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What pets do you have?


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Just wondering really, I just bought me a pet myself online, though it's not the usual cat and dog everyone gets, heh heh.

I bought a preying mantis which should arrive on sunday/monday.

Pics can be found below of adult Hierodula Membranacea mantis, which is the type that I bought



I bought a nymph though so it will be very young, and I'm gonna raise it so well it's going to become a lethal hunter, rather than some which wait in the trees for their prey and just blend it.

What pet(s) do you have?
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I have an adjitated cat named "Dizzy". He has got to be the most evil cat ever. When were trying to give him his shots, Dizzy bit threw one of the nurses finger threw the nail. Andd he was declawed, but we still love him.
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[size=1]A very old cat named Chico who's got skin cancer on his ear. Right now, we're just making sure he enjoys the rest of his days.

I also have a chocolate lab named Abby, who just turned three. she often get's possed when chasing tennis balls, and other dogs (especially poodles) try to hit on her.[/size]
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I have one cat. His name is Skipper and he is HUGE. He's only 3, too. My other pet is my.... brother. He does tricks like a dog, and he eats dog biscuits. He also plays with dog toys. You could call him my bro, but I prefer to call him Snuffles.

~A girl who's pet is related to her~
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Let's see... I have a cat named Baby, her two kittens, Starbucks and Little Nova, another kitten that we think is one of our cats but were not sure, Lynx, the cat who we think is the father to Lynx but ran away a while back, Tiger, and a stray cat who isn't mine but I named anyways, Yin-Yang.

I used to have a dog, Mikey, tons of goldfish, and six other cats (Monchkin, Doormat, Halloween, Midnight, Ginger, and Stripe-o-rama.).
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[size=1]My parents had a cat named Benji but he died when I was born.. :( Then my brother got a cat named Dusty who died 5 years a go! :bawl: But when Dusty died. I got a cat named Misty! :D Shes awsome! I also once had a goldfish named Chippy. But my brother overfed it and it died the third day. :( So, I got a new one and I named him Chippy Jr. He lived for 2 years. But anyways Misty's all I got now. But! I'm getting 2 Ferrets: (2 boys) Salt and Pepper! :D

-=§=- :wave:[/size]
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Guest Taylor Hewitt
I first had a gold fish that lived a while years maybe i forgot lol his name was Maxi. And also I had a teddy bear hampster that lived 2 or 3 years. His name was Joey ^^. I miss him so much he passed away some months ago.
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Heh.. I think I'll go into deep description of my CURRENT pets..

-Callie the cat. (Calico) She is really our first non-fish, non-hamster pet (that we've kept for more than a month), and she used to be really small and light and would hang over the top of one of our chairs and would spin in little circles on it.. It was quite cute.

-Pappy the dog. (Pappilion) This dog is muy cute.. Back a couple hundred years ago (I doubt many people here know what a Pappilion is) the Spanish bred Spitz with Chiuaua, thus creating the Pappilion. They have HUGE ears and they're quite small... He used to cower in the corner and shake when Callie came over and terrorized him (For example, smacking him on the snout with her declawed paw).. But then he got bigger, and now he'll pin the cat down and stand on her until someone pulls them away from each other due to the incredibly annoying growly sound the cat makes... -_- My brother thinks Pappy is his birthday present, but it was just coincidence that the petstore had a Pappilion the week before his birthday.

Nibbles the Hamster- I hate this useless fuzzy biting rodent.. (I say that just to annoy my brother) It's actually quite cute.. Though I prefer staying as far away from it as possible. -_-

Das about it..
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[color=crimson] i have 10 cats

'Duki' aka 'Philip'
'Fluffy' aka 'Big Mama'
'Demona' aka 'Mona'
'Kit-Ann' aka 'Miss Ann' <-- my sisters cat :rolleyes:
and a new kittien which has no name yet... :D

i have 3 dogs

'Black Face'
'Cindy' aka 'Cinderella' <--- little kids

and several fish
one named 'Big Guppy'
for it's size obviously...[/color]
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i had two cats but one ran away =*( but i still have the sneaking suspicion that my parents gave it away while i was on vacation but ANYway... my other cat is named xinxin ("star" in mandarin) and i have three lizards named after the 4 brothers in "The Godfather": Tommy, Sunny, Michael (and we used to have one named Fredo but he died!) I'm also planning on getting a couple of netherland dwarf rabbits (one boy, one girl that i'll probably name after some anime characters like Kaneda and Kei) soon :excited:
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I currently have a dog and a guinea pig. The dog is a Dachschund(sp?) and is aptly named Maverick. All he ever does is eat, sleep, and occasionally run around. His regiistered "full" name is Miracle Maverick, because he had an allergic reaction when he was neutered, and actually died for a few seconds. Luckily the doctor was able to bring him back. The guinea pig is my sisters, who named him Coco Puff. He just sleeps all day, since my sister pretty much ignores him and doesn't take him out of his cage.

As to past pets, I had a guinea pig also, named Puddles. He died about a year ago. I named him Puddles because when I got him, the first thing he did was pee on me. I know, I was young and immature back then. Ah, those were the days... We also had a bulldog named Clementine, but we always called her Clemie. There have been several goldfish in the past, all my sister. That, and one bird.
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Hmm...lets see....

Fat Cat: my mom's 20 pound cat. O.o'
Oreo: My brother Daniel's cat who has an oreo smile :)
Angel, WildCat, Fluffy *dies at name*, Whiskars, T.C., Socks (yes she looks like the whitehouse cat), and numerous kittens...(we live on a farm, so it's okay to have that many.) Those are all the kitties...
Then I have...
several Fish
A cockateil named Popeye, who whistles popeye the sailor man tune. (mom taught him that)
2 parakeets, Zeak and Monica.
A beagal dog, Daisy
A Gerbil, Blacky
A pony, Trigger
and A Quarter Horse, Doll.

I think that's all...as of 12:17am EST. LOL
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My oldest animals are two Boxer turtles named Donatello and Leonardo. It's quite ironic considering they're both female. But, I was young when I found them and I was swept up in the [i]Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle[/i] hysteria.

My cat (you had to know I have one) is a Calico. Her name is Kitty because I couldn't think of anything better. She's not the most adorable cat (she can be quite moody). One moment, she may be my best friend, and the next she will attack me for no discernible reason. She's been that way since she was a kitten, but at least she's calming down now at the age of six. Unfortunately, she still won't let anyone hold her.

Her arch nemesis is my three year old pit/lab mix, Missy. She's the most adorable animal anyone can own, really. I don't think there's a vicious bone in her body.

Lately, she's become fond of doggie lollipops. So, she's always on her best behavior because if she acts up she won't get her treat.

My next goal is to buy a parrot. They live to be about one-hundred years old. ^_^
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[color=002E55]I have an almost 2 year old kitty named Keiko, she's a Tortoise Shell and White and is the most timid thing, ever. She hates all men except me, tries to groom me (she follows me endlessly, licking me even if I walk off or shoo her away) and attacks my legs when she's being playful.

I used to have a rabbit, but I had to give him away because he was getting far too big for my little flat. As far as I know his father was one of the biggest rabbits in Britain (or [i]the[/i] biggest, when I saw the damn thing it took 2 of us to lift it into the hutch, which was enormous).[/color]
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