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[SIZE=1][CENTER]The Otaku Real World! (insert cheesy MTV reality music here)[/CENTER]

So, I was watching the original Real World on MTV and wondered what it would be like if I was chosen to be on the show. But then I realized all the insane crap that these people go through and how entirely opposite their personalities are, creating tons of conflict. So I thought, if I could choose 7 people from OB to join me in a confined house for 6 months, who would it be?

And so you come in. I wanna know who you'd choose to be a part of your own OB Real World. The average amount of people involved is around 7 but you can choose lower if you have trouble thinking of people. There's literally thousands of members here, all types of people to choose from, but what route will you take? You can fill the house with friends, people you get along with, or you can fill the house with opposites or people certain to cause conflict and stir things up for the veiwers. It's up to you. I'll post mine after a couple others post. Have Fun![/SIZE]
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I dunno. I think the madness would be unlimited if I were in the same place with Shinmaru, Syk3, Ozymandius Jones, Charles, and Fitar. The show wouldn't make any sense and the constant discussion of porn, homosexuality, and women would come up almost 98% of the time. The other 2% would be nothing but me drooling uncontrollably due to brain loss. I'm not sure who else would want to be in a house with Shin, Syk3, Ozy, Fitar, Charlies, and myself, but if they are willing, they're more than welcome.

I'd think me alone would be stupid enough.
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[SIZE=1]Interesting, most interesting.

I'm not one for madness in great proportions, so I'd almost certainly pick a few people who I consider good friends and just spend the six months getting to know them better. Corey, D'Ann, Annie, Jamie, Bill, Sean and Jordan, with that crew I reckon we'd probably spend most of the day sitting around chilling, and talking about RPG ideas, though there'd probably be a bit of silliness too as we all have our goofy sides. [/SIZE]
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[COLOR=#F84E20][SIZE=1]Well, Gavin, with both Sean and I in the same house there would certainly be mayhem...not to mention having Annie with us. >:3 I'm also quite flattered you'd like to spend six months with me. ^_^

For me I'd say having [B]Unborn Lord Xion[/B] (<3), [B]Gavin[/B],[B] Sean[/B], [B]Rising Sun[/B], [B]Kamuro[/B], [B]Retribution[/B] and [B]Boo[/B] would be...awesome and insane. Very insane, especially with Boo. Retri and Sun would probably end up beating each other with Tablets, too. XD

It would be awesome if this could happen. *wistful sigh*[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[size=1]Hm.This would be a crazy show, you know this right? lol. Especially, when you see who everyone lists. I mean, I think insanity would begin to ensue with just seeing Siren and Drix D'Zanth in one room together for five minutes. Or you'd see blood when putting me and Dragon Warrior together for six months. Of course, I'd be the one shedding his blood...>.> But anyway, I'll give you my list:

[list][*][b]Mimmi[/b]- Who in their right mind wouldn't love to spend 6 months with this fantabulous OB sweetheart? She's incredibly sweet, and I think is the one person I would never be able to get enough of. 6 months, feh! Give me more!

[*][b]James[/b]- .........need I say anything? I can say that there will be tons of blooping, magic shoe performances, hat tipping, and cane twirling adventures that would result in my neverending giggling, squeeing, and laughing fits. Not to mention, you'd probably find us gabbing about The Matrix, Marilyn Manson, and Tim Burton all day long.

[*][b]^.^[/b]- I couldn't live without my twin brother! He possesses all the shiney stones and bunny rabbits, and all the care in the world. Of course I would like to spend 6 months of whirlwind adventures with him ^_^ But I'm also worried that our "secret" lives might hender....>.>...<.< The llamas have it out for me...

[*][b]Gavin (the Irishman)[/b]- I'll make this clear that this is not the DW Gavin. This is my dearest friend, Gavin. With his Irish accent and charming personality, I could see spending 6 months with him and not have to worry about being offended by a word he says. Even though he's more religous than I am, I still adore him and respect him.

[*][b]Corey[/b]- Another dear friend of mine, and another very kind person. It'd be most entertaining to see myself, himself, and Gavin all sitting around and gossiping on how grumpy we are as oldies XD

[*][b]Syk3 and Shin[/b]- You have to count these guys as one. There's just no way around it. Imagine the insanity........sammiches flying around, evergoing jokes about APB and butter.....*thinks* God, all three of us----I think I've said enough.

[*][b]Joe (Zabuza)[/b]- There aren't words to describe how thrilled I would be to spend just five minutes in his presence...and spending 6 months with him would be my wish come true. I don't think I'd ever leave his side. What I have to say would happen in those 6 months, I won't say here. It's not sexual or nasty or whatever, but it's more on a personal and endearing level.[/list]

*looks at the bunch* Wow...6 months with this Motely Crue would be a circus of a lifetime.[/size]
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[SIZE=1]Ok here goes...

[I]Jake of Bodom -[/I] Me and Jake are big metal heads, so what better duo then this? I gotta have someone to go all crazy with me and mosh all over the place. It'd be kinda weird if everyone else walked in on me moshing all by myself lol.

[I]Retri -[/I] Every season needs an artsy type, and who's better then Retri? Answer=no one. We get along well and I can only imagine the stuff we'd get into in the same house for 6 months.

[I]Gavin -[/I] I don't know Gavin well, but he could make the most boring ideas seem interesting. We'd be doing something completely random and he would say "hmm interesting, most interesting," thereby making whatever the activity is, interesting lol.

[I]Dragon Warrior -[/I] DW is a pirate, what other reasoning do you need? He's absolutely crazy and I couldn't imagine the looks of the people from the street while he and I sword fight on the roof at 1:00 in the morning lol.

[I]demonchild781 -[/I] I love DC. Plain and simple, she's awesome so I couldn't have a real world house without her. It just wouldn't work.

[I]Imi -[/I] Imi is incredibly cool. She's nice as well as crazy, offering a plethora of insane ideas for us to do for 6 months lol. I havn't seen it yet, but I bet she's got a real party girl in there!

[I]ULX -[/I] He'd be mad if I had a house with Imi and he didn't get to come :p [/SIZE]
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[QUOTE][I]ORIGIONALLY POSTED BY KAMURO[/I] - Jake of Bodom - Me and Jake are big metal heads, so what better duo then this? I gotta have someone to go all crazy with me and mosh all over the place. It'd be kinda weird if everyone else walked in on me moshing all by myself lol.[/QUOTE]

LMFAO!!! Dude, I love you.

Do you practice pit-dancing in your room as well? :animeblus me too! :laugh: :animeswea

First off, Fall and myself. If you want to know why I choose Fall and myself, just check out the "What's Your Favorite Type of Music" thread :laugh:

Then Kamuro: a) because he's awesome, and b) because he's uncannily level headed most of the time, and I'd like to see what would happen if he got caught up in a debate between Fall and myself! :laugh:

Beyond that, 0ber0n the Neko, because I know the kid in person and he's awesome, funny, nice, and capable of pissing [B]anyone[/B] off without even trying! :laugh:

Tyler Koregaten because I really respect him. I doubt he'd cause much of a ruckus, he's just way cool.

Amorphous, because he's really into "true" metal like myself, and I'd need someone to talk to about the differences between this Tech-Death Metal band and that Funeral Doom Metal band! :laugh: Plus, he seems pretty opinionated which is always interesting in "Real World" type shows.

ChibiHorsewoman, because I annoy her and she hits people with frying pans. That HAS to get interesting.

Finally, Rhym. I know him in person as well. VERY opinionated politically. Politics always find a way to piss people off, so he'd be fun!
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[COLOR=Indigo][SIZE=1][FONT=Arial]Hmm. This is kinda difficult and kinda not at the same time, lol. *thinks on it* I think, if I were to take 7 people from OB into a house with me for 6 months I'd take Hevn (my eternal princess :3), Lady Asphyxia, future girl, Generic NPC #3 (though he'd probably go insane... lol), Goddess, James and Imi.

It wouldn't promise to be anything especially exciting (people would either be flirting, writing or playing videogames the entire time and not much else - all to a constant Manson soundtrack) but it'd be entertaining to be in it all nonetheless. lol[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1]Hmm...This is really tough to pick out specific people. But I honestly think this bunch would make a good cast ^^ we're just all too different.

[i]Hack Helba[/i] - We need a comedian in the house. He's got his own sense of humour and he's also a great graphic artist. I think he'd bring a lot of energy into the house.

[i]Dragon Warrior[/i] - He makes great RPG's and plus he's a pirate? What more can you say to that? 'nuff said.

[i]Retribution[/i] - Although I don't know Retri that well, he's also awesome at art and I definately think that there'd be a lot of serious discussions. He seems like he'd be the serious one of the group, and atleast keep the house from going crazy.

[i]ChibiHorseWoman[/i] - She creates some fun topics, to others might be considered spam, but I honestly think she can make any topic become fun and actually have some meaning. Plus it'd be fun to have someone who wants to know about your personal life, you know she'd definately get majority of the airtime for being the caring motherly type. ^^ (and thats not a bad thing!)

[i]SunfallE[/i] - Also a great artist but a creative writer as well. SunfallE seems like a really be calm and helpful to others. He'd probably be the problem solver of the group.

[i]BenaKittie[/i] - We always need someone who's sorta new and also has a lot of energy. I just think she'd get a long with all the rest of the cast.

[i]Kamuro[/i] - I think he's very opinionated and probably could go from having a sense of humour to having a serious conversation. Being flexible is a good thing.

Yup so there's my list.
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[FONT=Trebuchet MS][COLOR=seagreen]What an interesting idea, but it's appearing to be a popularity contest. I'd like to state that this isn't a popularity contest. I'll be puting people who I believe to make for one hell of Otaku Real World,, so for those of you who aren't added to my cast list don't feel left out. I still wuv you all!

[B]Dragon Warrior -[/B] Quite the funny ladies man. He comes up with the most orginal ideas that never fail to suprise me. Nuff said.
Boo - [/B] "There two types of people I can't stand in this world. Those who are intolerant to other peoples cultures, and the Dutch" No reality television show is complete without a crazy Dutchmen. Have you read this guys away messages? They're insane. He's quite the unique one.

[B]Retirbution -[/B] He'd TRY to keep things in order but he wouldn't stand a chance againest Boo and DW placed togher in the same house. He'd most likely be the most modern person in the house, but has a great sense of humor.
Kitty -[/B] She's FULL of energy. It's almost unbearable for her to sit still and when you add her rants of randomness the only thing way to explain it is "WOOOOHOOOO! WIRED LIKE A MICROWAVE!" Talking to her on the phone sure never gets dull xP
Azurewolf -[/B] Though I haven't really talked to AzureWolf since 2003, He seems like the laid back, "enjoying life, simply ^^" kind of guy. Who can go wrong with a quote from Albert Einstein in your sig? He'd be one, like Retribution, who I could see getting into a deep discussion on something a little more intelligent. I'd think he'd be an interesting fella to throw in the energenic bunch.

[B]Syk3 -[/B] Sure, we have a lot of artist on the boards, but not many pencil artists. Syk3's art is most interesting and very good. He's also into soccer and DDR <3. Which would add some fun to the group.

[B]Nomad -[/B] Doesn't appear much on the boards, but he seems to be one hardcore guy from all the heavy metal band banners he makes. I just think a metal head would be an interesting person to add to the mix.

What this house really needs?
[B]Me.[/B] The uber muscles, the shiney golden hair, and the jester hat. Need I say more? =P[/color][/font]
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[color=blue][size=1]Hmm.. Who would I choose to drag into the OB Real World with me?

[b]Hack Helba[/b], but I know him as Stuie. We talk all the time, and his bizarre sense of humor seems to work well with my *cough* energeticness.. <_<; Plus he owns me when it comes to everything, so yeah. xD Bringing him into the house would be a treat, and he'd probably throw DDR parties every night. =P

[b]Boo[/b] would be a cool addition, too. We talk occasionally, and his nicknames sometimes frighten me.. *shivers at the thought of "Queen Altronidala"* But he's Dutch, so he's a must-have, anyway. x3

[b]Dragon Warrior[/b] because.. well, just because. His random stories are full of hilarity, and there's no way that the house would be as funny without him.

[b]Retribution[/b] must be dragged into the mix. Like everyone I've listed so far, he's also got a great, yet unique, sense of humor. (I seem to love funny people. >_>) Plus his graphic thread PWNS you. I think him being there could help the rest of us a bit more controlled. (.. Yeah right. xP)

[b]Goddess[/b], also known as the lovely Annie! How could you even THINK of throwing any sort of OB event without her there? Shame, shame. Plus, I can't go anywhere without her and her oh-so-humpable leg. ^_~

And finally, [b]Kamuro[/b] himself. I love RPing with him, and some of his ideas are really awesome. I've talked to him a bit through PMs, and he's always kind and laid back. Having him there would be a great chance for me to get to know him better. <33

And there's my list of potential housemates. There are lots more I'd like to bring along, but I tried to keep it to 6 others. (It was difficult. ;-; )Gah.. Now I want there to be an actual OB Real World. xD[/size][/color]
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[color=hotpink][size=1]Well, not that it happened for REAL or anything, but Otaku Big Brother was pretty much the Real World for Otakuites except people were voted off and such. If you want to read in on that, it's in the events section. OBBII was the funniest thing that ever happened to me in my whole OB experinece. The housemates were folks such as myself, DeathKnight, Ginny, Juuthena, Final Flash (the host) and others. I HIGHLY recommened that you check the thread out, just out of curiousity. It's hilarious.[/color][/size]
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[color=gray][size=1]Yeah, me, Kitty and Gavynn in one house. That'd be a joke... End of the world, whee...

Who would needed in one house with me? Well I'd say that the first combination that popped in my mind would be [b]Hack Helba[/b], [b]Kitty[/b], [b]Dragon Warrior[/b], [b]Imi[/b], [b]Retribution[/b] (we'd probably be killing eachother eventually though), [b]Ozymandius Jones[/b] and I don't dare to add a seventh. This would be a difficult decision and would totally depend on what the show would aim at >_>"[/size][/color]
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[font=Verdana][color=blue]You yourself said that this post is irrelevant. Please, keep that sort of comment to PMs (or some other form of communication) as it really has nothing to do with this thread.[/color][/font]
[font=Verdana][color=#0000ff]- Petie[/color][/font]
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[quote name='Jake of Bodom']This is irrelevant, but Ilium: nice avatar! Warhammer rocks.[/quote]
Thanks. It took me forever to find a picture that would fit... This site's Avatar size is smaller than what most of my pre-prepared Avis, but I think that one's cool aswell :cool: [/COLOR]
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Yeah, it's awesome! Chaos, right?

By the way, you can just go to Art By Request and request a banner/avatar of pretty much anything and someone's usually willing to help. Who Am I? made my banner and avatar in response to a post I made there.

[font=Verdana][color=blue]Like I said before, please keep discussions about your avatar out of this thread as they do not relate to the topic in any way. Thanks.[/color][/font]
[font=Verdana][color=blue]- Petie[/color][/font]
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[COLOR=RoyalBlue][SIZE=1][FONT=Verdana]This was a very hard decision, because i'm not that social with too many OB members.

But if i were to be picked to live in a house and have my life taped. To find out what happens when people stop being polite and start getting real. I would have to pick.

[U][B]Retribution, Hack Helba, and Boo:[/B][/U] These three guys are the people that are going to keep me out of trouble. And these are the same people that i'm probably going to annoy the most. It's fun getting in little "Your Mom" quarrels with Retri while we drool over Catherine-Zeta-Jones. So overall, i feel like we'd have a brotherly bond but we are not afraid to throw some Flying-Kicks-to the face into the mix.
[B]Imi, Kitty, and Goddess:[/B][/U] You guys better watch out for this trio. Imi and Kitty seem like the kind and nice type, who can get excessively hyper at times. Although i don't know Annie too well, i think that if i have a problem, she'd be the one i'd go to.
[B]Ima:[/B][/U] Adding Ima into the mix will be a fun and a dramatic experience. I think Ima will be the roommate who will get in the most fights with members. I just thought he'd spicen up the atmosphere a bit.

I may not know some of them too well, but i'd like to. I just hope no one dies before i even get to choose which bedroom i get to sleep in o.O

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[SIZE=1]Oh-ho! I definitely missed this one... I should've posted earlier.

[b]Hack Helba[/b] comes to mind first. I mean, every season needs the guy who all the girls angst over, and who is the source of most of the cat fights. Heh. Perfect man for the job.

[b]Kitty[/b] she's kind of given, if Hack is in the house. She practically is adjoined at the hip to him =P, and besides, Kitty's funny and energetic. The perfect person to do all the work in the house and bounce off the walls with energy to spare.

[b]Sean[/b] Just because he's... Sean. I mean, c'mon, Sean's the man. Everyone needs one of those chill types that gets along with everyone, and he's your man. Haha.

[b]Imi/ULX[/b] You can't drive a chisel between them, so let them BOTH on board! They're both awesome -- the week I've known ULX, and the months I've known Jamie let me know that they're both too awesome to pass up.

[b]Rising Sun[/b] Cause I need someone to ridicule me about my music taste. And he'd be practically the only person I could win against in a fight. >_<;;

[b]Me[/b] Because, the season is completely pointless without me. Without me it's a bunch of people (lame ones, might I add =P), who'd just have a bunch of fun! I mean, I need to be there to stir stuff up and make it good television.[/SIZE]
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[font=trebuchet ms]Ok, I don't really know anyone but Dragon Warrior anymore, but I'll give this a shot.

[b]Me:[/b] It is MY Real World after all, I'd have to be in it...

[b]Dragon Warrior:[/b] Although he calls me gay, and would manage to pimp all the ladies before I'd get to any of them, he's the only real friend of mine who still posts here. Oh, and he's a frickin' pirate! ARRR!

[b]Hack Helba:[/b] He actually had the balls to IM me. He's cool just for doing that. He's great with graphics and quite funny in IM's.

[b]Kamuro:[/b] We are very similar, he's like my smarter twin. He really seems to be good at everything and knows everything. Simply a cool guy, even though I haven't formally met him yet.

[b]Jake of Bodom:[/b] Do we really need another metal-head? YES!!! I have a feeling that Jake would be the "b1tch" of the group, just considering how opinionated he is about everything.

[b]Retribution:[/b] I haven't met him at all, but he seems like a really cool person. He's one of my favorite graphic artists on here. He seems nice and definitely a person I'd like to meet.

[b]Shinobi's Angel:[/b] Yeah, she's quite the 'n00b' on the boards, but she IM'ed me a few times and we struck up some interesting conversations. Plus, we don't want a dudefest... even if she's quite younger than the rest of us, lol.[/font]

EDIT: [00:13] AltronWing04: Do I get 'balls' points now? lol
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I would have a hard time choosing, as there are so many fun and interesting people here. ^_^ I can think of a few right off that I would choose.

Panda ? She?s just so sweet and lovable, I can?t imagine OtakuBoards without her so I?d definitely want her there.

Ozymandius Jones - I just love reading her posts and how she signs guest books, she has such an awesome sense of humor.

Elfpirate ? She?s quite the character as well and would definitely shake things up to keep us from getting bored.

Pumkin ? Hehe! I would pick you for similar reasons. ^_^

Mariskah ? As one of my best friends in real life as well I can?t imagine not having her along, she?s got a diabolical demented sense of humor. I?ve been with her on vacation before and we always have tons of fun.

indifference ? She may be new but she?s obviously quite interesting and I think she would make a nice addition, as she?s quite straightforward.

As for the seventh, I can?t possible choose as there are so many others I think would be fun to have around. I guess I would have to put all their names in a hat and then randomly pick one. ^_^

EDIT: Sorry about that Ozymandius Jones, I meant to say she and ended up saying he! LOL ^_~
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[COLOR=DarkOrange][QUOTE=Dragon Warrior]I dunno. I think the madness would be unlimited if I were in the same place with Shinmaru, Syk3, Ozymandius Jones, Charles, and Fitar. The show wouldn't make any sense and the constant discussion of porn, homosexuality, and women would come up almost 98% of the time. The other 2% would be nothing but me drooling uncontrollably due to brain loss. I'm not sure who else would want to be in a house with Shin, Syk3, Ozy, Fitar, Charlies, and myself, but if they are willing, they're more than welcome.

I'd think me alone would be stupid enough.[/QUOTE]

I would be the one in the corner shaking, or trying to keep them from doing dumb things. :p


[I]Dragon Warrior[/I] - We have the same taste in music, so I wouldn't have to pry him away from the stereo

[I]Boo[/I] - Because our dear Spider-boy amuses me the most of any of the people who IM me to talk about Fidel Castro losing power just because you remembered to feed your cat...

[I]Sage Kaley[/I] - Because she understands my John Entwistle obsession, and has, on occasion, teamed up with me against the various annoying males in chat-rooms.

[I]Snarktastic[/I] - Because I knew her before she join Otakuboards, and because watching her and Boo interact would be enough to send me to the floor with laughter...

[I]Grammar Panzer[/I] - She's insanely hilarious and lovable, and I pity you poor forums who haven't had a chance to know her yet.

[I]Billy Shears[/I] - Fellow advocate of classic rock and crazed music-themed RPs. He'd be there to make sure people didn't try and sneak anything into the cd player

[I]StarrStruck[/I] - She's my sister ANYways, so it's kinda a given.

By the time six months were up, Grammar Panzer and StarrStruck would've adopted ten million kitties, Snarky and Boo would either hate each other or be teamed up to drive the neightbors insane, Sage Kaley and I would've teamed up to write the weirdest fanfic EVAR and the neighbors would have better taste in music.

Or we would all be arrested and evicted.

One of the two.

[quote name='SunfallE']Ozymandius Jones - I just love reading his posts and how he signs guest books, he has such an awesome sense of humor.[/quote]

You're right about the humor, wrong about the chromosones. Teh Ozy is a girl, plz and thank you. :p[/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1]So many people to choose from, I get on with so many people. Okay, here goes.

[*][b]Imi/ULX[/b] - One Person. Me and Jamie have gotten on since the start, it would be great, the madness finding the car, well...god that's some madness.
[*][b]Gavin[/b] - 'Course, I need someone to have a good ol' chat with, and me and Gavin have quite respectable chats about RP's and other sorts all the time.
[*][b]Retribution[/b] - 'OMFGWTFWHEEEE!' Where would his [b]fanatical[/b] fanboy be without his [b]God[/b], lol. Alex just plain rules though, amazing art, amazing mind.
[*][b]Deucalion[/b] - Ah, me and Spence go a long way back, having bands together in RP's, the good ol' days. We would go crazy and start having pillow fights in our underwear ^_~.
[*][b]Boo[/b] - The unspeakable madness has returned full throttle, me and Boo moshing in unison on Guild Wars? Pfft, what about in real life, go us!
[*][b]James[/b] - The Matrix, Kill Bill, Marilyn Manson. 3 good reasons, if I say so myself.
[*][b]Kitty[/b] - Ah, now, my dearest Kitty. Me and Kitty are great friends, we talk, not too often, but I seldom see her these days. It would be great to see her on more than a daily basis, and have random arguments about things worthwhile.

That's it basically. I would love to have more, and I ws already pushing it with Imi and ULX, muahahahaha.[/SIZE]
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[size=1]I don't chat with many people - in fact Aiyisha is about the only person I consistently chat with. You all need MSN. Hence, my housemate decisions are based solely on what impression I've gained off people.

[b]Aiyisha[/b]: We chat just about everyday, and I am hosted by [i]her[/i]. So, it makes sense.

[b]Hevn[/b]: Couldn't deprive them of each other now, could I?

[b]Generic NPC #3[/b]: I've always had a great respect for Tony, and he seems like he'd be an easy enough guy to get along with.

[b]Doc[/b]: Again, we chat but rarely, but I think it'd be fun. As long as he quit with the leg-humping >=O

[b]John[/b]: He needs a break from Kansas.

[b]Neuvoxraiha[/b]: We used to message each other regularly. In fact, around 1000 of my PMs are from her, lol. Plus she'd make it...interesting ~_^

[b]Corey[/b]: Couldn't leave Captain Chubb behind.

[b]Gavin[/b]: Yeah, the Irish one. We have some very different views on things like religion, but it'd be good to have him anyway.

[b]Azurewolf[/b]: Pretty well much the same reasons as for Gavin. Plus I always see him on MSN but don't talk to him. Sorry Azure!

[b]Chaos[/b]: Neil would be a pretty interesting person to meet IRL, I figure. We've exchanged words, so it'd be interesting to see how it turns out.[/size]
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Interesting idea to choose members from this site to be with you for six months in the same house, it would definitely be quite the experience. I have not been here for very long but I can think of a few people I would choose if presented with this situation.

Mariskah ? She is the first person I really met here and her wacky sense of humor is quite similar to mine.

SunfallE - She is the second person I really got to know here, she seems like a creative and fun person.

Panda ? No place would be complete with out the Panda. She?s just so awesome.

Ozymandius Jones ? I would pick her for the same reason SunfallE would. Her style of posting is so unique and fun to read.

Aaryanna ? I think she would be a lot of fun too. Quite the smart little thing, I bet she would keep us all on our toes so to speak.

As for the others, I really don?t know, as I haven?t really gotten to know very many people yet. Seeing how amazing the people here really are I?m betting that just about everyone would be fun to met in person.

As for the gender mix up, Pumpkin accidentally referring to SunfallE as a guy when she?s a girl and SunfallE referring to Ozymandius Jones as a guy when she is a girl, well, with so many here it?s easy to do, even when you know which one they really are. I?m pretty sure I have it correct but as far as being friends, gender doesn?t matter to me. Till later.

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