo(sorry... its a 4 letter name thing) and Guardian8. If you give OB a shot I am sure you will like it. 



As for me, I am not new, but like so many before me I am back after a long absence, and I claim to come here more often. I can't guarantee that this time will be different, but I am gonna try really hard to be just as active as I was! 


My main computer is currently down, but when I get it running again or replace it I will be doing banners again for people who want pretty things for their signatures. I specialize in large, obtrusive ones, but I am flexible. If you want a sleek design let me know and I can work with you. If any new members want one feel free to PM me. This is a free service by the way. 

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[COLOR="DarkOliveGreen"]Hello, my name is ForsakenUndead. I actually signed up a few months ago but I forgot about this site, and then I remembered today and decided to check it out. I am a new member

Welcome, I've been here for over a decade, almost two decades. It isn't as active as it once was, hoping one day it will pick back up!

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I'm new! How are you all?! 

I was a little sad that there were not more new members to talk about manga with, but now you made my day. :]


I was convinced to join this site by a friend, so hi. My hobbies and all are primarily making and listening to music. I play guitar, and love Rammstein and other metal bands. So yeah, hi. 

Welcome to the fray pal.  I just have two questions. Who was the friend, and what kinda guitar(s) do you have? 'u'

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Hello Everyone,
My names Luna Fang, well my alias for writing, Anime and Gaming that is. If you get to know me youll find out my real name but either way you will see the real me. Im a Drawer, have been for many years. I draw from a range of animes and am even working on my own characters one of which is done and will be shown at a later time along with many of m other works. Im currently going to try and draw characters from Vampire Knight along with work on a story that maybe or maynot be very similar to it.. Just the Vampire part *hint hint* and i may share that when its done. I also love music which has recently expanded to the artist Skillet which does alot of songs connected to the AMV's I love them. Falling into the black and Last night are wonderful. I also play games such as minecraft and other steam games but thats of course not what im here for. Hope to get to know many of you and I cant wait for the feedback and tips to improve my works
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Kiki's Delivery Service

*Fangirl scream*


I'm a huge fanatic of both Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata {Studio Ghibli}. 

The art style, homey feel and magical storylines are always right on the spot

I have a top five, but Kiki is my numba one, bby! I enjoy watching anime in general 

(from classic to new); enjoying the feel of how anime has evolved is awesomecones (made up word..

I like ice cream cones.). I do read manga, but once in a blue moon and I enjoy video games.

I am all about the art and how the universe works. I enjoy the outdoors a lot, but jeebus why creepy crawlies! 



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Seems I'm the first new person in a while. Hello. Let's see...I chose this name because it's a pen name I hope to go by in the future and I figured why not start now. Feel free to use any variation of the name. I've been watching anime since before I can remember and started more actively reading manga in my later years of high school. I like video games though I don't play as much as I used to. More because there haven't been any that I've been able to enjoy recently though I am looking forward to the new Persona and Kingdom Hearts.


I write though I can't say I'm much of a writer due to not doing so in my free time very often. I tend to have a lazy streak. Anywho,  I thought I might lurk around for a bit and see if I'd enjoy sticking around.

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well uhhh i guess im like  Miscellaneous... im new. and since oct 21  dang ... ... i guess two years ago picked up on anime and have found joy in it since i have been not only watching, reading, and drawing. but talking about it as well.... i do game some and it used to be a lot until i started watching anime then it took a steep decline to where i almost never play games anymore....

ive just recintly tried my hand at drawing anime characters.. and ive been told its pretty decent... so ive tried to practice that cause ive found that its pretty awesome to draw... 

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Greetings and salutations, and all that other fun stuff.


I'm new here, and likely going to lurk a bit. But I'm a gamer, a bit of a writer (used to do poetry), << and also an rpg/tabletop nerd. I'm..basically puttering here since my friend was like, there are nerdy people here- and I think you would like this place. (And also, that I'm a hermit.) So um. Hiya, and such :).

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