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The Evil Creatures known as "Siblings"

Hittokiri Zero

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Okay the main purpose of this thread is just really about how well you get along with your siblings x__X.. But now I go off on my rant...

Just yesteday I was browing my PC and planning on watching some Peace Maker Kurogane (anime). So i go to my anime folder and it's like "BAM" my entire f00king folder is empty -_-. Now i'm a pacient guy so I didn't flip out. I figure maybe i'm seeing things, I shut down and I restart but nope notta nooooo anime... So anyway the day goes on I redownload the latest episodes of PeaceMaker but don't really feel like watching them. So I shut down my PC and walk away, go outside for a bit the whole shnaz. Anyway so I come back inside walk into the "Computer Room" and it's like "BAMx2" -_- there my older brother is deleting my anime off of my PC... All I can say is "WTF"... So basically do any of you have younger or older siblings who annoy the crap out of you and do crazy mean **** like this :bawl:.

It's honestly pissing me off my parents have warned my brother to not go on PC and all... But err that's for another time ^_^'.

So anyway back on topic now... Me and my older brother always used to fight he being the 'computer geek' and me being the 'athlete'. I guess there's not too much we have in common and he's always doing sh^t like this too me, so I don't expect this to be getting better anytime soon. As for me and my younger brother for the most part we get along well, i'm not the type of person who really picks on him and I usually just let him be. Although at times he can be insanely annoying and has a bad habit of disagreeing with everything I say -_-... Also me being the middle child I always somehow end up getting got in the crossfire or on the opposite end of my two brothers arguments x___X suckz0rx... But anyway what about the rest of you how well do you get along with your siblings and have your siblings ever done anything extremely embarrassing or cruel to you?

(On a side note my older brother is 18, and my younger brother is 13... Yeah so guess my age XD)
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[color=#707875]Well, I have three younger siblings. So, I've seen everything. lol

I think that basically, there's always some kind of conflict between siblings. That's pretty inevitable. But when you grow older together and you mature...hopefully you also become good friends.

For example, my sister is 15. She's the oldest of the other three. When we were both younger, we used to argue about everything. Five years difference can be quite a lot at certain ages.

And now...we are the best of friends. We really adore each other.

My brother (13), is a double-edged sword. On one hand, he's growing up...and he and I have more in common and more to talk about.

On the other hand, he's also at an age where he's challenging everyone's authority. He tries to dominate everyone and he speaks a lot more disrespectfully to my parents if he gets in trouble, or doesn't get his own way.

In the same way, he challenges me a lot more than he used to. So that can be a source of aggrivation...and since I tend not to lose my temper easily at all, he can usually get away with saying a lot of things to me, without much of a response. lol

But I know that this is part of growing up. He will grow and mature and gain control of his emotions.

My other sister, who is 10, is just starting to mature and become more teenager-minded. So there are problems related to that...but on the whole, she's always been pretty easy to get along with.

So yeah...what you mention is nothing unsual. Annoying, yeah. But unfortunately, I think any of us who have siblings must go through that kind of thing. It happens in one way or another.

My only good news for you is that it [i]will[/i] end. One day, you'll be looking back on these things and you'll realize how much things have changed.[/color]
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Honestly, despite how annoying they (and me lol) can be at times, I've never really hated my siblings. Ever.

My sister, thankfully, is transitioning out of the "angry teenager" phase. She was one angry girl lol. But now, she is very pleasant and good to talk to, which is nice. Angry teens aren't fun to talk to. Nope.

My brother, however, is going into the "angry teen" phase. It's not so bad, but he starts a lot of fights and yells a lot, heh. Very annoying, but I've learned to just let it go. Fighting back isn't going to help me that much lol.

Of course, I shouldn't complain, because I was the same way when I was younger :p
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I'm the oldest of four, and I hate it. My brother (13) thinks he's better than me at everything. My other littler brother (11) isn't so bad, but he can be a lil hellraiser at times. And my sister is just a lil chatterbox always asking questions, and it gets pretty annoying.

I think part of the reason I hate it so much is that since I'm the oldest my parents blame me for the things they do. Even when they know I'm not to blame! They say I'm the oldest and I'm responsible for keeping them out of trouble. And my parents wonder why I stay locked up in my room all the time.

But it's all good!!:toothy:
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[SIZE=1][B]My brother is older than me, and I knock his teeth out. Have three brothers, one who's 23 and the other 27, and one who's 14 at home. We hate each others guts, and I'm the one always making the move, mostly punching him in the mouth. He always tries to get on my laptop, he's a black face lier, he breaks everything of mine and I break him. I'm smarter than him, faster, stronger, better, and taller. You'd think I was his older sister, turns out I'm not.

I swear! I can beat the stupid kid into the ground. He goes to a different school, thank god! We fight all the time, but I'm always the one who wins because I'm wya stronger. He's a right tight a**hole, he grabs the kitten and throws it too me! He's so evil! We hate each other, I hate him, he hates me.[/SIZE][/B]
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[COLOR=333333]I don't think I was really meant to be an older sister.

I have three younger siblings.

My sister is 15, and we usually get along. We're alike in so many ways--so we're either on great terms, or completely at odds with each other. We like many of the same things, although she's more of a tomboy. (Funny how that's switched since we were little. The [i]was[/i] a period where she'd wear nothing but pink and/or dresses. Long past, heh.)

Our likes and dislikes are almost the same, which is interesting. We've always agreed on what's "cool," and have the same sense of humor. It's kind of scary. She's more of a goof than I am, though, so sometimes that leads to conflict. Especially when I'm trying to do something important, and she won't take me seriously.

One of my brothers is 13, although it's hard to keep that in mind. I actually have to think about what grade he is sometimes, because he really doesn't seem younger than my sister and I. He's mind-bogglingly smart (he's acing second-year high school math, as an eighth grader) and has the same sense of humor as my sister and I. (A little less so, but still roughly the same.) He loves math, science, and computer games...actually, if you want a pretty good idea of what he's like, think [url=http://www.wolfram.com/news/images/JasonCoat.jpg]Jason from [i]Foxtrot[/i][/url], only taller.

The only thing that drives me nuts about him (aside from his occasional rants about obscure scientific principles and the fact he understands my physics homework better than I do) is how incredibly good he is at getting out of work. Since he was born, I've done more of his chores than [i]he[/i] has. Sometimes he sidles out of them, sometimes he "forgets," sometimes he starts the job then slips away without anyone noticing (until it's done, of course), and sometimes he just flat-out refuses to do things. It's infuriating. Problem is, most of the time things just [i]have[/i] to get done, so I end up finishing them. ([i]Rational Voice:[/i] Okay, Sara, what is this teaching him?) He has been better of late though.

My younger brother is six years old, and like my other siblings, I get along with him for the most part. He really loves [i]YuGiOH[/i], and he and my other brother spend most of their non-computer free time dueling each other.
He's really funny--his whole life is like a performance. He makes up songs and sings about whatever he's doing at the moment. ([i]Cal is walking, walking, waaaaaaalking down the hall, down the hall, walking walking down the haaaaaaaall...[/i])

He's also an incredibly smart little guy. I feel sorry for his teachers, because he spends all his time around my sister and brother and I. Whenever he doesn't understand something we're talking about, he asks...do you know how much odd stuff that kid has learned? I found myself explaining the concept of [i]irony[/i] to him a few months ago.

So, yeah. He's obnoxious sometimes, but he's six years old. He's entitled.

We all get along for the most part. In general, the only problems I have with my brothers and sister is when they're being jerks to each other. As the oldest, I'm "supposed" to prevent conflict. It's tricky when they don't listen to me. Three of us are close enough in age that they don't pay attention (or take me seriously) when I try to keep things under control. That's frustrating, especially when my sister is beating up on my brothers. (It's even more frustrating when my parents ask why I didn't stop something...) Oh, well.[/COLOR]
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[quote]My only good news for you is that it will end. One day, you'll be looking back on these things and you'll realize how much things have changed.[/quote]

LOL i hope X__x. Actually it has kind of happened in the sense that my older brother just started going to college this year and in some respect we are closer I guess it's really the first step in this "brotherly transition" XD.

[quote]The only thing that drives me nuts about him... is how incredibly good he is at getting out of work. [/qupte]

Sounds like me ^_^'. It's odd and I hate to admit it but out of me and my two brothers my younger brother probably does the most work =\. I usually tend to get out of work not because I can't do it or because it's that hard but i'm just what you'd call the master of lazyness :P. My older brother also has a habit of getting out of work as well you usually have to yell at him or keep nagging at him then he'll do it though either that or take away his PC ^___^''.

I guess another problem I have with my {older} brother is that he kind'of has to comment or bud into everything I do even if he has no idea what he's talking about he also has a habit of making stuff up and making me seem like a complete idiot when he's talking to his (or my ) friends (which I guess if you think about it is pretty normal now a days... >_>').
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[size=1] Why was your brother deleting all your files on your own PC? O_o That would flip me out...

Bleh. Anyways...I have one older sister who's 17 [I'm 13], but we get along extremely well. Sometimes we can get angry at each other, but it's usually forgotten in about, oh, five minutes. :toothy: We [i]used[/i] to really dislike each other and got into fights constantly, but either she grew patient or I grew mature. *shrugs* It all turned out well in the end.

PS: Older sibling can usually get our of work especially if there in high school since there's so much studying to do and whatnot.[/size]
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by maladjusted [/i]
[B][size=1]PS: Older sibling can usually get our of work especially if there in high school since there's so much studying to do and whatnot.[/size] [/B][/QUOTE] [COLOR=333333]pfeh, I [i]wish[/i]. :p

Actually, I have surprisingly little homework. I know it took me a while to get into the swing of things my seventh grade year (only year I ever had problems with homework) but since then I've been doing it on my own time.

Admittedly, sometimes my job og the evening is to help with someone [i]else's[/i] homeowork... [i]I[/i] never had homework when I was in first grade. [/COLOR]
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I'm the youngest of five, but even though I grew up relatively lonely. My sibling closest in age to me was four years older and a boy. In general my brothers, one four years older and the other seven, beat me up a lot. I was like their punching bag so we didn't get a long too much when I was younger. As I grew up though, they took on the role of protectors and instead of beating me up, beat up any guy who approached me. They get away with a lot because they are boys, my parents give them more than they deserve, but not much I can do about that. Now that they're living in Nicaragua our relationship is sporadic. I'm about half a month from turning 18 and they still insist on treating me like a child. I know it's natural, but I don't like to baby talked to. There really isn't one I get along better with, usually it's more like I get along with one and I don't get along with the other.

As for my sisters, one is ten years older than me and the other is 13. That's a really huge age difference. When I was 10, they were 20 and 23 so it was hard to get close to them. As a very young child though, I got along extremely well with my oldest sister. I was more like her doll than her sister though and once I grew out of the stage of wanted to play dress up and the like, I got much closer to my other sister, Lucy. She's much more artistic and intellectual than the other. When my other sister had her children and the like she kinda forgot about me, so Lucy took it from there and taught me a lot of what I know. She's very good with children in that she doesn't treat you like a child, but an intellectual equal. I always liked that.

All in all, I'm sure any problems I have now with my siblings I will grow out of. Things always get better with time between us.
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[font=tahoma][color=#707875][size=1]Well I'm the eldest in my family and I've got one younger brother who is 15 and a younger sister who has just entered her teenage years, both have had memberships on Otakuboards but haven't stayed all that long.

Well I usually get on well with my little brother as we share a lot of common interests and dislikes. It's really quite odd as when he was younger he was my polar opposite. He was all into sports and hated Sci-Fi, but now he's really a lot like me.

He has never really challanged my authority as [i]Eldest Brother[/i] and never entered that Teen Rebellion Stage, but since I weigh 4 stone more and stand a full 7 inches taller than him it makes it hard for him to do so.

My little sis has just entered her Teen Years and it has shown very quickly. She on the otherhand has decided to try to challange my authority and we have frequent fights but at the core of it all I love my little sis to bits and would do anything for her in this world. The weird thing though is that as much my brother is like me, my sister is more like me than he could ever be in terms of personality and looks.

I really don't have anymore to say on the matter as that's really all I could say about them, love or hate them you just have to put up with your Siblings.[/font][/color][/size]
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I have an older brother and two older sisters... in fact, the third youngest in our family is 6 years older than me. It kind of makes me wonder why I'm here at all.

But I've never had any problems with them. Even though I'm 12 years younger than him, my brother and I really get along great I think. We have some similar interests and personalities, and even though I can never beat him at basketball, I've been trying since as long as I can remember. So even if he is older, it's never really been a problem as I see it.

I'm not as close to my sisters, mainly because we're nothing alike. But they've always been really nice to me, and we've never had any really serious problems. I know we've had a few times where we've been mad at each other, but it was always a very short-term thing.

Whenever people go off about how they 'hate' their siblings, I can never quite imagine such a feeling because mine have always been so great.
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[size=1][color=chocolate]My siblings and I...we constantly fight with one another.
Just today, my little sister and I were fighting for who gets to play Final Fantasy X2. I won, for the fact she needed to get cleaned up to go to her friend's house. Yay.

I also have an older sister and older brother. Since I don't see my older sister a lot, I don't socialize with her so we don't fight often. Rare occasions we actually get to see one another.
And my older brother...he is pretty cool. Though we get in fights, and I comment on how perverted he is, but of course, he's 22. 'Looking' at my little sister's new Bratz dolls.

So overall, my little sister and I have a bad habit of fighting, my older brother we fight at times, and my older sister doesn't count. Bad habits die hard, you know.[/size][/color]
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I have one older brother and one older sister. My brother is 22 years old. I usually get along with both of them. Though, from time to time, I do get into fights with my sister. I always get along with my brother, unless he is mad about me doing something like posting on OB. My brother gets really annoying at times because he turns off the computer when I am using it, or reads my IM windows. Also, he listes to country and he thinks I listen to 'angry music as he so calls it. I just listen to rock and techno.

My sister is 20 years old. I don't usually get along too well with my sister. She is so girly compared to me. We have nothing in common. For an example. I refuse to see a chick flick. She loves chick flicks. She doesn't like action/fantasy/sci-fi movies like I do. As you can tell we can never really agree on what movie to rent. Though, whenever I give her backrubs is the time we get a long best. heh...that is odd, but oh well. Another thing that amazes me though, when I was grounded from the computer, she let me on for a half an hour to talk to Charles a few times. She is the only one that knows that I call online people. Though she is starting to get paranoid about that.

One thing that I never get along with both my brother and sister is my liking of anime. They think that anime is really stupid. My brother thinks that bugs bunny is a billion times better than Inuyasha or Rurouni Kenshin. They think that I am really obsessed with it.
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[quote]...I've been trying since as long as I can remember. So even if he is older, it's never really been a problem as I see it.[/quote]

Rabble, it was kind of the opposite for me I used to pw0n my brothers at basketball, my younger brother actually puts up quite a good show now a days though (could have something to do with he plays Basketball competitvely and I don't or maybe it's just those like 10 extra pounds i've put on since soccer season ended -_-).

[quote] always get along with my brother, unless he is mad about me doing something like posting on OB. My brother gets really annoying at times because he turns off the computer when I am using it, or reads my IM windows.[/quote]

Used to happen to me all the time -_-. My brothers still read my IM windows which is really more annoying than anything else, but the thing that has bothered me the most is when my older brother purposley joins every forum I do just for the sole purpose of making fun of me and posting useless nonsense about me -_-. Now that ticks me off...

[quote]One thing that I never get along with both my brother and sister is my liking of anime. They think that anime is really stupid. My brother thinks that bugs bunny is a billion times better than Inuyasha or Rurouni Kenshin. They think that I am really obsessed with it.[/quote]

Rabble, kind of off topic but that's the way most of my friends are actually =\ it kind of sucks because I really don't have many people off of the net to talk to anime about. My brothers like anime although he just doesn't talk to me period and the few friends of mine who do like anime just don't quite see it the same way as I do x___X.
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[size=1] One brother, his name is Kellan. He was born in 1992, making him about 11 at this point. He's a neat little guy, and lately we have been bonding more for some reason. Not that we always haven't, but let me tell you, the kid is pretty wild sometimes.

Do you have a brother that [i]spray painted the garage doors of your house?[/i] I do. Do you have a brother that [i]started a fire in the kitchen one day?[/i] I do. Do you have a brother [i]who pooped on the sidewalk when you asked him once, when you were younger?[/i] I do.

I used to be pretty jealous of him, but not really anymore. He seems to be a lot less hyper lately, since we've taken him off his ADD medication (I was also diagnosed with ADD when I was younger, and once took pills for that as well). But he can get really, really hyper. I remember a while ago my friend Adam came over, and you know, when friends come over he just has to be the most hyper little thing. Adam ended up giving him a "swirly" in the toilet, among other things. Pretty crazy.

My brother is also prone to striptese at moments. When my friends have come over, he's often ripped off a stray jeans, even underwear. But he has seemed to grown out of this finally.

I remember that Adam's sister, Rachel, used to babysit us. My brother once held soiled underwear in her face, not to mention grabbed her breasts.

He's a sex-starved sexual little kid that doesn't know what sex is yet the energy just wanders in him in some weird, odd way that I cannot even explain.

But he's my brother. And I love him.[/size]
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Yea, I got two older siblings, a brother (18), and a sister (17). We get along okay, but, we do argue alot.

My brother is a complete a** when he doesn't take his medicine ~looks at full medicine bottle on counter~ Yea so he's an 18 year old a**bruiser with a god-complex and an evil corrupted brain. He's ok, very rarely, but most of the time we're arguing, or he's locked in his room or out smoking somewhere. In the off-chance that he does take his medicine, he's really nice, really, really nice, (give away free money nice). That's the only time we have fun, and that's the only part of my brother that i'll miss if something would happen to him.

My sister and I get along great. We don't talk much, but when we do, it's almost only good things. Only when "it's that time of month" is she upsetting. Other then that it's good.

As for myself, I guess i'm annoying at times, but, it is only when i want attention, and I rarely need attention. Most people say that I'm pretty mature for my age. My parents even say I'm more mature then my brother. ~Can't think of anything else.~ So there ya' go.
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i have 2 half brothers in their late 30's early 40's *doesn't know* and a little sister who is 9.

my older brothers i never see, the younger one (evil C) is married while the older one (Scott) is anime obsessed. i hate mister rule rules and more rule (evil C) we don't get along very well, being i'm 12 and a rule breaker with a bad temper. but me and scott get along well, he is always getting me anime dvds and how to draw manga books (he doesn't trust my art) we always sit in the basement when he comes over and watch the inu-yasha movies in japanese (he doesn't under stand a word but i do)

me and my sister hate each other beyond belief. she steal my stuff i steal her money and get more stuff she steals my money and i steal all my stuff back. then it repeats. we fight, and yell, and make holes in the walls with our feet, well at least i do. we don't talk we yell. thats all i can say about her.

(note all names used are nicknames)
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What are these creatures called "siblings"? I only know of them as demons that arise from the hellish-type thing called a "room"(still unsure as to what that is) only to torture and torment every living person on this planet.


My 16 year old brother, Colin, is a rather interesting little fellow. Quite the ladies man if I must say. How he does it, I do not know. He's one of those super skinny but surprisingly athletic guys that happens to be a charming guy. This, he seems to think, will make him graduate. The guy procrastinates until the thought of putting forth the energy to procrastinate is to much. I must admit, he ahs survived some crazy drama in his life thus far. Both of us have, but he has had some crazy people in his life.......anyways

Molly. The little bundle of attitude at 12 years of age will surely die one day. However, for the time she is to remain at 12-24, she will ultimately annoy me. The girl doesn't exactly realize that she has almost no say in what goes on in the house. it seems to me that the only things that matter are what looks good, and....no, wait, yep, the phone. She idolizes girls like Hilary Duff, who seems to only care about those same things. Fashion, and the telephone. The girls needs a shovel to the face.......and quickly.

These are my siblings. Young as they may be, but i do love them nonetheless.

::prepares arsenal of shovels::

It's time to teach them the meaning of life..........
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[SIZE=1]My brother is 15; two year diffrence. We get along fairly well. When we were younger we were either best friends, or killing each other. We had many of the same friends and interests, such as video games. I used to be a video game fanatic, but I've cooled a bit on that.

He has been getting on my nerves alot lately. Hes in that lazy teenage stage where all he wants to do is play video games and sleep. He'll stay up untill 5am playing computer and/or GCN then wake up at 2pm and hes back on the computer. Hes frustrating sometimes when I try to get him to do his chores. He'll sit there and stare mindlessly into his game and not even acknowledge me, or anyone else for that matter. I usually end up yelling at him or doing them myself.

We do still have alot of the same interests though; Anime mostly. I think we'll always be good friends when we get older. [/SIZE]
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I have one brother(16) and two sisters (8 and one a toddler).

My older brother is mostly annoying all the time, telling me I need to get slapped( I'm 14) and since he's older, he acts obnoxious all the time. He can be cool sometimes though, and we mostly get along. Since we have always shared the same bedroom in every house that we have moved to, we are used to each other.

My 8- year old sister is a nightmare. She's always trying to bring her friends over to my house. I drew the line when they started playing with her toys in my room. She prefers play over work, but then, what kid isn't like that. She loves to hog the TV as much as humanly possible, which drives me insane, considering we only have one TV right now.

My baby sister is very hyper and very cute. She loves to ride in her stroller through the park, and when she's home, she toddles through the house as fast as possible. Interesting to see what she will be like later.

So there ya go. My family.
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[color=darkblue]I have 4 elder siblings, all of them grown up and out of the house. In fact, they're only half-siblings anyway. I don't see them that often, but I do get along with them all very well. We never fight, as there's never any reason to fight. So the times I do get to see them are always nice and peaceful. A bit awkward though, 3/4 of them live thousands of miles away.

As for my little brother, who's two years younger than I, we have a pretty good and stable relationship with each other. We both like many of the same things, and he's actually very mature, considering his age. When things at home were really tough, he was always there for me, and vice versa. So we grew up learning to lean on each other. It built a strong bond between us. And so, the rare times we do fight with each other, we wind up apologizing within half an hour.

Most people I know think we're either insane, or just plain not normal to get along with each other. But we do, and I like it. ^_^[/color]
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Ahh... siblings... I have many, so I know what you guys (and girls) are talking about. In our family, there are 6 kids. To some, that may seem like alot, until you look at my dad's family (11 brothers and sisters). 11 is alot by any standard, so I haven't complained about how many of us there are. I am the second oldest at 17, and I often feel like the oldest though. My one brother (3 boys, 3 girls) who is the closest to my age at 15 is autistic and goes to a special school, so I never really got to know him that well. (Too bad he can't comunicate well.) I have another brother in 7th grade though that I get along with rather well, until he act's like an idiot and I have to be authouritative with him. My three sisiters.. well, one is older, and goes here as well. (stays off that topic.) My other two are normal sisters but they act rather bratty sometimes. I think once we all get older we'll have a better relationship.
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You know what's scary? It's that I'm 12, and a lot of people's youngest siblings are my age...o_O;
I have two older brothers (15 and 20), and I'm the youngest at 12. More or less, it would be a question for my brothers about me being annoying. ><
The 15 year old one is Bipolar, and I mean the severe, kinda hyper, doesn't-know-when-to-quit, aggresive, violent, kind. He's on medication and it keeps changing because they can't find the right drug, and I don't think they ever will.
Besides that, he can be a total jerk. Whenever I have friends over, he likes to see if he can win the fight for the basement (which is a finished basement with our computer, TV, hottub, and Xbox), and he always loses. Then he makes a total hissy fit over it, and usually gets yelled at. Yep, these things are normal, and I can usually expect when a certain event is going to happen in these fights, they're just that obvious.
My oldest brother, the 20-year-old, is really cool. He's funny and atheltic, and is just a really good guy. He doesn't really annoy me except for being a selfish jerk at times (like if I stand in front of a football clip for two seconds), but that's normal for everybody.
(I now have a new quote for the football thing: "Oh, I'm sorry I deprived you of your precious football for three seconds." ^^)
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