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Song You Are Obsessed With


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You guys all know what I'm talking about... those songs you hear, and you love them sooooooo much that you listen to it over and over and over and over again.
Sometimes they end up overplayed and you get sick of them, other times you can listen to them a million times and still love it.
So my questions are: what's your current obsessive song? What have been obsessive songs in the past? What songs where good at first but then you just got sick of?
I'm trying to keep this thread descriptive, so don't just tell me what song it is, tell me more about it, when you first heard it, what you like about it, so on and so forth.

I'll post mine after it gets going :) I allready got a little list good to go.
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I guess mine at the moment is the song "Unwritten" by Natasha Bedingfeild, the chorus of the song is just so addictive, lol. :animesmil I listen to it every mroning now on my iPod and whenever I get the chance to during school.

Also the song "Pokerface" by Josh Kelly, such a soothing song for any circumstance really, lol. I'd reccomend them to anyone.
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hm..my current obsession is The All-American Rejects "Change your mind". The beat is realyl awesome. I've been listening to this song all day for almos a whole week now. I don't think I'd get sick of it just yet unless it for some reasons show up on the radio. I fit does, I'd probably end up killing someone. >_<

I used to really like the Greenday "Boulevard of brokens dreams" but then the radio totally ruined the song for me. I'll forever hate that song. I still hate it no matter how long it was ago. ugh. The radio is evil!!!!
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The radio totally ruined Hoobastank's song... what is it called... I totally forget... But it was good the first time I heard it, and then the radio and much music overplayed it so much.
Same with Maroon 5's "This Love" another wayyy overplayed song in the summer.

Songs that I'm listening to constantly lately:
TM Revolution- Ignited (I FINALLY learned all the words!)
Elvis- A Little Less Conversation (Remix) (because he is the king)
Anti-Flag- The Press Corpse (the cd hasn't been released yet, but I managed to get a hold of it, and now I can't wait to buy the CD!)

That's all I can post for now :)
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My obsessive some right now is shinobi vs dragon ninja by lost prophet, or mostly anything by them.
I used to listen to holiday by greenday a lot but then I repeted it to much. Says I listened to it 4367 times on my itunes... gah get out of my head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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[font=franklin gothic medium]Although I'm not really obsessed with any one song right now, I would say that my current favourite is Dissolved Girl by Massive Attack. It's been my "current favourite" since early 2004, so...that's probably the longest single run any one song has had, lol.

There are other songs that have come and gone more recently that I've listened to a lot, but none of them are as popular with me as that one track.[/font]
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Personally, every single Green Day song from their new album has been strenuously overplayed to the point where my ears start to bleed. But that's just what I think.

Another song I'm really into is "(But Then) She Spoke" by The Vandals. It's about how this guy falls inlove with this gorgeous girl and when he finally gets the guts to talk to her she turns out to just be soooo unattractive personality-wise. It's punk, and anyone who listens to punk I highly recommend that you hunt it down and add it to your play list.

Another song I really like is Protest The Hero- Blindfolds Aside.
This is probably one of the first songs that I heard on Much Music that I've actually gotten addicted to in a long time...

*sings* And NO ONE EVER said that hope would be sooo beautiful....
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[SIZE=1]Interesting, most interesting.

I don't think I'm obsessed with any one particular song at the moment, as my cousin has been kind enough to let me flick through his iPod and listen to the buckets of his tracks he has on it. Currently however one I find myself going back over a fair bit is Tom Cochrane's "[B]Life is a Highway[/B]", I don't know what it is about the song that keeps me coming back but there's just something addictive about it.[/SIZE]
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I wouldn't say I'm obsessed, but let's see what songs I listen to a lot according to my iTunes...

Stab My Back by the All-American Rejects for sure. I dunno what's up with this song, but I really really like listening to it. I just love the music. I've also listened to the acoustic version of Ugly by the Exies a lot, too. Staring at the Sun by the Offspring is also up there. It's beat is just so addicting and practically makes me wanna dance everytime I hear it, too bad it's a short song, though. Other songs included Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day and Ugly Side by Blue October.

Today, I have three favorite songs that I love to listen to over and over. First is Tired of You by the Exies. I love it, it's (to take what my best friend described it) so pretty. It reminds me of the person I'm in love with at the moment, but it also reminds me of my friends too, I always feel calm and think of my loved ones after I hear it. I used to listen to Only One by Yellowcard a lot before I heard Tired of You.

Next is one that I actually found yesterday. 45 by Shinedown. There's something about this song, I dunno, it just sticks in my mind a lot and it makes me want to hear it over and over again.

Finally, it's silly, but I've found myself listening to it on my mp3 player while walking to my classes, working out, or doing homework. The song Bitter Dance from the video game Star Ocean 3. Ever since I downloaded it, I never get sick of hearing it, lol.

Anyways, yeah there's my rant, lol.
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[size=1][font=georgia]Right now, I'm obsessed with Mindless Self Indulgence as a whole. I found them on the internet (specifically on YouTube), and a song of theirs played to sync with a bunch of images/little videos of scenes from Resident Evil. Blew me away at least.

Stupid MF is the song I'm obsessed with (It was the song to sync with the images). Mostly by sound-wise; it's pretty different (I honestly can't classify the genre). It goes on and off; loud one second, dead silent next. I'm a person for a different or mix of genres, so this song really appeals to me.[/size][/font]
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Currently, I'm obsessed by UVERworld's D-technolife, it's Bleach 2nd Opening and it's way so cool! I just love the singer's wild voice and.....well....I kinda love everything on the song....

I played it over and over again yet never get bored by it..... :D :cool:
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[FONT=Times New Roman][COLOR=DarkSlateGray]Man, this week I've been completely obsessed with Ayreon's [b]"Time Beyond Time"[/b] off of the "Into the Electric Castle" album. It's an interesting concept behind the album, the story it follows regards the souls of eight people from various periods of human history (barbarian, knight, roman, indian, egyptian, highlander, hippie, and futureman, as the lyrics call them) as they navigate an Electric Castle in some kind of mysterious dimension. The song itself has some great imagery about what I'd like to think the future will be like ("From the cities underseas / To the skyways in the East / From the stations on the Moon / To the planet of Neptune," futureman's opening lines). Also, a totally killer solo in the middle and end.

The other band stuck in my head lately is Kalmah. I have been on a major Kalmah kick. The band is just so amazingly talented! There have to be some of the best guitarists and keyboardists in that band. Seriously great. I highly recommend them, and also Ayreon.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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I am obsessed with most of RBD's song. Mainly:
Solo quedate en silencio
Nuestro Amor
Atras De Mi
Aun hay algo
and Este Corazon...

Alot of people on the OB and the Otaku don't know what or who RBD is...so it's
pretty hard to find someone who is obsessed with RBD as I am.
RBD is a spanish band...so maybe that's why.
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I'm actually currently working on an obsession mix for myself.

[I]Megalomaniac[/I] by KMFDM
[I]Sick [/I] by Sneaker Pimps
[I]Phantom of the Opera Techno Remix[/I]
[I]Would[/I] by Alice in Chains
[I]Lullabye[/I] by The Cure
[I]Ziggy Stardust[/I] (Nirvana Recording)
[I]Closer[/I] by NIN
[I]Dermeister [/I] (sp?) by Rammestien
[I]1963 [/I] by New Order
[I]Sad Pony Girl[/I] by Xui Xui
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[COLOR=Red]Note: New Members, you gotta give the thread more than just single sentences in your replies!! [/COLOR]

Also, zerosystem, hehe, I was also obsessed with the Phantom of the Opera, but not any remixes... just the one from the movie. I have most of the soundtrack on my computer and I like to listen to them in order haha. Wow I'm a dork.

Still listening to Ignited constantly. I learned the lyrics, word for word. :animeblus
I have too much time on my hands.
Other songs I'm really diggin right now:
[B]Reel Big Fish- Skatanic[/B] (Ska/Punk.) It's basically about how a stalker/crazy man loves this girl, it's hilarious.
[B]Madonna- Sorry[/B] I can't believe I actually like this song... it's kind of random for me, but I just like the beat and singing along to it.
[B]The Strokes- Ask Me Anything[/B] One of the lyrics is "Don't be a coconut", that's reason enough!
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[SIZE=1]Well my 'current' obsessive and probably over-'sang' song currently would be:
[b]In The Jungle[/b].

Yes, sounds weird doesn't it, but I was trying to cheer my friend up and couldn't think of anything better than a random song, and that would be the first one that came to ym head. I've currently gotten over 30 people to join in with me at school.


As for my [i]offically over-played song[/i]; I would be with James saying that [b]'Dissolved Girl[/b] by Massive Attack holds that spot. And funnily enough it was James that introduced me to it when we were talking about The Matrix films.

So yes, [b]In The Jungle[/b]; and [u]Dissolved Girl[/u].[/SIZE]
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(note: if you don't really listen to hip hop/rap, then you probably nevr heard of these songs)
One song that I'm really obsessed with is "the Light" by Common.I like to play that song when there's no one around. It just keeps me calm and collected. Another song is "C.R.E.A.M" ( Cash Rules Everything Around Me) by Wu Tang Clan. I just love that song and i like the statement because it's probably the truest statement in the world. and I'm currently obsessed with "Touch It"(remix) by Busta Rhymes (featuring a bunch of other good rappers and Mary J. Blige). That song just keeps me going troughout the day.
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