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if you won 10000 dollars...what would you buy first?

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Guest Morph
[size=1] I would buy a GCN with all of its games, and then I would buy a super good computer with DSL, if I had left over money, I would go and buy a really good skateboard, I love to skateboard [/size]
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bah... I couldn't buy what i really want with that money... SO i'd probably give half of it away... if not more... I would never be able to spend that much on things just for me... Most of it would go towards living expenses probably... and then the rest I'd give away... after I bought all Gackt mechandise that is..
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by demimonkoumon [/i]
[B]A GIRL! No not really, and it is sad that the only way I could get a girl is by buying her... [/B][/QUOTE]

yes...it...is...lol...n e wayz...i'd get and entire armory as well...swords and other weapons are my life
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Yeah, college is REALLY expensive. I think my sister's tuition is like...... $37, 000. I don't know if you people think that's a lot, but fore my family, it is because my mom is a single parent, has a job as a TEACHER. Yes, my dad does pay child support, but when my sister turns 21 in August, he doesn't have to(for her) anymore. And, his job isn't the best either. He lives in a third world country and works in a drinking glass business that just got started.

Wait... i just realized this has NOTHING to do with that I would do with $10, 000. heh. Well, what I would do, I would buy the best antivirus software out there, to make sure I would NEVER get computer viruses( I swear, my computer is ALWAYS broken). Uh... I would buy clothes and CDs with it, and put the rest away for college(which would not be a lot).
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