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Dragonball Z: Planet Vegetto


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Craig stood suspended in air.... amongst a valley of mountains, eyes closed...... arms at his sides. His brown hair stood perfectly still....... his clothes swaying slightly in the light winds.

Suddenly, there was a moan from the West.... followed by a loud bang. Then a crunch........ followed by the ground rumbling slightly. Craig still didn't move...... but his eyes slowly opened. His focused, angry look surveying the area.

Craig:*Telepathically* Blank, looks like I got company..... where are you?

Blank:*Telepathically* Ugh....... I'm somewhere on the South Ridge.

Craig:*Telepathically* Damnit... that's miles away from here..... how long will it take you to get to The Rojin Valleys?

Blank:*Telepathically* About 30 minutes......... I ain't quite as fast as you........

Craig:*Telepathically* Seifer..... are you there?

Seifer:*Telepathically* Oh.... hey Craig.

Craig:*Telepathically* Where are yo........ Gah!!!

Suddenly, a huge ape like creature burst through a mountain behind Craig, punching him with great force into a nearby cliff. The cliff cracked, and then shattered on top of Craig. Dust bellowed out like a nuclear reaction.

Rojin: Ha ha!!! To think, the descendant of the great Vegetto.. dying just as easily as a bug.

Suddenly, the ground started rumbling. The shattered pieces of rock and ash slowly started to rise from the Earth. Then, in one huge explosion, the rocks all disintegrated, as a huge pulse shot out from inside the rubble.

Now, Craig stood there, arms extended, his hair and clothes waving from the effect of the pulse. His green aura flaming brightly around him. Cuts and bruises scored his body, his clothes were rippied and torn. Still, he grinned.

Rojin: So, maybe there is for fight in you than I expected.

Craig:*Thinking* Damnit..... looks like I'm on my own for this one. How am I supposed to beat this thing........

The Rojin reared his head back, and issuead a massive roar. His head then shot forward, as a huge beam issued from his mouth.

Craig shot into the air like a dart. His aura exploded around him. The Rojin took off after him. The Rojin swung a punch, Craig ducked, and uppercutted the Rojin in the stomach. The Rojin laughed, before axe handling Craig in the back.

Craig shot towards the ground. He landed on his hands and knees, buckling the ground beneath him. He shot off into the air, using his limbs for momentum, just as the Rojin crashed his fist into the ground where Craig was only seconds ago. Craig flew up into the air, his hair blown back by the force. The Rojin shot two balls of Ki at Craig. Craig turned....... holding out his left arm, and supporting it with the right. Electricity started flickering around his aura. His power skyrocketed.

Craig: ULTIMA............ CANNON!!!!!

A huge yellow / white beam rocketed from Craig's hand. Almost as tall as Craig was, it completely obliterated the Rojin's two Ki balls. It flew with great speed towards the Rojin. It crashed into him, knocking him into the ground. It englulfed his body, before exploding, sending a mass of dust and ash everywhere.

Craig stood there, breathing hard. His arms shot out, as his aura exlpoded around him again. He raised his hands above his head, then brought them down infront of him. He started firing Ki balls down into the smoke, going absolutely insane. About 10 ki balls a second were being shot down into the dust ball, making it bulge out in size.

Craig: Die you bastard!!!! DIE!!!!!!!!!!

Craig continued to fire multiple Ki blasts into the wreckage. The ball of ash and dust bellowed outwards even more. Craig was throwing the balls in from all directions.

Suddenly, Craig's aura shorted out.......... and he stopped firing the blasts. He stood there, head hung, sweat and blood trickling down his forehead. He was panting heavily. His hair flopped forward slightly, then he cocked his head back. A huge grin spread across his face..... and it echoed into a laugh. He looked down into the rubble. Then he exploded in laughter.

???: I wouldn't celebrate so soon boy!!!

Craig's laughter stopped quite abruptly. A look of shock..... and even fear, spread across his face. He looked down..... as the dust cleared. The Rojin stood there, staring up at him. His whole body was cut and bruised.... his clothes were torn, and the lower part of his left arm was missing.

Craig: How........... that's impossible!!!! I put all my energy into that......

Rojin: HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Now your done for saiyan. You can hardly fly..... there's no way you can continue to fight.

???: Don't be so sure about that you hairy gimp!

Rojin: Huh?? Who's there?

Suddenly, a figure appeared next to Craig. He lookes very similar to Craig.

Craig: Hey..... Blank....... about time you showed.

Blank: Sorry bro....... now, lets take care of this bastard! You'll need this. *holds out senzu bean*

Craig: NO!!! I am a fighter of pride, I won't take the cowards way out.

Blank: Thought so....... well..... can you still fight?

Craig's aura exploded around him, although his energy had greatly dropped.

Craig: I can fight for a bit longer.

Blank: Lets do this bro!!!
Craig's stats descreased:
Strength: 500
Speed: 600
Defense: 550
Ki: 500

Craig's potential stats (if he was full strength):
Strength: 2200
Speed: 3700
Defense: 2700
Ki: 2200
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[COLOR=royalblue]Raiha: ...did you feel that Cinoris?

Cinoris: The energy surge...yes...

Raiha: Rojin :demon: ......and....two Sayjian boys...

Cinoris: :therock: Boys?

Raiha: Hard to tell. Do we check it out?

Cinoris: ...

[i]Double Teleportation...

High above the fight...Raiha and Cinoris hovered easily....

Raiha: That guy doesn't look to healthy...

Cinoris: Laize Faire.[/i][/COLOR]
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Cruizr flies near the battlefield after sensing a fight going on...

Cruizr: Hey Raiha, i hope i havent missed much

Raiha: Not much, but it's getting ugly...

Cruizr: hmm...

Raiha: what are you doing?

Cruizr: *charges up* im going to have some fun...FLAMING DESTRUCTION!!

*as the blast flies at the enemy, the enemy fires a blast of his own, countering Cruizr's blast*


*Cruizr gets bown through a cliff and into the ground*

Raiha: He was a lot of help...

Craig: Nows my chance...
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Andrew stood at the battle feild. Many Saiyans and Rojins had been slaughtered and their bodies were strewn about the floor. Of the Saiyans only Andrew and 2 others were still breathing. They faced the last Rojin on the feild. He had waited at the back and wasn't even damaged. All 3 of the Saiyans were greatly beaten but were still ready for a fight.

Andrew: Let's show this b*tch what's what!

With out waiting for a reply Andrew's great black burst around him and he darted towards the Rojin. They began punching each other vicously. Andrew soon gained the upper hand and axe handled the Rojin to the ground.

Andrew: Get up you *****!

The rojin got up and began to grow. He began to get furrier and more muscler. He soon bacame Oozaru and threw his huge fist at the Rojin. He struck Andrew full force and sent him flying backwards. The 2 other Saiyans began to attack.

Andrew: No way, 2 can play!

Andrew put his hand up and an energy ball came from it. It burned with a bright white and grew a little bigger than a basket ball. He released it into the air and it grew larger. Andrew looked up at it and began to grow bigger himself.

Andrew: *low growling voice* Now you die!
Andrew's stats:
Strength: 2,500
Speed: 3,000
Defense: 2,500
Ki: 2,000

Andrew's Oozaru stats:
Strength: 25,000
Speed: 30,000
Defense: 25,000
Ki: 20,000
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a growl is heard in the distance as everyone looks...Cruizr has also begun his transformation to Oozuru...

Cruizr: Make that 3...*goes Oozuru*

Cruizr Oozuru Stats:

Strength: 55,000
Speed: 15,000
Defense: 5000
Ki: 25,000

*Cruizr hits the enemy with a might punch,followed my a mouth beam to the leg*


*with yelling, Andrew shoots a mouth beam, blowing off Cruizr's tail*


Cruizr's stats:

Strength: 1,250
Speed: 450
Defense: 125
Ki: 325

Rojin: *growl*

*Rojin then steps on Cruizr, knocking him unconscience*
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[SIZE=1][i]Denra stopped walking as he heard a great roar echo through the valley.[/i]

Denra: Oozaru... damn...

[i]He now started to run, then stopped again and jumped up into the sky. Now flying, he could see thousands of Saiyans and Rojins lying dead on the battlefield.

Denra saw that a small battle was going on just up ahead, he set his visual sensors to zoom, and he saw 2 Oozarus and a few Saiyans fighting the Rojin Oozaru.

He landed.[/i]

Denra: Hey!

Matt: Who are you?

Denra: I'm Denra, you?

Matt: Matt...

Denra: You need any help?

Matt: Ok... you sure?

Denra: Yeah, why?

Matt: You don't look too--

Denra: --Strong?

Matt: ...

Denra: Don't worry, I am.

[i]Denra jumped and landed near the Rojin Oozaru. His long, leather coat billowed in his aura as he powered up for an attack and he put his arms out in front of him.[/i]

Denra: [i]Ki Kattaa![/i]

[i]A long sword shaped beam escaped his hands, he held it and jumped up at the Rojin. He barely noticed, but he managed to catch Denra in his fist and squeeze him. He then took the Ki Kattaa from Denra and ate it.[/i]

Denra: You ate it?! Damn you!

[i]The Oozaru Rojin squeezed Denra a bit more, then threw him to the ground, a large dust cloud appeared.[/i]

Denra: ...Ow.

Matt: Oh yeah, he's strong.

Denra: ...Thanks for warning me...

[i]Denra punched the ground and a large crack opened up, he jumped down into it, and continued to punch the wall of the crack, making a sort of tunnel. When he got under the Oozaru, he powered up.[/i]

Denra: [i]Dragon Uppercut![/i]

[i]His fist glowed and he punched through the earth with amazing ease and up back into the air, hitting the Rojin Oozaru's arm. He didn't notice it.[/i]

Denra: Damn... I need a different plan of action...[/SIZE]
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Andrew flew at the Rojin and they continued their punching. Andrew being the faster of the 2 landed most blows but when the Rojin landed a blow it was much more powerful. The Rojin opened his mouth and let a huge beam fly out at Andrew. Andrew drew back his hands and then threw them forward releasing a large bema which met the Rojin's. They both pushed but the Rojin's broke through Andrew's and hit him dead on. Andrew dropped to the floor face down. The Rojin flew down after him and landed with his knee in Andrew's spine.

Andrew: AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

Rojin: How does it feel to know your going to die?

Andrew: You tell me!

Andrew flipped up and the Rojin fel to the floor. Andrew, with great anger in his eyes, Raised his foot and threw it down on the Rojin's head. At first the Rojin screamed in pain but Andrew began pushing harder and harder and then there was a crack. Blood poured out of the Rojin's head and onto the floor around it. Andrew began to breath heavily and then threw a Ki ball at the huge ball in the sky. It exploded and almost immediatly after Andrew shrank back down to normal size.

Andrew: Damn! I soiled my new boots.

Andrew walked off towards the other Saiyans and the Android and they all flew off towards Craig and the others.
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[i]Snapping his wrists back, Blank's power skyrocketted, as two white orbs formed in each open palm. Craig looked at him in a rage. What was Blank trying to pull off? What was his plan?

As if Blank could answer these unasked questions, he slung his right hand out. The energy ball hurled outwards, making a shadow effect follow it's path. Dust swirled below it's mass, leading straight for the Rojin. Smirking, the Rojin raised his hands up to block. This was the fatal error.

Phasing around back, Blank drew his fists into a club, hammering the Rojin in the skull, knocking it very much so senseless. And unguarded. With a mountain-shaking explosion, the Rojin found itself in a tangle of flames, the ki ball slamming his skull. Blank managed to get away with minor scraps, but an inch-long cut seeped blood under his left eye.

Up above, Blank's right arm extended into the open skies, flat and open upwards. Everyone knew what to do: Clear out and hella fast. The Raging Comet is something not something to stick around to watch and enjoy the fireworks.

But as soon as the crimson Ki ball appeared in Blank's hand, an impression shimmered in his spine. Power completely fading, aura gone, Blank's body hurled downwards. With a thud, he just lay there, eyes as blank as his name. Pain racked his entire body, clutching him closer to passing out. With a power surge, though. he managed to take to the air. Looking around, he searched for the Rojin..[/i]

Blank: Blast....... Where'd he go?
Raiha: [i]Is he nuts? I mean, he just got thrashed, and he's stil continuing to fight. This is far beyond any Saiyan I've seen...[/i]
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*crawls out form the hole*

Cruizr: is it gone?

Andrew: Yeah

Craig: You got the crap beat outta you

Cruizr: yeah...but time its to improve my strenths...*screams*

Cruizr's Stats:

Strength: 5,725
Speed: 2,000
Defense: 2,000
Ki: 250
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Andrew, either you ignored my post about the Rojin's..... in which case get the **** out of my RPG..... or you simply cannot read. I stated quite clearly that Rojin's speed doesn't decrease in Oozaru. So, how you can figure out that your faster than it I'll never know. Also, how you managed to beat the crap out of it when it wasn't Oozaru is also a mystery to me.
So, let me just make this point clear once again. No one..... NO ONE, is able to take on a Rojin by themselves at this stage. If you tried, you would end up much like I did in my fight.
Craig flew up and joined Blank, looking about for the Rojin.

Blank: OUr chances are quickly fading..... along with our power levels.

Craig's aura explodes around him. His energy still draining quickly.... he takes higher into the air.

Blank: Anything??

Craig: Not ye-- LOOK OUT!!!

Suddenly...... out of the ground.... the Rojin shot upwards. Blank darted to the side, narrowly missing an attack. The Rojin was now Oozaru. His appendage had grown back.

Rojin Oozaru: Now I will crush you little bugs!!!

Craig and Blank looked at each other. The nodded to each other. Craig reached in his pocket.

Matt: What are they upto??

Craig pulled two earrings out of his pocket.

Raiha: They....... they can't be?? The Potarro earrings.....

Craig tossed one too Blank.

Craig: See ya Bro......

Blank: Yeah.. see ya.

Craig stuck his earring through his already pierced ear.... as did Blank. For about a nano second nothing happened... then.... electricity started flickering around them. They were pulled together with tremendous force.They crashed into each other... and a huge orb of electricity engulfed them both, followed by a blinging white flash, and a huge pulse sending everyone rocketing backwards. A huge green/ white aura engulfed the new warrior.

Denra: Where'd Craig go???

Raiha: He's there....... he and Blank fused into one being. They are a lot stronger like this.

Matt: So.... when will they be back into Blank and Craig?

Raiha:*looks down* Never I'm afraid..... you'd better get used to this guy.

The warriors stood there, extremely smug.

???: I am both Omega (Craig's other name) and Blank.... so I shall call myself Blanka!!!

Rojin: Ooh, i'm so scared!!!

Blanka: SILENCE!!! You will die now fool..... at the hands of the apocalyptic saiyan Blanka!!!!

Matt: He's a tad cocky..........

Raiha: Trademark of a fusion........ extremely cocky..... but they always have strength to back it up.
Blanka's stats:
Strength: 8,500
Speed: 11,000
Defense: 8,500
Ki: 11,000
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Matt: Haaaaaaaaa!!

As the Rojin was distracted, Matt used his incredible speed to slash the oozaru's tail. However, it didn't cut all the way through.

Rojin: You little fool! Don't you think we would have evolved our tail weakness as well?!

The rojin effortlessly backhanded Matt into the side of a plateau. Matt gets up, shaking his head. He sheaths his blade again.

Matt: You have never failed me before, this will be trully difficult...
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Godric shows up and hits the Rojin and flies down to the ground.

Blanka: You don't stand a chance at beating that thing.
Godric: I don't plan on it.

Godric's hair turns Red.

Godric: Alpha Flare!!!!!!

Three Red disks shoot at the Rojin an surround it.
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*Rey walks out of his labratory and looks into the sky.*

Rey: Like I expected, some Saiyans and some Rojins. Battles? Hmm. Yes.

*Rey concentrated harder.*

Rey: What? Who is that? It is an Android!

*Rey gapsed.*

Rey: I have to check this out!

*Rey shot off into the sky looking for the other Android.*[/size][/color]
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Cruizr: I may not be as strong as Blanka, but i can still try to fight...


*Cruizr Puts almost all his strength into his Ki attack (8,500) and shoots of Rojin's tail*

Cruizr: Take 'em down Blanka, he's no longer Oozuru...*passes out due to over power use*
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Cruizr [/i]
[B]Cruizr: I may not be as strong as Blanka, but i can still try to fight...


*Cruizr Puts almost all his strength into his Ki attack (8,500) and shoots of Rojin's tail*

Cruizr: Take 'em down Blanka, he's no longer Oozuru...*passes out due to over power use* [/B][/QUOTE]

OOC: Isn't it Blank and not Blanka?? May just be me..[/size][/color]
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Ok, I'm posting soon. I just need some time. It's a long-in. Oh, and Cruizr? Aren't you a Rojin? Ya, you are. :D Which means you are therefore a Saiyan enemy..... So, no one post more of the story until I post again, because I don't want ti to contridict my plot..O.o;;
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[size=1][font=Tahoma]Everyone, uhhhhhhhhhhh......... Rojins can transform into Oozaru whenever they want, not just when they have tails.. ^_^;;
[i]Blanka's right hand sliced at the others, making wind tug them slightly backwards. His cocky face twisted even more, ego rising higher and higher.[/i]

Blanka: Everyone, just stay back! I'll handle this thing... He won't last long..
Raiha: [I]His ego is too much! But, he seems to have the power to match it?[/I]

[I]Blanka's arms coiled downwards, his body summoning into the sky. His power billowed, causing rifts of dust to ride the winds to the far reaches of the battlefield. With a neon-green/white surge, his aura formed a perfect fit to his body.

Rearing his fists back to his chest, making a ninety-degree angle construct with his bent elbows. Down below, Denra?s mechanical eyes bulged with shock. His power sensors picked up Blanka?s true power. This was incredible! Impossible! But his sensory device could barely pick up his movement. It was mind-boggling!

Blanka sped towards the Rojin's face, left fist extended. The Oozaru Rojin reared its head back, charging a purple beam in its mouth. Blanka stopped suddenly, face still smirking. He was just going to let the Rojin hit him. With a zap, the blast rang out, arching slightly upwards. It collided with Blanka, exploding with a tangle of flames. But the lack of Ki abilities was apparent when Blanka immerged, fist still protruding. It came through the flames slowly, a small trickle of blood oozing from the right corner of his mouth.

Charging up his strength, Blanka hammered his fist in the Oozaru?s left eye, continuing to whack it with a steel-strong right boot to the ear. The low-bass impact explosions showed how powerful these hits were. Crimson dripped out of the Rojin's ear, staining its fur. Pressing sharply harder, the Rojin?s body tumbled backwards. It landed in a huddled heap of fur on the ground, leaving Blanka to just hold his position, leg still raised.

Slowly bringing his foot down, Blanka's arms high into the air. Pulling his head back, opening his mouth, his voice shattered the now silent battlefield. His power roared unchecked, powering up even more. The ground slightly shook, small pebbles launched slowly into the air. The slashing scream echoed throughout the valley, ripping in the other fighters' ears. A sandstorm of shredding dust swirled through the air, but was forced away with an earth-pounding shockwave. In the center, Blanka hovered, body radiating with pure energy?[/I]

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
Blanka's Stats: (Unknown Percent[To yall..:p])
Strength: 15,500
Speed: 19,000
Defense: 15,500
Ki: 19,000

Rojin's Normal Stats:
Strength: 5,000
Speed: 5,000
Defense: 4,000
Ki: 1,000

Rojin's Oozaru Stats:
Strength: 50,000
Speed: 50,000
Defense: 40,000
Ki: 10,000[/font][/size]

Also, everyone don't try to instantly jump to Blanka's power, because we want this RPG to last more than three pages. And after this fight, we'll need to try and keep a low profile. Because the Rojins'll have a certain price on our heads... And yes, Blanka isn't all powerful..:p
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OOC: really? then this RPG will be more fun :D
*Cruizr goes Oozuru*

Cruizr's Oozuru Stats:

Strength: 57,250
Speed: 20,000
Defense: 20,000
Ki: 2,500

Cruizr: *growls*

*Cruizr smaks Blanka out of the sky, knocking him through a cliff*

Cruizr : *laughs*
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[i]Blanka's body slowed as his form hurled towards the ground, ki flowing out of him. Before he could hit the ground, his back arched out, letting him flip with his right arm alone. A dust circle swirled where his hand hit, and another formed at the spot where he was about to land. But his image slid into the ground, dispersing on contact. Where did Blanka go?

Crizr found out: Behind him. With his hands cupped together at his pinky fingers, he charged energy. A blue-orange flame formed in his hands, letting the air waver slightly. But with a scream, Blanka unleashed this fire. Screaming out "FUUUUUUURY FLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMES!!!", the fire shot out in a beam of heat, torching Cruizr's back. With a dedeafening explosion, The Oozaru Rojin found itself face down.

Kneeing the Beast in the back, the Crazy Fusion began to launch countless ki balls into the back of it's skull. Fire billowed out, as the Saiyan's power grew. Bringing his hands, cupped, above his head, Blanka screamed out "RAGING GALVA RAY!!!". In an instant, he brought his arms down, aiming at the Rojin's back. A green flash, a crimson explosion, and Cruizr found himself in his natural Rojin state, pain racking his body, deep under rubble.

Blanka took into the air again, looking for the other Rojin. He found it, also in it's normal state. This was it. He began to advance on his weakened foe...[/i]


Raiha: Just as I suspected...
Denra: Yes.... He can dip into his power at any time he wants.
Matt: Which means he can basically win this now. I guess we can call Blanka our Oozaru-Killer.
Blanka: [i]Not quite. Yes, I'm strong, but as you can see, these Rojins are naturally stronger than your average Saiyan. So, just keep your guards up. One of these blat can come your way..[/i]

[b]-As that was happening-[/b]

[i]Cruizr slowly got to his feet, not using any Ki. He sqw, however, that Blanka was disracted.[/i]

Cruizr: [i]He who fights and runs away, lives to fight another day.[/i]

[i]And with that, Cruizr retreated back to the Rojin Vallies...[/i]
Cruizr, just chill in the mountains for a while and heal. It's best for the story that we DON'T kill you off right away..^^;;
And now to Craig to finish this fight himself...
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