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Dragon Warrior

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The Dragonial has been around for centuries and centuries and once the Dragonial breaks, a new one will come. One day, it finally shattered, but a new one never was born and the lands and the seas started to rot and evaporate into nothingness. Now, the Destined Dragona's must fight for victory against such a power.

If you'd like to join this adventure, put these stats into your signature:

Element (as in he has the power of thunder or ice [only 1]):
Dragon's name (You own a dragon!):
Eye color:

You can also draw a picture and post it next to your char.'s stats. Let's find some warriors. I need about 5 others.
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Name: Ketrah
Element (as in he has the power of thunder or ice [only 1]):
Dragon's name (You own a dragon!):
Eye color:

You can also draw a picture and post it next to your char.'s stats. Let's find some warriors. I need about 5 others. [/B][/QUOTE]
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Name: Ketrah

Element: Psychic

Dragon's name: Massora

Weapon: Sling blade

Age: 15

Personality: She's very calm and reserved, but when she's around her dragon, she talks more.

Hair: Silvery Blonde

Eye color: Silver

Clothes: Blue long sleeved shirt and pants. Sometimes she wears a purple dress, but only for special ocasions.
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Name: Silva Periphire
Element: Water
Dragon's Name: Shiva, a Draaqua Dragon (I'll show you what I mean in my pic.)
Weapon: A spear and Longbow
Age: 19
Personality: Quiet, reserved, cares for others very much, but likes to be alone with her dragon when people begin to ask about her or her past.
Hair Color: Reddish Brown, with gold tints
Eye Color: Blue
Clothes: White tunic, dull silvery gold rope tied about it; traveling boots; soft blue hooded cape; a water droplet pendant hangs about her neck.

Lemme draw a pic and post it later, k?
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Let me think, this must be my third or fourth dragon RPG. Anyway, I like dragons, so of course I'm going to sign up here.

Name: Warlock (No surprise there).

Element: Pyschic

Dragon's Name: Predator

Weapon: Strong metal sword with a golden handle.

Age: 16

Personality: A very calm person, even in the heat of danger. Acts even better when in the company of his dragon.

Hair: Black

Eye colour: Blue

Clothes: Black trousers, a blue T-shirt and a jet black cape.

I believe that is all. And, do I have to put my stats into my signature, I'd prefer not too...
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Okay, I'll join in:)

Name: Maligin

Element: Electricity

Dragon's Name: Aegis

Weapon: Corruption's Bane(A large sword that distorts reality using a massive electric charge).

Age: 17

Personality: Dark and mysterious, the only person he talks to openly is his dragon. Though he is kind hearted towards others, he is equipped with the BlackArts to those who are hostile.

Hair: Black with golden streaks

Eye Color: BloodRed

Clothes: A large black trench coat, dark brown boots, dark brown pants, and a steel plate.
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Name: Amber
Element: Fire
Dragon's name: Kazul
Weapon: Bow and Arrow
Age: 16
Personality: erm....loves to be around her dragon, nice and kind but when in a fight/battle can be fierce, and at times can be very hyper^^
Hair: blonde
Eye color: forest green
Clothes: erm....i'll get back to ya on that one.....
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Name: Hiro. (aka. Flash.. :D)
Element: Darkness.
Dragon's name: Dark Bahamut.
Weapon: Dark Ultima Weapon.
Age: 18.
Personality: EVIL EVIL EVIL EVIL!! There, summed that up nicely. Arrogant, cocky, actually nice guy at heart, etc...

Eye color } I'll post a Pic later.
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6 Dragonas. We now begin...

Ryu practices fencing on a darkwood trunk of a broken tree in the shady shadows of the canopy up above.
Ryu: Blast it. It's so boring here. There's absolutly nothing to do.

Ryu suddenly hears a cry. "The Dragonial has broken but a new one hasn't been born!" Ryu jumps up.
Ryu: Finally!

Ryu runs towards the village where he bumps into a person named Silva.
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Silva and Ryu both collapse. Silva is instantly on her feet, helping Ryu up.
"Are you all right?"
"Yeah. Thanks, I guess," Ryu says. "I'm Ryu. Who're you?"
"I'm Silva."
"Nice to meet yo--"
"Gotta go!" Silva calls over her shoulder as she runs off.
[i]What an odd person,[/i] Ryu thinks.
Behind the cover of a large, abandoned building, Silva glances about her, to make sure no one is following her. She then begins to call softly.
A movement catchs her eye, and Silva's breath is taken away, as it always is, as she gazes on Shiva, a Draaqua Dragon. Shiva stretches her legs luxuriously, her orca markings clearly in evidence. Slapping her tail against the ground, she scratches an itch between two of her sharp dorsal fins.
"What is it, small one?"
"The Dragonial..."
"How do you know about the Dragonial?"
Both jump at the sudden, unexpected intrusion. Ryu is peering around a corner.
"Nice dragon. How's it fly?"
"Wings are not needed to be carried aloft," Shiva comments in her deep voice. She snorts rather impatiently.
"OK, fair enough. But how do you--" He glances at Silva, "--know about the Dragonial?"
"What does it matter?" Silva says, beginning to look nervous.
"I just want to know."
"Silva?" the Draaqua asks. Silva nods at her. In a swift movement, Shiva sweeps Silva on her back and takes to the air, looking for all the world like she is swimming through it.
"That's how she flies," Silva calls back before the pair disappear into the clouds.
Ryu just shakes his head, and continues to walk through town.
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Can i still join? Oh well, Im joining anyway.

Name: Cecil
Element: Fire.
Dragons Name:Afelra.
Hair: Dark brown.
Eye color: Brown.
Clothes: Red shirt covered by light rusted aromor, with red pants.
Personality: Quit boy with a kind heart, yet can be a bitter around new people and people he dosnt like.
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(You may all join but u r the last people to do so. There's too many! And nice sketch Ginnylyn!)

*Ryu walks along a passage and hears a sudden noise.*
Ryu: What in the?
*Ryu walks over to a small alley in the center of town. Eyes glow behind a couple of boxes thrown out by the local Friar.*
Ryu: Oh my! What is that??? It's coming near!
*Ryu backs up and trips over some trash cans. The creature pounces him*

Ryu: Ahhh!!!

Creature: Aroo?

Ryu: Aroo? Do you even speak english?

Creature: Enblish?

Ryu: Hey! You look like a dragon? Maybe your some what like that girl's dragon. Hmm.... C'mon!

*Ryu grabbed the dragon-like monster and pulled him out of the alley and into the streets. The lizard imediately tugged back at Ryu and he collapsed on the ground.*

Ryu: What's your prob?

dragon: Your kind not loike oi!

Ryu: Oh really...

*Later that day, Ryu walks out of his home with the lizard cloaked in a green robe.*

Ryu: Just do what I do...

*Ryu walked along the streets as the dragon-like monster walked oddly behind him. Just out of no where, the local Friar bumps into Ryu and the dragon, making the tunic fly off the creature!*

Friar: Oh I'm sorry bo- a... AH.. AHHHHHHHHHHH! Monster!

*Just as the words came from the friar's mouth, the towns people turned and screamed.*

Ryu: Uh oh! C'mon dragon. Let's make a break for it!

*Just as they start running, Ryu and the dragon are pulled into a nearby alley.*

Ryu: Oh ow. My head... huh? Hey! Your that dragon girl!

*Silva stood in the darkness with her dragon by her side.*

Dragon: Ghoul?

Ryu: No no. "Girl."

Dragon: Oh! Grill! Yummy!

Ryu: Ugh! Forget it!

*Silva sat next to her dragon :laugh: .*

Ryu: I don't find it that funny! He doesn't even speak english and is following me everywhere! WHAT IS HE?

*Silva looks at the lizard and says plainly, "A dragon, silly. Anyone can see that."*

Ryu: A dragon! Wow! I have one now. Just like you! Let's see you fly dragon! C'mon!

*Ryu grabs the dragon's claw and climbs onto it.*

Ryu: Let's go!

Dragon: Can't.... hold... human-creature!!!!

*The dragon collapses sending Ryu flying into the head of Silva's dragon. Silva's dragon glared at Ryu*

Ryu: Hehe! :blush: whoops! My bad! Umm...

*Ryu runs to the end of the alley.*

Silva: For 1 thing, you should name the dragon instead of calling him by his breed. And another thing, he's too young to fly.

Ryu: Yeah... I could have guessed that since he's smaller than me.

Dragon: Me name is Ragear!

Ryu: Oh! What luck! I don't need to name it. Ragear is it? Ragear, were going to get along just fine.

*Ryu grasped Ragear's claw for a hand-to-claw shake but Ragear breathes fire at him instead.*
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Can i Join?

Dragon:Klampta(likes keep his dragon out with him for company, he treats his dragon as if it were a person.
Weapon:Poison Ice Sword
Personality:Really Out Going, Shy Around Girls that like him, and funny. gets horribly embarresed when he makes a bad joke.
Hair: Long Blue Hair
Eyes:Blue eyes.
Clothes: Baggy Pants, a green shirt with a blue trench over top of it. he has a necklass with a crystal on it that his father gave him just before he went out to war and died.
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thanx alot man, shall we start.

i have a suggestion, why dont we all take turns posting? like in order like this:

Dragon Warrior(u post 1st)
ssj chic
Krillin 6913(me)

Hows that sound?

If a member fails to post for a good while, then i think we should skip the person and if we have to skip the person a number of times he should be kicked out. im not trying to control this thread like i own it, i just want it to be fun and not have only 3 people post and others watch us type. so how about it?
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that tis a good idea u have there, my friend. But I shall have no choice in this. It's the public's decision i think. :D 1st of all, here's my opinion: That's good and all but if someone is included in the story (like how I bumped into GinnyLyn) then that person cannot continue what happens to them. They should just make up what they want, when they want. Continue the story if you want is all I'm saying but like i said, it's the public's decision so I'm adding this poll.

Please vote if you go along with krillen's idea of taking turns. say "yes" if you agree and "no" if you do not. Thanks for the idea krillen :)
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ok im glad you like my idea,

and your right too, if some one does somthing to anothere character. example, krillin pushes dragon warrior into a wall, you can quote back even if it isnt your turn, but once you have solved the problem, as in stoped the fight, then u will stop there and some one else will continue, is that confusing or am i ok?

oh yeah and one more thing dragon warrior, i know your not alowd to have 2 elements in all but, can i keep my ice/poison feature,please......
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Krillen's got a good idea, but there's no reason we can't have several different threads of this soon to be complicated story going at once. :) I, for one, would go crazy waiting for others to post, and I'd post anyway. That's just me--I can't control when I get inspiration. *shrugs*
Shiva laughed gently. "That's what you get for trying to make young Ragear fly." She nuzzled the small dragon, and he blew a tiny fireball in appreciation.
"I'm going to care for him, and feed him, and train him, and make him the BEST dragon ever!!!" Ryu shouted. Silva slapped her hand over his mouth.
"Shoosh! Do you want to draw attention to us again?"
Ryu pushed her hand away. "I said sorry."
"So now I have a dragon like you. Neat. So," Ryu continued, looking at Silva, "how did you come by Shiva?"
"Duck!" The girl pulled Ryu down among the boxes. Two soldiers peer into the alley, shrug, and stagger off, mumbling.
Shiva grins toothily. Ragear ventures to open one eye, then the other.
"That's it, open your eyes, they're gone."
"Why did we hide, but not them?" Ryu asked. "They're kind of hard to miss."
"Shiva can disappear just by closing her eyes. She made Ragear vanish too, I guess."
"How did you learn all this about Shiva?"
"We've spent a lot of time together," Silva replied, in a tone that said she was unwilling to speak further on the matter.
"So where [i]did[/i] you and Shiva meet?"
Silva threw him a pitying glance, as if she wanted to tell him, wanted him to know what she knew, so he could take good care of Ragear. As much as she wanted to help him, she was just unwilling to. The past was there, deep in the knowledge she held.
Silva just stared at the alley wall across from her. Ragear trying to reach Shiva's head far above his own.
Shiva smiled a motherly smile. "Take good care of Ryu, Ragear."
"Oo nare Roo."
Silva gazed knowingly at Ragear. "Yes, take care of Ryu."
"Hey!" Ryu griped, "what about me?!? What about, 'Hey Ryu, take care of Ragear'?"
The two females grinned at him.
"He'll learn," Silva said.
Ragear hiccupped and spat a fireball at Ryu again.
"Yes," Shiva agreed.
They could hear the sound of the soldiers returning. A tremendous whoosh! of air, and Ryu felt a sudden emptiness behind him. He turned to find Silva and Shiva gone.
"In here!"
Ryu froze. In a moment, they'd see him. They'd come closer. Then they'd see Ragear. What was he to do?
[i]Thanks for leaving me on my own,[/i] he thought bitterly of Silva and Shiva.
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Yeah. I'd go MAD too if i couldn't post when i wanted. Anyways, just to give everyone an idea of what Ragear is like, he is like Gyomon on the new season of Digimon. ;) I'm working on a sketch of him too.

*Ryu backed up into the alley, having no idea what so ever to do.*

Ryu: Just great. Ragear, what do we do?

Ragear: Me don't knoo.

Soldier 1: Okay. If the dragon comes quietly, there will be no trouble.

Ryu: I have an idea Ragear.

*Ryu knocks over the soldiers and runs for it calling over his shoulder "C'mon Ragear!" Ragear ran after him*

Soldier 2: Hey! Stop!

Ragear: Some plany!

Ryu: I know. But we got away, didn't we.

*Suddenly, a bunch of soldiers surrounded the scene. Ryu looked around, everywhere was a soldier!*

Ryu: Oh I wish a skilled dragon tamer was here like Silva and Shiva. Huh?

*Ryu turns to see Ragear is gone!*

Soldier 1: Let's go. The boy doesn't have the dragon.

*The soldiers left Ryu standing alone.*

Ryu: Maybe Ragear isn't my dragon.... maybe he just seemed to be. Oh! I'm so confused! If he was my dragon, I'm a failure for a dragon tamer!!!

*Ryu searched for hours but no sign of Ragear anywhere.*

Ryu: aww... darn. Just when I thought I was destined to own a dragon.

*Ryu fiddled with his headband as he watched the clouds form a shape of Ragear over the allies.*

Ryu: The allies! Of coarse! Stupid me!

*Ryu ran for the allies and found Ragear in boxes.*

Ryu: Ragear!

Ragear: Rooie!!!

Ryu: Ah... It's Ryu. But that doesn't matter cause your here! Let's get you to a safe place. My home should work.

*Ryu walked along the streets til his house was in sight. People surrounded it.*

Ryu: Uh oh. Ragear. You stay here. I'll see what's up.

*Ryu runs to a tall fat man.*

Ryu: Hey! What happened to my house?!

Fat man: Shoguns happened. The warrior group called the Shogun Gunery have been designing weapons called "guns". They are supposed to be the new line of weapondry! It's sending all weapon smiths in this town totally out of business.

Ryu: But that doesn't explain why my house is totally destroyed!

Fat man: They must of attacked it. Find another place to stay kid.

*Ryu walks along the streets once more with Ragear at his side.*

Ryu: Where will we stay now?

Ragear: Where 'ill Rooie and me sway?

Ryu: I don't know. Maybe someone could let us stay at their home. but where?

*Ryu looks up at a house.*

Ryu: There's something that feels familar about that place?

*Ryu suddenly sees glowing eyes behind the 3-story house.*

Ryu: Shiva!
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