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The OtakuBoards Nifty Fifty: Nominations (2004)


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[font=verdana][center][size=5]The OtakuBoards Nifty Fifty[/size][/center][/font]

Hello again, and welcome to the 2004 Otaku Awards! That is, these are the 2005 Otaku Awards in [I]spirit[/I]. You see, just at the boards themselves have changed considerably in the past year, so has our vision for the awards. This event will not only be a celebration of the past year, but also signal a new beginning of sorts for OB in general. So prepare to be amazed as I introduce the OtakuBoards Nifty Fifty!

[size=3][b]What is The OtakuBoards Nifty Fifty?[/b][/size]

To put it simply, it?s a list of the fifty members, threads, or things that have made the OtakuBoards community great (?nifty?) in the past year. You, the members, are going to nominate your favorites here in this thread, and the fifty best nominees will be chosen for the list.

[size=3][b]Whoever gets the most nominations wins?[/b][/size]

No, it doesn?t actually work like that this time around. This particular event isn?t going to boil down to a popularity contest (wait for Otaku Yearbook and regular monthly events for that,) this one is about choosing the best, and sometimes the best don?t receive the recognition they deserve. While one thing may receive seventeen nominations, another might only get one. It?s about quality here, not votes. Make sure that your arguments are strong in your nominations, because that will be the deciding factor.

[size=3][b]Sounds incredibly subjective, don?t it?[/b][/size]

Yeah, it kind of is. But we?re an equal opportunity offender here at OtakuBoards. To make sure that members from every clique and segment of the site is fairly represented, [b]The Nifty Fifty Committee[/b] will be assembled to compile the final list, the OtakuBoards Nifty Fifty of 2004.

[size=3][b]Who are in this Nifty Fifty Committee?[/b][/size]

I?m sorry, that?s classified information. You can?t know that yet. They know who they are, and that?s all that matters for now. You?ll know when the final list is compiled. Fair enough?

[size=3][b]What kinds of things should be nominated?[/b][/size]

Anything, really. Members who really stood out this year, threads that had a big impact, great memories, current events that affected the boards in some way. Use your imagination, as I?d like a very broad spectrum of things to be present on the list.

[size=3][b]How do I nominate?[/b][/size]

I?m glad you asked. Here?s the simple form required for a nomination.

[quote][b]What is it?
Why was it nifty?[/b][/quote]
That?s it! Some of you may still be unsure of this, though, so here's a few examples. Please keep in mind [b]EACH MEMBER MAY ONLY NOMINATE UP TO TEN THINGS![/b]

[quote][b]What is it?[/b] [i]Team Hanzo Thread Ratings[/i]

[b]Why was it nifty?[/b] [i]Since 'Kill Adam' came out, many members have been trying to outdo one another in terms of graphic violence and sexual content in their RPGs. The thread ratings made it safe for minors to go back into The Arena. Also, the guy who made them is incredibly handsome.[/i][/quote]
[quote][b]What is it?[/b] [i]Bio[/i]

[b]Why was it nifty?[/b] [i]With less than 100 posts Bio became a moderator for the Arena Underground, and a darn good one at that. He managed to really give the forum some order, and the whole area has improved greatly because of him.[/i][/quote]
[quote][b]What is it?[/b] [i]"Having a Jessica Simpson Moment"[/i]

[b]Why was it nifty?[/b] [i]"The point of this thread is to ask if you've ever had one of those moments where your brain simply ceases to function for brief periods of time and it caused some slight emberassment..."[/i][/quote]

Your nominations can be as long as you want, or as short. Any links or images you'd like to include in your nominations are more than welcome. Just try to make your case fairly compelling, because there's going to be a whole lot of competition! Best of luck to you, and I expect this list to be a great tribute to the past year at OtakuBoards.

[u]All nominations are due by January 31st. The final list will be posting a few days after.[/u]

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Top Posters In This Topic

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[COLOR=Indigo][SIZE=1][FONT=Arial][b]What is it?[/b] [i]55 Fiction[/i]
[b]Why was it nifty?[/b] [i]Bite sized snippets of fiction covering every aspect of story telling, from bloody murders to light hearted love.[/i]

[b]What is it?[/b] [i]The Reanimatrix[/i]
[b]Why was it nifty?[/b] [i]Matrix stories with no limits, heh. ^_^; Everything in the thread is of exceptional quality.[/i]

[b]What is it?[/b] [i]Hevn[/i]
[b]Why was it nifty?[/b] [i]The best new member of '04, lol. Interesting, kind and funny. =)[/i]

[b]What is it?[/b] [i]Enter the Net[/i]
[b]Why was it nifty?[/b] [i]The original and the best OB parody. Successfully combines humour and action.[/i]

[b]What is it?[/b] [i]Arena Underground[/i]
[b]Why was it nifty?[/b] [i]The one forum to change RP at OB forever. With the ability to get opinions on RPs before release, and hold OOC conversations in a separate thread, the quality of RPs has only increased.[/i]

[b]What is it?[/b] [i]Otaku Longue[/i]
[b]Why was it nifty?[/b] [i]People don't give it enough credit, heh. The mix of light fluffy threads and serious debate make it win.[/i]

[b]What is it?[/b] [i]Absolute[/i]
[b]Why was it nifty?[/b] [i]I don't know (nor do I care, really) if anyone else has noticed this, but Wondershot's story is genuinely intriguing and interesting. It's the one piece of literature that's provoked genuine interest in me for a long while.[/i]

[b]What is it?[/b] [i]Lady Asphyxia[/i]
[b]Why was it nifty?[/b] [i]The hardest working mod I know. She is completely devoted to keeping everything in Anth, clean, readable and, most important of all [u]rated[/u]. Plus she's a very cool person outside of that. :)[/i]

[b]What is it?[/b] [i]James[/i]
[b]Why was it nifty?[/b] [i]It is because of this sterling individual that I met Hevn, so he deserves uber props. He's also a decent guy on top of that, has a mind as filthy as the best of em, and has done some things with vectors that make me do this: :eek:[/i]

[b]What is it?[/b] [i]Morpheus[/i]
[b]Why was it nifty?[/b] [i]Anyone who can play Mod so much and still visciously deny it has denial powers worth respecting.[/i]

That's all I have Shy dude, lol. I anticipate that the results of this will be awesome, heh.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1][FONT=Verdana][B]What is it?[/B] Panda becoming a Moderator [Otaku Lounge]
[B]Why was it nifty?[/B] Because she is so commited and dedicated, doing a very good job at modding, all the while keeping a good appearance despite any personal issues (ie her AR).

[B]What is it?[/B] "The ReAnimatrix Thread" [Anthology]
[B]Why was it nifty?[/B] It was an alternative sign-up thread that showed people who are usually afraid to sign up for an RPG, because the think they won't get in or are good enough at writing, that it's about having fun with an idea and bring something new to the table. It really encouraged many to step out of their comfort zone =)

[B]What is it?[/B] "Enter the Net" [Anthology]
[B]Why was it nifty?[/B] What Alan said =P

[B]What is it?[/B] "The Daily Otaku" [Anthology]
[B]Why was it nifty?[/B] I promised him I'd remember it by the next Otaku Awards and here's proof that I indeed did! Next to "Enter the Net" this is one funny spoof of people frequenting OB.

[B]What is it?[/B] Shy [Omnipresent]
[B]Why was it nifty?[/B] For improper display of power by banning me for 24 hours after I made a cheap move in Literati ~_^

[B]What is it?[/B] Team Hanzo Thread Ratings
[B]Why was it nifty?[/B] To those who wish to avoid certain subjects it's really handy, making it easier to navigate and saves the uncomfortable situation of reading something not desirable.

[B]What is it?[/B] Siren [Wherever he cracks his knuckles]
[B]Why was it nifty?[/B] For the sheer entertainment value he brings when entering a thread. Not to mention how valiantly he spreads the word that he has done so ("linky, linky" anyone? XP)

[B]What is it?[/B] James [Ethereally Everywhere]
[B]Why was it nifty?[/B] He's the butt of many jokes/satires and deserves some recognition based on that alone. Plus he does a great job administrating this place, pouring his artistry into it and contributing to make it a funky place. Do I get a cookie now? ;-*

[B]What is it?[/B] The Geisha Skin on OB
[B]Why was it nifty?[/B] It's an ultra wicked skin and (like the Liquid Skin) divided people about what they thought of it. And James's Geisha obsession is just fun, lol.

[B]What is it?[/B] The OB staff
[B]Why was it nifty?[/B] They're all doing a great job in keeping the Boards tidy and inspiring, devoting time and effort to make this place a great place to relax in for everyone :-*

Arrr, used up my 10 =\ Annsies return was something I wanted to add but there wasn't enough room *sniffles and hugs Anssie* You can sneak into Shy's pocket, I'm sure ;-)[/FONT][/SIZE]
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I likely won't be able to think of ten different things at the moment. I foresee a lot of editing and re-editing of this post in the future lol.

[B]What is it?[/B] Bombu [member]
[B]Why was it nifty?[/B] I often heard people describe my arrival as 'a kick in the balls for the Nintendo forum', because I started a lot of discussion and whatnot. I can only hope that my arrival was as impactful as Bombu's was, because he was just plain awesome in Play It. I was so sad when he disappeared for a while :( And then he came back!! He rules.

[B]What is it?[/B] [url=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=44373]55 Fiction [PG] [Anthology][/url]
[B]Why was it nifty?[/B] Very unique idea that's brought a lot of new writers to Anthology. The whole thread has been nothing but fun so far. I encourage as many people as possible to join in on it.

[B]What is it?[/B] Play It
[B]Why was it nifty?[/B] My favorite forum, hands down. There's a fantastic range of gaming discussion going on, with a lot of serious debates that actually don't end up with people flaming each other back and forth! It's amazing, honestly. There are a lot of knowledgable people taking part in discussion there. I just wish that more people would post. *eyes the lurkers* :p

[B]What is it?[/B] OB Anthology
[B]Why was it nifty?[/B] My second favorite forum. I really enjoy posting stories in here, and reading and replying to the works of others (which is something I've felt that I needed to do more often, and I've made some strides with that, as of late). There's a lot of really creative stuff going on in there, you just have to take the time to read it. The only thing I wish is that people would take the time to read [i]everything[/i] even a little bit instead of just flocking to certain stories or authors. Everyone deserves a chance to have their work read.

[B]What is it?[/B] [url=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=41246]hero [PG-LV][/url]
[B]Why was it nifty?[/B] The RPG is going along slowly, but masterfully, in my opinion. Honestly, I'm so excited about this that I've pledged to avoid [i]all[/i] other RPGs (except for Rebel Scum, of course :p) so that I can concentrate on hero. The pace is a bit too slow (this is out of people's control, more often than not), but each post has been a fantastic read thus far. I'm extremely interested to see where it all ends up, and I'd hope that a lot of other people are, as well.

[B]What is it?[/B] Desbreko [member]
[B]Why was it nifty?[/B] Despite his penchant for kicking me below the belt, Desbreko is a cool guy. His posts are always informative, and he always amazes me with just how deeply he's able to look into the gameplay of certain games. He really does add a lot to Play It, whether he's my fellow Moderator, or giving out the orders as my Team Leader. Also, he's way better at closing threads than I am.

[B]What is it?[/B] Team Hanzo Staff
[B]Why was it nifty?[/B] I was originally going to honor Arcadia here...but I'd feel guilty if I didn't recognize Team Hanzo as a whole. They've done a fantastic job both in public and behind the scenes in making their area of the boards as great as it can possibly be. They're just...wow. A bunch of really hard workers, they are.

[B]What is it?[/B] Semjaza Azazel [member]
[B]Why was it nifty?[/B] Because he's freaking [i]Tony[/i], you don't need any more reason than that. He always makes great posts wherever he goes, he's knowledgable on a whole load of things, and he's just ultra-cool in general. Tony = personifcation of nifty.

[B]What is it?[/B] [url=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=30684]Most Overrated Game [Play It][/url]
[B]Why was it nifty?[/B] A lot of it came last year, but it continued on into 2004. To me, this thread really represents what Play It is about. We all have our opinions on what games stink, and we aren't afraid to bring up some that might be a bit controversial, but the discussion is always civil, and isn't littered with mindless fanboyism. I love this thread.

[B]What is it?[/B] Manic Webb [member]
[B]Why was it nifty?[/B] Just because he's Manic. I remember one or two people mentioning before that Manic was one of the members here who sort of flies under the radar, for whatever reason. But, yeah, Manic is cool. His myOtaku is a fun read, he takes great care of the Music, Movies and TV forum, and he seems like a great guy in general. There should be a Manic Appreciation Day.

That's all I've got for now. I'll come back here with four more later on.

EDIT: Added a couple more...gonna search out a really good thread in Play It to highlight here. Don't know what the hell I'll do with the last spot, though.

EDIT2: Filled in the last two spots. If people think of others that I would want to put in here, well, tough for me, I guess. I'm not changing this for anything.

EDIT3: Sciros kind of left OB, so I had to substitute someone else in there...yeah.
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[COLOR=DarkOrange][SIZE=1][B]What is it?[/B] Arcadia [Member]
[B]Why was it nifty?[/B] From only having a few posts before becoming a moderator, then to move onto Team Leader is an amazing achievement. She heads Team Hanzo wonderfully and always pulls New Members up politely, making sure that they are directed as to what they should be doing. She's also very friendly and an amazing writer and Role Player.

[B]What is it?[/B] Otaku Hollow [OB Anthology]
[B]Why was it nifty?[/B] A highly entertaining piece by Dragon Warrior, a joy to read with a lot of 'laugh out loud' moments in it, for me anyway. I've always loved Dragon Warriors contributions, but I think this has to be one of his best ever.
The way he described and used the members was very clever, and all of his jokes were placed nicely, with just the right amount of silliness ^_~

[B]What is it?[/B] Anime Stereotype High School [RPG]
[B]Why was it nifty?[/B] I had such fun posting in this, in fact, I may just revive it when I have the time. A good collection of members where in this RP which meant that all posts where some of the best quality that you could find. I considered myself privileged to be in that Role-play along side the likes of terra, Arcadia, Solo and Shinmaru, all very good and entertaining writers.

[B]What is it?[/B] Legacy [Member]
[B]Why was it nifty?[/B] I don't care if people call me biased with this one, but Legacy really is a great member and even though he doesn't post much any more, what he does contribute is always well written and well thought out. He's started posting in the Otaku Lounge again and his posts are always sensible and go along with the thread. When he posts in RPGs he really makes an excellent read, his characters are always interesting. He's also a wonderful person and a fantastic friend.

[B]What is it?[/B] Reise [Member]
[B]Why was it nifty?[/B] I remember his first post as it was in one of my RPGs and boy, Reise certainly needed to practice his writing. But now I look at his writing and it's quite incredible, he may not be the best writer on the OB but he?s up there at the top, certainly. I think he's one of the best examples from bad new member to excellent writer. Again, he's also a wonderful person, very funny and very entertaining.

[B]What is it?[/B] Unborn Lord Xion (and his return) [Member]
[B]Why was it nifty?[/B] After a really long absence on both the boards and MSN I was worried that ULX had gone for good. I talked to him for a month or two before he disappeared and I really missed him when he was gone. About three months ago he came back to the boards and I was grinning when I saw his name on the 'Who's Online' list. We've been talking for a long time and he really is one of my best friends, I've learnt from him and he always makes me feel happy to be me, and that's the truth. We get on well and he?s an amazing friend and quite and exceptional writer, he really deserves more recognition in this place.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[SIZE=2]What is it?[/SIZE]: Smilies
[SIZE=2]Why is it nifty?[/SIZE]: Because yo ugotta love smilies! Everyone seems to use them, and there are so many that I often spend up to 10 minutes deciding which ones to use.

[SIZE=2]What is it?[/SIZE]: Dragon Warrior [member]
[SIZE=2]Why is it nifty?[/SIZE]: Dragon Wrrior is not only the funniest person on the planet, but he helps liven the mood and make the people of OB laugh.

[SIZE=2]What is it?[/SIZE]: Otaku Hollow [OB anthology]
[SIZE=2]Why is it nifty?[/SIZE]: Not only did this use OBers to make people laugh, but sometimes when I dont feel like going to OB, I go anyway just to look for the next chapter.

[SIZE=2]What is it?[/SIZE]: Kaydearyn [RPG]
[SIZE=2]why is it nifty?[/SIZE]: I avent been here very long, but I might not be here at all if it werent for this RPG.

[SIZE=2]What is it?[/SIZE]: James
[SIZE=2]Why is it nifty?[/SIZE]: Because its James! Not only would this site be nothing without him, but hes the main characchter in all the great stories.
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[SIZE=1][B]What is it?[/B] Annie's Return [Member]
[B]Why was it nifty?[/B] From being away for a good while she came back to an amazing audience who loved her. It also gave me the chance to be good friends with her.

[B]What is it?[/B] The Reanimatrix [Thread]
[B]Why was it nifty?[/B] Absolutley amazing thread. It just shows how much talent is out there in the OB. And people there don't have to worry about showing it.
What is it?[/B] 'Balls' [Quote]
[B]Why was it nifty?[/B] I'm sorry but I had to add it. It's touched many people whilst readin The Jeh. And it also is just such a random phrase to use.
What is it?[/B] Dragon Warrior [Member]
[B]Why was it nifty?[/B] He rocks. He's an amazing writer who comes up with the best ideas. He's also a very imaginative and creative young man >_>;;
What is it? [/B]n00b Hunter [Thread]
[B]Why was it nifty?[/B] Such an excellent story written by the man Alan. It is such a hilariously funny, but at times serious, OB and myO Parody.

[B]What is it?[/B] James [The Jeh ^_~]
[B]Why was it nifty?[/B] James has been an awesome administrator through his time here. Which is basically been always. He's been such an awesome guy, cracking many a joke in many an AIM chat.

[B]What is it?[/B]Methuselah
[B]Why was it nifty?[/B] Jamie is one of the best writers I've seen on the OB, writing amazing poetry like Wish and creating astounding RP's, her talent to write is something out of this world. She is an absolutley amazing friend, and you can go to her for problems about anything. Jamies rocks, her writing rocks, and she just plain rocks.
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[color=#9933ff][size=1]Shucks, I guess I'm not part of the nifty committee. lol. This has been edited, and I've added my ten things!

[b]What is it?[/b] Otaku Hollow
[b]Why was it nifty?[/b] Because everybody loves stories about OtakuBoards - and this one is no exception. I especially felt loved for being an old member because I knew who the villain was (yes, I'm narcissistic).

[b]What is it?[/b] DragonWarrior [member]
[b]Why was it nifty?[/b] Do I really have to explain this? Okay, fine. DW (Gavyn) is the master of innovation here at OtakuBoards. He brought you all "Otaku Hollow," he is the creator of the highly successful "Otaku Cards," and he even does, animation, such as, but not limited to, "Syk3: The corroded reindeer." And he does all of it with priceless humor! I don't think I've met anyone on OB except James that has the same amount of - not only creativity, but dedication, patience and effort to see his projects through to the end. Nothing is more common than intelligent or talented men. Nothing is as rare as intelligent or talented men who work hard and keep going, no matter what - that, is what Gavyn has.

[b]What is it?[/b] Charles [member]
[b]Why was it nifty?[/b] I went through a lot of crap with Charles (he knows what i mean), and I learned that he is such a magnanimous person. His heart and ability to forgive anyone knows no bounds. Besides, how can he not be nifty? He?s an awesome writer, and a great administrator... and, as many people will agree, very good looking. ^_~

[b]What is it?[/b] tehsillycircus
[b]Why was it nifty?[/b] I?m surprised no one?s mentioned this one. This chat lasted for a week - isn?t that insane? It was definitely a highlight of the past year; I had even made a banner for it: ?tehsillycircus: teh one and only AIM chat for Otakuboards members.? All the people in it were so cool - it was a total blast, until SOMEONE let it die. lol.

[b]What is it?[/b] Ajeh and his myOtaku [member]
[b]Why was it nifty?[/b] I looked back, and almost every quiz in my myO, I stole from Ajeh. I think he always chooses to add interesting and informative quizzes to his myO. He has a style of writing in it that always makes me laugh. He also just has interesting stuff written in it.

[b]What is it?[/b] Otaku Lounge
[b]Why was it nifty?[/b] Good ol? GD. After v7 arrived, of course, the Digimon forum was gone. I spent a lot of my time in Otaku Lounge, chatting casually, or offering passionate debates. I enjoy Otaku Lounge, because anything goes, and there?s always something really interesting posted by someone. ^_^;[/color]

My last four aren't incredibly ?nifty.? They are semi-nifty, and definitely please still take them into consideration, but know that they also shout outs to people, because I want everyone to know how awesome they are.[/size]

[color=#9933ff][b]What is it?[/b] Syn/Kenji/whatever his name is now. [member]
[b]Why was it nifty?[/b] I think he?s nifty because he?s nifty. He?s also a very approachable and friendly person. His post quality is always great, and he has good things to say. He?s been such a pal to me this past year, listening to my boring problems and all. I really appreciate it. And besides, he always has great pictures to show me - he?s so sexy! ^_^

[b]What is it?[/b] The Vampire: Ed [member]
[b]Why was it nifty?[/b] He's OB's first vampire. And I know this was earlier on in the year, but he was also president of the cracker club, and I happen to like crackers, so I thought it was a cool club. ^_^ That aside, he's been a great friend to me through out the years and deserves to be recognized for that. I've always felt a connection with him that I could trust him with anything (and I have - lol), and it's great to be friends with someone like that. I'm truly lucky I've met him.

[b]What is it?[/b] JCBaggee [member]
[b]Why was it nifty?[/b] He doesn't post a lot anymore, but he's been a really great friend to me. We shared a lot of fun, and funny times this year, with the twists and turns of AHB, "The One", the "Freshman hunter" saga, and our endless discussions on relationships. I've shared some of my personal secrets, fears, and experiences involving other people, with Chris. For me to be able to feel comfortable sharing those things with someone online make Chris a trusted friend who will [i]always[/i] lend an ear. It's been an absolute wonderful experience to meet him.

[b]What is it?[/b] DeathKnight/DeathKnight's myOtaku [member]
[b]Why was it nifty?[/b] In May and June he was fantastic to me - he took me through the whole second world war for my term paper, and he saved me hours of boredom by telling me what the point of Mein Kampf was (it's so annoying to sift through Hitler's crappy grammar).

Ken is also a plethora of intelligent thought. Not only that, but even if I don't agree with stuff he says, what he write encourages me to make up my own opinion on morals, values, or theological ideas. This year was really an enlightenment for me - to see beyond a generic religion, and to begin to live by my own values. With his writings and thoughts, he nurtured and encouraged my self-discovery. This year, I've said that "I don't know what I'd do without Ken" a lot. Part of it has to do with that way he impacted me this year. The other part, of course, has to do with how great a friend he has been to me the whole way. Maybe he doesn't know it, but the times I was scared half to death, felt like I was crazy, or incredibly depressed, he was there to say "It's okay. I'm here." At that meant a lot to me. I love you so much, Ken.

[i]I asked for a flower and He gave me a garden.
I asked for a tree and He gave me a forest.
I asked for a river and He gave me an ocean.
I asked for a friend and He gave me you.[/i]
I am extremely blessed by whatever God/ fate had me meet you, Ken. [/color]
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[b]What is it?[/b] Arena Underground [Forum]
[b]Why was it nifty?[/b] Build-up hype before the Sign-ups, spread the word, get feedback, provides an excellent place to guide the RPG after it goes Live, enables members to more fully develop a concept so it doesn't crash and burn. Plus, "Underground" is a very fitting name...nice and gritty, super nifty.

[b]What is it?[/b] The Daily Otaku [OB Anth]
[b]Why was it nifty?[/b] Desi's self-published Supermarket Tabloids...come on, lol.

[b]What is it?[/b] Crikey! It's the n00b Hunta! [OB Anth]
[b]Why was it nifty?[/b] It's Alan's OB "Alien" to Solo's OB "Star Wars."

[b]What is it? [/b]55 Fiction [OB Anth]
[b][b]Why was it nifty?[/b] [/b]It trains people to be editors.

[b]What is it?[/b] Shy [Member]
[b]Why was it nifty?[/b] He could be considered a co-collaborator with me for Rebel Scum, and his dry humor is second to none. He's a centerpiece to collaborative storytelling at OB, Arena Moderator or not.

[b]What is it?[/b] Mimmi [Member]
[b]Why was it nifty?[/b] She calls herself Badness, but she's Sweetness through and through. Mimmi rocks my world, and many other members', as well. She posts with sincerity, kindness, and refuses to raise her (digital) voice--she lets me do that for her, I suppose. She made 2004 cheery wherever she went.

[b]What is it?[/b] Panda [Member]
[b]Why was it nifty?[/b] She bitchslaps (with) the best of them in OL. She's the epitome of 'tough love,' and that's exactly what OL needs. Panda is to OB what Dirty Harry is to San Francisco.

[b]What is it?[/b] Alan [Member]
[b]Why was it nifty?[/b] I nominated Alan for a few different reasons, actually. I'm always entertained by what he writes (including, but not limited to, n00b Hunter), his personality is gritty and quirky, and in 2004, I feel he's really grown as a member. He's come into his own, I'd say, and he's got just as, if not moreso, a sick mind as Yours Truly, and that always comes in handy.

[b]What is it?[/b] Star Wars 411 [Thread]
[b]Why was it nifty?[/b] More often than not in the past, the thread was a mess of spam, but the past 10 pages are full of very intelligent discussion. Really, those pages can be used for a Star Wars newbie's crash-course in the Saga. In 10 pages, someone can be brought up to speed very quickly, and that's pretty commendable.

[b]What is it?[/b] Most Overrated Game [Thread]
[b]Why was it nifty?[/b] Still a very good read, especially the middle pages. Good, solid discussion, a variety of in-depth analyses of various game franchises.


Nominations are finished on my end.
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[COLOR=DimGray][SIZE=1][b]What is it?[/b] [U]OB: Enter the Net.[/U]
[b]Why is it nifty?[/b] The most well written and comic piece of writing that I have ever come across on OB. It is something that everyone on the board can relate to whether new or old and pretty much brightens up my day whenever a new chapter comes out. Plus, I was mentioned in one of the first chapters ^_~

[b]What is it?[/b] [U]The new RP chapter system[/U]
[b]Why is it nifty?[/b] Made known by the Kill Adam saga, the new chapter system has revolutionised the way that man RPs are now operated. It gives Rpers a guide to follow and a set structure to operate in. It piques greater interest and enthusiasm within the members and causes more and more to return to the RP without simply dropping out.

[b]What is it?[/b] [U]Dragon Warrior[/U][b] [member][/b]
[b]Why is it nifty[/b] Okay so you knew this was coming. DW is one of the most interesting (if albeit, annoying) members of OB and has proven this within the last few months with his 'attempted' takeover of the OB. Excelent stuff.

[b]What is it?[/b][U] wristcutter[/U][b] [member][/b]
[b]Why is it nifty?[/b] I admit that this member often annoyed me a great deal up until half a year ago, with his pointless remarks and pithy comments. I now, however, recognise that wristcutter just has the guts and the blasé to say what everyone is thinking, but noone will say. In the most sarcastic and linguistic way possible too.

[b]What is it?[/b] [U]Getting rid of the Battle Arena[/U]
[b]Why is it nifty?[/b] Even though I did use it from time to time I think it was great when the OB was finally rid of it. Not only did it encourage bad posting it also stimulated spammers and those more aggressive of posters. It was just a den to be honest.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[font=Century Gothic][size=1][color=gray][b]What is it?[/b] Otaku Lounge[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Century Gothic][size=1][color=gray][b]Why was it nifty?[/b] It's pretty much an all around fun place. Many different views, and many different topics posted [i]daily[/i]. That's what makes it so nifty[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Century Gothic][size=1][color=gray][/color][/size][/font]
[font=Century Gothic][size=1][color=gray][b]What is it?[/b] [/color][/size][/font][font=Century Gothic][size=1][color=gray]Picture Caption Game[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Century Gothic][size=1][color=gray][b]Why was it nifty?[/b] It was the one place this year for people to crack their funny bones... metaphorically that is. ^-^ It brought together all different views on humor... and merged them together bringing happyness to all who read.[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Century Gothic][size=1][color=gray][/color][/size][/font]
[font=Century Gothic][size=1][color=gray][b]What is it?[/b]Kill Adam[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Century Gothic][size=1][color=gray][b]Why was it nifty?[/b] *joke* It was a monster RPG that involved killing one of this sites beloved creaters...(note I said one of the)*/joke* It consisted of extremely well written events that lead the readers on a journey.[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Century Gothic][size=1][color=gray][/color][/size][/font]
[font=Century Gothic][size=1][color=gray][b]What is it?[/b] Syk3 the Corroded Raindeer[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Century Gothic][size=1][color=gray][b]Why was it nifty?[/b] It was one of this years...last years... greatest animations. The phrase "Time for NEKKID" shall live with me for the rest of this year.[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Century Gothic][size=1][color=gray][/color][/size][/font]
[font=Century Gothic][size=1][color=gray][b]What is it?[/b] Baron Samedi [member][/color][/size][/font]
[font=Century Gothic][size=1][color=gray][b]Why was it nifty?[/b] Baron is so knowledgable, and constantly active here. The Barons been involved with a majority of the descussions here... and always had an upbeat, intelligent, non flaming nature about his posts that I have adored.[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Century Gothic][size=1][color=gray][/color][/size][/font]
[font=Century Gothic][size=1][color=gray][b]What is it?[/b] OB staff[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Century Gothic][size=1][color=gray][b]Why was it nifty?[/b] They are everywhere here doing their jobs, and having a great time doing it. They are constantly laughed at, whether they are making the joke or not...^-^ and they are always in good spirit about it.[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Century Gothic][size=1][color=gray][/color][/size][/font]
[font=Century Gothic][size=1][color=gray][b]What is it?[/b] 55 Fiction[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Century Gothic][size=1][color=gray][b]Why was it nifty?[/b] Like a few have said... it was... and is a fun place to visit. It includes many different writing styles, and many different topics, but is all in all just plain fun.[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Century Gothic][size=1][color=gray][/color][/size][/font]
[font=Century Gothic][size=1][color=gray][b]What is it?[/b] I'll quote Shinmaru on this... because no-one can state it better.[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Century Gothic][size=1][color=gray][QUOTE=Shinmaru] [b]What is it?[/b] Semjaza Azazel [member]
[b]Why was it nifty?[/b] Because he's freaking [i]Tony[/i], you don't need any more reason than that. He always makes great posts wherever he goes, he's knowledgable on a whole load of things, and he's just ultra-cool in general. Tony = personifcation of nifty. [/QUOTE] [/color][/size][/font]
[font=Century Gothic][size=1][color=gray][/color][/size][/font]
[font=Century Gothic][size=1][color=gray][b]What is it?[/b] Dragon Warrior [member][/color][/size][/font]
[font=Century Gothic][size=1][color=gray][b]Why was it nifty?[/b] As many have stated, he livens all the discussions he takes part in. He is a cherrished member, and is always in a funny mood.[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Century Gothic][size=1][color=gray][/color][/size][/font]
[font=Century Gothic][size=1][color=gray][b]What was UNnifty?[/b] The ridding of the Sprite Corner... or whatever it was called. This drove away many a good member/spriter. Such as Alexander, DBZman, Xara, and more. But it's okay now... now I live in the Lounge. -_-[/color][/size][/font]
[size=1][color=#808080]That's my ten... to bad... I had at least two more. :( [/color][/size]
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[size=1][B]What[/B]: v7
[B]Why[/B]: A shock to the system, thats for sure, but the relief I got from getting back to OB was worth it. I am now at home with v7, though I [url=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=44247]>would like to see more skins<[/url].

[B]What[/B]: Annie's Return
[B]Why[/B]: Annie was a much loved member, and was a wonderful person to [url=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=34376&highlight=Black+Horizon]>RP with<[/url]. It was great that she came back, and was something that improved the Arena and our lives markedly ~_^

[B]What[/B]:[url=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=44373]> 55 Fiction<[/url]
[B]Why[/B]: It is a unique and productive idea: the number of replies for it shows this to be a fact.

[B]What[/B]: [url=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=44102]>n00b Hunter<[/url]
[B]Why[/B]: Alan has slowed down in his posting of the issues, but it was a good series, and deserves to be extended.

[B]What[/B]: [url=http://www.myotaku.com]>myotaku.com<[/url]
[B]Why[/B]: I do believe this was launched in 2004, but anyway, here are my reasons. It is an excellent place to visit and has expanded relations between people much more. Now there is this feeling that we know each other so much better, because we can learn all about what is going on in our lives.

[B]What[/B]: [url=http://www.otakuboards.com/member.php?u=101]>Charles<[/url]
[B]Why[/B]: Always funny, always cool, and always.... Charles.

[B]What[/B]: [url=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=33457]>Enter The Net<[/url]
[B]Why[/B]: It's been beaten to death, but this is the best Otaku IRL rip I've seen. And it started the trend.

[B]What[/B]: [url=http://www.hivesmusic.com]>The Hives Releasing Tyrannosaurus Hives<[/url]
[B]Why[/B]: Haha. But, it actually stems from Tony's signature for a while, concerning 'Top Bands of the Whatever'. I'd like to thank Tony for that...it was incredibly great, in terms of introducing me to various artists.

[B]What[/B]: [url=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=38741]>OB Awards 2003<[/url]
[B]Why[/B]: I was voted Most Improved Member, and was very pleased. Plus, the idea around something like this is fun.

[B]What[/B]: [url=http://www.otakuboards.com/member.php?userid=4616]>Justin Blessing<[/url]
[B]Why[/B]: He is under-appreciated by the vast majority of the OB community, and deserves a round of applause for his behind-the-scenes role.[/size]
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What is it?: Chabichou
Why?: Her views have helped keep the debates going as everyone desperately tries to prove her wrong.

Why:Because she's freaking Sara...And gives me good laughs. She also Bans upon request...very nifty.

What:Art by request
Why:You don't have to do your own work. You can yell at others trying to do it for you.

Why:She keeps us going with the most useless topics imaginable in the Lounge... and then makes us want to talk about them.

Why:For sparking a discussion about homosexuality worth posting in.

Why:For making useless threads to report.

What:Agenda Riddle
Why: Pure gold with a few members on simultaneously. Almost gets to be like IM.
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[color=green][B]What is it?[/B] The Otaku Lounge
[B]Why was it nifty?[/B] The Lounge has had it?s ups and downs as far as thread quality goes, but the sheer number of them means there?s always something going on. Whether it?s a debate that calls for some research, screenshot captions that make you laugh or just a bunny with a pancake on it?s head, the Lounge has something for everyone.

[B]What is it?[/B] Siren
[B]Why was it nifty?[/B] Not only does he always have something to say, but he knows how to put it across in a witty and concise manner. It?s also nice to hear a different spin on things, see things from a different point of view. If there?s a deeper meaning to something, Siren has it covered. Besides, you can never have too much intelligent thought.

[B]What is it?[/B] Baron Samedi
[B]Why was it nifty?[/B] Baron seems to be a voice of reason around here, no matter what his title [Bomb Chucker] says. He opinion is always worth hearing, and draws people back from the polar states that many of us seem to find ourselves in when arguing about something or the other. In addition, his MyO is just about the coolest thing around.

[B]What is it?[/B] 55 Fiction
[B]Why was it nifty?[/B] Sara?s Anthology creation has really allowed a lot of us to post in an area of the board where we don?t usually tread. It?s also a nice challenge to fit your tale into just fifty-five words. It?s probably the best read on the boards we?ve had in a long while.

[B]What is it?[/B] Rebel Scum
[B]Why was it nifty?[/B] ?A certain point of view? on a classic, this is definitely my favorite RPG of the year. The quality of the short tales in there is amazing, and the variety of authors and topics makes it a brilliant read.

[B]What is it?[/B] The Reanimatrix
[B]Why was it nifty?[/B] James outdid himself with this concept, allowing everyone and anyone to post their own Matrix fanfiction, with great success. It runs the gamut from dead serious to dark humor, and there?s some interesting HTML work to boot.

[B]What is it?[/B] OtakuBoards: Enter the Net
[B]Why was it nifty?[/B] Although it was first posted in the closing months of 2003, more than half of the action here was in 2004. This has got to be one of the funniest threads of the year, bringing back memories of members of days gone by, and showing all of us in a different light. The plot is also nothing to scoff at, and with the end of each chapter you?re left craving more. If you?re going to read a thread from 2004, read this one.[/color]
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[COLOR=#004a6f]Here are my nominees so far:

[B]What is it?[/B] Otaku Lounge
[B]Why was it nifty?[/B] Many quality topics have risen, and although members can get pretty "hostile" to eachother in the debate threads, it's great having a place to express your opinions and the reasons you support your ideas. The Otaku Lounge is a place with no limits (except the board rules of course).

[B]What is it? [/B] Dagger IX1 [Member]
[B]Why was it nifty?[/B] I like how Dagger tries to save certain threads from turning into spam fests. If someone makes a thread that won't lead to too much discussion, I noticed that Dagger sets a good example by making quality posts in reply to it, rather than simply closing the thread.

*More will be added soon.[/COLOR]
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[color=#811C3A]Like many others, I think I'm going to have to start by adding a few items and then building upon that.

[b]What is it?[/b] Adam [Member/Founder]
[b]Why was it nifty?[/b] Well, apart from the obvious fact that none of us would be here without Adam, there are a few specifics I'd like to mention. Firstly, 2004 has been a very bold year for our entire network, with so many changes and new additions. I love the fact that Adam is willing to take risks and do bold things with something so established. Also, working with Adam is always a joy; he makes everyone feel at ease and he's incredibly receptive to new ideas (even if they're totally insane). Adam is also incredibly generous (by offering me autonomous control/ownership of OB, by providing me with hosting support and by sending me a wonderful Christmas gift). He definitely deserves a mention.

[b]What is it?[/b] Shy [Member]
[b]Why was it nifty?[/b] Shy has had a pretty big impact on this place in 2004. He was the guy who really primarily drove the Kill Adam story in terms of working with me to come up with overall directions/concepts. In addition, Shy has done a lot of RPG experimentation of his own -- hero and Vignette being the latest examples. Whatever he does, you can be guaranteed that it'll be both different [i]and[/i] high quality. He's also shown tremendous interest and enthusiasm for the boards in general (especially in his new Event Master role), so I'm very appreciative of that.

[b]What is it?[/b] Semjaza Azazel [Member]
[b]Why was it nifty?[/b] I think that Tony's impact here has been pretty large in general, but in 2004 he consistently provided amazing posts in Play It and he really drove discussion there. In general, I think he's been of massive benefit to this community and I would really like to recognize him for that. His contributions to RPGs (Torment, Kill Adam) are also strong examples of his time spent here. I'm very glad that I introduced Tony to this place (and that in turn, he's made friends/acquaintances from here too). Very rewarding.

[b]What is it?[/b] Justin Blessing [Member/Technical Director]
[b]Why is it nifty?[/b] I'll put it simply; OtakuBoards v7 would not exist without Justin's tireless work. We'd have no technical support of [i]any[/i] kind without him. So...he is really responsible for taking my ideas and breathing life into them, for people here to enjoy. I think we should all appreciate that. Also, he's a great guy in general. Always good to work with and always lighthearted in nature, Justin's definitely one of OB's all-time legends.

[b]What is it?[/b] The OB RPG
[b]Why is it nifty?[/b] I wanted to create a blanket mention here, for a few reasons. One reason is that there have been just too many wonderful RPGs in 2004 to mention individually, for me anyway. What I'd rather say is that 2004 has been a year of continued innovation and continued quality. General quality has improved greatly and the concepts for RPGs are always improving and becoming more interesting. I am aware of RPGs at other places on the Internet, but I have to say...I think that we have developed ours to a fine art. I can't think of another place with such a unique and engaging approach to this type of forum interaction. I'm very proud of OB's RPG history -- I think it's as important as any of our other areas.[/color]
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I will edit in the remaining nominations when I make my final decisions. I am very flattered that my name appeared a couple of times on this nifty list. Just being mentioned is an honor. :)

What is it? [U]OB Moderators[/U]
Why was it nifty? The moderators work very hard everyday keeping the forums free of spam. Without them the site would be overrun by terrible spelling, grammar and L33t. All the moderators are happy to help fellow members when called upon. They deserve a nifty thank you from all the members of the boards since it wouldn't be the amazing place it is today.

What is it? [U]OB Staff[/U]
Why was it nifty? Without them we wouldn't be here trying to decide what is/isn't nifty. Putting together a great site with strictly enforced rules is a breath of fresh air in an internet filled with spammy message boards. The hundreds of hours of maintenance by the staff assures the members that the network will run smoothly and always be on the cutting edge of design and quality.

What is it? [U]OB Members[/U]
Why was it nifty? With a world wide membership of so many different ages, cultures and creeds we always have interesting discussions on the boards. Without the dedication of all the members the boards would be a very boring place and eventually would die out. The OB truly is a melting pot of many different opinions and interesting discussions.

What is it? [U]The Otaku Lounge[/U]
Why was it nifty? Filled with odds and ends of topics there is always something interesting going on in there everyday. Constantly changing you never know what topic will pop up. Everything from religion, politics and ethics to the lighthearted like wishes, embarrassing moments and photo captions. It may have it's little quarks, but that is what makes it so entertaining and interesting.

What is it? [U]Art by Request Forum[/U]
Why was it nifty? It brings people who want custom banners and avatars but can't make them together with people who enjoy making custom banners and avatars. It's a win/win situation for everyone involved!

What is it? [U]Adam [Founder][/U]
Why was it nifty? Adam is the reason we are all here. He is the one that put together this network and gathered a talented group of staff members to work on the site. Without him none of this would be possible. Adam really does care about this network and wants to see it prosper, because of that we all benefit.
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[color=darkslategray]This is probably going to more of a challenge than OB Awards. [i]So many[/i] good/incredible changes, events, discussions, memories have happened in the year of 2004. Unfortunately, I missed out on most of the last year, but I will do my best to mention what I can recall about 2004.

[b]What is it?[/b] OB v7
[b]Why was it nifty?[/b] I was not here for the launch of v7, but I was extremely excited when I came back. It was a breath, actually a blast, of fresh air when the computer brought up the webpage. The organization of the Boards is amazing and clean. v7 made finding and browsing the Boards much easier and less frustrating. Like I said, giving the OB a clean, sleek and professional appearance. Very pleasing.

[b]What is it?[/b] OB Anthology
[b]Why was it nifty?[/b] I was delighted with this area of the Arena. It is a place that the OB really didn't have before the launch of v7. It is a place that allows members to put their writing skills/abilities to the test, and push to their limit. Wonderful ideas spawn inspiration in the Anthology. The ideas that are created (that I have seen) have challenged the members here in the OB to be more creative. Stories that are limited to 55 words per post really forces creative thought to reel in many directions. It's challenging. It takes alot of thinking to post a short story that is both following the guidelines and well-constructed at the same time; allowing the members to develop in their art of writing. Only the OB Anthology has made this possible.

[b]*What is it?[/b] 55 Fiction
[b]Why was it nifty?[/b] As I mentioned above, the 55 Fiction is probably the best thread I've ever seen in the Anthology. I just didn't feel right blending it into my original mention, so I'm taking it to its own little nomination. 55 Fiction has made the biggest impact in my writing developement by challenging me to us grammar, adjectives, and verbs in a way that limits space. The thread makes you think into your writing. You only have a frame of 55 words or less to paint a masterpiece. Very tricky, but very amazing. Some of the skits that come out of that thread are breath-taking and shocking. A great balance of testing boundaries, and mastering perfection.

[b]What is it?[/b] Thread Ratings in the Arena
[b]Why was it nifty?[/b] I will admit, I was not particularly accepting to a certan aspect of this new rule. But it was ironed out. I love the idea though. Seeing that a thread is rated "mature for sexual content/extreme violence/gore/drugs..etc" is a comforting factor; allowing a member to steer clear of something that may cause them a sense of insecurity, or/and may be offensive. It has really helped the Adventure forums to run smoothly and more efficiently.

[b]What is it?[/b] The Members (old and new)
[b]Why was it nifty?[/b] Without the erotic blend of persona, the OB would not be as exciting and "hopping". From members like [b]Siren [/b]and[b] wristcutter[/b] to members like [b]Mimmi[/b] and [b]Japan_86[/b], the OB offers blends of sugar, spice, and everything nice. Personalities are key to flavor. Siren's and wristcutter's controversial opinons and blunt actions (which is sexy and orgasmic, don't hurt me guys) put spice and action into the OB. While Mimmi's and Japan's sweetness and kind spirits sooth out any conflicts and put out flames.

Then you have your characters like [b]Dragon Warrior[/b]. His crazy, insanely sexy (and yes, I admit that), and hilarious actions/stories amuse and lift down spirits; keeping the OB easy-going and enjoyable. You have [b]James[/b] and[b] Adam[/b] (whom I've never had the honor of speaking with, but I'm using what I've gathered); both extremely patient and accepting to what happens here, OB or Otaku.com.

With knowledge, intelligence and [i]unbelievable [/i]patience, James has built a steady ground where everyone on the OB can collaberate, discuss, and grow together/or around eachother. The OB has it's [b]new members[/b]; with their "youthful" ideas and flamboyant attitudes, the OB is granted the pleasure to birth aspiring artists. Also, giving them [b]older members[/b] to help guide them through their birth to maturing art.

[b]What is it?[/b] OB friends (directed at everyone)
[b]Why was it nifty?[/b] Now, I cannot speak for everyone and their circle of friends. But I'm pretty sure I will be able to relate to everyone when I say without the circle of friends I have, I probably would have already left the OB for good. They have brought inspiration and hope into my life (no matter their position in the OB or their age). Whenever I feel the urge to slip into a bliss of depression, they are always there to pull me back and comfort me. Sometimes their ways of doing so is harsh and a slap in the face, but everyone needs that time and again. But no matter the situation, the OB friends are always there. And not only do they help out with something personal, they also help out when I'm stuck within my writing. Their views are on the outside looking in and are different compared to my own. This motivating me to try new things.

[b]What is it?[/b] RADAGHAST!!! (his overdue return)
[b]Why was it nifty[/b] His return has overjoyed me so, that I cannot even find the words to describe. Radaghast is an amazing writer, and I'm estatic to say that I have written with him. His ability as an RPer improved drastically, and I cannot wait to see him in action again. My writing buddy has returned! I now have motivation.

[b]*What is it?[/b] "What Is Your Religion?" thread
[b]Why was it nifty?[/b] Most people tend to stay away from this thread, and they tell me so whenever I mention it to them. Religion is a hard topic to discuss because it's very controversial and full of contradicting facts/theories. I found this thread to be very nifty in the fact that it has spawned the best discussion from the people (well, except for Cole-fu) who've wrote and discussed in this thread. Most of everyone's posts were full of interesting information. I love[d] this thread because it's opened my eyes and has made me feel comfortable knowing where I stand in religion. Plus, ask anyone who knows me, I'm not good at holding debates; but this thread has been a breakthrough, and I'm surprised I've been able to hold my ground on this one.

[b]*What is it?[/b] The Art Studio
[b]Why was it nifty?[/b] This is one important area of the OB. It helps the members of the Boards in searching for their artistic ideas. Here you can request/or make avatars and banners. It helps dilute requests through PMs, which can be a hassle. Also, the Art Studio gives the members a chance to throw out their artwork. Allowing the artist to gather critiques, suggestions, ideas.

[b]*What is it?[/b] Syk3
[b]Why was it nifty?[/b] Syk3's a wonderful member/moderator. His patience with modding the Art Studio is unbelievable ( because I know he gets infinite PMs requesting banners/avis made from him). If it weren't for his sense of humor, and patience, I'm sure the Art Studio would not have the welcoming feeling it does. He takes care of the members that enter his domain. If there is someone bashing on another member's artwork, Syk3's quick to lay the fist down and defend. He's very talented, a great friend, an excellent moderator, and too nifty for words.

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[size=1][color=royalblue]Hmm. *blink blink blink* Anyways...

[b]What is it?[/b] The Legend of Otaku Hollow
[b]Why was it nifty?[/b] Because it split my sides on school nights when I needed the uplift after doing mounds of homework. But it's a great piece with amazing writing talent that had quite the fan following.

[b]What is it?[/b] Rurouni Kenshin: River of Time
[b]Why was it nifty?[/b] An oldie but goodie. A hit RPG that was nothing like its serious hit RPG counterparts. Crazy kids with assasian skills and mystical powers swamped into living with the Rurouni Kenshin cast. Probably one of the most entertaining memories on OB...

[b]What is it?[/b] Lore
[b]Why was it nifty?[/b] One of the few mods I've come to view as friendly, nice, cheerful, interactive, not so high-and-mighty, etc. *gets attacked by numerous mods* When the moderators come into the level of actually being a member, they project a less...freaky...image. ><;; That came out bad.

And if my brain gets a jumpstart, I'll edit this.
Batteries...running...low. Must...get...tacos...[/color][/size]
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[QUOTE=doukeshi03][COLOR=DimGray][SIZE=1][b]What is it?[/b] [U]Getting rid of the Battle Arena[/U]
[b]Why is it nifty?[/b] Even though I did use it from time to time I think it was great when the OB was finally rid of it. Not only did it encourage bad posting it also stimulated spammers and those more aggressive of posters. It was just a den to be honest.[/SIZE][/COLOR][/QUOTE]

Hey, I resent that...

...Ah, who the Hell am I kidding? It went to Hell in a handbasket.

It was very fun in its earlier days. Finally, all of those rants to James paid off. ;)

Anyway, on-topic...

1. "What is it?"

[u]The Staff[/u]

1a. "Why is it nifty?"

[i]Well, other than the fact that this entire place would be a total and unbearable wreck without them, most of them are just plain great people. I say most because I don't really know half of them, and I can't really make character judges based on title alone, can I? Well, yes, I can, but I won't. Go Team Otaku.[/i]

2. "What is it?"

[u]The Maverick Hunters series.[/u]

2a. "Why is it nifty?"

[i]What originally started off as a very sketchy idea for a Megaman RPG by Flash and Warlock [with myself yelling out random ideas that made no sense] turned into a huge epic that, sadly enough, faded for a while. Around the end of the first RPG, Replimasters, a lot of people drifted off, but James and Warlock pushed ahead with the series, and when Flash came back, they collaborated for Personification. From there, Warlock and Flash were off and on at times, having problems with this and that, so James took the helm, while I stood and tried to look busy. We went off on a bit of a tangent, but it worked just the same as a great story and some incredible action to boot. James later went on with his own project, based on the MH series, The Third Succession, but, regrettably, it died out. But James revamped it and, in fact, today, rereleased it as B-Spec. I chose to sit this one out, but every now and then, I have a wild hair to pick up Personification [but I don't really do anything since I really don't know where to pick up at XD].[/i]

3. "What is it"?


3a. "Why is it nifty?"

[i]I was originally skeptical of the MyOtaku launch, thinking it would become little more than shallow blogs so people could write out their angst in a manner of color, fonts, and sizes. Thankfully, it boosted in popularity and became ablaze with intelligent postings [gasp, horror], and I even made my own...even though I neglect it for months on end. Either way, with the intergration of MyOtaku.com and OtakuBoards.com, it picked up even more, and it has lead to some very interesting conversations. *remembers the debate over the complexity of the Terminator series on Alex's blog*[/i]

4. "What is it?"

[u]Kill Adam[/u]

4a. "Why is it nifty?"

[i]The brainchild of months of work was a fairly simple serious spoof of the hit films Kill Bill, but were distinct enough to be considered famed. I remember hearing James go on and on about it well before the creation of the RPG/novel, but I humored my curiosity with other things to bide my time [ooh, sparkly!]. When it came out, I was very pleased. I had not expected a scripted storyline, but that was the beauty of the thing. It forced the lucky chosen members [of which I am not included in [/grudge :p] to not only adapt their story-telling abilities, but remain true to the context of the plot. Needless to say, with the mix of talent and strain, it proved to be radically [b]awesome[/b]. [spoiler]Plus there was lots o' blood and guts. Teehee.[/spoiler][/i]

5. "What is it?"

[u]Dragonball Battlefield[/u]

5a. "Why is it nifty?"

[i]What had started on v2 as a simple tournament swiftly evolved into a story worthy of mention. While never original on the basis that a superior enemy appeared to claim the universe, Flash and others managed to pour years of work [oft times stalling midway through a plot arc] into the RPG in order to ultimately arrive at deep character involvement, interesting bondings, and an ending that was worthy of something as epic as the project. If you ever get the urge, go read it. It's worth it.[/i]

5. "What is it?"


5a. "Why is it nifty?"

[i]'It' is nifty because they were around when I first came to OtakuBoards.com. I started coming here during v3, knowing only a couple of people, and involved in some very shady topics [PRP, anybody?]. But, luckily, I grew out of this and met some very cool people. Off the top of my head, from my n00b days, Ken, Craig, Andrew, Charlie, D'Ann, Warlock, Flash, Piro, Tori [even though I was considered a big jerk those days :D], and nigh countless more. A lot of them stopped coming not too long ago, but I stick around for the Hell of it, pretty much... I still for the most part keep in touch, except for Flash, whom I haven't talked to in it seems like a year. In either case, I've met some great people here, a lot more than I can type out, and I am a better person because of it.[/i]

6. "What is it?"

A glitch.

6a. "Why is it nifty?"

Back in v6, there was one skin, I believe the old Liquid, that allowed you to set your viewable posts per page at 100, and if you kept that setting saved somehow, it carried over to v7, even though the option no longer exists [to my knowledge]. AJ, another great friend, told me about it one day when v6 was still in its infancy and I tried it. Stuck with it ever since. I love it, yet I don't know why. I think it's just because it looks more streamlined this way... Eh, whatever. It is l337. Pwn3d. And stuff.
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[COLOR=Teal][SIZE=1][FONT=Lucida Sans Unicode][b]What is it?[/b] Okhami's RP thread: [b]'Dragon Wing Festival'[/b]

[b]Why is it Nifty?[/b] I think Okhami's thread was nifty because it was the first time I thoroughly enjoyed writting in a long time. The storyline and the thread itself developed well and it brought a small group of less famous, perhaps, OBers back together from one of her previous threads. The atmosphere and involvement achieved by this thread is the very heart of OB and deserves to be commended for it.

lol, or something like that,

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[color=darkred][b]What is it?[/b] Play It [Forum]

[b]Why is it Nifty?[/b] It's what brought me here, and is why I'm still here. Without the main-stay members who post there, then Play It would just be a n00b's nesting ground where all you'd probably see is "53P|-|iR0Th ownz0rz j0000z", like in most other message boards. Play It nerds = sexy. Love ya all.

[b]What is it?[/b] ScirosDarkblade [Member]

[b]Why is it Nifty?[/b] I dunno why, but I have this image in my head that Sciros is like the bad-guy of OtakuBoards. I might get slapped for that, since he's such an avid Batman fan, but eh. Anyway, I think he's kickass for all the discussion he's created within Play It, alongside many other forums across OB (even the Art Studio, dammit!). Kudos.

[b]What is it?[/b] Alan [Member]

[b]Why is it Nifty?[/b] When I first came to Otakuboards he was known as CrH, or Criminally Random Hero, and that's exactly what he is... dunno about the hero part though. :drunk: He was the first guy ever to chat to me via AIM, and has proved to be a great guy, and a great friend. It's a shame that I don't get the time capacity to use AIM anymore. Sad.

[b]What is it?[/b] Plumber Bros Inc. [Member]

[b]Why is it Nifty?[/b] Because it's the only RPG to have ever sparked my interest during my time here (except for Paranoia; if only the sign-ups lasted a few nights longer. Damn you, damn you all). Kickass RP though; very innovative. I know I'd be willing to post there if it ever did come back. Or, who am I kidding, I ain't clicked on the Arena in ages. It is still called the Arena, right?... right?

[b]What is it?[/b] Turdle [Member]

[b]Why is it Nifty?[/b] Because, that IT got me my badass Metroid banner. Rock on.

[b]What is it?[/b] Play It Staff (Desbreko and Shinmaru) [Members]

[b]Why is it Nifty?[/b] These two dudes maintain law and order in the crazy world of Play It, and aren't so stuck up about their jobs, either. I mean, the way that Shinmaru takes the piss out of those stupid dumbass threads that make little to no sense in neuron capacity is -- what's the word -- ah, yes, funny. Desbreko, you ******* rule, too.

[b]What is it?[/b] Hevn [Member]

[b]Why is it Nifty?[/b] She registered in the same month as me, so therefore she rocks. No, what I mean to say is that by [b]DEFAULT[/b] she rocks.

Well, it's typical of me to leave these things to the last minute, so to everything that I missed out, I had my chance and blew it.[/color]
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[SIZE=1][B][COLOR=Plum]What is it?[/COLOR][/B] [COLOR=Purple]OB Anthology[/COLOR]
[B][COLOR=Plum]Why was it nifty?[/COLOR][/B] [COLOR=Purple]The abode of most of the best threads on OB. It's a place where talent, humour, silliness, and everything else come all together to make our hearts melt, laugh, shudder, and even go "WTF?!"[/COLOR]

[B][COLOR=Plum]What is it?[/COLOR][/B] [COLOR=Purple] n00b Hunter[/COLOR]
[B][COLOR=Plum]Why was it nifty?[/COLOR][/B] [COLOR=Purple]Probably the first OB/myO Parody to have a M-VL thread rating. It's humor, violence, wit, and action all in one awesome series.[/COLOR]

[B][COLOR=Plum]What is it?[/COLOR][/B] [COLOR=Purple]55 Fiction[/COLOR]
[B][COLOR=Plum]Why was it nifty?[/COLOR][/B] [COLOR=Purple] I agree with what everyone else has already said about this thread. The idea is unique, the posts are witty and entertaining, and it also poses as a challenge to some writers.[/COLOR]

[B][COLOR=Plum]What is it?[/COLOR][/B] [COLOR=Purple]Alan[/COLOR]
[B][COLOR=Plum]Why was it nifty?[/COLOR][/B] [COLOR=Purple]I feel that his works/contributions on OB are to be commended. He has improved well (as Siren said) and entertained us all.[/COLOR]

[B][COLOR=Plum]What is it?[/COLOR][/B] [COLOR=Purple] Bombu[/COLOR]
[B][COLOR=Plum]Why was it nifty?[/COLOR][/B] [COLOR=Purple] Aye. What Shinmaru said, plus he's one of those people that cracks me up apart from Charles and Sara.[/COLOR]

[B][COLOR=Plum]What is it?[/COLOR][/B] [COLOR=Purple] OtakuFiles[/COLOR]
[B][COLOR=Plum]Why was it nifty?[/COLOR] [/B] [COLOR=Purple]Desbreko's fun and interesting site full of OB's silly chats. It's a yummy slice of OB's history in one coolies site.[/COLOR]

[B][COLOR=Plum]What is it?[/COLOR][/B] [COLOR=Purple]Dagger and Solo Tremaine[/COLOR]
[B][COLOR=Plum]Why was it nifty?[/COLOR] [/B] [COLOR=Purple]I don't often go to Anime Lounge but I think they're really doing a great job in keeping that place err.. clean. We all know that, like the Otaku Lounge, the Anime Lounge needs a great amount of attention because there can be loads of spam and spammers there. I admire how Dagger and Solo often gives people a chance to correct their unruly posts and threads plus, they work really fast and efficient! I believe they're two of OB's special assets.[/COLOR]

[B][COLOR=Plum]What is it?[/COLOR][/B] [COLOR=Purple] jblessing[/COLOR]
[B][COLOR=Plum]Why was it nifty?[/COLOR] [/B] [COLOR=Purple]I seriously think there is no OB or myOtaku or theOtaku without him. He's [I]that[/I] important people. He's nifty and anyone who disagrees with me will be shot.[/COLOR]

[B][COLOR=Plum]What is it?[/COLOR][/B] [COLOR=Purple] Mimmi[/COLOR]
[B][COLOR=Plum]Why was it nifty?[/COLOR] [/B] [COLOR=Purple]Her name is sugar to my ears. Dear Mimmi never fails to brighten up people's days with her chocaholic myO. She makes us... happy. ^_^[/COLOR]

[B][COLOR=Plum]What is it?[/COLOR][/B] [COLOR=Purple] myO layout's Hackability[/COLOR]
[B][COLOR=Plum]Why was it nifty?[/COLOR] [/B] [COLOR=Purple]Lol. The way people work around with myOtaku's layout is just fascinating. People remove their borders, put image buttons on their page's left column, use iframes on their profile intro... and I even know of this one guy who killed his avatar box and placed it somewhere else. =P[/COLOR]

Finally done.[/SIZE]
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[SIZE=1][FONT=Verdana][b]What is it?[/b] OB Anthology
[b]Why is it Nifty?[/b] It is by far my most favorite part of the Arena and lately it's been full of great ideas and very creative well written stories. Good stuff indeed.

[b]What is it?[/b] Semjaza Azazel
[b]Why is it Nifty?[/b] His posts are always well thought out and enlightening even if you disagree. He makes a good argument no matter what the topic and that's what a good forum is all about. Plus he's soooo dreamy!!

[b]What is it?[/b] Kill Adam
[b]Why is it Nifty?[/b] It started the whole RPG revolution thing and was a trend setter for pretty much every other RPG that's popped up since then. It also was chock full of just about all of OB's best writers and is just plain thouroughly entertaining.

[b]What is it?[/b] Lore
[b]Why is it Nifty?[/b] She mods with style and her threads are spectacular. 'Nuff said.

[b]What is it?[/b] Godel
[b]Why is it Nifty?[/b] At a time when OB lounge just seemed to be drowning in less than coherant babble she came along like a breath of fresh air. She's brilliant in my eyes and I love her work in Anthology.

[b]What is it?[/b] The ReAnimatrix Thread
[b]Why is it Nifty?[/b] This is one of the threads from last year that definately stands out in my minds eyes. The general idea behind it is genius and everyone's contributions are amazing.

[b]What is it?[/b] What Smells Like Blue
[b]Why is it Nifty?[/b] It's very hard for me to find something I can post about in OL and this was just an awesome idea for a thread. The discussion wasn't exactly up to par by everyone, but a few people really did offer some very good information and that made it great for me. The title was fun as well heh.

[b]What is it[/b] Heaven's Cloud
[b]Why is it Nifty?[/b] He's witty and an awesome story teller. I look forward to reading his myO because his entries are just that amazingly good.

[b]What is it[/b] Arcadia
[b]Why is it Nifty?[/b] She's just wonderful all around and all her contributions to the Anthology and the RPG forum are more than memorable. She's a genius.

[b]What is it[/b] 55 Fiction
[b]Why is it Nifty?[/b] Because it's the only thread I post in without hesitation.
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[b]What is it?[/b] v7
[b]Why is it nifty?[/b] With v7 came the new "one thread per series" policy for the Anime Lounge and Play It. Though there were some initial complaints, activity has increased significantly in both forums. I really like this method of organization: it keeps things so much neater and cleaner than just letting, say, a new Evangelion topic pop up every month. Plus, v7 also brought two gorgeous new skins (I'm rather partial to Geisha, myself). This incarnation of OB is simply the best-looking, most slickly designed message board I've ever seen.

[b]What is it?[/b] Manga Workshop
[b]Why is it nifty?[/b] The market for manga is rapidly expanding, and I'm quite happy that manga now has its own forum. The Manga Workshop struggled a bit at first, but as the year progressed, it began to find its legs. It's played host to some really interesting topics that would have gotten buried or overlooked if they were left to languish in the Anime Lounge. And again, separating manga-centric threads from anime-centric threads helps all of Tokyo 3 stay nice and tidy.

[b]What is it?[/b] Panda [member/mod]
[b]Why is it nifty?[/b] To me, it seems as though the Otaku Lounge is one of the hardest areas of the site to moderate. Panda brings an incredible amount of maturity, intelligence and humility to her job. She's very approachable and has really made the OL a more welcoming place. Plus, Panda's posts in other areas of OB (such as the Anime Lounge) are always thoughtful and interesting.

[b]What is it?[/b] Siren [member]
[b]Why is it nifty?[/b] Yeah, there are plenty of times when I wish I could strangle him. But there are just as many times when I'm in awe of his ability to express his opinion. Alex definitely has made a big impact on the site, and debating with him is equal parts enjoyable and infuriating. ^_~

I'll edit in my other choices later.

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