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RPG Serch for the Aniar Stones (~*Play*~)


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[color=red][size=1]OOC: After a short periocd of time, here it is!
Mara smiled as two children past her. Her emerald eyes lingered on the two figures, as they turned the corner.
She shook her head, a slight and easy smile apparent on her face. She started to walk lithly through the small town, her off-white robe fluttereing lightly in the breeze. Sh smiled warmly to all those who greeted her, and even added a curtious "Hello!" every once in a while.
Her curly raven hair was pulled into a loose ponytail, yet some curls fluttered in the breeze next to her foreheand and ears. Her ears were slightly angular, revealing that she was half human and half elvian. a mix of human and elvian ears, in fact.
Mara walked into the common square of the town and approached her friend's house. She opened the gate gently and swiftly walked into the already-open door.
A short, squat figure turned around and smiled. She stopped stirring at the huge pot in front of her and smiled as Mara removed her robe, revealing her elaborate silver dress, cut to her knees.
"Ah, if it isn't Mara," the short woman exclaimed, throwing her arms in the air enthusiastically, " My, My,you've grown since we last visited."
Mara smiled warmly at the short woman, bending down into her embrass.
"Hello, Alditha," Mara replied, sitting down at a table in the corner, " How are you this day?"
The old woman smiled, sitting down heavily across from the girl.
"I am fine, child, just fine. Now, tell me off your recent journies." She replied, leaning over the table.
Mara smiled and begun her tale.
"I have just finished visiting Midoria. It was a grand place; everyone I had met there was so kind. I had a lovely time there at their summer fesitival; they had released a thousand butterflies at the end of the event, along with millions of fireflies that lit up the night!" Mara said enthusiastically.
Alditha smiled.
"It must have been lovely, dear." She replied kindly.
Mara nodded.
"Yes, but something was very wrong there."
The old woman's eyebrows shot up in suprise.
"What is it, child?"
Mara shook her head.
"I don't know."
"Well, goodness, child, " the old woman exclaimed, "Why didn't you try to find out?"
"I did."
"Well," Mara said, looking blankly out of the window, "I couldn't turn back time. I couldn't forward it either. There's something wrong if a Time Mage can't even access their own domain. I'm frightned, Alditha."
The old woman shook her head.
"Bad times, we are having," Alditha replied, looking at the sky outside, " Those clouds have been here for the past few weeks."
Mara nodded gravely.
"So I thought."[/color][/size]
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beastman1: Argh! There are too much these days!

beastman2: Youre right! We can't hold this much longer!

beastman3: Aerow! Tyron! Go back to the castle!

Tyron: What?! Kevin! You can't be serious! They'll kill you!

Aerow: We are not leaving you here!

Kevin: You will! Now go!

[I]Kevin throws a rock against one of the monster soldiers.[/I]

Tyron: No way!

Kevin: Just go! Ill be fine! protect the king!

Aerow: Come on Tyron, we can't change his mind.

Kevin: Ill come back as long as there is life in this bones!

Tyron: C you later!

[I]Aerow and Tyron leave to the castle. Tyron with the feeling of letting someone die in his head.[/I]
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[i]An Elf was in her small house packing some belongings into a small pack. There was a knock at the door and three small Elflings (young elves) came bustling in.[/i]

Elf 1-Elsyan, why are you packing? Are you going somewhere?

Elsyan-yes. I will be leaving today because I need to find the Aniar Stones.

Elf 2-Why do you want to find some old rocks?

Elf 3-Maybe she wants to make a rock collection.

[i]Elsyan shook her head and smiled at them.[/i]

Elsyan-No. You're still too young to understand, but you will some day.

[i]The Elves then looked at the items that she had laid on her bed and ran over to them.[/i]

Elf 2-Wow! Look at her bow. It's taller than me!

Elsyan-Alright, you little rascals. Put that down please. I don't want you breaking it or loosing one of my arrows. I'll need it later.

[i]The little Elves then ran to her sword that was beside her pack and tried to pick it up.[/i]

Elf 2-Look at her sword! It's so big!

Elf 3-*tries to lift it* Umph! It weighs alot too. How do ya lift this thing?!

[i]The Elf finally managed to lift it a little above the ground, and then removed the scabbard before Elsyan could stop him. Blue flames shot across the Elven blade as they dropped the sword in surprise. Elsyan swiftly picked up the sword and sheathed it again then let out a sigh.[/i]

Elsyan-that was close. You should know better than to unsheath an Elven blade if you don't know how to use it.

[i]The little Elves stood up rather shakily and looked a bit pale.[/i]

Elf 1-erm....we---we won't do it again. Um...........good luck finding the rocks!

[i]The Elves dash out as fast as they could while Elsyan watched them and smiled. She would miss them while she was away. Then she continued to pack.[/i]

???-Hi Elsyan. Are we leaving now?

[i]A tiny blue dragon no more than two feet tall scurried onto her shoulder.[/i]

Elsyan-yes, Runeth. we're leaving today. I'm almost finished now.

[i]Soon Elsyan was ready to leave and was taking one last look at her village one last time while Runeth was sitting on her shoulder.[/i]

Runeth-We better leave, Elsyan.

Elsyan-*sigh* let's go then.
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A man, wearing a torn, red trench coat, walked into the village that had sent the warriors those many, many years ago. His name was Auron, and he was not in a very talkative mood. The guards let him pass, and he walked into the local bar.

"What'll it be?", said the bartender. "Ale", Auron replied, looking at a shady man in the corner. "You're not very talkative, are you.", said the bartender, handing Auron the drink. Auron didn't reply, only sat there, twirling the ale.
He looked into the reflection of the cup, and saw the man in the corner pull out a crossbow. "You're not human! They shouldn't have let you into the town!", said the man. Auron simply turned around and stared at the man. "They shouldn't let hybrid's like you into our village. You have no right to be here!". "My mother was a human, yet my father was an elf, born and raised in this very village.", replied Auron, turning away. Auron had no resemblance to an elf, yet was born with their immense capabilities. "Do you really think that matters to me...you hybrid? My family was murdered by a group of dark elves, and they are no different from you!", the man shot an arrow, and Auron turned around, and clasped it between his hands, an inch in front of his face. He walked up to the man, knocked him out with one blow, and paid the bartender for the drink.

He walked out to the street, and proceeded to the village center, where the leader should be. Along the way, he saw many people talking about the "malicious King Malius", and how he was sending warriors to burn down rebelling villages. He was in the town center, where the village chief was talking to one of his advisors. He walked up to the chief, grasping his attention. The chief was an aging man, his whithering hair covered by a round hat. He was short, about two feet shorter than Auron. "How may I help you", asked the chief. "I am here for the crusade", Auron replied, glancing at the fountain in the middle of the road.

"Well, there seems to be a shortage of...warriors.", replied the village chief, a frown forming upon his face. "Then I shall go alone", replied Auron. "That's fools talk", said the chief's advisor. "Now, calm down. I assure you that if you return with the Aniar stones, that you will be rewarded". "I need no reward. I only came to see if your warriors needed a helping hand". And with that, Auron headed for the edge of town, with no clue where he would go.
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[b]Ryan-[/b] "Look... All I want is what you promised me... I took care of the graverobbers and now I want my payment. That's all! All I want is what you owe me." I turned around to look at the five people that had hired me. A band of graverobbers had been defiling local cemeteries. They would crack open the coverstones and steal the good the deceased were buried in.
[b]Pub Owner-[/b] "We didn't expect you to get done so...," The pub owner ran a hand through his oily hair and skittered to another part of the room. "So quickly. We need time to get your pay. We haven't had enough customers to get the whole of your payment." I stared at him, tightly gripping my knife. I looked away and pushed my weapon into it's sheath. I looked back at them with semi-softer eyes.
[b]Ryan-[/b] "I'm usually not one to act rashly. How much do you have? We might be able to strike a bargain." The pub owner stepped behind the counter and brought out a small, leather bag of coins. He pushed it down to me and I looked inside. I brought my face out of the bag after a moment of dissapointment. "It's less than half... We agreed that I be paid 200 Gold. This is only 80." I sighed. The pub owner looked nervously at the other four men. They were large, burly men. He brought them with if this meeting got out of hand.
[b]Pub Owner-[/b] "I have no more. I swear! All I have is herbs and liquor!" My eyes perked up.
[b]Ryan-[/b] "What sort of herbs and liquor?" The men tensed slightly.
[b]Pub Owner-[/b] "I have five pounds of Devil Grass and one pound of Dragon Scale Powder. Thats all the herb I have." I nodded and crossed my arms.
[b]Ryan-[/b] "Your up to 140 Gold. The liquor?" The man looked pleadingly at my stone stare and then walked behind the counter again.
[b]Pub Owner-[/b] "I have three small bottle of Blood Wine, one medium bottle of Ashline, two medium bottles of Wheat Grain Whisky, and a large bottle of Ruby Water..." he put the bottles on the counter. I walked over and uncorked the Blood Wine bottles. The first was spoiled. The others were fine. The bottle of Ashline was a very good batch. The Whisky was too strong for my taste, and the Ruby Water was also satsfactory. I gave him back the one bottle of Blood Wine and the Whisky. I nodded and brought out a small box. "Wh...what's that?" The owner stammered.
[b]Ryan-[/b] "It's a storage box. I can store as much as I want in this small box." I put in the two small bottles first. I closed te lid and opened it again. The bottles were gone. I put the rest of the bottles and the herbs in, in their own order, covered the box and put it in my pack. "Consider my services payed for." I turned to leave and was gripped firmly on my shoulder. When I turned around I was face to face with the four large men. I sighed. One of the men threw a punch at my face. I froze his entire arm. It dropped off his body and shattered on the ground. The man stumbled over and passed out from shock. Two more men made a dive for me. I blew them away with a wind spell. The crashed into the back wall and fell in a crumpled heap. The last man pulled a small knife on me. I lifted my hand and the knife was crushed into a small metal ball. I lit the mans pants on fire and pushed him out of the door. "It's been good doing business with your sir." I did a small bow and walked out of the door.
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The chief stops the man before he leaves town.

Chief: There may be someone of assistance.He is young but yet he is very skilled.

Auron: Where does he live?

Chief: He lives in the hut on the edge of town.

Auron: His name?

Chief: Kain Yagyu

Kain packs some of his things until someone raps on the door.

Kain: Who is it?

Auron: I'm looking for Kain.

Kain: What do you want with him?

Auron: I heard you were a warrior.

Kain opens the door and lets Auron in.

Kain: Who are you?

Auron: Auron.I wish for you to help me find the Aniar Stones.

Kain: I was planing on doing that myself.I must stop at the clinic to get some herbs for my journey.
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Cool...didn't really want to travel alone. But remember...I don't talk much, unless it's of importance...:p
Auron nodded, and they proceeded to the village clinic, the chief watching them from a distance. He whispered into his advisors ear, and they walked off, Auron watching the whole time.

"What's your name?", said Kain. Auron didn't respond, he sat watching the chief. "You don't talk much do you". "I don't like to waste time", said Auron finally. "Oh...". Kain came out of the clinic, packing some herbs into a bag. "Aren't you going to buy anything for the journey?", said Kain. Auron nodded, and they headed off for the edge of town.
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Darkness fell... Night was the time that all the wierdo's came out, Alriy was no exception. The nighttime was natural to him, like a second nature. After all he was born in the night, of the night, and for the night. Alriy had been sitting in the bar all day basically zoned out.. he'd slept the day before a long twenty hours which would leave him awake for nearly a weak, having trained himself to need little sleep.

Alriy sat in the corner of the tavern completely motionless, eyes wide opened... noone bothered him. Noone wanted to. his attention was gathered a few times by the events in the tavern. A harlot thrown out for soliciting the taverns patron... Not long after a young man walked in, had an ale, knocked someone out and left. Later in the day a man came in talking about grave robbers, nearly killed several people on the way out. He came to his senses fully and wandered out of the bar and into the night streets, travelling around to seek knowledge about the Stones.
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Tyron: Let's go search for Kevin. He's still not back.

Aerow: Right. Let's go!

[I]They searched the whole terretory and finally found a body on the ground. It was Kevin. Dead.[/I]

Tyron: We shouldn't have left him!

Aerow: He wanted us too. He died like a hero.

Tyron: Grrrr! Maybe we can ask the wizards of time to make this right. If we can go back, we can help him in battle.

Aerow: Are you sure?

Tyron: We have to try don't we?!

Aerow: I won't go. You may not change this.

Tyron: I guesse youre right, but im still going. They are hardly protected. Im going to help them. You stay here with the king to lead the army.

Aerow: okay. Stay allive and come back soon.

Tyron: You stay allive too. C ya!

[I]They leave Tyron heading to the time wizrds, Aerow going back to the king.[/I]
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[i]Elsyan and Runeth had been travelling for almost two days now and they were now in a small village.[/i]

Runeth-Elsyan, I'm hungry. Can we stop somewhere?

Elsyan-I thought I told you to stay inside my pack. I don't want anyone to see you and freak out.

Runeth-But it's stuffy inside there and there's no room.

Elsyan-Alright. We'll stop for the night when we find an inn or a tavern. *looks around* There's a tavern right there. Tell you what, Runeth. If you stay hidden in my pack, I'll slip you some food and I'll rent a room for the night. Deal?

Runeth-Deal! *slips back into the pack*

[i]Elsyan then pulled her hood over her head and walked calmly into the tavern. Most of the people looked up when she entered, but she ignored them and walked up to the counter.[/i]

bartender-what'll it be?

Elsyan-a pint of ale.

bartender-anything else?

Elsyan-no. Nothing else.

[i]The bartender gave Elsyan her drink and Elsyan paid for it. At a table towards the back of the tavern, a man was looking at her curiously. Then some moving from inside her pack caught his eye. The man stood up and walked towards Elsyan.[/i]

man-what's in your bag, missie?

Elsyan-none of your business.

man-then how 'bout I make it my business?

[i]The man reached for the pack but Elsyan was too fast and she grabbed it away from him. Then spinning around swiftly, Elsyan upper-cutted the man in the jaw then layed him flat with a kick to the stomach. Hurridly, Elsyan turned to the bartender.[/i]

Elsyan-Do you know where I may rent a room for the night?

bartender-yes. There's a room upstairs that you can use. Third door on the left.

Elysan-thank you.

[i]Elsyan then grabbed her bag and ran up the stairs to the room and then locked the door. She sighed then removed her hood and set the pack down on the bed.[/i]

Elsyan-Runeth, you have to be careful in public. What if he was a thief and he decided to capture you?

Runeth-well, he didn't so it's alright.

Elsyan-*sigh* just be more careful, OK? here's some food that you can eat.

[i]Runeth began to eat the small meal as Elsyan layed down on the bed and went into a light sleep.[/i]
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A young Boy, the age of 15 stands at the counter of a potion shop.

Miko: *Waiting impaciently....Man, where is that store keeper? ! Im anxious to get my Coral ring!

A tiny creature hugs onto his legs pulling his pants......

Kyra: So this is what you've been babbling baout this whole year?! *Points to a small ring with a yellow crystal embedded on it.

Kyra is a moogle puppet, well, it [I]was[/I] a puppet. Miko has a spell that can turn any non living creature into a living one. He did so with the girl moogle he named Kyra. He loves to have her company.

Miko: This isnt just any ring Kyra! This ring has the power to bring one back to life after being Killed. So stop your yapping and keep quite before anyone gets suspicious.

Storekeeper: Hey, what can i do for you.......

Miko: Kyra I said----*Miko is shown staring down at the floor yelling at it from the storekeepers point of view.

Storekeeper: (Must be one of those wackees....) Ehem: Excuse me!

Miko: (Oops!) Oh yah, um, cannot I get that Coral Ring?

Storekeeper: Sure thing! That will be 8000 Gil.

Miko:(I sure hope this is worth it...) Goodbye Gil, my sweet sweet Gil.

Kyra: *Sweetdrop

Storekeeper: Heheh, say, you dont look like a black mage...

Miko: Thats what everyone says, I just dress differently, but you shoul see me in action. I'm a hell of a Mage!! Hehehe.....

*Storekeeper hands over Coral Ring....

*Miko holds it up to the light....and makes a Holy Awwww sound.

Kyra: Oh save it for later!!! Lets go back.

Miko: Alright hunny........

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Auron was sleeping in the inn close to the town center. He awoke to the sound of men carrying torches. "King Malius", he said, picking up his bow. They were here to burn down the village, as he had heard the people on the street saying. He opened his window, and aimed at the first one, but decided not to shoot. He put his arrow back, picked up his longsword, and walked out, his trench coat dragging along the stairs.

"What do you want", asked Auron, to the one in front. "We are here by the order of King Malius, to burn down this village. Any who stand in our way will be...executed", replied the guard, holding up a piece of parchment. "Then let me be executed", and with that, Auron took up his sword, fighting off the guardsmen. The townspeople awoke, as well as Kain. He watched Auron fighting the guards hastily, yet powerfully. Auron didn't like the thought of killing people, but he nearly wanted to kill these. He knocked them unconscious with his sword though, because his instincts told him to. He knocked the last one down with the hilt of his hidden katana, and turned to the guard with the parchment. "We..will...go to King Malius now", and he loaded the unconscious guards into the wagon, as he sped off, for the journey to the castle. Auron returned to the inn, and walked up stairs. "That was amazing, old man!", he mimiced Auron's moves. "Just sleep, you'll need it", Auron replied late, and took his coat off as he layed down on his bead.
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Kain: I'm going to stay up.They will be back...to kill you.

Auron: Then I will fight again.

Kain: They will bring more guards then you can handle next time.

Auron: .........

Kain walks out of the room and patrols the gates of the city.
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Auron closed his eyes, and fell asleep. When he awoke in the morning, everything was quiet. Kain was still out patroling the village, and Auron laughed at him. He put his coat on, and picked up his weapons, then walked out to meet Kain. "We are leaving now", said Auron briefly. "Now? We haven't even packed yet!", replied Kain, as they walked toward the gate. When they reached the gate, they saw a man attacking a woman, trying to rob her it seemed. He pulled out a two foot tall dragon before she could turn around and punch him. He ran off in the direction of Auron and Kain, but once he got there, an arrow was pointed at his neck an inch away. "Give the lady her...creature", Kain said for Auron, and he dropped Runeth, and ran off. "Fool", said Kain, watching him, and turning his head to Runeth. "And what would your name be, M'Lady?", Kain said, looking at the elven female. "Elsyan, and I could have stopped him myself...but, thank you", said Elsyan, looking at Kain and Auron.
[color=darkred]OOC: If this wasn't the village you were in, or you don't want to travel with us, I will edit that up, Kool_Aid ;)[/color]
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[color=red][size=1] OOC: I guess we'll just go by the FF money system...
Mara walked quietly into the village, the early dawn light dripping onto the horizon.

"Hmmm," Mara said quietly to herself, "this place hasn't been burned down yet."

She looked straight ahead, her feet padding softly on the ground. A little breeze picked up, causing her curly raven hair to fly up behind her.

She sighed as she reached the middle of the town, and knocked on a small hut door. She waited for a few minutes, tapping her finger on her arm impatiently. Soon, a door opened, and she was let inside quietly.

She sat across from Chief Nabard, the leader of the small town, smiling. He smiled back at her warmly, motioning for a servant to take her robe.

"Ah, Mara," he exclaimed, both of them taking a seat across from each other, "such a long time it has been since you have visited us!"

Mara smiled and nodded back gravely.

"Yes, it is," She said, staring at her hands, "have they arrived?"

The chief tilted his head in curiousity.

"Have [b]who[/b] arrived, my dear?"

Mara glared at the cheif.

"You know who I speak of. The ones who have the desire to find the stone." she replied.

The chief shook his head.

"You continue to amaze me, Mara. Let me guess, you forsaw this in a dream?" he asked.

Mara shook her head.

"A vision," she said, brushing off the thought, "You never answered my question, Chief. Have they or have they not?"

The cheif shrugged.

"There are two, but there may have been more. You know how my memory is, Mara." he replied primly.

"Where are they?"

"On the edge of town."

Mara nodded and stood up.

"Good day, Chief. I will stop by again before we go."

The cheif stood up, suprised.

"But you haven't asked thier names yet!" he exclaimed as she turned the door knob.

Mara glanced over her shoulder, mildly annoyed.

"I already know the names, Cheif. Good day." she replied, striding out of the room.[/color][/size]
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ooc: This was the village I was in, and no I don't mind travelling with you. ;) I was planning on meeting up with someone soon anyway.
Elsyan-I am Elsyan Eglaannun the High Elf, and this is my companion, Runeth. What are your names?

Auron-I'm Auron.

Kain-And I'm Kain Yagyu. What brings an Elf into a human village?

Elsyan-I seek the Aniar Stones.

???-The Aniar Stones?

[i]They turn around to see a young lady with curly raven hair behind them.[/i]

???-I was told that those who will seek the Stones would be here. I'm Mara Heartlock.
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[color=teal] [size=1]OOC: can I come along with someone? ^_^'

Relee crouched down, lighting the last candle. She sat in the center of a circle of 9 red candles, wearing a golden dress, slowly gliding her right hand over the golden map, which had a couple of jewels along some of the paths. She closed her blue eyes, and lifted her head slightly, as if she were in some sort of trance. She tried to focus on another vision, for she had a nightmare about the aniar stones the night before. She still had her hand gliding across the map. She suddenly opened her eyes, got up and slightly ran outside, across some trees, through some bushes, and looked through a small gap between the leaves. Relee waited expectantly, as the ground started to shake at the footsteps of the king's horses. Taking one more good look at the king, she ran back to her small home, blew the candles out, stacked them as fast as she could, and threw the map inside a cabnet. She quickly bowed as the king's men checked the outside of the house, then they walked back, then got on their horses, and rode away. Relee sighed a heavy sigh of relief, and flopped down in a corner of the room.[/color] [/size]
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[i]As Mara walks out, she allmost walks into a beastman.[/I]

Beastman: Im sorry.

Mara: Doesn't matter.

Beastman: My name is Tyron and yours?

Mara: Tyron? *the name goes throu her mind* eh... Mara.

Tyron: are you a time wizard?

Mara: Yes why?

Tyron: I was looking for a time wizard. Is it true that the magic of the wizards is going badly?

Mara: WHat do you mean with that?

Tyron: That some spells don't work anymore.
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Auron started to walk off. "Where are you going?", Kain asked. "We've not time for idle talk", Auron replied, still walking. The rest started to walk with him, Tyron following for some reason. "The king is coming", said Mara. "I can feel it". "Yes, we know. Auron already fended off the first of his men", Kain replied looking around the dust-filled town.

"They are here", Runeth said, staring out from above Elsyan's shoulder. The group of people stood firm, staring out for the king's men. Auron spotted the first, and walked a few meters forward, to assure them that they were waiting. The leader of the guards unsheathed his sword, while riding on his horse. "We have come to burn the town, by the order of King Malius!", the guard shouted, raising his untouched sword. Auron pulled out his bow, firing a rapid shot straight at the guardsman. It shot right under his arm, intentionally, as a warning. This infuriated the guard, and he charged at Auron.

Auron raised his sword, Kain partially unsheathing his, meters behind. The guard came to Auron, slashing at him, Auron would have killed the horse, knocking the guard victim, but he figured that they could use it later on. He attacked the guards' side, knocking him down, and unconscious. The second one came, and slashed at Auron's arm, phasing him, but he and Kain struck the second one, parylizing him. "We shall use the horses for our journey", Auron said, signaling the others to be weary of the other guardsmen, charging towards them.
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Kain pulls out a shuriken and throws at one of the guards.The shuriken stabs the guard in the throat killing him.

Kain: These men are weak.The king is a fool to have such men.

Auron: Just fight them off.
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Not long after I had the confrontation at the pub I went to the herb shop. I sold the two herbs that the man had given me as pay. It turned out to be nearly as much as he promised me without even selling the liquor. I walked out of the shop with the gold jangling in my pocket. I looked around and saw the coach of the King stopping in front of a house. Someone bowed, in mock-respect, and hurried back into the house. My curiosity was perked. I felt some kind of magic from the individual. I walked toward the house, averting my eyes from the King. I felt his piercing gaze travel over me breifly, and snap forward again. I was pushed aside by one of the gaurds and had to restrain the urge to light him on fire.
Inside the house small candles were coming alight. It felt odd... Like... My mind opened completely.
[b]Ryan-[/b] "The Aniar Stones..." I walked up to the house and knocked on the door three times fast.
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[color=red][size=1]Mara shook her head, and focused her eyes on a small group of men who were trying to get past their guard. She tsked as she closed her eyes and started to mumble quietly to herself.

The men suddednly stopped, looking around themselves in panic. The started to shout, but she knew that they could not hear themeselves.

"Fools. I wish them to their childhood until this next dawn." she said, the group of men disappering before her very eyes.

She dusted her hands off, and opened her eyes, seeing the others struggling. Mara smiled and focused her eyes on particular man, cutting his hearing. The man stood in panic, giving Auron to slice through him.

Auron glanced at her and nodded gratefully. She smiled back and focused on another man. She whispered something and the air around the man crackled with a green spark, and he fell to the ground.

"Nothing like a good fast-forward thread." she muttered, pulling out her ellpsien, a weighted chain of silver with two sharp disks of jade.

She snuck up behind another guard, throwing her chain skillfully around his neck and pulling, snapping his neck, along with his life, in an instant. He fell to the ground with a [i]thud[/i]
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OOC: I was actually waiting to see what Kool_Aid would do, but here I go :p
Auron raised his bow, yet again, piercing more, and signaling for the others to take the horses. The other guards ran, in fear for their lives. "They will be back, and with more force. We shall leave", Auron said, taking a horse.
I know, short, but I just woke up :p
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[color=red][size=1] At 2:40 in the afternoon? Sheesh, I thought my 12:00 in the afternoon was bad...
Mara nodded, walking into the man she had run into earlier.
"Tyron?" she asked curiously.
He nodded.
"You ran off before I had a time to talk to you," he stated, "I would appreciate it if you would answer my questions."
Mara shooke her head, starting to follow Auron and the others.
"I can't," she replied, "I have to leave."
"For the Aniar Stones?" he asked knwingly.
Mara spun around.
"How'd you know that?" she asked angrily.
Tyron shrugged.
"I just did. I was hoping to come along with a friend of mine." he stated, his hands flying into gestures.
Mara nodded.
"We'll need as mich help as we can get. Who is your friend?"
Tyron smiled in delight.
"Her name is Relee. She'll find her way to us. Let's be off."
"Let's." Mara replied approvingly.[/color][/size]
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