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Manga Naruto Manga [Warning: Spoilers]

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Hey All, I have to say, I thought that the end of Naruto volume 6, when Sakura finally fought, was the most awesome fight in Naruto so far. I've been waiting for Sakura to fight since th

[COLOR=DarkSlateGray][SIZE=1][FONT=Comic Sans MS]I leave this thread alone for this long and this is what I come back to?...For shame on myself... Well, I think you both may be right on one end

[QUOTE=Ikillion][COLOR=DarkSlateGray][SIZE=1][FONT=Comic Sans MS] The manga let me down slightly, [spoiler]I just wanted to see a whole lot more out of the fight between Orochimaru and Naruto, m

Posted Images

[FONT="Comic Sans MS"]...No.

Just no.

It started out fine, I was liking what was happening, I appreciated seeing a little strategy on Naruto's part and I was impressed that Kishi managed to make him seem cool.

But no.

Naruto did not just waste two rasen shurikens, distract Pein, set up a Shadow Clone gang rape, disguise them ALL as rocks and finish it off with a rasengan in ten seconds flat after expending all of his sage chakra three or four times in a single battle, then getting his Fox chakra locked AGAIN.

He is not that strong, he is not that resourceful and he is not that clever.

Naruto vs. Pein now receives the official Arc of Fail seal.

Oh, and the colorspread of this chapter did a nice job of reminding me how bad Kishimoto has become at keeping his three man teams diverse. The Sannin, Rain Brats and Team 7 all follow the same pattern of hotheaded idiot, Emo McNoonecares and largely uninteresting obligatory female.[/FONT]
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Anyway, as with Bleach, I've caught up with Naruto as well. First and foremost, I don't really care about the look of the 6-8 tails. The bone-look just don't do much for me.

The little bit with Naruto speaking with Minato was pretty decent. Funny, with Naruto punching him in the gut, and as I've stated, I'd be dead if I ever did something like that lol.

Hinata, idiot, lol. I'm not into all this lovey-dovey stuff so her confession don't mean much to me. I think I said it before that I was never a fan of hers, but at the same time I never hated her either. With that said though, she's gained a few points from me for showing that she can have a backbone (unlike Orihime), but like the last time, it don't mean a thing when you're up against better characters lol.

This overall fight has been fairly entertaining. And while I have gained some respect for Naruto (don't get it twisted. I still don't like him), and am very glad that he's using his brain... (He's graduated from being dumb to being average) I do wish this fight was handled differently. The use of those Rasen Shuurikens earlier in the fight was used stupidly, and I believe he (Naruto) could've taken them other bodies out without the need for using those Shuurikens. But I've said this before and I don't want to bore you with that again. I was impressed with Naruto after returning to normal and the usage of his clones and the Rasengan. (I can't believe I'm saying that after I said something about wanting variety) That just goes to show that if people use their heads when using these types of attacks they can be more entertaining.

Speaking of entertaining. I do wish that there would be more teamwork incorporated into some of these fights.. Just to see different types of combination attacks.

Edit: There are some spoilers, but I'm too lazy to copy and paste. However, Neji is ignoring orders and head off to catch up with Naruto... FINALLY. I can't stand this "Leave it to Naruto" crap, and besides, we just might get the chance to see Neji fight again... Neji vs Konan? (Crosses fingers)

That's not what I'm posting for though. I'm rereading this fight between Sasuke and Deidara. I've also reread the encounter between Kakashi/Naruto and Deidara, but didn't see Kakashi use it during that fight. How does Deidara know about Kakashi using the Chidori? It's been bugging me for a long time.
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[SIZE="1"]...so apparently Pain's "pain" comes about because [spoiler]his dumbass parents attacked two Konoha shinobi who were just looking for food and his dog "Chibi" was killed by a stray kunai during because they wandered too close to the battle involving the Sannin and possible Hanzou. Apparently Yahiko spouted something about becoming a God to prevent war and Nagato took it to heart...[/spoiler]

I have to say I've all but lost faith in Kishi's ability to create credible and interesting backstories for his villains and then translate that into a decent motivation. Every major villain he's had so far with the exception of Orochimaru has had some angst-driven background that's just been plain dull. Pain was by far the most interesting villain in Naruto, the secrecy surrounding his origins and identity coupled with what we knew beforehand were God-like powers, he fought and killed Jiraiya...and then we learn he's just another Sasuke in disguise, how very disappointing.[/SIZE]
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Well, if you think about it, ever since Pein mentioned the never ending chain of hatred it really can't be helped to have almost everyone seeking vengeance. (Especially with ninja's... Might as well follow some type of, umm.. can't think of that word.. since they're not following the stealth aspect of ninja's.) But I do agree with you though, Gavin. Seeing too many people following the role of Sasuke can get very dull.

Uhh... It's probably blasphemy since Gundam 00 is cool and Naruto's not, but hey, whatever. Pein/Nagato is quite similar to Celestial Beings. I've only seen 6 episodes so far, so that may change in the long run, but at the moment their goals are the same as well as their methods. (sort of..) [spoiler]All for the sake of peace.... They do what they do.[/spoiler] Heh.

What else....? Oh, everyone (except Naruto for now) seems to have a common enemy, that is Danzou. I wonder if it's going to be Madara that does him in.... I can't stand that old guy.
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[FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Why am I bothering to catch up on this series?



You are a ninja. This buttmunch is killing your friends left and right and spewing out broken philosophies like they're going out of style (the reality is that they already are.) You've done absolutely nothing to him in contrast. On top of that, this is a war. KILL HIM.

In conclusion, cut the shades of gray bullcrap, Kishi. You suck at it. It's forced, stale and loaded to the gills with narm. What the HELL happened to this series?



Oh, Shika. You've fallen to the Ho Yay bug. Just like every other guy in this series.

Seriously, I'm pretty much waiting for the next Hokage to declare Konoha "no icky girls allowed" territory.


Think I'll just keep posting stupid things that piss me off about this until I'm caught up.



Also, they attacked him. Don't tell me I should be sympathetic over that.


...So I killed Yahiko and defiled his body for kicks and giggles. Konan forgave me instantly.




Congratulations, Kishimoto. You have created the ninja equivalent of Twilight vampires.

Oh, so Nagato isn't the one who killed Yahiko. Instead...



I'm not even going to bother with the war flashback because I can't even tell what the crap is going on here.


And the crowning moment of fail.

You are not cool, Kishi. Stop ripping off Gurren Lagann.[/FONT]
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[FONT="Comic Sans MS"]You called it, man. You called it.

Here's what I saw.

"So I have proven through my lengthy, boring, angsty life experience, that Jiraiya was wrong and we will never achieve peace. What is your answer?"

"Screw you, I agree with Jiraiya."

"Oh, okay. Guess I'll side with you now."

And what the hell is up with the preparing for an attack thing there? I BELIEVE IN YOU NOW I HAVE TO KILL YOU.

Of course, this is all explained by this simple piece of evidence:


Which I interpret to mean that Kishi just doesn't give a crap anymore. I mean seriously, question mark?

Of course, I may just be bitter after having read through a long, boring, pointlessly depressing flashback and ending up only feeling sorry for the dog.[/FONT]
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[quote name='Ace'][FONT="Comic Sans MS"][IMG]http://i109.photobucket.com/albums/n72/Aceburner85/Naruto448page12-OneManga_1242982974.png[/IMG]

Which I interpret to mean that Kishi just doesn't give a crap anymore. I mean seriously, question mark?[/FONT][/QUOTE]

[SIZE="1"]It's quite easily explained Ace, the Riddler has branched out into hiring ninja goons.
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[quote name='Ace'][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Ah, but riddle me this.

Why is Batman so much more ninja than Pein [strike]in the arse[/strike] will ever dream to be?[/FONT][/QUOTE]
Because he's Batman. Trained in the art of stealth... And stealth is not in Naruto.
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[quote name='Magus']Because he's Batman. Trained in the art of stealth... And stealth is not in Naruto.[/QUOTE]
In addition Batman has had better writers actually capable of making sinister and frightening enemies (Joker) while Naruto's never quite reach that point, or they do for a little while and then slide down to become emos with a tragic past.[/SIZE]
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Brace yourselves.

[quote=Forgot his name that quick][spoiler]結局ペイン戦で死んだのはジライヤとナガトだけ
the only one who actually died was Nagato and Jiraiya

nagato revived everyone and entrusted his dream to naruto and died

konan leaves akatsuki and takes the 2 bodies back to Ame. She prays for naruto's success and says that the two of them have the same dream (nagato and naruto). She gives him a bunch of paper flowers

最後はサスケが 木の葉に向かうぞ で終了



Shizune, Pa Frog, even Kakashi
Everyone revives!

カカシ 俺は父さんを誇りに思うよ
Kakashi: i am proud of my dad

Thank you father

An arrow of light shines on Kakashi

It's Kakashi's mother and she says something about Kakashi's dad appearing too early
Kakashi:i finally see my mother ... thank you.

Kakashi awakes[/spoiler][/quote]
Yay for Kakashi. (I didn't have a problem with him dying. I had a problem with the way he supposedly died.) ...Everything else, WHAT?!! (Nagato = Shenron) I don't know whose worse, Kubo or Kishi.
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[SIZE="1"]Oddly enough I'm mildly pleased about this turn of events, although Pein's attack on Konoha is looking suspiciously like a Hulk attack on New York what with the tiny amount of casualties.

I think the idea behind the resurrections actually makes sense, Naruto managed to rekindle Nagato's lost faith in his quest to bring peace without "Pain". Not only did Naruto being him in battle, he was able to beat his ideals. Now that Nagato realises this he wants to make sure Naruto continues to believe this way and rewards his faith in the form of resurrecting the people he killed at the cost of his own life, Nagato dies like a hero as he intended and gives Naruto the belief he can bring even the most lowly fallen back to the path of good.

Given that Sasuke is just about to attack I think this idea of faith, friendship and peace makes all the more sense.

And no, in this case Kishi isn't as bad as Kubo who just trolled his whole damn fandom with his latest move.[/SIZE]
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[FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Epic bad chapter.

Guess what time it is?

I think you already know.

[CENTER][U]Chapter 449: Moron Ex Machina[/U][/CENTER]

Last time I did this we were right in the middle of the Pein fight, right before Hinata jumped in front of a bus thanks to plot-induced stupidity. I think it's only fair that at this point I recap the entire fight, just so we can all remember how very, very pointless this all was.

Sasuke failed to capture 8-Tails and I laughed a lot. After that, Pein decided it was time to move out. The invasion of Konoha went of with nary a hitch, thanks to plot-induced incompetence. You'd think a village full of ninjas would set up some damn security cameras or something. Rather, they put up a relatively flimsy chakra barrier that never seemed to stop all the other seven thousand times the village was invaded throughout the course of the series.

Anyway, Pein drops in, slaughters a bunch of random dudes and Kakashi and then nukes the village. The only people able to do anything about all this crap were Sakura, who punched a caterpillar or something, and Konohamaru, who took down one of Pein's six bodies all by himself while another is off killing Kakashi in a rather embarrassing and unlikely way. Everyone else just sat around and whines about how Naruto, the delinquent idiot who was never respected by anyone before this point, was their only salvation.

This whole time, Naruto's up in the mountains training. The village tries to contact him, but the messenger is killed by Danzo, who is a gigantic douchebag and pretty much the evil behind all that is wrong with the world and the reason we can't have nice things. Apparently it will be easier to usurp the position of Hokage when the village has been annihilated and all its residents killed.

Naruto finally arrives. He's wearing a red coat over his orange jumpsuit, which somehow makes him look even more hideous than the jumpsuit alone ever could.

The fight commenced at this point, shortly after Naruto gained a slug that functions roughly in the same manner as Navi from the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Except more annoying. Naruto managed to take out several Peins several times, expending his sage chakra reserves a couple of times in the process. Eventually he figured out why they kept getting up and took down the healer, which is the first rule of any RPG. It was down to him and Sith Pein.

Then Hinata entered.

She stupidly declared her love, then jumped in front of the Ninja equivalent of an oncoming train. This managed to accomplish pretty much nothing, but it got Naruto riled up and shifted him into 8 Tails mode. 8 Tails is horrifically stupid-looking, by the way.

Then Naruto blacked out and let the fox rampage a bit. This gave him time to meet his dad, who set up a safeguard that would summon him back to reseal the fox if it reached 8 tails. Seeing as how there are only 9 tails, this is basically the most impractical safeguard ever. It also only works once. Naruto then punched his dad, cried a little and regained consciousness, Fox mode disabled once again.

Fox mode ended up being completely pointless. Naruto went back into sage mode, expended his chakra once more, then pulled off some convoluted bullcrap that ended with a bunch of rocks turning into shadow clones and gang-raping Pein while Naruto pulled off a final Rasengan.

JUST LIKE HE ALWAYS DOES. Screw his new arsenal, Kishi hates you.

Which brings us to his confrontation with Nagato, the man controlling Pein. They went all diplomatic and Nagato launched into a long, boring flashback explaining his origin. Long story short, his parents idiotically attacked some non-hostile Konoha Ninja, who stupidly tried to apologize to a newly orphaned and extremely traumatized child. Nagato, of course, has magic eyeballs. Just like every other overpowered emo loser in this series. He kills them. Then he meets more orphans and a dog. Then the dog gets killed. Then they get ninja training. Jiraiya preaches about peace, because that's what ninjas do. Peace. Assassination is all about peace.

This was the point where I started drawing parallels between Naruto and Twilight.

Both are damn horribly written.

Both bastardize their subject matter unforgiveably.

Both feature budding romance between a Mary Sue who can't lose no matter what and a bland, superpowered, angsty idiot.

And both have are highly supported despite being crimes against literature.

Moving on. Jiraiya leaves and the leader of Rain Village sets a trap for Nagato and friends. He does this with the help of Danzo. Danzo apparently just does all this because he gets his kicks from being a bastard. Yahiko dies, a bunch of incomprehensible garbage goes down and everyone dies except Danzo and Team Nagato.

This entire flashback served only to make me feel sorry for the dog.

Nagato then asks Naruto for his answer, after detailing an entire life experience that basically proves that Jiraiya was wrong and no peace will ever happen.

Naruto's answer?

He agrees with Jiraiya anyway, just to piss of Nagato. On the internet, we call that trolling.

Anyway, Nagato asks why, and Naruto presents Jiraiya's stupid book. Naruto's named after the main character. That changes everything.

Nagato then decided, completely against any logic seen to this point, to believe in Naruto. He prepared a new jutsu.

That brings us up to the current chapter.

Nagato gives a few more vaguely inspirational words that make no sense at all and proceeds to sacrifice himself to bring all the dead Konoha villagers back to life.

This would be the perfect time to give a vocabulary lesson.

Deus Ex Machina is a latin term meaning "God of the Machine". It's a term used to describe a sudden and unexpected plot device used to tie up a loose end or resolve a conflict easily and cleanly. These usually come from absolutely nowhere and make little to no sense. As such, there is very little practical use for them in the literary world outside of parody works, since easy, clean resolution is often frustrating and dull to read.

Kishi has been coasting on these since the beginning of Part 2, but none as awful as this one.

Another term, this time borrowing from Fullmetal Alchemist.

"Equivalent exchange". This one is a phrase describing the basic rule of barter. If you want something, you need to give something of equal value in order to obtain it.

I think you know where I'm going here. Pein just revived half a village using his own single, nearly expended life. That goes against anything we've learned in this or any other series. This move also effectively makes it as if everything after Pein's invasion never happened. It also makes you wonder why Kishi bothered leaving Chouza and Hinata were revivable when everyone was just going to cheat death anyway.

Oh and Konan seems to imply that Nagato would survive this move at full strength. Stupid.

Konan gives Naruto some crappy paper flowers and goes on her way. Every time he looks at them, he'll no doubt remember how depressingly pointless hours of his life spent defending his home and friends ended up being.

Back to Craterha, where everyone wakes up. That's right, everyone. Even Shizune (craaaap.)

Kakashi, however, is spending his time with his pa, forgiving him for abandoning a mission in favor for his friends. No doubt they'll soon start exchanging wisecracks about how the only thing worse than a lame death is a lame resurrecton.


Yeah, that's everyone. That last arc was officially pointless. I can't possibly imagine how this could get any wor-


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[SIZE="1"]Danzou got Hokage over Kakashi after a ****ing rant. Kishi has performed his worst God-damned troll yet. The fact that Kakashi was even nominated for Hokage over Naruto, who clearly out-classes him just annoys the hell out of me. Of course this is probably being done so Sasuke has a legitimate reason to attack the Elders instead of just appearing his usual *******-ish self.

God damn it, I hate this series so much sometimes.[/SIZE]
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[FONT="Comic Sans MS"]"Alright, we've just survived the most devastating attack we have ever suffered on this village! We have pledged to uphold peace and goodwill no matter what the cost in order to prevent this from happening ever again. What can we do to ensure that this happens?"

"How about appointing as our leader the one man most likely to get on everyone and everything's bad side in the fastest time possible?"

"Oh hell yeah."[/FONT]
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[quote name='Magus']Who was it that nominated, or put Danzou through? Them old people? Err.... Yeah...[/QUOTE]

[SIZE="1"]Apparently the Daimyo is the one who has the final say on the promotion of someone to Hokage at least that's what the spoilers imply though it may also involve the Elders.

Basically Danzou bitched that everything that all the major attacks on Konoha had been a direct result of the Third's teachings and students and that obviously Kakashi would be equally tainted by them...he forgot to mention that those threats were also dealt with by the Third and his students while Danzou hunkered down in a bunker waiting for his chance to coup. Apparently the moron Daimyo agreed and promoted him on the spot. Methinks Nagato needn't have revived all those people, seeing as it's going to be civil war hell within a few chapters.[/SIZE]
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Daimyo? The hell? It's good that they're incorporating actual aspects of ninja's (I suppose) now, but there's never been mention of a daimyo until this spoiler. The damiyo should just become hokage himself if he has/she has final say.

Anyway, I agree with you. Nagato should've left everyone dead if this was going to happen. But then again, these idiotic villagers (those who're left alive) should protest about Danzou not doing a thing while the village was in turmoil.

This is definately setting up the whole confrontation with Sasuke's revenge crap, but it does make me wonder if everyone else is going to support Danzou or will there be a 3-way battle.
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[quote name='Magus']Daimyo? The hell? It's good that they're incorporating actual aspects of ninja's (I suppose) now, but there's never been mention of a daimyo until this spoiler. The damiyo should just become hokage himself if he has/she has final say.

Anyway, I agree with you. Nagato should've left everyone dead if this was going to happen. But then again, these idiotic villagers (those who're left alive) should protest about Danzou not doing a thing while the village was in turmoil.

This is definately setting up the whole confrontation with Sasuke's revenge crap, but it does make me wonder if everyone else is going to support Danzou or will there be a 3-way battle.[/QUOTE]
The Daimyo has had a few mentions in the series before, he appeared in the Chuunin Exams and Asuma was a member of his personal guard for a while (hence the sash) although this is the first time he's had a major role in any story arc. Admittedly however this is the first time it's ever been mentioned that the Daimyo has any say in who takes over the office of Hokage, given he made no appearance after the 3rd died and it seemed the Elders made the call or rather let Jiraiya find someone willing to take the job this seems more like a retcon.

Whether or not this will be a 3-way fight is pretty much up for debate. I figure originally Sasuke will ally with Naruto and co. in bringing down Danzou and the Elders but then break away/be cast out when the others realise just how far he intends to go over his quest for vengeance. Lord knows it's going to be complicated.[/SIZE]
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