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Sign Up Pokemon Fighting League [PG-L]


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[color=darkblue][size=1][b]A Katoko Production

Pokémon Fighting League: Introduction[/b]

There are a great many mysteries in the world, each more enveloping than the last. In the past, many beings that appeared to be paranormal, the Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot, and several others were spotted worldwide, no one knowing what they really were?

Then, in 1998, the truth behind these creatures was revealed. While they weren?t exactly what the world was expecting, these creatures certainly sent a shockwave through the masses. These strange creatures could use even stranger powers and seemed to have the very elements at their beck and call. These creatures?were Pokémon.

Upon their discovery, scientists everywhere took up the cause of studying these mysterious creatures. In the process, many have lost their lives, underestimating the fierce power of some of them. But now, thanks to their efforts and the work of several others, it is the strong belief the world over that we?re starting to get a grasp on the Pokémon world.

During the time that most scientists were searching for a way to study Pokémon, there were others developing technology to help capture the creatures and use them in a way that was beneficial to humans. After several years of development, scientists successfully created the first PokéBall in 2001. Once proven to be able to capture the creatures, they were mass produced and sold to the public at a reasonable price. People seemed pleased to be able to harness the Pokémon?s powers for themselves and used them to help them in their daily lives. Not long afterward, some members of the younger generation began using the Pokémon to fight each other. These were the first Pokémon battles.

As time went on, Pokémon battling became a worldwide phenomenon. It eventually became an international sport, with the very first World Championship held in Tokyo, Japan in 2006. During this tournament, several Pokémon were seriously injured and it was decided by the newly formed Pokémon Battling Commission that such treatment was cruelty to Pokémon. For this reason, Pokémon battling was banned worldwide until special hospitals were built for the medical treatment of Pokémon. The first was built in India in mid-2007 and others were finished around the world the same year. Due to the fact that trainers often met together for the sole purpose of their Pokémon, they earned the nickname ?Pokémon Centers.? The term is now permanently associated with the Pokémon hospitals. The ban was lifted once all the hospitals were complete. Though there is one in every major city, there are also several scattered throughout the world in forests, plains, deserts, etc.

Pokémon battling tournaments continued and technology advanced over time. In 2098, records dating back to the infancy of Pokémon research were found in the computer records of Bill, the man who created the first Pokémon Storage System, who was also known as ?PokéManiac Bill? among trainers. In the records, Bill underwent an experiment which went wrong and resulted with his DNA being crossed with that of a Pokémon. Going on his records, scientists recreated the experiment and eventually managed to find a way that would allow both people and Pokémon to ?merge? together into one being: one that would retain their basic human form, but have all the abilities (and some features) of a Pokémon. It took several years to perfect the technique and in 3005, scientists announced that they had done it. Soon afterward, watch-like devices called ?Mergers? began becoming available to the public.

Mergers work only after a trainer has captured a Pokémon by normal means. Once a Pokémon has been captured, it is given a band that will only respond to the signal from its trainer?s Merger inside its PokéBall. The Pokéball itself will then be transferred to the individual trainer?s storage space, which all registered trainers have. It can be called out through voice-command from the Merger anytime afterward. While it may be possible for a Pokémon and trainer to merge right after capture, the likelihood is low due to the fact that the Pokémon?s level of affection toward the trainer has been found to significantly affect whether a merge is possible or not.

In 3007, the Pokémon Battling Commission changed its name to the Pokémon Fighting League and began specifically using Merger technology for official events and tournaments. Each year, the World Championship is held in a different place, with last year?s Champion claiming her title on the Fiji Islands.

Pokémon trainers the world over continue to participate and start journeys of their own in hopes of obtaining the title of Pokémon Master and this year is no exception?


254 Tatakai
Tokyo, Japan

Dear Trainer,

Congratulations! I?m pleased to inform you that your application has been accepted and you have been registered into our database with the following information:

Appearance (picture or written description is acceptable):
Pokémon (up to 3; [b]the use of Legendary Pokémon is prohibited[/b]):

Once you confirm your registration, you will become an official PFL trainer and will be able to use all benefits and facilities located around the world. Please find enclosed the PFL standard Merge Watch which you should use from now on, a Lapras Pass which will allow you to use any ferry or ocean liner you may need to use on your journey and a Pidgeot Pass that will allow you to board special flights only for PFL-recognized trainers. (Please note that these items will not become active until you confirm your registration.) If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me or your local PFL representative located at the nearest International Pokémon Centre. I wish you the best of luck in your battles and I hope to see you at the Championship this year!

Best regards,

Kei Kamagawa
Trainer Relations Overseer
Pokemon Fighting League HQ
Enclosure (3)


Hey there, everyone. As you can probably tell, this is one Pokémon RPG that kind of breaks the mold. Jokopoko and I have been working on it for a while, so we hope you enjoy it. [b]The Underground thread, [url=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?p=677921#post677921]Pokémon Fighting League: Trainer's Database[/url], is now available for viewing.[/b] Thank you and have fun! ^^

[b]Note:[/b] Sign-ups will close on [b]Saturday, Sept. 3.[/b] The only way someone can enter afterward will be to PM either Jokopoko or myself with your sign-up and we will determine if you can join. Thanks for understanding. ^^[/color][/size]
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Name:Kyohen Mitsurugi

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Nationality: Japanese

Appearance: 5' 6", wears a black T-shirt and light brown baggy shorts. Skinny, wears blue gloves and black shoes. Has dark brown/black hair and blue eyes.

Pokémon: Charmeleon, Growvyle

Biography: Kyohen was born in Japan and grew up living a fairly normal life. He was always very fond of Pokemon and at age 10 he set out to catch his own. Unfortuanetally he was having a really hard time and a year later he still didn't have any Pokemon. Finally one day he found a Charmander nearly dead in a rainstorm. He saved it and took care of it and for the next year they were best friends. After that year Charmander decided it wanted to fight and the two of them began fighting their way through Pokemon battles until Charmander evolved. They decided they would take on the gym leader challange. Unfortuanetally they lost against Koga from Lavendor town and decided they needed more time to train. Around that time Pokemon fusion became popular and they began fighting fusion battles. Some time later, after capturing a Grovyle and training against many opponents, they decided to enter the championship.
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[SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B] Brooke Daniels [Stereotypical name. So sue me. =__=]
[B]Age:[/B] 15
[B]Gender:[/B] Female
[B]Nationality:[/B] American

[B]Appearance:[/B] Brooke stands roughly at five and a half feet tall with a thin waistline. She has bright green eyes and long, golden-brown hair that reaches down to her lower back. She normally dresses in a light blue tanktop with some kind of saying on it, along with her favorite pair of denim shorts and belt she uses to hold her pokeballs. She wears her socks up to her knees, and her feet rest inside two shoes that seem way to big for her feet, yet amazingly seem to fit her small feet snuggly.

- Dragonair
- Shelgon

[B]Biography:[/B] Brooke has had her Dragonair for as long as she can remember, though he was a Dratini when the two first met. She was barely able to stand at the time, but he stumbled into her yard, looking for something to snack on. She handed him some of her crackers and he decided to stick around. They spent the majority of their time together just playing together up until she turned seven, when her parents explained the 'rules' of having a pokémon. So, she was given a pokeball and captured her friend with ease. However, Dratini cared little for the world inside the pokeball and stayed outside of it constantly.

At eight years of age, Brooke was introduced to the world of battling when the bully in her neighborhood brought his Tyrogue around. He bruised her up a bit before Dratini grabbed a hold of him and squeezed him tight. The bullies were scared away, but Brooke was confused. Consulting her parents again, they explained to her what had happened. Finally clued in, she made an oath with her partner that the two of them would battle with the best of them.

Brooke left home at the age of ten, like most other kids who planned to become trainers. To her surprise, she beat quite a few trainers with ease. As she progressed, however, Dratini couldn't keep up with all the opponents. So, she back tracked a bit and trained with her only pokemon until the two came across a small Bagon. Remembering what she had been taught, Brooke sent Dratini to wear it down but be careful not to knock it out. However, the wild pokemon was not easy to beat. But after a tiring battle, she had added a second pokemon to her roster.

The three of them trained for a while, and she moved through towns, beating trainers as she went. There were losses, but there are always losses. A bit before she turned twelve, Dratini evolved. She grew a fondness for the grace and power of dragon pokemon, and made another goal to make all the dragons her own. But she knew it would take a while before she found them all. With her newly evolved pokemon, the trio was a force to be reckoned with. She entered tournaments and came out in the top three almost every time. Nothing would stop her and her best friend from finding the best trainers out there and taking them on, one at a time.

About the time Bagon evolved, merging was steadily growing more popular. The thought of battling [i]as[/i] a pokemon nearly made her drool. Though she already had a few goals in place, she made her next one getting a Merger and entering the tournament. Ever since, she's been battling and training her two pokemon in hopes of getting one and beating other trainers as her pokemon.

[COLOR=#006aaf]Woo! Great idea Lady K! It's great to see a good pokemon RPG in the inn these days. ^_~ And sorry about the biography. I'll get it done, though.

EDIT: Got it finished. Hope that's alright. x3[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[SIZE=1]Name: Damien O'Hallehahn
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Nationality: Irish/ Australian

Appearence: Damien is just barely topping 5'7 so he is not short but not tall either. He is heavily built though so he is slightly intimidating. he has dull blue eyes and dirty blond hair which is clipped moderatly short and is slicked back. He has a very fine goatee which is unfortunatly not very neat.
He is usually dressed in a pair of grey jeans with red strips down the side, A black Metallica T-Shirt, a leather jacket and a pair of grey of runners. He holds his pokeballs in a hidden section of his jacket but ir should also be noted that he rarely gets the pokeball that he is looking for.

1) Sandslash
2) Zangoose.
3) Sharpedo

Biography: Damien was born into an average Irish family that was living in Darwin, Australia and was the second of four siblings. He was always overshadowed by his older brother even though he was better at school however, his brother always was better at sport even though he was shockingly bad at school and late ron in battling.

When he was 14, Damien captured Zangoose in the Kakadu park and a month later he captured Sandslash at Uluru (Ayers Rock). Thinking that he had the edge on his sibling, He immediatly challenged his brother to a 2 on 2 battle but he lost humiliatingly to his older and more experienced sibling.
After this defeat, His older brother left on a journey to find rarer and stronger pokemon. Damien, not wanting to fall behind his brother, set off on to enter the Pokemon Fighting League to just maybe be seen as better than his brother.
Damien used up all of his money, even the money from his own bank account to get a trip to a place where he could sign up.

His first stop on his trip was to Sydney where he actually signed up for the League and during this stop over went fishing in search of a water pokemon to improve his team. He actually got lucky and hooked Sharpedo but in its fury, It ripped a hole in the side of the Dinghy that he was using and nearly drowned him. Luckily, Damien wasn't too far out so after battling with Sharpdeo using Zangoose and captured it, then swam back to shore. Afterwards, He boarded a flight to Japan to be able to qualify there.
Well done, Lady Katana. I've been looking for a decent Pokemon RPG for ages.
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[center][size=1][color=#00008b][b]Name:[/b] Ivy McAndrews[/center]
[center][b]Age:[/b] 17[/center]
[center][b]Gender:[/b] Female[/center]
[center][b]Nationality:[/b] English[/color][/size][/center]
[center][size=1][color=#00008b][b]Appearance:[/b] Look Below...[/center]
[center][size=1][color=#00008b][b]1:[/b] Combusken[/color][/size][/center]
[center][size=1][color=#00008b][b]2:[/b]Hypno[/color][/size] [/center]

[center][b]Biography:[/b] Born outside of London Ivy got to see several different types of pokemon growing up. There was always a pokemon in the house be in her older brothers or her parents. When she was old enough her mother gave her a Drowzee. With her very first pokemon she began training against her brother and sisters who were only a few years ahead of her. Although she couldnt win very often she learned a thing or two and eventually drowzee evolved into Hypno. When she felt confident enough she went out and searched for more pokemon. After a long while of not finding just the right one she had almost given up when Hypno woke her from her sleep to show her what she was looking for. After capturing the wild Combusken she began training with it as well. After a while the merging technology caught her intrest and she decided to try it out. She registered for the championships. [/center]

[center][size=1][b]Appearance:[/b] Same as picture except she wears an orange shirt with a black vest over that. Two black gloves (one on each hand) and each glove has a slot for one pokeball (so far both are filled so she has had no reason to get a belt or anything such as that.) Her hair is longer and instead of blonde it is black with bleached tips. She wears black pants with orange swirl makrs on the sides of the legs. She wears black shoes with orange laces. Orange socks. (Ignore the handcuffs, wolves, and chains lol)[/size][/center]
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[size=1][color=#E3170D][B]Name-[/B] Rose JangMi* Kim
[B]Age-[/B] 17
[B]Gender-[/B] Female
[B]Nationality-[/B] Korean
[B]Appearance-[/B] [URL=http://img387.imageshack.us/img387/4277/yuiri4ln.jpg]Rose[/URL] is a beautiful girl underneath all the tough exterior and ice-cold eyes. She stands at the height of 5 feet and 6 inches with short olive-brown hair that changes to either a hazel brown or chocolate brown in the summer or winter, but keeps its natural color during spring and autumn. Her eyes also coincide with her olive-brown hair, giving her a magnificent brown with speckles of gray hidden in them.

Rarely does Rose wear anything fashionable or trendy. She?d rather wear last year?s clothes and make the new line look just not as great but still add her own touch. Rose dresses in a vest that has a hood with fur lining and shades of green all around over a slate green tank that has intricate stitches that hold it together. On top of that, she wears khaki pants with brown boots and green knee-high socks. She also wears leather elbow gloves that have green fabric similar to her socks embedded in the gloves.

All the while more, she still keeps a slender figure while working to help keep her grandparents? Inn up and running, at the same time training with her pokémon to compete in the Pokémon Fighting League.

[B]Pokémon (up to 3)-[/B]
- Flygon
- Sableye
- Feraligator

[B]Biography-[/B] Years before Rose was born, her family was filled with different people who used Pokémon in many different ways. There were miners who used ground pokémon to help dig and keep the mine safe, hunters who used fierce pokémon and sent them out to hunt, fighters, healers, and many different types of people who used Pokémon. Now, her family is filled with doctors, teachers, trainers, breeders, Pokémon coordinators, and so much more. Though, none has ever been a Merger, which is the only thing that Rose can call her own for her family has been nagging for her to take on a duty, a job, and a role of some sort ever since she received Totodile, who is now a Feraligator.

When the time came for Rose to receive her first pokémon, there was a debate as to what pokémon she would receive. Her mother wanted her to have a feminine pokémon, one that was gentle and adorable in appearance, while her father wanted her to have one that had a lot of machissimo and strength, and then there was the argument over a ghost to protect the spirits from her grandparents, then fire, then grass, and so forth. Yet not a single person talked about water because to them, having a water pokémon was feared and shameful for once a long time ago, her ancestors? village was washed away by a ferocious water pokémon who flooded the village, destroyed the crops, and did much damage, leaving them poor and frightened. But this was Rose?s choice and when she decided, her choice was a Totodile when she went to her uncle-in-law, who was a professor.

To Rose, Feraligator was the only friend that she had ever found because she was the only child at the time and Feraligator was the only one who stayed by her side even as her family ridiculed her and put harm to Feraligator when it was a Totodile. It was difficult and there were many times when Totodile and she cried but never showing their sorrow and pain to the others. Her family was a bit understanding but the past shrouded over them and caused them to believe that water pokémon were dangerous and vile, something that should be locked up, just a felon should be. Even as a couple of years passed, Rose?s family still despised Totodile, who turned into a Croconaw from all the stress, hatred, and exile he had felt. Just as Croconaw was pained, so was Rose in this ordeal, which was why she decided to isolate and exclude herself from her family, showing her face only when it was time to eat and when she had to work. She was going to show her family that Croconaw would become one of the greatest pokémon in History.

Being the eldest of the children in a Korean family means that one has much responsibility and respect but also trust. It doesn?t mean that Rose is able to make the younger ones, who are her cousins, being that she is an only child, do all the work but make sure that they are working hard, as she is working, too. Being the eldest means many things, it means the first to go to school, and the first to journey across the lands, the first to do all sorts of things, and it also means the first to battle in an official competition as her ancestors have. The most important was that Rose was the eldest and in her mind, she wanted to leave an impact on her younger cousins and show them what she can do, giving them the confidence she finds in herself. And it was her decision as the eldest to register and become one of the world?s greatest pokémon champions in history.

[B]Other(*)-[/B] JangMi is the Korean translation for Rose.[/size][/color]
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Name: Naomi Deville




Appearance: She is a little shorter than average sixteen-year old girl. She is very petit and likes to wear her hair in braids.
She usually dresses in bright coloured shirts and wears light blue jeans with a brightly coloured skirt over them.

-Espeon (Minka)
-Hitmontop (Oriel)
-Vaporeon (Serendipity)

Naomi was born and raised in Canada. Her father had left her mother when she was only 11 years old. He had left her with a pokeball which she attached to a necklace. She had lived a quiet life until one day, when she was 15, her little brother, Remy, who was two years younger ran away.

She was babysitting him that day because her mother had to work an extra shift at the hospital she worked at. They had a fight that evening which made Remy barge out the front door. She thought he was going to come back, and she looked at the clock, and it was already 2 am. She looked everywhere for him and eventually saw him harassing a sickly looking Espeon.

The Espeon took Remy's harrassing until, she stopped him. She captured the Espeon and dragged her brother home. She cared for the Espeon, which she named Minka, until she was better and Minka was loyal ever since.

After this incident, Naomi decided that she wanted to become a Pokemon Trainer and worked hard so she could get enough money to go to the World Championships.

[COLOR=Plum]ok, I'm finally done![/COLOR]
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Name:Rei Duad
Nationality:Mixed Mexican and Japanese
Biography: Rei found her first pokemon in the forest near her home.It was a vulpix and she nursed for two years before the two legs healed and was able to fully trust another person.Vulpix finally trusted her and became her most trusted companion. Then,her father brought home a mareep and Rei was excited that she had finally got two pokemon.The only problem was that Mareep was a trouble-maker.It liked taking food that was not her's and didn't get along with Vulpix.About a year later,Vulpix finally evolved into Ninetails and Mareep became nervous around him.

Rei was in terriable accident and her left arm had to be taken off and replaced.It was replaced by a metal arm,which she hides under a long sleave shirt and a pair of white gloves.Mareep then,a week later,evolved when Rei was being attacked by some bullies.It now had become a Flaffy and now,it respected Rei a little bit more and wasn't a trouble maker so much.

she went to a contest a month later and won first place,giving her the choice to choose between two pokemon;An eevee or a ditto.she chose the eevee,and began to train it very hard,hoping it would evolve into either a Espeon or Umbreon.Finally,after about two months hard work,it finally evolved into a Umbreon.she named it Hikari,which means light.If it had evolved into Espeon,she would have called it Yami,which means dark.
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=TEAL][B]Name:[/B] Jonah Harris

[B]Age:[/B] 27

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Nationality:[/B] British [England]

[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL=http://www.gaming-media.com/rpg/atlc/Artwork/valhart-1.jpg]Clicky[/URL] [Minus the sword of course ^^;;]

Castform [Farcaster]
Houndoom [Harlequin]
Metang [Strongarm]

[B]Biography:[/B] To say that Jonah has had a normal life would, by any stretch of the imagination, be a lie. He has born in Portsmouth and for as long as he could recall, he was told his family had a strong connection with the sea, as his ancestors had been in the Royal Navy and fought in the wars of the past. While his family still had connections with the sea in his life time it was for a different purpose, his parents were Pokémon scientists who were working with mainly Water-type Pokémon for the government, looking for various ways that the Pokémon could be used to aid the Navy, but not in a military sense, as such practices had been considered cruelty to animals. So Jonah?s earliest memories of Pokémon were happy ones because he was often allowed to play with the first-stage Pokémon because they were much easier to tame, such as Azurills and Horseas.

As he grew so did his interest in Pokémon, gradually changing from the traditional view of wanting to be a trainer as many children to more of a benign role, such as studying them in the wild. He had owned several Pokémon as a child but they weren?t truly his as they had been caught by his father for him and he wasn?t allowed to keep them if they evolved to a more powerful form, like his Krabby. The first time he caught a Pokémon for his own was when he was seventeen. His father had asked to come on a research gathering mission sent out to find one of the most elusive Pokémon in history, the Castform breed. Many felt that if they were able to find out how Castform could control the weather then they would be closer to doing it themselves and be able to prevent disasters caused by violent weather.

When the boat Jonah was on found itself caught in a violent storm he was one of the ones who was flung from the boat into the water, he didn?t panic though but he was wary of losing sight of the boat but that was before he saw a small silhouette against a flash of light. As he swam through the waves he saw that it was a young Castform that appeared to having some kind of fit, acting quickly he flung his only Pokéball toward it and as it vanished in a flash of light the storm abruptly stopped.

When he and his father returned to the research facility in Portsmouth, they saw that this Castform was too young to have a full reign over its weather-controlling abilities so it was not suitable for study, it therefore remained with Jonah. It took a long time for the Castform (which Jonah named Farcaster) to trust its trainer, but eventually Jonah gained the trust of the little Pokémon and soon abandoned the life of a researcher and became a trainer. During these early days, it was just Jonah and Farcaster, the reason being Jonah didn?t feel the need for anymore Pokémon as Farcaster was strong enough on its own. However, experience began to show him that he required more Pokémon, so he took a break from training to capture and train some more Pokémon.

What he finished with was a female Houndour which he named Harlequin and a Beldum which he named Strongarm. After a few years out of the Pokémon Battle Commission, he re-entered the tournament with a far stronger team which was able to see him to the semi-finals on several occasions. When rolled by Jonah was a well-known and respected trainer within the Commission and they asked him to become one of their trainer liaisons for a few years which he readily agreed to. While he is still able to take part in the tournament, he is also required to serve as a guide for the new trainers in their first tournament with the new Pokémon Fighting League.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][B]Name:[/B] Lucille O'Donnell
[B]Age: [/B] 22
[B]Gender:[/B] Female
[B]Nationality:[/B] Irish
[B]Appearance:[/B] Lucille is five feet two with a normal build; nothing spectacular, but not unattractive either. She has long red hair that she wears braided at all times, and wide grey eyes, usually hidden behind large glasses. For clothing, however, Lucy is a bit more flamboyant - she wears an old, green regency jacket, complete with gold braid and trim, and green, loose leggings. When she wears her jacket open, you can see a white linen shirt that matches the jacket, frilled at the neck and wrists. She wears a yellow sash across her chest, and she keeps her pokeballs in a pocket behind that.
[B]Pokémon:[/B] [list]

[B]Biography:[/B] Lucy was never into Pokemon as a young child, despite her grandfather working at a Pokecenter. They always just seemed like other animals - albeit more powerful - to her. She preferred to focus on artistic persuits. And then she hit thirteen and her art instructer assigned her to draw a living Pokemon...that she had caught. Somewhat annoyed, she want out looking for Pokemon, her grandf ather showing her where to find them.

After several false starts and an embarassing incedent involving a nest of Rattata, she caught her first Pokemon, a very, very young Scyther...and was hooked. Was it a plant that acted like an animal, or an animal with plantish traits? Either way, the muscles, the play of sunlight on scales and wings facinated her like no other subject had. And so, still with her grandfather's help she began searching for other Pokemon.

And then merging technology came on the scene. Already a fan of drawing Pokemon, already a fan of drawing people, Lucy had to try this. And so, because the best way to sketch a group is to become a [i]part[/i] of said group, she invested in a merger for herself. Since then, she and her Pokemon have just wandered from here to there, living off the money she makes sketching people in cities.

Her main reason for registering for the tournament is to sketch the other Trainers, as all are garunteed to be strong mergers...although she has much, much faith in her own team as well. [/COLOR]
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[Color=DarkBlue][B]Name[/B]: Ariko Fredrick

[B]Age[/B]: 13

[B]Gender[/B]: Male

[B]Nationality[/B]: German/Hispanic

[B]Appearance[/B]:[URL=http://www.ff-rpg.com/serge04.jpg]Here[/URL] is a recent picture of Ariko, watching his brother in the local arena.

Mudkip (Mosh)
Mawile (Jeer)
Cyndaquil (Point)

[B]Biography[/B]: Ariko comes from a very competitive family. All six of his older brothers and sisters are in the tournament this year, and were all very surprised when Ariko signed up. With thirteen years, most kids would still be working on merging, or at least perfecting the technique, but Ariko is a different story.

When Ariko was six, his oldest brother, Jarred, took him out, and gave him a pokéball, and with out explaining anything, sent him out into the forest. There, he walked around for a couple of minutes, watching the various life activity. He suddenly came upon a little Mudkip, crying in the middle of the road. Ariko?s six year old, last child, brain kicked in, and he immediately felt sorry for it. Approaching the Mudkip, he held out his hand, and bended over, trying to meet the Mudkip in size stature. The Mudkip backed away at first, but quickly warmed up to Ariko and by the end of the day, Ariko had his first Pokémon.

Ariko and the newly christened Mosh, began to train immediately in old school battling, by going up against his closest siblings. At first, their losing streak was unbelievable, losing even to fire types weaker than they were. The answer was practice, and practice they did. Within a year, they were ready, having added Jeer the Mawile to the mix. They tried again to climb the ladder within the family, and succeeded. By the time he was 11, he had beaten his way up to the two oldest, who were out in the world.

At this point, he trained, perfecting old attacks, and learning new ones. He also added Point the Cyndaquil to the team, and the four of them seemed to get along pretty well. They entered a statewide tournament, and came in fourth place, bringing a mere trophy home. His parents, ever the optimists, congratulated him, and insisted on starting his corner of the wall of awards, which held every contest win any of the seven children had.

Over the next two years, Ariko continued to enter the various tournaments, and kept up the hope of a first place win. It finally came in a junior tournament about a month before his 13th birthday. From there, he went onto the country finals, and placed second, losing only to his closest sibling. They both came home happy, although Ariko silently added her to the list of people he had to beat in the league that was coming up. The twins and her sat there, almost like the list that lady in the old movie Kill Bill had. Except he only wanted to win the battle, not kill them. Things could only pan out in his favor. After all, anything can happen, right?[/color]
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[color=darkblue][size=1][b]Name:[/b] Kei Kamagawa

[b]Age:[/b] 25

[b]Gender:[/b] Female

[b]Nationality:[/b] Japanese

[b]Appearance:[/b] Kei stands at five feet ten inches tall. She has waist-length brown hair that?s seemingly plagued with split ends, but is actually just cut that way (it may or may not be held back by a black headband.) She also has light blue eyes, is fair-skinned and has a slightly curvy build. She?s typically seen wearing a white duster with the sleeve rolled to the elbows over a black camisole, black boot-cut jeans with a light blue swirl decal on the sides and black ankle boots with a three-inch heel.

[b]Pokémon:[/b] Persian, Shuppet and Arcanine

[b]Biography:[/b] Kei Kamagawa is the head PFL Trainer Liaison. Her job is to make sure that all the trainers have what they need in order to compete in the PFL and also to get out amongst the trainers to make sure that healthy battling is going on among the masses. It is also her job to inform trainers about events that are going on around the world.

Before Kei came to work at the PFL, she was a Pokémon research assistant at the Kyoto Pokémon Institute. Kei studied various aspects of trained Pokémon behavioral patterns alongside her mentor, Prof. Tanaki, to try and gain an understanding of how the merging process affects both Pokémon and their trainers. She used her research in order to better train her own Pokémon and understand them a bit more.

When Kei was still a small child, she was already very fond of Pokémon, usually being found feeding the wild neighborhood Pokémon in her hometown of Yokohama when her mother called in for dinner. This was how she met her first Pokémon, Meowth. After feeding the creature one night, it followed her into her house, refusing to leave her side. Her mother initially didn?t want her to keep it, but after many hours of pleading and meowing, she finally relented. After that, Kei became a determined trainer and a careful owner (as her mother promised that one screw up would land the scratchcat out on its ear.) One day, on the outskirts of town, the pair came across a Shuppet. Not realizing at the time that normal attacks did fare too well against Ghost-types, the two went after it only to have it disappear every time. The Shuppet found their antics amusing and started hanging around with them when they came out to play every day. This went on for several years. When Kei left home to attend university, the Shuppet came along with her.

After graduation, Meowth (which had evolved into a Persian) and Shuppet continued to accompany their trainer as she decided to throw her hat into the battle ring. Although the group of friends didn?t manage to win any of the tournaments they entered, they still placed fairly well and gained valuable experience.

Eventually, Kei decided that it was time to take a hiatus from battling for a while and turned her attention to studying the behavioral habits of Pokémon in Osaka. Learning several things after only a few years, she came back to the battlefield (well versed in the ways of merging,) but not without another partner. A trainer left his Arcanine at the university and due to its sassy nature, was hard to deal with. As no one wanted to be bothered with it, Kei volunteered to take it, since it would help her research (as well as her battling team.)

Before she could enter another tournament, however, she was propositioned by the PFL to become a low-level trainer liaison. Kei accepted the position on the terms that she could still travel around and battle with trainers on occasion. As time went on, Kei worked her way up the ladder and eventually became the Head Liaison.

Not many people would think that she takes her work seriously, as she comes across as an extremely big flirt and slightly more than oblivious. She does have a blunt tongue and isn?t one for proper language, but when it comes to her job, she?s as serious as they come.


Heyo, everyone. I'm really liking the way that sign-ups are looking. ^^ As I said before, sign-ups will close on Saturday, so the thread will more than likely be up on Sunday evening (CDT) once it's determined who will participate and the posting order is set.[/color][/size]
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[B]Name:[/B] Jacob Frisby
[B]Age:[/B] 21
[B]Gender:[/B] Male
[B]Nationality:[/B] German
[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v418/zapshazam/huihiuh/jjjjjjjjjjjjjj.jpg]Jacob[/URL]
Jacob stands at an average height of 5'8" tall and he holds himself up with a graceful air. His large eyes are hazel in color, and they match his very long and messy hair.

He wears the same orange shirt shown in the picture, and he does own the jacket but he keeps it in a well-worn brown backpack he carries with him unless the weather calls for it. He wears regular khaki pants kept up with a black belt with specially fitted clasps to hold his Pokeballs. His boots are brown and comfortable, yet they are rugged and perfect for the outdoors.

His dog tag reads ?Charlotte? to remind him of his beloved younger sister. Although it is plain and inexpensive like everything he owns, it is his most treasured possession besides his Pokemon.

Ninetails- Female
Vaporeon- Male

OOC: Sorry, I have to go ^_^ Finish the rest tomorrow, I promise.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[B]Name[/B]:Grayson Walker
[B]Appearance[/B] :At 6'0 Grayson is a tall kid.He has black hair with brown eyes.He has a large scar under his left eye from falling out of a tree when he was young.He wears jeans ,a white shirt, and a blank zip up sleveless hoody.
[B]Pokémon [/B] :charizard
[B]Biography[/B]:Grayson was born in a small town named Pettlebrooke with very few people. His parent ran the local drug store.He has a brother and sister both who also like pokemon, but not the way Grayson does. When they look at pokemon they see pets,but when Grayson looks at them he see there potential and a reason to leave the small town he grew up in. Those is the reason he final rose the money to by the necessary supplies and head off to gain great power.During his search he came across a battle between a charizard and a scyther over the territory surrounding a waterfall.At first he thought nothing of it and continued on his journey but then after another look at them he relized the amount of potential each of them had. So he decided to wath the battle and capture them when they were at there weakest point and when that time came he sprung forward with pokeballs in had and captured them both. Thus begining his collection.Some time later while walkin through the mountains he found a injuryed vulpix,althought his first thought was to leave the apperiently weak pokemon there. He decided to take it with him because of possiblityto evolve it into a ninetails and with his band of three complete he and his pokemon begun training even harder for the battles that awaited them.
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[B]Name:[/B] Arashi Stride
[B]Age:[/B] 16
[B]Gender:[/B] Mal
[B]Nationality:[/B] USA
[B]Appearance:[/B] Black Hair, brown eyes, with Black Pants and black shirt. A white jacket covers his arms up to his hands, and goes down to his thighs. Wears a necklace with a Pokeball latched onto it.
Gengar: Female
Sableye: Male
Misdreavus: Female
[B]Biography:[/B] From birth, Arashi was an orphan that lived within the confines of a daycare center in his town. He was facinated by Pokemon, and always watched the battles that took place on the television, and became fond with watching Ghost types fight.. When he had turned 12, he witnessed a horrible sight. His foster mother, who had nurtured him from his birth, was brutally murdered in front of his eyes. Arashi was shocked, and had fled from the murderers into the woods nearby. It was very late at night when Arashi had woken up to another shock. A Gastly was standing over him, preparing to put him to sleep with Hypnosis. Before Gengar could finish, a strange man had captured the Gengar, and without a word, gave it to Arashi, and left.

It has been 4 years since that day, and Arashi has now made a living in Pokemon Training, using his favorite types of Pokemon; Ghosts. His Gastly had evolved into Gengar, and he had caught a Misdreavus and Sableye soon after, training them to become the best Ghosts in all of the Pokemon World. Arashi's hopes are high as he decides to join in the PFL, and dreams of finally coming from the shadows and appear as a great Pokemon Fighter.
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Name: Usigi Uschi

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Nationality: German/Japanese

Apperance: Spiked blonde hair, grey eyes, white tee shirt, camo pants, and combat boots. He is tall, and has very long arms and legs. He has a scar that runs the entirety of his right leg and side. A tatoo on his left arm is of a pikachu holding a handgun.

Pokemon: Raticate (Rat-Pack)
Alakazam (Psycho)
Starmie (Dazzler)

Biography: One day in his early childhood growing up in Berlin, Usigi was playing with his favorite toy engine. His mother walked in and gave him an afternoon snack. Of course, the food went unnoticed as the toy train was much more exiting. When he finally did hunger, he relized the food was missing. Curious, he looked around the room. What he found would turn out to be his life friend.
Rat-Pack was his first pokemon. At first, it was weary of him. But, as time went on, they grew to be better and better friends. Rat-Pack would spend his time out of a pokeball, but would allow himself to be contained if necisary. They grew up together, and when Usigi was 16, Rat-Pack evolved. That was when Usigi and Rat-Pack started battling in tournaments.
On the way from the local battle dome one day, Usigi was ambushed by a gang of Kadabras. Rat-Pack defended him, and defeated all of them. This angered the Alakazam, the leader of the local rabble. In a heated battle, Alakazam was defeated by Rat-Pack's Hyper Fang attack and, using the pokeball won at a tournement, Usigi captured Alakazam.
The three went on to win many battles and were ranked as some of the highest in Germany. On his 18th birthday, Starmie was given to Usigi by his mother, who had a secret passion for pokemon and had raised it all her life.
Using this powerful trio of pokemon, Usugi hopes to one day become the pokemon champion of the world!!! (~cheesy)
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[FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium][SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B] James Griffin

[B]Age:[/B] 28

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Nationality:[/B] Irish

[B]Appearance:[/B] [url=http://aimostudio.com/gallery/sketch/2005/20050321.jpg]Two[/url] [url=http://aimostudio.com/gallery/sketch/2005/20050312.gif]pictures[/url] of James, though the second is an artists sketch of him, rather than a real life picture. James stands just over the six foot mark and is athletically toned and inclined, his blond hair and blue eyes have made him a ladies favourite and a bit of a poster boy, though he gets very embarrassed when the subject is brought up. In terms of clothing he sticks mostly to what?s comfortable, a plain navy cotton t-shirt with light coloured jeans and a pair of white and grey trainers, when the weather is colder he usually dons a cream/off-white coloured jacket to keep him warm.

[B]Pokémon:[/B] Venusaur, Walrein, Lairon

[B]Biography:[/B] The first sound James can recall, even before hearing his mothers voice is the sound of the ocean, the lapping waves of the Atlantic gently sweeping against cliffs below his house, the sound is soothing, almost hypnotic in nature, it?s almost as if he?s listening to the heartbeat of the world. He was born on Inishmore, largest island of the Arans, just off the west coast of Ireland, a small bucolic paradise where life seems to run at a slower, more gentle pace. James? father Ger is and always has been a farmer, just like his father before him, he knows every rock, every tree, every blade of grass on Inishmore, he loves the land, loves it like a person because it?s as much a part of his family as his father or his sons. James? mother May run Inishmore?s Pokémon clinic, an intensely caring woman she spends her days caring for many of the older Pokémon who?s masters have passed on and can no longer take care of them, serene and gentle she is the yin to her husbands fiery and passionate yang, though both share an intense love for life.

Growing up James tried to spend equal time between his parents, whether spending hours with his father getting his hands dirty digging up fresh vegetables, or merely reading quietly to many of the older Pokémon inside the clinic James just wanted to spend as much time with his parents as he could. It was working with his mother than James developed his love of Pokémon, though more specifically that honour falls to Bruce, a nineteen year old Mightyena under his mother?s care. Bruce was an old dog, his once black fur had turned a snowy grey, his once sharp eyes had taken on a tired and hazy look, he would spend hours sitting in his basket simply looking out at the waves, probably remembering his time spend as a young pup. While Bruce was usually quiet and inactive around people, when James came around a bit of life seemed to stir in the old hound, his head would lie between his front pays, his eyes open and focused with his tail wagging happily, James would sit beside Bruce for hours, reading his stories or just patting his back to let him know that someone still cared for him.

However one day at age nine when James can to see Bruce he found his basket empty, with only a few stray white hairs remaining, calling frantically for Bruce with tears welling up in his eyes James ran to his mother. While May tried to explain to the boy that Bruce had lived a long, long time and that his dying was a natural thing, it didn?t take the edge of the hurt James felt. The small boy was heartbroken at the loss of his friend, and for a few days he could do nothing but think about Bruce and how he should have been there for his friend at the end. James? father noticed how despondent his son was over Bruce?s death, and in an effort to cheer him up brought him over onto the mainland to see the Irish Pokémon Championship, while James was aware that Bruce was an old Pokémon and had at one time been famous, he?d never actually seen a Pokémon battle before, much less a championship. He watches with a kind of muted awe as trainers and Pokémon worked together in harmony, his father told James stories about great champions from before when James or his father were even born, how some trainers had achieved the status of legend due to their skill and teamwork.

Like so many other impressionable youths seeing a Pokémon championship sowed the seeds of desire in James? heart, he?d go on and become a great trainer and do justice to his friendship with Bruce. By age ten and a half, thanks mostly to his parents encouragement James had learned much of the basics and some of the more advanced lessons in caring for, raising and battling Pokémon, the next step in the ladder for James was to get his own first Pokémon and put his knowledge to use. While his mother?s clinic dealt regularly with injured Pokémon and those who had become old and infirmed, there were no young Pokémon to supply to young trainers, James would have to travel to the mainland again to the Connemara Pokémon Research Laboratory in order to get his first Pokémon. Entering through the glass foyer of the lab James felt his heart beating with anticipation, the staff were all kind and helpful in helping him to try and choose his first Pokémon but ultimately the decision fell to James. While moving through the section that dealt with grass Pokémon, James came across a Bulbasaur, he hadn?t seen anything like it before, was it a plant or an animal he asked fascinated ? The Bulbasaur seemed aware that it was being watched and in reared it?s head staring directly at James, it seemed the choice had been made for him.

Over the course of the next seventeen and a half years James has matured into a very talented trainer, when asked what he believes his secret to winning is, he simply responds that having utter trust in his compatriots is the key, but a bit of luck always helps. Currently James is the Irish PFL champion and ranked in the top three in Europe and top ten in the world, he enters this tournament not for the glory but simply to gain a better understanding of himself, his own Pokémon and of Pokémon in general.[/SIZE][/FONT]
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I hope it's not too late to join...
[size=1][color=darkgreen][u]Name:[/u] Kelsey Fables (last name was made up by her dad)
[u]Age:[/u] 17
[u]Gender:[/u] Female
[u]Nationality:[/u] Russian/Vietnamese (yes, a weird combination...)
[u]Appearance:[/u] Kelsey is about 5'7" tall, quite skinny, and pretty much the opposite of muscular. Her shoulder-length, straight, dark red hair can seemingly match her deep maroon eyes in color. Nowadays she wears a misty purple shirt with fairly long and baggy sleeves, plus a long blue skirt that almost completely covers her legs. Below that are green socks and blue sandals, and atop her head is a teal hat. She also wears glasses and carries a small, light blue backpack.

[u]Pokemon:[/u] Kirlia, Alakazam, Misdreavus

[u]Biography:[/u] Shortly after Kelsey was born, her mother died--which was bad since her father was quite poor. Her father was once a magician, and he even had a Kadabra. But Kelsey's great-grandmother Celia didn't like him at all and kept thinking he "stole away Kelsey's mom". Celia was also sort of a trainer, but unfortunately, she had a Banette. She therefore kept ordering it to put curses on Kelsey's dad--these eventually ruined his career and left him just barely able to take care of Kelsey, much less himself. But Kelsey didn't mind too much--she loved Pokemon and saw them as friends early on. What she did mind, though, was being put in a daycare most of the time, because the other children there often teased her for being a geek and a know-it-all. Indeed, she was very smart and had a weird personality--but these things left her quite lonely.

Eventually, Kelsey got her first Pokemon, which was a Ralts. She was so happy to have a Pokemon to travel with that Ralts grew attached to her quickly. And so the two traveled for a while--Kelsey even caught a Cleffa along the way. But shortly after Ralts evolved, she was kidnapped by an unknown group of people, probably a gang. This left Kelsey in shock--her best and most favorite Pokemon was gone. Since she was afraid the same would happen to her Cleffa, she stopped travelling for a while, but didn't return home since she was too far away.

But a meeting with a boy named David changed all that. David saw Kelsey with her Cleffa and encouraged her to revive her training career. The two of them traveled together for a while, and they were OK with it. David cheered Kelsey up, and Kelsey gave David various tips along the journey and helped avoid being lost. The two got along until one day, when Kelsey ran into Celia. She, too, hated Celia for her evil acts against her dad. She was even afraid of her--Celia might decide that the same fate should await her. Celia battled her while in disguise (she had a couple other Pokemon besides Banette), but when she finally sent out Banette and revealed herself, she left Kelsey paralyzed and defeated and unable to continue the battle. After this, David just thought Kelsey was way too emotional for his likes, and even a bit creepy--for example, he claimed that she had these special powers such as telekinesis and telepathy with her Pokemon, even though Kelsey kept explaining to him that it wasn't true. The two broke up for good.

The good thing was, Kelsey wasn't too lonely after that--she still had Clefairy (it evolved) and a Misdreavus she had caught while with David. She and the two Pokemon continued on with their journey, though Kelsey seemed to have very bad luck after that. This she thought was because of Celia's Banette's curse, though that might have not been it. Over time, Kelsey's bond with her Pokemon became very close--to her, Pokemon were her only friends and the only reason she was still alive and had a reason to be the slightest bit happy. Her Pokemon reflected both sides of her personality--Misdreavus was smart, creative, and even a little sadistic at times; while Clefairy was quiet, shy, and very moody and sensitive. But even with the Pokemon, Kelsey couldn't help feeling some longing for both her dad and her Kirlia.

One day, Kelsey received a present from someone named Gabe, a total stranger... When Kelsey opened it, she was shocked--it was her Kirlia!! However, the Kirlia was in terrible shape--she looked gray and very weak. Kelsey later found out that Kirlia had been abused for a long time by the gang who kidnapped her, and she had missed Kelsey way too much to bear. It took a long time and a lot of effort to help Kirlia regain her confidence and see the light. Though she eventually came to her senses, the kidnapping has left a permanent scar in her soul and would haunt her in the years to come.

A few months after the team was all together, Kelsey came across a guy named Casey, who was nervously holding a Pokeball. Kelsey asked him what was wrong, and Casey told her he had a Pokemon that constantly gave him (and his friends) headaches after she evolved. Kelsey asked to see her despite this--the Pokemon was a Kadabra. Surprisingly, Kadabra didn't give Kelsey a headache like she did with Casey. Casey offered to trade Kelsey his Kadabra. Kelsey had a hard time deciding which Pokemon to trade, but over the past few weeks she noticed her Clefairy becoming more and more afraid of Misdreavus because of all the scary new attacks the ghost was learning. So Kelsey ended up trading Clefairy for Kadabra. Of course, when she got Kadabra, Kadabra evolved into Alakazam!

Eventually, Kelsey met the Gabe that gave her back Kirlia. He had rescued her from the gang, apparently. Gabe actually had a crush on Kelsey the whole time and hoped to please her that way. It worked--Kelsey was so thankful of Gabe that the two stayed together from then on. He was a trainer too--he had a Skitty, Chikorita, and a Smoochum. Cute Pokemon were his style. Yet even though the two were happy together (they didn't have that romantic a relationship, mind you--they were just close friends), Kelsey was still fogged with nostalgia, and a part of her also wanted a rematch with Celia. Hopefully she and Celia will meet in the tournament, because Kelsey just might join that...[/size][/color]
Believe it or not, I tried to make that bio as short as possible...
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Appearance: A brown haired girl with green eyes[/SIZE][/COLOR][COLOR=darkblue][SIZE=1]
Pokémon:Absol, Starraptor, Tortara[/SIZE][/COLOR][COLOR=darkblue][SIZE=1]Biography:Her parents murdered when 2, She [/SIZE][/COLOR][COLOR=darkblue][SIZE=1]is shy and looking for a boyfriend.
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